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Friday June 1, 2018

McDonalds in North Korea?!? once new Supreme Judge is sworn in there might be indictments; Epstein/Weinstein could name names and cause problems for elite; both Italy and Spain lost their prime ministers; Zionists pressure President Trump for World War III with Iran, Congress intercedes; suggestion made that maybe the cartoon channel in U.S. would have greatest audience for getting news out; European Union has iffy future; referendums past and present; President John F. Kennedy, the people’s president; need mass demonstrations to save Mother Earth from oil pipeline in Canada; volcanic activity in Hawaii is directed on specific route due to human intervention and related to recent missile situation; volcanic lava and monatomic gold; world population around 12 billion, NOT 7 billion plus; will U.S. states secede from the Union; Fukushima radiation near West Coast cleaned up by off planet entities; news articles about caverns discovered under sea in Antarctica area and AIDS being created in a lab are short-lived or missing altogether from mainstream news.

Ted Mahr: Hello friends, this is Out of This World Radio with your host Ted Mahr broadcasting live from the studios of KKNW on 1150 AM here in beautiful Bellevue, Washington just outside Seattle in the United States. The purpose of this program is to raise consciousness and make this world a much better and happier place and I know that with everyone’s help we can and will make this planet a better place. I want to thank everyone so much for listening today and making Out of This World Radio one of the most popular talk shows in the Seattle area and the fastest growing metaphysical and spiritual radio program in the world with over 200,000 listeners in over 80 countries. I’m back in the United States after being in England and I just want to thank everyone so much for treating me so nice when I was in the United Kingdom including my friends Toby and Sheryl in Glastonbury, David Icke on the Isle of Wight, Joe out in the English countryside and of course Simon and the really wonderful people who helped me carry my heavy bags when I was traveling by the Tube or Underground in London. I was going down some heavy stairs several places in the Tube and to get to my subway to go back out to the airport to fly back home here and people out of nowhere came up and said can I help you with your bags. They were so nice and I appreciated them so much and I thank them so much for doing that. During the first hour from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. I’ll be having Simon on the program today to talk about all kinds of things including North Korea which is continuing in the news, and to send Simon a question, please email me at Out of This World 1150 at gmail dot com ( and he’ll be happy to answer any the questions. During the second hour from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Seattle time I’ll be interviewing a wonderful lady named Erin Elizabeth the founder of Health Nut News. She’s an amazing lady and I can’t wait to talk to her. Before we start I’d like to thank everyone so much for their support for this radio program because Out of This World Radio is a nonprofit program supported entirely by donations, and for those who would like to donate please go to the donate button at the upper righthand corner of the program web page at triple w dot Out of This World 1150 dot com ( and just click on it. I really appreciate everyone’s help and support because I know together we can and will create a much better and happier world. I also have a new television program called Out of This World TV which broadcasts three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays on channel 22 in the Olympia–Seattle area. It is also available on YouTube under either my name, Ted Mahr, or Out of This World. There is now a tab at the top of my radio website at triple w dot Out of This World 1150 dot com ( for all of my TV shows. You can easily watch any of them.

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Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, I am very well, thank you, lovely to meet with you and lovely to be with the audience.

TM: Oh good I’m so glad you are here. I’m so glad you are here. For my listeners who are new to the program and don’t know about Simon’s background, he’s a fascinating man. His parents were in British Intelligence and he himself says that his soul is part human, part Mantis and part Reptilian, but he has chosen to be on the good side of things and he works very hard to help people and also make this planet a better and happier place and that’s why I love having him on my show. Simon North Korea continues to be in the headlines. You had a post about McDonald’s. Tell me… tell us more about McDonald’s.

SP: Have you been looking at my website Ted?

TM: I have, I’ll admit it. I’ll be honest.

SP: Okay well basically North Korea wanted to make an open move to President Trump to smooth the waters, make it all go well and what they’ve said is they would be very happy to welcome McDonald’s to open a chain of fast food restaurants there and I don’t really know how that’s going to go down. I don’t know how McDonald’s actually would feel about that and I don’t know how the president would feel about it but they genuinely think in North Korea that this is a positive move to show that they are prepared to embrace the American way of life. It’s not a joke; it’s absolutely serious and I don’t know how the White House will respond to it.

TM: Well that’s very interesting. Of course, I think if they really wanted to establish a bridge between North Korea and the U.S., maybe they should serve apple pie in those restaurants. I’m not sure. We talked about this a few weeks ago, but that’s an amazing… you mean so that Kim Jong-un hasn’t… he just proposed it. He hasn’t contacted McDonald’s regarding the opening of any chain there.

SP: Well I think the interesting thing is that it looks like McDonald’s will be the one that gets the invite, but there are a couple of other names in the frame, a bit of a poison chalice really who wants to be the first American burger bar there but nevertheless it’s a genuine offer and have to respond to that. There’s a lot of brinkmanship going on at the moment in terms of decommissioning the nuclear weapons and they’re just playing for time and that was just a little aside, but yes North Korea’s still progressing. There aren’t any… they’re very close now to the conference so it’s a week away and then they’re going to be sitting around the table having the conference that’s very exciting.

TM: Well that’s something that many of us I think in the world have been waiting for since the 1950s ever since the Korean war of course happened and it’s really gratifying to know that there are these positive steps. You know there were attempts I think. The people, some people said we were headed toward a nuclear war with North Korea last year but I didn’t see that and I know you didn’t either and it’s nice to know that you are right Simon, that you predicted this months before it actually happened.

SP: Well that’s kind of you to remind the audience, thank you. The only thing is when American servicemen and women but mostly servicemen died in a conflict, you know, you can often say well what the heck was that all for, so at least if we can say democracy is now, more freedom is going to come that way, well then it wasn’t in vain, you know, I don’t support wars at all, but, you know, I’m very, very supportive of Veterans and service personnel, so if peace can come from it then that long history, which is a bit of a stain for the United States can actually be, you know, seen under the President Trump to have washed itself clean, and, you know, so if we can get some positive feed out of it then I think that’s really good.

TM: Yeah absolutely and I wish both President Trump and Kim Jon-un well in working out a solution that will bring peace to the world. I don’t think there’s anybody out there who wants a nuclear war Simon, except maybe a few negative elements, but most people want peace on this planet and they don’t want conflict anymore. That’s the old way of resolving things.

SP: Yes there have been too many conflicts and people know where they lead. Just a quick update for the American audience.

TM: Sure.

SP: You all know that the Supreme Judge is up very soon and, you know, presidents appoint Supreme Judges and of course the last group were appointed by Obama and next week we will see the new Supreme Judge take his or her position. This judge will be much more positive toward President Trump and then President Trump will probably have a majority of one on the Supreme Court. The reason that that is important is that there are a number of actions that President Trump wishes to take but he’s held back because of the legal challenges that will come his way or the FBI’s way, so they needed to have a very strong base in the Supreme Court so I think once this new judge is sworn in I think we might see some indictments of some key people coming forward so that’s fingers crossed on that one.

TM: Well that’s very interesting. As always you are way ahead of the curve and you must have some way of time traveling Simon to see these things ahead of time and then you may go out a year or two and then you come back to this reality and this dimension and it’s so nice to have that kind of perspective, so…

SP: Well, you…. it’s interesting I think you do the time traveling because I did my own little… I do a podcast. It goes out two or three days later. I just did a recording for it today and I used the word “apple pie,” and you used “apple pie,” but I want to say, talk to the audience, because, you know, it’s live. Following on from this I really am hopeful that the placement of the new Supreme Judge will see, there’s over twenty thousand sealed indictments waiting to be actioned by the FBI.

TM: Really, oh my goodness.

SP: I am hoping that when this judge takes his or her place some of these indictments will be acted on and what we will see, and I used the term apple pie, what we’ve got to see is a reduction in satanic influence in Hollywood, in the music video industry, in entertainment right across the board and I mean it most sincerely when I say a return to the 1950s/60s of the American vision of apple pie. In other words, a return to a more family-based decency as opposed to all of this corrupt satanic manipulation that’s been taking place, so the beginnings I think of clearing out some of this corruption and of course the United States is a very strong Christian ethos, it is a very strong church country and I know there are a lot of Christians who are pushing Trump to get on and do what he needs to do. So there is a large sway of the U.S. waiting for this to happen and I just wanted to say to the audience, that, you know, that’s happened.

The other thing quickly I will just say is that Jeffrey Epstein is now, he is directly in touch with Robert Mueller. Robert Mueller is the head of the FBI. Jeffrey Epstein is assisting the FBI with some very helpful information which he’s got and that’s very good. Also of course the audience will be aware that Harvey Weinstein is, you know he’s taken over six to seven, I think it’s nearly eight months for him to come to court and these people have got names, addresses in their heads and they can drop a lot of people into some very hot water. So I think what we’re seeing is some key names who will probably want to do a deal. I don’t know what you call it in the U.S. Here we call it turning Queen’s evidence but it’s the same thing. It’s where somebody does a plea bargain.

TM: Sure it’s call a plea. Yeah they do a plea bargain here, right.

SP: Oh, right. I’m expecting some of these people to do that and I just want the audience over the next coming weeks to keep an eye on the established news, the main media news, and begin to see some of these people coming to court, so it’s exciting times, thank you.

TM: Well it’s a time and I think most Americans, I don’t want to speak for everybody, but I think most Americans want a more peaceful society where people are kind and benevolent to each other and family is the bedrock of society no matter which country you’re in, and I think many Americans, and certainly most Americans would welcome a return to those kinds of values, so that’s good news, yeah, that’s very good news. It’s a time when of course President Kennedy was president back in the early ’60s before the Vietnam War and all that debacle, but that’s good news. Thank you for sharing that so much Simon, I appreciate it.

SP: Well let’s just watch it play out. I’m not saying it is going to be easy but I think it’s unstoppable and yeah, you heard it here first folks.

TM: Well thank you Simon. Thank you so much. We also have many people listening of course in England and Europe, Canada. If you care to put other countries that would be great too whatever else you see in the world that might be of interest to people.

SP: Well, okay, fine. The situation in two European countries really, really quite astonishing really, both in Italy and in Spain, astonishing because both countries lost their prime ministers within two days of each other. One prime minister had to resign. He lost the vote in the parliament house of lawmakers. He was deemed to be corrupt and he was a very strong conservative. He’s lost out to a much more liberal leaning, we would say left-wing in this country but the Americans would say liberal leaning person, and in Italy the president tried to appoint a banker to the post of prime minister and it wasn’t accepted and the two largest parties which go by the odd name, one is called 5 Star have joined and formed a coalition and they are now running Italy and they are anti-European Union so they follow the same rules as Britain. Britain voted to leave Europe and be independent and these two parties, called the League and 5 Star, would like to see Italy out of Europe and the other thing which has really, really made me smile was that both parties now running Italy say they don’t think President Putin is such a bad chap and they wouldn’t mind having a much better relationship with Russia and that’s going to make people like Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, and Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, who are both Illuminati figures turn around and scream because the controlled media has tried to vilify Putin and he got the third largest European economy, which is Italy, now wanting to make friends, so it’s all changing, and whichever country you look at there are some positive moves so yes there’s a lot going on.

TM: Fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing that. Here in the United States we don’t get much news from abroad. What we do get is very filtered in the mass media so that’s great, and how about Spain, you mentioned Spain as well.

SP: Yes, well they’ve got a new prime minister and why that again is important is that if you look up unemployment figures and you look up unemployment in Italy or Spain, what we’ve got in Spain is a very high youth unemployment figure, and when young people become disaffected with the system, back in the ’60s they turned to music and alternative flower-power range. Now people because of technologies are able to communicate quickly, they can demonstrate, they can take to the streets, and we’re seeing change remarkably quickly, so literally within a space of two days, two prime ministers have changed in two different European countries and that’s a first.

TM: That’s amazing. That’s truly amazing. One of the countries which I try to follow in our media here but we don’t get much news, once again it’s all filtered, is Iran, because apparently there has been quite a bit of protesting against the religious government, government-based clerics there who run the country. Do you have any information, Simon, just curious, on Iran and its future?

SP: Certainly. Iran is always run on two fronts. The Ayatollah, who is the religious leader of Iran and the president/prime minister. In other words, the Ayatollah, the leader, the spiritual leader of the country was hugely religious, fanatical and fundamental, but the executives, the government, was actually much more middle of the road and that’s how Iran has actually been ever since the revolution in 1979 and the Shah of Iran was deposed. What’s interesting is that a Zionist faction in Israel has sought to try to put pressure on President Trump to engage some form of war with Iran. You’ll know or your listeners will remember that President Trump was the only country to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

TM: Right.

SP: All other countries recognize Tel Aviv but that was an easy throwaway for President Trump. It wasn’t a problem. What the Zionists were really looking for was the Golan in the Sinai area, beg your pardon, Golan and the Syrian side to be said to belong to Israel and your own Congress have actually turned around and said no we are not going to allow President Trump to have to make a decision one way or the other on that. That’s going to have to come to Congress. That’s interesting and the second thing was that a small group within Israel wanted America to launch a preemptive attack against Iran and the Congress has said unusually because as you know your first officer, your executive, has the right to take action internationally on his own back, but he has to come back to Congress and the Senate when it is an internal, but the Congress has actually said that they wouldn’t allow that. Any possible war with Iran would have to come through Congress. So that, what that’s done is diffused, diffused this small group in Israel from trying to create World War III. That’s a lot, I mean your own country and you guys are not being told the truth.

TM: Well you know, as I have mentioned this before Simon and I’m not of course this is not a joke, but the cartoon channel does have a greater listening base than CNN does currently in the United States, and maybe news stories like yours should be put on the cartoon channel because at least more people would see it than on CNN. It would have greater impact. Maybe they could put cartoons. I’m not sure about that.

SP: I wonder how I would carry this chore out? It would be very interesting to see… [23:11][laughing overrides Simon’s voice] I’m up for that. I don’t mind.

TM: Okay, all right, well I do have some contacts in New York. I’ll see what I can do by the time the next show comes around.

SP: Thanks.

TM: Yeah maybe you could have a little spot on the cartoon channel. I don’t know.

SP: I would love that.

TM: That would be great. That would be great. That would be great. I wanted to ask with respect to Italy and Spain and also Brexit too in the UK Simon. What do you think the future of the European Union is? I don’t think it’s gonna last, but that’s just my opinion.

SP: Oh I think your opinion is spot-on. Normally, listen Ted, you are very well knowledgeable.

TM: Oh, thanks.

SP: I think the thing is that if you listen to the money men, the guys who move the trillions from one place to another, they’ve already written off the European Union and they’ve written off the Euro because they know it’s got nowhere to run. I think within the next year we will see a very big fracture. You see in Italy, what this new Italian government wants to do is to hold a referendum. In America that’s something that maybe you guys don’t have very much but in Europe and Britain it’s something that we have reasonably regularly. It’s where a government says we can’t make a decision. We’re going to ask you, the people, and then there’s a huge vote and everyone can vote whether yes or no, or whatever.

TM: What a great idea.

SP: Yes.

TM: What a great idea.

SP: Yep it’s called a referendum and there are some subjects or topics which are deemed to be so big that the government says it doesn’t feel it has the right to make a decision and it wants to get a mandate or not from the public, so what the Italians want to do is to ask all of the population of Italy whether they want to leave Europe or not. And that’s, I think we will see that coming in the next few months.

TM: There was a movie I watched on my flight from London back to Portland a few days ago and it’s called The Darkest Hour. I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not and I’m not sure whether it’s entirely factually based but it was about Winston Churchill and his struggles to defend Britain during the Nazi onslaught at Dunkirk and the early days of World War II and one of the things he did, there was a, I believe the gentleman’s name was Lord Halifax, who wanted appeasement with Hitler and wanted to go through Italy to work out a negotiated peace, and Churchill had, he wanted to fight Hitler of course and stand up against the tyranny, and what he did, he snuck out of his limousine and ran off to the Tube and met with ordinary British people in the Tube and asked them what he should do and in unison they said, “Let’s fight.” This is so important that we want to save our country and we don’t want appeasement with Adolf Hitler, so he went back and that’s when he gave his speech before Parliament about fighting the tyranny of the Germans so it’s interesting you mention this referendum. I think it’s a great idea and I wish it was used more here in the United States.

SP: There is truth in that. I don’t know if it’s a British thing. I think it’s to do with great leaders. I think great leaders are prepared to take the risk and ask people even if they are gonna hear something they don’t want to hear. Despotic leaders or people who don’t have the confidence are too terrified to ask the citizens because they are terrified of the answer they will get back.

TM: Sure.

SP: But there have been people in history right back to the ancient times that have donned a disguise, gone out of the city walls and roughed it with the ordinary folk and then come back because they didn’t trust sending an emissary. They wanted to hear it themselves and Churchill was maverick enough to do that because he wasn’t frightened. I mean it was a hell of a task because if any of them knew then the Nazi snipers would have been around because it was very obvious; he was a porky man and he was always smoking a cigar and he had a hat on and everybody knew him but I think he was so perplexed by what he should do and that’s actually a sign of strength. If a president or a leader is confident enough to go and ask the opinion of people I think that’s a sign of strength.

TM: I was walking in London a few days ago and I have a button and it commemorates the life of President Kennedy, John F. Kennedy from when he was born in 1917 to 2017. I’ll never forget it was a couple of days ago and I was walking along this street and this newspaper fellow comes up to me and he says, he stopped me, he said is that a button for President Kennedy? He spotted it, and I said yes it is, to commemorate his life from a hundred years, a hundred years of his anniversary of his birth from 1917 to 2017, and he said what’s wrong with you Americans, and I looked at him. He said your media didn’t cover anything. It was like a nonevent, and I said our media is controlled and I explained about my radio program and television program and that’s why it is important. Alternative media is important in the United States and Canada and other countries to get the word out, cover stories, because our main media doesn’t do that. It was very instructive. People would stop me on the street and frequency, that resonance of people with President Kennedy and creating a better world Simon is still there and I run into it from time to time out of nowhere that people, several people came up to me in London and made comments on that button.

SP: Well, Ted, it’s very interesting. I actually don’t understand this but Great Britain after your own country, Great Britain was one of the greatest supporters of Kennedy and for years afterward, you know, there’s the old joke about where were you when Kennedy was assassinated.

TM: Sure.

SP: But in Great Britain I think the British people have an eye for a leader of the people rather than a leader of bureaucrats, and Kennedy was always seen as a spokesman for the people, and British people really connected with Kennedy because they saw him as an underdog, the British people like an underdog. They say him as an underdog simply because he was taking on the big machinery. He was taking on the system. He was speaking up for ordinary people and Kennedy wasn’t frightened to be a champion, a champion of the people, and British people love a champion so I’m not surprised. If you are going to get stopped and given compliments and spoken to about President Kennedy it will happen in Britain because the man is still loved today even though it’s all that long time ago.

TM: Oh yeah, yeah, and his energy is still there. I wear the button here too in the states and I do get comments from it but I got, I was on a flight from Vancouver, Canada down to Seattle a few months ago and I was stopped by Canadians on the flight saying, they asked me about the button and they were great admirers of President Kennedy so I, actually I get more attention from outside of the U.S. than in the U.S., but it’s funny, you know, but a lot of people here also have the same thing. They often think, especially the older generation, I guess I’m getting older now, but when, where were they when he was assassinated back in November 22, 1963, but the good thing is I have been in touch with him over the last several years. I’ve written down his messages he wanted me to deliver to humanity. It’s in my book, Messages from the Masters, but we have a very bright future ahead of us and he actually, President Kennedy told me two years ago there wouldn’t be any war with North Korea; that’s in my book and now it’s coming to pass so I’m very happy about that. I don’t think the majority of people on this planet want any kind of war. They don’t want everything destroyed. They want us to continue and they especially care about our children and children’s children so that they also have a bright future too.

SP: Yes. Ted, what’s the point of having children if you are going to blow them all up, makes no sense at all does it?

TM: Yeah, absolutely that’s a good question. Absolutely, absolutely, the children are our tomorrows and if you are going to blow everything up then there is no tomorrow so why have children, you know, it, and this actually leads me into my next question. I’ve got a serious of emails here from different people Simon, do you mind if I ask…

SP: I think it’s great. I love hearing the audience.

TM: Okay wonderful. This is from Jenny in British Columbia, Canada and she writes right now we’re trying to stop the expansion of the oil pipeline from a company called Kinder Morgan. Trudeau, the prime minister, and the banks believe they will succeed in carrying this out in British Columbia. However, my friends and I believe that Mother Earth is once again getting assaulted. Will you enlighten me how I can seek the spiritual guides to help all of us protect Mother Earth, the waters, and animals from destruction? And that comes back to taking care of the planet for our children. Anyway, I already responded on the spiritual side to her email but would love your comment as well Simon.

SP: Thank you. We still have a problem on this planet because we are still into money and we’re still into oil and it’s moved now. It’s moved to how can countries be independent within oil. What I mean by that is if an oil pipeline passes through two or three countries, people are now worried that that country will blow that pipeline up or cut it off. That’s why at the moment Russia is having an independent pipeline coming through directly from Saudi Arabia. That’s now widely known, a pipeline directly pumping oil from Saudi Arabia directly to Russia avoiding every other country, so a lot of countries and Canada is one of them is trying to move oil in a way that gives them independence so that’s what driving it. Now the way to combat this of course is people power. It is the only way. What we saw the reservation and that very importance is to when the head managed to bring forth all the bison or buffalo and they all came on and people came on and that was all on YouTube and filmed. At the moment all you’re interested in is making a statement because if we can show that the beauty of the Earth is more important than the dollars and people power so if there’s a mass demonstration, it’s the only way I’m afraid because money is so powerful. The only way to stop that is when somebody thinks they are not going to be elected so if a politician thinks that he is not going to be elected because something is really, really disliked by the electorate, they’ll stop it, but if they think they can con people, they can trick people then they will, so there’s the what you advised is on the spiritual on the energy side, and that saying is you’ve got to campaign. You’ve got to campaign.

TM: Well I know that Jenny and her friends were out protesting this weekend against the pipeline but if I may I’d like to share a little story with you Simon and all my listeners from 1941 in Denmark. In 1941 the Nazis wanted to make all school teachers in Denmark teach Nazi doctrines to little kids. Every single teacher refused and what happened after that is that they all succeeded in stopping the Nazis from having their doctrines taught to little children in Denmark because there were too many teachers and not one teacher went to a concentration camp, not one was punished, because they all en masse stood up and if everybody, for example, stands up en masse to Kinder Morgan or any company that’s destroying the planet, we’re powerful spiritual beings and we can stop it.

SP: Yes because the Germans did not have enough Dutch speakers. If twenty teachers had done it they could have replaced them and it could have been over a period of months, they would have done that. They would have replaced them but it was all at one moment then well the Nazi Regime would have said well look it’s not worth it, just let it go. And you know I have often said if people turned up outside their local store or outside their local gas station and said you’ve got to drop the price and if you don’t drop the price we’ll sit here every day for as long as it takes within three to four days the prices would be dropped and what the system relies on is the fact that people don’t work in unison. They don’t work as a group, so the system can handle twenty or thirty people demonstrating, it can’t handle thousands of people. That’s the key. That’s the key.

TM: Well and that goes back to all of us having… being powerful spiritual beings who can make a difference in the planet and the world too, and, you know, the focus of my program Simon, and I’m sure your work too is to raise consciousness and make this planet a better place and so I’m so happy to have you on today to talk about these issues. I have another call, actually it’s another email from a gentleman, I’m trying to figure out, I think he is in Hawaii. As you know that there has been a lot of volcanic activity on the big island of Hawaii and he writes about monatomic gold and related to something about the volcanos. Do you know anything about this? I’m not sure where he’s going with it but I thought I’d run it buy you.

SP: Yeah absolutely, absolutely. First of all the volcanic activity is natural. What is not natural is that, I’ve got to be very careful what I say here, there has been some drilling activity and some of the shots and pipelines seem to have been drilled in a certain way which is directing this lava down a certain route. That’s why you’ve got this potential for this section of rock basically to fall off, for want of a better word, and cause a tidal wave. Now if you go back to Zecharia Sitchin who decoded the Sumerian tablets part of his decoding was that the Annunaki/Reptilians came here to mine gold because they wanted to seed it into the atmosphere and it’s true to say that gold reflects back certain wavelengths of light and that’s what the books were saying, the tablets were saying but monatomic gold can be used to reduce the aging process. Now the super elite on this planet use, some of them use monatomic to prevent aging, because what it does is it reduces the breakup of the telomeres the lines in the body at cellular soul level and so monatomic gold is a great healer but it does prolong life. Now you can extract this from materials in the earth and there is a process for doing that so there is, we’ve got to be careful what we say here, but there has been some interest in that region and think back when we had that missile crisis, I don’t mean the Cuban missile crisis; we had the missile crisis in Hawaii a few weeks back and I want the audience to understand that there is a link between the lava outpouring and that so-called missile situation.

TM: Interesting, well once again you have heard it first with Simon here on Out of This World Radio, so it’s… and this is a time of truth too that things that are true are becoming even truer and those that are false will become false, show themselves to be false and fall by the wayside so thanks so much for explaining that. I have another question from Jay and I’ll just read it to you. I have heard Simon and other people say that the world population is not really around seven billion as we’ve been told. Can Simon give us a more realistic figure and explain why the powers that be would want to distort the real data on the size of the world’s population, and I know you are busy Simon and I know you haven’t had a chance to go to every city in the world and actually count all the people. That would take some time.

SP: Right.

TM: But…

SP: Right it’s more than seven billion.

TM: Okay.

SP: There are some very, very, not just bad guys, but there are some crazy people who have a plan in their head to wipe out half the population on the planet.

TM: Sure.

SP: Some people talk about three-quarters of the population and you know although that’s total madness, there are mad people. And there are a group of people who think that that would be a good thing because it would depopulate the Earth. Now one of the ways you can do that I don’t mean how you would do that but you build it up by falsifying the number of people on the planet. So we have all been given a figure of around seven to eight billion.

TM: Right.

SP: I tell you that it’s more than that, but the reason they are lying is not because they can’t accurately forecast the population. It’s because they are under pressure because they are expecting some sort of depopulation event and they want to be able to make it look less. So if I said to you that the population on this planet was twelve billion and we heard that they wanted to reduce it to three billion that’s a huge reduction but if I said to you as they’re saying here oh it’s just seven billion population and they want to reduce it to five billion that doesn’t seem quite so bad, so it’s manipulation of figures because there is this plan that a few crazy people have got for the future. That’s why we’re not getting the truth on the number.

TM: Okay, well thank you for explaining that. I hope that, Jay if you are listening, I hope that answers your question. That was an interesting, a very interesting answer. I have another question from Thomas in Germany and let me just read it here. We talked about some time ago Simon said in the case that if Trump would become president, this is probably from several years ago, several states could leave the U.S., didn’t happen. Is there any chance of this happening in the future? He’s not saying a civil war but the secession of any states in the future.

SP: Right there was a real chance that some of the states were on the point of seceding from the Union, and if your audience, if anybody’s got any time, to go back and you will find that during the election campaign and the National Guard were called out several times, were called out several times, I can’t remember which state it was, five or six states, where 2:00 o’clock in the morning or 12:00 o’clock they were all put on alert and this was because the governments were reporting through to the White House that they were coming under pressure from some very, very influential people and in order to prevent those states seceding from the Union, the National Guard was activated, so the time that it was most likely to happen was during the election campaign when it became obvious, never mind CNN and Fox News, it became obvious that Trump was going to win. This is the amazing thing I watched live live, the live feeds coming through from the U.S. and they actually thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win. They were talking even up to half way through the night. They were still saying she was going to win, but we knew, we knew that Trump was going to win. We had that already and so did the very top bad guys and that’s why I warned that there would be some states that would attempt to break free. There was also this other issue about the gold. Remember that America centrally holds the gold ostensibly for every American state and you will note Ted that three of your U.S. states have written and wrote to President Obama and asked for their share of the gold. One of them was Texas, so there were issues around that but no you won’t get that now simply because the bad guys who were trying to force that split have been removed.

TM: Fascinating just fascinating. I’ve been looking for stories about that National Guard back at the elections and I just did a Google search. It’s pretty sanitized. I can’t find anything. It’s gone.

SP: Okay.

TM: But that’s typical, I mean…

SP: Yeah.

TM: You know that’s typical of just kind of a sanitized news, can’t find anything but…

SP: That’s a, actually Ted I put the time it happened on my own website.

TM: Oh.

SP: I actually put it out. This is going right back to the election and there are a couple of occasions where I put the event out on my website and one radio show I mentioned it, but what tends to happen if it breaks into the established media, then they just close ranks and pull it, especially if the bad guys didn’t win. They were expecting sort of a coup d’état where they would have a great big press conference and they would call the Confederacy was back, things like this. That wasn’t in the plan, but they were just going to try and play on the history of the U.S., now when that didn’t happen they just went to ground and sent out the news story was dropped, but there’s no fear of any American state breaking now.

TM: Okay, well thanks so much for explaining that and Thomas if you are listening in Germany I hope that answered your question. That’s fascinating. I have no… I had no idea. I’ll give you another example Simon if I may of things that are not reported here in our media. Back in the spring of 2014 our scientists here in the United States and in Japan as well were predicting a huge wave of radiation which was going to hit the West Coast of the United States and Canada, hitting cities like Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and the wave of water was from the Fukushima reactors and it contained more than ten times the radiation than all the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II and so I went out and did some testing of the water off of Seattle back in April and May of 2014 and guess what I found out?

SP: It was clear.

TM: Completely gone. Then I talked to my galactic friends and they said that they had taken their ships and cleaned up much of the Pacific. Not all of it is cleaned up but much of it is cleaned up so Governor Jerry Brown’s office actually issued a press release on June 1st, 2014 saying that all the radiation had disappeared off the waters off California but that news story, his news story is not on the Internet now. It has been taken off plus that story was only, when it was played on June 1st, Simon was only heard within the boundaries of California. It wasn’t heard in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, any other state just within California. But that’s another example of how the media can be very technique and controlled. You only hear what certain things come out.

SP: Right well what I can tell you is there is a special chemical or material that was offered to certain governments, agencies, by off planet entities to allow the clearing up. I don’t know the material, I don’t know what this chemical or this metal was. I have no idea but there was a very special substance that was made available to the highest in the land and we are talking about when Obama was president to enable the states to clear up the radiation and they refused it. They refused it and so what happened was off planet entities decided they would come down and do it themselves and didn’t wait for any permission and just came down and did it so what you saw there was a direct intervention by beings from elsewhere who were fed up and sick and tired of waiting for the U.S. government back in those days to do anything positive and they just came and did it and it was cleared up within 48 hours.

TM: Oh, what an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing that Simon because I had a feeling there was something else going on. One of the reasons why I did my own testing back in the spring of 2014 is because President Obama had shut down all eight radiation testing stations along the U.S. West Coast so that people didn’t realize, there was no testing being done of any radiation coming in, nothing and our governor here, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State also shut down. He forbid our laboratories here within the state to do any testing whatsoever of any sea water, air, plants, fish, nothing, so what I did is I had private testing done and I know people have complained about Jerry Brown sometimes in California but his office offered to do all of the free testing that I wanted from me and my nonprofit group to do, the testing of the waters off of the Pacific here so it came back no radiation, the radiation was completely gone so I want to thank Governor Brown for doing that because it wouldn’t have been done without his help.

SP: Right. Absolutely, yes sometimes governors get bad press but when they come up to the wire they actually do the right thing and I think what happened, well I know what happened was that Obama had the decisions taken out of his hands and the last thing he wanted was an agency paid for obviously by the Federal Bureau reporting suddenly that the radiation levels had dropped and that then get out and he wouldn’t be able to control it media wise so he personally ordered the embargo, the closing of those stations, not permanently, just temporarily because he didn’t want that info coming out because he wasn’t in control. Something had come down and taken the ball away from the football field. That’s what, so yeah it was a very good move and I’m really pleased.

TM: Yeah, yeah and I think that’s still the case now. I don’t think that the Galactic Alliance wants us to commit suicide with a whole bunch of radiation coming in and I just want to thank them so much for their help and I also know that the people of the Hollow Earth from Mount Shasta in Northern California, that’s one portal that goes down, that they enter into the Hollow Earth also used their spacecraft as well to clean up the radiation and they continue to clean up the radiation from Fukushima.

SP: Talking about the Hollow Earth there has been an interesting article in Great Britain. I don’t know if you guys have seen it, but the caverns that have been discovered on Antarctica now, not under the Earth so much but under the oceans, some imagery from satellite photography. Have you been shown any of that?

TM: No I haven’t seen it on the cartoon channel but if you could send it to me that would be great.

SP: I’ll see what I can find but yes it is genuine. This is making it into the mainstream news here in Great Britain that some very large caverns have been discovered and why, yes I know that under the sea, not under land, but why that’s important is that it’s beginning to disclose information that there are the potential for cities or worlds under your feet. So it’s a drip, drip of information to the public slowly trying to get the truth out, so if we can accept that there are caverns under the ocean of Antarctica it’s not a great big step to be told there are caverns under Antarctica itself and then we could be told that there is oxygen down there, then they will be told that it’s livable down there and so slowly but surely the system begins to feed to the people that actually there is something much more. So Britain does actually get some very interesting news and I’ll happily try and send you the links tomorrow Ted.

TM: Okay, wonderful, wonderful. I remember back in what was that year, 1979, I spend the summer at the London School of Economics studying there and went on my flight back from London back to Seattle an old Pan Am flight, there was a front page story about the origin of AIDS and it was actually created in a laboratory but that story never got into the U.S. press but it was in an English paper, The Times of London I remember that.

SP: Well it hits, yeah we got that in Great Britain we’re talking about 1982 I think, ’81 or ’82, I think.

TM: Right.

SP: It might be, it might be then.

TM: Right.

SP: Yes it was headline news in Great Britain that AIDS, the biological war weapon…

TM: Right.

SP: …which was created in a laboratory and then had been used on black Africans to test it out to see how it worked.

TM: Awful.

SP: Oh yeah. They did pull the story. They did pull the story within about three days.

TM: Wow.

SP: Yeah, sure.

TM: Well my friend we’ve run out of time. Thank you so much for coming on today Simon, as always, it’s great to talk to you and I’ll look forward to talking to you again in a couple of weeks.

SP: God bless to you and God bless to your audience.

TM: Okay, thank you so much Simon, take care, bye-bye.

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