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Friday May 25, 2018

Turkish economic meltdown will have domino effect on everyone; planet needs plastic/pollution cleanup before it’s too late; time for clean energy technologies to be allowed to flourish; effect of JFK on the world; aborted missile attack on Hawaii and volcanic eruption are linked; Florida school shooting was direct/indirect message to President Trump/public not to drain the swamp; people in power give politicians office with designated perimeters and they’re not to color outside the perimeter’s box or else; like JFK, Trump is having problems with FBI; ways to work with premonitions in dreams; cryptocurrencies, the sophisticated technological enslavement of humanity; money is a control mechanism for people of Earth and an attack on love; increased gravity will bring about Earth changes.

Ted Mahr: Hello friends, this is Out of This World Radio with your host Ted Mahr broadcasting live tonight from Glastonbury in the English countryside. This is such a beautiful area of the world and I’m so happy to be here and through the magic of Skype this audio is being retransmitted to the studios of KKNW on 1150 AM in beautiful Bellevue, (Seattle) Washington in the United States. Glastonbury is the most sacred spiritual site in the United Kingdom and so it’s a very special place and I’m so happy to be here broadcasting from here tonight. I also want to apologize to all my friends around the world for the pour sound quality of my show from a week ago Friday on May 18th. I’m in a much better place tonight and the audio quality of this show should be much better. The purpose of this show is to raise consciousness and make this world a much better and happier place and I know that with everyone’s help we can and will make this Earth a better place.

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However if you are interested please first sent me an email to or call me and I’ll be happy to tell you all the requirements. The, one of the things that the Telosians like to do is to tell people not to eat any meat especially three weeks before coming, but I can explain more when we talk. At Shasta we always see lots of Sasquatch and UFOs flying around the mountain and it’s really an amazing and beautiful place and we always have an incredible time there. In last year in September there was a lady, her name is Tammy from Minnesota, and she came on the trip and she had been crippled for decades. This is a true story by the way and so when she was camping one night at Mount Shasta a group of Sasquatch surrounded her vehicle where she was sleeping and they asked her if she would like to get her legs healed. She said yes and so what happened the next moment she was beamed aboard a UFO craft from the Hollow Earth. The people there healed her legs, put her back into her van and the next morning she was running around like crazy around our campsite and everybody was astounded because we wondered what had happened to her. Well it wasn’t anything bad. It was the first time in probably thirty years she had been able to walk so miracles like that do happened. I can’t promise you it will happen on this trip, but it has happened before. The cost per person is only $200.00 and if you are interested please send me an email. Now I’d love to go to my friend Simon Parkes and we’re both in England. Simon are you there today?

Simon Parkes: Hello Ted, yes I am.

TM: Boy you sound crystal clear. It’s almost like you are right with me here in the same here in Glastonbury. How are you doing… maybe you are.

SP: I’m fine, I’m fine, thanks Ted, it’s great. I’m, you know, glad that you are in the UK and it’s really nice that the communication is strong enough and I just hope that the messages are getting beamed back to the states okay. You’re right we did have a bit of trouble over the last week or so with the technology but I think it sounds much better today.

TM: I’ve asked for galactic help tonight and my friends in the galactic alliance say that there ships above us right now and they are helping us and I have also asked for the Pleiadeans to come in too. I have a… my second speaker my second hour was Carol Noonan who has been in contact with the Pleiadeans for decades and I also put a request in to her, I asked her this afternoon for Pleiadean help as well to secure good communications tonight and then it is coming in very clear, very very clear without any problems so anyway this is a good sign. This is a good sign.

SP: Great.

TM: Well last week when we spoke we talked about a little bit about the high school shooting in Santa Fe and also a little bit about North Korea and there’s been some new developments… I’ve had several people, we’ve had quite a few emails actually questions, but let me ask you first to be polite, Simon what would you like to talk about tonight before I go on to the questions here?.

SP: Well I, you know, I try to be American-centric when dealing with you Ted because, you know, you are dealing with North America so North America, Canada, I think it’s important. However I think one of the things… we were just chatting about Connecting Consciousness meeting with my coordinators just an hour or so ago and I was just alerting them to the situation in Turkey and it’s not a violent situation thank goodness. This is an economic situation. They appear to be going through a bit of a potential meltdown on the economy side in terms of the interest rates, in terms of the strength of their foreign currency. They had meetings with Deutsche bank and a couple of other banks and I think it’s just worthwhile although of course, you know listeners and viewers in the U.S. might think well what does it matter to me whether anything happens in Turkey.

TM: Sure.

SP: It does matter simply because it’s like a domino effect. If one country suffers an economic depression that domino falls and hits the next country and so on and so forth, so it’s important that I think that your audience can just doublecheck that, can just spend two or three minutes just trying to get the news from abroad, so just keep an eye on Turkey. That seems to be going through a bit of a difficult situation at the moment. So that’s really all I wanted to say. I’m happy to go on to the questions and subject matter that is close to your heart.

TM: Oh well thank you so much Simon. Well you know what’s very interesting you mentioned that because I had a psychic on my show an astrologist actually named Susan Miller from New York City. It’s been about, that was in 2000, it’s been about four years now and she said that this is a time of truth, that things that are true will become even truer and those that are false will become, will show themselves to be false and fall by the wayside, and that included governments, economic systems, individuals, corporations, you name it and maybe Turkey is in this part. I don’t feel, I have never… it’s funny you know I have never felt very comfortable about the world economic system. You probably know some good examples of countries which are run well and they don’t have economic problems but it seems like all the countries of the world have some economic problems and I have never felt that the economy of the world and the countries especially have been very sustainable especially when you look at all the pollution and all the damage we have done to poor mother Earth.

SP: Over the last few days, indeed last week-end, chatting to people who have been to Asia and the stories they come back with as to the amount of plastic, whether that’s in carryon bags, carryalls or whether it’s wrappings, it’s just unbelievable some of these countries that don’t have the laws or don’t have the interest to clean this up. It’s disgraceful the amount of pollution there is and because it is a worldwide issue we can’t just blame one country or one group of people.

TM: Sure.

SP: That, you know that’s something that we have lost over the last few years. It was a very hot topic in the ’80s and in the ’90s and the early 2000s. Then it sort of disappeared as people chased dollars or new technology but I think in some news it has come back onto the agenda and, you know, the planet could be cleaned up. Not that too much I mean the problem is that people say how expensive it is to do the cleanup operations.

TM: Right.

SP: But the point I would say is well how much do you love the Earth? Can you put a price on it so I think that’s something Ted I think we do need perhaps to focus on, that we’ve taken our eye off the ball a little bit. The planet needs a bit of help.

TM: Well I couldn’t agree with you more and you know Mother Earth is tired of people assaulting her, polluting her, abusing her, and she can strike back, and I think that that’s certainly an important point but the other point too Simon is that we are all very powerful spiritual beings and we can turn around, I know we can turn around this situation around and clean up planet Earth. That’s one of the things that Dr. Emoto, Masaru Emoto showed before he passed away in 2014, is that with our thoughts alone we can clean up Fukushima; we can clean up pollution; we can clean up oil in the Gulf, the Gulf of Mexico that happened years ago. Dr. Emoto showed with his experiments that if you take a bottle, for example, of radioactive water from a nuclear powerplant that just with the words love and gratitude or your positive thoughts on that bottled water you can clean up all that radiation completely and it doesn’t cost a dime.

SP: And I suppose that’s why he’s such a threat. If you are able to bring about great change very cheaply then of course certain organizations that will lose out and we just have to think about some of the great people in history who have invented wonderful machines only to see them locked away in a vault or a safe never to see the light of day and that’s part of the great awakening of consciousness that humanity will, not in a violent way, but will demand to have released to it, it’s birthright, those things that will make our lives easier but allow us to still have a really good life but not to injure or pollute the animals or the trees or the atmosphere.

TM: I have to tell you this story Simon and I think you will enjoy hearing it. Everytime I go to the gas station in America or you know if you fill up here with petrol here in the United Kingdom, I don’t know how you feel but I always feel it is extortion. Whatever you pay for petrol or gasoline you are paying for energy that it doesn’t give me a good feeling at all supporting the oil companies and yet the oil companies and some governments do everything they can to stop innovative technology and the use of free energy so we won’t need to use fossil fuels like petroleum-based products.

SP: Well you know what Ted there are some skeptics out there who say that there is no such thing as free energy. But if you stand out in the street and you, obviously you don’t want to look at the sun with your eyes because you will get hurt. If you close your eyes you feel the sun’s heat on your face. You don’t have to pay for that. That is free energy, and the reality is that all of this should be free but somebody had the bright idea to have a monopoly to own it, because you can only do that on this planet, to own it and charge or rent out for other people to share what you’ve owned and that’s the whole concept of control on this planet. Taking something that was originally given as free and taking it and saying I own this. This is mine but if you want a piece of it you’ve got to pay me for it. That’s what’s fundamentally wrong that an individual who has the right to control something that was originally free for all.

TM: Right I couldn’t agree with you more. You know I, just quickly, this is one topic that we could talk hours about Simon but I know that back in, it was 1957 when a gentleman named Valiant Thor visited Eisenhower, President Eisenhower at the time and he offered free energy technology and help in getting rid of all disease and poverty on this planet in exchange for us and I’m trying to remember all the details. Eisenhower was in favor of it. Tricky Dick Nixon, the very vice president back then was against it because he had a lot of doctors and friends in the oil companies and he was afraid they would all lose their jobs so he was against it, plus Tricky Dick Nixon wanted weapons and Valiant Thor, all he could offer was peace and harmony and a beautiful planet where we would eradicate disease and get rid of the need for weapons. Anyway I remember that story. Also Nikola Tesla also back in the 19th century, he actually invented free energy that he said could be used by humanity for the entire planet but I believe Westinghouse, there was a what, was it J.P. Morgan, was against it because they wanted to meter it and make money off of it so there have been historical examples of people who have tried in the past and even extraterrestrial civilizations who tried to help us with free energy and getting rid of disease but they have been turned back everytime for the sake of money.

SP: I think there was a demonstration if I remember rightly. Tesla was demonstrating how power could be sent from one unit, one box, to another without any cables and there was a device to measure that the frequency or the power was coming through and this group from Westinghouse and whoever else stood there and they conferred, came to a huddle and conferred and then the spokesman stepped forward and said to Tesla yes, but where is the meter? That’s what happened and when he said and I quote, “There is no meter; this is free for everybody.” That’s his death sentence because at that moment they realized that that was the end of the stock and share market for power. So what a lot of people do actually is they try and buy it out and then they just take the patent and lock it away for a hundred years.

TM: Right.

SP: That’s their preferred option. If that doesn’t work then they try and get rid of the person who has invented it.

TM: I don’t know too much about this field. I know there is probably people out there who do know about it but back in the late ’80s, early ’90s here in the United States there was a fellow named Stan Meyers and he invented what’s called a water car that ran on water and in 1992 or 1994 he met with some alleged Belgian investors and they ended up poisoning him and killing him and you don’t hear about that anymore. And I know that also in Sweden during World War II they actually had water powered cars Simon that ran off of wood and anything else they could burn in their engine. They were like small steam engines because Sweden couldn’t get any oil. All the routes were blocked by World War II and so you hear about those things and where are they today, you know, they are just gone. I don’t know where they are. They are hidden but I hope someday they will be resurrected.

SP: In this country some twenty years ago, there was a real movement for driving your car on used oil that you had fried your chips in. Now that may sound crazy to some people but that’s actually what was going on. Some people were collecting up their oil that they had fried their chips in. I don’t know how popular that is in other countries, but in Great Britain frying your chips is a really big thing, and what gave gaveaway was the exhaust fumes coming out of these cars smelled very much like chips. The reason that the system came down on them very heavily and gave them prison sentences well in excess of what the crime was, not because they were turning their communities into chip-frying ovens but because they were not paying tax because they were not buying gas, and because they were using old kitchen oil, old oil from chips which they had already legally bought they couldn’t be done for, for stealing, but they were done for, you know, not paying this tax business, so it’s all about money Ted.

TM: Right.

SP: And it’s all about just a very few individuals and I have never understood how a planet of five, six, seven, eight billion however many of us there are here, how is it the number of people who run the planet would fit into a jumbo jet. I have never quite understood how eight billion people allowed a jumbo jet full of people to run the planet.

TM: Well, I… I… that’s an incredible statement and I can’t agree with you more Simon. I don’t know either, even with respect to the United States, I mean I was in London a couple of days ago and I wear a small little memorial button of JFK. He was born in 1917 and the hundredth anniversary of his assassination or actually no his birth was 2017 last year, and there was an English gentleman who came up to me who was selling newspapers and he said what is that button you’re wearing, and I said it’s a John F. Kennedy button commemorating his birth, his hundred year birth and he said it wasn’t much of a celebration in the U.S. last year was it, and I stopped for a minute and I said you know you are right. Nothing in our controlled media that mentioned much about the hundredth anniversary of his birth and it kind of made… and he asked me with all due respect he said what’s wrong with you Americans, like why don’t you wake up? And, I mean, I guess that you could say that for the whole world. But that’s the reason why I have my radio show is to try to wake the world up and I know you do the same thing Simon.

SP: We do and so do many others. What’s interesting the only individuals who are promoted through the main stream are those individuals who are either controlled by the elite, manipulated by the elite, or who are blindly following a program which reinforces the status quo. Now you know if you type onto Google, you know, in the header page they usually promote somebody’s birth or somebody’s death and this would be an individual who I’m sure in many occasions or cases he or she has done very good works. But all of the people that Google and the establishment want to remind you it’s their anniversary are all people who have been part of the system. They’ll never promote people who challenge the system, no matter whether you challenge it in a critical, friendly critical supportive way if you are not spouting the exact same tune or hymn you will not get any coverage from the establishment.

TM: Well I have to tell you that when I wear my button of JFK’s hundredth anniversary of his birth, whether that be in Canada or the United States or where I am now in the United Kingdom, I get stopped. People see Jack Kennedy’s face and they ask me about him, and they say still he was one of the, either the greatest or one of the greatest Presidents the United States has ever had and they say, I wish I had we wish we had that kind of energy back, and even though the mass media ignores him like they did last year on the hundredth anniversary of his birth the sentiment is still there. I’ve gotten that same kind of response from Vancouver, Canada, Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, London, England—it’s the same kind of response. The public out there still wants that kind of positive forward-thinking energy of how to create a much better and happier planet. People want that nowadays. We are sick and tired, I think most people are sick and tired of war; they’re sick and tired of fighting and they’re very tired of being lied to, whether that be by government or so-called mass media.

SP: Totally right, a hundred percent right. I think the interesting thing is that the effect of John F. Kennedy on the world was very much like the Twin Towers. These are two icons that won’t go away, people recognize, and you know, what the establishment likes to call conspiracy theories, I can’t remember what it’s called is that the film, the original altered film of the shooting of JFK. Now anybody who has woken up, anybody who is trying to learn the truth will have seen at some point that film and so they are connected to the concept of JFK and I’m actually not surprised. If you go around with a badge, people will be drawn to it.

TM: Right.

SP: And they feel they’ve got to speak. They have to say something and that’s because it’s one of those key moments in Earth’s history.

TM: That’s right and I have been stopped by people on the street no matter where I am in the world and say something. Even in Japan… I was in Japan a couple of years ago and I was stopped on the street in Tokyo, two of the people came up to me, politely they, and they mentioned the same thing so there’s a lot, there’s something going on on this planet and I know that people are really waking up Simon and you’re helping to do that. That’s why I’m so happy you could come on today and thanks to my galactic friends and Pleiadean friends we’ve got great communications tonight, crystal clear.

SP: Good, I’m impressed.

TM: Yeah, I think I’ll ask my galactic friends to come in and protect me on every show so we have good crystal clear communications. I wanted to ask you Simon, there’s… we’ve got a whole bunch of questions that have come in. I’m trying to pick out a good one. Yeah we’ve had a… I think I’ve asked you about last week about the high school shooting in Santa Fe. I don’t know I look at these shootings in the United States as a bunch of false flags. There is often more than one individual involved but it’s amazing how the mass media said there’s only just one person involved although even though there might be more than one person involved. We have another question about the volcanic activity on the big island. I know that we are headed into a time when there are going to be tremendous Earth changes. Do your sources say anything about the volcanic activity in Hawaii Simon?

SP: Well, yes, you remember a few shows back you were talking about Hawaii and the aborted missile attack.

TM: Yes I do.

SP: And this is linked. I want you to see this as linked. For some reason somebody has, we have a saying in England which is, “got it in for you,” which means they’re trying to get you. Somebody has got it in for Hawaii in the same way they had it in for Japan. Now the aborted missile attack in Hawaii and the outpourings of lava from the underground well if you like in Hawaii, I want you to see them as the same way because outpourings of love have been artificially created or at least its direction has been artificially caused so what I don’t know yet is what it is about Hawaii that certain people who are not very good, what it is, why Hawaii. I’m wondering if it’s the last state in the U.S. It’s not part of the mainland and if you wanted to send a message to President Trump then one of the ways would be to attack an American state but not actually attack the homeland, not attack the mainland so it could be quite simple as that. But there is skulduggery going on here and this is not a natural event and the two are linked.

TM: Well my friends listening around the world, you heard it first from Simon now and he has been absolutely spot-on on his other predictions, including North Korea about a month ago well before the mass media and the cartoon channel in the United States picked up that story. I say that with a little bit “tongue-in-cheek” because the cartoon channel now in the United States has more viewers than CNN does because people don’t like their news. Do you remember the Florida shooting a few months ago Simon?

SP: Yes.

TM: Where it was asked, I remember, I think you were the one who told me about it where the name of the school, the school itself was named after a Florida environmentalist who was against draining the swamp in the Everglades.

SP: That’s right, that’s right yes.

TM: And so this was an indirect, you said this was an indirect message to, direct or indirect message to President Trump not to drain the swamp. I thought that was very clever.

SP: I think it was indirect for the general public but it was a very direct way for the people in the know, and this is the thing I want your audience to understand that President Trump is not the most powerful man in America. President Trump is the most powerful man in government. There is a huge difference. We call it as an ex-politician, we call it having office. You have office. You never, ever have power and the point is that the people in power give the politicians office. What that means is they say here’s your perimeters, you can operate between here and here and you have no right to operate outside of that box. So there’s a big difference between being the President of the United States and actually having power, and that’s why, I’m making a point here… I want people to understand that President Trump actually doesn’t have the power to stop these false flags. It’s not his men doing it. This is a total group which is totally separate from any of the official arms of government. You know this is the concept that ordinary people can’t understand. They can’t grasp how it is that a government can have this thing going on under its nose and not do anything about it.

TM: Sure, right, right. It’s amazing really. I think that’s what President Kennedy ran into too when he was assassinated, certainly that he ran up against some very negative elements within the U.S. government, within the country who had him assassinated.

SP: Yes we don’t want to go too long on that because there are other questions…

TM: Sure, yeah there are.

SP: …but basically a of people say to me it was the alien agenda or the UFO agenda that got Kennedy killed. That’s not true. That’s one of the aspects but the real point that the establishment would like everyone to believe it was the alien agenda. It wasn’t. President Kennedy was on the verge of doing something to the Federal Reserve. He was on the verge of changing the way that the Federal Reserve operated and that was the final straw for certain people and I will say this now that it was not the CIA that had anything to do with the demise of Kennedy. It was the FBI and isn’t it strange that here we are again all these years later and it’s not the CIA causing Trump the problem. It is the FBI. It was the CIA that leaked information to WikiLeaks. It wasn’t the Russians. The Russians had nothing to do with it. It was CIA, America’s own arm of protection who didn’t want the Clintons and so they leaked stuff so through history it seems to be the FBI that is the most disloyal to the Constitution. Now that’s a very powerful thing for me to say, but the history shows that and if you look at the number of people that President Trump has removed from the Edgar Hoover building, here’s the facts: there have been more people removed from the Edgar Hoover building than from the NSA under this president’s tenure of office, and that tells us a great deal and I think I’ll put another prediction here.

TM: Okay.

SP: I’m not going to name names and make anything difficult for anybody but there are two individuals in the FBI who are probably going to be moved this year. When they are moved, what you call it, put out to grass, have a promotion then we might begin to see some real movement, but at the moment it’s the FBI that is causing the problem.

TM: Interesting, interesting, well you heard it first on my show everyone around the world, and Simon you have always been accurate before and I appreciate your honesty in sharing that with us. I have a couple more questions that have come in. Do you mind if I ask them Simon?

SP: Yeah, sure I’m happy to do it.

TM: Okay, there’s a couple of them that are grouped in this kind of same thing and then there’s one personal question. I’ll do the personal question quick and then go on to the group, the group questions. The one personal question is that a fellow named Jerry, no last name, had a strange dream where he was driving a car and he hit something and went through the windshield and doesn’t remember anything and is this a premonition of something that could happen in the future and how to avoid it? Have you had clients like that who have told you a premonition dreams?

SP: Yes it’s usually not to get on certain flights. Right if someone’s had a dream like that, you know, my advice is to get lots of bits of paper and write out the dream and draw it, absolutely draw it with color and crayons with sticks. Draw it out…

TM: Okay.

SP: …and then try to relive it because what we are looking for here is any indication of time, of location, the type of car, so that if it appears to be the same vehicle that you have then you know that is in this timeframe. Look and see if you remember anything through the window. Was it fall? Was it summer? Was it winter? Try and understand that. If it’s a premonition it’s been given to you for a reason. If it’s past life, it can’t be too far past life because we are talking about a motor car. It could be a different life. So look positive on this, if you have that then it’s for a reason so do what I suggest and see if you can get some idea of when this happened, but don’t disregard it. Take it, treat it seriously.

TM: Okay, all right, thank you so much Simon and I appreciate that and thank you for mentioning that. We have a bunch of questions, let me see I have another one, I have several questions on cryptocurrencies and the gentleman [36:55][Pra sod]. Hi [Pra sod], and he writes some months ago Simon you mentioned cryptocurrencies and that some were better than others. He writes it looks like cryptocurrencies may become the foundation of a more just and transparent financial system. Any update on cryptos would be appreciated he writes.

SP: Okay, I can’t, well I can but I’m not going to suggest one currency or another simply because I’m not paid by these people. I wouldn’t want to do that because then I would become part of the system. What I can say is that cryptos offer, this question is a wider question, they offer a real foundation for change. The difficulty is that many people who are billionaires, multibillionaires have moved in to control it. People like Musk and many of the others…

TM: Correct.

SP: …are buying not the currency but the system that operates them so how can, my question would be how can cryptocurrencies be the real dawn if the same people who have managed and controlled the economy are now managing and controlling the framework within which blockchain and cryptos are based. So it cannot offer any alternative while the control system remains the same. I have no doubt that most Western governments want to move people off cash and indeed move them off the traditional plastic card and move them on to the crypto-based system with a chip or an implant in their body. That is the way that they want to move it simply because not only can they control the individual through his or her own bank account, but they can access trillions and trillions of dollars and in real time move money around in a way that they still can’t. Now what happens now, I don’t want to go too long Ted, but what happens now is that when banks close, let’s say they close at 5:30–6:00 o’clock. About 10:00 o’clock in the evening they have cleared whatever they need to clear and then between 10:00 o’clock at night at 6:00 o’clock or 5:00 o’clock the following morning, those banks, the public doesn’t understand this, those banks are trading with each other and they are doing deals and shifting their debt from one bank to the next bank. Now if you had cryptos and if you had the human race implanted and each person’s bank account was not held by a bank but held on that current, that chip, then you could then do this during the day and not at close of business and that’s what the banks are seeking to be able to do all of these transactions. You can still go to the machine and get your money out of the machine during the day, but the banks could be wheeling and dealing not just between the hours of 10:00 o’clock at night and 5:00 a.m., but throughout the whole day so the move to cryptos is not about sitting humanity free. It’s about another opportunity for the same old faces to make more money.

TM: Well I guess that leads me to my next question. There are several different ways we could go on this and my galactic friends off planet tell me that Earth is unique in the sense that we have, it’s the only one, the only human planet in this universe that uses money the way, in this fashion on this planet because every other benevolent civilization outside of Earth that’s human doesn’t use money. I don’t know what system but they don’t use money like we’ve got here and money was actually created by the negative forces, by the Reptilians, many millennia ago and it is used as a control mechanism for people.

SP: Yes, the need for money is simply because the human race has not been given a viable alternative.

TM: Uh hum.

SP: When you grow up three, four, five years of age you very quickly learn that if you go to the candy shop you can’t walk out legally with candy unless you give these coins or these paper notes or something or other and so at a very early age the human race is, not brainwashed, that’s not the right word, but it is trained to understand that money is the only medium that buys, but also to train the human race that nothing is free, that you should be expected to pay for everything, so this is an attack on love, because you see love should not have a process to it, but by introducing money you are challenging the concept of love because you are saying nothing is free. You got to pay for it. But in relationships we should learn that if we give we shouldn’t expect in return but that is absolutely at odds with what happens on the sidewalk. So you take it, not you personally, but the system has taken humanity and given it one value…

TM: Right.

SP: …for the world and another value for its family. Well no wonder the human race is screwed up because it’s got one life in its house and another life in its workplace, and we shouldn’t have this. We should have one value, which is love and these are the problems that the human race has got to face in the next five years.

TM: Well I look at, I have great confidence in the human race and humanity to tackle these problems head-on and I know that we all are transforming, especially with the huge amount of the increases of the vibration of the planet and it’s turning the planet itself Simon. I look at turning from a planet based on service to self which money is a part to a planet based on love and service to others, so I look at that change happening now. And I know it’s hard to see it. I think the banking, the current banking system, is an old system based on service to self that long term is not going to last and I know it’s going to be eventually be replaced with a better system so…

SP: And that’s why I’m saying five years, so that’s 2019, 20, 21, 22, 23, so I’m saying within the next five years the wagon is going to lose its wheels basically.

TM: Right. You’re so funny. I think you’re right. I think you are right. I have to ask you how is your friend Win Keech doing on his alternative system?

SP: Yes, I haven’t spoken to him for simply ages, and we’re working on a project together and there was a spiritual businessman that I actually introduced. Win and I were working trying to get an alternative barter trade system up and running and he hadn’t any success in getting any funds in at all. He had been at it for two years and hadn’t been able to bring in a dime, so I thought well I’m going to have to do this myself and try and find a funder, which I did.

TM: Good.

SP: And I introduced the funder to Win Keech and the funder paid for and flew Win out to his country, twice I think. The funder is not here in Britain. A deal was struck between them. I wasn’t part of that. My job was just to bring those two together, but unfortunately the deal went sour and whatever was supposed to have happened between the two of them didn’t and it put me in a rather difficult position because I had introduced the businessman to Win Keech. I am very fortunate that the businessman said to me that he didn’t blame me for what had occurred. He wasn’t holding me responsible, so I haven’t spoken to Win now for about six months.

TM: Well I wish him well and I hope that he gets everything back on track for him, you know, it’s difficult here on this planet to make any positive changes but I wish him well and I hope he can get his project resurrected. It sounds like a great project. He was going to make up an alternative exchange system, one that was based on justice and fairness but I wish him well and I hope he can get it back on track. I have a question from Anita in Ireland. She writes I imagine that the cabal are terrified about the scientific advances being made in an amazing center founded by Nassim Harriman. Naseem is a very interesting fellow. He is a physicist. I met him last year in Los Angeles. What do you think of his work Simon?

SP: Yes I know that’s the question but we mustn’t forget there are other people as well.

TM: Oh yeah, right, sure.

SP: Progress in human consciousness there are people breaking out everywhere inventing stuff and moving stuff forward. The questioner is absolutely correct. What the system is trying to do is to buy people off. It tries to buy them off. It tries to box them in. It makes phone calls and says to people don’t work with that person. Don’t give them any money. Don’t do this; don’t do that. It tries to control them, and they’re doing that because they are terrified. They are terrified because compared to ten years ago you probably have one or two people who were (A) gifted enough and (B) brave enough to do this. Now you’ve got hundreds of people who are gifted enough and are brave enough and the bad guys just cannot keep a handle on it and this is just going to proliferate more and more and more until the damn bursts. So yes there are loads of people now over the planet young and old who are coming up with ideas, which they are not new. They have been rediscovered. They’re hundreds of years old but they’re new to this age. They are new to the age of this timeframe. And you know they got to get out. They’ve got to happen; they’re gonna get out; somebody’s going to be brave enough to fund some of these projects and once that happens that’s it. The world will be different.

TM: Wonderful, what words of wisdom Simon. We’ve got about nine minutes left and this is a question that I got last week and it’s from Inez in Germany. It’s a long email but I will boil it down to kind of a synopsis. He writes, I’ve also, I’ve seen the day when the Earth will change and shift to the other dimensions which will be brought by a massive amount of gravity on Earth. This gravity will cause a lot of suffering in people but it will also, let’s see here, it will also change our world to a better place. He says that he has talked to Source and seen how living conditions on Earth will turn into a new environment. I think we have talked about that a little bit. I know we have talked about how things are shifting and these dimensions are getting much higher.

SP: Right I just want to clarify that. I hear what the person is saying and I totally agree with him but I just want to change the phraseology of it because that could lead to fear.

TM: Okay.

SP: Well that’s not the case here. He is absolutely right. The key is gravity, it’s electromagnetic energy, gravities. Gravity is going to play a very big part in the shift. But I’m not gonna see, I’m not gonna say there is going to be pain and suffering. What’s going to happen is there will be an emotional readjustment and those people who are not yet ready to make that advancement will have to decide they will stay in their own energy field, their own third dimensional reality, and they will be afflicted by great loss, and there will be those who are going to transcend and move up and they won’t have such a great loss. You know when a loved one passes it is the people left behind who feel bad.

TM: That’s true.

SP: It’s the people who walk around saying, “Oh I miss my uncle or I miss my auntie.” The person who has transcended pats them on the shoulder and said don’t feel sad for me. I’ve gone to a better place and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. It will be the people left behind. They will feel a great loss and those who make the transition will say I’ve done it. I’m going forward. That’s where I’m going and so we mustn’t focus on pain and suffering. What we’ve got to focus on is success and love.

TM: Well Simon those are such profound words of wisdom, and that’s why I always love talking to you and I know that my listeners around the world are really enjoying hearing what you have to say tonight and actually it is the same message I got from my dad who passed away, passed on to a higher dimension. He is now an ascended master. He passed away in March of 1999, and he through a, I talked to him after he passed as a psychic and he said, “Ted you know if I had known it was this nice on the other side I would have left earlier,” but he wanted to make it… no bills, no phone bill, no electricity bill, but you know it’s a different world but of course he said this is great. You know, he’s seen friends and family and you know, I’m not, and one thing I want to make very clear. I’m not advocating everybody, you know, pass on just so they can go on to a higher spiritual plane but I am saying that I guess the message here is that we are all souls in a physical body to experience lessons here on the planet Earth and just kind of realize that, that this is just kind of a temporary existence and for those when you pass on please know that everyone has a purpose for being here and we’re all kind of learning as we go but everyone has a purpose and so it’s important to note that life goes on after you pass on. That’s why it’s interesting that there is no such thing as death-death. That’s what the spirits always tell me that there’s always, it’s never the end of everything. We all continue even if we are in a different dimension. We’re still there.

SP: I think that’s the thing that’s so hard for universities or high schools to teach not because they don’t understand the concept but because to teach it would be to free people, to empower people…

TM: Right.

SP: … and at the moment there are a number of those in control who don’t want to empower people. Ted we’re top of the hour. It’s been, as always, an absolutely pleasure to talk to you and your wonderful audience whether they be in Canada or the U.S. or Australia, who cares, we’re all part of the same family. Well listen, God bless to you.

TM: Thank you so much Simon. Have a beautiful evening and I appreciate you coming on today so much. It’s been such a joy. We’ll talk to you again soon my friend.

SP: Yes, God bless, bye.

TM: All right, bye-bye Simon. Well, we’ve got, bye-bye, take care, bye-bye. Simon comes on my show the first and third Fridays of every month and so he’ll be coming on either, we missed, we kind of got a little bit off schedule because last week’s audio quality was poor, but no matter still he will be either on the coming Friday or the Friday after that.

[end of Simon’s interview 53:16]

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