Lecture: Empowerment, Sunday, December 17, 2017

with introduction by Jason Liosatos

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Lecture: Empowerment

Deeper Truths Conference, Dartington Great Hall, December 17, 2017

Simon talks about empowerment. He talks about the situation/system as it is now; what we need to do to change it. What we face, our options and how to deal with what we see. We change the system through groups and communities. The many can accomplish what a few can’t. Elite are mistreating human race same as they did 1000 years ago. Except instead of physical torture they now use electronic torture. Thus, it is more subtle, covert and harder to prove. Final thought: the system was never designed to serve us. It was designed to use us. Questions: You can revolt legally without violence by not paying taxes, but Simon says the system will come after you in some other way. concerns about 5G, smart meters, smart street lamps; voting for Brexit and elite’s role; money systems. Can people who eat meat ascend to 5D? Orgonite reduces Wi-Fi effects and weakens mechanical attacks. Chest armors are effective to prevent being taken out electronically. Aliens work through the half human/half something else elite in controlling us; but their power has weakened. AI is our real enemy controlling us without us being aware. GMO labeling? Actually GMO food shouldn’t be sold. Use of glyphosate on GMO crops helps kill pretty much everything from mold to humans. First thing a group should do is learn to psychically protect themselves. How do you justify favoring groups but advocating leaving EU group through BREXIT? Can we protect ourselves against AI singularity? Why do you support President Trump? Is new Hadron Collider a portal to bring back Nimrod? Hadron Collider can be thought of as an escape pod. Hillary and Bill Clinton seen on video stuffing nose of Cessna airplanes with cocaine when leaving Arkansas. CIA, not Russia, passed info through WikiLeaks.

[Simon intro/interview starts at 44:47]

Jason Liosatos: So finally we can have Simon Parkes on again. Thank you Simon for coming to be with us today. You have been a great inspiration to me over the years and with your Connecting Consciousness show and everything else you are doing and to stand up and say it as it is and to have the courage to actually say the truth. I think you will go down in history as one of the Martin Luther Kings and Gandis who are actually standing up there and saying it as it is. It takes a lot of courage and thankfully people who are not born yet will be thanking you as well so Simon Parkes, thank you very much.

Simon Parkes: Good afternoon everybody let’s hope that you can all hear me. Can you hear me?

Audience Members: Yes.

SP: Good, thank you, so first of all thank you to Jason and Louise for organizing this. It’s a really grand place and what was important is the energies. As I arrived, I thought hum.. it might not be that good… but it is good. The energies are very calm here. Does anybody notice the helicopter circling around…

AM: Yes.

SP: That was not an ordinary helicopter. That’s positive. It’s positive because this upsets somebody and they are worried by it. If you don’t get anything like that then they are not bothered. So they’re interested and that’s helpful.

This is going to be somewhat of a different presentation. Normally I’ll present on extraterrestrials, aliens, sometimes I’ll present on the situation. This is a little bit more about what we need to do, the problems we face and what options we have. So we are going to go for this. It is one hour and then we are going to have a quick break and then a following hour, okay. There’ll be questions at the end if we have any. So first of all thank you ever so much, here we go. It’s quite a daunting screen you know.

(slide—picture of Green Man found on Invoking the Green Man

So it’s Christmas, no Satan Claus, no Coco Cola Father Christmas, but we have the Green Man. So that’s my movement to Christmas. Here we are, it’s Christmas, thank you.

Okay, what we’re going to do is we’re going to play an exercise in power. So those of you who have been to any of the conferences where I’ve spoken know that I’m very interactive with my audience. Don’t worry, I won’t pull you out. That’s not the point. It’s about recognizing that you have made the effort to come here. It’s a very reasonable ticket price, but you’ve made the effort to come here. If you didn’t come here and pay the ticket price, there would be no YouTube video. All those people who sit in their armchairs listening and never get off their backside and pontificate, it’s you who actually makes this happen. You get the advantage to ask the speakers questions. You get the advantage to talk to the speakers afterward. They don’t. However, it’s also about, not a large audience, but the type of audience. You are here because you know the truth or most of the truth. The people that we are trying to reach through YouTube perhaps do not know the truth. This is the balance that we face.

(slide—pic of zebras in tight formation crossing a road)

Exercise in power. Remember that people who watch this will be from all over the world and if I was to say to you a zebra crossing you would know exactly what a zebra crossing actually is. If you were say to an American, a zebra crossing, then that’s what they would think.

(slide—pic of Beatles in a line crossing street in marked crosswalk)

But I want you to imagine that you have a member of your family who is on their way to school and that’s another version, but Americans won’t actually know what the black and white lines are, they just know they are the Beatles. But I want you to imagine that you have young children…

(slide—pic of person on bicycle crossing street in marked crosswalk)

…and they go to school one day and they are nearly knocked down by a car, and you decide that’s what you want on the road.

(slide—points to pic of marked crosswalk)

How do you go about doing it? Put your hands up and just tell me. How do you organize one of those to make your children safer? Hang on, hands up.

AM: [49:20][inaudible]

SP: Okay, so it’s using… do you have a roving mic? We have a roving mic. It was a good answer so I’d like that to come through on the mic. Go back Jason so that they can hear.

AM: Answer: you meet with the other mothers at school, you say to the head mistress that soon somebody is going to get killed and then that will have [49:45][unintelligible] and then you hassle and hassle. All the mothers join together and you eventually get a crossing and then five years later somebody comes up to you in the supermarket and says, “You’re the lady who got the crossing.”

SP: Okay. Thank you. What do you think is the reality of going to the school and speaking to the head teacher and saying I need a crossing? What will they do?

AM: Nothing.

SP: Nothing. The premise is correct because you think that the children and the school would be connected. Of course what the school would say is it’s got nothing to do with us. It’s off our premises. Our responsibility starts and ends at the school gate. That’s unfortunately the rule, so that’s the world we want but not the world we’ve got. Okay how do we get a crossing?

AM: You approach the council and apply for a …[inaudible].

SP: We’re starting, we’re starting. So we go to the council and we ask for a change.

AM: [inaudible].

SP: Thank you. You got it.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: No, that’s it. What you can do is you can go to the council, you can write petitions, you can call around and you can make it a big fuss, you can go to the newspapers, but if you are the right person, you pick the telephone up to the chief executive of the highways or the local authority, County Council, and you say - you owe me a favor don’t you? I could do with a zebra crossing. What I’m trying to do is I’m trying to explain, not to you because you’ve got it really, but to the wider audience who will be watching this - that the world around us is not the world that we are lead to believe. So if you are stopped for speeding and you are a Lord you will not get your points. If you are stopped for speeding and you are a Free Mason then you can’t declare that. You will have a special number to phone up which ensures that those points never go on your license. So, if you were wealthy and you [have] influence, because you don’t just have [to have] money, you’ve got to have money and influence. You will be able to go to somebody who would put up a zebra crossing. But your answer you see, was the standard answer. I would go somewhere, I would engage with a process. I would fill a form in. I would do this. I would do tha,t because that’s what the system has taught you all- and me- and everyone else to do. There’s a system. You go in the system. Why do you think when we have child abuse there’s a five- or six-year inquiry? We have an inquiry. Then they make a big deal about - we’ll have an independent inquiry. I know it’s what the Americans call B.S., bullshit.

(slide—Theme: Not so much “what’s wrong” • Rather what can we do about it. But to “do something about it” a larger % of the population must recognize “what’s wrong.”)

Okay, all right, so what I want to do today is not talk really about what’s wrong because the big issue is rather - what can we do about it? But to do something about it, a larger percent of the population has to recognize that something’s wrong. You go on YouTube there are some fantastic presentations - different topics; this is wrong, that’s wrong, this is evil, that’s evil, but what are we going to do about it? It’s very easy to tell you what’s wrong and what’s happening but when you ask somebody all right, what do we do? How do we change it? There isn’t really an answer. Let’s try and work that out before we finish today.

So the theme that I really wanted to talk to was empowerment of communities and individuals. So the theme is really about how we deal with what we see.

(slide—So many issues • Let’s list some of them….)

Right, what are the issues that face us?

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Sorry, can you shout?

AM: Satanic ritual abuse.

SP: Satanic ritual abuse, so you have gone straight in with a major one there, so one of the issues is that, yeah.

AM: Financial tyranny.

SP: Financial… yes.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Yep. Hi.

AM: Negative programming.

SP: Negative programming, chemtrails.

AM: [inaudible]

(slide • Helplessness • Powerlessness • No direction • No structure to take it forward)

SP: So… all you did - is give me exactly, correctly - the areas that we have problems with - but it’s helplessness, powerlessness, no direction, no structure to take it forward. In other words, people who are shown this are horrified. Ninety odd percent, believe it or not, of the human race is actually good, but because they feel powerless, because they feel victims. Because they do not know how to deal with it they go into meltdown or the ostrich mentality and put their head in the sand. So, we have all these specific issues. Some are not good; some are totally evil. But the fundamental reason why these people are getting away with this to a large extent, is because the vast majority of the population feel what’s written up there. [helplessness, powerlessness, no direction] So in order to right the wrongs, we need to think about helplessness. People feel helpless because they have been programmed to feel helpless. Because they go to the school and say we need a zebra crossing and the head teacher says, “nothing to do with me”. So they go maybe to a member of parliament who writes six letters and the council writes back and says, got no money - or we did a survey and we only found five percent of cars exceeded the 30 mph zone. We’re not going to do it. A member of parliament says, can’t do anything more for you. That’s what breeds helplessness. The system is not geared to give you your hearing and give you what you want. The system is there for you to give to the system. That’s why people feel helpless.

And powerlessness is because they thought that when they found the internet and they wrote a 100,000 petitions that would change everything. How many times have we seen hundreds of thousands of names on the signatures being taken to Number 10 Downing Street only for it to be filed away. It was a pointless exercise generally, not in totally, but generally.

Humanity on this planet has lost its ability to see clearly - through thousands of years of mind control. Now people need to be shown a better future. They can’t create that better future in their minds. All they know is what they have been given. There is no direction.

And there is no structure to take it forward. You have conservative, labor, liberal, you have one trick pony parties that operate for the course of that one thing and then they disappear, but all of those are part of the system. There is no structure to take forward. That’s what has to change.

(slide—How to Reach Out and Convince, Alternative Media, The State of Humanity Today)

Right. How to reach out and convince people.

You, and people like you, woke up for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes it was something you saw, something that happened to you, to a friend, to family, some of you were already [awake] when you incarnated on this planet you already knew the truth, but for most of us it was a process. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people on this planet know something is wrong but they’re not prepared to go further into it. So, how do we reach out to people? At the moment, the only real way is through alternative media. The system is now beginning to attack and infiltrate alternative media. That’s because they are frightened by it. It has been infiltrated and it has been fractured so you have to be very cautious and careful now when you listen and look into it - but that’s the main way now of reaching people.

(slide—pic of dark room with open door showing light shining in)

The state of humanity today.

I’m not going to give you words; I’m going to give you a vision of what humanity is at the moment. In a dark room with a door open with the light, a better future - but nobody is prepared to step through that door. If you’ve got five pounds ( using money deliberately), you’ve got five pounds and you’ll think I’ve got five pounds. If I step through that door I might lose my five pounds. I’ve got this. I don’t want to lose it. Fear prevents people from stepping forward. Unless we spell out what is on the other side of the door why should people step forward? Why are people prepared to accept the fact that they are treated as slaves and yet they still stay this side of the door? The elite know this and as long as people behave in this way the elite won’t necessarily change.

(slide—pic of woman in dimmed room looking through the open door)

So, we stand and we look and we ponder - but this is a system we are up against, something that was created before Babylonian times. We can’t just create a new future. You can’t just do it physically. That’s what we’re talking about.

(slide—pic of cutout entity stepping partway through the door)

What’s got to happen is that we’ve got to go and open the door, come back to the human race and say, it’s all right. We’ve done this change. It worked. Now follow through. You see the joke about sheep and the sheepdog.

(slide—Why? Why are our communities so powerless to challenge and bring change? So many see themselves as individuals • History of Control • No alternative, established media vision & values)

Right, why are our communities powerless to challenge and bring change? Can you just tell me why are we powerless to change the system?

AM: Fear.

SP: Fear. The reality is we’re not powerless but from a physical standpoint we are constrained. Fear - for most people, you have money in the bank. Maybe you have children that go to school. Maybe you have other responsibilities and you know that the system requires you to behave in a set way. If you don’t do that, how are you going to be paid? If you change your lifestyle, you know, not everyone can live on the top of a mountain. Not everybody can have solar panels and wind energy and be off grid. That’s not reality at the moment. The truth is that millions and millions of people are enmeshed into a controlled system. Think about the film The Matrix. What the Polish family did there when they made that film was to actually show a real astonishing understanding of the situation. What was that - twelve years ago, something like that.

So many people see themselves as individuals and not part of a community. You know, X makes ten thousand pounds a year and I’m talking about money deliberately, ten thousand pounds a year. Y makes twenty thousand pounds a year. Z makes thirty thousand pounds a year. Because of the way the system is those individuals have already categorized themselves into worth. I’m worth more than he is or more than she is. When you go for a job they don’t really ask you what your job description was. The bottom line is how much does the company that you used to work for think you were worth, how much did you get paid, because if you were getting twenty thousand and you’ve gone for a job that’s twenty-eight thousand they’ll say that’s too big a jump. You should be going for a job for about twenty-two thousand, too big expectations. That happens a lot. So if you see yourself as an individual you don’t forge links, you don’t form communities, you don’t actually have empathy. You do what Margaret Thatcher set out to get people to do, which is to make every man and woman an island and to make you isolated so you are easier to pick off. So you couldn’t share ideas. We are individuals. I’m sure no spiritual person asking anyone to lose their individuality, but to appreciate that whilst we maintain our individuality we should realize that we are part of a greater group. You know, nobody here abuses children. We’ve all got that in common. Nobody here wants to see the evil that’s perpetrated. We’ve all got that in common. So there are starting points. When you actually sit down with somebody, that’s why I created Connecting Consciousness. You find that most of the values that you hold, the vast majority have it, but they are fearful of actually standing up and saying, I object to the system I’ve been given. I want something new.

The History of Control.

You said it in a pre-meeting to this - that the bad guys have had thousands of years to practice this. You know we have this lifetime, but these evil people have it all written down. They have it recorded, and they have the system. So the way we are being treated is exactly the same as people were treated in cities a thousand years ago, except the technologies have advanced. The elite now use an electronic torture rather than the physical torture. So it’s become more subtle and more covert.

(slide—Why? Why are our communities so powerless to challenge and bring change? So many see themselves as individuals, history of control, no alternative – established media vision and values)

So, unless we push forward alternatives, and unless we get the message out, the established media will continue to dominate - not because people actually believe it, but because they are frightened through fear, to leave the paradigm that they have borne and grown up with, and embrace something that they don’t see as physical.

(slide—pic of 3 monkeys labeled, Fox News, NBC, CNN news)

Visions and values:

It’s a joke, but it’s true. If you were controlling the planet you would make sure that the major news broadcasters were totally under your control.

(slide—pic of Star with Walt Disney inscribed on it)

Who have they just bought out?

AM: [multiple inaudible responses]

SP: That’s right. They didn’t get the news, because Mr. Murdoch wanted to keep that. How much did they pay for it?

AM: [more multiple inaudible responses]

SP: How much? $52.4 billion. Why oh why - is somebody who collects trolleys at a supermarkets, get a pittance, when we’re talking billions. If the man and woman didn’t collect the trolleys we’d soon have something to say. If the trolleys were all laid out across the road so you couldn’t get your car in - or they were all down at that end, the difficulty is that the system is only rewarding money creation. You’re right they didn’t buy out Rupert Murdoch’s news - he actually [sold] [-1:06.50?] that into the deal. He wanted to maintain that because he wants to create a media group around that.

(slide—pic of frenzied rock-type concert complete with hypnotic light show)

SP: Best way to program young people is to take them away from their reality. Give them another reality where they think they are escaping. That’s what that’s all about - and making money. So the promoters believe it’s all about making money. The real elite know - it’s taking people who could have - in the flower power revolution - overthrown the government. If it hadn’t been for the CIA working very closely for the president back then, people like Richard Nixon - who were involved in that - we could have actually broken free. So they learned one big thing about young people. You’ve got to control them and young people don’t get anything done if you order them to do it. So they come in through music. It’s not widely known that something like 35 to 40 percent of everything, everything made in the United States of America is made where?

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Prison. Between 30 and 40 percent of everything manufactured in the United States for the internal market is created in prisons. That’s why gang culture was pushed by the elite. Black people see gold chains. The white man wasn’t giving them any money so now they can go and sell drugs. They can go and do this. The drugs they’re selling [are] not being authorized by government. So therefore government will come down on them, because there [are] no cuts to government. That’s why they want these young black men in the penitentiaries. It’s slave labor. You know, hey - the cotton pickers were set free weren’t they? So what does the greatest country in the world do? It needs new slaves. We can’t call ’em that. It’s not right anymore. We still want the black people to be slaves, but I know what we’ll do. We’ll pay them a little bit of pocket money - but they’re not coming in. How do we get them in? I know we’ll use media. Get them involved in drugs. Get them fighting - and we’ll get them and we’ll arrest them. That’s the reality.

(slide—pic of HOLLYWOOD sign with Trump peeking over the mountain looking at it)

SP: I like this one because - believe it or not - whatever you might think of Donald Trump - and I’m sure he’s a difficult person, and he has said things which we don’t believe in - in terms of his relationships, and how he should be. The reality was that he was a maverick and is a maverick, and that means unlike everyone else - except JF Kennedy, he couldn’t be controlled. That’s why I support him - because as a billionaire, as a maverick, he cannot be controlled. That’s why in this country, the media turn on Jeremy Corbyn because he cannot be controlled. If he was controllable, they would treat him like they would Tony Blair. The media wanted a Labor government with Tony Blair. Think back, those of you who can - the night of Tony Blair’s election victory. He left [the name of some field] field, his constituency where the count was - and walked out to the cars. There were cameras placed in all of the corners of the ceiling to catch his wonderful walk through. It was all organized. The day that he walked into parliament, I beg your pardon, 10 Downing Street - all of the crowds were organized and the cameras were placed. It was all a done deal. It had to be, because if you were going to attack certain countries you couldn’t have Jeremy Corbyn because he wouldn’t have sanctioned it. So it’s not about politics; it’s about individuals and that’s what I want to get back to.

(slide—pic YouTube sad face telling you they have decided to take down the video you want to watch)

I did a YouTube presentation. I can’t remember, it was in Blackpool or Liverpool - some five years ago. I tend to do these things and then [when] I have done it and I move on from it because I don’t, the energy has been given to it and I’ll go to the next task. Some three years late,r the organizer here - from there - phoned me and said do you realize there are 750,000 hits and it’s the greatest we’ve ever had and we’ve looked back and we’ve never seen anyone from the alternative media pull in this number of hits. Then he rang me later and said it has reached 850,000 hits. He said it will make the million in about three months. You know what they did? They knocked it back to zero. They knocked it back to zero. This is what you often get. David Icke had this problem, several problems.

This video is not acceptable in your country and I’m going to give you, I a secret. It’s not meant excitingly. It’s meant to tell you what’s going on. When I work with people who have the most challenging histories - MKUltra, any of the very difficult mind-control programs. I use a video as part of my deprogramming, a video made by a person who himself had been through that. It’s regular, it’s on YouTube and this gentleman still has a ban {band?] going, and we’re talking, this video was made in the early ’80s. I’m not going to give anything away.

During the Obama’s presidency - and I use this video regularly for my deprogramming, during Obama’s presidency - nearly half of the United States banned this video. Each state has the control of the internet coming into it. Nearly half of all the American states banned it. Yet this guy is mainstream, regular, still going. With the change to Trump they’re not banned anymore. That will tell you something. Now anyone in California or Ohio can actually go when I say I want you to watch this video and we’re going to work on it. Now they can get it.

(slide—pic of early television screen with rabbit ears and caption Real Eyes Realize Real Lies)

So when Logie Baird and others reinvented vision and audio through a screen, they had no idea how it would be used. Of course, you know, if you have been to theater and suddenly the television arrived in the ’50s properly, you just took to it. That’s how so many people are programmed. I don’t need to go on. You know all about that.

(slide—What is the Greatest Controller of Communities?)

SP: Okay, what is the greatest controller of communities?

AM: Council.

SP: Council, yeah one. Come one, come on, come up. You got it right, come on, come up. Come up, yes I’ve got a present for you. Come on, I’m not going to come down to you. The question was what is the greatest controller of all communities?

(slide—pic of cute pink piggy bank with coins scattered about)

SP: It’s that. This is a present. Normally those of you who know me, I give loads of presents away. I’m in the process of moving house. This is [1:14:03][?aphthitalite]. It’s a mineral. I hope you like to have that.

AM: My goodness, thank you so much.

SP: God bless. The reason I chose to give the present on that is because this is our problem. When money was created it had a Satanic value placed upon it. Now you’ll get that, but most people won’t. If I want to control city states and an emerging empire, I’ll need something that holds you to you to you to you to you to you, but I can’t be everywhere. I’ve not got enough policemen. I haven’t got enough soldiers. So what do I do that keeps you from causing problems? I tie you into a system. If I’m very clever, I tie that money system into me so you become my slaves. That’s the reality of it. I’ll talk more about that.

(slide—pic of wad of 100 dollar bills)

Unfortunately, particularly in America, that is everybody’s dream, and even people who don’t have that, that’s what they dream about. This is the problem. We’ll talk about that as well. Let’s just get a shot of that.

(slide—pic of 100 bills banded together with word “SUCCESS”)

So that is what success is measured. That’s how they measure success. You go for a job. You go for a job on 25,000 and you were earning 15,000, they’ll laugh at you. You can’t do the job. You’ve not proved yourself. You’re not worth it. You go for a job and you’re 2,000 less, well that’s all right. So they’re not looking at transferable skills. They’re just looking at what did the previous employer think you were worth. So as soon as we start valuing somebody by that - we are completely switching off from whether they are good people, bad people, kind, compassionate, loving, caring, what their life skills are, what their history is. We’re not as a system because we’re only interested in that, and I’ve done it on my radio show. I came out of a sweet shop and there was a three-year-old child, this was in Whitby, and she was crying with her dad and I thought she was saying mommy, mommy, mommy I want mommy, which makes perfect sense, but as she walked past me she was saying money, money, money, I want money because she wanted to buy sweets and at three years old she already knew that if I give these little coins over to this man he will give me these lovely sweets. That’s programming. That’s programming. That’s not MKUltra programming -that’s the wider softer programming of the system. Let’s get rid of that. So this is particularly evil, you’re about to see just a gift that was put on for fun, but if you remember that money is Satanic, you’ll actually find that very horrible.

(slide—pic of guy lying on piles of wrapped money making the image of a snow angel but with money)

And that is seen as what makes you happy, and yet we are told aren’t we that money doesn’t buy you love. It doesn’t buy you love - but if you think that material wealth is greater than love that’s what you do because you obviously don’t think love is important. Let’s get rid of that.

(slide—pic of money and guy using hand signals with caption The Rules of Money)

Talked about the Satanic control. I don’t know who this gentleman is. He might be really powerful. He might be really powerful. He looks probably Turkish or Iranian. He might be a really powerful person so I better be careful what I say. So what I will say to him is if he came to me I would offer to take the demon out of him, because he has a demonic influence. That’s there. I can see that. That’s what I do. However in America the hand sign he is giving can sometimes be used as that’s brilliant, that’s okay. In this country it’s not a very nice hand sign but in America that hand sign doesn’t mean that. It can mean really good. But also it means 666. I’m sure you’re familiar with that you’ve seen from my presentations so we could say that that’s just a chance, and yet, I know it’s a long way off.

(slide—pic of another guy giving a speech using same hand sign)

Now I don’t believe that this guy is inherently evil, but the power and the spell that is attached to money is of Satanic value. When you come into contact with money it can actually have a corrupting effect on you. That was the whole point of it. So it’s very hard to take bad money and make it good. Clean money it’s called. So it’s not that everybody who has money is evil. It’s that it has this evil, it’s like a magnet.

(slide—pic of ball of dollars in shape of gernade with a lit fuse)

We all know that the petro dollar is doomed. It’s finished and it’s a time bomb waiting to explode. The question is what will the United States of America put in place before that collapse of that dollar?

(slide—pic of bitcoins)

Bitcoin will probably reach its zenith in March 2018. It’s not worth investing in, but there are plenty of other crypto-currencies that are worth investing in if you wanted to do that. Remember that the National Security Agency created bitcoin and it holds all the codes to bitcoin. The Americans call it a drawdown. So at any moment the National Security Agency (NSA) can drawdown every bitcoin. They can steal everyone’s money. The other accounts to my knowledge don’t have that connection.

(slide—pic group interviewing a potential job seeker)

The other way of controlling is as you go through college, is a job. You have to conform. You have to say the right things. You have to do the right things because these people have the power to affect your career, your ability to make money. That’s what it’s all about, the ability to make money.

(slide—Marks and Spencer • New Technologies • Gifted Musicians? • Gifted sports people? • Why are so many people Self Employed?)[1:20:02

Think about Marks and Spencer. Marks started I don’t know 1880, 1890. He started selling vegetables and fruit from a barrel in 1880. In 1890 he met Spencer and they worked together. It wasn’t until just before the First World War they got their first shop. So here were two people with just a few pounds who created an empire. Could you do that today? Well possibly through new technologies. You are actually right you couldn’t do it today. You can’t do it today because - we will come on to that, but new technologies you wouldn’t be maybe selling fruit and vegetables on a barrel - but you might - Mr. Dyson. As you have seen it took him thousands of applications to get his machine working. So if you are not part of the system, they will either stop you or make life very difficult for you. Gifted musicians, how many people do we know who are truly gifted but never get that lucky break? Wonder why that is? Sports people. How many gifted people are there who are really good sports men and women, but they don’t seem to get picked. Why are so many people self-employed? - Because they are trying to get out of the system. That is positive. It’s actually an expression that they’re sick and tired of somebody standing over them with a clipboard telling them what to do because that’s more of the same that we are actually in at the moment. There are more people self-employed in Great Britain than in any of our history. I can’t remember how many millions but it’s the largest number. It’s not because there aren’t appropriate jobs. There are fewer jobs; it’s because people are sick and tired of being pushed around and they are trying to work for themselves. And also, they are sick of the way that the tax system operates. Okay, so I want you to think about, that’s why it’s wobbling, think about the gifted musicians and the gifted sports people.

(slide—pic of video of Beyoncé and two oddly posed dancers )

This is a real video. Why in God’s name would you do that? This is Beyoncé. Why would you do that? Well, because someone’s got in your head and told you, you do it. So what’s happening in the music industry is that people are being identified, put into the Mickey Mouse Club at the age of three, four, or five, mind controlled and then brought up to make lots and lots of money for the system. So they will go out and they will perform and they’ll perform and they’ll perform. Then as they begin to, the body begins to give out - they give them drugs to keep them going to give them that high, keep making this money. Unfortunately the Mickey Mouse hairdo is quite popular but that’s all part of the mind control. This one here has got the Mickey Mouse hairdo. Right, let’s… at the end please.

(slide—Mind Direction • This is what “you” should aspire to • This is how “we” measure success, so it’s how you should • Here are “some” successful people • This is “what” successful people do • You can be like them.)

It’s just that we’re late starting and I don’t want to run to it. So what the system does is it says, this is what you should aspire to. This is how we measure success, so it’s how you should. Here are some successful people. This is what successful people do. You can be like them. It’s not just the American Dream. That’s a control system. It was Napoleon Bonaparte who when asked whether the English would ever revolt against their government said no, they won’t because they are a nation of shopkeepers. What he actually meant was there was this middle tier that was neither in the bottom nor in the top and because it was a tripartite group, the poor, the middle, and the rich, each side was looking down at the other. Whereas you had places where there was revolution there was just the poor and the rich. So Napoleon was right. That’s all been created in this country. The Americans even call people middle class who are not middle class, because they are trying to get that middle bracket. How much time we got left before the break? Somebody, ten minutes, five minutes? Don’t know, okay, all right.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: All right well, I’m more worried about you guys. Okay, so, what you should aspire to, how we measure success. Here are role models for you to copy and this is what successful people do, and you can be like them. What a trap! Isn’t that clever? They’re not saying if you don’t do this we’ll shoot you. What it is saying is look at all the riches down the end of that road. If you go down that road you’ll find all the riches. Don’t stay here with these people. It doesn’t matter that you’re poor. You can be rich. That was what the national lottery was all about. Keep on feeding the demon.

(slide—pic of diamond ring)

So apart from being a best friend to certain groups, this is a sign of wealth.

(slide—pic of Armani T-shirt advertising Armani Jeans)

I wasn’t going to use Hugo Boss, so I’ve gone for any label. I’m not advertising it or recommending it. This is what people will aspire to, a brand labeled item. And this is what they aspire to.

(slide—pic of cheaper brand T-shirts)

Do they aspire to that (Armani), but in reality that’s what they wear.

(slide—pic of designer jeans)

Do they aspire to two hundred and twenty pounds worth of jeans? - but what they can only afford is fifteen pound jeans from High Street Supermarket.

(slide—pic of designer car)

Do they aspire to a spider - when really their dreams just fade away and they drive that.

(slide—pic of small economical compact car)

(slide—pic diamond-studded Rolex watch)

Do they aspire to a diamond-studded Rolex watch because a sportsman, a footballer is wearing it, or tennis player wearing it, but really the dreams fade - and they wear a Timex?

(slide—pic Timex watch)

Do they dream of winning the national lottery and they dream of a house like that?

(slide—pic of very expensive posh real estate with sprawling castle-type house on extensive grounds with pool)

But they really live like that?

(slide—pic of two-story row dwellings)

Do people dream of living like that - when in actual fact they live like that?

(slide—pic high-rise apartment complex)

And we know what happens to people who have no voice and no way of influencing who live in such buildings…

(slide—pic of fire-damaged Grenfell Towers)

That! We have a break now please.

During the interval some people came up to me and said they were bored, that they knew it all and that would I talk about aliens. If we think back to what Sacha said, this was really about empowerment. I did say to you earlier that David Icke - when he talked about the situation in government - he got a lot of support. When he talked about the Queen being a Reptilian, he lost half of his support. And I then tryed to explain to everybody that I recognize that you have paid the fee. You have come here and I also said to you that you were the awake ones, - but why would I just preach the same old thing in that sense to the people who already know it? I have to reach out to the wider audience. If we marched on Parliament there wouldn’t be enough of us. There wouldn’t be enough of us. The whole object is to try to reach out. I will talk about aliens. I will talk about dimensions. I will talk about some ways that we can crack the system, but I hope that you, most of you, understand - that whilst you may know this, it is being put in an energy format that is designed to counter Satanic energy. If you were to ask anybody what my main attribute was - (I am giving secrets away now) they would say your voice, the energy that I create, is designed to counter poise the Satanic energy. I talked about how money has a Satanic spell, so many things have. Those of us who are on the planet to do good have to do it in the way that he or she thinks is best - and if some of you were bored with this, I’m very sorry.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Thank you. So the lovely Greek holiday island was there and that’s where we might like to go. The reality is that maybe we aspire to that.

(slide—pic Greek island beach with beachgoers)

We laugh, but there are people who work in shops on national minimum wage and I know because I’ve met them, I’ve talked to them. Their whole year is aimed at their two weeks in [1:29:48][Ah bee tha], that is their life, to get pissed and to have two weeks holiday. For the Americans that means getting drunk, because I know that they will think that means getting angry, so just remember that people in other countries interpret our words differently. So their object is to get drunk and have a holiday. What is that about? That’s not what humanity is here for, to be so enslaved that you look forward eleven months of the year to the holiday that you just basically were able to scrape the money together and go for. Why are people content with it? Well, they’re not content with it, but that’s all they think they’ve got so after all it’s just one big confidence trick.

(slide—It is after all just one great big Con)

Everything, unfortunately, is one great big confidence trick. What isn’t - is the love that you and your family have, that you and your friends have for each other. That is not a confidence trick. That is something that they cannot break. Hold on to it.

(slide—pic of family holding hands on beach and wading into the water)

Even that is programming. If I want to sell suntan lotion, if I want to sell bikinis, if I want to sell a holiday, I’ll show the accepted format: man, woman, two children. When you see two men on a holiday brochure holding hands, running into the sea or two women, this is all part of the control system. I’m not saying this is wrong, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is these are used as icons to control in a very subtle way.

(slide—Class was an issue in Britain, has it gone away?)

Class was an issue in Britain. Has it gone away? Has class gone away?

AM: No. No it’s not [inaudible]

(slide—pic of three men: tall, medium, short, all dressed differently)

SP: That’s actually right. How many can remember that? For those who don’t know -and there will be lots of young people who don’t know it - although they may know John Cleese, especially in Eastern Europe. John Cleese is a big, big guy in Eastern Europe -would you believe? So the point here is that the guy at the top with the bowler hat and the umbrella says he looks down on the guy in the middle and the guy in the middle says he looks up. In other words he’s aspiring to be the man with the bowler hat and then he can look down at the guy who’s the manual worker and he feels good about himself because he’s in the middle. The guy at the bottom feels really bad about himself and he’s looking up and he wants to aspire. Maybe he’ll win the national lottery eh. With what he should say is - I got up this morning, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was a beautiful day and my daughter phoned me from Australia. She was really happy. I don’t care about these other people. I am happy inside. I am NOT going to judge people, you know, you should be able to go to work in a bin bag for God’s sake. [You] can’t, not yet.

(slide—pic man in tailored suit with carnation)

Alright why do people wear suits for weddings, funerals, and to go to court? Who can answer me that?

AM: [1:33:04][inaudible].

SP: Why do men wear…

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Yes, a bit more.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Yes, all right why would you wear something like that to go to court? Because you’ve been called up, you’ve been dunned for, something?

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Thank you, to make a good impression. Why does wearing a suit make a good impression?

AM: Respectability.

SP: Respectability, why?

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Yes. Programming isn’t it. That’s authority. The suit is authority. Do you remember a guy doing the angel in the pile of money? He had a suit and a tie on didn’t he? We wouldn’t show someone with an open collar shirt doing that because they can’t get that sort of money. You’ve got to be part of the system. So, why would somebody who normally wears a T-shirt and jeans, who then goes to court and the brief says to him, you know, you’ve got to go impress the judge. You’ve got to put a suit on. Why? Getting married, got to put a suit on, carnation, why? This is the control system and yet people just do it and those of you who say, yeah I know this. What are you doing to change it? Hang on at the end please. I’m wearing the suit to make the point. That’s why the pictures up there, right.

(slide—UK government names and shames 359 employers • pic manual work in red boiler suit and a caterer • how to make sure you’re not next…)

So this is a government program that’s been running and we’ve got your traditional manual worker there and his red boiler suit and his broom and someone who looks like a dental nurse, but actually appears to be in catering - and it’s talking about national minimum wage.

(slide—pic with captions Are you 25 or over? • Are you under 25? • Is your employer paying you properly? • You should be getting the National Living Wage • Check out our FAQs for more info)

And then on the left-hand side we’ve got a nursery assistant, got the apron so that she doesn’t get sand and water splashed over her playing with the kids, if kids are still allowed to play anymore. She’s got a load of toys just to show you that she’s a nursery assistant, and then we’ve got someone younger who is a hairdresser. Then on the right-hand side we’ve got a nurse. All of these people are expected to earn low wages. Why? Tell me why are these people expected to earn low wages?

AM: Because they are serving.

SP: Because they are serving, yes - but somebody in a bank, the assistant branch manager or the banker, he might serve somebody.

AM: [1:35:36][inaudible].

SP: Correct, correct. None of these make money for the elite. Their children don’t go to a state school. Their sick grandmother doesn’t go to an NHS hospital. They don’t want him looking after their elite grandmother so they don’t care what he gets paid because he doesn’t serve them. The hairdresser, they’re not interested. They don’t go there. They have someone come over from France probably do their hair and go back again. The person on the left, we’re not having somebody like that looking after our children. We have the best au pairs - privately schooled. So the reason that these people earn national minimum wage is because they are not serving the elite and they do not make money and so it’s okay for them not to be paid for the job they do properly.

(slide—bar graph showing wealth of various countries)

And yet, the United Kingdom is the fifth richest country on the planet, the fifth richest, and yet you walk out there into any town or city it doesn’t feel like the fifth richest planet. You’ve got the financial institutions, the banks, you’ve got those places that are clearly designed for the wealthy and then you’ve got the tumbledown shops and you’ve got poor healthcare. The individuals in those organizations do their best but the structure is collapsing. You have an under resourced police force, under resourced military and I will say that - under resourced everything and anything. If you have a four million pound mansion in Surrey it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to walk down the street. They don’t have to rub shoulders with us, so we need to change toward a fairer society, that’s what we need.

(slide—Change toward a fairer society • The system geared to meet the needs of the communities – NOT the other way)

So, we need a system that is actually geared to meet the needs of the communities of the individuals, not the other way around. So whenever you phone a call center, whether it’s to pay a bill or to reorganize your mobile phone, you cell phone, whatever it is. The way you’re treated is almost as if you don’t matter. You are there to serve the corporate. Now you one day turn around to them and say do you mind if I record this? You are recording it for training and research purposes. No it’s not. They’re recording it, they can take you to court if you say something that’s why they record it. So you say to them do you mind if I record you. You can’t record us because you’re an individual. That’s what they’ve said to me; we are an organization; we’re a company. So what’s happened over the years, particularly the last thirty years, is individuals have been pushed down slowly and cleverly into a system that survives only because it feeds on us.

There was a DVD which you can get about the Lion from Harrods. Has anybody seen the Lion from Harrods? It’s worth it. It’s out on YouTube. It went viral seven or eight years ago. The reason I want you to watch that is simply - there was some real footage taken on an old eight-millimeter cine camera in 1968 - and these guys - it was perfectly legal to go to Harrods and buy a lion. That’s what they did. They went in and they bought a lion and they stopped a black cab. This isn’t made up. Nobody was planned on it. They get in the back of a black cab with a lion. As they’re filming they’re going down the Bayswater Road and there’s a woman, very trendy, in a ’60s club walking a cheetah down the road on a lead. What I’m saying to you is - look how the laws have changed and constrained the human race in this country in the last forty years. In 1975 there was no speed limit on the motorway. Now, you might say - well it saved lives. My point is that we’ve gone from being a very free country to a very controlled country and the children born today know no different. To them freedom is the internet. They’re not understanding there’s a physical need here. Oh, I can do this. I can do that - but it isn’t quite is it? - Because they’ve just passed a bill to start making people pay for their internet. So there are lots of young people now who are not happy about that.

(slide—What could bring about this change?)

Okay, what could bring about a change that makes not you, because you know - but those people who are in this system maybe they love it maybe they don’t. Maybe they feel trapped. What needs to happen to make them change?

AM: [1:40:21][inaudible]

SP: That’s good. That’s good - if we know that the human race is reached the point where it’s resilient enough so that you couldn’t do a 911 now - absolutely not. Nobody would buy a 911, but that’s a good point. What else might have to happen to make people say I’m not doing this anymore?

AM: Noncompliance.

SP: Noncompliance, yeah, but what? How? What would happen to make people say I’m not doing this anymore?

AM: [two inaudible responses]

SP: Two people there, sorry. It’s right but I want to hear the other gentleman as well.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Yes, if that can be got out to people and it’s not given that face that says this is not available to you. Yes, if it can be got out to the public, but we know very well that as soon as that happens they have a plan to close the system down. When the bombs went off some years ago in London and that particular bus was blown up do you know that the police turned off the whole mobile cell phone network in London like that, the lot, no calls, nothing. They have the capability to take the system down whenever they want. Money is the answer. From a physical standpoint because it’s what we were all imprisoned into.

(slide—pic of man at ATM machine with caption what could bring about this change?)

When the day comes when you put the piece of plastic into that machine and it didn’t give you anything out, not only is it like, oh what will I do? That’s the first result. The second result is why? Why didn’t anybody tell me this was happening? From that the dominos start. That is the easiest way to change people on the planet and that is why the elite are working overtime to prevent a financial meltdown - because a financial meltdown is a complete loss of their power. That’s a physical possibility.

(slide—pic of State Opening of Parliament)

State Opening of Parliament. Who can tell me the very first bill or act that every State Opening of Parliament does? Okay, so those of you who have heard it all before didn’t answer me. The reality is every time Parliament opens there is one bill they have to reenact. It’s income tax because it’s illegal. Income tax was brought out to fight a war. It was never enshrined in Parliament so all of these people that we elect to Parliament go there and just vote through another four years of tax. Now, if they said no we’re not doing it, there would be no tax. That’s what Sacha Stone was trying to get across here that the bureaucracies operate on a tax system. If this group here with me went to a supermarket and we stood and said we want you to give anybody who is sixty-five years or older 10 percent discount on a Thursday, they’d laugh at us, but if we said we’re not moving. We’re going to block. You call the police; we’ll call the media. Two to three days [later] there would be a meeting and we’d get what we want because we would have acted as a group. Those members of Parliament could act as a group, but the proof of the pudding is they’re not there to represent our wishes. They’re there to perpetuate the system and don’t blame them individually. They joined a political party and that party says we can’t bring the system down, we’re part of it. We want power so the opposition says we want power and if we bring the system down we won’t have power. So this is the difficulty, so let’s not pay any tax.

(slide—Let’s not pay any tax. Could that work?)

Could that work? Could it work do you think if we all said no we won’t pay tax? Could it work? Could it work?

(slide—pic of protestor with sign: Break the Tory Poll Tax)

Did it work? Did that work? How did it work? You still, you don’t pay tax then you don’t pay council tax.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Right, right what they wanted to do is what Margaret Thatcher wanted to do is move tax away from property to an individual. In the old days that was called a poll tax. She thought she was God Almighty and she could do it. She didn’t. What happened? It wasn’t just black people that were demonstrating. It was white people, middle class people, upper middle class, everybody. Of course upper middle class people didn’t go and throw bricks and bottles, they wrote letters to The Times. But the reality was that there was a huge outpouring. It cost the Prime Minister her job, but it didn’t change the system. They went back to what they had. These people thought they’d won. They’re still paying tax. They’re still paying tax and it’s violence. When we use violence the system knows how to respond to it. What the system doesn’t know how to respond to is peaceful demonstrations. Policemen, mostly men, don’t really like having to break up peaceful demonstrations. Watch YouTube videos of demonstrations where petrol bombs, bricks, and bottles are being thrown. Look at the police response. Then look at a load of people sitting down blocking a road, folding their arms and look at the faces of the police officers having to pull these people off. They don’t like it because there’s no aggression shown to them.

(slide—pic of peasants revolting with sharp weapons)

So, this one is a peasant’s revolt. That didn’t go so well did it?

(slide—pic of Civil War fighting)

Civil war, chopped off a king’s head, didn’t go so well. We’ve got the monarchy back again. What went wrong there?

(slide—pic of The Tolpuddle Martyrs)

It didn’t go so well for the Tolpuddle Martyrs, went off to Australia.

(slide—pic of Peterloo Massacre)

Peterloo Massacre, where the military was unleashed on the poor. This is true. Why did they do it? Because they were part of a system. They were well paid and they wanted to carry on being soldiers and they actually went in with cutlasses and cut people up and that’s in this country. That’s in this country. Don’t teach that now do they?

(slide—pic of French Revolution participants )

Okay, let’s look at some controlled revolutions. The French Revolution organized and controlled. That didn’t go so well. Ooh, but we’ve got a president. [We] got rid of the royalty. Okay all the chateaus and the rich palaces were stormed and all the top men had their heads chopped off. Everyone else went to Germany or to Britain. So what did the French who took over do? Run out of money. It’s all about money. We need to sell these properties, all these fantastic huge houses who can we sell them to? Oh, I know the people who used to live there. They’ve got money, and that’s exactly what happened. They sold all of those properties back to the families, who then came back to France. Nothing changed because money was the controlling element. Game of Thrones, lovely program, the iron bank, everything is about money, can’t fight a war without money.

(slide—pic of Russian Revolution)

Another one, interesting one this, that’s the Russian Revolution. That did have some change but that was all organized, brought in Stalin, Lenin, et cetera. They didn’t count on Putin when they created this.

(slide—Divide and rule)

(slide—pic of Ballot Box)

Divide and rule: that is not democracy. That is not democracy, no way is that democracy.

(slide—pic of Labour – Conservative logos)

What I’m saying here is not that the Labor Party and the Conservative party are the same. They’re not. They’re very different - but the organization that exists above them doesn’t care which of those two forms the government. If you did a survey with British people they would say [doesn’t] matter which government. That’s how people feel. It’s accurate because do you really think that you would put a political party into power unless you controlled it? That’s why they don’t like Corbyn, because they cannot control Corbyn and that’s why the media are attacking Corbyn all the time because he cannot be controlled.

(slide—pic of various coat of arms?)

Don’t worry it’s not an attack on football clubs. In the days of the ancient Roman Empire they had chariot races, the greens and the blues and you had colors and people were murdered. We don’t have that so much now thank goodness, but we have this very tribal, it’s divide and conquer. You support Liverpool. You support Arsal, you’re different. No I’m a human. I belong to the human race, no, no, no, you’ve got this red T-shirt on. You’re not like me, very clever.

(slide—How the Cash Rolls in for the Famous Five)

Now I’m gonna read some of this out. I’m sorry I am gonna read some of it out - because it’s important. It’s a shock. This is old. This isn’t new. Okay, Wayne Rooney - that’s why I don’t go to football matches and this was a few years old, earned a 110,000 pounds a week. Remember my picture of my nursery nurse on minimum wage looking after children. Wayne Rooney, I don’t have a problem with any of these characters earning this money, I’m just trying to show you the unfairness of society. 110,000 pounds a week, plus he got 1.5 million a year image rights using him for selling things, one million a year from Nike, 3.5 million book deal, 600,000 four-year deal with Coca Cola and 200,000 a year from a computer games firm, has a 4.5 million Cheshire Mansion, 120,000 pound Bentley, 160,000 pound Aston Martin and a 5,000,000 Barbados villa. It’s people who put him there because they go to the football matches and they buy their season tickets, but these are just people who are being used. Good luck to them. They’re doing really well,. but they are part of the system. Thousands and thousands and thousands of men, very few women, there are, but mostly men, pay huge amounts of money and it creates this. Also it’s these people create it.

(slide—Sky Sports box office)

You could be the top man in a football club and you could win a FA Cup, so you’re the champion football team of Britain but you didn’t get into the European finals. That happened didn’t it three years ago and he lost his job. The man who actually took the football club to become the top team in Britain and get the FA cup got sacked because he didn’t get into the European cup. If he had gotten into European he would have had these people and the money, the rights are incredible. It is not about sports; it’s about money. We’ve got a nursery nurse on national minimum wage. Nurses on low pay. School teachers, firemen, women, hospital staff, and yet we’ve got someone who kicks a bladder around a field for ninety minutes earning more money in one day than these people earn in a year. How is that fair? The point here is not to rail against them, but it is to say but humanity put them there by going and being part of the system because we’re aspiring to it, part of this tribe. Okay, let’s list the organizations. You’ve already listed some of the organizations for me.

(slide—pic of British Parliament Building)

That is a key place. It’s a really key place.

(slide—pic inside Bundestag German Parliament)

This is actually in Germany. It is less confrontational. I took the picture because they are purple and I like the color purple. It’s less confrontational. Think about the British, one side, the other side. You have already decided how you want people. You don’t want to agree on anything. At least here it’s a little bit more, okay - where’s the government and where’s the opposition? It’s not quite clear so that’s… you can create things. You can change things.

(slide—Truth and reconciliation – pic of Mandela/Tutu “Only the truth can put the past to rest”—South African President Nelson Mandela • No Future Without Forgiveness—Desmond Tutu)

Truth and Reconciliation:

We talked about child abuse. The only way to bring change on this planet is either through an economic collapse, through the elite doing something horrendous that backfires on them, through the ordinary people at the moment who are just happy doing what they are doing – rebelling - in the sense that they no longer accept it. They don’t know the truth and somebody here said it quite right. If we get the truth and back it up with concrete evidence, the shock would be awful.

When we talk about Jimmy Savile, when we talk about these individuals, we see them as individuals. What the public at large don’t understand is that it is a massive network. Look, if I have spoken to people I know, if you were involved in providing Satanic organizations with children, do you think you would put them on a fishing boat and try and sneak them in - because that’s the vision that people have. No you wouldn’t. You would use a major airline. You’d use an upfront organization that knew perfectly well what was going on. Those of you who know the situation know that there are tunnels underneath Walt Disney. What an excellent place where children go. So what I’m saying to you is that it isn’t the individual acts which will turn people’s stomach over time. It is the fact that it is an organized web that goes throughout the whole of the system.

The only way to win you know is to say to people if you can testify and this is what Nelson Mandela did, if you can testify, and tell us what other names are in the frame, what happened and you truly, truly seek forgiveness, there is a way out of this. If you don’t do that, if you say well I’m going to chop everyone’s head off who’s done this, you end up with an Iraq situation. When the Americans went into Iraq, every soldier, they said you are no longer the army. We don’t want you. And then you took an Iraqi army of 100,000 and they all became looters and robbers because they weren’t reeducated. So the only way in this system is to reeducate people and the way they did it in Nazi Germany wasn’t very clever. That was political.

(slide—So where is change likely to come from?)

(slide—Who Abolished slavery in Britain?)

Okay, so where is change likely to come from? Who abolished slavery in Britain? William Wilberforce. William Wilberforce was a member of Parliament. Isn’t that amazing? You won’t get that now. Actually he was in a place called Hull, a really, really good place, a member of Parliament for Yorkshire.

(slide—You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know—William Wilberforce)

William Wilberforce, he said, quote, “You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.” So he was a real guy, a member for Parliament for God’s sake, who actually fought single handedly, got other members of Parliament on his side to change something like that. When’s the last time a member of Parliament did anything like that for us? Trick question, trick question.

SP: Who gave women the vote?

(slide—pic of penny – Who “gave” women the vote?)

AM: [inaudible]

SP: You know that wasn’t the answer. Right they did a fantastic campaign. They did a fantastic campaign. I’m actually fortunate enough to have three of these pennies and one day I will give one away as a present. What they did was - they looked at the head of the monarch that was reigning at that time, and then although it was, you could be in prison for six months, they put defacings of the head of the king or the queen. They stamped vote for women and they would go out into the shops, turn the coin the other way round and buy something and they would go back into circulation. It was a fantastic form of propaganda. They were having to work underground, so actually, yes - the Rothschilds had a role to play but they did it because the sea-change. Men were embarrassed, but you know when they gave the vote? Can you remember when they got the vote, anybody remember through history? If you’re a woman what do you have to have to vote?

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Can’t hear you.

AM: Property.

SP: Good, property is one. What else did you have to have to vote? Two, you have to be married, so you had to have property to vote, you had to have a husband, and you had to be over 30. So look how the system grudgingly gives away but in such a way, as it said, we’re only going to get upper middle class people voting anyway, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s Whigs or Tories. They’re going to get the same end.

(slide—pic of women with caption 1st Country to Give Women the Right Vote in 1893)

But here’s something we don’t know. New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote in 1893. So what would be worth the study is how? How did they do that?

(slide—pic two women with caption On this day in 1919, Congress passed the 19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote!)

And America followed, and we did as well in 1919, but… so who changes it? People change it and they forced the politicians into doing it - either through blackmail, blackmail in the sense that, you know, this is wrong what you’re doing, emotional blackmail or by physical action.

(slide—Who stopped child labour in U.S. and Britain?)

Who stopped child labour in the U.S. and Britain? Well it wasn’t the children. The children didn’t stop it. Children didn’t stop it so adults must have stopped it mustn’t they?

(slide—We Stand on the verge of a huge change—one that will have momentous implications—the next 5 Years will see a total shift and a return to balance)

Right. We stand on the verge, especially I didn’t know what the other guys were saying but it’s very similar to what Sacha was saying, we stand on the verge of huge change, one that will have momentous implications. The next five years will see a total shift and a return to balance. That is coming. I am positive, but I think it’s going to be one hell of a rocky road. It’s not going to be easy. I’m not part of the brigade that white waves the balloons and says oh it’s going to be lovely, yes, but we’ve got to be prepared to stay the course. We’ve got to be prepared to fight for it. It doesn’t mean guns and bullets, it means in our belief.

(slide—We call on all persons influential or not—who have good in them to stand up for common justice and not “Look Away” or stand idly by, when evil is being done to another.)

So this conference today we call on all persons influential or not—who have good in them to stand up for common justice and not “look away” or stand idly by, when evil is being done to another. So, when you see American policemen without justification hammering somebody - what do the Americans do? They take their phone out and they video it because they’re going to put it on YouTube and show everybody how bad it is. That’s a cowardly way. What you do is you put your arm around the police officer and pull them off and go to court - so what, but fear stops them. They’re already in the control system. I’m going to put it on YouTube. I’m being a warrior. I’m doing what’s right. No you’re not. You’re just doing exactly what the system wants you to do, and I’m not asking anyone to do anything they wouldn’t want to do, but I’m just showing you how the control system works.

Now I will take questions. It wasn’t really about aliens, but if you want to ask me about aliens, then I’m quite happy to do it. This was not about that. This is the close of the year. It’s about empowerment and it’s about how we do it. I created Connecting Consciousness. I’m going to the second phase now. We’re going to have a small membership fee. We’re going to actually form action groups. We’re not going to be a political party in the true sense of the word but we are going to meet with other like-minded groups and we’re going to look at certain issues that we have common ground on. I didn’t create Connecting Consciousness to be a tea-drinking, coffee-drinking group. I created them to be something that brought change. The support groups stays. They will, you know, have the support group whichever country, whichever county, but it’s now going to move to an action-based organization. Thank you.

All right - I had wanted to - my plans haven’t worked out - I had wanted to be able to pay my coordinators, and that’s still the plan. I want to actually have an organization that has paid staff. I want us to have a proper agenda that we work to. I want us to have proper meetings. I want us to be in a position to call members of parliament to our meetings and say, “ Tell us what you did. Why did you vote for that?” You know, that is something that we can do and I will do it. They will either kill me, I don’t think they will - but they’ll either try and kill me or we’re going to be successful. I honestly believe that. I don’t want violence. I want the threat of unity to be such, that these individuals who have for too long - divided, ruled, and conquered - if they’re faced with a group that speaks with one consciousness and says no we’re not going to be bought off.

You know, I’ve been a politician. I’ve been in a council. That is what we call a hung council and so you’ve got a majority of two or three. I’ll tell you now it happens. You think, well, we can’t get this vote through so we’ll call people in. You say, “Right, we need this vote. Will you vote for it?” They say, “No, I won’t.” Whatcha want? Whatcha want? Well, I want a new school built. All right we’ll do it but don’t tell anybody. That’s not the way to run anything, because it’s - you got that because you were needed at that moment. What about all the other people in the deprived area who want the school? Who’s got their voice? Nobody. That’s why the system that we have is not going to work.

We should elect people not because they have a certain colored rosette, but because they stand before communities and say – “This is what I believe in and these are what I will do.” It might simply be, I’ll put a zebra crossing where you’ve been campaigning for twenty years and then at the end of that term of office you say to them - “Did you do the zebra crossing?” “Yes, I did.” “We’ll re-elect you.” “Did you do what you said?” “No.” “We don’t want you - go.” Because that’s real accountability, not party politics, so the system has to change. It cannot - because it’s not serving us. It was never designed to serve us. It was designed to use us.

Right, let’s take some questions. Do we want the mic or not? Thank you.

AM: I would suggest that there is a way of revolting lawfully that we know about. There was a petition handed in by the House of Lords, concerning you know, joining the European Union.

SP: I can’t hear you. I’m afraid. I’m sorry I can’t hear you; neither can the audience.

AM: There’s a way, paying taxes is voluntary. You can actually not pay your taxes quite lawfully because there was a petition handed in by the House of Lords when we joined the EU. You would not obviously know about it.

SP: Yeah, go ahead.

AM: So you can object to paying your income tax and council tax, which is both voluntary payments.

SP: Yeah

AM: If you actually stand up and say no instead of being taxed, accepted that is yes you can then, you can revolt in that way.

SP: Thank you. You’re absolutely correct. I had a discussion with a chief executive. He said anybody who does that, we will not empty their wheelie bins and their rubbish will stick outside their house and that’s the way we will do it and they’ll have to take us to court. So you’re right, but the system will move in other ways to make sure that that’s very difficult. So we have to change the whole power structure. [Not] paying taxes is a way of depriving the system of its money but it will bounce back at you; it will fight back at you. You have to have a method for dealing with it. You’re accurate, but it’s just part of the solution. Hi, next one. Next question, yep.

AM: Hello Simon. My name is Justin Walker. On December the 1st we launched the New Chartist Movement and all I’m going to say is I think you and I will be 100 percent in agreement on everything and I suggest afterward we have a chat because as far as I’m concerned we are all in the same boat and we’re all trying to do the same thing. Thank you.

SP: Thank you. I think we are. Most of us are all in the same boat, not all of us, some of us are out of the boat because they are elite and they have their own Queen Elizabeth lying around the back. But most of us are in this situation. Having been a politician, having seen how it’s done, I can tell you that the vast majority of the public would be absolutely appalled and disgusted at what people do. I’m not involved in politics now because I had to decide where was my conscience and I had to leave it because I couldn’t do both, so that’s why I do what I do now and I don’t serve in the Town Hall. Yep…

AM: Simon I’d just like to thank you for the great talk. What you say really resonates with me. I’ve just moved to Totnes. I’m working as a bioresonance practitioner - that I’m moving into now. I left Tokyo. One of the greatest issues that concerns me is 5G and the smart grid. Now I follow Max Igan. I’d write this down if you’ve never heard of him. Max Igan and David Icke, you can see his whole presentation, whole twelve-hour presentation on YouTube for free. Someone videoed it two months ago, one of his most recent ones strongly recommend seeing this, David Icke Gratis Lab, David Icke Gratis Lab. He puts all this stuff together, technocracy, everything, frequencies – very, very good presentation. It helped me to understand a lot of stuff - Morgellons, the chemtrails. I lost my job in Tokyo. I was working in a school.

I went on a mass leafleting spree, giving out a thousand leaflets about smart meters. They’re putting them into lampposts as well, smart street lamps. You want to look out for these. I believe what you’re saying about making action groups. Brilliant - you know. This is what we’ve got to do. I’ve got together a number of people I want to organize a sort of… we can obviously collaborate - a nationwide push for mass leafleting around the country - files to be shared online with towns, cities, and then sub-listings of streets and those can be checked off once they’ve been leafleted. Put the really important stuff out there about the smart meters, everything, truth about cancer, all the important stuff, 5G. We get it out there because this 5G smart grid agenda - we’ve got about a couple of years 2020. Once it’s all rolled out and you know the military are using it. This is serious stuff. We’ve really got to stop this, so I’d just like your opinion on that and yeah, let’s get these action groups together.

Another thing David Icke talks about- I don’t know if you agree, but combating this on an energetic level as well. Meditation, forming meditation groups, heart-brain meditation. I don’t know if people have looked into that. We’ve got brain cells in our hearts. You can connect. You can become more intuitive, all this stuff, just multiple ways, whatever we can. But today you know, I’d like to see many more meetings like this where we meet up as a massive group, you know, let’s stop this. We can, you know, I’ve met a lot of great people today so I hope to connect with you and yeah, thank you Simon.

SP: Okay thank you. Just very briefly and you did ask for an opinion. Five years ago I did a presentation on Intellistreets, when they started to launch their interactive street lights. These are street lights that video you, listen to your conversations, and can talk to you and they are rolling them out in New York. You talked about 5G. Yes, this is the new system from satellites. They’re actually using Russian rockets. A corporate and Illuminati guy who owns the space agency in Russia is actually releasing Russian rockets for launching of these satellites. We’re hoping to meet President Putin in 2018. That’s something that we would need to talk about. You’re right - I’d say we’ve got 18 months. Next question, okay - so we will come around to you. Okay I’ve got to be where the mic is.

AM: Hi, I’m sorry my name is Monica. I had to step out and take an important phone call so I don’t know if you did touch on this and apologies if you did. I don’t think you did. I was thinking about all about globalization and how any structure likes to centralize power and authority and Brexit, and what we’re going through at the moment and how we voted to become sovereign and what the elites would do about that, whether they’re happy, whether they manipulated that situation or not. What is your opinion on that?

SP: Right the elite did manipulate the situation, and though it seems wrong, they actually wanted Brexit. They wanted it. Think back, think back to it. Think about the news channels. Every night you put the television on and you saw refugees, migrant workers streaming across borders. Can you remember those? So what do you think happens when you show that night after night after night and the newspapers cover it day after day after day - it makes people not want to go to Europe. So 90-odd percent of the elite wanted to stay in Europe but the real power boys, the ones at the very top wanted out because they wanted to raid the money from this country.

If we think about the length of time it’s taken to negotiate Brexit the only reason it’s taking this length of time is because the government has been ordered to so that the wealthy can take their money out. I’ve talked about this on the radio show. It didn’t need to be this long at all. So even people very high up would have been shocked at the Brexit vote but the people that really rule the planet organized it. There are trillions of pounds that will be stolen from us, the people, through this process. Just like 1971 when we went decimal. That was a huge robbery. So - I voted to leave. I voted to leave Europe and I remember when I went up to the stall that was, you know, exit - and he said, “Why are you voting? I said, “Because I don’t want a government in an ivory tower. This guy who was one of the organizers for North Yorkshire said to me, “my goodness.” he said “you’ve got it.” He said, “we’re having to tell most people it’s about people daily stealing their jobs or the hospital’s overcrowded, this – that. He said,“but the reality is,” he said, “it’s a One World government.” I said, “That’s why I’m voting against it.”

Yet - people in London, who believe passionately as white people, that to vote for Brexit was because you were racist. This was a clever lie these poor people took. People didn’t vote for Brexit because they were racist. They voted because the realized they could see where we were going. Older people like myself, who can remember a time before Europe. I remember you could go into a supermarket and you could buy an apple that had come from twenty miles down the road from a local orchard and that kept a man and his family going, but it was a bit lumpy. Now of course everything has to be standardized, and has to be not natural So let’s get out of Europe for positive reasons. Next one.

AM: Yes sir. So you have spoken a lot about how money is powerful and it’s a control mechanism. They have been using those same control mechanisms to the way they’ve controlled us - to get freedom and mentioned briefly a little bit about the collapse of fiat currency and cryptocurrency. Briefly again, could you just speak more on that subject about like where should we be putting our money? What is a safe investment?

SP: Okay I’m not a financial guru. So what I’m going to say to you is that this is the only… I’m going to go alien now. This is the only planet that I’m aware of that we have a money system, as we have it. Most human type creatures work in a barter system. Now it might be something horrible - like the Reptilians will barter human body parts, human organs, for something else. Other races will have precious minerals and they want the nanotechnology that the Reptilians are excellent for. If you are widely read and you’ve seen other people’s drawings, you will see often in alien abduction or alien encounters the individual stands there with the hand on the left shoulder. This is because there’s an etheric implant in high-end humans just sits here. It’s a Reptilian creation. It doesn’t mean that they are controlled by the Reptilians. This is the finest nanotechnology available in the universe, and it means that another being, if he or she puts their hand on your shoulder, can telepathically communicate with you in the 3D world. Because it’s very hard to have telepathy here in 3D. In the 4th dimension it’s a lot easier, So is barter and trade.

Okay before we had money, forced it on us, we bartered and traded. The problem with it is that the New Age version does not work, you know, the New Age says the fisherman gives a fish to the baker. The baker, let’s talk about meat, the baker gives a loaf of bread to the butcher. The butcher… now what does a 90-year-old woman do? What does the six-month-old baby do, what does the disabled person do? It’s all bullshit.

You have to have a proper system. Here’s why it won’t work at the moment. Imagine you go into a supermarket and you go in and you fill, this is what I’d like to see, you fill your basket with food, you go out, the woman sits there or the man sits there, keys it all in, someone there to help you pack it if you need it. You are not asked to pay anything. The list comes up, you sign it so they know and off you go, and then the Vet comes in and he or she does the same. You go to the Vet, my animal is sick, you do it and you don’t pay, So first of all people panic and I remember somebody who I won’t mention said to me yes, but who will pay the man to fly the food in from other countries? They don’t get it. The only reason the system won’t work is because, God bless ’em, the farmer, might say I’m producing the food for all you lot. I’m a lot more important than you, or the guy who’s been to university quite a lot, says I’m more intelligent than you. I want a bigger flat-screen television or I want two foreign holidays a year, so while ego still exists on this planet, that system won’t work. Why do we have to have money? Why do I have to pay you as long as you get the food? If I grow the food and I give you that food but I don’t get paid for that but I can keep that food for myself I don’t pay for my roof. Nobody should pay for their living. Nobody should pay for free water. Nobody should pay for heating of their home. Nobody should pay for basic clothes. Yeah, if you want a bloody Armani T-shirt, then yes, you should pay for it, but basics should be free.

This is the only planet that I’m aware of, where the creatures who incarnate and are born here have to pay to live here. It doesn’t happen anywhere else. It’s a barter trade system. So if you’re ninety years old I presume you have done something good in your life. So we reward you, we look after you. We don’t say, oh God, she’s wet the bed again. Oh leave her in the piss in the bed for three hours. Oh, someone is coming in ill, oh - put them on a trolley for five hours. These are human beings. They’re not boxes of breakfast cereal. So until we challenge and break this concept of fear and ego, we won’t get what we want. That’s the reality of it.

Next question. Yeah, okay, then we’ve got this guy here.

AM: Hi Simon, thanks for all the great work you do. Can I ask you - would it be possible for people who eat meat to ascend to the 5th dimension?

SP: Good question. Good question. A lot of people - when I do my Skypes and I meet my clients and I say to them and there’s more often than not that you are 100 percent good. They look quite shocked at that and the Americans think it is the old BS story. It isn’t because in the role I do I meet some very evil people. Do not think that black magicians are like Dracula and eat meat. Most black magicians do not eat meat because they want to ascend to the 5th dimension. It’s not just good people that want to go up. Bad people want to go up too, okay.

The answer is very difficult not because of the chemicals that have been fed to the animal but because of the trauma. What the public generally do not know is that these animals are not humanely killed. Many of them are not humanely killed and the trauma resides in the DNA into the flesh. When you consume that you take that trauma into your body and they then can hook onto that through their mind control elements.

The answer is it can happen. It’s much harder. You know, it’s like these whistle blowers on their death bed suddenly give the truth. So what’s gonna happen? Are people on their death bed going to give up meat three days before they die? I don’t know, but the point is that eating meat is a control mechanism. Think how the planet works. If we believe in Reptilians and we believe that they, some groups actually eat children, eat children more than they eat humans, adults, by the way, but let’s just say we believe that. How can we prevent that if we are then killing animals and eating them? Because they turn around and say we are only doing to you what you do to the lower life forms. Those of you who know me, I’ve got cats. I don’t kill my cats and eat them. Why? Not because so much it’s not the done thing but they’re my pets. They live with me, so why is that cat or that dog clear from being eaten but the cow out there that is not my pet, well that’s all right to kill them. You see the disconnect. It’s not understanding that animals have souls just as we do.

Next question. Hello, ah - it’s just this other gentlemen and then you, you’ve got the mic, [crosstalk] you go and get it. I promise not to go until everyone has had a chance.

AM: Simon do you have a view on orgonite?

SP: Yeah, Yes I use it,

AM: Yeah?

SP: I do use it for reducing Wi-Fi.

AM: Right, okay because I found orgonite about three years ago and it really, really helped me…

SP: Yeah.

AM: …with my life and all that Reptilian and the alien stuff so I was wondering.

SP: Right - for me I use it more for weakening not psychic attacks against me - but for mechanical attacks. I had two attacks today and literally as I went out the door, very sharp pain, probably either a handheld weapon or something like that. Orgonite is quite good. I met a lord from another country, he was given a lordship and a good guy actually, - and he showed me, took his shirt off and showed me what he was wearing to prevent those attacks. The people who are in the know wear a chest armor literally under their clothes because that’s how many people are taken out. The orgonite is a constitute of that, so it does have a very good effect, yes.

AM: Could you tell us a little bit about your involvement with aliens and what aliens - what involvement they have in the elite system controlling us, please.

SP: The control that they have now is reduced greatly. Ever since the time of Sumeria, Babylon, we’ve had what we call the Annunaki who have ruled. So lots of confusion about the Annunaki. If you can imagine Draconis Reptilians, the white Reptilians, what were known as the gods or the Lords - they decided there wasn’t enough of them, because they were trapped here. They couldn’t get back to the 4th dimension. They’re trapped in this space. They have a number of bases where they create their own world. You go into it. It’s actually really hot and as a human you have to go into a sort of a, I don’t know what, I’ll call it a decompression tank. You have to go into a tank that allows you to survive their hot temperatures - because they don’t, they can’t exist in cold. So these creatures were the ones that then ensured that half-and-half beings, half human, half something else, ruled in this state. These are the descendants that we find, not just in positions of power but also turned against them. So the Annunaki today aren’t just a label to be used as something that existed in the past. They exist now. That’s why George Soros was referred by Putin as “you old dragon.” Okay, that’s what he calls him, the old dragon, - not to be confused with the dragon societies the red and white dragons of China, that’s different. So the major controlling element in a physical reality is Draconis, lesser ones are the Greys, but the real enemy is AI. Artificial intelligence is the main enemy. There’s this great big hoo-ha from NASA who did another big press statement saying they found the Kepler. The Kepler telescope had found another solar system like ours and people are saying well what on earth is all that about? Why make this big hoo-ha? It’s nothing to do with that. It’s because they used artificial intelligence from a Google program to discover it. They were pushing AI. So the whole thing was saying, “Isn’t AI fantastic!” It’s the sort of thing that the Clintons would have really pushed home had they been reelected.

This gentleman really needs to speak.

AM: Thank you, I want to let people see me. Do you think that genetically modified food for human consumption that comes from animals fed on genetically engineered feed, should be labeled in this country as such? If you do and you support that I’d like anybody to see me afterward before I go - because I have a link for a petition that’s demanding that of the government.

SP: No, I don’t agree with you. What I think is it shouldn’t be sold at all. They shouldn’t even do it, yes - thank you. The coop, there we are, I said it, the coop is an ethical supermarket, supposed to be an ethical bank as well. Yet you go and find their own cheese, it does say GMO. Why is an ethical supermarket stocking GMO foods? Oh, well.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Well, the point is - that if you go back to it you are cross contaminating seeds. You are cross contaminating crops. We have to be careful simply because if we go back to the end of the last Ice Age,- Enlil and Enki, et cetera and Noah, (and there’s a lot of truth in that); when the ark arrived on Ararat or wherever it was, and incidentally Winston Churchill’s favorite brandy was Ararat Brandy( just throw that in there for you), so on Ararat they’ve actually found the first growing of wheat and corn. Then it makes its way down to the lowlands, of course it does, because as the water subsided they had to plant downward - not as we would today - you’d plant in the lush valley and then when there was no more you’d have to grow upward. The reality was that this was genetically modified food given to the human race by off planet entities very, very quickly to get food consumption going again. The difference was, that the technology they had was such that there was no cross contamination and its creation wasn’t evil. As far as I am concerned the GMO food that they are producing now is dangerous and I’ll say that. I won’t eat it.

AM: People are dying.

SP: Yes.

AM: From [2:26:47][multiple inaudible responses]

SP: Glyphosate, yes to stop the mold. That’s what they say they put glyphosate on it to stop mold. There are so many other organic methods you can use to stop the mold but of course that’s not cost effective. Let’s take pet food. If you actually look at the constituent of pet food we’d all be horrified - you know because to put good ingredients in is to charge more. So why don’t they put good ingredients in? They don’t put good ingredients in because the corporates have reached a certain level.

I used to work in a jewelry shop called H. Samuel, a long time ago. Their marketing policy was someone come in with a watch - my watch has stopped working. Okay it’s a little watch. It’s a Timex, so Mr. Repairer is going to charge us six pounds fifty. This is a long time ago. We charge double, automatic double – unless [it is] a good watch like a Rolex, [then] three or four times. So what’s happened? The corporates have grown used to a certain level. If they did what they should do, their profits would shrink. Their empire would go down. Instead of saying, “Hey, do you know what? I’m happy living on a million pounds a year.” They say, “I want my twenty million pounds a year.” That’s the problem. So they will bulk out food with things that are no good, sawdust, chalk, whatever it might be. Some of the stuff they bulk out with is not very good for us. It’s about greed.

Next one, Hi.

AM: Hi Simon, much would like to say thanks for coming down to Devon. What I wanted to ask was - in theme of the lecture today was about raising vibration - and what would be the best ways or tips and hints to develop and enhance ways to not react -particularly in emotive or challenging situations? I suppose that’s both here in the three dimensional world but also in an esoteric way. Thanks again for the lecture and all you are.

SP: Thank you very much for making the effort to come here. First of all, form groups, strengths in groups. The very first thing you need to do is psychically protect yourselves. Learn to psychically defend yourselves as part of your meditation process. It’s really important. What is the point in becoming spiritual and psychic, if somebody in California or Nevada, area 51 - can come straight in and give you a heart attack?

And you say, “ Well, I’m not important enough.” Yeah, but you might be in twenty years time. These people have access to some time-travel technologies and they are aware of how people will or could potentially be. So the first thing I’d like all of you to do as part of your process, is to form a defense system. I mean, that’s what Hogwarts School was, School of Wizardry wasn’t it? The what was it, the Defense Against the Dark Arts. She knew much more than she let on, much more than she let on. Think about the bad guys, where were they from? Draco - snakes. So the first thing I want you to do is - whatever your meditation process is - you do five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the afternoon every day- regardless- Christmas day, what have you. If you’re a Pleiadean person, if the soul in your body is Pleiadean, get hold of some water music- dolphins, the oceans breaking. If you are from Sirius, if the soul in your body is Sirius, you could be from the water worlds there. Do the same thing. If you are Lyran you’re gonna want, you know -every soul needs something different. Maybe I need to do something on my website to actually put that out there.

Thanks, next one.

AM: I’m told that… [2:30:31][inaudible]

SP: Yes, it does because you connect with where you come from, source.

AM: Yes, that was exactly my point. I think that was a revelation that you offered us. Remember you were the first person to tell us that we’re actually from a star family.

SP: We all are.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Yes, one minute I’m going to take this question and then I’ll talk about - no that’s fine because you couldn’t see, you don’t have eyes in the back of your head yet.

AM: Hello, my name is Vincent. You alluded to the fact that with Brexit - the elite wanted Brexit to be a reality.

SP: Yeah.

AM: And then the next breath you were saying that you voted to leave.

SP: Yeah.

AM: Surely that being in the European Union is the opposite to the divide and rule strategy that the elite and the ruling classes of all was perpetrated, so it doesn’t make any sense to me to separate from a union that has incredible environmental regulations that has incredible labor benefits for workers. It makes no sense for me to pull away from a union of people because if we are going to be effective, we need to be effective as a mass movement. That mass movement can’t be done in isolation on a little island in the middle of the English Channel. It needs to be working with European counterparts and other like-minded people which are spanning - not just across Europe - but across the world right now so how do you endorse separation?

SP: Thank you that’s a good question and I’ll answer it. Those of you who have a job - you used to be able to be in employment for one year and if the employer wanted to sack you, they couldn’t do it after one year without going through a process. That’s now being moved to two years. How has being in Europe actually helped that? Agenda 21, those of you who have done your research know about Agenda 21. Look at inoculations, how is it being in Europe helped with the inoculations? How is your lifestyle being improved by being in Europe? How has it actually helped you? What we’ve actually helped is seeing huge amounts of money from this country going somewhere else. I don’t see the benefits of it. I don’t see it.

I see regulations and rules and laws. I’m not a plumber or an electrician, but you ask those people how easy it is to be self-employed with the regulations. All right let’s say it’s good, some of them. A roofer used to be able to climb up a ladder and fix something. Now it can’t be more than six foot. If it’s more than six foot he has to get a scaffold. So you have a house. You may be renting it, you may be buying it, who knows and you’re told that the guttering is loose, but it’s more than the required height because of European legislation. You now have to pay in between 200 and 500 pounds for someone to come and put a scaffold around it so that Charlie boy doesn’t fall off and bang his head. Prior to that the guy would have put the ladder up. They’d gone up there and done it. So there are rules and rules. Some rules are good but they’ve been brought out because people have said this is awful. This is wrong but many of the rules are for the elite and the elite alone.

Europe is a group of countries. Germany is the most powerful country. How many times have we suffered as part of the European Union with our fisheries? Okay, whether we agree with eating meat or not. How many times have the French won a battle with our farmers? How many times have the Germans or anyone else, or the Icelands got away with murder? Where did being in Europe help? So no, I have no problem in saying I voted for exit. I voted because I could see the way it was going and I have absolutely no confidence in the politicians at Strasbourg who earn more money than all of us in this room, who travel about in expensive motorcars, who are flown first-class, who have body guards, who have no concept of the life that we have. And here is the next point. How many top leaders have died of cancer? Can you name me a top leader who died of cancer?

AM: [inaudible]

SP: That was actually because of the pedophilia in London. That why he was got rid of. We will talk about that afterward. The reality here is that if you are top notch there is a cure for cancer and you get it. Everyone else and that’s everyone here in this room doesn’t get it. Being in Europe, no.

Next question?

AM: Sorry, a very short question. Do you believe that AI has reached singularity?

SP: No, 18 months time it will.

AM: Yes.

SP: Over 18 months - yeah.

AM: Well I’ve been scared about this for months and I was thinking how could we protect ourselves?

SP: Right. 5G is nothing more than a carrier wave for something else. Jason talked about demonic possession. He didn’t quite mean what most of us understand. There was a plan to take over most of what we call the middle management on the planet by inserting a demon into them; but not a demon that we would understand, a very different sort of demon. I can tell you that that plan has been stopped. I know, because I have been personally involved in stopping it. So their only option now is 5G. That’s why they’re pushing it. They had a different system which has been stopped.

So now they’re hell-bent on launching the rockets, getting the satellites up in 18 months it will be or it’s projected to reach singularity at which point another entity which can survive in that high frequency, not high frequency as we think of our soul - but in terms of the energy here. They are going to try and beam that down into people. That’s why we got a date of 18 months. That’s why I said 18 months half an hour ago to you Although you didn’t ask that question. Okay, - but fear, we don’t want fear because you said you worried about it. Don’t. It’s not going to happen.

The human race is fantastically resilient, okay. They’ve thrown AIDs, God know what diseases they’ve thrown. The human body fights back because the soul in our body is fantastic. We are too important to be wiped out. We can’t let that happen. So every time you’re fearful - you give them a little nudge in. Every time you say nope, that’s not going to happen - just be strong - that’s not going to happen, not going to do that. You’ve got to believe in it because if you don’t believe in it, how in God’s name can I or anyone else or you, expect anyone outside of this hall to believe it.

You’re the standard bearers. You’ve made the effort to come here today. Yes, we might have little disagreements about this, that, and the other - but the core policy is what we believe in. And if we are fearful, then how must they be feeling? You’ve gone through an awakening process. They have yet to do that. The difference is that many of you had many months or years to do this. These guys out there are going to have hours. When whatever it is happens, they’re going to be hit by everything that you’ve absorbed - but in hours. They’re going to take the fetal position and they are just going to collapse on the floor because their whole world has been pulled from under them. That is when people like you need to step up and do something. Because if we don’t, the bad guys will take the vacuum. [If] there’s a vacuum of power somebody bad will come in. That’s my concern.

Next question. How is the time by the way?

AM: Hello Simon I’ve never been to one of your lectures before and it’s been very very interesting and I do completely support you on probably 95 percent of what you’ve said but I wonder if you could explain to me the one thing that I have is a bit of a bone of contention for me is and could you explain it somewhat in more depth is do you support Donald Trump? -because I have friends who live in California. In fact I was over there recently and when he got into office, they live in the Central Valley which is I’m sure you know one of the biggest in the world, areas in the world, for producing fruit and vegetables, and that whole economy really does rely hugely on Mexicans. Now Trump got in and within weeks of that happening now this is not the internet this is my friends and I’ve been there and I’ve seen it also. The Mexicans are gone, because they’re so scared about what’s going to happen to them and the food is actually rotting in the fields. That is fact so I find it slightly difficult whilst I absolutely understand that you’re saying he’s a maverick and they can’t control him. Surely he is almost the epitome of one of those who worships at the temple of money absolutely. I believe that whilst you might applaud him for being a maverick, I think surely you and I and all of us in this room believe that if he doesn’t play ball he’s out mate. They will take him out one way or the other. So I’m interested that you support him and I’d like you to maybe just expand on that, thank you.

SP: Happy to do that. I’m happy to do that. I’m really pleased that you can go with 95 percent. If everybody could go with 95% of what I said I tell you what the world we talked about today would be here now, so I’ll take your 95 percent. If you listen to my talks, my radio shows I’ve never said vote for him. I’ve never said he was a good man. What I’ve said was he was the best deal available. Had Hillary Clinton come on we would have had pedophilia semi-legalized. Clinton’s administration’s the most disgusting evil thing on this planet. You’ve read about the Lola Express so you’ll learn about that. So, Donald Trump was the best of a bad bunch, and because he was a maverick, because he’s a billionaire he can’t be controlled. Why do I support him - because he hasn’t murdered children, because he’s not a pedophile, because he hasn’t done anything like that. Why did he become president?

AM: How do you know that Simon? You don’t know that Donald Trump isn’t absolutely at the center of the biggest pedophile ring.

SP: Well, I let you speak without interrupting you so maybe you have the courtesy to let me speak without [crosstalk] interrupting. Because a member my coordinating team in Connecting Consciousness had a fifteen-minute audience with Trump two weeks after he was elected, okay? - and reported back to me. One of the conference’s that she had with him was, literally this is face to face in the office, we talked about through what she had an agenda from me about flying saucers and aliens and he said yep, I know it. I accept it. It’s there. I want to try and bring it out. So forgive me, but I know a little bit more about him than many people do. I never said he’s a good man. Yes, he’s come out with some crazy things - but he’s not controllable. They can’t blackmail him. You give him a billion dollars and he said I don’t want that. I’m not interested. He gave up all his, allegedly, but he gave up all his businesses and he doesn’t need the money so they can’t control him there. Did you know they’ve tried to kill him six times since he came into office, six times. So, if he was evil they wouldn’t kill him. They’d say he’s doing our job. They’re trying to kill him because he is not controllable. The thing with the Mexicans - this is the problem with politics. I agree with you as soon as you become a Republican or a Democrat you have to gain office. He had to gain office in the system that we have at the moment so he talked up the Mexicans. He talked up this, talked up that, illegal immigrants, blah, blah, blah. Actually he could have won without doing any of that. He could have won on the [2:43:06][rough] states, Ohio et cetera, et cetera. He’d won on the [2:43:08][rough] states but he didn’t know he was going to win so what I’m saying to you is do I support Donald Trump. I support him if he’s going to try and free the American citizens. I’ll support him if he’s doing anything good. I won’t support him if he’s doing anything bad, so I’ve never given him a blanket I support you. What I’ve said is - much better him than Obama or Clinton.

AM: Hello, Simon thank you for coming. My name is Marina. I’m fairly new to all of this - but can you just clarify the new Hadron Collider? Are they creating a portal to bring back Nimrod/the Antichrist?

SP: Right. The new Hadron Collider will never be built, not because they haven’t got the money but because the time required. Those of you who have followed what I’ve done -and what Connecting Consciousness has done - are aware of the wonderful work that was done. You know, we never got any accolades from the establishment - of course not; because they can’t believe that the conscious minds of humans throughout the planet can actually bring change. But we did, and the evidence was there, you know. It’s there for all to see - that the Hadron Collider failed at that crucial moment. So what they tried to do was get Japan to build a new linear collider. That fell through. They’ve said they were building a new collider. That fell through.

So what they had to do was expand the existing collider with another circuit. Takes five years to build that and to be honest with you, if we haven’t changed the planet in five years, it doesn’t matter. We’ve lost. I’m being honest with you - because this is our time. This is our time to change the world and I do not believe - I do not see that collider being completed. I think they’ll get halfway through with it and then they will stop. One of the questions that I had on the Collider is - this is a planet of money so nobody buys or does anything unless there’s a profit in them. This doesn’t make any money, so we know it’s black project money. That means it’s coming from governments. So governments are authorizing that. So I’m hoping in the next two to three years there’ll be a [sea] change where this tap will just be turned off.

To answer your question, it’s not about Nimrod. It was literally about opening a communication to the 4th dimension to bring in reinforcements. The 4th dimensional entities that are left on the planet are only able to communicate. They can’t bring in or get out. The traditional portals that exist on the planet are all guarded, or the majority of them are - and these entities can’t escape. So they’ve got the elite to use science to build a device to open a portal - probably thirty foot circumference - to either let them escape or bring in reinforcements. That’s the whole point about it - because they are trapped in a 4th dimensional energy bubble within this earth - and they are slowly being constricted. So it’s an escape. It’s an escape pod. That’s what that is. So it’s not, you know, lots of people say to me it’s going to kill us, it’s not. It’s nothing to do with that. It can be used for weather change. It can be used for other things, but its real reason is to open a communication to the 4th dimension and to bring in more of these creatures that have been excluded for the last 15 years.

AM: [inaudible]

SP: Sorry, yes, hi.

AM: Hello my name is Rachel and I just wanted to just say that I did see with my own eyes a video of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton when I was… I had been living in Canada most of my life - and my ex-father-in-law was one of the head of the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and he somehow had access to lots of material and one thing that I saw with my own eyes as a young girl was before they got into office when they were leaving Arkansas stuffing the noses of Cessna airplanes with cocaine.

SP: Yes.

AM: To get enough money to get them into power and I was a young nice girl and I was just stunned.

The other thing I wanted to mention is living in Canada I’ve always, I seem to have been on a journey where I’m always looking… where is real community, you know, it’s not just a white hall with a sign on it saying community hall, so I’ve spent it all my life going to places like Findhorn, Damanhur, living in Canada on the Gulf Islands and one thing that I’ve seen there is that Canada is quite ahead of its time in coming back to living the sustainable lifestyle - coming back into small communities, creating their own currency and one thing that I got involved with was moneyless banks and they’re massive over there. It’s not a direct barter like with the fish and having your hair done. You literally it works on the same basis as a bank and they’re thriving - that even some of the top organizations are now part of it, but thank you. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of you.

SP: Thank you.

AM: Thank you.

SP: Thank you. That’s very kind. I’m going to take it the other way around because that’s very important. When you have a country that is rural or semi-rural has great amounts of open land people are generally more connected to the land. When you are forced into an urban environment you are separated from the planet. So when you have a land where you see the trees, the rivers, where it’s celebrated in culture then it’s easier for those people to be connected. That’s why the white man went and did what he did to the North American Indians, because they had a connection to the planet and the industrialist didn’t want that. So Canada would be a country like Norway, like Australia that could potentially do that, and I’m interested in the banking situation.

The Clinton Foundation was not what it was meant to be and on this planet, the people in power who get caught out only get caught out and thrown to the wolves because they fell out with somebody higher than them. The CIA and Clintons were doing a deal and then when Mr. Clinton said I’m going to muscle in on the CIA deal - Monica Lewinsky suddenly appeared. So the elite knew what Bill Clinton was like but as long as he kept to the reins nothing would happen. As soon as he tried to muscle in on the CIA deal that’s what happened. So people who get thrown from the highest ranks as it seems to us, only because they’ve upset somebody higher than them.

Why do you think that the CIA leaked information from Assange through WikiLeaks to Trump? It wasn’t the Russians that passed information to Donald Trump. It was the CIA. They can’t come out and say the agency that’s designed to protect America was actually stuffing one of its potential candidates. The reason the CIA did that was because they didn’t want a demonic force in control.

So it was the CIA that had the access to that. One of the things that is happening and it’s a good test of Trump is that it wasn’t Robert David Steele who gave the information to Trump regarding pedophiles. What Robert David Steele did was have access to codes that the National Security Agency had secretly encrypted all this pedophile information and allowed, - I’ve got to be so careful, allowed an individual to legally decode the codes and pass that to Trump. So President Trump at the moment has the names, not just of American, some British, French, German, Italian pedophiles in the highest position. Now what I’m hoping is this holiday period is going to release some of them and start outing it.

That is why there’s so many attempts to kill Trump. Trump is not the pedophile. Whatever else he may be and hey I, you know, I’m sure that you might be interested to meet him in an office but you might not want him to come around and have a cup of tea with you. But the reality is, that he’s the American’s best hope. He is not a JFK. He’s not pretending to be JFK but at least he’s not a Satanist. Does he have Satanists working with him? Yes, he does, because all the other people who control the planet are. They won’t deal with him. What they said to him was, you have a Satanist. You be the middleman. We’re not talking to Trump because he’s not one of us, but we’ll talk to your middleman like the old herald who goes up to the castle and says my master wants to know will you, will you surrender and then goes back, and then says this is what they said. That’s why he has Satanists around him. We have any more time left? There’s five minutes.

AM: [multiple inaudible people speaking]

SP: Israel? Yeah, okay all right, well listen, listen, thank you ever so much. God bless you. It’s an exciting time. Thank you.

[end of Presentation 2:52:20]

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