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?? Connecting Consciousness on Wolf Spirit Radio Current Events, Questions & Answers, February 7, 2016 (summary) Jay Pee: Welcome to the Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Show on Wolf Spirit Radio . Simon actively encourages you to post your questions live to him in the chat room on When you ask a question in the chat room please make sure you've logged into the chat and go. That's the set name at the bottom, uh, that you have a nickname and that, uh, you ask one question in all caps. That makes it easier for us to comment. The next two hours will be full of interview guest, up-to-date news. Please join Simon in playing an active role. Connecting Cosciousness Show. You're listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. [Introduction and music end.] Simon Parkes: Hello Jay Pee. Hello everybody. Jay Pee: Good afternoon Simon. How are you, eh? SP: Very well, thank you. You sound as if you've been very busy. JP: I have. Well, I'm always very busy it seems. But this week has been quite um ... I dunno, I've had a couple of health issues. I had something the other ... the other day that really did me in. SP: Oh, dear. JP: Mini pappogums (sp?). SP: [Brief laugh] JP: I thought oh, they're gonnna be made with graham flour but no, they were made with wheat flour and I ... and I suffered two days of headache. So that always takes, you know, takes time out of my ... uh ... my schedule 'cause I can't really do anything #-- just sit there and like wait for it to go. Anyhow, enough about my [inaudible]. Simon, how about you? How's your ... uh ... your rest going? Are you able to take plenty of breaks? SP: No, I've had some rest but not really the rest that I decided I would take and never really occured. Umm ... I really think I need probably a fort night just away from everything. Away from the ... the mobile phone, away from the computer, you know, it's a proper break I think I need so I might have to see if that can be engineered. Jay Pee, I was just thinking how long have we been doing this show now? Is it nearly a year? Is a celebration in order? When will we. ... JP: Let me have a look. Let me have a look. I'm just going to have to look back. Now where would be the best place. Oh, if I look on my YouTube 'cause that's where the first one was. But yeah it was about ... umm ... it was about ... about nine, ten months ago ... let's play this ... Simon Parkes ... looks like ... [Old show playing (Announcer) Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness] JP: No, no, stop, stop. Uh [laughter] 2016-1-03 that's last [inaudible] alright ... 2015 ... umm ... 10 ... 8 ... 8 ... 7. ... They're all over the place. I think it's July. Or I think there's been about ... there's 10 things in here [inaudible] probably about. ... I'll give you ... I'll look it up later. [laughter] SP: I was just curious. JP: We're not quite there yet. We're not quite there yet. SP: Well, I'm sure you'll let me know. JP: I will, I will. We'll have a pop open a quick champas (champagne?). Now, we have a new method of asking questions which is through the Web site at if you go to, that's where the chat room is. You'll also find at the top there it says "Ask a question" or "question" or something. And these questions go into a special list which all come out in a good order and so we'll ... I'll be moving through there so don't ... don't put questions it's a chat room now. If you put them into the special question box, which is on another page and then come back to the chat room, that'll be great. That'll be great. So where shall we start? SP: Oh, Jay, before we start. How long before the show can they [inaudible] access those ... that thing? Can they put the questions in anytime they want? JP: Any time they want. They just put subject Simon Parkes. SP: Brilliant. JP: So hopefully it'll make it a little less chaotic. Because as you're aware you're getting e-mails in every orifice that can be ... you know, that people can stuff things in. And you know, "Where is it? You know, I remember I sent you a message for my thing." No, please send it through this 'cause I won't get it. [Laughing] OK, so let's ... let's start off with a question from Sonya Medich. When's this come through? Seventh of February. Oh, that ... that's not even today. So ... um. ... The question "Can you please tell us more about Source? Who or what is Source and what is its part in the end game? In this end game?" [Chuckle] So Source as in connecting to Source and all that stuff. SP: Right. I don't actually think there's an end game in the sense that I think that we carry on, hopefully, forever. And our learning is forever although as we journey along we gain more and more of our experiences and we gain more and more knowledge. Source, as I would refer to it, is the overall consciousness that creates. Now, there are many creators [brief laugh], and we are, as a race, actually creators. But Source is the creator of life, all life. Whether that's life that we understand it in an organic sense or whether that's life that's a little bit more, perhaps, complicated to us. But it is the one divine thinking process that creates opportunities for living creatures to experience and to develop. Now, I don't know if there's a right and a wrong in our way that we develop. I think that it's wrong if we hurt others and it's right if we help others but within quite a wide framework Source allows its creations to go where they want and to learn and experience. So only on very rare occasions are certain things reigned in or ... or stopped. But generally speaking, the view, I think, from Source is: I've created it, it has it's own identity, it has its own independence, its own sovereignty. It will now do what it will do within the environment that Source has created for it. So when I talk about "Don't go to the light. Go to Source or to your star family," if you are choosing to return to the point where you were created, this is really sort of a rest and refit. It's a holodeck. You're going back to Source to be reinvigorated and then to decide what you do next. If you're not at that position, you've still got some fight left in you, you choose to try to go to your star family, then you don't need that same sort of recuperation. You're going back to the star family to be with those family members who you haven't seen for perhaps thousands of years. So that's what I mean by Source, Jay Pee. JP: OK. Great. So, coming on to the next one is ... oh, right, interesting one. This is from Paul Bravetti. [inaudible] What's happened, I've lost that question now. Ha. Dammit. Hang on. I think it refreshed itself and then I lost the ... uh ... the. ... SP: [Inaudible] It'll come back. JP: Yeah, yeah ... I'm just getting ... ah, here we go, here we go. SP: See, it's come back. [inaudible] JP: Mmm hmm. SP: I knew it would. JP: [laugh] Right, now I'll go to February. Alright. Mmmm ... good question here's [inaudible]. I'll come back to Paul. This is from Julie78. Hello, Simon, if you've seen the film "The Abyss", do beings like the one Ed Harris met underwater exist? When I saw this, I felt very sad, homesick and emotional. I don't know why. It was a beautiful scene. Thank you. SP: I haven't seen the film but I'm aware of the image through posters or through screenshots. Something similar to that. Not exactly the same. I mean, you know I think many of us realize that Hollywood is used for both good and bad purposes to try to put messages out whether they're for good or bad. And often directors, or producers of these quite substantial films poke around for some ideas. And you know, they can get their ideas from a whole range of places. Sometimes they create them themselves from their own experiences but other times they go to organizations like the CIA who are more than willing to give them views and ideas as long as they don't keep names or they change locations and times and maybe also they can't create a creature that looks too accurate because then a whole range of people might begin to say, "Hang on a minute. This means something to me." So, you know, they ... they will alter or change or keep the main shape or the main whatever the focal point of this ... this entity is. They'll keep that but they'll do subtle alterations and changes to it. So I would say, "Yes." Talking about a creature that predominantly lives under the water but not exclusively so. So, yeah, but I haven't seen that image for quite a while but I ... I think I'm familiar with the one that she's referring to. JP: Yeah, I remember ... I watched the ... uh ... that film with my girlfriend a few months ago. I hated it 'cause it was drowning. I had a bad experience of drowning in my body so it wasn't very good. OK, so this is from TrackerFilmsContent. Soul swap. If a soul swap has been done without your conscious consent and you have no one to help you reverse this, how does one proceed? Isn't this against universal law and consequently, must be reversed by the individual demand to return one's soul DNA and memories to them? A very out of context question. Any idea? SP: Well, I ... I would need to understand what the questioner means by "soul swap". I could misunderstand that. We often refer to someone who has a soul change as a walk-in but I'm not sure if that's what the questioner is ... is asking for. The questioner might be saying that they're aware of somebody who has been taken against their will and then had their soul removed from their body and a new soul placed in there. That's what it sounds like as opposed to you know, the general walk-in. To my knowledge, walk-ins are always with agreement. I've met quite a few walk-ins over the last few years and in every case that I've come across it was for a beneficial end. But so I'm not really clear if you have a soul swap many people are not aware that they've had a soul swap because the old soul has departed the body, the new soul has come in and when I'm doing my work with clients -- where that appears to be a possibility -- I will ask them questions about when they were children. What toys they had, can they name their toys. Because what I'm trying to do is to see if they have a memory that goes ... goes right back. I try to understand a walk-in is genuine, as far as I'm concerned and it's generally done to protect that individual. Let's give you an example. I'll make an example up because I don't want to obviously, bring one that's client based. Let's say a child is born -- generally in a hospital -- and it has a reptilian type soul but obviously the body is, you know, human. And maybe when that child reaches the age of 20 or 30 it has a change over and a different soul, predominantly higher human -- what I refer to as higher human, one of the higher dimensional human type souls takes the body over. Now, what is quite shocking, for perhaps people who are unaware, is that frequently psychic individuals scan all of the live births, certainly in the English-speaking world. So there is a psychic scan done to detect who has manifested in these bodies because the elite are worried about certain entities coming back where they've had ... had a history of -- as they would look at it -- difficulty with somebody. So if you were Pleidian and you've given me, the nasty people, a hard time and 50 - 60 years later you appear to come back into a newborn, so that means that that soul in that body is vulnerable because human bodies can't be protected very easily by themselves; they rely on their parents. So when a child grows up, that's when we see the soul swap coming in, the walk-in coming in so that that child is now old enough to have a better chance of protecting him- or herself. But that's not always the case. Sometimes it happens when the child is six months old or a year old but that would be because the parents are in a position either financially or militarily or, in terms of influence, able to protect the child. So that's the normal understanding of that. If there's anything outside of that then generally that would not be with that person's agreement and that's wrong. It shouldn't happen. Can you get it back? Well, you'd have to work out who took it from you in the first place and you would have to understand why you wanted it back, why you're not accepting who you are now. So that is a ... that's the sort of question I would work with somebody on. You know, that's a sort of a one-to-one work. But I think that was a good question to generally talk about. Thanks. JP: Yeah, good ... an intense thing, wasn't it? Like, who's soul is yours? [Laughter] OK, this is from Pseudocyberus. Dear Simon and JayPee, I hope you can shed light on this. My meditations have led me to believe a very long time ago, when life was primitive, I was cast out. ... Oh, hang on, I'm going to sneeze. SP: Bless you JP: [Sneezes] I was cast ... well, I was cast down or exiled from the advanced community, I was symbolically shown a fall into a volcano where I became a great worm-like creature with a lion's head. I was alway ... I have always felt that I came from rock. The creature I was prior to this was big, bipedal and black. I feel this was intended as punishment for a crime I had committed, weaponizing life, heavy casualties of great blow to some people; I can't be sure. The theme of this punishment seems to be de-evolution, incorporated into the very framework of Earth. It's rock and primitive life. Please, have you ever heard of such a thing? Thank you so much. SP: Yes, it's not as uncommon as you might think. Many ... many people on the planet probably started their consciousness as grains of dust in the cosmos. If an individual transgresses to such a grave extent that it's seen that the only way would be to reduce that individual to the foundations of understanding and learning so that they could basically reboot and relearn from the very beginning and build up. If you ... if you ... um ... of a bad intent and you're not taken right down to the ground floor ... from the tenth floor you're taken to the fifth floor. Well, whatever you build on there is not going to be very good if what you have so far is not following a ... you now ... a positive line so by returning to the Earth in the truest sense of the word, you are gaining an understanding of what it is like to be part of a very big conscious mind -- something that has been created. And so if you can work your way up ... and now, the individual there is obviously is in human form so you have obviously worked their way up from ... you know ... that bedrock through to the position they're in now. So don't hark back to the punishment. Forget it. Look at your advancement. Look how you've traveled. Look how you've developed because if you'd failed, you would still be, you know, back as a piece of rock or you would never has made it to this level. You've made it to this level because you've learnt from your errors. And that's really important. That's the only thing worth holding onto here. That you have had a journey -- we're all on a journey -- but you've had a really unusual journey because you were you may well have even volunteered to go back down. If a creature is faced with going back to relearn or removed then often you prefer to relearn it because what is time? What is time? Interesting question. Thank you. JP: Yeah, it's like going to college and then taking the year off and [inaudible]. [Simon laughs] Ah, OK so here's a question from ... Oh, this is very good but it's from Shakeup. Dear Simon, a lot more children born now are being diagnosed with dyslexia, autism, ADHD, etc. Is this the result of environmental poisoning and radiation from vaccines [inaudible] -- yeah that's more like it -- EMF, etc. Or are they a very special type of being coming from source to change how we educate, learn and perceive our reality? What can a parent do to facilitate/guide/protect these children from these entities and agencies who intend to corrupt or destroy them in a society that's trying to fix them instead of nurture them. SP: Right, I presume that a parent is writing in so therefore there is a very personal reason for that. So the first thing to say, for those who don't know it, is that I do have dyslexia and that was diagnosed all of some 30 years ago. JP: Me too, right? SP: And it's amazing how many people are, who are spiritual ... who are on a spiritual journey do have some form of learning disability. It doesn't mean you have to have a learning disability to be sprititual but you know, it's amazing how many are and first of all what I would say is yes, a large number of people who have not dyslexia but issues around memory or the way that the brain is wired may well have been affected by chemical outpourings of one sort or another over the last 30 years. I cannot believe that these things that have been placed into the Earth and into the air and the water don't take their toll. It's really interesting, you know, you go to a major supermarket in ... in Great Britain, and I don't know if it's the same in the States or the European supermarkets, but generally from time to time you see these big signs that say, "Wash all your fruit. Wash all your vegetables before you eat them." Now, if all these things are so damn OK for us, why do we need to wash them? We're washing them because they've probably got pesticides, they've probably got wax sprayed on them and goodness knows what else. So one organization knows exactly how unhealthy these things are but they feel they've absolved themselves by saying, "Don't forget to wash it." If anything happens, they say, "Well, we DID tell you to wash it." So that's the one thing however, those people who have some form of learning disorder or disability often don't thrive in the academic world in the same way as someone who doesn't exhibit the conditions. It doesn't mean that the individual is stupid; far from it. What it means is they're not able, necessarily, to learn in the structured way that the establishment, through academia, lay down as the way we do it on this planet. And it means that that gives that individual the chance to, to use an old phrase, "Think outside the box." 'Cause if you have dyslexia you have a different way of thinking. Some 20 years ago an American construction company, design company, who were working with plans, drawings, schematic drawings, only recruited people with dyslexia because as the boss at the time said, "If a dyslexic person looks at a drawing of a tower block or a box of flaps and has to put the utilities in, he or she would see exactly where the pipes need to go to get them in. Whereas a person without that doesn't seem to be able to do that." So it swings in roundabouts. The problem is that the ... if you get labled as a ... as somebody with a disability, you have to make sure that it's a label that you want and you can use to your advantage and to be proud of it because it means you're different. What can you do about the entities? If you have a disability and it is related to entities as mine was -- I had a what we call a shadow being that came to visit me maybe for I dunno, maybe 3 months ... 6 months when I was I dunno between 5 and 7 and my academic procedure went straight down the pan. So much so that my grandfather paid for a teacher to come to the house to teach me English on Saturday and another teacher to come to the house on a Sunday to teach me math and Monday to Friday at school I gave up half an hour of my lunch break to have a special teacher at school to teach me. Because for some reason, they couldn't understand it, my ability just completely fell off the edge of a cliff and they were really concerned. When this energy being had finished its interaction with me, and I don't know if that was 3 months or 6 months, everything changed. From a reading age of about 6 or 7, suddenly my reading age was at 13 or 14. So my command of the English language hugely swung and nobody could explain that. So don't look on these issues as negative. Look on them as it makes your child special. How can you challenge and support and lead that child to make him or her really thrive? Because the educational system is not designed for that. So what you need to do is to look what you can do at home to support that individual. And I'm happy to from a personal point of view, if the person wants to try and get in touch with me, to try and support them in any way that I can. JP: Good, good! Yeah, it's an interesting thing the dyslexia thing because I never knew about it but I always had a tendecy to be able to find mispelled words. SP: Huh. JP: It's the opposite way around, I have. So, when my son was born, or as my son grew up, they discovered that he was like dyslexic. My wife was saying how I can't have come from my side. So oh, it must come from you. I finally discovered this crazy little facility that enables me to debug software very easily because I can look at the printout and then find it on the page immediately. Just creates a little area of disturbance that draws my eye if any syntax is wrong. So I'm very good at proofreading but it's a dyslexia thing. So now one of the things that Nancy, our resident intelligence officer, says is that she thinks dyslexia is a result of having two things going on in your mind or multiple things going on in your mind at once. That's an interesting way of looking at things. SP: Well, there's actually some truth in that. I don't want to go on with this question too much longer but the entity that was training me -- and that's the right word -- was attempting to train me to be precognitive to attempt to see into the future of time. Now, that's a two way split there because there is a real time now, in this linear 3D world and trying to predict the future. So when you are being moved from the normal understanding of a linear thought pattern and you are trying to process two separate things at once -- and males are particularly bad at that -- so I think that makes a lot of sense. I think so, yes. JP: OK. So, great! Thank you. Now, to Johannes Housler. Dear Simon, thank you very much for doing your work. I have a question for 2016. What kind of energies can we expect? How can we use these energies and what do you know about planet number 9 that showed up at the end of January? Is it really similar to Earth and are there more planets in our solar system that are yet to come? Maybe 12? Again, thanks for taking the time and space to deal with these questions. All the best, Hannes. SP: Well, that's a nice question. There are sources of energy. There's the energy of good and there's the energy of not so good. That's what Connecting Consciousness was about. Many other people have formed groups so they're trying to project positive thoughts to try to counteract certain negative things that are occuring. Certainly at Connecting Consciousness we'll be doing quite a lot of that in the weeks ahead. I think the question really is what is around the corner? Planet Nine. And I said to somebody the other day, "In Roman numerals nine is IX so I suppose it's got a X in it." With Planet X, it was predicted to be here ... the question is whether it really is Planet X or whether it is a psyops, a projection of something which you can see, you can see with a decent amateur telescope at certain times. I'm not saying there isn't something there but the question at the moment is whether this is a projection or whether this really is Planet X. At some point it was where Pluto is it's around about at that point a couple of weeks back. It certainly is on an elliptical orbit in terms of its movement. It wasn't here all the time. It's just come into our visual. The Vatican spotted this last year through their Lucifer telescope, the infrared telescope. And then they spotted it through their optical telescope, which is sort of next door and they were very concerned because they thought that the shopkeepers or the headmaster, or the principal was coming back to take charge of the shop or the school. In other words, if this is genuine, and there are living entities on board this. The closest it will be to Earth, will be around about somewhere between the middle of March of this year and the middle of April. So if there is anything living on there by April we will know about it. In other words, they will make the hop across. On the other hand, if it's still genuine but there's nothing on there, it will be just an automated planetoid (or) something like that. If it's a psyops and it's what we would call a planet generator, which is a device that gives you the impression that you're seeing a planet both on a radar return and visually, then that could all be a part of a false alien invasion. Now we have to remember that, not just me but many others have been saying that 2016 and into 2017 was a critical period. And for the United States of America, which is where my focus is at the moment, I have three hotspots coming up: March through April is Planet 9, if this is genuine; June/July which could be a bit of an economic crash, gentle landing with a reset or failing that something quite catastrophic economically October/November. So there are the three key points and the question was about energy so three key points where energies will come to a peak or a spike where something could happen. America was supposed to take the hit last year; it didn't. China took it instead. So now it's sort of America's turn if that's the right way to look at it. What can we do about it? Well, in truth, I think we have to go through some sort of shock because I'm becoming increasingly convinced that the vast majority, 75% that make up the Earth, are these people who are seemingly unaware, are going to need some sort of shock to make them question who they are, what they're doing, whether the government is doing the right thing for them and how they live. So I think that we are destined to go through some sort of event of some sort which will either mean that humanity breaks free or doesn't. So I think that really what we're doing is we don't want to be fearful. We don't want to buy into anything that we are sold through the major news channels and we just wish to believe in the good outcome of humanity and for ourselves. It's perfectly acceptable to want a good outcome for yourself and your family but also to think about other people. So I've always said look, there are too many doom and gloom merchants. You put YouTube on and you know, we're going to be hit by Planet X and blown into a thousand million pieces, and the volcanoes are going to erupt, the oceans are going to ... we're all going to be doomed basically. That isn't on the cards if humanity can evolve. So we all need to stay very strong, very truthful and determined to make good example of ourselves. I don't mean you're gonna go around and do what I do sort of go public but you can be an ambassador in your own way so you can act in a way that is an exemplary human. Now that's really difficult. I'm certainly not an exemplary human but we can all make real efforts to put good energy out there and we just have to wait and watch. We'll have more information as the weeks come by but at the moment it's a pretty guarded secret. So it was a good question. JP: Excellent, excellent. So there's probably going to be a few questions about that. Yeah, it was June that started the thing so we're only about halfway through. But I did a couple of ... I interviewed you in March. So that's ... SP: Oh, that's probably what I'm thinking, yes. JP: Yes, probably. OK. So, where are we [inaudible] writing this down. Now, I caught up with Paul Breveti again so ... 'cause it disappeared when I first hit the button. Anyway, number one, he's got lost, he's got lost. OK, number one. I've been hearing that energy efficient CFL light bulbs, those are the little mercury ones, are giving off radiation. I've also heard it was false. What is the truth and should we change our energy efficient light bulbs back to the incandescent ones? SP: Right. JP: I'll ask you the questions one by one 'cause I know they pile up. SP: Due to dyslexia I won't remember them anyway, Jay Pee. First question then. You have a job going back to incandescent light bulbs because they are doing their best to completely stop production but you can still obtain them in some shops. I remember David Icke filling a cupboard up with the old fashioned light bulbs. The only bulbs at this stage to stay clear of, they are now old fashioned, they are little tube bulbs they are like Tesla coils. They are like spirals. My advice is don't buy those. The latest LEDs which are not the little glass lamps but they are the little square yellow dots. Through a very good friend of mine I've been trialing one of those before they were on the market at all. I've had one for nearly two years now and they are now generally available and very worthwhile getting. The issue is not those and I know what the questioner is aiming for. The issue is somewhat greater than that. The issue is that it may be possible to place a chip, a microchip into all of these lights which would then conduct WiFi. The problem is they could resonate at the same body frequency. I did a talk in England in New Castle just before Christmas holidays and I showed images of one of these light bulbs that had a loud speaker in it so you could sit in the comfort of your own room, take out your smart phone and then play music through your light bulb. Now, I know that sounds absolutely crazy and why on Earth would you want to do that but nevertheless you can do that. I think the object is to get these things into people's houses. It's a little bit like Windows 10, the operating system -- I'm not advertising Microsoft -- but Windows 10 is being given away free. Now I remember when you had to pay over 100 pounds for a Microsoft operating system and I keep getting these popups saying "Over 100 million people have taken Windows 10 but you haven't." And I always want to write back, "No, I haven't." And so I always think, "There's no such thing as a free lunch. Why would Windows 10 be given to everybody free?" They went through a phase when they were trying to give away lots of these light bulbs. The latest ones are incredibly expensive. At the moment there is no issue but within the next two or three years unless human conciousness has evolved sufficiently there will be an issue that they may be able to access everybody's living room, everybody's bedroom via their light bulb. That's a serious issue. OK, thank you. JP: Hmmm... right. Being 20, this is from Paul still. Being 25% reptilian energy, I was wondering, since this is hard for us energies to meditate, what are effective ways for reptilian energy to meditate? Should ... and then he ... he's. ... Should we try to doing something active to burn off energy or is physical activity enough? SP: No, that generally wouldn't help. The traditional form of meditation is what we should all be aiming for but we can change it for ourselves. We can do what we need to do. We're all individual but there are certain guidelines we should follow. For people who have elements of their soul which are part reptilian or fully reptilian, it can be incredibly difficult for those people to concentrate. You always want to be up and moving around or you get bored very easily, that's usually a sign, as far as I'm concerned, that that person has a sizable percentage of reptilian. No, the best thing to do is to find an interest, a hobby, that is connected to the Earth and then to study that. In other words what I want you to do, I'm addressing myself to the individual here, is to become absorbed in a hobby that is not collecting coins or collecting stamps because they're not connected to the Earth. But let's say for instance you were going to study birds or you were going to study insects or plants or as I do, you know, collect fossils. If you can do that then you can clear your mind and you can work with something like that and begin to understand what your connection is to the planet and the consciousness of the planet. Try to link yourself with that. The reason I'm saying that is because Reptilians are not native, never mind to the planet, they're not native to this solar system so they don't have the resonation frequency in tune with the planet that a creature that was born here and grew up here and was made of the same material as the planet Earth. If you come from somewhere else you are, you know, you're a visitor but you are a visitor with rights so I don't want people to think they're second class citizens. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that it is harder. So if you can find something that connects you. You could go for a walk on the mountain or a sunset or take digital pictures of beautiful sunsets or something like that. You're trying to do something and then to use that to focus your mind and try to understand what the greater picture is. And then use that calmness that hopefully you've created or that connection you've created to then move into the traditional form of meditation. So it's a very common, very common problem because there are plenty of people on planet Earth. You have a sizable percentages of Reptilian and many of them struggle to meditate. So that works. Give it a go. Don't just do it for a few days and think, "Oh, it's not working." You've really got to do it and it's worth doing because your physical body, your mental well-being ... everything will develop. I'm ... hopefully the object here, one of the objects is to bring down this DNA. Get your DNA into your body. You need every strand that you can get. Good question. JP: You need every strand. OK. Well, someone's been insisting. Let's take. ... Do you want to take a caller or do you want to. ... SP: Yes, no, I'll take a caller as long as it's [inaudible]. JP: I'll chat along with [inaudible]. Good afternoon caller, you're live on the air with Simon Parkes. We did ask not to have call ins because it makes it too complicated but would you like to briefly state your question and your name and your location? Thank you. OK, are you listening to this conversation? Caller: I'm not getting the show. JP: You're on the show. Please turn off your radio or I'll disconnect ... I'm going to have to disconnect you if you don't get the instructions. Hello? Caller: OK. JP: What's your name, where are you and what's your question? Caller: Kathy, New York. And my question is, is the planet Nibiru supposed to interfere with the magnetic resonances of the Earth as it comes near? SP: OK. Let's go with that. There will be no pole shift on this timeline. There have been timelines predicted where there could have been a pole shift but in this instance on the timeline we're in, Kathy, there will be no pole shift. The planet, if it's genuine, will not pass close enough to seriously affect but if it's genuine, there will be some local disruptions and the United States will experience some of those disruptions but it's not the end of the world. Thanks, Jay Pee. JP: Thank you very much and thank you very much, Kathy, goodbye. So, back to the questions here. So back to Paul Breveti. I am too bored with my life. I feel my purpose is to meet an off-world entity, form a relationship and do my part to help humanity. Would you ever be able to recommend an entity to pick up a personal-like abduction but with the purpose of exposing that individual to things that you may have been exposed to in a positive way or is that an impossible request? SP: I think that's not a serious question. Next question. JP: OK. A galaxy far, far away. This is Phillip Babcock (?). 'Cause there's a subject line that people can put in so that they get this. ... Dear Jay Pee and Simon, Thank you both for your continued energy and dedicated to all things love and understanding. Simon, my question today is two part: What is your favorite Star Wars character and why and secondly, the Pope is scheduled to meet with the head of the Russian church about ... concerned leaders of the Catholic church have over the end of the known world situation. Any clue as to what this is really about and how can we counter this with love? Thank you for your time and thoughts. Phillip Hamilton SP: Right, that's a fair question. I don't mind questions like that because they interject some humor. People might be surprised to know that I wasn't a great Star Wars fan. And I didn't see the films until I was living in Hackney in East London in England, United Kingdom. And they were running what was then the three films back to back and you started I don't know ... sort of 9 o'clock in the evening and it went through until 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning and I thought I'll just do it for the hell of it. And I don't have a favorite character, I'm afraid, because I didn't connect with it. Some of the characters were quite plausible, actually. But for me it was too flippant. It wasn't serious enough. And when you really experienced some of the things that are portrayed there it's not a joke. And I like fun and I like humor but I like serious. If you look at the original Star Trek, which obviously was a product of its time with the Vietnam War being fought. But you look to that and then you look at something in the 70s like Blake 7 which is a British TV Sci-Fi show, there were moments of humor but there was always a serious threat. Now with Star Wars I felt the characters were more important than the story so Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker became perhaps more important than the whole issue or the whole story. So I'm afraid I don't have one. Was there a second part to the question? JP: The second part was about .... This is between the Pope and the Russian Orthodox Church which. ... SP: Ah, yes. Right JP: A very, very fascinating question that my girlfriend and I have been talking about as well. SP: Right, this is actually to do with President Putin. It's got something to do with the potential of a big change coming and the Catholic Church via the Vatican surviving a change and because there are no threads of communication between government whether it be America, Italy or Britain and Russia. The only way they felt to open a means of dialogue was on the religious side. So in other words, the Vatican talking to the Orthodox Church but this is purely and simply to try and negotiate a deal in relation to the forthcoming changes that could adversely affect the Vatican. So the Vatican is seeking information. It wants to know what President Putin knows. It wants to know what President Putin is prepared to do. And it wants to know what information President Putin has about the forthcoming change and the Vatican is trying, the Vatican is trying to negotiate an exit strategy for itself and others. That's what it's about. JP: So, basically the Vatican as the Rat's nest and trying to figure ... they're trying to get a softer deal out of this because they know the time is up. Is that right? SP: Yes, in a nutshell, yes. JP: Good, good. OK. Thank you. Oh, this is an interesting one. From Lauren. Question for Simon Parkes. Is it true that Draconians use weaponized parasites in battle? And if so, are they biological or mechanical? Or so what would be the best place ... the best way to protect yourself to neutralize them or if infected? Yes, what is a better way to protect yourself from this? SP: OK. We're not going to be attacked by parasites that the Draconis use. We are already, some of us, attacked by parasites that are of an artificial intelligence nature. Somewhere between living creature and not living. This is not coming from the Draconis. This is coming from what we call the Arkons or the aritificial intelligence and it's connected to fourth dimensional energy. How can we protect ourselves? This is about your physical body and your mental state of mind. OK. First of all, on the organic side, you really have got to look after yourself, your physical body -- what you're eating, what you're drinking. You know, for goodness sake, please don't go jogging along the sidewalks. Don't go jogging along the edge of the road when the traffic is all pouring along. I can't believe when I see people doing that. If you're going to do that do it first thing in the morning or in the evening. Don't do it with all the motor cars backed up. You have to look after yourself because if you are infected or attacked by these parasitic organisms you have a much better chance of not getting a foothold if your mental state, your energtic state and your physical state is much stronger. If you believe that you are being attacked by these things then go and seek a psychic. A genuine person, a genuine psychic person who can use his or her energies to try and remove this entity while it's in the early stages. So to reiterate, it is NOT coming from the Draconis. It is coming from the artificial intelligence. This is human kind's biggest enemy on this planet. But good question. JP: Yes, very good question. And there's a lot of controversy and yes, in knowing about AI and the AI, who are the Arkons and the AI. Maybe we'll talk about that ... there'll be other questions about this I'm sure. Alright, so this next one. This is from Bud. Much love to you. In Dolores Canon's protocol's of past life regression the creator is called forward. Is this really the undying creator because the client's voice changes and speaks in the third person. Thanks. I'm not sure if that's. ... I don't like to talk about other people, when people ask me and I don't think you are either, are you? SP: I haven't actually experienced that in the sense of seeing it occur. All I know is that Dolores Canon was a good person and Dolores Canon was one of the very few who would teach the Reiki and other energy healings who was open to the fact that there were external living creatures. And so when something occured her teachings were to embrace this and to try to understand it but how that works with individuals, you know, you think about the Church. They talk about people speaking in many tongues. It's impossible ... if there's a real life case that someone has that then they need to consult with me. But you're right, Jay Pee, I can't really go any further than that. JP: Right, and now ... alright so I just want to like ... in a general point ... where are we ... three quarters of the way in. Is ... bookings and things for yourself, if people want to get hold of you, is there a new system? Do you have new contacts? Are you rebuilding a Web site? Do you need any help? Do you want to do some of that talk for the moment? SP: I'm still on my supposed holiday at the moment. That's why there's been no newsletters and such and I'm not taking any direct bookings at the moment. But what will happen is the bookings will be reopened fairly soon and normal service will be resumed. I'm taking ... trying to take this break because I'm of the opinion that the next 10 months of this year and the next sort of three, four, five, six months of the following year will probably be so full on that I won't get a moments break. So I want to. ... It's a bit like looking at a mountain or a big hill and you've got to put your foot on the gas pedal and build up a bit of speed. All I'm trying to do is charge the battery so that when this really takes off then I've got some energy to try and see it all the way through. So I will be doing that. There will be newsletters and I will be looking at the Web site and may actually move the control of it across to the states. I'm got a lot of options open to me but yeah, I will be doing it but at the moment I'm still on my holiday period. JP: Good, good. Good, good. So when does the ground hog come out? Hahahaha! SP: March JP: March, OK. So there's only a couple of weeks to go and it's really creeping up 'cause my birthday's at the end of March and it just seems to whack around, you know. January, February, bam! [Inaudible] Meanwhile, meanwhile, Lyra says, Nibiru. You have mentioned that there will not be a Nibiru event but will there be any issues with space debris? My sacred feelings love to be on my lap when you're on Wolf Spirit Radio. Hehe.... SP: Aww. Right. There won't be an event in the sense that we're going to be wiped out. Let's get that clear. There might be an event that leads us to greater understanding. Debris. You know, the only way that we're going to get debris is if something explodes. And to be truthful with you, this object is anything between two and eight times the size of the Earth. That's if it's genuine. Now, if that was to explode fairly close to the Earth, we would be showered with so much big debris that probably I would just go and open my emergency food store and say I'm going to have a party because we won't be here for very long. So I'm not expecting to be hit by a chunk of space rock. That's not ... that's what Hollywood does. I's one of their options -- the fear of being hit by an asteroid and therefore we've got to have emergency status on the Earth. No, but there may be a learning event coming from this but I genuinely don't know yet. But it's a good question. JP: Okie doke. Some people are getting reception issues. We've got a record number of listeners. That might be something. If you have any problems, go to the Web site, if you can get to the Web site. 'Cause some people are saying that that's also failed. [Inaudible] Oh, dear, yeah. Hmmmm. Well, if you can hear this show and you're still listening, don't refresh it. You can go to Wolf Spirit Radio Chat at dot chat and go dot com. So Wolf Sprit Radio Chat.chatandgo. That's ... or Chart Tango. That's where the chat room lives. If you are having trouble listening you can try tuning into Studio B. Hopefully that will also be relaying or you can try using the ... rather than using the player you've got your player buttons underneath the player that says Studio A. And you can also come into That's also got feed going on in there. So yeah, wow. We have a record number of listeners so it's great! So, it's lovely to hear you! People are calling in and it's I don't know. Well, let's take this one caller. Is this the same one? Hello caller? Is this the same caller? Is this Kathy in New York? Caller: Yes, it's the same caller and I wanted to know when can we expect when Nibiru comes and when is Nibiru coming? SP: Right. Caller: Alex Collier said that it is coming in March. SP: Uh huh. Caller: And things are going to happen. SP: OK, Kathy, did you hear earlier? Maybe you were one of the people who that couldn't, you know, get the whole show but I did say between the middle of March and the middle of April, if there is a event of some sort, that's when it was going to occur. So I would agree with Alex entirely. Middle of March to middle of April. That's the date that I'm giving. OK, Jay Pee. JP: Great, great. Caller: Should we buy food in advance? SP: Well, Alex Collier and myself both independently, have been saying that for a number of years. Yes. Caller: OK. JP: It's always good to have some spare anyway. Thank you very much, Kathy. Good bye! So, Simon, meanwhile. We are 5 minutes away from the top of the hour but let's take another ... let's go for a question from here. Oh, yes. Alright, OK. These people are piling these questions. I'm going to try and filter them out but this is the first question from Christine92Romania. Dear Simon, according to Alex Collier in his latest interviews he states that he energetic grid that surrounds the Earth has been completely shut down by benevolent ETs. Is this true or could he be talking about a different kind of grid? If this is true and the grid is down does that mean that when we die the light will no longer show up? Are the light and the grid part of the same trap or are they two different traps? Could it mean that we can no longer reincarnate unwillingly back into a human body? SP: Right. JP: Do you want me to rearrange some of those? SP: No, no. I've always agreed with about 99% of what Alex says and I'm not actually going to say I'm disagreeing with him on this one but I think we have different interpretations. My grid is that the grid is still there but there are massive holes in it. I believe that the energy grid still exists but there are great gaps and it is possible for a srongly evolved soul to find a way through that gap. That's the reason, after we did the CERN meditation, a number of my Connecting Consciousness groups e-mailed and said, "Look, could we do a group consciousness to try and take the grid down?" And the reality was that the holes were already appearing and I said, "Well, hang fire because there are already holes appearing," and this is the back end of last year, "And we may need to save our powder, as it were, for something a little bit bigger." So, I don't believe the grid is down but I do believe there are substantial holes and you still have to be determined to get through it. It's not just a walk in the park. You still have to decide whether you want to go to Source or whether you want to go to your Star family. You will still have a challenge. What some experiences refer to as the "Freeze Box" or "The Room", "The Box". The place where if you are captured by the light, the grid and the light, you are placed in this sort of isolation unit. And that's still operating. However, it's not operating at full force and there is a link between the holes in the grid and the reduction in chem-trailing. You know, many people were Hallelujah back end of last year saying that chem trails had stopped. The end of chem trails. And I said on radio and you know, in presentations, that's not the case but they've been greatly reduced. Now, in my own country, chem trailing is massively reduced. Now, in America, in some states, it's increased but in other states it's completely dropped off. But this is because chem-trailing belongs to a black project. The money from that project comes from multi-national corporations who then fund it but they have special heads of families who sign off on a regular basis where these monies can come from and what they're used for. And this particular head of the family is no longer on the planet. Now they can't have an election until ... what tends to happen is that a Draconis reptilian -- twice a year or once a year -- attends some of these family meetings and new heads of these families are elected. In other words there's no post holder to sign the piece of paper to allocate hidden black budgets. This is tax payers money that doesn't go through the law makers. It's just siphoned off completely. And that is why we have a huge reduction in many places, but not entirely in others, of that. And the only reason that occured was there was a hole in the grid which allowed this prominent individual to leave. The reason the individual decided to leave the planet was because he thought that his time was up. That the Great Reckoning was just around the corner, (he) didn't want to be here when that reckoning occured. It's the same reason, go back a couple of questions, why the Vatican is meeting with the Orthodox Church. Just a good question. JP: Excellent. We've got some good, interesting topics here. OK, this is from Cyril from France. Regarding different dimensions, I accept the idea that we can't, as third dimensional beings, even conceive what fourth, fifth or higher dimensions would be like, yet, to try and understand, what are first and second dimensions like? Can we access them and how would we? Thank you very much and all the best, Cyril. SP: Right, this dimension, the third dimension, is the only dimension with conscious life in the way that we understand it. If you go down to second dimension you are reducing the maneuverability of functionality to such an extent that life doesn't exist as we understand it. Which is not the case if you're fourth dimensional and you're looking at the third dimension. They don't say, "We can't understand life on the third dimension." They do because once you leave the third dimension you then have enough building blocks to be able to communicate with higher dimensions. It's very impossible for something from the second dimension to communicate with the third dimension. In terms of the fourth dimension, it's about time and space. The concept of time is totally against anything that we are officially told. And once human kind can understand how time and space operate then a lot of the secrets or a lot of the lack of understanding that people have will come forward. So I don't think it pays any dividends to go looking into the second dimension. I think what pays dividend is to aim at the fifth dimension and to say that whilst we won't stop in the fourth dimension, we don't want to thank you very much, we'll get passed through it. It's been a big debate for the last five or six years about this. My view is that we won't just miss out the fourth and evolve into the fifth. I think we will experience the fourth very quickly. And the reason we don't need to stay in the fourth is because of this reality, the third dimension was completely constructed from fourth dimensional values. So although we are in a third dimensional environment without the understanding of circular time and space, all of the control mechanisms that we have been forced to survive on here have been foisted on us from fourth dimension so why would we need to stay in the fourth? So we won't be staying in the fourth. We're going to go through the fourth and into the fifth and hopefully all of the nonsense that takes place on this planet will then fall away from us. So let's not focus on the lower dimensions, let's focus on the fifth and higher. Thank you. JP: OK. And are there ... how many ... 'cause you know, people are going, "Oh, I'm from the 23rd dimension and my 47th dimensional higher self. ..." You know and I'm just thinking there, "BS." What's the deal? How many dimensions are there and what are they dimensions from? SP: Right. Dimensions are 12. And I'm going to qualify that. We have ... 12 is a really important number on this planet. You know, we have a traditional analogue clock face that runs from one to 12. January to December is 12. In Great Britain, we still use inches as well as centimeters and the ruler runs from one to 12. The Americans also have the same: the Imperial standard. Twelve is very important. Each number represents a strand of DNA. But there are subdimensions. This is the bit which I think some very genuine people say you know, whether the 15th dimension or whatever it may be. But there are, first of all, subdimensions. So within a dimension there can be others and a good example of that is what's happening as we speak in the fourth dimension where a almost a microcosm of another dimension is being formed because of the heaviness, I won't use the negativity but of the denseness of the energy is creating a ... like a polyp ... a budding off within the fourth. So we could say that that's a subdimension within the fourth. Now, would we call that 4A or 4-1, I don't know. But if you look into realities, it's sometimes like a revolving door. So there is one major dimension but within that there are revolving doors. So I think we've got to be very careful when someone professes to be from the 34th dimension. I would be very interested in hearing what they have to say but I don't think I would hang around too long. JP: Tongue very firmly in cheek. At that point, I would imagine, yes. SP: It was a good question. JP: Yes, indeed. This is from CafeRacer88. Hello Simon and Jay Pee. First of all, I want to show my gratitude and appreciation for all that you do for humanity and I wish you all the best for the future. Thank you. My question is as follows. I hear beeps in my ears occuring at random times always in one ear. Sometimes left. Sometimes right. It's like a pretty high frequency or high tone. Almost always the same tone and they last for about five to 10 seconds and then fade away. Do you know what it is or do you know if anyone else has the same thing? Well, I do. Thanks again for all you do. Hahaha! Jay Pee. I get ... I have whistling all in my head. I got five or six tones that are really, really high. Pssssss. (Sounding a tone). You know, really, really, really high and they are there all the time but sometimes I get what this guy gets which is like one ear goes quiet and the other ear I hear dooooooooo (sounding a tone). And then yeah, it'll just fade out. What's the deal with that? Is it just pressure in my head equalizing or anything like that? SP: Well, heaven forbid that you have pressure in your head, Jay Pee. JP: I got lots of pressure in my head let me tell you with these headphones on. SP: So, a medical doctor, of course who hopes to retire and have an excellent pension at the end of his or her life, would call it tinnitus and say, "Oh, you have an issue with your inner ear and if you go to hospital we can probably do something for you." And for some cases that's exactly right. There will be a medical condition. But let's not look at that because my experience personally and from speaking to probably upwards of 35 to 40 people who have very clearly have this, I have described it in exactly the same way as the listener has. There are a number of possibilities and we'll try to wheel through them now. The first one is an implant in the ear implanted by Earth government or by elite Earth people. Another possibility is a energy weapon or a psychic outpouring being aimed at that individual. Another possiblity is a shadow being coming in from the fourth dimension. The best way to describe would be you have a like a vacuum in one ear so you don't hear anything from one ear but in the other ear it's a high pitch sound which some people say it sounds like being under water. That is generally a entity arriving into your reality from the fourth dimension but I wouldn't exclude implants or psychotronic attacks. What the listener hasn't furnished us with, and would be extremely helpful to decide which of the three it is, is that the 15 seconds prior to hearing that noise what did they feel? And the 15 seconds after, what did they feel? So they need to keep a diary and they need to write in the diary what they immediately felt or sensed or thought before hearing the noise and what they felt or saw or considered after the noise. And that would be good enough evidence for me to be able to tell them which of those options it was. JP: Oh, that's a very interesting thing 'cause I actually get that thing that you say that everything goes quiet in one ear and then I hear a doooooooooo (making a tone). And then, so yeah, I've never noticed the feeling and. ... SP: Keep a diary. Keep a diary. JP: I shall, I shall. And I'm pretty certain that I get entities here all the time because there's some sort of portal going on in my living room. Hehehe.... You know, it happens. Anyway, meanwhile, so. ... SP: Do you want to take a break? JP: Oh, that's a good idea, yes. We're well past that, aren't we. So let's put on a little tunie and then we can get a nice cup of tea and uh ... what have we got here. Hmmm ... maybe not. Ah, there we go. Got some John Lennon, Mind Games. SP: Excellent. (Music) SP: The town hall. JP: Right, OK, so we are now back and we're just discussing a little bit but where I come from in London. Now, I live in Scotland, which is right at the other end of the country and Simon lives in Whitby which is kind of halfway up the island, but we both have spent quite a deal of time. I grew up there in a place called Bethnal Green, or Hackney and Simon was a local council representative and so that's a fascinating little thing. That must have been a real laugh. When were you the councillor in Hackney? SP: I don't think laugh is the right word. JP: Well, laugh is it. SP: '94 to '99. JP: Alright so that was just after I left London actually. I left London in '94. So somebody's got me there. So, here we are. Meanwhile, back at the question list. This is from DruidStar. "Hi, Simon. Greetings from Ireland! Longtime listener, first time questioner. Myself and my partner would really love a soul reading from your good self and we were wondering how we could go about to book one please." Now that's just beside even ... 'cause that's something everybody wants to know. "Also, with talk about the grid being down, could that be having a lot to do with all the people from the age of 50 up that's passing lately, you know, like David Bowie and all these people and is it possible that since the grid is down are the souls leaving to go home as soon as they can? Thank you for your answer and many thanks and love for giving [inaudible] and help in guiding humanity. SP: That's a lovely question and Ireland is a very beautiful, energetic place. JP: Absolutely. SP: Special place. I want to do soul readings. I want to take the bookings and I will be doing it soon, yes. And I will make the announcement on your show, Jay Pee, when that time comes you'll be the very first venue to carry that and I will tell people how to go about and do it. So yes, that'll ... you'll hear it here first. We've already talked about the grid and I hope the previous answers I've given will cover that. Obviously very, very, very sad in a way that David Bowie's physical body has passed on. It would have been nice perhaps if he'd stayed a bit longer to do some more work. There seems to be some debate about whether he really is dead or whether he has taken himself off somewhere. To my knowledge, he really is dead. I don't really think there is a lot of mileage in, you know, trying to debate whether he has pulled a fast one, etc., etc. I think that many, many people are leaving the planet at this time. I think that they were here to do a job to impart energy and David Bowie was not just a creationist but that he challenged the accepted understanding and he did it through Pop. In other words, he connected with youth culture and the establishment didn't like him but what could they do because he was so successful. It's rather like when I was a politician. Perhaps people didn't like me talking about 9/11 or anything like that but if I'd been elected with a large majority what on Earth could they do? So in the same way, if thousands of people are attending a Bowie concert, how could the establishment really turn against him? So people like David Bowie were on this planet to bring aboutchange. But change in a subtle way, change in a different way. So it's a good question. So yeah, Jay Pee, when I'm ready to do the soul readings I will announce it on your radio show. JP: Excellent. Thank you very much. Well, actually, this is YOUR radio show, Simon. I know this is my station but. ... SP: I look on it as you give me the opportunity to engage with some very special people, listeners. And I'm always grateful to you because you have the technical knowledge. So yes, it's my show in the sense that I'm here but it's OUR show, Jay Pee. It's you and me together. That's how I look at it. JP: So Sanita. Sanata? Sanata? Like Sanata Kamara. "I work as a massage and energy therapist and also hold meditation classes. What is the best doorway into reconnection of the DNA strands and subsequently our wholeness through bodywork and the meditative process?" SP: Excellent question. JP: Right. Now there's ... that's the question. There's a bit of background. "I see a few energy techniques that say they reconnect DNA. I read The Reconnection by Eric Pearl, The Marconics by Allison David-Bird. I would love to know if you were aware of any specific energy techniques that are useful in the reconnection process. Right now in my meditation I'm using a type of soul retrieval technique but I'm using it to connect and call back DNA strands. Gratitude and much appreciation for you, Simon. You're added presence of work in this world. SP: Oh that is a very nice thing. Thank you. I find that I would look on someone like that as a fellow practitioner. We are doing different things but we have the same goal at the end which is freeing the human race. Everyone is different so it's actually not accurate to produce a document and say this is the way you should connect your DNA. Anybody who is a practitioner knows that you can use certain threads of it which will work for everybody but only up to a certain level because we're all different. What you need is to know the soul group of the individual you are working with. And we talked earlier about reptilian souled people struggling to meditate and need assistance to do that. So the root way for that is different from say if I were working with a Lyran or a Pleidian or someone from Sirius or Cyrus. Once you understand their soul makeup then you can use whichever method that you have for energy DNA retrieval which is appropriate for that individual's makeup. So really and truly you need to know their soul grouping. Now you're talking about soul retrieval. You have to be very, very careful here. Soul retrieval is not really ... I know the listener said that she used a type of soul retrieval but soul retrieval is where a fragment of that person's personality has been trapped or stuck in a phase of time. Now, soul retieval can be very useful for poltergeists ... for regaining the poltergeist. Maybe if we have time we will talk about that. We won't have time now. But if you are attempting to retrieve DNA the best way to do it is to go into a true meditative state and to visualize a white, twisting strand of energy and you have to say, "It's time to come home. It's time to rejoin. It's time to be whole. This is the moment." And you need to welcome back what was stolen from us 220,000 years ago. So you visualize the strand of DNA and it doesn't matter which one it is. Don't go saying, "Oh, well I don't want the reptilian one. I want this one." It will be what it will be and you have to accept that and love it and go with it. Now, the last strand of DNA that you connect into your body will be the most challenging for you. And it may not be a reptilian one. It may be a Lyran or it may be something else. So soul retrieval isn't really designed to connect with your strands. That's not what it's about. And you need to actually be very upfront and be very determined, very clear and focused. This is what I visualize and this is what I want back because I need this. I will work free of charge with any healer who just needs a little bit of guidance from me. Because there will a time when I will come to that healer and I will say, "You know what? I could do with a little bit of help here." And that's what good people do. They work with each other and they support each other. So it's a really good question, thank you. JP: That's the thing I was going to come to you with, Simon. Is you seem to be very overworked. It would be good if there was a school or at least a small group of people of healers that could kind of lessen ... lighten your load a bit. Is that part of your plan? SP: Yes. JP: Good. SP: Yes, absolutely part of the plan. Part of the plan. Unfortunately we are in a 3D world. You can't do anything without money. That's ... that's deliberate. It's the control system because if you earn money you must be doing what the establishment want by and large. That's their thinking anyway. And therefore, they can control you know ... you ... through your ability to make money. What I'd love to do is to have the money to build a -- and it has to be a physical building -- a healing center where there would be a range of practitioners offering a range of services to clients and a client would be able to access from a menu that was appropriate to him or her. There are certain things that I can't do and there are certain things that other people can't do. So if we work together then we can obviously offer a package. For instance, someone who comes to me and has serious mind control issues would benefit from another practitioner who could help them with a sleep pattern because many people who have mind control issues don't have regular sleep patterns. So yes, I am overworked. I don't believe that I am the only person on this planet who can do this. But I do believe that I am about the only person who is prepared to come up front in such a way to do this. I don't blame anyone else because they are frightened for their lives whether it's ridicule, whether it's just personal attack or rudeness or whether it genuinely is threats of violence. And we have all seen key players go through periods where they've felt their life was threatened. So I don't give a damn. I will carry on doing this. And either this physical body will carry on and I will carry on what I'm doing and the human race will be free or it won't in which case I will have failed and everyone else who is on here will have failed or something will Partial Transcription by NHA September 12, 2016

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