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Current Events, Questions & Answers, January 3rd, 2016

The role of AI and CERN, and how people are manipulated by the media. Earth and its dimensional Shift, AI and the Fire Wall, Mars, Moon and the Great Deception, Jesus and the Christ Energy, About a Reptilian Princess and her Excommunication from the Vatican, Satanism and Paganism, About Simon's Book, The Tavistock Institute, Politicians and Politics, Animals and their Alien Roots of Origin, The role of the media in the terrorist attacks, Aleister Crowley, Jinn and contracts, The body and its adaptations to higher frequencies, The Arcturians, Atlantis and now 7th time Lucky us! CERN, Mediums and the energetic grid, Robbin Williams and the singer Robbie Williams, Shape shifting: good or bad?

Simon Parkes: Hello Jay Pee, how are you?

Jay Pee: I am very well Simon. Good afternoon everybody this is Wolf Spirit Radio. This is now 7 o’clock pm, well 5 past, on the 3rd of the 1st, we’ve managed to make it to 2016, so very quick, that year just went (click of fingers), bye, (laughter), and thank God for that, cause it was horrible, you know, everybody was under attack, and we’re all pretty tired, but you know I have had a bit of a refreshing wave and, hopefully you’ve had a little bit of a rest, Simon

SP: Yes, it’s been a very good start and I have just, obviously want to say I missed the Round Table that you had in December, which wasn’t because I forgot, I had no modem, I was without internet for about 5 days, and it happened at the critical period, and of course I couldn’t get any sort of message to you, I did get someone to get a message to you JP, but I think it probably got lost in your face book points so that was a great shame I wanted to go on that one, I wanted to take part in that debate, and I am sure it wasn’t deliberate. I think it was just one of those things, that the modem finally gave up the ghost, but it was a heck of a job to get it repaired, well get a new one sent. So that’s why I wasn’t there!

JP: Ah, right, so I, well I knew you’d have a, it wouldn’t be like you were just blowing us out cause you just don’t do that sort of thing, but it was a, you know we had a very interesting conversation, we’ll have another one soon. Also, somebody also suggested that we have you on with Alex Collier, so we may be able to arrange that some time further down the road

SP: That would be something that I would be incredibly interested in taking part in

JP: Excellent excellent so well we’ll work some more. So Simon now in the last show we were going on about having, I didn’t have anything Christmas, a couple of my friends who live about seven miles away down the road they heard the show and they sent, they brought me this the other day

SP: Bulldog

JP: Which is a bulldog, which is a very grumpy looking bulldog which is with a Father Christmas Santa hat, it’s a pair of socks so there we go, that’s my Christmas cheer for the year. (laughter)

SP: Is that meant to be you?

JP: That’s a, well I don’t know if it was meant to be me, as the grumpy bulldog, but a, there you go. Hi, anyway, I won’t waste valuable, I do actually seem to have quite a good line with you tonight, so let’s not spoil the thing by putting it on video and rubbish like that and Wow! We’ve had so many questions of course as usual from every possible orifice and vector, well you know and everybody’s going, wahh, where’s Simon, we haven’t seen him and, so we’re very pleased to have you back. And, you know, unbelievably free, everybody’s, let’s have a quick look in the chat room. I’ve got several screens and several mouses going on to, no we are live, and, hello everybody. So people have been here since like two o’clock this afternoon, putting questions into the chat room, two ‘o’clock UK time

SP: Let’s hope we can get some questions from the chat room J

JP: Yeh well let’s get them all in (laughter) yeh alright so we also seem to have crashed the web site (extreme laughter)

SP: You’re up to your old tricks then

JP: Oh yes, everything’s happened so, we probably over, no, that’s 77 people in the chat room, that’s a that’s quite a record so well it’s lovely to have everybody here and I’m just gonna get, first of all we’ve had some, I’ve had a whole list of CC Connecting Consciousness Group, I got them to, rather than kind of overload the chat room because there’s loads of them, I got them to do a separate collection that Beth and Kurt Tirel are doing so that’s, thank you to those two and

SP: JP would it be possible to do one question say from the Connecting consciousness Group

JP: That’s exactly what I was going to say

SP: And then one question from the chat room

JP: Precisely, precisely, plus other vectors, I didn’t get a paper letter this time, I got a paper letter last month, but some other things that came through various contact forms from other web sites. So let’s start with from a CC member who’s called Diamond Light. ‘I’d like to know about the role of other planets in our Solar System, how they interact with the Earth and her Sun, as she makes this dimensional shift.’ What a good question!

SP: Yes, it is, when we think about planets that evolve and change then that is exactly what’s happening to that planet, if the planet has sentient life on it and it’s been part of an on-going process, you can call it a, not a test as such but the problems of life that we face and then we overcome them, and if we overcome them we move up a notch, and it we don’t overcome them then we either stay still or perhaps we slip back a bit. So, all planets go through, or have the potential to go through this Evolution, this change. When we go through, and I am going to be positive in saying it’s going to happen, we will take all of the immediate group with us, because otherwise what’s going to happen is that you will wake up one morning and you will find a completely different Star Field. It isn’t just the one planet that will go, it will go within the family, within the group. Now I don’t know where the cut-off is, you know, would Neptune go with us? Or will Pluto go with us? But I know that the immediate group that is associated with the human race, that has a combined history with that planet, that will also go, providing that planet is being, is of good intent. How can a planet not be good intent? What can happen is a planet can be artificial like our Moon for instance,so we would have to ask whether that Moon would actually travel through because it’s part of the Creational Force, or if it’s an artificially built structure, whether therefore it wouldn’t go with us. So, there are certain questions that can be asked, I haven’t got the answers to that one, but I know that if and when the Earth moves forward, it will not go on its own. But I couldn’t tell you if you stuck a pin in the Earth and drew a circle, I couldn’t say at what point those planets wouldn’t go with the Earth. So there will be a collection of familiar astral bodies that will come with us, but I don’t know the process of that. So that’s a really good question

JP: So it is, let’s go now to the chat room, which, thank you very much to Vanessa for collecting these questions. There are so many coming in its ridiculous. Anyway here from Shake-up, ‘Hi guys, Happy New Year, thank you Simon for all your hard work over the past five years. Here is my question. ‘The AI Intelligence known as the Archons is being described erroneously to the annoyance of one gnostic scholar. He states that the term is not sited or used in the context from where it was derived, his studies have brought him to this conclusion that the Archons are the accidental anomaly resulting from a Cosmological Event known as the Sophianic Fall from the Galactic Core. What are your thoughts on this?’

SP: I am happy to use the term AI because it embodies an understanding that unawake people can grasp. We shouldn’t be surprised, that in our 3D world, the computer world, the technological world, coined the phrase AI for Artificial Intelligence although we hardly hear it now. But some ten years ago it was a very common word used, specifically with computer games for PC, CD or DVD games. The AI was the piece that made that game work. But it’s deliberately not being used at ground level. But I use it, and others use it because it most accurately reflects something that wasn’t created by Source. What the questioner is, the questioner is not wrong, things can be made or caused to be made, but not to contain the Divine Source. So if something happens, generally Source will say ‘Ok it’s Free Will, I’ll let that run and let’s see where it goes. And if it is going to cause great harm and hardship I will just terminate it, but I will let it run because of this Free Will. So AI came about because of a fall, and I don’t mean a fall off a cliff, but a fall in Grace, so that element is correct. But it has grown, and become the biggest enemy, not just of the human race on this planet but of every sentient living creature, even the Reptilians are under the sway of the AI. So the Reptilians have Free Will just as we do, and the Reptilians do what they do, but they are manipulated, now they publicly don’t accept that, but privately they do. And just as they have been manipulated many other groups are. Now what’s interesting is that groups like the Pleiadeans and the Lyrans are not manipulated because they have built a Fire Wall between their technology, and the invasive technology that the AI has created. So 1947 was the Roswell incident, that was brought about at the behest of Artificial Intelligence, using a particular Grey Specie to dump technology on Earth, to force the technological band-wagon on planet Earth into the direction they want. So the whole object of AI is to destroy humanity. And not by nuclear bombs, but by converting humanity into robotic type creatures. So AI cannot manifest itself on the Planet Earth unless the human race wishes it, and the only way that the human race would wish it is if it took on 51% Artificial body parts, or Electronic parts, therefore the human part became the minority. That’s the only time that this really evil horrible stuff could actually manifest itself here. But in the meantime it is manipulating and cajoling. I’ve talked before in previous conferences about the Industrial Revolution, particularly obviously in the Western World, and how I believe that was orchestrated by AI that wished to push along the industrialisation. So AI is not Source created, therefore it is artificial, therefore it is not Divine, but it came about because of a clash, or a schism, at a very very high level. So the questioner is not wrong but it’s very important I think that I continue to use the word AI to define something that is not the Creational Force of the Divine Creator. So that’s a very good question. Thank you for that

JP: So, but he said something that I’ve never heard before, Sophianic Fall

SP: Yes

JP: What’s that?

SP: Yes this is the fall, well we can talk about the Sophia, we can talk about the Divine Power and the Divine Constructional Force, the driving force but there is one overall Creator, but there are other Sub Creators as well. So we have this one Diving Force which on this planet is erroneously called God, the Alien Beings that I communicate with have probably got it slightly better when they call this creature the Undying Creator, so they don’t make it male or female, they say it is neither, it is the Undying Creator so, what you can have is, each planet has an energy field around it, or it has a signature, just as each human Being has a finger print and that finger print is unique to that individual. So each planet has a unique signature like its own finger print. Well sometimes issues can occur and stimuli are required and sometimes get out of hand. So AI came into this sector, into this quadrant, into this area and planet Earth is a Fire Wall, so many many friendly or benevolent off-planet species are involved on the Planet Earth because if AI isn’t stopped here, through the Reptilians, because the Reptilians are actually carrying it, I don’t mean physically carrying it, but energetically, and technologically pushing it. If it is not stopped here on Planet Earth then it will spread right across so, Earth is seen as a Fire Wall and that is one of the reasons that so many benevolent off-planet Entities got off their armchairs and actually decided to get involved. So it came about because of a schism between Creational Forces, and it was seen as a Counter Balance, and it is a Counter Balance that got out of hand. But there is very little on this, you can troll the internet and you will find hardly any information on it at all

JP: Exactly, exactly, so I tried to find out, ‘cause these are, these are some of the outer edges of our knowledge domain, that we keep meaning to, So that number of visitors has managed to crash the listen chat site, it should probably reboot itself and come back on line in a couple of, you know, in some time. It does that automatically but yes so, anyway, well until that, we’ve got loads of questions. How, where where, number three, let’s go to listener number three. Ok, this is from Christiana ‘Why is there increased interest in Mars with Elon Musk, Space X,Nasa and media exposure on this. Nasa claims the Moon will be potential launch pad to Mars. What’s the truth there? Portal to Mars on Moon perhaps?’

SP: Right

JP: Alternative three, I am going to say alternative three, and you can tell everybody the rest

SP: Right, obviously whatever comes out of Nasa’s mouth publically, is just to be put in the dustbin, the trash can, and just forgotten, what these elite organisations do, is they wish to either show or tell, at a level of technology which suits them. When we talk about the Moon, we talk about the Moon Rover, that devise that looks like a, one of those cars you get on a Stock Car rally, you know, with four wheels and spokes

JP: Yeh, a go cart

SP: Well a go cart, well that’s the level of technology that they actually want to show the public. So they portray that as, this is the cutting edge of technology, so when we talk about Mars, and we want to go to Mars via the Moon, so we are going to use the Moon as a base. What they are trying to do is to say to people, we’re not yet there with the technology, but in a few years’ time we will have the technology to build a little landing pad, and a launch pad on the Moon, so we can use it as a staging post to go to Mars. The fact and the reality is that since the mid 1950’s, the American Space Fleet has been regularly going to the Moon and Mars. So this is just part of the Great Deception, otherwise, if they were truthful, they would have to tell everyone that twenty years ago they’d got a cure for Cancer, and of course they don’t want that. They don’t want that, to share that with us, the ordinary people, so all these are statements attempting to reinforce the understanding of the level of technology that we have. But let’s go to the question. Why Mars? Simply because the Corporations, feel it is high time to screw more money out of the tax payer, and the only way to get more money out of the tax payer is for a President of the United States to do what Kennedy did, although Kennedy did it unwittingly, and so I am not at all putting anything bad on Kennedy. But basically, if you talk up a possible travel to Mars, then you are talking up extra tax dollars and of course they wouldn’t use that (money for that purpose) because they’re already going to Mars, and have done for many many years. But they would use that money for something else. So it’s all a ploy to get, say, multi-nations, say the French and the Russians to chip in some money and, you know, and they can do it like that. What is it on the Moon and the Mars? Well the Moon contains a number of Subterranean Alien Bases which are incredibly old, and so does Mars. When we talk about Adam and Eve leaving Eden, at the Garden of Eden, it’s no surprise that the Moon and Mars both have Bases which have been termed Adam and Eve. And that’s their official name outside of the Public Domain. So there are, Military Bases, and Civilian Corporation Bases on the Mars, and we know, we’ve had other people who’ve talked about their Mission to Mars, and I did take part in a Round Table with Alfred Lamont Webre, and we did talk about Mars, so that’s what that’ s all about. It is just trying to get more tax dollars in so that they can use that money elsewhere

JP: The usual scam! Ok, back to CC. This is from a Sherine Chagnon. ‘Did Jesus die on the cross, or was there a stand-in, is there more than one Jesus currently on Earth by splitting the Soul?’ How’s that, then there is a secondary question, which is a different period of time.

SP: Can I?

JP: Yes, so please go with it

SP: Thanks, thanks JP, no he didn’t die on the cross, hmmf (smile), no he didn’t, when we call a stand-in somebody else did die on the cross, also Jesus came to Britain, which is quite exciting, not usually well known. There are some people out there who have done a heck of a lot of reading on the subject and when you are quite critical and you can define what’s truth and what isn’t and you can put it put it all together actually it’s surprisingly obvious just what was going on. Jesus was one of the leading guys leading the Jewish Revolt, you know, against the Roman Empire. So, my answer is no he didn’t die on the cross, yes somebody else did. So what was the next question? There was a second part wasn’t there?

JP: Well it’s an entirely different time period, it says ‘JP, under hypnosis Simon revealed that in one of his lives he was a Pharaoh. Is he willing to reveal which Pharaoh he was?’

SP: Ok

JP: Feel free to say ‘no’

SP: Thank you very much indeed, we still actually need to talk about how many Jesus’s upon the Earth, you can have fragments, you can have what’s called the Christos Energy, the Christ Energy. It doesn’t mean that X is Jesus or Y is Jesus, what it means is they may contain a Soul fragment, or they may contain a residual energy frequency from that individual. There could be as many as fifteen people who have memories or connections to Jesus, just as, you know, there may be fifteen people, twenty people, or one hundred people who could connect to the Dalai Lama or, or something like that. So what you tend to find is that when somebody, through Sacrifice, and remember, we tend to misunderstand the word Sacrifice, but through some Huge Explosion of Energy, the energy field of the Earth is bathed in that individuals expression and some children being born at that critical moment, or some people who are already connected, can actually take on some of that frequency, and also there is the possibility of Soul fragments being reconnected, at a later date. So, yes, that, that was the point. And I have completely forgotten what the last part of the question was …


SP: I, I, you know, I really would like the person to show me, or play me the part where I’ve said that I was a Pharaoh. I don’t to any knowledge remember that!

JP: Ok (laughs)

SP: I don’t, honestly, I don’t have any past life memory of a Pharaoh, if the person is saying to me that I had a past life of a person, who in This History, in This World of History, is said to be A or B, but probably was a Pharaoh before that, then that is a different story. But I have never actually said that I was a Pharaoh. But it’s a good question

JP: There you go, thank you everybody, now, in the chat room, please, if you put a question in once you don’t need to put it in again. It won’t actually make the question any more likely to be answered, in fact it’s probably going to have the opposite effect because it’s just going to annoy the moderators who are moving the questions into my chat, so that I can have a calm ordered list of things, it’s great anyway. Ah, where are we going next. Let’s take this one and the right codes, from Magdalena from Poland, oo, wow, this is a one. ‘Have you heard of Spiritual Reptilian Masters, those who through strong will and determination of the Spirit separated themselves from the mainstream and created a Hermetic Group, 2% of the population of the Draconian race in opposition to most Draco’s, that small group meditates and works with the illusion of Ego as well as takes part in Galactic Federation meetings. I encountered these beings in one of my Shamanic Telepathic journeys and the beings were the Queen and the male protector. Both were the founders of some kind of scholar group teaching younger Reptilians to meditate and do Yoga Asanas. The male had wings and a Golden Crown and white scales …?’ This is a long question, do you want to jump in on it

SP: Yeh I will go with that one. You are absolutely right. I am not sure about the percentage 2%, I think that’s rather high, this is actually a Princess who was, I don’t know what the words would be, ‘Excommunicated’ from the Vatican, I don’t know. But he was a Royal in the Royal Line who wanted to incarnate in a male body, didn’t and incarnated in a female body, therefore couldn’t become the Lord High King of the Reptilian race and fell out and was pushed out from the group, took a number of the courtiers with her. This is the Queen you are referring to. It’s not actually really a Queen, she’s a Princess, and she is a self-styled Queen. She’s working against the accepted Anu and the group there, we have to be very very careful because of the old adage that ‘your enemy is my enemy’, we have to be careful because sometimes an individual harbors such a growing ‘hate’ that they want to get back at the people who removed them from the position, that that drives them. So instead of being Spiritual for Spirituality’s sake they are just driven because they want pay-back. So we always have to be incredibly careful. Now what I would say is this particular individual’s case, it’s been a very very long time, since this occurred, and they have naturally mellowed. In terms of the Ascended Master type programme, I’m not really into that, but what I would say is that they do have Ambassadors that they send to important Council Meetings, but they never meet in Public, they always meet outside of public because there is always an assassination attempt. You know if you turn your back on the Draconis Reptilian Group and you are a living breathing white scaled Royal member of the Family and you turn against them they will kill you if they can. So, yes, I’d say you are 90% correct on the question, but I don’t know about the 2% I think that’s rather high, and I would council caution, because with Reptilians, the pay-back ‘I will get you back’ that can be a very eating up type energy. But again another very good question J P

JP: Oops! hang on, off with that monitor right, ok next, back to the CC questions, ok, now this is, this is very concerning for everybody. ‘Since nanobots are in the chemtrails what can be done about these Morgellons blobs swimming in our bodies. Can we short circuit the chips without harming themselves?’

SP: Right, I’m afraid the chips aren’t as we understand them, they are sentient, it’s a, it’s part of AI’s, the whole point about this is it’s part of the AI programme to subjugate humanity, Morgellons should be seen as part of that. The best way to develop a defence against Morgellons is to literally, and it’s old hat, but it’s absolutely the best way is to really really sort out your diet. Really sort out your vitamin intake, your fluids and your food, because what this type of energy does is it only seems to hook on to human type creatures that are under stress, biologically under stress, and energetically emotionally under stress. Where the body is not operating at its normal rate and, it doesn’t mean that these people are inferior, it just means that they went through a period in their life where they weren’t at 100%. And that’s why some people get it and some people don’t, because the vast majority of the population now have got this in their body but only a very small group are developing it. So the best defence is literally, revolutionise your diet, and that’s why of course the establishment are trying to put this rubbish food our way, and poison, because they know that if they can weaken the human body to a certain level then these type of—disease isn’t even the right word actually—but this type of life form, because Morgellons is another life form, and we haven’t got the time to go into it, but it is actually a fourth dimensional life form, or what’s the beginning process of it. That if they can weaken the human body, then basically, you know, the human body will just very quietly change and develop the way that want it. So you can’t stick yourself in a microwave, I am being quite serious here, you can’t stick yourself in a microwave, you can’t deal with these things because there are millions of them, you know it’s not just like, I’ve got an implant, or I’ve got this, or we can get that one out, or we can put some strong electro magnets over it, but what we have got to do is ensure, that the Divine Source created the human body, and therefore we need to help Divine Source by looking after our body. So that’s my best answer

JP: The previous guest of mine had the other suggestion, which was to actually Command all the AI in the body, using your Manifesting Power as a human, to shut down and uninstall itself, and then to eat itself

SP: Well I don’t have a problem with that. But the problem is that (laughs) I don’t have a problem with it! The issue with that is that only a small percentage of the human race is at an evolved position Spiritually where it can Command that, because even if you have the best will in the world, unless you have mastered, and I am using the word technically here, unless you have mastered all the connections of your energy body, and the connection to your physical body, you won’t be able to do it. so that is correct but when human consciousness reaches that level, then everyone, or those who have made that change, they’ll be able to do it. But at the moment the vast majority of people are not at that position, therefore the best defence is a physical defence, which is looking after your physical body

JP: Of course. So, aha, yes, to relatively recently, from Cheryl Manning. ‘I wonder if JP could ask Simon what caused the strange light anomaly over California on the 7th of November (2015), I certainly don’t believe it that there was a rocket involved in the Government Military Manoeuvres that were being held off shore. I’d really love to know what it really was, do you really know?’

SP: No I don’t. Obviously I’m Northern Hemisphere, you know, I’m in Britain, and the only thing I’ve seen is what’s been shown in pictures, and eye witness accounts. And it’s one of those things that it wasn’t sufficiently important enough for me to go and seek further information on. you know, was it planet X? I really don’t know. Was it a shot down Spacecraft, I don’t know, but it wasn’t anything that had, was having, a crucial impact on the Time-line at the moment. So was there something unusual happening, yes there was, and it wasn’t part of anything that was a standard test, but I don’t know what it was

JP: Well, ok, from Tom Hyde. Now this is quite an interesting question. ‘What is the difference between Satanism and Paganism? Often Simon Parkes, David Icke and many others Truth Seekers refer to Satanic Practises and Grandmothers in the Elite Circle - like Witches. Who and what do Thesistic Satanists really worship? And then you can please make a clear difference between who and what Satan is and who Pan, Horn God is, and generally between Satanism, Paganism, as a Wicca etc.’ I know Paganism is a broad term, probably, you know, Satanism, and then you know what’s the other one Luciferianism, is that the same?’ Do you want to pull a few distinctions out, ‘cause that’s a very interesting subject

SP: Right let’s just start off. We can throw into this White Magic, Grey Magic, and Black Magic. Actually, I can say all magic. Most magic isn’t bad (laughs) it is the intention of the conjurer, of the magician, or the witch, whatever you want, it’s their reality in terms of what they wish to do with that Magic. That makes it good or bad. If you, under Satanic practises conjure up a denizen from the fourth dimension, if you wish to take it shopping with you, then there’s absolutely no harm in that at all. If you wish to sit and have a chat with it about, you know a philosophical argument, there is nothing wrong in it. Unfortunately many many Magicians call forth these entities because they wish to have power over other humans, or other people, and so they use those Energetic Beings, and make a pact with them, so that they can manipulate or control other people. So magic in itself isn’t generally bad, it is the individual’s intention. Right, when we talk about, and when I talk about, Satanism, I am referring to a specific practise of blood ritual. I am referring to the murdering of children, and women, and to a lesser extent men, as part of a Blood Ritual. So that’s what I mean by Satanic Practise. Paganism, Paganism should not be seen in the same light. For Heaven’s sake, before the dear old Catholic Church came and disempowered the Pagan Communities, and took away the rights of women, then, you know, I think actually we were far more connected to the planet and to the Earth than we are now. So we talk about Pan, the Horned God that played the Pipes. This was very much a spirit of water and of the Earth. If we think about the green man, we have a pagan tradition that honored the planet, and I don’t know enough to know if there were blood rituals, but certainly, it is the Satanic form (that has the connection with blood rituals). Now the argument between Satan and Lucifer is something that goes back to Victorian Times, and you know it’s like Father Christmas, when as soon as Father Christmas became, you know, Santa Claus, Satan Claus, then we know that, and the first time that I’m aware that Father Christmas became Santa Claus in a red costume was under a Coca Cola advert. Because prior to that Father Christmas was seen in a green or a white robe. In a green robe because Santa – Father Christmas was representing the green verdant that was going to come through in the new Spring. So let’s be clear. Let’s not get Paganism confused with Satanism, and people like David Icke are quite right to keep using the word because what we are doing is saying ‘that this is a practise where generally people are joined together for Blood Rituals because they wish to control other individuals’ and that’s a very negative practise. I hope that helps

JP: Good, thanks, yes it’s always good to, because some people just don’t know what certain words mean and use words inappropriately. It’s always good to have the appropriate meaning. Alright here’s some personal stuff, ‘Any more news on Simon’s book?’ How’s that book of yours coming? ‘And will it contain, how to raise your frequency to be able to connect more and communicate with Inter-Dimensional Beings, a time line of History, and how inter-dimensional Beings influence and intervene through prehistoric, dark ages, medieval, renaissance and all the eras up until now, if not, any recommendations?’ Ha ha, ‘if you’re not going to write about it’

SP: That’s lovely, the answer is yes, that’s exactly what it will contain, the book was simply, I wrote it three years ago, four years ago and, so much has changed that I have had to add chapters to it. I haven’t actually had to change anything, I have had to add chapters to it, and I had to make a very conscious choice, what did I feel was important to me, was it to spend countless evenings writing a book and then sending that out, or was it doing things like your show, going, doing conferences, talking to people during the day on the internet. And I decided that there is a place for the book, but it, it wasn’t at that time. Now I think that this will be the year that the book is published because I think we’ve reached the stage critically where I can change focus a bit. And I think I have reached the stage where I can change focus a bit, I have always said for the last five years that 2016 / 2017 was the make or break. Now I know other people band dates about, 2020 and 2025, and their absolutely correct, but it’s this year, and the following year that all of the things that we’ve been talking about, and we’ve seen gradually happening, are going to come into fruition. So once that that becomes very obvious to me, and to everyone else, then I think that I can spend time on the book. So yeh, hang in there, it’ll come out, whether it will be published, hopefully human consciousness will have raised up enough and there will be a publisher who will say ‘Yep I’ll go with that’. Rather than what I have had in the past, when I went to get a publisher, and I was told ‘yes we’ll publish it, please take out’, I think it was Chapter 5, Chapter 5 I talked about MI5 and MI6 and the National Security Agency, and the publisher I spoke to said if you take, get rid of all of that and make no reference to MI5 then, you know, we’ll publish it. And I said ‘no way’ because that is an incredibly important part to explain to the reader who I am, how I got here, how my life has been shaped, and formed, and the sort of family I came in, and you know, that’s like you wanting to take away one of the supports from a big house, you know, so no that won’t happen. So that’s why it didn’t get published in the early stages because publishers were too damned frightened to publish the stuff I wanted to say about MI5, because they thought they would be closed down. However human consciousness is rising, more and more stuff is coming out, fingers crossed, let’s hope it comes out this year

JP: Great! In corollary to that people are also asking ‘when can you start receiving bookings once again? Because, and when will you start, restart doing your readings?’

SP: Yes, I’m going to be looking at, to re-look, I am not going to promise when, but there is certainly going to be, I’m relooking at this year, what I can realistically do. I’m reasonably booked up to March, reasonably, but I have been trying to clear, there’s a backlog, there’s a waiting list, and you know, it’s only fair that those people get seen. So what I have been doing is like taking them after bookings. So if I finish at say 6 o’clock in the evening then I am adding another one on there. So once that back log is cleared, then I’ll be redoing/retaking the readings, so probably within four weeks. So probably within four weeks we will be rebooking.

JP: Hoorah! So, you talked about MI5, you talked about the NSA, here’s another invisible point of influence on the general public of the world. The Tavistock Institute

SP: Right

JP: This is from Havier Secorahl (?) ‘I think I never heard Simon mention The Tavistock Institute, I hear it a lot lately, can Simon share anything about this subject?’

SP: Yep, the reason I don’t talk about it is because a number of clients that I deal with have had experiences in The Tavistock Institute when they were children, and I know that some of them listen to the show, and I always have to be, it’s a balance JP, an audience, because I want to get the truth out there, I want to be honest, but I am aware that, you know, there are some people out there, who, I can’t say to them ‘don’t listen to the show because I might talk about this subject’, and most people are quite moved on and are quite strong, but there are some people who still are going through the process. The Tavistock Institute, which is in Britain, and is linked to Eugenics, and is linked to, many other things, and I have got to be very careful about what I say, because I don’t want to be sued, All I can say is that there are a number of clients who’ve consulted with me, and one person who actually came to the house, and this person was in their 60’s and the type of mind programming that this individual had, because it was very very early stages 197?, very very early 1960’s I think, was Yellow Brick Road, so this individual had a Yellow Brick Road program because that’s basically what was around in those early days. this actual individual had really really done a tremendous work on themselves and had, I did not need to do much because they had worked so hard to heal themselves. You know in Great Britain we have one day a year where Grand Houses, big big big places, open their doors to the public. They don’t have to do it but it’s quite a tradition and’s been going for about twenty years maybe. So one day a year many many Institutions open their doors and you can go in for free and have a look around. I don’t think The Tavistock Institute would be one of those organisations opening their doors so that you can go in and poke around. So I can’t say too much, but I certainly wouldn’t stop there and go in and ask for directions if I was lost.

JP: Haha ha, I tell you, you know when I was working in London, back in the 1980’s, I worked at University College of London and we worked at the North end of it, and the street that I was on, when I looked out of my window, I would see MI5’s K division on the other, literally on the other side of the road, like 20 yards away, and then on the other end of that road was Tavistock House, and, you know, to me it was like, I used to love the place, there was a fantastic atmosphere living in, working in Bloomsbury, but I never knew what the heck these guys were up to. If I had only known then, you know I knew nothing, I was just a little

SP: There’s, there’s more than one building you see, they have a large building in the country which is the one that I think a lot of adults who were children would be familiar with. The one that you are referring to is more administrative, where the meetings are held, and the top brass sit around

JP: Yeh, yeh, I imagine so

SP: But yes, I mean fascinating because you could sit there and watch, and see all the people turning up and going in there, so yeh I can, I can, it’s quite an interesting place to be JP

JP: Well we, well we always used to look through thein the MI5 building, to the status display, you know, whether it was red or orange, ‘cause nowadays it’s kind of always up the top at blue or purple or whatever it might be you know, but it used to be quite calm, back in the day

SP: Well they used to work on the traffic light principle and then when they had more and more layers of warning, or more and more layers of alertness, then they added all these extra colors. But originally the color coding was very simple, but you’re right, purple, is one of the most critical situations to be in, it’s interesting.

JP: Hmm. Ah, Canadians, Canuckistan, from Karen Schondell ‘I’m among a handful of Canadians in the CC group, and we discuss a new Prime Minister’ yey!, ‘Justin Trudeau, who’s the son of Canada’s fourth Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’, (said with an accent), sorry I have gone French Canadian, ah you can’t help it, it’s the worst accent in the world and my dad had it, so, ‘He seems like a great breath of fresh air and wants to do amazing things but he recently announced he also supports Israel, which to me is the same thing as saying, he’s yet another puppet. Does Simon have any insight about him and how he fits or doesn’t fit into the Global Agenda?’

SP: Right, let’s, let’s come at it from the other end, supporting Israel is absolutely perfectly fine, what’s not fine is supporting the elements of Zionism that wish to alter the State of Israel and use the State of Israel, to be the leading agent in some of the most difficult and unacceptable situations around the Globe. So we must make an immediate distinction between Israel and Jews, and elements of the Zionist group. Because much of the situation that we’ve seen develop on the planet over the last few years have come from a small number, but still quite significant, of the Zionist group. You know if we talk about 9/11, well we know that the Zionist group, or part of the Zionist group, were involved in that. In relation to your new Prime Minister. I think we have to honestly ask ourselves, when somebody reaches a position of responsibility, or the potential to be a Prime Minister, are they really going to be different, would the system have let them get that far. If you know that someone is going to be potentially a Prime Minister or a President, and you don’t like them wouldn’t you take them out before they got in that position? A very very good friend of mine, who I absolutely know speaks 100% the truth, had a meeting some years ago with Condoleezza Rice, who was then head of the Internal Security or whatever the Americans have, there are so many security badges and names, I lose track of them all, and during the conversation, it was when George Bush was coming up for re-election, and during the conversation Condoleezza Rice was asked quite innocently ‘Who do you think’s going to win the election? And will it be George Bush or whoever the Democrat candidate was?’ And Condoleezza Rice just said straight away ‘Oh it’s ok we’ve just spoken to the Pope, which would have been John Paul, we’ve spoken to the Pope and we’ve agreed that it’s going to be George Bush for a second term of office.’ So when a Rising Star is detected through Politics and it looks like that individual is going to rise to high office, you either try to buy them, blackmail them, threaten them, and if that doesn’t work then you kill them. And we know that JFK could not be blackmailed, could not be threatened, so they killed him. So, don’t please expect too much, from, a new Prime Minister. Thank you Jay Pee

JP: I know, same old same old isn’t it, until, until when?

SP: Well, until, until not too long away actually, until we start to get a position that when the public actually don’t accept the status quo, and that is happening. I know it’s not fast enough for us, but it is happening

JP: Excellent, excellent, so, meanwhile back at it’s now four documents full of questions (laughs). one question was ‘Could you tell me what really happened on 9/11’ but you just answered that so, ‘Dear Simon what’s the link between animals here on Earth and other intelligent ET races’, ah this is a great question. ‘Here on Earth we have feline races such as cats and lions we also know there is at least one intelligent ET Feline species’, oh Christian Romana I like you, ‘we have mantoid insects here but we also know that there is an intelligent Mantoid ET race’ and the list goes on and on, ‘could it be that there are other intelligent ET races out there each representing animals here on Earth such as an intelligent elephant type race, a dog type race, maybe an intelligent Penguin race?’

SP: Ha, if only, right an author called Philip Pullman wrote a book called The Dark Trilogy or The Dark Mysteries. And they’ve actually made a film, unfortunately it was a box office flop, it’s such a shame, it’s called The Golden Compass, and the hero of the story was called Lyra, so you can see that this person has some understanding. And in the book and in the film, these human type creatures, who weren’t actually Earth humans at all, had Energy Spirits, but they weren’t Demons as such, but they call them Demons so we have to be careful, but they were power animals and they were attached to them so they would have a lion or a dog or whatever it might be. So in Philip Pullman’s world that he created, he’s trying to show that humans were inexorably connected to animal type energies. So everybody needs, you need to go and see the Golden Compass, get it on DVD , it was a flop so you can buy the DVD sadly for a fiver, or seven or eight bucks, and read the book. Let’s talk about the wider question. During the 1960’s and 70’s people expected to see the portrayal of Alien creatures with 50 eyes 200 arms and great blobs of jelly. And they loved it, and they laughed. And then we began to see during the late 70’s and the 80’s portrayals of Aliens becoming more human, or more accepted as human, and this was very destabilising to the psyche human race because they love looking at bug eyed monsters, but when something looks just like you or I do, then many people can’t handle that. So it shouldn’t be surprising. I and others have talked about the twelve strands of DNA, how different off-planet races have contributed to the creation of human Kind. And in the same way there are living forms on this planet, that are not the same, but replicated on other dimensions. If we accept, and I certainly do, that dolphins are not native to this planet, dolphins were brought here from a water world, part of the Sirus or Sirius planetary group. Then we begin to understand that Planet Earth is actually a hodgepodge of locally developed, or grown creatures,laboratory experiments and also things brought in from elsewhere. So yes, there’s actually a dog race, I’ve not seen one but I have spoken to enough others to appreciate it, but it shouldn’t be so surprising, because of this egocentric view that many humans on the planet have, which has come through the Catholic Church, which is that humans are the most important thing everywhere except for God, and that therefore we have dominion over everything else. And we look on the human form as the most perfect and pure form because it was God’s image, although of course the Bible makes it plural. We tend to think of other animals as lesser, but if we were to understand that, say, Mantis or a Mantid creature has a Representative on Earth, it doesn’t mean that they communicate, it doesn’t mean they share the same soul, but it means that they shared a same History. A shared History of development, and once we understand that we can begin to appreciate our role as a human type creature within the greater mix. So a really good question, and I am not going to go on any more as we need to cover all the other questions. But it is a fascinating topic so thank you for that

JP: Excellent, my girlfriend calls the dog race the Anubians, and we’ve come to an agreement that the Sphinx was a dog, and it lost its head, it’s ancient, very very ancient because, and there’s two of them, that either side of the Grand thing. They haven’t uncovered the other one because they know it’s a Dog and it’s not a little lion, Lion’s don’t look like that, anyway, long story, but yeh, the Anubians she calls them, so …

SP: You see that’s linked to Orion

JP: Yeh, yeh, definitely

SP: Carry on Jay Pee

JP: Ok, so, from CC member, sorry I just threw that one in, ‘I want to ascend, what happens to a Djinn if the person it is attached to dies, does it return back to the realm of … or do they go attach to the nearest thing?’ Yeh what’s the, and yeh, what, is there any latest news from the Djinn world?

SP: Huh! that sounds like a Gin Palace

JP: It does doesn’t it (laughter)

SP: Many people won’t know what a Gin Palace is JP, but never mind, right, if the death of the host, the human, is brought about by the Demon, if the Demon can actually see the death coming, and in fact in most cases they can, then they will move residence before that happens. Many of these Demons are actually in there to kill the person they’re in, but in the case of where there not, and the individual dies by chance then the creature will just immediately vacate their body, open a Portal, and return back to the Inter-Dimensional Space, yes, so very straight forward

JP: Alright, ok, now, and here’s a very, a very poignant question ‘Are’, not poignant, wrong word, anway ‘Are people really dying in these false flag events or are they all actors playing a role? Are they just throwing alarming numbers of casualties at us to try and persuade the world to follow along with their plans?’

SP: Right, some people are dying, but the key people, who are just by chance in the camera’s lens, are not, they are actors, but there are many very innocent people who get caught up in it, and unfortunately, as hard as it is for good people to accept, that this is seen as ‘oh well it is just a price we have to pay’. and I have said it before, of all the terror attacks we’ve seen, how is it that the camera just appears to be in the right angle to catch the action, but not all of the action, just a part of the action. And it’s very steadily held, and it seems to be, you know, quite well done. and I wouldn’t be the first person to say that there are incidences where a person who supposedly died in one American school shooting suddenly appears screaming and running in another, so just as in 9/11, a large numbers of actors were interviewed on the street pretending to be office workers, so these people play key roles, but, yes, many genuine people do die. So in the terrible French attack, yes lots of people did die who were totally innocent and had nothing to do with it

JP: Simon, this is from me, ‘Do you think that the dialogue, that the monologues that these people blurt out, to me it’s really stilted, it’s really, this is not natural language?’

SP: Yep

JP: Do you think this is scripted by an AI programme?’

SP: Well …

JP: ‘Or do you know?’

SP: Yeh, when you, and I mean you an organization or individuals are going to put such a horrible crime together, they cannot rely on actors learning their lines. You know you are not going on to an advert to sell soap powder, because if you get it wrong it doesn’t matter, it’s not live, they just re-do it ‘till you get it right. But many of these interviews that take place on the street are live, therefore they cannot rely on these actors to do what … so they are mind controlled, these actors are all identified and brought in months beforehand, and they are given the lines to say. So that the organisation can be absolutely certain that they will be word perfect. what tends to happen is that the human actor is a human creature, it has adrenalin, and it knows something terrible has occurred, and it’s also battling with its own guilt, or its conscious mind is fighting with its subconscious mind to try to understand what’s going on, and often these sentences get mixed up, or they get said in a wrong way, and that’s because of the stresses and the strain. Is it an AI program? No, it is a basic standard hypnosis / mind control programme, but it is an AI program over all, that is forcing this issue because it wants humanity to be destabilised, it wants people to live in fear because if human’s live in fear, they will grasp straws. In other words, if a Saviour comes along, and then offers them some technology or something that protects them from this fear, they are more likely to go for it. So JP you are right in the sense that the overall architect of this is AI but at the grass roots level it is being done very mechanically through traditional means

JP: Thank you, now, shall we take a quick break

SP: Sure

JP: It’s just two or three minutes so people can take a quick bathroom break. We know there are some people who can only take an hour, aren’t there Dolly, anyway so we’ll be back after a couple of minutes, this is Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares by John ( Zitar?) or somebody [music]

SP: I haven’t a clue

JP: And welcome back to Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes. Well, where were we, yes, that was a, I really liked the one about the animals myself, ‘cause there are all these different creatures that are coming through at the moment, you know, just like, not human faced but still quite friendly, so a,, right here’s a, alright I don’t know if I can pronounce this one, ok, Question for Simon from Robin, question for Simon, ‘Hello Simon did you ever hear about the book The Thiaoouba Prophecy and if so what are your thoughts about that? And greetings from Germany’

SP: You just cut out a little bit, can you just repeat that

JP: Have you ever heard about the book The Thiaoouba,T h i a o o u b a, Thiaoouba Prophecy

SP: Right, it’s very interesting because I haven’t but I have heard of it, I’ve not read it, it’s on my to do list. Somebody over Christmas asked me exactly the same thing, and sent me a link, and I believe there is an electronic version, and I haven’t looked at it yet, so maybe we could revisit that next time

JP: Good, good good, or maybe you can talk about it, I’d like to have to have you on a show about, not you answering questions but you talking about what you do, or or some insight, ‘A day in the life of Simon Parkes’, ‘cause there are, well maybe there are things you can’t reveal, but there you go, there’s a thought, Laura K Clayton asks, ‘Greetings Simon and JP, I wait all month for your show and greatly appreciate this opportunity to ask a question. Recently when Dr Greer released a listing of all the underground bases in the US, three of them are located just minutes away. The county road is a dirt road named Starlight, which goes right by it. One of these bases is, I am now wondering about the fact that I bought this place back in 1992 to eventually live in, and knowing what I am learning now I am thinking it is not a safe place to live. Two of the tenants, who don’t know any of this, have had apocalyptic visions. Would you think it was a safe place to live?’

JP: About right, well there you go

SP: Well let’s just, let’s look at it this way. Sometimes people are drawn to certain areas and their conscious mind doesn’t understand it, but the subconscious is drawing them there because they have some connections, and it would be possible that this individual has actually been in this base but has no recollection of it consciously at all, I don’t know what the apocalyptic visions are. I would suggest that, you know, that would be worth discussing and understanding. Is it safe to live there? I can’t answer that because, you know, you could cross the road and be killed by a motorcar, you could live on top of an extinct volcano and it could be fine for a thousand years, so, if the person is actually saying .. ‘Am I safe both emotionally energetically and physically then I would have to know a lot more about what that individual felt, what those apocalyptic visions were, and, what more she could tell me about that base. So unfortunately I can’t give any more off without further information.

JP: Ok, thanks very much, I just want to say I’m just looking at the listeners distribution here, we’ve got the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden. Switzerland, and some others, so welcome everybody.

SP: I’m really pleased with that, the issue for me of course is that they are, as you would fully appreciate and understand, they’re English speaking, and what I really want to do is try to get into those countries where English is not the first language, it would be really lovely to, you know, have a big base in some of these countries. Yes quite naturally, we’re going to draw the English speaking world, and, you know, it’s fantastic that we’ve got people in far flung places, different types of jobs, different aspects, but all have a shared vision, and know that this world we live in can be made better, and, you know, that’s what excites me. It’s that we have all these people all over the planet who all want something to happen, and quickly. And, you know, so that’s just brilliant, it’s fantastic.

JP: It’s almost as if they kind of know that something should be happening and they are wondering who the people are that make, should be making this happen, ohhh, it’s us, hahaha, it’s you, you’re listen to this show you’re part of it, wouldn’t you say that Simon

SP: Yes, I think that

JP: More than part of it.

SP: I think that depending, some people have been awake thirty, forty years and some people have only been awake since yesterday, but we’re all on this journey, and listening to this show helps to connect people, it makes people realise, there is a, and I use the word loosely, there is an army of people out there who don’t have a flag or they don’t have a uniform but they have a belief, they have a vision, and so we’re not all separated, we are not all isolated, we are actually connected and we are all believing that something better can happen. And yes, it is down to us, but we need focus and we need support, and, you know, that’s hopefully what is coming

JP: That’s really great, ok now where are we going, there are a couple of questions here and I’ve condensed then both, ‘Simon what are your thoughts on the being Thoth, or whatever you might call them, and other variations of that being, and the Emerald Tablets, and, soul reading … and talk about souls readings and the holiday, we have already covered that, so, all the best from Hamilton Ontario Canada?’

SP: Well that’s a nice question, thank you. Aleister Crowly, of course, was very much into the Thoth character, and had a very strong Egyptian link, and is used by a number of Magic groups or Societies, as a Deity that they wish to, I don’t know, worship is actually not exactly the right word here, but to emulate, or to connect with. We tend to think of people who channel as someone who sits and, you know, in a round table and holds hands and connects with some far distant entity and scribbles a few bits on a note pad, but there are very many societies who would say that they connect with individuals, and one of those individuals is the character Thoth. we haven’t got time, seriously to do justice to the Emerald Tablets, although we would welcome having a conversation with that individual on Skype or something. But basically what I would say is that, going back to what we have just been talking about, that the real chance for freedom lies within ourselves and that we don’t actually need any of these Deities or Gods from elsewhere to direct us or advise us or give us assistance … we just need to really do it ourselves. If you look at characters like Thoth … they have been involved in situations where mankind, and I’m using the word loosely here, mankind has been manipulated, they’re associated with empires, they’re associated with hierarchy, they’re associated with a very strict delineated way of living. And that actually isn’t the future, the future that I foresee, and I know many others including you JP see, is an equality, where we are equal and we don’t have to bow down, literally physically, to some being. So I am always very very cautious of these characters, but nevertheless, they are worth researching,they’re worth reading about, they’re worth understanding, but they’re certainly not worth worshiping

JP: There you go, that’s what you have to do, you can’t do any worshiping any days. Right here’s a big one. It’s in ENORMOUS letters. ‘Hello Simon and JP, there are quite a few women trying to cut any contract with the Djinn but the challenge has not been an easy one. Besides the advice on your web site do you have any other advice? There’s been a big shift in energies over the last year, over the New Year,and I feel there’s been a significant leaving behind of more negative energies that want to hang on. What are your thoughts on this? Also

SP: Oh hang on let’s do that one, I agree with that! there’s a key word here, on my web site I, I give options for removing Djinn entities that are placed against somebody or into somebody where that contract isn’t particularly strong or is non-existent. If there is a contract between the individual, the host, and the parasite, in this case a Djinn, then that will require a different approach, because what we are looking at there is a contractual arrangement or agreement, which means that it has to be null and voided before the entity can be expelled. You cannot expel an entity if you leave the contract in place. So that’s very different so what that person needs to do I suppose is to if they know of people who are in that boat then you need to try to get hold of me, and maybe I can do something to help you. What was the second question? I’m sorry JP to interrupt you

JP: Oh not a problem

SP: It’s just I have to do that or otherwise I won’t remember

JP: Yeh of course I understand that, alright I just have to find which document I jumped out of to take it back from that one, not that one and not that one either

SP: Ok do you want to let it go?

JP: We’ll let it go

SP: Yes

JP: Now this is an interesting one, so, ‘Could you please share your knowledge about this – I’ve read and heard a lot about ‘getting into a higher vibration’. Is one part of the human Ascending Process, if you can call it like that, mostly correlated with the Heart and the feeling of Compassion. On the other hand there are many sources that bring meditation and higher states of awareness together with low frequencies and brain activity. How does all this high and low fit together?’ What a good question, doesn’t, it’s like … people always talk about ‘oh get into a higher vibration, and all those low vibrations are,’ and yet when you are talking about brainwaves you want to get the delta, you want to get to the theta, you know, the low frequency vibrations. Do you want to talk a little bit about terminology, of vibration?

SP: Right there’s a lot of misunderstanding, there’s a mis-conception here. When we talk about those particular brainwaves, we talk about the transition between the waking world or this physical world and this other ability to connect. But that’s not what I and others are referring to in terms of what we need with the higher vibrational rate. The questioner talked about Compassion. When you make a decision in your life that benefits other people then you are moving towards a higher vibrational Rate. You create a higher vibration within your physical body, which your physical body then has to match, but it doesn’t always, there’s always a terrible lag which is why many people feel sick and ill, or they have migraines, or they just, you know, they feel really awful for a couple of days, and sometimes for a few weeks. That’s because they’ve made great leaps and bounds but their physical body is always slow to catch up. So when we are talking about, or when I am talking about higher vibrational frequency, I am referring to the energy that is given off by the body, but is also connected to what people loosely call your higher Self, which is the twelve strands of DNA, and is really you, so it’s all a big circle really. And you are trying to feed it back into your body because you wish your body to actually catch up with that. So when we, well the delta waves, when we are in a communication at a lower frequency that isn’t anything to do with 'ascension process’, I’m using again the words that that are just used generally, but you would still be able to access the lower frequencies in a higher frequency setting, because if as a living creature you have been part-programmed or programmed or evolved to have Gateways in your mind that can be opened at frequencies that are below the high frequency level, then we have to ask ourselves, why is that? Why do we have these Gateways or these opportunities to understand ourselves or go on a trip, or go and do what have you, at a lower frequency? And we should be very suspicious about that. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I am saying that that isn’t necessarily natural, because we are as a specie, or many of us are as a specie that are going to evolve and we are going to increase our vibrational rate, so we will always be able to access lower vibrational frequencies but the tail end of those should drop off. So as we advance, so the lower frequencies should actually drop off as well. So it’s an incredibly important question, but do not mix the biological scientific understanding of the brainwave pattern, with Ascension pattern in terms of the higher frequencies. So I’ve tried to answer that as best I can, it’s difficult

JP: Yes tricky, tricky stuff i’n it, I mean, every time you answer it you try it, you do it from a different angle, you don’t repeat yourself, so it’s, you know, it’s eventually everybody ‘ll get it from their angle ‘cause there’s so many different ways of looking at something.

‘Simon’- from Max of Steel – ‘Simon we know that you are a specialist of the fourth dimension and the creatures that are in it, but what can you tell us about another dimensional group, the Arcturians, and their role for humanity in the next years? Thank you for your time, which is worth a lot.’

SP: Well that’s very kind, yes, the term specialist is something I have never heard of before, for me, so that’s interesting. I am most familiar with the fourth dimension but that doesn’t mean that I draw a blank outside of it. Arcturians are from Arcturus, very very interesting group actually because they are fifth dimensional. well twenty years ago I would have put them in the fifth dimension, but now I actually put them at the bottom of the sixth dimension. So they’ve recently been promoted (chuckles). They don’t play a huge part on the Earth in the sense that their numbers are quite small, so if you were to put a thousand people in front of me, I might find twenty that had Arcturus, or Arcturus type Souls in them. However they are very influential because in their position in the dimensions they have the Lyrans sitting above them , which is a very interesting spiritual energy, and just below them they have the Pleiadeans, which is a very tough, strong, matter of fact, we’re going to get this done right now, and so the Arcturians have always been, not squeezed, but they’ve been a, influenced by those two energies, so, they tend to be, as people, more reserved, deep thinkers, but they tend to keep their own council. They tend to be quiet, keep to themselves. But we have seen over the last maybe twenty years more of their people incarnating onto the planet. Arcturians do not, to my knowledge, overtly take part in physical battles, that have taken place above the Earth, but they do send technical representatives, and they are part of this wider Federational Group who have a Blueprint for the Earth. So they are Key Players, but they’ve only recently become much more involved. So I hope that’s helpful

JP: Are they like one of those, what’d they call it, a type one or type two civilization where they can do things with stars and a, stuff like that, you know, move energies and move Stars around, and things like that?

SP: in the early stages of that, I would say, I would literally say in the last few years I would put them from the fifth to the sixth dimension. But many of their people on this planet are just showing fifth dimensional energy because that’s where they have come from, right. I am aware of one Arcturian attempt to interact with the Sun, our Star, and to alter its frequency, because you see a lot of the frequencies that this Planet Earth and other planets around us have are being influenced by the Sun, it’s a very very important raiser of the frequencies and the consciousness. And the Acrturians have to my knowledge, on one occasion, successfully engaged with the Sun, in a physical technology type engagement to alter the Sun’s frequency. So the answer to your question is ‘Yes’ but not at the level that would allow them to be creators, they are not creating force but they are manipulating force, and I don’t mean manipulation in a bad way, you know just as somebody makes a horseshoe, or makes a gold ring for someone’s finger, they are manipulating a raw material. So the Arcturians have, yes, they have the ability to do that. Whereas the Pleiadeans generally didn’t go down that road, neither did the Lyrans, they went down different roads, You see each group of humanity found a specialism or an interest, where they went down and they developed it, and thank goodness they did, because when you have a Council, a meeting, you have all these Representatives of humanity, and each person represents a Community that can do a certain thing. So you have all these specialisms, and that’s what the Reptilians don’t have, they have just one major group, who are very very good at copying stuff, stealing stuff, very good geneticists, as I’ve said before, very good Nano technology but they’re not good at creating new ideas, whereas with the human race they are absolutely fantastic innovators. So when you’ve got this Grand Council, and there’s more than one Council, but this Council of humans together, they can both out-think and out-tech the Reptilians. But the reason it’s only beginning to have effect is because until recently these human groups didn’t work together, it was a very bitty piecemeal type interaction. But now they are working together and pooling their resources, that’s why the Reptilians are under so much pressure. So that was a good question, thank you

JP: Yeh, great answer, yes, ah right (chuckles), I have got my own answer to this one, ‘In 1977 a British news channel was interrupted, high-jacked by an Alien called Gramaha, the representative of the Ashtar Command. Was this real contact with an ET race, or some sort of Government Experiment like the H G Well’s - War of the Worlds broadcast?

SP: That’s actually a very good question, because the person already knows the answer, as do you, it was, when we talk about Flower Power and the Hippie Movement sometimes themes or organisations are formed in a room, and that idea is then put into practise. Other times human consciousness creates it and then the bad guys, for want of a better word, need to get in there from their perspective and try to alter it before it destroys them. We would have to say, look at the facts and the logic, that a television, I think it was over Southern England actually, it wasn’t the whole of Britain that got affected it was

JP: East Anglia

SP: East Anglia, right, ok

JP: Yeh

SP: We would have to say, if it was genuine, in the sense that it was a Benevolent race, why did it not follow it up with other forms of communication? The problem that I have is that an electronic form of communication has been used. Now, that immediately makes me think of AI, and I’m familiar with it because I have heard recordings, or tape recordings of AI messages that have been created by AI consciousness, and are robotic in the way they are. So I do not accept that this was a genuine Alien Benevolent race attempting, I think it was the first part, of a very very well planned and organised, game, to see just how the human race, in a target area, would respond, and that it was followed up many many years later, the last seven/eight years it really kicked off, when they felt that human Awareness, not consciousness but awareness, had reached the point that it would accept a faceless, spokesperson who would, give them, or seem to give them, hope, but in a very controlled way. There are a number of these cults, and I am going to use the word, a number of these cults, and when you actually dig into it, they all, bottom line is, well basically we’re finished here so we’re going to be taken away to a better place, another planet, and, you know, we are going to be saved, and these HUGE HUGE motherships are going to land, and then the population can go on these spaceships and then be taken to the planet Eden or wherever it might be, and this is said with all genuine belief. My immediate reply is ‘This is a lovely planet, I’m not going to leave it, and I’d recommend you didn’t leave it, we should stay here and fix it, because it’s not beyond fixing.’ So I think it was a very well-orchestrated plan many years ago, which they tried to see into fruition from the year 2000, and certainly between 2010 and 2013, it was at its peak, but it didn’t connect with human consciousness in the way they intended, it wasn’t able to, leave humanity (distortion here in recording) and a lot of change. So a long answer but it’s a very good question. We’ve had some really good questions this time JP

JP: We so have, we so have, because, this also ties in with the Archons and the Velons, and all these other beings, because right so, right, ok, here we go. Because, from Kitty Coubliaque, ‘Dear Simon I hope it is ok to answer this question but I am really worried about this. How do you know that the Mantids are not Velon, or, if they are why do you trust them?’ Or if they aren’t why do you trust them? ‘I hope I am not offending anyone.’

SP: No it’s alright that doesn’t offend me at all, you know sometimes when you hear people talking and they get asked a question like that they immediately go into defensive mode and you have to ask yourself why, why would you not welcome a question like that? If it’s touching a nerve or a bit of a raw bone then, then you’d see that. I think that’s a really good question. Because the messages that I’ve been given are not negative to humanity, that’s the key. It’s to judge what people say and do, as to whether they are good or not, so then in other words if a Mantid mum had said to me ‘You know that it is all over on this planet – you need to go on JP’s Radio Show and tell everybody to, you know, get on a spaceship and go, or, you know what, this particular leader is really good get behind him, or, you know’ I’m hopefully very critical, and if I would ever hear something that was negative or detrimental to people or the human race, then I would have to question it. You know, there are some very clever beings out there because what they’ll do is they’ll put a bit of disinformation in with some real good information. That’s not what I am talking about, I am talking about the core values, you know, the core values. I know for a fact that the Reptilians are negative. The Mantid group that I associate with is incredibly positive. But that doesn’t mean that all Mantid groups, I can’t, you know, speak for ones I have never seen, it doesn’t mean that they’re not negative. But certainly the Ruling Group that I am in connection with has never once wanted me to do anything that was detrimental to humanity, has never once wanted me to push an agenda, I have been given complete free will and I don’t, hopefully to goodness on your show or anyone else’s show ever say, you know, ‘you need to jump off a cliff’ or, you know, ‘this that and the other’. So I judge the connection I have based on the heart connection, based on the Love, and I use that word because Mantids do have Love, the Reptilians sadly don’t, and on their understanding of the role of the human race on this planet, and the wish for the human race not just to survive but to evolve, whereas I know that the Reptilian race wants the humans to survive but does not want the human race to evolve. Now in terms of presentation, most people, not all, most experiencers, or abductees or contactees, do not see these creatures in their natural form. The majority of people have a screen memory or a disguise, simply because these creatures are very scary, So Jim Sparks, who I believe to be totally true, and to have given a very good account in his book that he wrote, he recounts a story where he was surrounded by a number of these creatures and he couldn’t see their face and he said ‘Show yourself to me’ and they said ‘ We are considered by your specie to be very frightening, do you really want us to show ourselves?’ and he said ‘Yes’ and they did, and they were absolutely Reptilian, and Jim was very very good in his book because he was honest, he said inside he said he was absolutely terrified but physically he didn’t dare show it. So what I’ve seen from a very small child is no disguise, I’ve seen these creatures from the age of five, at least, exactly as they are and they’ve been consistent with that. But because of my, I don’t like the word unique, because I suppose it makes me sound like I have got an ego, but it’s true to say that my experiences are very unusual across this planet. But because those experiences are very unusual I have the ability to associate with these creatures without going to pieces. I can still think straight, I can still be logical, I can still hold my own, and because of that I have been very fortunate that I have seen what they look like. I also know that the Creatures that we could call the Velon, or the Archons, the ones that I’ve seen, don’t actually have physical form, but they can take physical form, but generally they are just a consciousness, just a swirling mass of thoughts. So I hope that answers the question, and there’s no problem in asking questions like that. I‘m very happy to answer them so …

JP: Excellent! Excellent! So velorrr … sounds like a nice material doesn’t it (laughter) I’d like a nice sofa with velon covering, or a tee shirt maybe, anyway, ‘If possible could’ and this is from Kurt Tyrell, ‘If possible could Simon briefly explain how each of the six previously failed Earthly human Ascensions were interrupted, which civilizations were victimised, by whom, and how were they destroyed? Did any of the people in these situations survive and where did they go?’

SP: Hm, good question Kurt! Thank you for that. I can’t give you all six because I don’t remember them, but I think that everyone who’s become awake will understand the antipathy, the war, between Atlantis and Lemuria. That was one such occasion. Generally what happened was that as human Kind developed and appeared to be spiritually developing, a force was used to prevent that from reaching its natural conclusion. And generally technology was used, all the students of our history, who listen to the show, will know that both Lemuria and Atlantis were incredibly technologically advanced. Atlantis was marginally more so. Both used crystalline technology although the Atlanteans had the edge on this. And the Atlanteans also used women as guardians of the crystals, in terms of its ability to communicate and produce energy, but we won’t go into any more detail on that at the moment. The reality here though, is that technology became the goal and more important than Spiritualism. Isn’t that what we are seeing now? It’s a goal to have this electronic product, it’s a goal to make this smaller, to make it prettier, to make it do more. You know I was in my local store and I did a talk on this, just before Christmas in Britain, and low and behold four weeks later I am in my local store and they say for about £20, which is absolutely nothing really, you can buy a light fitting, which has a speaker, a loud speaker in it, and you can sit in your front room, and you can get your smart phone, and you can start playing music through your light fitting. And I talked about how dangerous it was because it was wyfy which was coming in at the same frequency as your brain waves so, but that’s another point, so in other words technology is usually used to undo Spiritual Advancement. So there have been a number of times when the human race has reached the very brink, but in a positive sense, and it just needed, like the Fool in the Tarot cards, one foot on the cliff one foot over it, it just needed that extra movement to take it to be that spiritual advancement, and it didn’t, because something happened to cause a war or to cause some form of falling back. So this is the seventh time and the exciting thing is that this is the furthest we’ve ever got. I’ll just say that again, this is the furthest we’ve ever got, because all the other six times the human race, was not taken out, but it was prevented. Now we’ve got further than we’ve ever done before, and that is why the Elite really are in a real quandary because they should have had their New World Order delivered on their doorstep by now. Both sides are behind in the game. We, as the people, are behind, we should be more advanced, but those at the top are also behind, because they expected their New World Order by now, and they haven’t got it. So everything’s to play for, Seventh time lucky!

JP: (laughing) Yeh, right (more laughter) alright, so let’s talk about our luck as well, the luck of the spinner, CERN, you know, since we last spoke there’s been a lot of stories about CERN kind of burning its way through holes in the walls, making lots of, stuff, and yet, looking at the CERN website everything is fine, business as usual, they’re spinning lead around, everything is hunky dorey, when they’re going to stick the red mercury in, but I don’t know, we’ll soon see (laughter). What do you know about what’s been going on with CERN? Obviously you’ve been concerning, bad pun, yourself with it quite a lot, so

SP: Yes

JP: So please, please, I stopped you speaking

SP: No no its fine. There are a lot of people who have got the wrong end of the stick, there are a large number of commentators who believe that CERN has done it, has broken through the barriers, has created this, has created that, that hasn’t happened, if that had happened we would be in a New World Order situation, ok, all that CERN ever achieved was to punch a hole, probably 0.8th of a millimetre, so less than one1millimetre size, between this reality, the third dimension, and the fourth dimension. The object was to strengthen and create a portal through which living creatures could pass. Instead of something maybe six or eight foot in diameter,twelve foot if they could get really lucky, they got 0.8 of a millimetre, but what they have been able to do is open a communications channel into the fourth dimension. So all of these stories about, CERN has done this and CERN has done that, they’re not right because you would see that for yourself. The second thing is that a very very good friend of mine sent me a text, and was asking me in relation to my point about the weather here, in the Northern Hemisphere, certainly in Great Britain, and this person asked me ‘Do you think that CERN was the cause behind this or was it HAARP?’ And I replied that it was HAARP. I do need to just make a point for the British listeners, but of course it concerns everyone really, that in Great Britain, as part of the program to destabilise the British community, power stations have been closed down faster than the new ones are built, which means that this winter, in Great Britain, we are round about the 3% below the requirement of electricity in a normal Winter. In other words, if we had a normal winter, in Great Britain now, the power supply, which we call the national grid, could not deliver it, and there would have to be what they call Brown Outs I believe is their own terminology. Basically they would reduce the electricity, and if that didn’t work, they would then literally have to close down areas, so you’d have no power. Now next year, and the year after, that is going to get worse and worse. So what’s happened this year is that we’ve had an incredibly mild Winter. Three days ago, where I live it was 10* Centigrade, I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit unfortunately, 10* Centigrade which is incredibly mild and very very warm, and I believe that HAARP is being used over the Northern Hemisphere to artificially increase the temperature in Britain, to prevent the need for huge amounts of electricity because that would plunge Great Britain into a black out situation, which would then destabilise the government. At the moment, people don’t understand, there’s a lot going on in the government,. and they’re not ready to, do perhaps what they would like to do as in America. The Americans have one million police officers, they have a huge military force, in Britain we don’t, so if you had mass insurrection or revolt in Britain the authorities couldn’t contain it. When we had that four or five years ago when we had some very serious riots in Britain, the authorities lost control. So they’ve learnt their lesson and they’re desperately attempting to try and keep the idea that this ship is ok. So what I want to say on this subject is that in Britain, I believe that the weather is being manipulated, you are enjoying a very wet but mild Winter because certain technologies based in Scandinavia, and indeed in Britain itself are being used to artificially manipulate the weather. So that’s, that’s, you’ve heard it here first, I think Jay Pee

JP: Aren’t we lucky we are having a very mild winter in the Blighty’ says Top Girl Kitty

SP: Yes

JP: Although Craig’s light bulbs keep flickering on and off (chuckles) … well here’s a question, we’re ten minutes away, ‘I was wondering’, this is from Shadow, ‘Hello Simon I was wondering, if Spirits get trapped after they die in the grid that surrounds the Earth, then how come Mediums can call the Spirit of any dead person and get in contact and hold conversations with them? Is it because there is no time and the higher Self and someone can send them unlimited number of point of views to any part of the Creation? Thank you’

SP: Right, when a spirit soul is caught in the grid it doesn’t generally stay in the grid, it’s transferred to what, people who have memory, would call it the freeze box, the freeze box. So you don’t actually stay, it’s not like a fly trap, or a spider web where you’ve got all these Souls just caught on there. When they arrive they are energetically shifted along, I would suggest that good Mediums can’t connect with every Soul. I would say that good Mediums can only connect with a small percentage of Souls. You know it’s the charlatan in the Victorian times who would address a hall of a hundred people, and you know, one minute they would be talking to Aunt Aggy, and the next minute it’s Uncle Fred. genuine real Mediums can communicate with Souls but only a small number. If a Soul has a strong connection to a property, a house where it used to live, or indeed other people living, it may choose to stay where it is. It may choose not to try to go to Source, it may choose to refuse to be taken to the corridor of light and be re cycled, it may be so impelled compelled that it has to stay because it wants to watch over what it is so energetically attached to. Now these are the Souls that a Medium can connect with. There’s also this ability where an Energy Soul is so strong it leaves a ripple, and so sometimes a Medium can connect with somebody who is actually not, not in the same place as you might think they are. So you drop a pebble into a river, the ripples run out, you can no longer communicate where the pebble went in because the water’s gone smooth, but those ripples are running out. Now, in the Physical World there’s no ability to communicate but in an Energy World those ripples can actually contain consciousness. And you can actually communicate with those ripples on a two way basis, as that ripple goes out. So, that I think is the best answer I can give you for that

JP: Excellent, thank you very much, so let’s have some personality stuff. ‘I heard’ from a, this is from Carmen Grurera, sorry I can’t roll my ‘r’s, anyway, ‘I heard the actor Robin Williams did not commit suicide’

SP: Yeh

JP: Right (chuckles) just lent against a door and hanged himself, ‘but was actually murdered because of his US funding of UFO research. Is this true? Can you elaborate on this?

SP: I think we have to be very careful what we say

JP: Yeh a lot … otherwise you end up … yeh exactly

SP: I will say that there are a number of people … who made money through the entertainment industry, who ten years ago wouldn’t have dreamt of doing any of this, but, through the rising of human consciousness have actually got together, as a group, and they formed support groups, so this may come as a surprise to even the commentators, who talk about Hollywood as if they know it, etc etc. But the reality is that a number of these very well paid high profile people have formed informal support groups. Some of them have paid or taken advisors, spiritual people to advise them, some of them have their own personal experiences, others have it through connection with other people which they’ve come to believe. The singer Robbie Williams, in my opinion is an experiencer of profound happenings. There’s not the sort of guy who sees the odd light in the sky, I think that singer Robbie Williams has had some most incredible experiences, I personally know that to be true.

JP: I’d love to have him on the show.

SP: Well you never will until he retires because he knows that it would, at the moment with the level of human consciousness as it is, it would destroy people who back him, in other words the funders. I mean it’s not widely known, and I have mentioned it several times, but it’s not widely known amongst his fans that, you know, a guy called Leah (not sure of spelling here) Dr Leah is one of a few professional doctors who specialised in taking implants out of people. We are talking not just Alien implants but, human Implants put in by the Elite. And I don’t know if it was in California, I think it was California, but I know for a fact that the singer Robbie Williams, there are several Robbie Williams so I keep saying the singer actually had a clandestine secret meeting in a hotel room. Dear old Dr Leah’s dead now but he had clandestine meeting with Dr Leah and he was shown an implant. Now that means that Robbie Williams has a great interest, and Robbie Williams also pays for a spiritual person to advise him. So in the same way a number of other people who’ve made huge amounts of money can start to fund research, not in the way we understand it, but in a different way so they start to fund people, they start to become interested and start to talk, and when they become a danger, not that they become a danger, but their millions, the millions of dollars they made in the Entertainment Industry. They’re now using that in a way that the elite never expected them to, and you’ve got a big big budget, you can make things happen. And so that’s why a number of these people are taken out because they appear to threat, now the sad thing is, people like Robbie Williams, who I believe are really good people, they’re not protected, they’re only protection comes from the Organisation they work for, they don’t have a higher form of protection. So therefore they can’t come out and talk publically, they can’t come out and do what they want to do because they will physically have their lives ended. So I don’t in any way want to be disparaging about them. I perfectly understand if you have family and children, you‘ve got to put that family and children first, so that’s why I say when these people retire and are no longer part of the Organisation then I think we’ll get the truth out of them, but yeh I mean it would be lovely if these people come on, I did this Round Table Talk with the Astronaut Edgar Mitchell,who went to the Moon, and that was very nice to meet Edgar Mitchell but I was really really really annoyed because some of the other people on the Round Table were asking questions of Edgar Mitchell that he couldn’t possibly answer publically. I mean it’s so stupid. They were saying to him, ‘Ok what did you really see, did you see any flying saucers?’ Well what’s Edgar Mitchell going to say, ‘Oh yes of course I did’, that man’s life is on the line. So we have to understand that unless you have off-planet Protection or you have some strange weird agreement with a very High Security Source on the planet, you’ve got to be careful what you say, and so you know, there are some people who are made examples of, and when these good meaning people end up dead, suicide or whatever it might be, it sends a message to everyone else to toe the line. So a long answer but a very good question

JP: Ok, one last final question, ‘cause its very, ‘If somebody’s got eyes that have got a slit in them’, sorry it was an enormous question, it’s got taken off as well because it was, anyway, ‘if they shine a light in their eyes and you can see more like a slit than a round pupil and you’ve got green eyes’, ‘what might be the deal?’

SP: Well, first of all it’s not a bad thing, let’s get that absolutely clear, you know it’s, I have this conversation with many people, and I will continue to have it and I will continue to do it in a very open and patient manner because many people assume that if your eyes can go into a slit shape then you must be the very Devil himself. And that’s just not true. A large percentage of humanity has Reptilian in it, but some have more than others. And when you connect with whatever’s your predominant type of Star Family or a very prevalent Star Family then you can shape shift. Shape-shifting doesn’t just mean going into Reptilians. Unfortunately when people looked at an excellent web site that David Icke has, they assumed that shape-shifting is just being a Reptilian, but it isn’t. I personally have been in the presence of what I call higher humans, humans from the 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th Dimension who have shape-shifted, not into Reptilian form, but into a much more higher human form. Now if your eyes go into a slit, celebrate, celebrate because you have been able to connect with a strand of your DNA and you have been able to open that channel. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to turn into a Dragon Beast or anything like that. It just means that you have evolved to an extent. Remember that being Reptilian isn’t bad. What’s bad is if you have negative intentions. Just as being Pleiadean doesn’t mean you’re necessarily good if you’re going to go and blow up a planet, unless you’ve got some very strong reasons for doing it

JP: Only supposed to blow the bloody base up

SP: Exactly (chuckle) so I don’t know if Michael Caine is (?)

JP: Yeh Michael Caine, anyway, you got it

SP: So yeh I’ll just quickly finish. So basically, that means if someone’s eyes go like that, they shouldn’t just have to do it when you shine a light in their eye. If you can stand in front of a mirror and do it at call, then you’ve actually reached that position, and then try and connect with the other strands of DNA and try to change other parts of you, so it’s a positive thing, please don’t get stressed about it

JP: And with that, I think that’s today’s show. Thank you so much Simon

SP: Pleasure, lovely

JP: Glad to have you back, or you know, we’ll get some of these, we’ll get some really good Round Table’s going this year

SP: I’d love to talk to ‘you know who’ I really would

JP: And you could really drill down into a subject and give it a sort of 360* examination from the inside the outside, the, you know, and the above and see where we can get to, get some of the biggest questions that we’ve faced in the last few years.

Simon Parkes it’s been another Great Show. Thank you so much. Any news or final message?

SP: Well according to this we’ve already done the two hours. I just want to say to people that we didn’t have a disaster running up to Christmas, in this country and that actually is a positive thing. If people can still believe and be positive and wish for the best, we will actually deliver the best. Do not let yourselves be drawn into fear and frightened situations because it’s being pumped out by the media companies. Please stay true to what is good and honestly we will get through this. So thank you Jay Pee

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