Round Table Discussion (mostly other speakers)

with Alan James and Steven George, and guest Dr Joseph Chiappalone (

Simon is not on the show and is only mentioned for about 30 seconds at around the 34-minute mark. WE SHOULD CONSIDER DELETING THIS FROM THE REPOSITORY. End Times Prophecies, In The Last Twenty Years Has The World Got Better Or Worse?, Medical Doctor, Elites Tried To Kill Him 3 Times, Known Since The Age Of Two About What His Job Was On Earth, Entire Solar System Is Fracturing, Planet X, Second Sun Is Spotted Globally, Universe Being Destroyed, 95% Of The Universe has Disappeared, Viables, 8% Of The Planets Population, Confirmed With Pattie Brassard, Simon Parkes, Elites Will Not Survive In Their Underground Bunkers, The Negatives Are Getting More Negative And The Positives Are Getting More Positive.

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