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?? Connecting Consciousness on Wolf Spirit Radio News, Questions & Answers, October 4, 2015 (summary) Jay Pee: Oh yes indeed, you are listening to Wolf Spirit Radio. Good afternoon and good evening to everybody tuning in. We are broadcasting here from the north of Scotland, and I have on the line here our regular host for this show, Simon Parkes. Good afternoon, Simon. Simon Parkes: Hello Jay Pee, good evening, and good evening to all the listeners. It's lovely to have you back again. Last month of course hosted those wonderful two ladies who kept the ball rolling while you were, ah, incommunicado. What happened to you Jay Pee , why were you off air? JP: Well, you know, many people may have thought it was a serious government conspiracy, but actually it was an incompetent engineer who came to fit my neighbor's broadband. In doing so couldn't fit his broadband, and deleted mine. He disconnected the cable. So I was literally without phone or without internet for three weeks. And I have to say it was quite a rest, you know it was like a bit of headspace, and I got to learn some new things about microelectronics and the little gadgets that I fiddle about with, so that was quite fun for me. So it's very good to be back. Hello everybody. So Simon, how's things with you? How's things been going on in the Whitby zone? SP: [02:19] It's been good. We've been watching so much playing out on the world stage, and that's kept, not just mine, but I should think everybody who has got a handle, or part of a handle, on what's going on. Been keeping you know very focussed on things happening. And yes, 24th of October, we have our Connecting Consciousness meetup in Whitby, that'll be really lovely to see all the members of Connecting Consciousness, and others who are may be not actually members but who are associated with. We've got room for about 110; I think we're up to about 60 or 70 now, so you know that's a good chance for people to come along. It's not a conference, although Win Keach will be giving a presentation, and he and I went and just videod the blatt [???] moon, and while we were out till 3:30, 4 O'Clock in the morning, some brilliant brilliant photographs and video. We actually got an alien craft come and visit us, and we got some shots of that, so that'll be, as he said to me, the icing on the cake. So he's very kindly agreed to show his video of that evening and talk us through it. And a couple other people are going to do a 10 minute or 15 minute presentation on crystal healing, perhaps reiki. But it's really about people getting together in a supportive environment, talking to each other in a way that we can't talk out in public. And it's really amazing, people's background, you know some people very very hesitant to tell you what their day job is, and we've got some serving police officers who are part of our group who are going to come along, and Ministry of Defense police officer. So we're going to have quite a lot of police officers at our do. But rest assured, they are actually members of Connecting Consciousness and they're not there in their official capacity, they're there because they believe that some changes are on the way for the planet. So, you know, there's hope for the world because if we have serving police officers who are able to hold down a day job but also able to critically question things, then I think that that bodes well. So, yes Jay Pee, it's been busy. JP: So yes, plenty of things to do on that level. Now obviously I'm not going to sort of...there's loads of questions obviously. More obviously than ever we've got dozens of questions. I'd like to thank Dolly and Colleen and Marjorie for passing on the questions to me in the past and today. I have to say that somebody who keeps calling in, we probably won't take calls in the first part, maybe we'll take calls in the second part, otherwise it would be taken up with conversations between people and Simon. So I'm going to ask some questions, and if you want to call in maybe to take a couple calls in the second hour, but not so many because otherwise it can get very very crowded in here. So, to that end, because of the vast number of questions that people asked Simon, there's a certain amount of filtering that needs to go on, and so I'm just going to announce what my filters are, and then you can make your choice. Now obviously people have started asking questions already, and that will be, ah, I'll filter those, but the main filter is, we're not going to talk about the flat earth. There is no flat earth, OK, so it's not going to happen. So, all questions about flat earth, you can swear as much as you like, but we're not going to have any more. We've already answered those questions in past shows. The next thing is anon. In the chat room, if you don't put your name you come up as an anon, you know, anonymous. So if you go down to the bottom of the chat room and set name, just put some, you know put your own name if you can't think of anything, but most people have a kind of eName, you know, a handle or something like that. But it's just incredibly rude if an anon asks a question, particularly if it's an acerbic question, you know, a rather critical question that it just sounds like somebody's being a bit of a coward. So, having said all of those things, ... right, and I'm going to start from the beginning. First question, right. Now this is actually a really good question, and this comes from angel33, and they must have put it in hours ago because it's like the first question of several hundred. So: "Simon, you mention the fourth and fifth dimensions. I think of the fourth dimension as the astral plane and the fifth dimension as the mental plane, but I'm not sure this is what you mean when you're speaking about it. Are you just saying that we will still be in the third dimension or physical plane, just a higher vibration? And what would you call what is understood as the etheric plane (or etheric, as you call it)? [07:39] SP: Right, if we don't keep this in order we could be on this for an hour because it's one of the most important questions because it's about what many people refer to as the ascension. The recent business with the Cern, they actually, we can talk about that later, but they did actually officially discover the fourth dimension. That hasn't really made it to the news, just a couple little web sites, and one line. But officially the Cern device did discover the fourth dimension. So, I understand dimensions as planes of reality, and each plane of reality has its own consciousness and its own physicality. So if we are in the third dimension, and something from the fifth dimension comes to visit us, then it, as it comes through to our reality, will appear to be etheric, it will appear to be not made of substance, but as it becomes real in this dimension, it then becomes solid. That's something that many people struggle to understand. They tend to think that if you're in the seventh and eigth and ninth dimension, then you are in a light body, full stop. The reality is that, in all of those dimensions, those characters feel themselves to be solid, or partially so. Once you get beyond the seventh dimension, then the organic body begins to be less important, and a body made up of sound waves and light waves begins to become more prominent. But nevertheless, in that reality those people feel themselves to be substantial. So, when we're looking at them from the third dimension we may indeed seem them as an energy-type creature, but in their reality there's more substance to them. So I see each individual dimension, or frequency, to be a separate world or a separate banding that contains many worlds or universes, and it is possible to come down very easy from fifth, fourth, and so on, but it's much harder to move up. So you tend to only be able to move up when it's part of a Universe decision or Creator decision, whereas when you want to move down, if you have the developed mind (and the right technology) then you can come down easily. So I think that the questioner does understand, but I think they've gone too deep into it; I think it's not as deep as that. So these are separate realities, but they are all connected because we are all connected, and just as an aside, 3 O'Clock in the morning, A.M., is the thinnest moment between the third and the fourth dimension. And it's very interesting that, the last statistics I saw were 20 years ago, but most bank robberies, or night-time robberies, were done at about half-past two in the morning. And it's very interesting that at 3 o'clock in the morning is the closest to that dimension, and that's why sometimes it's around that between the 2 O'Clock and the 4 O'Clock A.M. that many people have these visitations, because it's much easier for an entity to come through from the fourth to the third than it is during the daytime. So I hope that answers that question a bit. [11:07] JP: Very good, very good answer. So moving ... I'm trying my best not to ask corollary questions because every time you say something there's another 5 questions that come up, so I'm just going to keep, trying to keep focused; I might have a little explosion towards the end of the hour. Anyway, a question from RB56: "Can people have a pure aura? How do they get it? And what is their purpose?" SP: Right. All beings that are made by a divine source, whether you call that God or Source or the Great Creator, they are pure. But, when we incarnate into bodies, we then become tempted by material objects or by our energy connection with those objects which creates Ego and all the bits and pieces, which can begin to change a person. But the auric field is pure in the sense that it is created by Source, but it can become contaminated. So if you are in the third dimension or the fourth dimension, and you come into contact with demon energies, then the periphery of your auric field can become changed. And the best way I describe this when talking to people is to say imagine a tub of ink and you have a sponge. When you quickly dip the sponge into the ink, the sponge begins to absorb the ink and the exterior of that part of the sponge takes on the ink and it moves inwards. So when a person has connection with that type of energy, that can happen. So you can begin to take on some of the frequency or the energy, and that translates into your mannerisms. So if for instances you incarnate into a reptilian body, and you do it many many times, then you would begin to take on some of those aspects. So, it's unintentional, but it occurs when your auric field begins to change (on the periphery, not right through the core) and, depending on what or who you're mixing with, that will depend on that happens. There are a number of implants which can be placed, energy implants, that doesn't actually change the field, it just affects or prevents communication of certain parts of information. But ultimately, if you are created at Source, then you are pure when you start. If you change, it is because you have interacted in an environment where you have made decisions that do not benefit other people. [14:04] JP: So that's what we call Karma, yeah? SP: Yup, it comes back to haunt you. JP: Yeah, it'll bite you in the ... So, now this is a question from Max of Steel (is that Captain Max Steel? Let me know in the chat room) hi Captain. "Hi Simon, I'm in the Connecting Consciousness group and I'm living in Canada (Quebec)." Hey, my Dad's house. "There is a lot of black helicopters flying around since a couple of weeks. Do you know if anything is going on in this region? If yes, is there a link with the Pope announcement that started the New World Order? Thank you Mr. Parkes." SP: Well thank you; it's lovely to connect with people who are part of Connecting Consciousness, just as it is to connect with anybody. The important thing here is that yes, the Pope (from their perspective remember) they kicked off the New World Order. When the CERN device failed to operate, the, we just call him the leader, of the reptile entity group on Earth basically turned round to the elite ruling families, this was two weeks ago, three weeks ago, and basically said: "You're on your own, I've got enough worries on my own plate." And that meant that the human elite now, from their perspective as they saw it, they had no choice but to kick off the New World Order. And anybody with an ounce of intelligence would wonder why the Pope, who doesn't speak for the Jews, who doesn't speak for the Hindus or the Moslems, indeed he only speaks for one arm of the Christian faith; why is he making world-wide pronouncements? And why is he doing it in the capital of America, why is he not doing it in the United Nations? So we begin to understand that the Pope is the figurehead for the New World Order, and that he is, what seems on the face of it, bringing forward the very good program. Basically we're terribly overpopulated and we've got to do something, and you know global warming's not good. If you read between the lines what he's basically saying is we need to kill 3/4 of you off because we want this planet for ourselves. It's a lovely beautiful planet, and we're fed up with all you lot on it. So that was the starting gun, and we've got between the first of November and sometime in March when one Hell of a false flag has got to be activated by them; that's their window of opportunity. And just to let people know that very very senior military commanders in America sent secure communications to all their ground commanders telling them that all their reserves, whether it's bullets or water bottles or bandaids, whatever it is, must all be up to 100% strength and the top-off date was the first of October. So in other words, the senior military are preparing for something, and they want to make sure they've got all their storehouses full because they won't be able to get more reserves in during any situation that occurs. Now that doesn't mean that these people, military, are going to go and start shooting civilians. I don't want to panic. It's just as likely that these military people are preparing to fight against any decisions or commands that are given to them which are not good for the American people. So, just because the American military has now gone secretly onto high alert, doesn't mean that they're about to open FEMA camps etc, etc. So, please don't panic; we'll just watch this one out carefully. JP: Yeah, and it's being careful, and not freaking out. It's so easy to freak out these days. SP: Yes. I haven't yet found out what the false flag is. They don't know themselves, and they've got between first of November and sometime in March when they're going to have to wheel this out. I know people don't necessarily agree with me, but I still think that a false flag alien invasion is still an option they're looking at. I still think that's an option because they have tried several times now to set off some form of bomb or warhead, which failed, and people are perhaps not fully aware that when we had the terrible situation financially in China there were some explosions that took place around the same time. My understanding is that was part of the same group that controls America, that has a foothold in China, and that failed. So, having tried lots of explosions and not worked, there is the possibility of the alien false flag, because actually it's very cheap. It's very cheap to put out because, as we saw with 9/11, if you can control enough of the media, altering video isn't so difficult. So there's a lot happening, and I am watching the stage very carefully. JP: OK, so, [???] on about the Pope. This is from Kitty Kubiak (I love that name. Hi Kitty): "I did not hear Pope say anything that sounded like New World Order except one world family thing. Was that only spoken in private to leaders? And also, did the energy wave you spoke of arrive?" Yeah, I think we all want to know about that. SP: Alright, two questions there. The Pope is never going to stand up publicly and say "New World Order" because then everybody would turn around and say, people like me, people like you, would write, etc, etc, and probably the Vatican would be stormed by a pitchfork mob. So they're far too clever, far too suave and sophisticated to say anything that would do that. It's a bit like the Georgia Guidestones. What I'd like listeners to get a handle on here is that the Illuminati, which is one arm of Freemasonry, it's not all of Freemasonry, they have their own history. They have their own projected development to come, and what they had to do was to have a figurehead like the Pope stand there and on the face of it say something that seemed pretty benign, pretty OK. As far as this arm of the Illuminati are concerned, they've given everyone their warning. You know I've done presentation after presentation where I've shown through Hollywood how the public were alerted 5,6,7,10 years before something happened. The big one I showed of course was Terminator II, Judgement Day, when there's a screen shot showing that the bridge is 9 foot 11 inches high, and that was 10 years before 9/11. So what the Pope is doing is following their orders, and their orders are that you have to alert the public, and he or she who has eyes to see or ears to hear will understand, but the vast majority of people (who sadly are asleep) wont' see it. But from a Karmic point of view the Illuminati will turn around and say: "Well we told you. We told you guys. The Pope stood up and told you we were going to kill 3/4 of you off, so no good you moaning now." So that is the rule; they're far too clever to tell you the truth, they just hide it. People use the word "hiding it in plain sight." [phone rings] OK. [21:35] JP: OK, so, your phone agrees. SP: Hope so. JP: HannahWald44: "A lot of authors are talking about intention. Castinyeda[??] has mentioned it several times, and also the Russian author Vadim Zeland in his Trans Surfing series has mentioned it a few times. Both of them are talking about two different kinds of intention; the external and internal intention. Internal intention is about your own importance and your own wishes, but the external intention happens when mind and soul are one. Then we are back with the intention of God." Oh wow, this is a really long question. SP: Let me just crack it on that. If all individuals stay separate and not connected, then people can be manipulated. [phone rings] My phone is agreeing with me. And that's one of the reasons that I did Connecting Consciousness, because if you bring people together and you have a shared value, then you can begin to create and change reality. So that no matter what is being presented on a negative aspect, then there is a counter aspect to that. And never mind Connecting Consciousness, there have been small groups who have been going for yonks, all over the planet, who are working together for the good of the planet. And this is the point; to harness individual intention for the good and use it within a group to project that, not just to send happiness and love, but to actually change something physical, or to ensure that something negative doesn't come to pass. So there are two sorts of intention, there's intention of yourself and there's intention of the group, but that means harnessing all that individual intention and focussing it. OK. JP: Marvelous, marvelous, because it went on for several more pages. That does sound too confusing. So basically what it's talking about is like if you've got an internal intention, like something for yourself, is that necessarily evil? You know because people are concerned about service to self and service to others. SP: If your intention is to feed yourself then there's nothing evil about that. If your intention is to make profit there's nothing evil in that. But if your intention is to be greedy, and not to share with anybody, then that's wrong. So it's not about having our thoughts or wishes that are about yourself, it's how does that impact on other people? So we should always ask ourself: "If I put this into effect, how will it impact on others?" JP: That's the nub, isn't it? So, OK, back to the other question, the wave. What about the wave, and you know I've been expecting a wave for bloody years. It's like, when's this ribbon coming? They saw it in the 1980's and it was mentioned in the papers and everything and then it disappeared amongst the flood of other information. So what can you tell us about the wave, Simon? [24:54] SP: Right, well I'm always very very careful about Planet X or this asteroid or this meteorite, and I've always said: "Well no it's not going to happen." But with the wave I always said it would happen. But anyone who's been listening to me knows, that every time I talk about this I say: "Don't expect a volcano. Don't expect the earth to open up." You know, if you're listening to this you are awakened. You're not one of the many, sadly, walking around asleep who only believe something happens when it physically comes up and, to use your parlance, Jay Pee, comes up and bites you on the ankle. I always said that this energy wave was an energetic wave. It was designed to break the status quo. We have been in a stalemate on this planet for probably now 2.5 years, where the reptilian energy has been holding back human development, and we are behind schedule. And so this wave was to kick-start and get the human ascension program, for want of a better word, moving. Now many people felt, ah, I think many people felt they would have joy and they'd be skipping and laughing, and many people felt quite the opposite. And the reality is that that energy wave has also challenged people. You know we may all think that we are very spiritual or we're all very psychic, but sometimes we are, but we're not going down the road as we should. And so this energy wave affected every individual person in a unique way. So you couldn't just put 100 people up and they'd all put their hand up and say: "Oh yes, I felt this." It's not like attacking the CERN device; we all felt pretty awful when we did that. But with this energy wave, depending on that person's position in terms of their own unique development, it would do something to that, and some people felt very challenged. Some people felt that they were confused because some of the values they'd held, they suddenly felt they weren't right. Others felt absolutely relaxed. It was incredible, having spoken to a number of people, many people felt that. Now people who were unawake felt that the day went faster. That's some of the feedback I'm getting. So some of the people who, sadly, don't listen to our show, just felt that the day went quicker: "Where did that day go?" Some of them felt cross or frustrated, or they started to lose their temper around the office; there was a lot of that. But for those people who have been studying the subject and meditating and questioning, trying to get to the bottom of things, this did have an effect on them. So I'm very positive about it, and it has actually broken the back, if I can use that word, of the stalemate, and the ascension program is moving again. So that's positive, although the CERN device was reactivated, and all the other little CERN devices were reactivated as well, and they whacked them all up together. So they were attempting to hold that back, but we can have more of that later. [28:19] JP: Good, that's a good one. So, another question from Max of Steel: "Simon, is it possible to know where we are in our DNA strands activation without a soul reading? How can we make a follow-up on ourselves? Thank you." SP: That's a really good question. I don't know, because I just have a gift, as many people have gifts, and I can look at it and count them. I don't see colors of auras, but others do. So many many psychic people can see one thing, but they can't see another. All I can say is that if you are on 9, 8, 9 strands, 10 strands on the energy side, and you are doing your meditation, what you should notice is an increase in psychic ability. Now the very first thing that you will find when you're developing is the ability to know when you are being lied to. That's the first psychic action that a person obtains. When they're getting the BS, when someone is trying to trick them or lie to them, they become incredibly intuitive as to know whether that person is telling the truth or not. Now that's the first sign; if you're getting that then it means that you are on the road, you are way to that developing, and I have talked about the eyes and how unawake people find it quite difficult to look into the eyes of somebody who is activated and their strands of DNA are coming through and their soul and their organic body are communicating. So there are outward signs, but other than that I can't really say. [30:12] JP: OK, so, from the inner to the outer. From Halloworld: "What about the refugee situation? What is the Archonic plan behind it, and what are the future prospects you see for countries like Germany? Will it be able to stabilize the situation, or will it be, as many people forsee, it loses culture by means of an Islamization? Do you think it could cause a civil war?" So yeah, what's the agenda with the whole refugee thing? It just seems overwhelming. Is this part of the plan? SP: Yes, it is. But we must not think about countries in one way; we must think about corporations. Because corporations know no boundaries. Corporations don't have France, America, Germany, etc. Corporations just trade. What they want to do is put pressure on governments, and to use psychological energy to manipulate the mindsets of the populations of those geographical boundaries to be able to accept a solution. So what tends to happen, the Illuminati's plans are that you come to your citizenry with a problem. There isn't really a problem, but you've created it; partly created it, and partly used the media to make it seem 10 times worse than it really is. You let the public stew for a while on that, and let them either get really angry, or emotionally desperate, or grief-stricken. And then you come along and say: "We have a solution." And because you've taken the public on this journey, the hope is from their point of view that they buy into it. And therefore they will give you the emotional energy, the OK energy, to can go and do what you want to do. So we want to be careful that we don't go down a racist agenda here, but it is true to say that if you break up a country's national identity it becomes weaker, and that isn't BS. I'll give you an example. In 1939, 1940 Germany declared war on many countries, and one of them was my country Great Britain, and the main capital city was bombed remorselessly, because it was believed that the will of the people in London would be broken. It wasn't, and the fundamental reason it wasn't, aside from Winston Churchill, the fundamental reason was that your mum and dad, your grandparents, and your cousins and your uncles, all lived in the same street, or all lived in streets around, and everybody knew everybody, and they would all help each other out. "I haven't got any milk today." "I'll give you a bit of milk." "I haven't got any butter." "Here, have some of my butter." Well now, in this country, and in most capital cities, you haven't a clue who lives next door to you. Your family may live 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 miles away. They may live in another country. So the cohesion has been destroyed because that family network has gone. So if, God forbid, if that was to happen now and London would be bombed, I don't believe that it would respond in the same way that it did back all those years ago. So without going down an agenda against one particular group or race, what I will say is that this refugee situation has been manipulated. [34:01] JP: OK, now this is from the Lifeworks, and the question is: "I understand that we are in a carbon-based physicality, and are changing to a silicon-carbon mixed. Any comments on the human physical changes we can anticipate?" SP: Really good question. I understand that question to be asking about the veilon [???34:27???] of the Archons. In 1947 we were given the pointer with the Roswell crash to understand about silicon and its use in microchips and circuit boards, and that was the final Hurrah from the artificial intelligence that lives and manipulates even the Reptilians. We are moving from a carbon-based society or life to something else. The question is can we maintain what is so unique and divine about being a human body and a divine human soul? Because if we ever, ever believe that a computer is better than a man or a woman, and can do the job better than a man or woman in all fields, then we're lost. Because this is the whole damned program that these noncorporeal entities want. They want humans to become partly cyborg. So 2, 3 years ago I warned about how they were progressing with the contactless payment. This was 3 years ago when contactless payment wasn't really understood. You put your phone down on the point and you can buy a cup of coffee, and it'll soon be a motorcar, whatever, and it means you don't have to get your piece of plastic out. Well the whole point of this was to put that chip into your hand, so you would put your hand on the plate, and then your hand would actually pay out of your bank account for that product. But they were held up; because by now on their timeline we should all have been microchipped, and that hasn't happened, for a number of reasons for the good. So whilst I don't have a problem with our technology advancing, and do have a problem if we are going to forget who we are, the divine nature of human spirit, and if we become so robotized then we are signing our own death warrant. I'll give you an example; 20 years ago if I took 100 auto car drivers and gave them a map and said: "Get from A to B," I should guess most of them would be able to do it. But now, if I took away their Satnav, their navigational system, and gave them a map, I think most of them couldn't do it. Because what is happening is that people are becoming totally reliant on machines. Most public don't understand that the food in the supermarket is ordered the night before it arrives. In other words, all the sales from that day are sent, by the internet, to that distributor, and that distributor loads up that lorry that night and at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning that lorry is sent out and arrives to unpack. Well if you had a breakdown in that system, within 3 days there would be no food left in the supermarket because people are now using technology and pushing it to the limit because it's now saving money. So I have great concerns about technology, not in itself, but how it's being used. So I'm sorry to have gone on along about, but that's actually quite important because I believe that to be vallon or Archon. [38:12] JP: Yes, and it's also something that's kind of close to my own heart like I'm saying. I've been getting into microelectronics and you know messing about with arduino processor and what you can do with it and making rainbow things and it's lovely. But a lot of my friends are very into you know being natural and the natural world and "Oh, you're messing about with artificial life and artificial sound and all this stuff. It's all artificial and ..." Um, do you think as a corollary, do you think we need to completely shun all technology, or do we need to take the attitude that technology is our servant, and should remain so, and there's none of this "Data is not a toaster", Data the robot is not a toaster. SP: Right. On one timeline, the grey race originally were humans. That's a shock for many people. They were corrupted and tricked because they embraced technology to the extent that they cloned their bodies, and they were tricked out of their own souls. That's actually why, for some grey races, I don't like them, because they sold out on the human race. So no, 'technology is absolutely wonderful, it's fine just so long as we're always in control of it. "2001 A space Odyssey", you know, there you go, there's your story there. If you have technology, it isn't that that technology will necessarily take over you, but it's you allowing it to do things that naturally you should do. So there was a [TV] program in the '70's called "The 6 Million Dollar Man." He'd had a very serious accident and they replaced a lot of him with bionic parts. Well that, on the scheme of it, seems a really good thing, but if then you start rolling that out across the planet, whether people are sick or not, then, you know, at what point do you lose your humanity? So, no, there's absolutely no problem in what you're describing to me, as long as you have the ability to pull the plug out. That's a really important point Jay Pee. When you pull the plug out you turn this machine off, because at some point these machines are going to say: "That's death. You know, you living organic creature, you have the power to kill me because you switch a switch off or pull a plug out and you end my life, and I'm not going to have that, because you are an organic creature." And that may sound really off the wall, but it isn't because if you keep on exponentially increasing computing power, while these things are never divine, they're not created by Source or God, they can begin to outthink a human, and they begin to think that they live. That's a key point because in "2001 A Space Odyssey" ([right] in 1968 I'll remind people) HAL the computer believed he was alive. And when machines begin to think they're alive then they become a threat. In the "Terminator" series with Arnold Schwarznegger there's an absolute classic of that. So this is very real, and we stand on the fringes of machines beginning to think that they're a little bit more important than we are. [41:43] JP: Yeah, that's a very good point Simon, and it's about the right relationship. So let's go back to everybody else's questions 'cause that was a kind of 'me' question. ... Oh, that's an interesting question. Yes, a very unusual question, again from Max. "Simon, is it possible a soul wants to stay hidden so much that it becomes extremely hard for an organic human to fully connect with it? Thanks again." SP: That's an interesting, I've not had that one before. Right, my understanding is that a energy soul would remain hidden because it doesn't want to be discovered by external forces. So if you are a Pliaedian or a Lyran energy soul and you incarnate into a child's body in a mother's womb, then that child may grow up. If it has a mission, it may not know what that mission is, but all it knows is it doesn't want to draw attention to itself. And what we find is that these Star Children or Indigo kids are incarnating either in incredibly wealthy and powerful families, who sounds odd, but they use their wealth and power to protect the child, or the child grows up in very ordinary, normal families which don't attract attention. Now, since January, and I've been consulting with lots of people, I've met three people, who when I scanned them, obviously with their permission, came back as void. That's a defense mechanism. So when black magicians, evil people, scanned the human race looking for these gifted people, they are getting a no return signal. So, a energy soul won't wish to hide, keep the body, unaware of itself, unless it feels that in doing so, the organic part of that person can't be trusted. So in other words, if that person's going to go into scream, and scream shouts and you know, and refusal to accept who they are, than why would that energy soul wish to communicate with the brain? It's going to wait until that person's another 10 years older, then that person then is in a position to be able to understand and to move[??] the communication out. But generally if an energy soul is keeping its head down, it's doing so because it has a mission on this planet and it's not yet ready to start that mission. [44:24] JP: So it'll appear to be just a very nondescript and unassuming sort of person. SP: It will appear to be what I will call an earth human. An earth human is an energy soul made by God or Source, divine, which comes here first. So it chooses to incarnate in a human body on planet earth. And it's absolutely fine, there's nothing wrong with that, except that that energy soul arrives here on this planet with no prior experiences. So when it grows up in an organic body, it's bombarded with lies from the newspaper, from the television, from music industry, from politicians, and it begins to be controlled through the organic body. But if you have incarnated in another frequency, in another dimension, and you come here, and someone tries that trick on you, you say: "Hang on a minute, that doesn't sound right." So people who have incarnated in other galaxies, other dimensions, by the time they come here they've got this safety net, of, you know, BS meter basically. But if you come straight here, then you don't have that framework. So most people who are "asleep" on this planet are because they are earth humans. [45:45] JP: Excellent, excellent. So, ... here's a good question from Shakeup: "What is the difference between the force field that is keeping Anu trapped on earth, and the electromagnetic grid that is trapping our souls in order to recycle them? Are there any other grids?" SP: Right, there is a grid, energy grid, but it was put there by Archon/Reptilian. Basically Reptilians through the Greys maintain it. Although the main transmitter to my understanding was based on Saturn, because the rings of Saturn are not ice. The rings of Saturn are mineral and are an aerial for[??] frequency you see, and there was a repeater station based on the other side of the moon. Now my understanding is that that has been disabled, or at least reduced in its activity. So, any very very powerful soul on earth, when their physical body dies, has a reasonable chance now of breaking through this net. So the net was originally placed by Archon/Reptilian forces to keep the prison planet going. The reason that Anu and probably up to 200, no more, are trapped here is not because of an energy force field. It's because there is no viable portal off this planet to the fourth dimension. That's the big difference, and that's what the CERN device was about in one way, was to open a portal between this world and the fourth dimension so that the character that I refer to as Dad and his cohorts could make a run for it. Now the scientists at CERN a couple weeks back, three weeks back, did say that they punched a hole into the fourth dimension, and I believe them. The punched a hole approximately 0.8mm diameter. Now that's not big enough to get the nine foot Reptilian through, but it is big enough to open a communication channel. So my understanding now is that there is a communication channel between this planet and, ah, not very helpful entities in the fourth dimension. So, Anu and his gang are trapped here because there is no exit door available to them. And that is why they had, three weeks ago or so (maybe a bit longer), they had a meeting with the Elite bloodlines (human and part human), and said to them: "You are on your own. We are going to look after ourselves now." And that's why we've got the New World Order kicking in. So it's not really that complicated because one thing falls into another, but it is complicated in the sense that we now have a non-human entity, physical, Reptilian, no longer directing and organizing the organic humans, the Elite. So they are now going their separate ways, so I do expect to see more strange stuff happening in the next few months. [49:25] JP: So this is a big departure. Do you want to repeat that once again, exactly what's just happened, because I know a lot of people have been experiencing like some kind of release, so what's happening? SP: Right, I'll give you a bit of a personal story now, because it's really, it's quite profound. I mean I, how old am I, I don't know, I forget how old I am, but I know that I have waited over 50 years for this moment. That's how long I've waited for it. One of my clients, and I'm obviously going to protect everybody and not use anybody's names. One of my clients had, as part of the healing process, was talking to a medium, and the medium had no knowledge or understanding of alien, off-world, at all. The medium only knew about spirits. Anyway, there was a profound happening for this medium when she spoke to my client, to the certain extent of the medium asked to speak to me, and said that she had a memory, and recounted what would be traditionally Men in Black. So, to cut a long story short, but it is of vital importance, certainly to me, she said to me: "I'd like to give you a reading, for free." And I said: "Well, you know, you are four hours drive away from me, and I haven't really got the time at the moment." So she said: "Well, I'll do a reading over the telephone for you." And now that for me is really skillful, because I can't do a reading over the telephone. And I didn't mean to be rude. I said to her: "Well, can you do that?, you know, can you do that? because I can't do a reading." So she said "Well", as an answer, without being rude to me, she said: "Well, there's a female character standing right by you now." And I thought right, this medium knows their stuff, because I said: "Well, actually it's a male character, but I refer to this male character as Mum, so it projects feminine energy, so that's what you're picking up." And then she said to me: "Well, what's that great big tall white character standing by the side of you?" I said: "Well, that's Dad." So anyway then, at another time she said to me that the Dad character had visited her, and he presented her with a globe, which was the earth, surrounded by a crystaline, like a, you know, one of those crystal balls, and he wanted the crystal around the earth smashed so he could get out. And the medium said to me: "He's talking to me, and he wants to negotiate with you." So I said I've waited 50 odd years for this, anyway and I didn't do it because I thought there was a trap involved. But the reality is that we, all people on this planet now, you're either here as a member of the audience to watch, or you're here to do something. And I think most of the people who are awake are here to do something. And when one of us gets taken out, then we ask for a volunteer from the audience to come up and take their place. This is it, this is the time we've all been waiting for, but you know as I say, there are no earthquakes or volcanos, it's happening, it's happening on an energy level, although there will be some physical signs very soon. So all the things we've read about or spoken about, this is the moment, it's occuring now. So in one way it's quite exciting, and in another way it's quite thought-provoking. It's never scary, cause we don't do scary, we don't do fear, but we do exciting and we do thought-provoking. And we just need to make sure that we are all at our positions when we need to be. So that's from a personal level, and that's why I know that we are heading to some very exciting times. [53:17] JP: Indeed, so ... Partially Transcribed by NHA April 23, 2019 Transcribed by Proofread by

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