Heart to Heart, a Conversation of Deep Concern: Important September Update

with Linda McCallum



Heart to Heart with Simon Parkes

Important Update, September 22, 2015


Host: Good morning everyone, here in Yelm, Washington and looking in. And good evening to you Simon, in England. It's wonderful we 're all gathered here for the third exchange with Simon, and we all totally enjoyed the previous 2 sessions.

For this session today we decided to do something different: There will only be one person asking questions to you. And I think she has already absorbed all of the multitude questions that the audience has prepared here for you. Of course it's a slight exaggeration.

Anyway, the person who will be talking to you directly here on behalf of our soul (?) today is my old friend Linda McCallum, who I've known for many many years.

Linda was responsible... shall we say... for me moving to this country a long time ago. And at the time that I first came to know her, she was the intuitive adviser extraordinaire to many of the major figures in Hollywood. And she has gone on from there to greater heights since that time, but I know that her wisdom and insights have been greatly valued by an enormous amount of people over the years. So I am delighted to hear that she has been designated by Jayne to be the spokesperson today. And also that Jayne managed to get a more mercyful time slot for you.

So anyway, from the pacific northwest of the United States back to England. We look forward greatly to this session between Simon and Linda. Thank you.

Linda McCallum: Thank you. I wanna welcome you Simon. It is such a joy for me to have this opportunity to talk with you again. I have given a great deal of thought to try to come up with a series of questions that would open minds and utilize this hour and a half to give you a chance to perhaps speak on some subjects that we haven't talked about before. Right now, this is an incredibly challenging month for many and it has been filled with prophecy. There's been the Tetrad which is the four blood moons and the final blood moon is September 28. There is the Shemitah – I'm not sure I am pronouncing that exactly right – but the seven year cycles have financial challenge, and then there is the 7x7 - which is the jubilee - which is really what we have just experienced the ending of September 15.

So all of these prophecies have talked about the end of times, financial upheaval, I mean, I have many examples of history in the past that when there was the crash, or the upheaval, the changes, the washing clean of the past and beginning a new. The once that are right now in front of us are very disturbing. The change in China - stock market collapse in Shanghai – the Ukraine, the Syrian refugees... The pope is also very interesting in this year of mercy. And yet the concern is: what is the deeper order of agenda. So, before I ask the second tier of this question, I wanted to know what you know about this, what you can comment on it.

Simon Parkes: Well, first of all, thank you very much for advising me for the third helping (?). Thank you to you, Linda, for the work. Thank you too to Terry, who is doing so much for me out there. But I just wanted to make the statement that I want Connecting Consciousness to work with the Ramtha (?) school. And see it's worked together, it's not something separate. And as we get the structure in place, I want like to sit down and workout how we can work together, so we compliment each other and we don't work against each other. So I think that's very important.

Terry's doing a really good job and I am glad she is in the audience. Can I just get you for a hand up, is she there?

LM: There she is!

SP: Thank you Terry!

Right, let's get on with it. Em... Everything you just said is a 100 % accurate as far as I'm concerned. For me the most important aspect coming up is the forthcoming message from the pope. And I got little bit in for extra news to ad and of course we have our esteemed friend here, ex-vatican (?) 6:00 and a... ALL LAUGHING...

LM: Yeah, we talk about you!

SP: We do have an issue. Em... everybody on this planet now is here for a reason. And although some don't recognize it, up to this moment everything you've done has been to train you for what is ahead.

The pope is, in the next few weeks, going to make a statement. A document that is many many pages long. And I want you to perhaps here it from me before you hear it from anyone else. This is the beginning of the New World Order in terms of it's operation. When the pope makes his speech, it is the beginning of the New World Order.

Literally three to four weeks ago, in Australia a new law was past, which is a law inshrined - it was the american legislature, but it has not yet been enacted - but in Australia now it is illegal to obtain any social security benefits if you are not vaccinated and your children are not vaccinated. So you can't get any form of social security unless you have been vaccinated.

This is the beginning. The pope is going to talk primarily about overpopulation, the condition of the planet and global warming, and there will be a whole range of policies he is going to put forward, which he supposed to reduce the pressure on the planet.

The first question we should ask is why is a church leader, who can only speak for not just the christian world, but an element of the christian world, so the catholic world... why is a church leader speaking on behalf of all the world? And this is because he was always meant to open the door to the New World Order.

So we have got some very important energies arriving the ladder part of these few weeks and it is beginning to play out.

So, Linda, as far as I'm concerned you're absolutely right. This is not the beginning of the end, because it's the beginning of the beginning, but that's what you're saying to me, because it's the beginning of a new start. But we've waited for this. For years and years and years we've waited for this moment and here it is. Right in the next few days is the very beginning. So we must not be surprised when we receive news of earthquakes, we receive words of large tidal waves, we receive words of terrorist attacks, we receive words of financial collapse.

This is all part and parcel. Some of it is organized and planned as part of the New World Order operation, some of it is not.

I would always say to you that the earth doesn't kill anybody, but it is those who have an evil agenda do. So, I don't want this to be a very sad or somber get together, but I do want you to be aware that this is it. When the pope makes that speech, that starting gun is fired and we are off.

So, perhaps during the questions we can perhaps add a little bit more and go back to it.

So thank you Linda, that was perhaps the most important thing to start with.

LM: Thank you. What my second question which you have partially answered is: I experienced in my intuitiveness, the Illuminati and the Grey men and all those people of special privilege power are using the prophecies, that have been thousands of years placed, to bring all this together.

Because in an archetypal level, in a subconscious level, there is an awareness people have of these prophecies. And a historical record that they have lived through or their genetic family has lived through, so there is a fear base that is there. And what I perceive was they were using this cycle of prophecy to bring all this into verition (?) as supposed to the prophecy coming and they're just trying to get on with it.

What do you think about that?

SP: Yes, I think that they are going to portrait the earth as a dying earth with overpopulation and the pope will put forward some ideas which sovereign governments are expected to enact. And what we will see is a complete steam-rolling of these ideas.

One example for you: Early this year, the last of the vitamin factories was built for the sole use of the elite families. I am aware of a very very.... eh... which WAS a very secret document, I believe it's possibly been leaked, but as part of this program that pope will bring out, will be the branding of all vitamins as poison. So it will not be possible, if this goes through, to buy any vitamin supplements anywhere unless you are an elite member of society. When I use the word “elite” I mean in terms of money and prestige. All the employees of such people - who have been each given a code number – who can then buy vitamins online from these designated places, while ordinary foods are irradiated and the vitamins removed from them. So they buy the target time of between 2020 and 2030 in this program. The human race will be so weakened that it would then be deceptable to a rather nasty desease, to wipe out large numbers of people. And this isn't scaremongering, this is exactly what they intended to do. I have personal experience of a vitamin factory built eastern, old-eastern Europe. The Rothschilds providing 15 Million Euros for the building of that particular building I'm referring to.

So, once the pope makes that speech we will begin to see individual governments enacting a program, the original of which sits with America. And I don't mean the President, I mean those people who are running it. So please watch out for rules and laws suddenly changing and your freedoms being curtailed. So that's the first sign that is taking place in your country.

This isn”t about fear. This is about being aware of it and watching it play out, because ultimately this whole ideology will collapse. They will get it on the road, but as it begins to unfold so it will collapse. So, that's one aspect of how they intend to try to reduce the human population. So, that.

LM: From my perspective I believe that the gift you are giving us with this wonderful inside and information allows us to be able to move our mind above the machine in terms of frequency to be able to access new ways of counteringness (?).

What I've found is that you really can't solve the problem in the problem. You have to get out of the problem, to be able to have to viewpoint to know how to proceed. People are waking up and we are connecting with knowing that this is isn”t roll-over anymore, automatically rolling over. And as wonderful as it may appear to have the year of mercy from the catholic church and a smiling pope, it is also understood that we have deminion of our life and an opportunity to change what this plan may be. And I like you to share what we did with the hadron collider, which was an example of choice, not just rolling over and letting them have their way.

So, if you'd be kind enough to share that I think it'll be valuable to the audience.

SP: Ok. Em... A story called “Christams Carol” written by Charles Dickens and the end of the ghostly visits – this is the ghost of the future – Scrooge, the lead character says to the ghost “Are these the signs of what will be, or the signs that might be?”

LM: Beautful!

SP: And we talk about the future. We talk about the future that one particular group wish it to be, but that doesn”t mean it's going to come to pass nor is it set in stone.

The more people join together to change this outcome, the more likely we are to be successful.

The Hadron Collider – It's been a very very interesting and it;s a developing story . I'll start at the beginning and I work through to the latest news that we have. But perhaps I'll take you back to the very early beginning.

If you switch on the internet and you look at the alternative sites... when we talk about the alien race that we love to hate, the reptilian scores incredibly highly. But only very few people realize that there is something above that, which is far more dangerous and far more manipulative.

LM: The Archons

SP: You could call it Valon or Archons or any other name you want, it is an energy based form, which at this present time cannot take physical form. And has a lifeforce which is very artificial and it's intelligence is very robotic. And when we read our history books in university or college or school we are very proud of a time period called “Industrial Revolution”. Industrial revolution was a time when great strides were made in machines. Wether it was something to pump water, make steam, make clothes, and wether it was your country or my country our two countries lead the world in the industrial revolution.

The problem is, that that industrial revolution was not necessarily the creation of human kind, it was the concept given to people to start the process of smelting metals, bringing people together in organized labour, creating agencies, creating all the systems that would one day build something like the Hadron Collider. The Hadron Collider is a masterpiece of technology from 3rd dimension. Everything from silicon chips to rare metals to people selling Hamburgers at the gate. This is a massive undertaking which could only haven been created because the human population has been directed down at technological route. The industrial revolution provided raw materials and the rough end of energy. But in 1947, when you had your Roswell situation, the other aspect was added.

You see, without software, without the ability to process vast amount of information quickly, no many how many doors you could build or antenna or aerials you could build, without that machinery computer electronics to process it, it would go nowhere. So in 1947 alien advanced technology was deliberately placed on the earth, so that it would be back engineered and find it's way to those who wanted it. And that means today that we have a device called the CERN – there are others, but it's the biggest – which can, or is attempting to open a portal into the fourth dimension.

That's what it's all about, all of this push for technology, and this is why the New World Order can now say they want to wipeout 50% or 75% of the population, because the project has been built. All of this was to build the Hadron Collider.

Now, in 2012 I and some others went public and you followed the story through. I chose the Hadron Collider for the first meditation session for Connecting Consciousness, which was taken up by many groups around the world, for two purposes:

The first, because the evil intend was to trz and break people or humans connection to source. Now, wether that can be done or not isn't the point, the point is somebody somewhere believed that they had a machine that could break the divine connection between people on this planet and source. And so we HAD to actually say, we won't leave it to the 7th cavalry to come and do something about it, we will show the planet that we care and that we will make an effort. So that was the first reason that I wanted to do the CERN meditation.

The second was to make a point to everybody that energy can affect material matter. So I want to talk to you now how about that effecting.

On the 15th (September), we had organized a group meditation and we were due to start that at 12 noon British time. And we were to run for 5 Minutes. We did so and at 11 minutes after the hour, so 6 minutes after the meditation had finished, the CERN device developed a fault and stopped working. Audience clapping

Well, that’s thanks to you as well as everyone else. And a proof of that, I did email round a screenshot from the publicity company that provides the press with screenshots of the operation of the collider which showed that it had genuinely failed to operate. But there’s more deviousness to explain to you. And there is also a lot of hope to give to you.

First the deviousness: I don’t know whether it was because Connecting Consciousness. I think it’s more likely that many messages had gone around the internet saying that the collider was due to operate and it was not a good thing. Three o’clock in the morning, so three o’clock BT, they called all their scientists in – in fact the trueth is they didn’t let them go home – and they activated the collider at 3 a.m. deliberately to get ahead of the meditation that was to take place at noon...

And that again is public record and you can see that. But what you also can see is, that just after three it had another fault.

So they started it up at three o'clock, it had a fault, it went down, it started at half past eleven, half an hour before we did our meditation, it had another fault.

Now I'm going to have a little group coming to Whitby where I am and I have got some very interesting weather satelite pictures to show. Because we have evidence that the earth actually became involved!

You need to understand that the amount of electricity that CERN requires is enormous! It is about 7 % of the entire electrical output of the country France. That's phenomenal.

They have a backup supply which is based in Switzerland. I have weather shots that show a lightning storm appeared over CERN at our time and also at the generating station. A lighting strike took out their main generator! That is the earth responding to everybody who put their cards on the table and said “I am going to make a statement. I am going to do something.”

Without that power they had to switch to the backup, which meant that they could only operate at about 1/3 the output so they could never reach the full power. And I want to explain what their plan was: The earth is a living creature, you all know that. And it has a biorhythm that is like a heartbeat, it's like this (moving hand up and down). What they wanted to do: Imagine a person on a surfboard riding the wave. And each time the wave came up it boosted the power, that was their plan.

NASA often talk about the “Slingshot Effect”. If you are having a traditional spacecraft and you can go round the earth and you use the gravitational pull to give you an extra push. What they wanted on the final upswing was to do that and to take the power with it, but because they didn't have enough power they couldn't do it. So their operation on that day failed. Since then they have operated CERN again in conjunction with a smaller collider devices around the planet earth and they actually punched a hole between this reality and the fourth dimension. But the hole was smaller than one millimeter. Now I think that for you guys it'll be around 16th of an inch. They can communicate now to the fourth dimension but they can't do what they wanted to do which is to bring things through.

So, the science has had success in the sense that they have actually seen the fourth dimension but the elite have not received what they want which was a new or increased portal to bring anything through.

So, working together across the planet people have affected material mechanism with their thought. Not guns, no bullets, no petrol bombs, just the intend of good, decent people which has achieved that. And what I just need to finish off with this to say... the hadron collider was guarded internally, not externally, with remote viewers. There was a battery of black magicians who were remote viewing all of the interior of the CERN device to prevent any entrance and attack on a psychic level. Obviously something went wrong for them because the device failed. So you need to understand there is a huge push to obtain a fourth dimensional corridor to bring things in. Now finally, along this line – well, for those of you of the Ramthes school will perhaps not find this such

a surprise or a shock but some people can, and I'm not going generally public with this because simply you guys are much more aware. I know this will be released, but by that time it doesn't matter.

There is an entity, some people call this entity Anu, others have other names for this entity. This entity is trapped inside the earth. Most of this creatures have left but there is still a core left. And this group, this particular individual demonstrated the situation by showing an image of the earth incapsulated in a glass ball. Which meant there was a force field around the earth from which this creature couldn't escape. This is why the pope is now pushing this 2030/2020 agenda, because far as the elite are concerned, their “gods” have let them down. They were supposed to have had the New World Order some 15 years ago. It hasn't happened, they are now going on their own. So we will see this fractured approach. So i'm sorry there's such a rambling along but this is very important, you know that.

LM: No, very very valuable.

It brings me to the next question... I'm kind of jumping cause this is such an important thing you're talking about, to me this is true hope. What you're discussing is dimensional timelines, choices that can happen out of time. So let's just use this example which was one of the reasons why I choosed you to tell the story, because it didn't matter that they tried to start earlier, it didn't matter that they tried to do it again later. What matters is that in no time there was a focus of an outcome and that outcome was held in consciousness by a great group of people. And you cannot underestimate that. So I don't really care how many psychic remote viewers they had. They're at a level of frequency that I'm not talking about. I'm talking about a consciousness that is able to raise it's frequency that it is beyond the shield of the machine that is continuously resonating with time and a concept of linear hierarchy to a concept of possibility of any outcome chosen.

SP: Yes. Two points... It must have been quite a blow for them because the payback to a number of people was quite severe. We've had people who have lost their hearing as a cause of this. We've had people who - his does sound of something out of the seven plagues – had people being attacked by swarms of mosquitos and bitten and then something very nasty coming from that. We've had lots of people who have been disorientated. But each one of them knew that what they did was for the planet and for the people and that there was no choice because once you decide that you are on a certain path, then you have to see it through. So, that was a very important thing to say, now the second important thing to say is that there are a number of timelines and it is the consciously awake people who will choose which timeline we're on.

The traditional timeline is were the elite go underground, that which is left of humanity remains on the surface and evolves into different races. And a member of the illuminati called H. G. Wells who wrote “The Time Machine” back in about 1895, actually portraits this. The group underground and the group on the top. That's the timeline that we don't want. And when the Knights Templars met me last year and offered me an underground base for my family and myself at no cost – which was very kind of them – I didn't accept that, because to accept it would be to agree that that was the outcome. And if you give your agreement and your energy to that, then you're making it much more likely to happen. So I didn't take that offer up although it was meant in the best and the kindest way, I have no intention of taking it up because we are not gonna get to that road. We are going to have a much more positive outcome. Now we all have different views and understandings and we can all survive and share, but my understanding is that this time that we face now is the seventh time that we have been here and I was absolutely shocked when someone said to me that's exactly what “The Matrix” is about. That was the sixth and the seventh time that this had been faced, so I believe this is the right time for us finally to break free and it's really important that we remember, that what we read, what we're told, are probably factual facts but mixed in with lies to try to gain a hook into us and then they put the screw on. And I'm absolutely confident there's a vast majority of people in the western world who will see through this and will have no part of that.

So I totally agree with you, Linda, that we are standing on the threshold and we will make the choice. These people will try to lead us down a particular pathway. It's entirely up to us wether we go down this pathway or we actually choose a new reality, we choose a new way of doing things.

Because 1 percent of the worlds population have no right to dictate what you do, when you do it and how you do it to 99 percent of the population. Who gave them that position? I didn't, you didn't. But they have obtain that position through trickery. Because they've done it through trickery, they will ultimately fail. Because you cannot build truth on lies.

So, I am positive, but I'm also aware that there is a difficult time ahead and that we must all stay together and we must all believe. Because if the internet comes down and every alternative radio or website is taken off the air and you only have FOX news or any of the others, you just have to remember that you were trained for this time. This is what you were preparing for. And you must stay true and remember. And that believe, if it stead fast, would see – not just America, not just Britain, but most of the countries through. And so it's really important.

I mean, I don't know, I'm absolutely honest with you, I don't know how many of these we'll be allowed to have. That's how serious it can be in the shorter, because they cannot control everybody for very long, but there will be perhaps a very difficult time for us all. So it's important that we get the most out of it.

So thank you Linda again, I'm sorry I have gone on, but it's...

LM: No, please do that, because how else will we really have another point of view which is really important. And there was something that came up for me when you were talking, when you said we agree through trickery... For me, this is my personal way, I feel I had to own that I agreed for survival. I had to own that I sensed this wasn't really right, but I was afraid to take a stand and go into another direction. My life has often had it's movement of having to stand in contrast to the norm and then feeling the anxiety and fear of that. I feel at this particular time part of our strength is going to come from “Hey, I agreed, hey I did go along, hey I don't anymore” and now I refuse to let the machine which I have become analogical with – by that I mean it is me – I have to now be mindful, I have to now listen to my thoughts, I have to now actually see what am I agreeing to every single moment, because it's so important, because it's coming for me. I have to be able to activate my will which I have suppressed with believe systems of powerlessness.

Now I rambled on, but it's to give you a sense of how important I feel it is for every single person to not focus on being the victim of trickery, but to focus on the power they have given to others because of the fear of claiming it for themselves.

SP: This is the hole point of all the terrorist and the terrible signs of the refugees. It's part of their idea of destabilizing, it's all they understand. This is what they do, they manipulate other people to try to bring about a situation while they keep away from it. So we are seeing all these threats being drawn together now, you know, you guys nearly did it with the hippy or the flower-power revolution, you were just a paper-thinness away from bringing down the system. So it can be done in a non-violent way. And if we had said in the past by not interfering we have allowed something to happen, well now what we're saying is, we're aware of what's happening, we won't bring pain to anybody else, but neither will we give our consent. And these things work on energy consent. And if large enough people on this planet do NOT give their consent, then these guys, who are heartless, will find that they do not have the authority to put through what they want.

Em, the other thing I will quickly just say is that peoples awareness is now so high that they are detecting lies very quickly. It's very hard for the elite to put something through. Ten years ago people would swallow not anything, but many things now, I think, government is really up against it, they can't put stuff through on a mass scale. So what we are facing I think is individual governments pushing a chosen from of legislation, a legislation which seeks to curtail the individuality of the people and I do not believe that people will stand for it. So, let's see how that goes and watch it through.

So, yes, whatever we've agreed to in the past we will re-thiink (?) that and say that we will make our choices one at a time. So no longer we will give our blanket (?) approval, we will say “Well I'll approve of this but I won't approve of that.”. And that's alright to do that.

LM: And necessary.

Let's leading you into another area that is very connected to this. I'm very interested in timelines and dimensional realities, because I actually feel that we have so many dimensions close to us that the vale is getting thinner and we're actually bleeding through other dimensional awarenesses and changing timelines is not such a big thing like... em... it actually can happen just by a new focus. The concept of epigenetics, the idea that perception effects DNA and that will trigger whole new awarenesses is the same in terms of timelines appearing now that weren't there a moment before. I believe because things are so much more mutable than we have been presented that they are, that the opportunity to start training ourselves in this mutability to build confidence that we can change outcome is part of what is necessary and I thought you would be such a wonderful person to share your experiences with timelines changing and your living with alternative dimensional realities.

SP: Well, to my knowledge this is the third time that we have come back onto a broadly positive timeline. The timeline that we're on a the moment is positive and many people say “Well, if it's positive, why is there so much pain and suffering happening at the moment?” and that's a very good question and I want to try and address it.

Imagine a corridor. This is a timeline going from a to z. Well, where are we on that corridor? Because we can't go past this wall, that's the blockage here, and we can't go past this wall, but within this corridor, we can have any position as we move forward. So we can choose to be onto the left, the centre or the right of this corridor. This is what humanity has to do, this is a positive timeline we're on, but we must decide which is the most positive part of this timeline to give weight to one side. Those of you who have a motorbike or a motorcycle, when you lean over, you lean to counterbalance. And what humans have got to do is to put their energy towards the positive part of this timeline, to ensure that we won't get dragged the other way.

Every individual has the power to change their reality. The problem is that when we go to college we are taught that this cannot be done. Every child under 5 has that ability and as soon as they go to school then it is very cleverly squashed.

My own experience: I have seen potential timelines in front of me. And one timeline, without question, is the destruction of North America. We're not on that timeline and many people misunderstand the concept, because they write on a blog site, or a website that America is going to be destroyed, there's going to be earthquakes and tidal waves. But that was one timeline! That was one outcome! That is NOT the outcome that we are on at the moment. I want to make that absolutely clear!

If you are a member of the elite you want a structure left. You don't want to destroy your country. What you want to do is to remove the people from that country. Because it's wrong to think that high members of the elite, the Illuminati, don't appreciate the forest, or appreciate rivers and seas. Of course they do! The only difference is, they want it for themselves. So, they want to walk out into a forest and not see anybody. They want to walk out to a beautiful waterfall and don't want to see another living soul, because they've all been murdered. That's the plan! They want all this beauty for themselves. They have never been taught to share.

So, that is a timeline that they wish. That is a timeline that must never be allowed to happen!

And at the moment for the last maybe 20-25 years, we have been reasonably secure in a very positive timeline. But at the moment here is our corridor. What they are seeking to do is to pull the energy of decision right against one wall of that corridor. What we have to do is to pull it back to the other wall of that corridor. And that will basically dictate wether we come out the other end relatively in good condition, or wether we come out in a very poor condition.

So, the decision lies with us and the ability to do that. And Linda is absolutely correct, because there are a number of outcomes, a number of timelines, but it is the humans themselves who will dictate were we are on that.

And the sad thing is, that so few people are consciously awake, but there are enough people awake to make that decision. As soon as we went through the 21st December 2012 the game was on. The game was on.

So, there are enough of us, we can do it and they are terribly frightened. The elite are terribly frightened of anybody who stands in their own truth.

Now, we don't want to get into politics, but you remember several scenes were flowers are put down the barrels of guns. That is a nightmare to the elite. Absolute nightmare, because if you retaliate the violence then those soldiers will retaliate with violence and everything is seen as equal. But if you face these people in a non-violent way it is something that they can't cope with.

There are more police officers who go off with stress in your country, after they have broken up a peaceful demonstration than there are who break up a violent demonstration.

Because to drag women and potentially children who are blocking a road and all the problems that go with that, actually psychically effects a police officer much more than charging in a with a stick because someone has thrown a brick at him. So, that's why we must be very aware that the demonstrations of the future, the enemy – and I'm using that word, because we are talking not about humans, we are talking about an energy that is an enemy to living divine creational force – seeks to always bring violence to bare. And we mustn't fall into that trap.

So, there are timelines out there, at the moment it's positive, but we can make it more positive.

LM: Thank you.

I'm gonna go down a little deeper into the rabbit-hole... I've got an echo... I'm going down a rabbit hole so it's echoing...

I think what is an opportunity here is to perceive and know that we are all creators and that we have the ability to envision the earth the way we want the earth to be. Just the way the Illuminati have envisioned the earth the way they wanted it to be and use their power and money. We have the ability to do that. To do that is actually not necessarily to work with linear timelines, literally to – perhaps – merge or... unfold is the proper word... into a different dimensional reality were the earth never really had that problem. In other words, it is our innate potential, because we do have the quantum field, that void space, as a part of us to choose the earth we wanna live in.

And sometimes, in my experience, when I'm too caught up in the fight, wether it's with flowers or with guns, we get caught. One side wins, the next side doesn't, battle won, more lost, always in that. Somehow for me I perceive that our focus is clean and clear with the earth, our unity, wholeness for working, living together, so that that potential could unfold dimensionally.

And in the short-term there probably are a lot of decisions we would make if we are mindful along the way, that are moving timelines. Do you understand what I meant?

SP: it's often said that we will move into the 5th dimension and miss out the 4th dimension. My understanding is that we will pass through the 4th dimension but won't stop there.

The 4th dimension is where - in street talk – the bad guys are. In professional talk is where all the heavy dense energies lie. And at the moment they are so heavy and dense they are bulging down into the 3rd dimension. And that is what Linda has named that we are could getting a 'bleed through', many people are getting to experience not just the 4th dimension, but some of these entities that are so heavily weighing down into our reality that we are seeing them off and on more than we've ever done.

The earth will choose to evolve, that is a natural course of all living creatures. If you have good intend you will evolve towards a positive. If your intend is not of a good sort your evolution can be very variable and can lead you down a dead end.

So, the 4th dimension is a dead end if you arrive and your energy has either changed or is too heavy to allow you to transcend forwards. That happened to a number of entities.

I believe that the human race will enter the 4th but not stop there. It will move on to the 5th and at which point it will then stop to start the learning process.

We do have something to learn from the 4th dimension, but very little. Because our reality here in the 3rd has been so largely shaped by 4th dimensional reality, because many of the values that we have were given to us from the 4th dimension, so we don't need to learn that. As we transcend (?) the 4th we don't need to learn that because we've already experienced. There are some higher energies at the top end of the 4th we need to experience, but I don't believe that we need to set up a camp there. We can move through that and go into the 5th. And then in the 5th is were we start our real human learning. And this is a tremendous change, because those creatures that have repressed freedom will actually be behind us form a linear perspective. And so, although we are technologically inferior to many of these creatures, we will proof that the spiritual capability of humans is actually greater.

And this is... although it's a travelling distance are actually beginning now to push through the very base of the 4th and that's why so many people are having very interesting experiences and it's a natural development. One group comes down and – just as an aside, I now wonder if this very heavy group will form another reality? So you will have a 4th dimensional 3rd dimension and something that will create a bubble with it's own reality in it which is neither 3rd nor 4th.

So, we will move forward. I have absolutely no doubt about that, but I want us to get well into the 5th.

Alex Colier will have (?) so much time for, he is in contact with a group of people from the base of the 5th, the Andromedans, and I think that we need to be up there.

We need to be there to experience a whole new reality. Very different life, very different values, but each person will have to look inside him or her to say: What is important to me? The clothes that I wear? Are they important? Because we are going to go through a situation were maybe the american Dollar will be reduced by 40% (?). Maybe the British Pound will be reduced by 35%. A Dollar is a Dollar. If you have something that's made in your country it'll still be a Dollar and you'll still buy it. But if you wish to buy something in China, no longer will it be 1 Dollar, it may be 3 or 4 Dollars.

So this is the impact of an impending financial disaster, it will just become to buy anything that's imported outside of your own country.

I know you guys don't follow Europe's situation greatly, some of you do, but I know the vast majority don't. But in the European Union, which you are not a member of, when Greece had it's disaster (?) 3 years ago, the Greek government went into everybody's bank account who had an equivalent of I think 5000 Dollars and took money out. If someone does that to you on the street that's called a robbery and if they get caught they should go to prison. But this was perfectly legal for the government to go into anyones bank account and take money out.

The President has been said any european country now, so that's something take account of finally, em... The previous government in my country, there was an adviser to the Prime Minister, and that adviser some 4, 5,v6 weeks ago in my country, made an announcement that he thought everybody should take their money out of the bank and put it under the bed. He also said that it would be worth stocking your food up for four weeks. Now, obviously he was attacked, but here is the first instance in my country where a very senior person, an advisor to the Prime Minister, actually went public, on Twitter, and saying: There's a massive situation around the corner. And he said, whatever financial disaster we had in 2008 and 2009 this was going to be something like 20 times worse. And that's available on youtube, if you go and find it. But generally people are very frightened to come out and tell the truth, because they all look forward to a pension . The reality is, there won't be a pension, it's all going to be different. And it is what we create it to be.

So, the future is ours. We just have to be brave enough to reach out and take it and do it in a way which is beneficial for us, our families, our friends and the planet. Because the days when an individual did this, because he wanted it for himself and perhaps for his bloodline and everyone else could go hang, those are the old energies. These are the energies we are leaving behind, the planet is leaving that value behind it, and we are going forward in a far more open and truthful engagement between people on this planet. And even some people who are totally unawake are frankly quite sick of what's gone in the past, they want something different, people are crying out for a new way to do things. And when this reaches a certain point it's gonna happen. And we just have to be positive and believe in it.

LM: I a 100% agree with what you shared and I would add that in this area and those who have attended the school, we've always been taught to put some food away, make sure that we have water, make sure that we have supplies should these things happen.

When I talk about moving our minds to a different dimensional reality it is also a balance of considering the body knowing that we still may life in time as we're trying to unfold the new time and to be wise in preparing for our lives, our families lives.

In your experience as... with a soul mantid-reptilian-hollow earth, the spiritual components and genealogical components that you've shared have been intriguing as I've contemplated them, I know you've said you chose the way of Mantid, because it was more spiritually supportive of the human evolution.

However, the Reptilian, Mantid and your Hollow-Earth experience are still mind firing wiring components in you. So how do you, Simon, experience your priorities? Are you pulled sometimes, do you feel this kind of conflict, or... because the reason I'm asking this in not so much to pry into your personal life, but you are like an amazing magnified example what we're trying to do as to pull away from societies input, religious input or perhaps genetic input to find our own voice and stand in that. So I though perhaps if you could share your experience.

SP: Sure. It's about choice. And once you've made that choice, do you stick with it, or do you begin to crumble and move away. There are some people, some entities, some energies, that are very wedded to a particular lifestyle, who are rooted in the past and cannot bring themselves to look forward to the future, are frightened of change. And believe themselves to be so important that they are more important than anything else around them. And this is a 4th dimensional value with some entities. And that has imprinted itself on the ruling elite on our planet. These values of individual worth over and above anyone who is not a member of your family.

On this planet we have physical bodies and those physical bodies can contain bloodlines. I have a bloodline body and the way that the negative energies would work in terms of visitations or imploring me to connect more with the reptilian side, to value the reptilian side and to put my energy with that. So that is how it plays out with me. So I will have a number of visitations from both sides of the balance attempting to – in the case of the Reptilian – to sway me to bring my energies across to that side of the camp. And to therefore put my input there. With the Mantid group that has always been a free choice, I've never been told “You should do this”, I have always been asked “What will you do?”. And humans don't like to be told what to do. It's our natural self.

So, when faced with a creature that says “you should do this” our natural reaction is to say “Well, why?” and actually I'll do what I want to do. And that's been the core difference here, with the Mantid it's been “What will you do?” and the Reptilian has been “We want you to do this,”

So they started the process on the wrong foot, but they know no different. It's just like the elite people, they know no different. They are totally unaware that they are showing you their agenda and they are bearing their cards on the table, but they think they're playing a very clever game.

So this body of mine is exactly the same as yours in the sense that it is made up of materials from this planet and this universe. And it can be influenced, but we all have divine souls, well those of us hopefully we have divine souls and they have to make a choice and they have to decide what is right and what is wrong. If your value is for the good of people or human kind then you will look at something and say “That is fundamentally damaging to the outcome that I see, therefore I won't go along with that.” So, everyone makes a choice. Now, actually there isn't a right or wrong choice for that individual, because everyones allowed to make that choice. But if that choice hurts other creatures of divine creation, then that choice was an inaccurate choice because it took into account the individual making the choice and did not take into account those people around them. That's the point of evolution.

If you throw a piece of meat to a group of hungry dogs very very rarely will a dog share with someone else. But when you evolve you take the piece of meat – obviously we are talking about dogs who are not evolved enough to be vegetarian – and you share it and you say “I will make this go so we can all share, because it's all of us or none of us.” And this is the choice I had to make.

I had to decide wether I was going to be looked after, wether I would have a bunker and be looked after, have food and the rest of it, wether I would throw my lot in with a particular entity group who would promise me the earth, or wether I actually felt that my true compassion lay with people who had been tricked and lied to, but have fundamentally more to offer than any alien group, frankly. The humans specie can get back up to 12th dimension, Reptilians will never to get to 12th dimension.

So, for me that was a choice that I made, probably at the age of five on this planet. So by the age of five I had already decided what was important to me and were my loyalties will lie. So between the ages of three and five was my formative period.

LM: Was there an incident or some particular thing that made that decision at five years old?

SP: It would have been my observations of a number of alien races just over 2 year, 2 and a half years, and at the end of that period I felt that I had seen enough to be confident to make a decision as to which choice humanity should really go down.

I give you an example of where we are now and then... I was trying to say a little bit earlier and I just pulled away from saying it, because I think it will be quite hard for some people perhaps to accept who like to attack spokespeople, but I will just say it: I had a connection with a medium, a woman who is very very psychic, very gifted. I haven't met her, I spoke to her on the telephone and she wanted to do a reading for me. And I said: “Well, you're a 4 hours drive away from me.” I had, you know... difficult, and she said: “I'll do it over the telephone.” Now, anyone who has had a reading from me knows I have to have a video to do it, and I said to her: “ Can you do that, is that ok?” and she immediately started to tell me which entities were near me. Well, you could be very very suspicious and say well look... anyone who has seen my presentations could then real out certain things, but what occurred was that she describes this entity that you could call Anu who had contacted her and offered her something which I have never described and I know that she's genuine. Now what she actually said to me was: “He wishes to negotiate.” That's what she actually said “He wants to negotiate and he wants to negotiate through me.” that's the medium. And I said to her, I have waited over 50 years for this moment, because he basically has to say what he is prepared to do and change to see where we go with it. Ultimately I did not hold that particular meeting, because I sent a message up the pipe which was: If you want to talk you talk to me directly, don't bring other people in, because it's not fair on them, you are going to be energizing them in a way.

So, we are at a crucial stage, we have the energy movement, we have a physical movement, we have the consciousness of the planet, the consciousness of the people, there are all of these things which have been aligning, and really and truly what we have got is a great energy of love and this off-shoot of very dense negative energy, and quite frankly what I believe will happen is, that this will move into another reality, this will either stay were it is or be off-shooted somewhere else and were just completely withered away. No ones going to die like that, no ones going to be penalized for making a choice of darkness or heavy energy, but what will happen is, that will just become nothing over a period of time, and this will become the new concept, the new earth, the new people, the new way. And we all make a personal choice.

So, by the time I was 5, 5 and a half, I had made this choice. And I have not gone back on it, because I have seen nothing to show me that elite people with a negative agenda can do anything positive. And I implore them, even now the clock stands to one minute to midnight, to change. To make a genuine movement, come across and join the side that is actually beneficial for humanity.

There's still time! There is still time. Because once the hand reaches twelve, they can't come back, because it's been set, and the prophecy is fulfilled as you said. So it's still one minute too, they can still come across. And I make this statement, cause I know they watch my presentations, I know they do. I'm imploring them for the good of themselves, for the good of their families, and their children and their children to come, to turn their back on the course of action that they are in, to move away from that, because they are – in the words of the church – they are looking at a fiery pit. That's exactly what they are staring at. And there'll be no redemption from that in this lifetime. They may well have a chance later on, but at that moment they are gonna go back to zero and start all over again. So, it wasn't difficult for me to make that choice, but it was traumatic from a skin and bone organic percept. Because I was looking at creatures that were 15 feet tall, didn't speak with their mouths, were completely not like humans, but the energies from them were different. Some energies were compatible with humanity, some energies were totally alien to humanity. And so I made a decision based on what my soul felt was the best outcome for humanity. And I know it was the right decision, because the energies of the dark side became more and more frustrated with me.

There is a covenant which means that I cannot be physically harmed, but they are now playing tricks. And anybody who plays tricks and tries to manipulate you can't have a good agenda. So that's how I've judged it.

LM: Wonderful, thank you.

In continuing with what you were sharing I think it is important that everyone learn basic ways of protecting themselves, because of the agenda that is there, because it's a frequency pattern when you're in cities, you're in public places, even... doesn't matter... when you're anywhere. So the idea that there are ways, and there are many different ways, it's not like I think I know THE way, but I do know that every person should find a way that they protect themselves when they are moving in their lives. And when they are in a situation where they have a sense of that frequency, they know how to clear. That they know how to do some process, some ritual, some thing aligning with their souls and spirit, that they can clear that frequency and come back, because that is their right and it is there for them. But most people don't understand the absolute essential importance of that.

SP: Yes, eh, Fran, who looks so wonderfully after the website has been honored me for some time and we did do a page not the definitive way to defend yourself, but an idea of how to go.

And I've always said that, if you are a particular star family you have a particular history or past lives, the energy in you will work in a certain way. And Linda is absolutely right, there is no hard and fast rule how you protect yourself, as long as you create an impenetrable barrier based on your truth. And I gave some tips and some pointers and it's for everybody to find the way that protects themselves.

You see, we can be attacked by people with psychic ability, we can be attacked by machines, we can be attacked by devices which are supposed to be via (?) communications. And all of these things can affect us on a physical or energy basis if we let it.

Now, for many people it's very arrogant to say that you have the ability to prevent that. But isn't that what healers do? When somebody has a disease and goes to a healer and the healer changes the reality of that person, that is because the person receiving the energy believes in it sufficiently to hook in with the energy of the person that has that frequency and to make that happen. Now if you can be cured of a disease you can prevent a cellphone tower irradiating your body. Or you can actually chance back the molecular structure of your body.

Linda talked earlier about genetics and the elite can't stop the information coming out that water molecules can change frozen into either well formed crystals or ugly crystals. The genetics can actually be altered and changed by energy. So they have understood this, but now they are sharing it unwillingly with the public. And we need to understand that working individually or working as a group, we can protect ourselves.

But the problem of our world is that we are reinforced with the physical all the time. Everything's touch it. Can't see it, can't smell it can't touch it, it can't be real. Unless it's god, in the true sense of the bible, then we can believe it, but anything else that we can't see we are told that it is not real.

This was to totally split human kind from it's real potential to manipulate and move energies and it's absolutely nothing wrong in manipulating energies. Just like the juggler juggeling the balls in the air, so we should be able, we are properly trained to be able to manipulate these energies and as long as it's for good, there is no harm in doing it.

And I just would like to finish by saying that in the Ramtha (?) school, to my knowledge, is the only school that has maintained its message. So many of these schools alter the message to suit the time they're in. So in the 1990s or the 2000s they think, oh we need to chance our message, because it will be more appealing to people. The Ramtha (?) message has stayed the same, because it doesn't matter wether it's 1850 or 2015, that message has to be solid. Because the values that we have are the values for now and for the new earth. And I will use the word the “New Earth”, I'm going to use it. We don't want the spaceships landing and we don't want the people getting on to be taken to a new earth. We've got a beautiful earth! We should be here to make it better. Why would we want to leave this place. It's given to us, it's ours, we need to look after it.

So, finally what I'd say on this is that the Ramtha school, that has my full support, because it's teachings are the teachings we need know more than ever. Because they'd not been corrupted. Many of these schools have been infiltrated and corrupted, and the Ramtha school has not been.

So that's why I came back 3 times and I will continue to come back, because iIm very happy to associate something of a very strong tradition. And I just wish that other people who are so wrapped up in their own little ideologies would just come out of them and take the time to look around them and compare with what's going on, because they think what we would find is not about “my school is better than your school”, but it is about that, unless we can work together on an overall plan, not everybody is going to go forward to the new earth. There will be people left behind and that's a genuine prediction.

LM: Yeah, Thank you.

I know we don't have a whole lot of time, but there's one more subject I'd like to talk to you about, just because I've never had the opportunity of doing it with you, and that's about women.

I believe that women are waking up now, activating their will and their voice not as a power over others, but as a co-creator of life coming forward in this way.

I was very interested to know that in your travels, cause I know you do travel dimensionally and you've had the opportunity to experience many different alien races or even looking at things in your way. How women are perceived, do they have families, do you have families in other dimensions? Can you give us some understanding, because I feel as we open and develop we are naturally nurturers and creators that sustain in new ways rather than subservience, but in a creative way.

SP: Remember I talked about the biorhythm of the earth? At the moment, if you think of the top part as masculine and the bottom part as feminine. The earth, in it's cycle, it's leaving the masculine and is moving now towards the feminine. That is undeniable. And this is why I get all these stupid bits going on about men don't know how to be men anymore and they are all confused. Reality is, that it's a natural progression that the earth moves. But, with the arising of consciousness what I'm hoping for is, instead of this huge masculine 26000 years 500 and then 26500 years later the feminine, that we actually create a balance exactly between male and feminine, so that no matter on this rise and fall we stick with that.

And if we go back in history to alien races who have involved themselves, we have the Orion Empire and an interesting group from what you guys would pronounce as Sirius or, like we say Sirus, I think you say Sirius, and the very interestingly diametrically opposed, one is very masculine , one is very feminine. In fact one had Queens and emperorcism, the other was and had queens, these were just me at figuerheads (?).

So, in the 4th dimension it's very strong between the patriarchal or a matriarchal group.

And when I've been interacted with alien creatures depending on their background would be the way they project themselves. So, the Mantis group is quite male. It's quite a male group. But they recognized that they have lost some of their feminine energy and they are seeking to regain that. That's why those of you who are familiar of my story know that I don't engage with strong male energy because it generally unfortunately create wars. So that's why, the entity that came to me, I would call that creature “Mum” as in Mother, or what you guys would say is “Mom”. Although it was a male creature. Because the feminine is what I understand. Now, the feminine creatures that I have interacted with, they have literally been leaders of their own clan or their own group. And they come at it from a completely different energy level, but for me this is all wrong, because you have the feminine over here and the male over here and it's just not working. We need to be able to balance and bring together, because, when a person has a past life, often they will have incarnated in a sex of a different body. So females will have incarnated in a male body and males will have incarnated in a female body. That's absolutely vital! Because if you think in a linear term, we just use the linear term, here is point A and point Z. If I exist in point A but I never come across the pint Z, how can I understand the universe I'm in? Because this was created, all of this side, so you have to come over. And if you incarnate in a body of the opposite sex and you live a lifetime and then you come back, cause you're either feminine or male then you have experience and you bring that energy with you and it balances you. Because the male can offer certain energies and the female can offer certain energies, and only when they are working together can we actually say that we can understand the planet and the life on this planet.

Because, generally speaking, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is men that create wars, it's men that kill – not this group here, but we're talking widely – and women who create. And until, in the physical sense, men can actually give birth to babies, men will never appreciate what life really is. So we have to make this evolution on an energy level. We have to actually incomp (?) as a male – and have done this, I hope - to incopmpest (?) the feminine and not be scared by it, that's the problem. Most males are terrified of female energy, because they thin it'll weaken them in some way. It's bullshit. Feminine energy is actually really strong and if you balance it and compare it then you are much more a representative part to the planet.

So, me view is that have you experienced both male and female, I find both elements wrong because they are too out of their balance. And only can we, as we evolve from the third, fourth and fifth, can we actually have this fantastic opportunity as an energy basis to try and bring it together so that we can be more representative of everything and not be so going off at a tension either male of female wise.

I'm very positive of the future, I've seen what I don't want it to go like. There is a feline alien species which the american military, the elite american military are very familiar with, if I – in English - the alien race their own name is Ketkarie, but the american military can't pronounce anything that's not american, they call them the Kilroti, Kilroti ‘cause they can't say Ketkarie so they say Kilroti. This is a feline specie which is feminine dominated. So it is ruled by a queen. But you see, they haven't evolved, because they've got hierarchy. If you have a king and a queen you haven't evolved.

When Alex Collier goes to the 5th dimension, all you have are elders. So it's not “we have a badge, I'm better than you”, it's I've studied law, I've studied this, I'm an elder, but everyone is equal. As you get after the 4th dimension there is no hierarchy strategy, you know, think about the police force: You have badges to show your rank. This is what it's like in the third because it is like this in a lot of the fourth. We have to get away from that “I am better than you”, “I've got more money than you”, “I've got more connections than you”, “I can tell you what to do because I've got three stripes and you've only got two”. This is pointless! This doesn't do anything. It's just pushing humans in a circle, it's getting tighter and tighter and tighter. So, what I say to men is “Don't be frightened of female energy, embrace it. And for the feminine, you can give as good as you get, but there is useful stuff there, bring it together.

I personally have a very strong memory of incarnating in a female body in 1835. Ha! And if I hadn't done that I wouldn't have the understanding and the love for the planet that just pure male energy. Because male energy is “Oh, I can built something there”, “I can knock it down”, but feminine energy is instead of building it's “ I can create something” and it's “I can nurture it”. So if you can put these two energies together you can both build and create and you can take it down when it needs to be taken down, but only when it needs to be, but then you look after it.

So really and truly it's about people being brave and moving outside of these physical bodies, because at the end of the day this (pointing at his body) is just not as important as what is inside you.

LM: I can't think of a greater way to close this session, you have... should I say.. surpassed my expectations? They were so high, it's kind of hard to say that. I am so appreciative for all of us. Thank you thank you thank you Simon!

That's a standing ovation from everybody. I would stand but I'm ruining the mic so I just want you to know. Yeah... there you can see. What a magical, wonderful, wonderful time!

Thank you.

SP: Well, I just want to thank everybody. (Pulls cat out of the way. Laughing) I think she was attracted to all the clapping. Em... I want to thank everyone. I don't really know what the future is, but it doesn't matter, because it is what we make of it. And, you know, you are one of the most special groups, because you've all come together here, you have all understood and support each other and you've stayed true and loyal. So whatever test has been throwing to you, you have actually worked together.

So I want to thank you from the bottom of my soul for inviting me again for the third time. You give me more joy as a group of people than anywhere else, because it's a special energy that surrounds your community and I appreciate that and understand it and I value it, and it's a privilege to me to have the opportunity to be part of this very beautiful family. And this is a model for the world.

LM: Beautiful!

SP: So, I am going to say goodby to everyone. I'm sorry that my Italian friend hasn't come to say goodby, where is he?

LM: Will you come again if we ask?

SP: I will. I hope that we have the opportunity to do so. I know that maybe in a short time things will be difficult, but in a long term we will reconnect and stay true to yourselves and believe in yourselves and if we have another opportunity and the internet is still working and up and running then of course I will come and be delighted to be part of your family. God bless!

LM: God bless you!

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