How ET’s Created and Influenced the Human Race

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AAE TV 2015 August 8, 2015

How ETs Created and Influenced The Human Race

In this interview Simon Parkes gives insights into his early childhood and the unique relationship he had with his earth parents and the extra-dimensional entities he referred to as “Mummy” and “Daddy”. He also expands on the extra-dimensional races' relationship to the current cultural and financial status on the planet, and provides insights into probable events that will occur in the next two and half years. The interview ends with Simon providing examples of the specific work he does and how he helps people.

SF: Welcome to Awake and Empower TV I'm your host Steven Fox. I have an incredible show for you today. I have Simon Parkes who is a life long experiencer of extraterrestrial races and also has held a public office in the UK. A lot of you know who he is some of you don't. I'll let him tell you his personal story in his own words. So without any further delay here's Simon Parkes.

Hello Simon. Welcome to Awake and Empower TV. It's a pleasure to be finally speaking with you. I've heard so much about you from a lot of my contacts and so I had to finally get you on my show and speak to you myself. So thank you for taking the time. I know you're a very busy guy.

SP: Well, first of all, thank you very much for inviting me. It's very kind of you. You're doing a lot of great work so it was a great privilege for me to be invited and of course I said yes.

SF: Thank you. Well first I'd really like to get a foundation for who you... the length that you had more in the conventional sense, like what was your childhood like? I know you had a political career for a little while, and even your education, if you had any formal education.. which I imagine you must have had … you're in politics. Can you paint a picture of what your life was like early on, in that sense?

SP: Yes, I'll give it a go. I had a mum and a dad but my father left the family home when I was quite young. Mother decided that she didn't want to re-marry, nor did she have any boyfriends, so she brought me up herself; which was quite an ordeal I think back in the 1960's. That must have been quite something. But she had a very wealthy father, although they were estranged. He did support her and help her which was a great comfort to her in many ways. My grandfather paid for me to, what we call in England to go to a public school, which may mean something different to you guys. It's a private school and then from that I went to a state school and decided to go into the army.

So after leaving school I went and joined the British army because I really didn't know what I really wanted to do. Then having left and done time there I went then and worked as a manager in a jewelery shop. So that was something different, but it was very conventional. I ended up being a manager in one of the biggest jewelery shops in Britain in the center of London in Oxford Street. So my life in terms of what you'd call conventional life has tipped along; married, have children, have my own business and currently I'm a director of a renewable energy company. So in many ways of course , it's a success story; but it's something that flies in the face of some of the elements that I've brought to the world in terms of my experiences.

Of course, as a politician I've been elected 3 times now….served 3 terms of office in different places. Of course that again it's not something that is fully conversant with the system and not fully accepted by the system. That's my conventional lifetime and of course it's a good counterbalance to the story that I give.

SF: And a few cats also I heard, right?

SP: Well, I'm over 50 years old now and if I look back on my life, maybe only five of those years have I been without a cat. Always had a cat. I have lots of cats. Anyone that who has seen any of my videos will see the cats. When I Skype my clients there's always a cat around and yes, they steal the show.

SF: So tell a little about, how did that segue into politics? Did you get an education in law or, how did you end up in office?

SP: No. It's very interesting. In Britain you can go through politics through just passion and belief. You don't have to come through a set school or a set college. You have to be a very good speaker. You have to win people's votes. I joined a major political party and the political party has to decide whether you are worthy of standing for office. So if the party doesn't back you (just as it would be in the republicans or democrats), the membership of that party don't want you, then you don't go forward. And I threw my hat into the ring which was accepted.

I was elected twice in London - what we'd call a City Councilor in London. Then I left with my wife and we moved to another part of Britain and I said.. “Well, I've worn the t-shirt now. I've done it all. I don't really want to do it all again. But the political party was always on me. Get back involved. Please fight for your local community….and in the end I decided. I stood again and I was elected.

Although interestingly enough on this election...which was in February 2012 I think, (this was after I'd gone public with my stories); and I think what caught the media's attention was that the public voted for me. Even though the media had done its level best try to make me look not a competent person. But the electors who had come to my meetings had come to the community halls to hear me speak, met me in the mall etc., they made that decision. So it rather shocked people when I was elected. That was very useful because it showed that the people in the big story blocks, the big tower blocks, don't always know what's going on, on the ground. So the people on the ground liked me and voted for me and for some people that was a real problem.

SF: So you went out, you went public with your extraterrestrial connections prior to winning that second election?

SP: Yes, 2011. and my election was 2012.

SF: And why do you think people accepted that? Because it seems like... especially... well, we're in the United States here... and so, although there is a growing community of people who seem to accept and be very much progressive in that sense; it seems like the mainstream here is much more of a conventional mindset. And [it] would find that a bit odd and would probably shy away from that. And certainly the media would at this point - appear to turn the mainstream against a politician with credentials like that. So why do you think you were successful?

SP: That's a really good question and a number of mainstream media commentators have asked me that. Genuinely asked me that because they couldn't work it out themselves. Basically, I think the people who bothered to turn up to my meetings and hear what I had to say, for them they were able to counterbalance what the media was saying, with meeting me, a real man, the real politician. And they came away from it saying, “Well, we prefer to believe what we've seen with our own eyes, and not what we've seen on the television or read in the newspapers.”

[I] got around my area. I had a lot of meetings. I literally just called on hundreds of doors….Just knocked on the doors, introduced myself...and ultimately when it came to the day of the election, people were prepared to vote for somebody they'd met, rather than they'd read an article about him in the newspaper. And many times I know the media went back to my area and interviewed people who had voted for me and asked why they'd voted for me. They actually said “Because he's a good man, and he'll get things done for me.”

So the fact that there was this alien type story didn't seem to bother them at all. What they wanted was a politician who would fight their corner, get the street lights working, get the buses running, get the refuse truck around. That's what they wanted. And they saw that in me. And regardless of what else I said, because ultimately, I haven't broken any law. There was no law that had been broken. In Britain we've gone through a phase where a number of politicians have been arrested and put in prison, found guilty of defrauding, stealing the public purse. So, on the one hand you've got politicians who are in prison for defrauding people, stealing money….and hen there's this guy who sees things in the sky. So of course they have no problem. Because they were able to compare somebody who they had met and who they liked and somebody who they were reading a story about but couldn't connect it. So the problem wasn't with the people on the ground. The problem was the people higher up, who failed to grasp the whole situation, and frankly were outmaneuvered. Because they were outmaneuvered by a situation which changed every minute and they were working to a plan which they thought would just run in a certain way and didn't

SF: Now do you think this is a phenomena this is local to the UK or is this something that you are observing globally...that people are on a more mass scale ready to open their mind to. People in power, such as yourself as opposed to more of the mainstream mindset?

SP: I think it's because the gap, or the gulf, between the people and the lawmakers has grown so big that the people now no longer believe what they've been told. So when somebody comes along and is different. It's almost as if it's a refreshing change and the vast majority of the public will say, “That person isn't a stereotypical guy out of the same mold. He's different and refreshing and we like it.” Whereas the same sort of person, the same sort of argument is wielded out time and time again.

And frankly the vast majority of people are only voting out of desperation now. They don't passionately believe in change. Many of them don't believe that anything will really happen for the good. They're just voting because this is their last hold on democracy. So I think in my case it was just simple. Here's a guy who’s bothered to get around to your doorstep. He's gone out to local papers , he's been on local radio, he's not frightened of any subject. We like him. That's the bottom line. They liked me. That's why they voted for me. If they didn't like me I wouldn't have been elected.

SF: So let's back up and talk a little about your childhood and the alien story that you mentioned just a second ago. Now you mentioned your grandfather was a member of the Illuminati, is that correct?

SP: Yes.

SF: So can you paint a bit of of a picture of what that childhood was like and clear that up for me cause I'm not exactly sure I understand that.

SP: OK. What is interesting for American viewers and listeners is because although this is what appears to be a very British or English story it isn't. My mother worked for British Intelligence. The domestic arm of British Intelligence is called MI5. But she was told that she was actually working for the National Security Agency of America. But she was working for MI5 because she was a British subject so she had to be managed by British Intelligence. But everything she was doing was being shared equally between British Intelligence and the NSA.

My grandfather worked for the foreign arm of British Intelligence which is locally called MI6. But he was told he was working for the CIA. So I have my mother and my grandfather who are very involved with the British side of Intelligence but ultimately reporting to an American organization or agency. So that has some great resonance with American or North American listeners or viewers, because this shows this great connection between Britain and the United States.

So when I grew up, I grew up in not a military family or a political family but I grew up in an espionage family. My grandfather wasn't like James Bond 007. He didn't run around from country to country with a gun and silencer. He was an armchair intelligence agent. He would sit in an armchair and he would make decisions. Then he would fly and meet Statesmen, Presidents, Prime Ministers. He met JFK in 1962. So he would meet with these people and he met Joseph Stalin three years before Stalin died.

So he would meet with these people and he would put the British Government's view in a way that a diplomat, only a diplomat can. My grandfather disliked politicians. So his role was to try to get an understanding between countries that were not politically biased. In other words if you have a change in Government whatever decision you've made can be changed. But if you make a decision or an agreement which is made between countries, no matter what politicians come and go….the decision stays the same. So that was his role. So I grew up in an environment where world politics was always discussed, domestic politics and of course, we haven't discussed the alien element. But that was very much part of it. So my grandfather was a very strong guiding factor and often my mother and grandfather (her dad) would fallout over how I was to be brought up.

SF: Are they still involved in the Intelligence Agencies?

SP: No. My mother died in 1979. And my grandfather died in about 1992. So no, they're no longer with us.

SF: So you no longer have connections? Or... I'm curious. I've listened to a number of your interviews and you seem to have answers for virtually everything. So I'm curious …

SP: Ahh … That's very kind of you to say …

SF: So I'm curious... I guess the direction I’m going with that question is … where does a lot of your knowledge and information come from? Is it intuitive, Is it channeled? Is it connections you have with various agencies? Due to your governmental or family background? Where does it primarily come from?

SP: Ok. Not channeled. Channeling is very dangerous in my opinion. Not always. It can be hacked and people can receive automatic writing or voices in their head from somewhere. It's not always where they think it's coming from. No, I still have very strong connections with organizations whose role is to protect this country and your country. But I also have what I refer to as off world connections. And when I make a statement I have two independent sources backing up my information. So if somebody from a three letter agency was to say to me, “This is the situation occurring here.” and then an off world connection says the same thing in its own way. I will then go public because I have two separate forms of information. So that's basically it. No I don't work for any secret intelligence organizations, but I certainly have connections with them.

SF: So you said an agency that is tasked with…. I forget exactly your terminology, but essentially protecting the people of the world... I don't suppose you can … Is that a public agency? Or is this some private secret agency you're talking about?

SP: Oh I thought the NSA was a private secret agency. I must be confused. The NSA is an agency so much at arms length that it operates on its own. The CIA is more controlled by the Executive[branch] But both organizations are tasked with the sort of things that I would perhaps talk about or be involved in.

SF: So this is where you are getting some of that information you are verifying with off world sources then?

SP: Well, I said to you three letter agencies. I'm not going to specify a particular agency. You wouldn't expect me to. But basically there are organizations, and it’s very interesting…. you said, “tasked with protecting the world” and I think that's very very interesting. I wouldn't say it was a Freudian slip. But certainly America does take on the mantle as the protector of the world. Although ultimately if you boil it down it is there to protect American citizens. So yes is the answer. These are the organizations that have the access to the most information and nearly every country responds to them. So yes, these are the people who would want to talk to me, for heaven's sake. Why wouldn't they? It makes sense. If you're [unintelligible 18:00}an agency and [unintelligible 18:08}] seems to have knowledge that you don't think is public, then you'd want to know how they know. You'd research that person and if you'd believe they were bona fide then wish to open a conversation with them. And that's happened in all cases, including the Vatican. So even the Vatican likes to have a chat with me.

SF: I see. So these are just some examples of the caliber of the agencies you're working with or that you're getting some of your information (am I on the right track so far?) …

SP: Yes.

SF: ….and then you're confirming that with off world sources. When you say off world sources you say you're not channeling them so what is the medium of communication that you use to use to communicate with these off world sources? Are you physically meeting with them or is it telepathic or ? How do you facilitate that?

SP: Yeah. Well, they don't ring me on my cell phone. So, it's something that's happened ever since I've been very little. These beings or entities, however else you want to categorize them, will actually make an appearance. It's probably early in the interview yet, but there is a distinction between what the media would call extraterrestrial, which is ET, which is... everyone knows what that means. But people don't really understand it, because to them every alien creature is an ET but technically, that's not accurate.

If an alien creature goes in a spacecraft and takes 20, 30, 40 years to get here they are extraterrestrial. But if they have another form of technology which allows them to get here very quickly, within seconds, then there is another terminology and that is an extra dimensional entity. That is a creature that can appear in your front room just like that. Very hard to detect. Very hard for any American or British military to act, react quickly enough. It will go in in two or three minutes and get out as quickly as they arrived, but that is enough time for a two way communication to take place.

As a child and in the early days I was very frightened. Of course, I would be terrified by that. But I said to one news guy once, “If you took a six month old baby and then put it on an airplane in JFK airport and flew it to Dallas and every week you put that baby on a flight, by the time that child was five years old, it would be so confident, providing nothing bad happened that it would fly around the world.” So, because my experiences occurred when I was very young and nothing bad happened to me, I was then confident and capable of holding conversations. Most people freak out and I fully understand that. But in my case I didn't. So it's been very useful because I've been able to obtain information which is beneficial.

SF: So basically various extra dimensional beings appear in your environment and you carry on conversations with them.

SP: Correct.

SF: So let's back up to your childhood again. I want to know a little about your mother and your father. I might be misunderstanding but from what I understand there's some extra, some alien or extra terrestrial or dimensional connection there with your family?

SP: Yes. It usually goes through the bloodline. It's not my research, but many researchers have found that the RH negative bloodline seems to occur time and time again with people who claim alien contacts. So that was something that came up very clearly. My father was born in what is called Iran, but at the time was called Persia. He was Jewish. He was able to claim a direct lineage back to the kings of Persia and from that back to Sumeria. So he had a very very interesting line from the Mesopotamia triangle area.

Whereas my mother was very British and very what we'd called a very Germanic type Britain. She had blue eyes and blonde hair. So that's what we'd call a bloodline link. In terms of experiences, my mother as I was growing up was only person who would totally take down what I said seriously, and would often ask me to draw what I'd seen. And then she would take the drawings to what she called her friends who would then look at them. So my mother encouraged me to draw down what I'd seen and then she would take them away. So she was very supportive.

But then the conversations that I was privy to, she had to be supportive … because she was holding conversations with people regarding a whole range of subjects; which at that time back in the late sixties and early seventies, the vast majority of the public wouldn't have a clue about. I mean, you know, for a young boy … I would have been what I don’t know … ten years hear conversations about the situation at Roswell back in 1947, I mean that was unheard of in Britain. I mean probably only a handful of people in Great Britain who knew about the spacecraft crash in Roswell. Yet here in my apartment, in my front room, this was the topic that often came up.

SF: So, I don't want to go on a tangent... but since you brought it up... so what exactly do you know that happened in Roswell that we don't know in any conventional news reports or that we have been told?

SP: Well, I think, the good thing is that many people have looked on alternative media and the Internet and made their own views. But what was interesting was that my mother had mentioned that Einstein and Von Braun….Einstein, of course, the great scientist….and Von Braun the developer and designer of the V2 rocket were both taken hostage . Now what was interesting, a guy called Colonel Corso wrote a book, called something like “The Day After Tomorrow” or something like that….[Editor’s note: The Day after Roswell] Well, I actually managed to get in contact with his son, Corso junior. I said to him, “I can confirm from my own mother's lips that Von Braun and Einstein were taken. He said “Yes. His father Colonel Corso had said that. So that was great, because it verified both what my mother was saying because there was the son of a guy who'd had that first hand experience. So it was quite good because it strengthened him as well. Because here was someone Britain who [he] had never heard of who was saying … actually yes it's quite common knowledge in the secret services; but you know, you took took your Germans with you and they held it out.

Roswell was a situation that was very orchestrated very controlled. And I don't blame the American system at all. I don't blame them for the way they handled it. It was an almost, almost unique situation. The only thing I would say, that also the alternative media don't seem to have got a handle on, is that there was a very large number of military men who were shot because these were military guys who saw things their pay grade did not cover them for. They couldn't go shooting the civilians. They either paid the civilians off or threatened them. But when you're in the military they can do it and a number of the military guys were shot, because they had seen things and refused to keep quiet.

So that's something that's quite shocking and I can understand why that wouldn't want to come out. But most of the things that we know in alternative media I think are about right. A craft came down. There were three separate impact sites. The crew were more than were said, sometimes people say three or four. The big debate about was were any of the people alive? Yes there was. A pilot in the spacecraft was of a feminine disposition. And that creature was captured and died later on in captivity. So there are always stories where there's one person's version and another person's version. The version I have comes from British Intelligence so that is the version that I can give you.

SF: And these were greys were they? I can't quite remember the story now.

SP: A version of greys. There are many sorts of greys. These greys did not have the big wrap-around eyes that Hollywood likes to use, the big almond shaped eyes. These greys had very small eyes, almost Asiatic looking, three and half foot, four foot, something like that, four digits. At the time, the reports that I've been privy to see….eyewitnesses refer to them as like children, angelic faces like children.

That was the big things that seemed to shock these Christians; because Roswell is a very strong devout Christian community, very military. If you just look at the Roswell Daily Record, newspaper, every day or Friday it would print who had come to the military base or who had left. So something like that was quite shocking for them and I can understand the impact. But [unintelligible 25:53] it's quite interesting, one week before the crash, the president authorized the head of the chaplain church within the armed forces to go and visit all of the bases in New Mexico. So one week before the situation, the head of the church within the military went and visited. And was because, I believe, they were about to receive a shocking confrontation to the understanding of church and bible. Because they about to learn something came from another world and I think they,including the president, were very concerned that this would affect Christianity, affect the people's belief in the church, and hence, why this chap was sent out.

That means this was expected. We must remember that the radar traces coming in for over a week from the white sands missile testing range had shown these alien spacecraft every day flying around. It was obvious what was going to happen. Remember that White Sands was the only place where a nuclear weapon could be attached to a rocket. That’s what they were doing. They were attempting to deliver a nuclear bomb by rocket. We take that for granted now. But back in 1947 that was big news.

SF: Now your parents both have some extraterrestrial genetics, correct?

SP: I can't be sure of that. My father left the family when I was about one year old and I never saw him again so I couldn't say. My mother had the most amazing, almost telepathic memory. Her ability to spell, that's why I believe she was brought into MI5, because her capability of spelling long complex technical words and understanding technical jargon and blueprints and plans and diagrams was phenomenal. So that's why I think they got her. But I can't answer you on that question. I just simply don't know.

SF: So your parents were regular human parents but you did have interaction with extraterrestrial beings who we spoke earlier were appearing to you in your environment and were communicating with you You refer to them as your parents, or themselves as your parents. Now I believe one was reptilian and one was a Mantis. Can you tell me a little about these two races of extraterrestrial beings, what are the two like?

SP: Sure. Well first of all they are not extraterrestrial. They are extra dimensional because they come through a time travel portal, rather than a traditional spacecraft. I know that's probably splitting hairs but it's important to them and therefore I feel like I need to put it across. The first creature that I was introduced to was, in British English, Mantid…. but in American English Mantis. I'll use the word Mantis from now on because it's an American show and I respect and appreciate your viewers and listeners.

So the Mantis that appeared to me, I asked it “What is your Name?” and it said “You should call me 'Mother'”. Well when I was a little boy, I called it mother or mummy and then as I got older I just referred to it as Mum. Then a little while after the initial contact a, what we'd call a Draconas Reptilian, (that's what the researchers call them, Draconas Reptilian) appeared and again I asked the same question, “What is your name? Who are you? What are you? “ And it replied, “You must call me your Daddy”. So when I was little, I referred to him as Daddy and as I grew up I referred to him as Dad.

Of course, this leads to a great deal of confusion, because people imagine this is my biological parents. And that's not accurate. They wanted to foster a connection with me because they considered me family. Therefore they had taken the role of mother and father, and I as their son, and this is how they wished it to be developed. Not to the exclusion of all else, simply... I'll give an example. I think I was around five years old, and I asked these creatures, “Why is it that my...”, (cause remember my biological father had left by the time I was one year old), I said... “Why do I only have one Daddy but two Mummies? I have this biological mother and I have this alien that wants me to call it Mother. So why do I only have one Daddy but I have two Mummies? “ And the reply was “You needed a mother here on earth to give you food and clothe you.” So that was very interesting. They had a very clear understanding of what my biological mother's role was. Her job was to feed me, get me clothes and to keep me safe. But that was all her role. They were to do the rest of the role.

So it's always bothered me, whether my biological much she knew? Did she actually know the role she was doing or did she only half guess it? And I think she only half guessed it. Because if a little boy comes to its mother and says “Look I've just seen a big flying saucer out there”, then normally the mother would just throw her arms up and say, “You are hallucinating, you are dreaming.” And what my mother would do, my biological mother, she would get me a piece of paper and a pen and say “Draw it”. I'd draw it and she'd take it away with her. So that isn't the actions of somebody who doesn't know. That's the actions of somebody who does know and wants to know what her son is seeing. So at the time it just seemed normal and as I got older and looked back on it, I began to think that my mother must have been involved at some level.

SF: So why is it that these two extra-dimensional entities are referring to you as their family? What's the family connection there? Is there some multidimensional genetic connection there or can you explain that connection?

SP: I can try. It's very difficult because we're obviously talking about energies and we're in a three dimensional world where everything is physical. What I understand is that the soul of my body is made up of three parts, one third Mantis, one third Reptilian and one third Human. But it is specifically hollow earth human. So I can see the link here. One part relates to the Reptilian race, one part relates to the Mantis race and so these two characters, let's call them characters, were obviously deputized to represent their own groupings to connect with me. And because I have those elements of myself then it was expected that those elements would connect with them very well. And it's an energy connection not a physical connection.

SF: So these beings, do they have a physical counterpart or physical life in some other planetary body or do they exist entirely in this multidimensional universe?

SP: Yeah, that's a really good question. In their own reality which is fourth dimensional, they are physical just like you, just like me. So in their own reality that's what they perceive, just as we perceive physical solid objects. But when they leave that reality and they come into a third, (which is a heavier density) , we are a lower dimensional level, if they don't come fully into phase, then they would be perceived as a ghost. So you see the outline, the shape and you can receive a telepathic message. But for all intents and purposes they are not solid. You can literally put your hand through them. If they then carried on the process using super-technology; they would then literally become solid in our reality, in which case you could touch them and feel them. They very rarely did that because to do so is to risk chance of interaction with lots of other people or the intelligence or the military. So they would just come into phase so there was just an outline and do what they needed to do and then go. Because when you physically come into a dimension it takes longer to travel out again and it's a little bit.. it's been explained to me like a diver... when a deep sea diver comes up from the sea bed, he or she has to stop every so often so they don't get air bubbles in the blood. In the same way to jump from one dimension to another instantly, unless you have some form of protective shielding around you, it's incredibly dangerous. So it's only on very rare occasions that these creatures would come through in full physical form, but they have done from time to time.

SF: Now, do they actually exist in a , somewhere in a physical planet in our physical universe? Or is it an entirely different universe that we couldn't perceive if we were to look at the sky?

SP: The Mantis come from a completely different reality, fourth dimensional. The galaxy is called Sombrero Galaxy by astronomers. So if any of your listeners or viewers want to go and Google “Sombrero Galaxy” you get some really cool pictures up on there. That's a good one to look at. I'm not saying that's the home planet of the Mantis, but it's an outpost. That’s a base they're at. Interesting on the Reptilian side because again I would have been five or six when I was given the following information, which did back up what I was reading when I was getting into my late teens and early twenties, that some of these Reptilians creatures were purported to live somewhere in a military base under the earth.

And how it was sold to me was that the creature that was called Mum, the Mantis, was talking to me, and said “I come from here.“ and showed me a map of the Sombrero Galaxy and then said, “Daddy” because I was a young kid, he was referred to as “Daddy” then, “Daddy comes from inside the earth”. It's the exact words to me. “Daddy lives inside the earth” So I had this vision of this underground city and him living in there. The reality is that it's probably something not as grand as that, but nevertheless, I was left in no doubt that these Reptilian creatures, or some of them, did exist somewhere in some form [unintelligible 39:00] in the earth.

I accepted it because when you're sort of eight, nine, ten years of age, you are very open to suggestions, what people tell you. It's only later when I was reading other reports and thinking, “Well, that's what I've just been told” So yes, that's exactly where these creatures would be because they are close enough to access Government but not close enough to be stumbled upon by a rambler or a mountain climber. They are hidden away but they are still in the earth and they still have connections to the highest in the land.

SF: So they're referring to themselves as Mother and Father, Mummy and Daddy, does that work in the say way as we would be in our human civilization? Do they interact in some sort of relationship sense and produce an off-spring energetically or the one third that is, or the two thirds that is them that's in you vibrationally, how does that work exactly? What the relationship between the two of them?

SP: No you couldn't because they're different species altogether and they're just not compatible. And the other thing is, they're both male and certainly wouldn't work. Although the Mantis referred to itself as Mum it was male. Quite interesting because as a seven year old child my grandfather wanted me to learn the piano, something that high end kids always have to learn apparently. So he bought a piano and it was installed. And then the music teacher turned up and I was introduced to this music teacher, and the first thing I said was, “You're a man” . And my mother turned to him and said “Sorry it's not going to work”. They had to get a woman. So I always responded much more to the feminine energy than to the male energy. So I can understand why this Mantis creature portrayed itself as Mum because if it portrayed itself as a male I would have had a problem, as I did with the Reptilian creature.

I always had to be extremely careful with the Reptilian creature because it had no sense of humor. It was very serious and you had to be very careful what you communicated with it because if you communicated the wrong; not just the wrong thing, but if you put the wrong emphasis on the wrong feeling or word, then you could completely change the sentence, you could completely change the tone of what you were trying to say. So although I only speak one language, I’m just imagining if I was to learn native American, or some other language that had elements of English in it so I could understand it, but I had to be careful how I spoke because it might be taken as an offense. So you always had to be on your guard when talking to him. Whereas with the Mantis creature, I could just be relaxed and laid back and there was no form of difficulty.

In terms of the way they reacted together they were very business like. Nobody outranked each other. So they seemed to be agreeing on most things. On my, I think, between my fifth and seventh birthday, I can't be sure, I was asked to choose which one of them I wished to interact with more than the other. The Mantis wore a purple robe and the Reptilian had a sword, what was called, (and is called) the Great White Sword. And I was asked to hold the sword in my right hand and then was told very carefully “Don't hold it on the edge, you'll cut yourself. Hold it at the flat end. ” Then I was told to hold the robe in my left hand and I was asked to choose. “Is it the sword or the robe? Which do you choose?” I lifted the purple robe up above my head and said that I choose the purple robe. So I chose the Mantis to associate with more than the Reptilian and from that moment onwards then the Mantis had much more say in where I was interacting with and the style of that interaction.

SF: Now the robe and sword, so these were physical things, unlike them. They were?

SP: I had come...Yeah, I was taken to another place. So this was one of those initiation ceremonies because it was very important and I had to be there in the physical. So it was where I was physically taken and both of those creatures were physical. They were not energy based. They were real solid creatures. And I saw this creature and he had two sons. In one of the ceremonies each son had to place his hand on the shoulder.. there were two brothers... the smaller, or the younger brother had to place his hand on the shoulder of his brother and the elder brother had to place his hand on the shoulder of his father. Now to give you some idea of the size, I couldn't reach, I couldn't do that. All I could do was touch his leg. That's how tall these creatures were. So I had to have this connection. You have to stand and make a connection so I physically, the highest I could get, was between his knee and his hip. So that would give you some idea, and I remember touching it, and the best way to describe it... it was like a pineapple. That was how the skin felt and if your viewers or listeners could hold a pineapple and rub your hand over the pineapple, cause it's like scales. It's got different segments. It felt rough and sharp like that and I will always remember that to my dying day. That was an incredible thing. Whereas a Mantis skin was much more like a melon, soft and shinning … so … fascinating …

SF: So tell me more about the personalities of these two beings and what is the intention of each race, assuming that they're aligned with their race intentions with you,or were they not?

SP: It's very difficult from the human perspective to use the word personality. I think everything has a personality. But I would say they have an energy signature. It's a much better way of providing it. The Mantis creature did not have a sense of humor but understood the importance for humor in humans. In other words, when you speak telepathically, you don't need to use your hands. It is a fact of vocal creatures like ourselves here, that we use our hands to reinforce or express, but telepathic creatures don't, generally. But (and I was trained) when I'm being telepathic, when I was having telepathic conversations with them, I was trained not to verbally say anything. But I could use a hand movement if I wished to reinforce a particular point. The Mantis would do that, because that was understood, that is what humans did and the Mantis was always trying to make humans feel at their ease.

Now when you look at the Reptilian, it had absolutely no sense of humor at all, had no need of it. Tremendous psychic ability, would know what you were thinking before you even knew it yourself. There's no point in lying to one of those creatures, because they know. And it's all about ritual and ceremony. So, there's a set way of doing something. You have to follow a protocol. It's rather like, if you were a genuine person in Tibet you might want to sit and take tea. You can't actually ask them a favor until you've sat and taken tea. You've done the ritual….what we'd say in Great Britain, the niceties, and then you'd ask what you need. Now it was very much like that with this creature. There was a set pattern you had to follow and then it was appropriate to have a discussion. So, in terms of personality, it had none, except it was a commander, it was king. It was a leader and it wanted absolute obedience. It really wouldn't appreciate any of the beauty around it.

SF: So is that the origin of a lot of the rituals we have in the world culture, especially even in the UK and government and secret societies. They are very ritually based, right? Is that because of the reptilian influence? Or something else?

SP: Well you demonstrate to me your superior knowledge here because you really have done your research and it's very nice for me to be interviewed by someone who's very knowledgeable. Yes, I mean I remember as a kid watching some of the soap operas from America in the fifties and sixties and every Sunday the guy's out there washing his car. That is a ritual. Lawn - mow the grass - if you've got a piece of grass outside your garden. Go and wash your car. Or if you have a bit of land you put a big fence around it and get a big dog because you are protecting your bit of real estate. These are rituals and ceremonies given to us and they breed in us a form of nervousness. Because we are frightened or nervous that someone will encroach onto our territory or take our land and we wish to fight and defend what is ours.

Now lets not mix that up with Patriotism. That's not to be mixed up with that. Many of the rituals and ceremonies that we have are given us as teachings by the Reptilian race (not to control us) but because that's what they value. You know, they look on it and say, “We do this, therefore you should do this, because if it's good enough for us, it should be good enough for you.” By and large the human race has accepted it and has woven it into its culture and does it. It's very negative. You'll find that males are far more down that road than females. Females are very rebelled against a lot of the control elements. They like to be more free and easy. That is why the Reptilians – it’s a Male Patriarchal dominated society because males have more the strong types and the females tend to sit in the back. So you can imagine the King sitting on the throne and then the female whisper in his ear, “Don't forget to do this”. And that's the culture.

SF: So what's the intention of these two races in working through you? Obviously, you've been in public office and you're becoming quite prominent in these various movements. Why... I'm curious about what is their individual intentions for the human race and the planet, and their intention for working through you to facilitate this intention?

SP: That's probably a question that to be honest we could spend an hour on. So I'm going to try and answer it as quickly as I can but without losing any of the very vital detail. The two creatures do share an agenda. I'll give you an analogy. Let us say (it's always about oil), let us say we find some oil off some country, in the deep sea. And no one country is capable of bringing that oil up. So the Germans make very good optics. You go to the Germans, you say, make us a camera that can go down so that we can see where the oil is and the Americans make very good drills so you make us a drill. The British make very good sonar, etc, etc... So build a group around you into a loose franchise. Because the overall goal is to extract the oil.

So what we have is a Reptilian and a Mantis group working together for an overall goal which is the engagement and working with humanity. But that's where it ends. Because certainly the group, the Mantis, that I associate with have a very different agenda in terms of the future for humanity, and how it works.

Now you would be mistaken to be believing that these creatures are working through me. That's actually not the case. What's happening is that my experiences on this planet are being relayed back to them and the decisions that I make personally, energetically, have either a negative or a positive effect upon these creature's development. I can categorically tell you that the Reptilian group as we call them, don't seem to want to evolve. They seem to be quite happy where they are. Whereas the Mantis group wish to evolve. I think that the Mantis group and the human group are quite closely linked. In other words if the human group can evolve, there's a very good chance that the Mantis group can. I would presume the Reptilian group would be left behind.

So ultimately what we have here is a situation where I am undertaking my life... whatever I choose to do under free will. Those choices are fed back and they energetically put pressure on others to either face up to my decisions and make a change or ignore them. So that is the case.

Now I know that there's many in the military and spy networks who are aware of that because I think it was in 2013 I was invited to a tour of … it's actually an American secret installation in Great Britain. It's the only three phased array in the world. In North America there's a two phased array but there's only the one three phased array … run by America but jointly sort of staffed by British, cause it's on British land. I got a three hour guided tour around a top secret space radar … it's actually called a space radar base. Now you'd have to ask yourself, If I was completely mad - I'd made up that my grandfather worked for the CIA and my mother worked for NSA. Would you really let someone making those public statements come round your radar base for three hours on a guided tour? And this was a huge game changer. Because suddenly, even the hard-nosed people in the established media realized there was something big going on here. So their editor was saying go and make this guy look a fool and then suddenly the Ministry of Defense and the American military authorized me for a three hour tour.

I had people very high up from the established media phoning me at home on my land-line, on my home phone and saying, “What's going on? You know we've been told to make life difficult for you but you know you're actually being looked after.” So these people backed off and suddenly within the space of about a week all the attacks from the established media just disappeared completely. And the way they dealt with me was just to ignore me.

I did have a tour of a space radar base called Filingdales, not very far from where I live. I was probably the only non military person there. Everyone else was from the Air Force , the Navy or the infantry. There was a group of twelve of us. I got the tour and at the end of it I was given a really nice commemorative little coin. Nobody else was given it. It's very interesting. I do talk about it on my videos. I still have this because people still say I don't believe it, so I can bring out the coin and say, “There you go. ”

I always remember when the guy presented it to me. He said.. look he said.. “The Americans insist that I take everybody's name who I present these to.” I said “You know my name.” He said “I know I know but just give me your name.” So each of these limited coins, five hundred made in the world. Only five hundred in the whole of world. Each coin was numbered so he had to write a number on the coin next to my name and what he said was “This isn't your property. It's American property. You cannot sell it, pass it on to your next of kin. So it's yours to keep and pass on but you cannot sell it. It belongs to America. But it’s a token of friendship between us and you. It's a medal, a commemorative coin and I was the only one who got that. So I'm very privileged and proud to have been presented that by both America and Britain So that's good.

SF: So why would these two countries and their agencies allow you to go on living let's say, if they know you are protected and going to publicly share a lot of this knowledge that you obtained... it seems... and how is it you are being protected exactly?

SP: I think the... well I'm sure that the agencies role is to observe me and monitor me but not to interfere. That is their role. And I'm very sanguine about it. The funny story I'll tell you is that it was just Christmas morning.. half past ten in the morning and I'd sent an email or a text, I can't remember , one or the other, to friend saying are you going to come up and visit me for New Years Day. It would be really nice. And my friend sent me a message back saying you know . “Yes I can manage that”. And I wrote back and I said something like “Oh that's great. You're going to be coming up to visit me. “ Within about five seconds on my cell phone a message appeared that said “This is an ungrammatical sentence”. Now that actually didn't come in as a message but appeared as if I typed it. So somebody twenty four hours a day, 365 days of the year, monitors my cell phone.

I know the situation. This guy, it's Christmas morning .. probably his wife and kids are at home. He's sitting there bored out of his mind and he just couldn't resist it. He had to access my cell phone to send me a message. Wasn't rude, wasn't nasty and it just helped to remind me that I'm monitored all the time just as this broadcast will be. But they won't take it down, because it's not their responsibility to take it down. Their responsibility is to observe and watch.

You ask about who's protecting me? Something more powerful than them. That's why they don't get involved. The only issue I have sometimes occasionally some of the Secret Societies who object to some of my de-programming work that I do with people. There are people who escape some of these very difficult satanic groupings and then I deprogram them. And sometimes individuals, it doesn't come from head office, some individuals don't like that and try and be difficult. But that's just a game. That's just the way it is.

SF: So the higher up you were talking about, are they extra-dimensional beings or off planet beings of some kind or are you talking about a physical earthly higher up?

SP: No. Because there isn't anything on earth that is powerful enough to protect me. My human mother once told me that there were two lists of peoples names. One list that the American Government held….held all the names and addresses of everyone who was bona fide who had alien connection. There was a second list where that Government, the American Government had given over responsibility of that individual. So it doesn't matter whether you were born in Paraguay or Paris, France or Great Britain, it was the American Government that controlled that aspect of it. So the off world alien group would send a list, I don't know how that list was delivered. But they would send a list saying, “We want these people. You have no responsibility for these people.” And my human mother did say that she understood I was on the second list. Now sure if I go too fast and I get a speeding ticket, I'll have to pay my fines, but that's where it ends. One time again where a situation has occurred I have been treated so magnificently by the British police force. It's unbelievable. People often say to me, “Well who are you paying your taxes to? We don't get the sort of service you get” And it’s only when you compare and I went public with the stories. Which are all traceable, cause you can do a Freedom of Information search. The way that the system responds to me is very different and that's quite apparent. And so, whatever is protecting me is more powerful than anything on earth. Otherwise I would have been taken out. I would be dead in a ditch. I wouldn't be dead in a ditch. You usually have a car crash, an auto crash, don’t you? Or you fall out of a twelve story building or something like that. Here I am. I got past my fiftieth birthday and I'm hopeful for a good few years left.

SF: Now you mention that the Mantid race is interested in evolving, The Reptilian race, what calls itself your father is very happy where it is right now, so what exactly is their agenda in more detail if it's not to evolve with regard to being on earth and interacting with human beings?

SP: Right. I'll just correct you a little bit. They're not exactly happy where they are. They're incredibly miserable but they can't bring themselves to get out of the hole they're in. Their whole agenda is to maintain the status quo. So it's a bit like Illuminati. They wish to maintain their position, because they have certain benefits where they are and they wish to maintain them and not lose them. And if you are in a mindset where you've always been in charge, you've always been the leaders or the rulers, and then to say, “OK. we’re going to give that up and we're going to be equal with same people who only yesterday we were oppressing.” that... You've got to be hugely evolved to be able to say, “I wish to make that change.” It's a bit like in 3D terms somebody winning a million bucks on the lottery and then giving it all away to charity. It does happen, but most people wouldn't do that. They might give some away, but they would keep most of it. So this is the thing about giving away what you perceive as power for something you can't weigh or value. You can't weigh eternal happiness. You can't weigh or value unconditional love. If you are sitting in a physical world with physical power, to give that up for something you can't see, touch or weigh is a very very big leap of faith. So an unevolved creature can't do it. So they can't do it.

SF: So what makes them miserable, the absence of physical love something they can't receive or do they even have a concept of why they are unhappy?

SP: They don't... physical love is not seen in the same way. Physical sex is understood but no physical love. They don't understand the word love, they understand the word sex. What makes them unhappy is that they are surviving on a world of fear. In other words their whole world is about a power structure, which may or may not come down. There is no friendship. Everything is for a rank or a hierarchical command structure. They live for authority. And so there isn't a balance in their life. Everything is militarily dominated and through very very rigid structure. And if you don't have any down time in your life you are going to get incredibly frustrated. You are going to get incredibly miserable.

You know, as human creatures, we can go out, if we're lucky, and go into the woodlands, into the forest or up a mountain or in the desert or by the sea and we can enjoy and experience these feelings. And for us that sort of re-invigorates the soul. But if you can't understand those things then you have no need for them as you see it, but you're never feeding that part of your soul. And as a result of that you become more miserable because you're caught in a whirlpool.. round and round and round..smaller and smaller... and if they only saw their escape is to give up the power struggle and to try and share equally, but they can't do that.

So they've brought it upon themselves, it's their own misery and I just shake my head. But I don't shake it in front of them because that is an offensive sign. To shake your head is a very offensive sign. I often wondered that I should be asked to do a manual. I probably don't need to because they have their own. An etiquette manual for the military. You know when they first.. .and they do.. they connect with these creatures regularly, certainly the Vatican do. There is a protocol. There is a way of doing it. And the Rothschilds and the Rothschild family will be very familiar with it. There are certain things that you can and can't say and the way you should move. And you're forever, a British word here, “living on tenderhooks.” You are always thinking, “I mustn't do this, I mustn't do that …” It's very one sided and if you are living like that all the time, no wonder these creatures are miserable.

SF: So how long have they been in control of the earth's civilizations?

SP: That's a really good question. It's a really good question because there are a number of facets or angles to that answer. I think that we could probably kick them off at about 220 to 230 thousand years ago. Certainly around 20 thousand years ago, 18 thousand BC, they had a bit of an issue, because another alien group, began to come here and take control. Generally say that they believe this to be their play garden for 220 to 230 thousand years. As humanity developed certainly from the Sirian times and the beginning of the city states, Babylon, Sumeria, Egypt; then the opportunities that they had grew. Because as the human population grew, the opportunities for exploitation grew. And as humanity grew and became more powerful they had to disappear underground. Because if you only number a few thousand but your human population is many millions then you're outnumbered. So it is better to play the hide and seek game and to control covertly. So the days of the overt, “This is me. I stand here in front of 500 of you and do what I tell you” are gone. Because you can't stand in front of a population of 6 billion people and say “Do this” because you'll just be trampled to death so that's why they moved underground as the human population expanded they felt it better to manipulate through their leaders. So today we have presidents and prime ministers. We have leaders of great corporations. We have royal family members in some countries. These are the people they need to have access to because these are the creators of policy.

You know lawmakers create rules and laws that the ordinary citizens have to live by. There's no point in controlling the citizens. It is important to control the law makers because through them you control the planet. So it's very simple. If you play a game of monopoly, the person that's got.. I don't know what it is.. In Britain it is Mayfair and Park Lane.. I don't know what the best properties in America are. But the person who holds those cards.. everybody wants to be their friend. So that's how it works.

SF: So this two hundred thousand years ago were these Reptilians were known as the Annunaki or was the Annunaki the other race they had to struggle with ? What's the story with that?

SP: Well for many viewers and listeners, maybe the term Annunaki is something they're not familiar with. It is actually a mixed race just as very clever scientists on earth have made clones, (dolly the sheep of course from some twenty years ago) and many since then. So these creatures were able to combine what they saw as the best elements of one race with another race. By mixing the two races they could make something that looked very human and could pass as human. You know if you were a pharoah in ancient Egypt, if you looked like a bug eyed monster, then you won't get anyone to pour the wine for you because they'd all be hiding in the cellar. So you have to look reasonably human so that people don't shrink away from you. But you have to have enough alien about you so that your loyalty is always to that other group.

So the Annunaki are a mixture race from the Orion’s belt area and in British English I would say Syrus, in American English you guys would say Sirius. One was very male dominated and one was very female dominated. And so if you take these two forms and you splice them with some human genetics you begin to see some very interesting creatures through history who look human but look a bit odd. And that's what we’ve got.

SF: And what were these two races? Were they Reptilian races that were spliced together with human genetics?

SP: Yes, absolutely. That is why, time and time again, in nearly every country on the earth, the dragon has an important symbol. Now Great Britain is made up of a number of smaller countries. And one country called Wales, its national flag is a dragon. And those who haven't gone to history college will be fascinated to know that in the ancient Roman world the sign of the legion (the legion was the main infantry unit of the Roman empire), used an eagle, a gold eagle on a stand, which seems just about right. But around about 250 AD and nobody says why, it was replaced by a dragon. And that's incredible. That the history of the great Roman Empire should suddenly do away with an eagle and replace it with a dragon standard. The Chinese are very into dragons. Most countries have dragons.

The reptilian race, rightly or wrongly, considers its forefathers to be dragons. Now that may just be fanciful mystic belief but it doesn't matter because that's what they believe. So if they believed it, they would then have told the people they were interacting with on earth, throughout history, “You must honor the dragon.” “You must honor the dragon.” So here and there we see so many dragons appearing. That is because of this direct connection between the reptilian race or a half reptilian, half human race put into positions of power who then can make the laws and say “Right, well we're going to have a building, we're going to call it the Great Dragon Hall or we’re going to have this that and the other. And that is how you do it. You do it not all in one go because you upset people. You do it gradually over many years.

SF: I find it interesting now even that catholic religion originated with paganism, right? Which is the worship of a reptilian being of some kind and the Pope so wears a mire that looks like a fish head, right?

SP: Well, the important thing is that in recent times the church has constructed its sales pitch in a way that doesn't upset people. But if you were to go back in history, you would find that a number of practices that were common place that would not be acceptable, so it's about marketing. If you are going to sell something you have to sell it in a way that people will buy. And so religion is a product. We know it's a product. Because at the end of the sing song before you are about to go out the doors a plate or a box is passed around and you have to put money in there. Well that's a corporation, that's selling. I haven't got anything against religion except the fact that it seems to be about money.

I once saw somebody having to crawl on their hands and knees barefoot to a church, up a church stairs because they'd done something wrong. How is that good? I don't understand that, but what I do understand is that God is real and I know he is real because the alien creatures have said to me “There is a God.” They don't call God, God. Their term for God is the undying Creator. So they're telling me there's a God, I know there's a God. I don't need someone in a very expensive robe to tell me there's a God... and by the way, if I want forgiveness I have to go to church and if I say I'm really sorry. This man, this church man will forgive me. I don't want his forgiveness. Others may do, but I don't. So I don't have a problem with God, I have a problem with religion.

SF: Now I watched one of your presentations where you make the connection between a lot of military societies and secret societies and the various reptilian insignias they use. And I'm also curious about, even the car maker Alpha Romeo has some kind of dragon eating a human being, right? So, are these all connected directly connected to the reptilian race that you spoke of that refers to itself as your father or is just eh.. there are reptilian races that are more benevolent are there not? Or are they all malevolent?

SP: No, there are... there are a number which are not just negative, there are some which are independent and there are a small number of very positive reptilian groups. There is what we call the native reptilians. This is probably a stone too far for many people. There is a native group of reptilians who are reasonably beneficial to the human race. There are a number of renegades, groups that have had enough of the situation we talked a little bit about why you might be so distressed being a Draconis Reptilian.

But there are groups of factions of breakaways just as in 1944, the high commander of the German army tried to blow up Adolf Hitler with a bomb. So we are seeing very similar things occurring now where lesser ranking members of a family are attempting to destabilize the ruler because they see themselves as a Titanic going down. In terms of multinational companies, if I was, suppose I was... but I'm not.. suppose I was half reptilian and half human and through my connections I was made head of a big corporation. The first thing I do is change the logo because I would want something that represents my proud family lineage. Many of these logos are steeped in history and can't be changed. So that's why many of them don't contain more reptilian devices because its too much of a shock, but in those cases where they have been changed, then there's usually some symbology hidden and it's good detective work for people to dig it out.

SF: You mentioned earlier that this Reptilian race is very unhappy because of the rigidity of their structure and they work too much and so on. Is that why we ended up creating a society because of their influence where people work in offices and cubicles or too much , and really don't have too much leisure time and even their leisure time seems not like very happy time. Is this their creation intentionally that we have this society?

SP: Yes. One of the most, of the most important countries in the world is America. I am not American myself, but what I am saying is the most important place is North America. It's where the hearts and minds for the forthcoming decisions will be made.

Great Britain is very important from an energy base. Magical historical British Isles are very very important like that, but it is America that makes the decisions. You have a population roughly of 280 something, 280, 230 million. You have one million cops. You have to control your population and one of the ways to do that is to split people up and isolate them.

It was the Germans in about 1937 that discovered what we call compartmentalization In fact when the Germans scientists were building the very first guided missile which was called Fritz 10 or Fritz X missile, it was the very first missile in the world where you fired it and watched a television picture. We take that for granted now but we're talking back in the 1930's.

The Germans, Adolf Hitler was in power by then, tried to have the factories, not only were the factories not talk to each other, but each department would be split into sub-departments and nobody would tell the other person what you were doing. So if you were building a propulsion system, you had no idea what you were building it for. So nobody could put the picture together except the guy at the top.

And the same way in the human race, in particular the mechanized western world the industrialized world, we are now all individual, working individually, sending our information to a bigger plan. It is exactly the same thing. And occasionally an employee gets wind of something and begins to put a bigger picture together. It may have nothing to do with the topic tonight but it may have something to do with a merger or takeover , and they suddenly realize that a massive game of chess or checkers is being played around them and that nobody knows what's going on. So it's something the Germans gave to the Americans and something the Americans use very effectively. So, yes you're absolutely right.

SF: Have you, do you see that changing? Now I've already seen you speak about time-lines etc and that we're currently on a time-line that's going in a positive direction. So, what do you see happening in our future and how long away is that future? I know.. a lot of people don't want to make predictions as to specific dates, but in a general or more conservative sense, let's say the next ten to twenty years. What kind of future do you see moving into and are we moving away from that type of society?

SP: Well, over the last 15, perhaps 20 years we've been on a much more positive time-line There have been.. there were three attempts.. what I call them are railroad jumps. If you imagine you are on a railroad and someone hit the points and jumped to another railroad. So.. there have been three different changes. We are now on a very positive line which we can't be taken off from. So the negative forces are saying, “Alright, we're on this time-line How can we make the best of it from our perspective?”
I'm quite happy to give you some dates. My main predictions about this year which have come right.. I predicted the economic situation in China and a number of other things. So I can tell you that we've got another two and half years of very difficult times. There are another two and half years of terrorist attacks. Two and half years of countries suffering huge economic issues. Then at the end of the two and half years there will be a substantial change in the way people think, in the way they value, in the way they question. If you go onto the high street, if you go onto the Boardwalk you'll find everyone's disillusioned with the Government, but that's as far as it goes. Nobody wants to push it any further.

Now I'm not talking about armed battles, I don't want that. That's not what I want. What I want is for people to actually realize that they've been tricked. Nearly every step of the way they've been given false information. And all I ask of people, is ask your true self, “Is what you're hearing right ? “ Because in two and half years time a veil is going to be lifted. It is very hard to describe this. It is not a physical thing. But people will just know the truth and they'll start rejecting what's on offer.

If everybody on a Monday morning stopped going to Walmart, Walmart would have to change the way they do business. If you found out your local store was paying a particular employee only half of what it paid everybody else, and if all of those people who are customers at that store went and sat outside the front door, within one hour that employee would have the same wage as everybody else. Not a gun was fired, not a punch was thrown, but this is the power that people have and the system does not want the viewers, the listeners, to realize the real power they have. You know from a personal perspective, if everybody sat outside those gas stations for one day the prices at that pump would come right down. As long as people keep paying the bills, doing what they do, why would the system change? So I would say, two and half years and we will see some very interesting changes.

SF: That's quite a substantial awakening that you're talking about because it doesn't seem like the mainstream is anywhere near that, although those of us who are part of this conversation obviously are waking up quite a bit. So, in terms of extraterrestrial contact do you anticipate anytime in the foreseeable future where we will have physical contact? Or is this, things like this conversation and this ever growing community of people who are opening up to multidimensional contact and are also interacting in maybe in similar ways as you are, is that what that contact is going to be but not necessarily physical?

SP: Alright you start off with a statement but then you ask a question and I'll take the statement. Imagine a tower block and then three floors of the tower block are in control and one hundred and twenty stories beneath are not in that control. The three stories still send out information and false information twenty four hours a day. But it does not mean that the rest of the tower block are taking any notice of them. There comes a point when the guys in the top three floor come to a realization that they are redundant because nobody beneath them is taking the blindest bit of notice. That is a situation we are almost at now.

You have the elite who control the mass media and they are pumping out this stuff but it is having less and less effect on the public. And if I was a guy working in the established media I would be really having a problem because I would be having to push a story which I knew wasn't true, that I know wasn't being bought by the public, but hey... I'm getting a paycheck for it. So that's a situation we have.

Now in terms of when we will have contact I understand your question but I have to be a bit pedantic and say “We’ve already had contact”. What you mean is global contact when everybody actually understands the truth. Over a number of years now, this ultimatum has been given to the leaders of the major countries of the world that they need to tell the truth, and that if they don't tell the truth that would be taken from them. The people of the world world will be told the truth. The difficulty there is that if that responsibility is taken away from the Governments, they lose the way they manage the situation. Undoubtedly there will be some panic, there will be. But there won't be anything like the panic that they pretend there will be …(inaudible sentence 1:24:50 then garbled) tremendous bit of technology and wants to talk to us. Because the fear factor is something that I want to address. If these creatures wanted to destroy the earth they'd have done it when we have bows and arrows . They haven't done it so they obviously have no intention of destroying the earth. So, it's not about destroying the earth.

The negative forces wish to maintain the status quo - their control system. There is another group of off-world creatures who actually wish for a more free and open society. So this is where we are getting the problems between those who basically manage the planet and those that basically don't like the way the human race are a slave race. And that may sound really shocking. But you know what you get born, you get a birth certificate, just like a cow, it's going to be grown and go to market. It gets a little certificate and they'll look at that certificate and they'll say... “OK. He's born of a white race, he's a middle class family … he's equal if he lives till he's sixty … the tax we're going to get from this person is this.. That person is worth that much to us.” And then you have to pay to live in a house. You have to pay to eat. You have to pay to keep warm. You have to pay to go out anywhere. You have to pay for the planet you are born on. And then we you get sick and ill, they say... “Oh.. You're going to have to go into a retirement home. … Hmmm, you haven't got enough in your pension plan. I tell you what sell your house, give us your house and you can have the retirement home.” So you leave the earth with nothing, unless you're super rich and then you can pass on something. But most people leave the earth with very little.

So we have a situation which is not very fair. It's not very good. Unless you're the top one percent of the ninety nine percent of the population, [garbled 1:27} and then you're doing very well. And there are a number of off-world people who are frankly sick of it. They have interceded over the last few of years to re-dress the balance. It is for humankind to develop and throw the shackles off. We can't expect Colonel Custer to come galloping with the seventh cavalry to save the human race. The human race is the seventh cavalry and has to save itself and this is the dis-empowerment that humans have been programed into always looking for somebody else to save the day. They look for a leader. They look for somebody. They never look inside themselves and that's something that we need to address.

SF: Now this is something that's been inbred in our society and culturally and psychologically for hundreds of thousands or a hundred thousand years at least right? So, how does the human race overcome that in your opinion?

SP: Yes. You're absolutely right. Sometimes it was deliberately put there, sometimes it just occurred naturally. The strong man made it to the top. So we all got the impression that a very strong man was the right man to lead us. Because it isn't about strength, it's about your belief. It's about values and judgment In other words if we make a judgment of what we are seeing around us is wrong; then it doesn't matter who we put in…. whether it's a democrat, a republican, a conservative or labor, it doesn't seem to actually change anything. Yeah, sure, things have tinkered around the edges and a very unpopular policy from last year was changed. But the fundamental change doesn't happen. Taxes still go up. The pollution still increases. It's harder and harder to feed and clothe your kids. Those things don't change.

That's what needs to change. And that's why the strong man is not required, that's a root and branch change. If you’ve got a big house, knock it down, take out the foundations and rebuild it again. The established media never told the truth about the revolution in Iceland. They never said it on America or British television, except for the very smallest of coverings. And your listeners and viewers may be surprised to know that ordinary men and women on the street went in to the lawmakers chamber, the Icelandic Government and physically threw out their lawmakers... physically grabbed them and threw them on the street.

Also your listeners and viewers may be surprised to know that they have a Constitution, we all have a Constitution. Icelandic’s wrote it on Facebook. They wanted everybody to participate in it. That was a revolution that was never ever reported, because if you showed what happened in Iceland it could happen anywhere else.

So we don't have very free press, but the human spirit is indomitable, the human spirit cannot be broken. So the human spirit sees all this adversity around it and cries out for an answer. And it's just a matter of time before that call is heard and all individuals decide that enough is enough and they go to do something about it.

It nearly happened in what we would call the 'flower power' age, the hippy period. It nearly had the government toppled. It nearly happened but it was infiltrated. So there are presidents in the past history in terms of historic actions that can occur. And talking about presidents finally, JFK was.. interestingly enough actually .. the Institute for Foreign Affairs.. or the Council for Foreign Relations as it is now , do you know that every president of America has been a member of the Council for Foreign Relations except two presidents, and one was Ronald Reagan and one was JFK and both of them were shot. That tells you a great deal about just how much independence people really have. No matter how good Obama really is, actually he's a good man, he is surrounded by people who put him under impossible pressure. This is the reality. That is why we can't rely on someone to come and do it for us. We have to do it ourselves. So that will happen in the next two and half years. We'll see some big changes.

SF: Now I've been hearing some talk about China taking over the Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve notes no longer being issued in near the future. Do you have any direct information to validate any of that?

SP: Yes. This is a story being put around as a kind of go-between between total meltdown for the America situation. The total world debt is 199 trillion as of January this year. Debt isn't the problem. I'm not going to bore your viewers and listeners with lots of facts and figures. But debt is never a problem. It's not how much a country owes. It's how much profit a country is making. Because if you're running up a debt but you're still financially sound it doesn't matter because you can buy your way out of debt. What we're seeing is productivity collapsing and debt increasing….the Greece situation, 177% debt, as related to Gross National Product. In other words they can buy never themselves out of it. They're done forever. That's the problem. People aren't talking about it. But that's the reality of it.

So when you understand that paper notes are valueless, you have to look for what's real wealth. Now this year, I predicted in January/February, I said that there was real chance we could have had an economic collapse in America and that the two possibilities left open to America were [one] the Fed raising interest rates. But if you raised interest rates, whilst that would support savers, it would absolutely crush and crucify just about everybody else which wouldn't have helped. The only other alternative [number 2] was to talk to a handful of men (they are men) who have real wealth. So if you are the owner of a diamond mine and that diamond mine is worth one billion dollars a year but not paper dollars, real dollars, because they're diamonds and you deposit that in a bank, it isn't just a billion that you've deposited, because you've deposited the future wealth of that diamond mine. Now if that diamond mine is projected to have a life of twenty years, that might be a value of twenty billion dollars.

So if you get enough people holding real estate who can pledge their bonds for three month period that boosts the American economy in a real way. The man on the street, the woman on the street, they don't see the benefit of that. The coffee is still the same price, tastes the same. But from the huge financial houses America seems much more secure. And this is what they've done. They've done a deal where these guys are going to put their money in to American Banks for three months, (see it through) or four, because traditionally the fall is always when economies traditionally take a hit, and then pull the money out.

Now you will notice that some people are not falling for this. The Governor of Texas has passed legislation in his own State and he's written to President Obama asking for his share of the federal gold to be returned to the Lone Star State. In other words, he's saying, “There's a big collapse coming, and we want our share of the gold”. It's quite complicated but all the American States are entitled to a percentage of the gold reserve. And that is why Jade Helm paraded up and down the streets of Texas . That's when the Governor ordered his own national guard to tag along behind the Jade Helm regular army to keep an eye on them. The Governor knows what's happening and also in California, targeted by Jade Helm. Because Texans are tough, no nonsense people who won't be pushed around. You think the Californians are different. They are. But they are guys and girls who won't be pushed around because they're alternative. And their view is I don't believe you, I don't trust you. The way they are coming are different, but both Texas and Californian are a thorn in the side of the Federal Government. So you have to understand that there are a number of reasonably key people who can see what's coming and are trying to position their States in a reasonably strong position.

We talked about China. The real issue here is the formation of a new currency predominantly between Russia and China, which is a gold backed currency. Now I don't want people to panic because that's not what this is about. If I'm in America and I go and buy a famous cup of coffee that will be the same, until the coffee beans run out and I have to import more coffee beans. OK, we don't want your money because there's no gold behind your money so it'll cost you twice as much.

So what would happen under those circumstances, any product that was imported the price would go up, but any domestically created product the price would go down. You've got China, India Russia and a host of other countries who have all signed up for a new gold backed economy. Even the woman who's in charge of the International Monetary Fund, which is an American proxy, has actually said that the International Monetary Fund is quite happy to work with China. So there you go. Great Britain has actually asked to be part of this new group. So it's like people leaving a sinking ship.

So America is the only country and one other, I think it was Australia, I think it was America and Australia were the only two countries who categorically said this is a bad idea. Every other country in the world has said, this is a great idea. So we see some huge changes. That won't be recorded in the national media but it will happen and there will be a currency of a world wide range backed by gold.

And if I was a manufacturers of autos or farm machinery, what am I going to do? Am I going to deal with someone who's got real gold behind them or somebody who has got nothing behind them? This is the choice.

The American fleet, the largest fleet of any country on the world, pacific, Atlantic, wherever they are, they no longer buy their oil in dollars and they no longer buy their oil from America. Because they do not want to be in a position where they can't keep the fleet going. The fleet must always be at sea and I agree with that. And so they know what's coming. So everyone who knows is making a position of change. What's unfair is that the ordinary person in the street knows nothing about this and when it happens they going to say, “Well nobody told me.” So that's where I have a little website and I put out a monthly newsletter and I try and get the facts out to people. It's up to them whether they listen to me or not.

SF: So you're referring to BRICS at this point with the new currency right?

SP: Yes and no. At the moment it's called that. It probably will be called something else. But ultimately yes, it's a method of currency that will be equated with gold. In other words, no more currency will be created than there are gold blocks or bricks in the bank. So if you've got ten tons of gold, whatever that value is, you cannot exceed the paper or the coin money.

It is a very interesting concept because it is not new. It goes back to the 1920's when both America and Great Britain were on the gold standard. That's what it actually meant to be on the gold standard. You could go into a bank, sounds incredible now doesn’t it? You could put some paper money on the counter and you could say, “I want the equivalent of that in gold”, You could do that. It was perfectly legal. And so, to this generation that seems crazy.

But that's why people had confidence in money. That's why inflation was so low. That's why you could pay wages and the wages would buy enough food and clothes for your family. It's crazy now. We have a situation where you get paid on Friday and probably by the end of the week, the same thing in the shop has gone up 10 cents or 20 cents. Why? Because it's raining? Because it's Tuesday? No, because somebody's greedy and wants to make money. So as I've always said, I have no problem with making profit, I have a problem with greed.

And we have a number of very greedy corporations who are strangling small business men and women because they want to dominate and as they dominate and become global, if they take a hit, then the collapse across the chain is going to be huge. Because if you have small independent business people running stores or shops they can weather the storm, but the great big giant, one he gets a hit, there's going to be some issues. So I'm … I am concerned for America simply because power lies in the hands of just a handful of people and if a couple of them decide there's no more money to be made in America, it will have quite a devastating effect.

SF: So you're not seeing an direct impact at the moment for the US financial system but the Federal Reserve Banking system because they're not willing to participate in what's going on globally. Is that…..? So a lot these rumors going on about a shifting Federal Reserve are in your opinion unfounded?

SP: No. I think there are debates being held. In fact, I know there are. Some very very worried people asking how they can get out of this mess …. because the last thing they want to do is destroy the very empire that keeps them in position. Now the animal, the ostrich, sticks its head in the sand, that's exactly what they're doing. They're doing a lot of talking but not a lot of action. What they really need to do is sit down with their arch enemies, which are China and Russia and say, “How can we work together?” But they can't do it.

I knew the people who research this are familiar with what I am about to tell you but there are many many listeners who are not. A few years ago, because America shockingly owes China a lot of money, and can't stand that because America won two world wars. But anyway it does, it owes China a great deal of money and China said “We want the money” and America got all the notes ready to pay them and China said, (this is a few years ago) “That's valueless. We want gold”. So the Americans said “Well, that's OK. We got Fort Knox. “ Absolutely true. Send in the forklift trucks. Load the gold up. Send it off.

Well the Chinese are very candid people, very astute. And they knew the real economic situation and they drilled in to these gold bars, and the found, I think they were made of iridium or radium.. I can't remember what the metal was. But ultimately they were just gold plated. Didn't cause a third world war. And your listeners and viewers can go and Google this to see that I'm not talking a load of nonsense. The Chinese said “OK, you don't have any gold. We'll back you up. We want Real Estate.”

That's why Boston Harbor belongs to the Chinese. So they didn't pay for it. They were given it. So every ship that loads and unloads in Boston Harbor has to pay a levy and that goes to China. And there's Port Authority fees, etc etc... That's why Chinese are not buying parts of America. They're being given it. Because the American Government can't say we gave Manhattan to the Chinese. They paid top dollar for it. America owes China an incredible amount of money. China doesn't want the money. It wants the land, the Real Estate.

And that's frightening to be in a Country that your heritage, think of the founding fathers, think of the proudness of the founding fathers... Your country's been sold to Chinese people because the people running your country haven't managed the budget. If you're a very poor man and wife and a couple of kids, then your responsibility is your children and so have to make sure you get, make sure they get their food, get their clothing, go to school and get their school books and you make ends meet.

But it's like the government is saying “I don't care about the children. We don't care. We'll sell the country off. We'll sell our furniture off. ” So when you look at it from a local perspective it's not very good. And it seems to be that the people at the very top are so disconnected from the ordinary men and women that they do not understand how they live and they don't understand that their decisions have great impact on their lives. So all I would say is that in two and half years time a lot of what I am saying now is going to hit home; not because I've said it, but because these ordinary people have seen it for themselves. I know in many states in America – bread has doubled in price over the last few months. I know that because so many people tell me what's going on in the States. Prices have risen and outstripped wages. It's not a good situation to be in. So I wish that the people in power would give a little bit more back to the people.

SF: So in two years you see a big shift. At what point do you think we're going to have a shift toward a better society. Obviously in changing to gold backed currency is a step in the right direction but it's still a currency and it's still a world wide system where people have to work all day to made money to make ends meet. It's not really... It's not really an ideal society. So when do you see... at what point do you see us having a more ideal direction, maybe where we have free energy technology and we have more freedom to not have to work so much?

SP: Yes. Sounds impossible doesn't it? Because we've all been brainwashed to believe it's impossible. It actually is possible. I give you a scenario. I do this at many of my conferences to try to put people into the position of making a decision. We are programmed to believe that you can't have anything unless you pay for it. Often.. it doesn't show up on my videos because they don't film it, but I wish they did. But at many of my conferences after the conference is over and I've done the Q&A session I give presents out to people. Sometimes I raffle things but often I give them away. People come up and they want to give me money and I say no... it's a present... and they're so conditioned that they can't understand why I would give them something and not want anything back.

But this is the system that we need to understand that unconditional love means that you can give something without expecting something in return. You make a very very good point. People would say, well how would I buy something? How do get something? And I'm going to give you a little scenario. You talked earlier about cats. So let's talk about cats. I've got a cat. My cat's sick. Let's hope he never gets sick. But let's say he gets a bit unwell.. I go to the vet and the vet treats him. Gives me some drugs for him. I don't pay the vet. Alright? I put my cat in the basket and I come home. The vet works Monday to Friday sees all his patients doesn't get paid. The vet goes on a Friday to the supermarket because he's got a wife and kids he needs to feed. So he gets a trolley, puts everything he needs in it, goes to the woman on the cash till and she presses the buttons puts it all in. There's another member of staff there who helps to bag it all up. But he doesn't pay for it. The cashier, her job isn't to take money but to calculate what's going from the shop and what's needed to be ordered. That's her job.

Let's talk about someone who hasn't got any skills, maybe never went to college, maybe they care, care for a sick person, that's their job. Now I relayed this and somebody just to show the mindset said “Yes, but who would pay the people to fly the food in from another country?” Because the conditioning is so strong that it wouldn't work at the moment simply because of this.

Somebody and I don't want to say a farmer, but somebody who's in a position of power and responsibility would say, “Hang on a minute, I'm more important than the man who takes the trash out. I should have three televisions. I should have two loaves of bread. I should have two foreign holidays a year.” So human consciousness is not yet at that position where people can let go of that ego but when that happens then people will say, “I should be able to live in a house and not pay for it. I should be able keep warm, drink water, eat food and not have to pay for it. Sure if I want an up to date big, big, big flat screen TV, I've got to pay for that. But the basics of life should be free.”

Now your viewers and listeners won't know that in the 1970's we had a labor government which actually set a price for bread, butter, eggs and bacon. It actually said that no shopkeeper could charge more than a set price. And this was attacked as communism, the end of the western world, the death of capitalism. All the government did was say, basic foods should only be at a set price. And unfortunately that Prime Minister, a very very honorable man, called Harold Wilson, there was a conspiracy by the army almost to remove him militarily, a coup, a coup in Great Britain , can you imagine it? He resigned, He resigned rather than be gotten out by the army. He was a super guy but of course that wouldn't be reported in many countries.

So we have a situation I think where whether it's food, whether it's money people have to make a decision on what's important. I've seen guys who have their own yacht, have the most expensive cars, and then their girlfriend gets cancer and suddenly all the values they have in the world just change. The things that really matter to them don't. What matters to them is that their loved one gets well. And so they look at their yacht that cost 3 million pounds, or 3 million dollars, they look at their expensive cars…. it doesn't matter. because my wife, the woman I love, who's given birth to my children, is dying of cancer. So it's amazing when people are faced with a shock, they reevaluate their life and they decide what's really important to them.

Now I don't want people to have those sort of shocks. I don't want that to happen. But I do want people to look at the way they're living their life and say, “Is it right? Is if fair? Is it equitable? am I really happy?” And these are the questions that each individual on this planet must do. It is in America where this decision will be made. America is the country. That's why you had the founding fathers. That's why you had your constitution and bill of rights; because it is the one country in the world that can actually make change for good. So it is over to you guys. You are going to lead the way. Others will follow you.

SF: I want to go back to an earlier question. In terms of multidimensional races or extra-dimensional races that are working to, or that are interested in the birth of consciousness and the planetary earth consciousness moving in a positive direction; what are some of those races that you're personally familiar with or might have interacted with?

SP: There's quite a number of them. In America you have a guy called Alex Collier. He's down on his luck at the moment. He's a genuine person. I have a lot of support for him. A radio show for a British radio come up this week, I think it was British, Scottish I think possibly, so I would say to listeners, please listen on the Internet to that because he's a genuine guy.

He's in connection with 5th or 6th dimensional entities. Many of these entities that are benevolent to humanity come from the following groups. Pleiadean, Andromeden, Arcturis, there are some of the … what we'd call the Nordic races and there are a couple of other very exotic type races well. So there's more than one group. Often people talk about the aliens as if it was just one great lump. It isn't. Just as on the planet earth someone from Japan has got a completely different take on life to somebody from England. And what I would say is that by and large these groups have decided that they will be involved, they have been involved and they wish humanity to make a choice.

They're not going to come and do all the work for the human race. What they're doing is leveling the playing field so that the truth becomes obvious to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Those that can see and hear the truth, they will then do something about it. Custer and the seventh cavalry is the human race, but to get us to that position we've been nudged and helped.

My own country, I know we're running out of time now, but in my own country, facts have come out about illegal activities that have occurred which have been hidden for over 50 years. Why are they coming out now? Because human consciousness is demanding it. Just this week a past prime he's dead now, British Prime Minister, he’s dead now, called Sir Edward Heath, the police are now investigating him for crimes against children. Now that has been hidden for 30, 40 years. Why is it happening and coming out now? Because human consciousness is evolving faster than the elite can hide stuff. This is what I mean by the truth is coming out. As the truth comes out the picture builds for people and they begin to realize that they've been living in a bit of a sham.

SF: Now I've heard some talk about a new extraterrestrial race that's interacting called the Avian race. Are you familiar with that?

SP: Yes, I am. I have to be very careful what I say here. The back end as we say in Great Britain, the the end of last year, the fall of last year, the Vatican telescope, the Vatican controls two telescopes. One is an infrared telescope which they call the Lucifer telescope. I always think that's really amazing that a catholic church would call its own telescope Lucifer That's why I don't like religion really. So you've got two telescopes….the Lucifer telescope infrared detected alien spacecraft, huge, entering the solar system. They thought that it was their friends coming back. They found that it wasn't.

Then we had stories about blue avians. I did a radio show with another guy called Randy Cramer who was a reserve captain in the marines in America and the radio show was a guy called Alfred Webre. I found Randy Kramer to be very credible. He himself said that some of the memories he had in his head might have been implanted, so he was aware of that. And I always know someone's genuine when they can admit to the fact that some of the memories might not be true.

The person who I am not going to name was very very prevalent about these blue avians and he actually said that he totally agreed with Randy Kramer and he could back up everything he said. What I would say is that if you have a false memory implanted in you, you will always back up another false planted memory in somebody else.

I know because I have a very clear understanding of how people are given false memories. For heaven's sake, I worked just to help somebody who is employed by the Rothschilds. So I understand about mind control, what I would refer to as multi-personality syndrome and suicide programs. When individuals have been interacted in that way then many of the memories that they have they genuinely believe are their own. They would pass a lie detector test because there's no chemical imbalance when they're telling a lie because to them it's the truth. So one has to be credibly careful and sensitive when dealing with such people. Blue avians, no I've got no knowledge of them, can't help you with it.

SF: So it sounds like you see overall an awakening of consciousness and we're heading in a positive direction although we may have some difficulties in the next couple of years to overcome before we head in that direction. Does that about sum it up?

SP: Yes. I don't doubt the human race is going to make it, but I don't know what condition we're going to be in. Are we going to walk proudly through the door or are we going to through on our knees. That's the only section that is open for debate at the moment.

SF: So tell me a little bit about your work. Now you work with individuals, you mentioned it briefly and you also have a website and newsletter. Where can people find out about what you're doing and maybe even contact you if they're interested in what your doing.

SP: Yes, that's absolutely fine. I'm very very pleased that a doctor, a scientific doctor has asked for, and I've given him space on my website. I wish to draw professional people, people who know the truth and know that they will get protection under my umbrella. So this is what we want to do, try and build a group of people of wide ranging disciplines. Yes, the website is

[lots of breaking up] and I work with Clint. Obviously anonymity and confidentiality is very important where they can come to me when they have issues. I do what I call my bread and butter readings. I can read somebody's soul, can help them, support and I charge a very small amount for that. Not these huge expensive costs. One person said to me “ Oh, you can't be very good because you're so cheap.” And I replied, “I'm cheap because I want everyone to have access, not just the wealthy.”

But I do have clients who have come from very unusual backgrounds and have a range of issues whether it's mind control, whatever that may be, and I will do de-programming. The instance, I don't give the person's name, obviously I have to be very careful. But a person came to me some three years ago and I believed at the time they'd come of their own self. I now know that the Rothschilds had funded this and the reason they didn't tell me is that they were worried I would turn around and say “I'm not going to help you.”

It shows that they didn't know me very well because if ever a person is hurt as a child and then grows up and has those issues; I will always help that person because I don't care who they are, what they are, if they need help I'll help them. And in this person's case they had six separate personalities. They had a suicide program, which had been put into their mind and a number of other issues. It did take me six months but ultimately that person is now working and holds down a job.

When this person came to me she had an IQ (if she's listening I hope I get it right) She had an IQ of 162 which I believe is genius level. She left at 184. That's why she works where she works. So it soon became apparent to me that I have the ability to work with people in a way that very few others (a) are able to and (b) are prepared to. Because if you start doing what I'm doing in the public domain there's always somebody high up who doesn't like it. But I do it and that's my job and I enjoy doing it.

SF: So you're somehow able to raise the intellectual capacity of an individual or is it that she had all these multiple personalities and simply removing them raised her IQ?

SP: Right, you don't remove them. That would be death. You can't do that. No, individual personality would agree to be removed like that because they would see that as death. When a person creates a sub-personality it has a life of its own. No you have to go through the re-absorption. That personality has to agree to go back and join the core. Then you have one person but with different flavors, that's probably the best way to describe it. And once you rejoin the fractured person their IQ naturally builds.

In her case, you see, she was tortured as a child. What they do is they put electrodes on the head, pass an electric shock through it and it creates a crease that runs across the cortex of the brain. Now that initially is dead but because it's a child it's always growing, the growth rate is much faster. The crease increases the surface area of the cortex and then the neurons grow through the dead material and over a period of time if you electrocute the person enough times you are increasing the cortex by 15 to 20 %. So that is where all the higher thoughts are occurring and you increase the intellectual capacity.

The problem is if you don't do it right from their perspective. You create brain damage. I'm not going to go into the story but there was a reason why I had to help this particular individual. But there is always a reason. They don't just torture people for torture's sake. There is an ultimate reason for it. [more breaking up] There is a certain state of mind that is beneficial to the organization.

It's evil. It's wrong. And if I'm presented with a person who has issues like that I will help them and if they can afford to pay me, they pay me and if they can't afford to pay me, I do it for nothing. I do it for nothing because how can I turn away somebody who has been tortured. I can't. So I'm very lucky I have some donors. They don't give me much but 10 dollars here, 5 dollars here, some people give me more and those contributions that they pay keep me and my small team of volunteers going, cause there's just a handful of us. It allows me to travel to see people and if I need to put gas in the car and if the person can't afford to pay me I have a donor who's given me a few buck or pounds as they say in my country. So people can help in any way. Donating money is one way but another way is sharing information. You know I make time for everyone. The problem is I'm only one person on his own with a small team of volunteers and we get so many emails we can't cope with them all. So I do need more help. So if there's anybody out there who is of a good heart and has a few spare hours a week give me a shout.

SF: Well thank you so much for taking some time to speak with me today Simon. It's been a pleasure and I learned a lot about your work and what's going on in the world and hopefully we can have you back on the show again some time in the future.

SP: Well I'd be delighted to. So thank you very much indeed. It's very kind and gracious of you to invite me to your show and I hope your viewers and listeners have enjoyed it and they do their own research and God bless.

SF: Thank you. Well that's it for our show today. Join me next week for another incredible show at Awake and Empower TV where we explore the individuals that are out there on the leading edge and changing the world.

Transcribed by Santo Cavallaro 22 February 2016

Proofread by Carolyn Hess February 27, 2019

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