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Current Events, Questions & Answers, August 2, 2015


Jay Pee: There are a lot of people that are tuning in. We want to give everybody a turn. So, if you have questions, try not to ask questions that have been asked before. Do a bit of your research because these are precious times. And thus, being precious, let’s get on with it. Simon, first of all, do you have any maintenance announcements that you would like to make?

Simon Parkes: Maintenance, do you mean like repairing the electricity?

JP: That would be a good one. Maybe we’ll talk about that.

SP: Yes, just a few little updates. Well, first of all I was very pleased yesterday, Saturday, we had our first Connecting Consciousness get-together. And that was held at someone’s house, my very able web manager. We had 35 people, and I think the furthest traveler came from Spain, so they flew over, and these were all people that I have spoken to - people who have connected with me for assistance and help. Obviously, I got to know them personally. What was so wonderful about this, it didn’t rain until the very end, so we were able to be out in the fabulous garden.

Everybody not so much knew everyone, but everyone realized that there was no judgment. Everyone had their own story, everyone had their own vision, but they realized their vision was shared. It made no matter whether the soul in their body was of a Reptilian nature or whether it was of a Pleiadian nature. They all wanted the same thing which is, ultimately, freedom for the human race. And just to actually get back on the track that we should be. So it was lovely for the four hours or so that we were together where people could talk without anybody making a judgment on them. So we’re going to be doing more of these and we’re going to try to move them around the country a bit so it’s easier for people who are traveling a distance. So that was our very first Connecting Consciousness get together.

On the world scale, the Fed has decided not to raise interest rates regardless of whatever you may have been reading in the Wall Street Echo, or whatever it’s called. What they’ve done is they’ve been able to identify a number of people who hold what I would call real money. That means money that’s backed by something tangible. I’ll give an example: Somebody who owns a diamond mine. The value of that diamond mine might be a billion dollars, but if you project it over twenty years, then, its twenty billion dollars.

So, what the controlling element has been able to do is to get these people to deposit some of this very real worth material for three months in a bank. I won’t name the bank. I actually know what it is, but I’m sure there will be trouble if I name it which is actually in America, but it is not an American bank, but it is based in America. And it is holding it for three months, so that the bank balance looks very good.

Now, that means that I do not predict a crash in the United States this year. When I look back on my predictions, I don’t take any pride in the fact that I was right. We nearly saw the collapse of the Chinese government. Anyone who’s done any research knows that an attack by the Cabal, the same group that is the Cabal in America, attacked the Chinese government by hitting them where it hurts, which is the minerals, metals market. China is developing at an incredible rate, and has an unrestricted growth rate of about 10% - it is huge - and that’s dependent obviously on concrete, to metal, what have you. So, the attack on the metals stock market nearly brought them down.

Now, I’ve been actually chatting to a couple of people on this subject generally, and there’s a bit of confusion. It isn’t the amount of debt that is the problem. You think about Greece. All the news papers and television just focuses on the debt. It’s not actually the debt that matters, because the debt isn’t real anyway. It’s just a false thing. What matters is the ability of the country to create wealth.

Now, in China’s case, it is growing at the rate of 10%, but the debt is growing at the rate of 20%. So, every year, the growth of the GNP (Gross National Product) of the country is being exceeded by 10%. So, most of the western countries are into the 100% plus debt. In other words, they are exceeding their ability of their country to produce wealth, maybe by two, three or four times. This is the issue; this is what will finally bring down Western economies. Not the debt, but the fact that it is incapable of paying it.

Just finally, with this terrible situation in Greece, what people are not being told is that the Greeks have been threatened that if they don’t maintain their payments now, then their country will be seized. What I mean by that is, anyone who has a mortgage, or has a back to their loan against something else, and if you default on the loan, then they will come and take goods for the value of. What Greece has been told, is that if it defaults on their payments then basically they will strip the country, which means everything, from a tractor to a factory, to what have you.

So this is how countries are owned by, I suppose, ultimately the Rothschilds, really. They will say that as long as you make your payments, you’re fine, but if you don’t make the payments, we won’t take money off you, because it’s valueless and we know it’s valueless, because we print it. But, we will come and take stuff that really is worth it. So a big piece of industrial machinery or something to do with a farm. That’s how they’re dealing with it. Because everyone in the know is now aware that paper money is totally valueless, and they’re trying to mad scramble, trying to back it up with something that is tangible, whether that’s diamonds, gold, real estate, it doesn’t matter. That’s what they want. The Chinese have been at it for years, and anybody in America knows that probably they can’t be too far away from something the Chinese have bought.

So, anyway, Jay Pee, it’s really to say to people that we are not looking at a financial collapse in the States this year. In September, we are looking at some form of insurrection of some sort, some form of small scale activity in the States. And, we’re also looking at an energy wave, which is part and parcel of what we’ve already had, but is designed to break the status quo. We’ve had a blanket of Reptilian energy over the earth now for nearly two years, which has brought stagnation. Psychic people know that we’re not moving forward as we should be, so there’s a large blast of very positive energy due around the September time, which should get the ball rolling again. So that’s my maintenance.

JP: So just to pick up on that this is what we’ve called Wave X. Is that right?

SP: It’s a form of consciousness that is going to be projected over the planet as long as people don’t expect to feel vibrations in their feet. As long as they don’t expect - I don’t want a replay of the 2012 situation, where people were absolutely disheartened because the ground didn’t open up and a volcano erupt. People have got to understand that this isn’t about a physical change. This is about an energy change occurring to their bodies. The psychic ones will actually feel a change, and I’m hopeful that people who are not psychic will feel something. But please don’t be looking for a light show or a fireworks display. It doesn’t work like that.

We’re trying to get the website up and running. We had to reduce it because we’ve had so many attacks. If someone does have something of a personal nature and they can’t ask it over the air, if they can email, and then I can take it from there. If people just do that, that’s probably the best bet. There’s a contact form on

JP: Is the high energy of the galaxy we’re entering the photon belt? Is it the same as Wave X, or is it some kind of energetic wave that is moving through the entire universe? You’ve outlined a little bit about that a minute ago, but do you want to just fill everybody in on this completeness of this?

SP: Yes. It’s not to do with any sort of belts. It is to do with—we talk about energy. It’s actually more to do with consciousness. It’s actually happy to use the word “a Divine Consciousness” - it’s a Divine Consciousness that will strike the planet over a period of hours, which means that as the planet rotates, all of the planet will be bathed in it. It’s not just the people that will be subject to this. It will actually penetrate the earth. It will connect with the earth and will alter and change some of the procedures in the earth at the moment. So this is a long-planned element that’s to happen.

I’m watching it very carefully, because on the 15th of August of this year, there is a very important planetary alignment, and CERN, the Hadron Collider, is due to ramp up to its maximum output on the 15th. And there’s no coincidence. And this should be seen in relation to us entering this energy or consciousness stream. So, Hadron Collider is going to be activated to attempt to interfere as it did in 2012. So, I’m watching that one very carefully. So, this is separate from any belts or anything that is physical. This is something that was always meant to happen, both to the people on the planet and to the planet itself. It’s positive.

JP: Excellent, thank you, my personal thought about this wave is if the galaxy is a conscious being and it’s greater points of awareness exist in the center, then somehow there has to be a mechanism to transmit those points of awareness out, like thoughts from the center all the way to the end. And the thought process of the galaxy must be just completely God-mind sending out God-mind all the time, so the wave must be like a pulse that’s been sent out from the center of the galaxy and must take a long time to get here. Have anybody that you know or any of your off-planet groups, human or otherwise, can they see this thing coming—are they watching it, presumably, beings are tracking it?

SP: Yes, it’s projected, not in the same way as we would understand people sitting over a radar scope tracking something and the machine goes bleep, bleep, bleep as it counts down. It’s more to do with history, in the same way that the Mayan calendar tracks. For instance, it was always been predicted and expected. Certain beings are not able to detect it because they have fallen from grace themselves. But those creatures that are still connected to Source at a high level will actually be able to feel it as it approaches.

It’s almost like a pressure wave building up before it. It’s something that can’t be stopped or interfered with because it is the will of the Creator. It is the will of the Universe or whatever you want to call it. So, what beings on both sides of the fence are doing is either to try to reduce its effect or increase its effect. So they can’t stop it, but they’re trying to play around the periphery or the edges of it.

JP: So, this really is crunch time. This is what we’ve been waiting for all these years.

SP: What we were waiting for was 2012.That was the crunch time. December 21, 2012. That was the crunch time. That was the moment that the door was kicked open, never to be shut again. You’re right, Jay Pee, we’ve been waiting for this because without this addition humanity would just get stuck in the mud and not go further. So we’ve been waiting for this to give us a final kick start, a final push.

What you will notice is that more and more people will become discerning. People will become even more suspect of information that is fed to them by official lines. People will become more spiritual. There will be more cases of children being telepathic or being able to levitate things. There should be a wide increase.

The question is of course whether the established media will be able to hold it back or whether even some of the journalists or TV guys are also connected to this, and so they try to get the truth out, so it’s going to be fascinating to watch. Yes, it’s long been predicted. Yes, it’s a very important element, but it is part of a sequence of interactions from a very high source to see that humans get every chance. So, it’s not the last one, but it’s nearly the last one.

JP: So, again, this is something I’ve been tracking personally, these feelings of - there’s a lot of feelings of stuff coming up - old pain and trauma and weird jealousies and hatreds, you know, these weird emotions that everybody thought they were completely cured from, or just never come up before, but they’re coming up to clear patterns that will stop you from being the 100% human being that this wave is going to encourage us more to do, isn’t it?

SP: Yes, I think people are sometimes too hard on themselves. They may be on a two, three, four or five year period of enlightenment and they think they’ve gone beyond a certain point. And suddenly something happens which seems to be very negative, and to drag them back and they begin to question themselves as to ‘How could I be so stupid or how could such a dense heavy feeling affect me?’ The reality is that we’re still in a largely third dimensional realm.

You know, whether we like it or not, we have mammalian bodies, and we have brains that we could describe loosely as monkey brains. We are going to be, no matter how spiritual we think we are, we are going to, from time to time, have issues that are in our face. That’s deliberate and we have to deal with them. So, the problem isn’t that we suddenly have these issues that we thought we got rid of. The main issue is how do we deal with them? Do we move on from it or do they drag us back? So what I’d say to people is its perfectly normal, deal with it and get on with it.

JP: The big question that’s been doing the rounds this last month is Blue Avians, Corey Good, David Wilcock, Michael Salla, are they being taken for a ride, Corey Good, and then there’s the Ruiner who is an opposite Illuminati, and this other guy, Bradley Lovesand Alfred Weber looking on and saying that’s a bit strange stuff. So, Simon Parkes, what’s your angle on this whole controversy?

SP: I think it’d be very useful to contact Chris Thomas. Chris Thomas in my book, actually, genuinely reads the Akashic records. The problem is, you see, that some beings are capable of removing their signature from the Akashic record. They can actually just blank it. I don’t just mean redacted, sort of the traditional black line through it, but that pages can actually being removed. Whenever we talk about people who have had consistent work with the CIA, NSA, or the space command, we should always be worried about mind control and false memories that are planted.

Now, a guy I’ve got a lot of time for is a guy called Randy Cramer. Randy Cramer and I did a joint radio show with Alfred Webre, and we talked a lot about Mars. It was very interesting that a lot of the stuff that Randy was coming out with, I could back up and vice versa. Although he was very decent, Randy, because he actually said ‘Look, I know some of the memories in my head are not real, some of the memories in my head are being implanted.’

So, it was very interesting, when people like Corey Good actually start verifying things that Randy Cramer had said. Because it could be argued, that if one person has mind control on Tuesday at 3:00 in the afternoon and two hours later, another person comes in for the same memory implant. Well, yes, they would both support each other and agree because they are accessing the same memories. And what I would say from all the deprogramming work that I have done with people is that these people would pass a lie detector test because to them they are real and genuine memories. You can’t say to somebody, ‘Oh, they’re making it up or they’re lying’ because they go into a terrible state, because they’re not making it up, in the sense that they believe it to be true.

So let’s talk about these so-called Blue Avians. A number of people who I deeply respect have no knowledge of Blue Avians. Nevertheless, there was an object tracked by the Lucifer telescope run by the Vatican, back end of last year and early this year, that appeared to have some entities onboard which weren’t Reptilian in nature but were of a different sort of group who were vastly, far more supportive of the planet. These groups actually made a connection with Putin, Russian and also tentatively with China, which is quite an interesting turn up. But as to Blue Avians, I honestly would say that the jury is out at the moment.

JP: So it’s really interesting because the Avian theme has come up, and I’m looking at my chickens and I’m wondering: What would it be like to live in a chicken world? I mean, do they have Kentucky fried human? Imagine being Jewish, being brought up Jewish and then you land on a planet with chickens, what do you say?

SP: Oy vey. That’s what you say. Look, I think the important thing is that when an alien looks more bug-eyed people accept it. But of course when it looks like something we recognize it becomes more of a concern. And we know, don’t we that chickens and birds evolved from dinosaurs. So that’s quite interesting, but the only thing I am saying is that we don’t seem to have any evidence of Blue Avians being a real race, rather than false images planted in somebody’s mind. So we wait to see how it develops.

JP: And there’s this whole blue thing going on--there’s Blue Beam, Blue Ray, Blue Avians, and blue is part of the whole mind control situation, isn’t it? It’s like polarization.

SP: Jay Pee, this is why I’m on your show, because of all the people I’ve met you are the one guy, this is not to say there’s not others who aren’t, but you’re the one guy I’ve met who’s with it. Yes, I mean anyone who’s listened to some of my radio shows or presentations knows that I talk as much as I can about the Blue Light because it is a part of the control system. And when I was first asked about the Blue Avians, what I said was ‘Yes, I have heard of them’ because I have heard of them. But the color blue is a control color. It is the color of the Elite. It is the color of the people - they don’t like the color, they use the color. It is part of their control mechanism. So as soon I heard the color was being associated with them, I immediately thought of programming. Because when you associate a color or a number with something that is how people are activated who have had mind control whether it’s a certain colored handbag on a Hollywood actress’ sofa or chair or whether it’s a type of wallpaper. That’s how subtle it is.

And the audience will know, because the audience is very switched on. So, because the color was associated with these creatures and they didn’t have to be called that, I was immediately worried that this was a name created by somebody in a complex or a facility and part of the programming. If we’re now seeing on the internet a great huge explosion of debate about these creatures, again, that is deliberate. That is deliberate. It’s part of the mass swamping of intellect by certain forces. So, all I’m saying is: Jury’s out and I’ll just see how things develop.

JP: There is a specific color of blue that has been patented by Barclay’s Bank. And when the guy whose son was involved in the false flag in America, he was the guy who was analyzing the whole corporate structure of the planet and finding out that Barclay’s Bank runs everything. It’s connected right in the middle of the web of highly tangled complex corporations and things like that. So, is there a link there, Simon?

SP: Let’s look at it this way. In 1933, when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and took control of the country basically he had a propaganda minister called Dr. Joseph Goebbels. And Goebbels was a very, very astute manipulator. And it’s true to say that certain political parties in the 1980s and 1990s actually looked back at the way that Hitler was sold and presented, to learn how they could actually learn tricks from it. And in 1933 Dr. Joseph Goebbels changed, I believe, the letter A in music, but also the letter C has been changed.

JP: Yes, the letter A. Well actually, when you tune an instrument as an orchestra, somebody plays an A and it’s usually a reed instrument. Well, literally the accordion is the instrument that is a chord that everybody tunes to, so the note of A was a certain number of cycles that is depending on the Pythagoras, and Goebbels took that and he tweaked it by eight cycles per second and that’s enough to have a psychological effect of more anxiety. As a musician, I’ve researched a lot of this.

SP: And he (Goebbels) used it to run a lot around his newsreels. So when he was showing anti-semetic videos - and they funded a lot of anti-Jewish films - he ensured that he used that. When he was talking about his political opponents, or Hitler’s political opponents, or the threat from this country or that country then that would be the music background. So, the reason I’m talking about that is that it shows that right back in 1933 that the elite were aware that the imagery or the sound and the color that they were using had an effect.

And what I think is perhaps much more concerning than any of that, is that before the Second World War, the American government also altered the letter A. So if you want evidence of a one world government there you go - before the Second World War both Germany and America actually alter the frequency of the letter A.

But back to Barclay’s Bank. If blue is a controlling color, then it is the color of authority. So police, ambulance, fire brigade, etc., are authority. So the blue light is the symbol of authority. That is why in Great Britain the conservative party, the current government at the moment, has the color blue. Because it is the number one governing group, it is the elite. So, if a bank patents or protects a particular frequency of blue then it must be the closest to the blue that affects the human mind through the optic nerve in the eye. And therefore they don’t want anyone else to have that.

So that anybody who looks at that color is more drawn in and believes more and has more respect, and, oh my bank is very strong, and it’s not going to go under because it’s got this lovely blue business card that I was given. So, yes, absolutely these are tricks that have been used for hundreds of years.

JP: Thank you very much, Simon, a very, very important subject. Now, here’s another very salient point or meme. I’m curious what Simon Parkes thinks about the alien Black Goo, and earth-based Black Goo that Harald Kautz-Vella talked about in June at length in the Bases conference that was recently posted on You-tube. Clearly what Harald is doing is a very advanced disclosure, which I hope will help Unity consciousness, or is it for a duality agenda? So, two questions, really, Black Goo, Unity, Duality, or is it Borg?

SP: Right, the Falklands War that Great Britain fought against Argentina was fought over Black Goo. Nothing else, just the Black Goo. In fact a commando team, the SAS and a group of commandos went and blew up one of the facilities or entrance points to an underground facility, where this Black Goo is being worked on. So the whole of the Falklands War was literally about the control of this resource. There are two sorts of Black Goo, to my knowledge. One is a natural element of the earth, which is sentient. And from it you can actually synthesize life. And there is another form, which was seeded from off world or off planet. And I don’t know whether it was seeded literally by chance or deliberately but that it is rather negative and has the ability to take a shape or form. And I don’t mean a shape or form like changing into a dog or a cat or a Husky dog, but change into a form that would change its crystalline structure and, therefore, it could become poisonous or negative.

So, there is a natural native material and there is also something that is brought in from elsewhere and indeed both are sentient. I didn’t see the Bases conference. In fact I was invited by Miles to speak at the Bases conference but, unfortunately, I had a prior engagement so I wasn’t able to attend and be a guest speaker. And because I had this prior engagement I wasn’t able to catch up or go to see it. But I am aware of the Black Goo, and I am aware that there is a history. And some British defense contracting companies have actually some samples of this and are experimenting with them or at least they have experimented with them. And I think they’ve just put them in a concrete bunker at the moment. So yes, without having heard what this guy is talking about from the little you’ve told me then, yes, it sounds genuine to me.

JP: So the Black Goo is this is what was in the X-files?

SP: Well you of all people know that if we see it on television as a “science fiction” or “science fantasy” story someone is leaking it deliberately - either because it is a fantastic story and it’s based on the truth and we’ll go with it or, how can we try and get the information out to the public in such a way that I can’t be done for treason? It’s like Charles Hall, bless him, who was the weatherman in area 51, and had some very interesting connections with off world entities. And, in the front of his book, he had to say: ‘This isn’t real, this is just a story’, because he had to protect himself. That’s the world we live in. We seem to have to pretend that what we are saying is made up, just so we can get it published. And that’s not a free world, is it? So, yes, the Black Goo in the X-files is there for a reason.

JP: Wow, maybe we will discuss this in greater depth in another show because we have a lot of questions. So there is a lot of misunderstanding about shape shifting. Can Simon set the record straight by describing what it is and why it happens? Does it only happen to reptilian-human hybrids? JP: Is it an involuntary bodily reaction? And can it be controlled by using meditation and breathing techniques?

SP: That is a really good question.

JP: This is the kind of question we want to be asked - these very, very specific questions.

SP: I actually think this is probably somebody who has had a consultation with me. When I consult with people I do a soul reading and often shape shifting comes up. I will actually say to people, ‘You are capable of shape shifting’ and some people actually look at me in horror because they have seen pictures on the internet or they’ve read stuff on the internet. So this is a great opportunity for me to set the record straight.

When we rejoin with our DNA, our twelve strands, we are connecting with different soul groups. Some of these DNA strands are more in tune with our physical body than others. And when you tune in with a particular strand you are reconnecting with that family and you have the ability to shape-shift into that family. There are two sorts of shape shifting. Remember, I’m not talking about a reptilian, full reptilian, who comes to earth and then uses an energy disguise as a human. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about your general human type person that you meet every day who has a soul in their body but the soul in their body may not be an earth human soul. It could be a whole range of souls.

When you shape-shift what you’re doing is using the energy that is within you and you project it outwards, in metric terms, about one millimeter - in old terms about 1/16 of an inch above your face. It’s almost like when you go to the movies - you sit down and the projector is behind you and it throws the picture onto a screen. Well imagine that your face is the screen and just fractionally above your face, you form an energy blanket and you can then begin to alter it. It appears as your face, your face is not changing at all. What’s happening is that the energy of this blanket is beginning to subtly change the features of your face.

Now if you have a great deal of reptilian DNA in you or a great deal of another form of off-world alien in you you can physically change. So the first things to go are the eyes. Always, always, always the eyes are the first thing to go and then the rest of the face. Again, I’m stressing I’m not talking about a full blooded reptilian alien that comes here and uses a disguise. I’m talking about a physical mammalian body, but is capable of shape-shifting.

What causes shape-shifting is great emotion, great element - you might have anger and fear or something like that or lovemaking. One of those aspects can cause a person who is connecting with themselves to shape-shift. And it’s not to be seen as negative, it’s actually positive. The difficulty is that we’ve seen so many of these blasted videos of George Bush Junior or Senior allegedly shape-shifting. It isn’t that George Bush is shape-shifting. The problem is that it’s George Bush.

So, if you can shape-shift, you are celebrating the fact that you are drawing down your DNA, and you are connecting with different star groups. And I’ve always said to people, ‘look, go watch Lord of the Rings, the movie’ and when you look at some of these elves - the makeup is brilliant. Forget the pointy ears; what you’ve got is a chalk white face and a very long drawn face with high cheekbones that actually is very similar to about three of what I call higher human forms. And people have the ability, who can connect with their DNA to begin to bring on a shape like that so it’s not just reptilian.

So it’s a really good chance to be able to speak about that. It’s something that most researchers don’t understand. How could they? And it’s something that most people don’t grasp. How could they? So it’s an opportunity for me to talk about a subject that’s not even been discussed except to lambast it and point your finger and say, ‘It’s evil’. It isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the fact that you can connect to other races. And this is the fear that humans have and we’ve got to get rid of this fear. So yes, a great question.

JP: So in a way, you’re saying is that it’s like speaking in a different - more like a local accent or tenor - in order to hang out with your family. So you look with a different accent if you see what I mean. People understand the point I am making is in order to blend in with the people you are trying to communicate with you start looking like them.

SP: Well when a person draws down and connects their DNA, they are actually showing that they are a connected consciousness to the group. So over the last few hundred thousand years humanity has been altered and connected by all these different groups that all have a stake in the human plan. So if that’s part of you why would you want to hide it and bury it? And it’s like the grandmother that we never talk about. We hide her in the darkest, tallest tower and we don’t talk about it. And that’s been the situation with the reptilian connection for a very long time and we’ve got to get beyond the fear. We’ve got to get beyond that and we’ve got to understand that there are plenty of people out there who are very strong reptilian souls and they’re wonderful because it’s not what you are it’s what you choose to be. This is the point.

And we can’t really carry on judging people by what we read on the internet. We have to judge them by their actions and what they do when we meet them. I do get somewhat annoyed when people make statements about others and they’ve never even met them. So we do get too judgmental. And we have to just realize that the human race is connected to a wide network of other creatures and they are represented in our genetics. So we don’t just have two strands of DNA, we have 10 energy strands and those people who are drawing in their energy strands are those who are capable of shape-shifting.

JP: Fascinating. And there was a question that just passed right through me regarding, well I mean, shape shifting is not something that necessarily has to happen, I mean when you are talking about, the first thing I was thinking about, if we were a planet we’d have an atmosphere, we’d have clouds, we’d know it’s almost like you’re talking about, as the planet has an atmosphere, so do we, have an atmosphere that reflects our beingness somehow. Is that right?

SP: Well the human form is not just flesh and blood and bone - it has a soul and a Divine Spirit. And it is capable of many things that modern science refuses to accept. And one of these is the projection of energy whether that’s by telepathic thought or whether its telekinesis moving bits of furniture around the room. It’s not just a poltergeist you know, people can do that. So you know if you can accept that, then you can accept that we can project energy.

Now the difficulty is that in most cases shape-shifting is not controllable. It is something that just occurs. And that’s why some of the clips on Youtube are accurate. There’s a couple of the newsreaders and they are, in my book, accurate. Because if a newsreader is reading a subject that he or she, and there’s your clue, is feeling very emotional about because it is something to do with their personal life, or it impacts something that has happened to them, then they will trigger something in themselves. And quite unintentionally they will shape-shift. Now if that person has got a predominately reptilian soul or a lot of reptilian energy DNA in their body then they will change. And their eyes will become slit-like, like a snake’s. But that doesn’t mean they’re bad. It just means that something affected them and they connected with their true selves and they’ve changed. It doesn’t mean they’re a bad newsreader or a bad mother or a bad father. It just means that something happened and they connected.

So you know, let me give you an example. I always talk about her because it’s the highest group. A female I worked with who now works for the Rothschilds told me that when she was in the university and she used to be in the break period and she would have her friends around her and her eyes would go and change and they would become reptilian slits. And she said she knew it was happening but she couldn’t control it. She couldn’t stop it, and the people around her would stare at her. And she said she would watch them walking away shaking their heads convincing themselves that they didn’t actually see that. And then the next morning she would meet them and they would be completely fine because they had convinced themselves that they hadn’t seen anything at all.

So the point I’m making is this is much more common than you’d think. But people just say, ‘Oh, well I must have imagined it. It was the way the light was, or I had a bad coffee’ or something like that. Because humans are very good at talking themselves out of what they’ve actually experienced. So, it’s very common, happens all the time. And there will be people listening to this who can stand in front of the mirror and can partially do it. And I say to people, ‘Stop practicing. Stand in front of the mirror and do it.’ And the moment you start doing it you are connecting with who you are. So yes, it’s an exciting and really, really interesting topic.

JP: Fantastic so does that mean that one day we’ll be able to be invisible as well?

SP: Invisible? Well I suppose we could buy ourselves a great big eraser and rub ourselves out. But then we’d be bumping into each other. No, because there isn’t to my knowledge a member of the human family that is an invisible being. What we can do, if we survive, is evolve enough and go up the dimensions so that ultimately we can join Source and be at 12th dimensional level which means that we won’t have any sort of physical body at all. So we won’t be invisible but we’d have a sort of an energy shimmer or sort of like a heat haze around us.

JP: Considering that this energy radiance thing is what you’re talking about, let’s keep going. Here’s another fantastic question. What are some of the ways an individual can sort of do a past life reading on themselves to maybe help the unique individual personality point to gain access to more soul information and experiences to help right now?

SP: Right, you either can or you can’t. In other words, to access your past memories in a controlled way is incredibly difficult. How most people experience it is with a flashback or little snippets coming now and again.

So imagine a video playing, just a five second video that’s usually triggered by an activity - whether it’s brought on by a color or somebody says something on the radio or you see something or somebody. Or you go visit a place and you think, ‘My goodness, I know this place. I know where the door will be. I know where the back window will be’. And it’s these things that overcome the 3D control mechanism that people have and they access the real truth in them. And they then can begin to understand they’ve had a past life. If a person suspects they have a past life there are a number of people you can go to who are very genuine who can assist them.

But if they want to do it themselves then they really have to find a quiet time and I mean quiet. You’ve got to turn off your phones. You’ve got to just make sure you won’t be disturbed. You’ve also got to ensure that for the few days beforehand you’re very careful about what you eat and what you drink. You also have to be in a position where you’re not stressed at work. And that’s very difficult for most of us. But ultimately if you can, put yourself into quite a calm, quiet place. Then if you have some techniques of meditation and you have some very useful music which helps you then it is possible through what I call portal objects.

And I mean if someone was of a Sirius or Sirius soul then a crystal skull is part of their family. So if they were to sit there and hold a crystal skull that would enable them to open up some of the communication network. If they were Pleiadian they should get a lovely carving of a dolphin and literally sit there and hold a dolphin. You’re looking at something to anchor you to a point in time and then you can then backtrack down this corridor and see what you can find. If I had the time I would write a series of articles or do a workshop to show people how to do it. It is possible but it is sometimes a lot easier and quicker to go to someone who can regress you and take you back. Yes, another good question Jay Pee.

JP: Actually, I want to make an Announcement that next Friday we are going to be doing a webinar with Alex Collier which I’ll be posting soon on the Wolf Spirit website. So Simon if you want to do webinars we’re going to have the system set up at and we’re going to do some interesting things.

SP: I’m delighted to hear that. You know that anyone who’s listened to me knows that I’ve always spoken incredibly highly of Alex. I’ve always said that Alex Collier was genuine. He’s connecting with people from the fifth dimension whereas I connect with the fourth. And he’s a very brave person and I’m really glad that he’s still ticking along and doing what he’s done. He’s a very good man and I shall certainly be listening to that webinar.

JP: So I just have to put it out there that he is really destitute. He needs some really good care so if anybody is in Colorado or in the area of Colorado that could help him out in any way. He’s living in a Land Rover that’s got no suspension. It’s a really bad situation. So if anybody feels from this that they want to help him go to and donate, that button goes straight to his account.

SP: Jay Pee, could I just say something? I don’t even think that Alex has said this, so he may not say it. But basically if anybody goes on Youtube they will find videos of him, early, early videos and he talks about aliens etc., and it was never a problem. And then he talked about the missing children and although to my knowledge Alex has never said anything I’m prepared to say that he received a very serious death threat. And that’s why there’s no videos of him for over ten years. There’s just nothing out there, and when he re-emerges, he’s an older man. And you look at the early videos and then you say, ‘Well, where’s he been?’ And the fact was that I believe that he took the threat incredibly seriously. He stopped doing what he was doing. Then his consciousness grew and he decided he couldn’t hide it and he had to get back and when he did they, the elite, attacked him. And they bankrupted him and he’s been under attack ever since. So he’s a very genuine person and I’m really glad that he’s not succumbed. So if anybody can spare five dollars or ten dollars for him then please do so.

JP: I have to tell you I was almost in tears when I spoke to him.

SP: Jay Pee, that’s the problem. The people who are fighting against the system the system strangles us. It keeps us - I mean, I run my Connecting Consciousness on a shoestring. And if it wasn’t for the wonderful charity of people who donate a few dollars, a few quid here and there we’d all be in trouble. The people who are supporting the system - they’re the ones who are really well paid because they are the pillars holding up the system. Of course the system is rewarding these people, because they are products. They’re just little robots. But those of us who are trying to break and fight and get free and try to wake the world up of course the system turns on us.

And that actually is a sign of people who are genuine. Those of us who are struggling we’re struggling for a reason. Those of us who are rolling in cash are rolling in cash for a reason. So I say to people, ‘Just look around you and ask yourself who is genuine and who isn’t genuine’. So yeah, I’m really glad that Alex is there. And yes, Jay Pee, I will certainly be listening to that webinar with Alex.

JP: One thing I’d like to draw back is you said something about fixing the electricity or doing something about electricity. And this is personally really close to my heart. I’m making a smart, low voltage smart house, very energy saving, very energy efficient. And I know that you’re involved in an energy production company that makes wind turbines. Is that where you were going with that?

SP: I don’t know.

JP: Right at the beginning of the show and you said that we’d talk about that later.

SP: Did I mention electricity? Maybe I had a quick abduction

JP: Could we have our Simon back, please?

SP: Well, a quick word only. There are many people actually throughout the planet who actually understand about zero point energy. There are many people who want to put up their solar panels and their wind turbines. That isn’t the issue - the issue is the corporations because if you control a resource you then control it and you sell it to the public. But if you sell direct to the public then you don’t need that middle man - you don’t need that corporation. So the issue isn’t that there is this alternative technology, the issue is how do you get it out to the public without ending up in the ditch? So that is the question.

I think that most people who have invented anything that is really, really empowering have really thought - we all know about Nikola Tesla and the issues he came up with when he tried to sell his product or push his product out. Yes I’m involved with a company that’s into renewables and we would like to ensure that ordinary average people have access to cheaper energy. We don’t particularly like the idea of these big companies charging an arm and a leg so you can read a book at night time. And I have a personal philosophy. It’s not the philosophy of the company that I am in but I have my personal philosophy - I don’t think anybody should pay to have to keep warm. I don’t think you should have to pay to heat your house because heat is something that keeps you alive.

And you know if you go out on a summer’s day and you stand there and you feel the sun on your body how much did you pay for that? Nothing, you didn’t pay for it because it was free. That’s free energy so why in God’s name when we go inside do we have to pay to warm ourselves? So this is all a trick. It’s a massive con. It’s a small tiny 1% of the 100% of the population who controls the resources and makes their money because they have deprived us of having access to what is free. So this is my philosophy and I will do anything and everything I can to ensure that people have access to the necessities of life and they shouldn’t have to pay for it.

You know if you want the latest mobile phone then, yes, well of course you pay for it. But for goodness sake I’m in Great Britain and two years ago in the area that I live a person was put in prison for 30 days for stealing bread. Thirty days in prison for going into a shop and stealing bread. What on earth is this about? I mean, yes, if they’d gone in and run out with an expensive perfume. But this is where this whole system is totally wrong and it needs to be changed.

So we just look at one aspect and you find another aspect, and another aspect. And in the end you really realize it is really a philosophy of a small group of people who don’t want to share, ‘This is my cake. You’re not even going to have the walnut on the top. Well, you can have this little bit but you’ve got to pay for it’. So, that’s what’s wrong, it’s greed because, I don’t have a problem with people making money. I don’t have a problem with profit - its fine. But its greed and this is what needs to change. And, this is what my own little Connecting Consciousness is about. It’s what you’re about and it’s what many other people are about. It’s about connecting up values and ideals and challenging the system and saying, ‘This can’t be right’. You know it wasn’t right in the Victorian times. It wasn’t right a hundred years ago. It’s not right now. But people are more empowered and people are more prepared to actually say no. And hopefully this is what will happen over the next two and a half years as human consciousness develops.

JP: Music Break. Welcome back to Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes. And we are back with more questions. Here’s one, ‘what sound frequencies should we listen to raise our vibration level, and what frequencies should we avoid?’ A very complex question really.

SP: Well two ways I would answer first of all depending on your soul and your connection and I guess you’d have to have a chat with me to find out what your soul was if you weren’t sure yourself and depending on that there are certain sounds that you can listen to just simply on youtube which would assist you in meditation and separately we’d talked a little about how I think the letter A was altered by I think it was 8 cycles, yeah, from 440 to 432. Well what we’d need to ensure is that if we were listening to any music particularly medication music on the internet that we really are listening to something that’s not just concocted on the back of this altered sound so if you can find a website or a company doing meditation music at the decent good earth frequencies at the Schumann resonance of the earth then that is what you should be doing depending on your soul you can then use other items to assist you in that I can’t run through this whole list. I mean it’s depending on the soul background of that individual then I would then say this is appropriate but obviously at this stage all I can say is avoid the more modern music and attempt to connect with your star family.

A very interesting point because every star family has its own tuning - it’s got its own key and frequency you know one day I’m going to make a big pie chart that has twelve division and it will have all of the races, the strand, the note, the color, the geometric form the personality type, everything because this is the big alchemy question isn’t it, is how does everything connect to everything else

Yes if you think of harry potter and the philosophers stone and you think back to the days of the renaissance and what alchemy was understood was turning a base metal into gold and was called the philosophers stone of course that wasn’t what it was about at all it was about the twelve strands - this is just a smoke screen the real philosophers stone was the secret that they were looking for to what we were talking about to draw down the ten strands of DNA the philosophers stone of alchemy was literally rising to higher consciousness that’s why it was called the renaissance period - because this was the time of great minds and spiritual uprising which really nothing had happened since the middle ages. So yes each individual has their own key, has their own - I don’t like the word triggers because it has negative connotations but it can also be positive have positive triggers - which allow them to connect with themselves at a faster rate. So without knowing the questioner without having seen a picture of them I can’t tell them what their soul is therefore I can’t give them an answer because I work visually - I have to see a picture or a video to help somebody

JP: So we’re going to have to find a way. Maybe it needs to be like a class situation where you answer questions in groups because of the number of questions that you are asked and the work that you’re needing to do is outweighing your ability to do it in a single body.

SP: Well that is interesting to me because somebody else said that to me and that was very interesting and I’m giving that a lot of thought.

JP: We are looking for your clones!

SP: Apparently I have clones. Apparently I’ve been told that I have clones in case I’m taken out. If I’m taken out then what I’ve been told is they cannot afford for me to reincarnate in a baby and grow up because it just isn’t time so there are clones of me so if I get taken out I come back again but so far I’m in the original body.

JP: I was just about to say, ‘Are you a back up?’

SP: No, I’m still the original me.

Well this is a bit of an odd and I had a conversation with my guides and asked if they had any clones and they said yes they’re trying to ask questions of clones of me. But it’s the me behind the me that they want to talk to and not the clone is that a possibility or am I just making that up? And I also said that I don’t consent any more so I stopped that.

Right my understanding is that when a person is removed, or the physical body is removed, the soul from that body is placed into the clone so it is that person. But the replication is nearly perfect and the difference is that divine source didn’t make the clone so the physical body and the soul were made by divine source and so a clone is not a creature of divine energy, divine creation - it is a construct made by another intelligence but not a divine intelligence so we shouldn’t negatively brush away clones. It’s not the clone that’s the problem it’s what’s inside. If it’s a good thing inside it it’s fine because all a cloned body is is a vehicle to allow that person to do what they’re doing and if they’re doing bad things then that’s wrong and if they’re doing good things then that’s good. But again it’s lack of knowledge by the general public. Its fear and a misunderstanding of this sort of Frankenstein or Frankenstein’s monster type creation.

JP: Excellent thank you that’s a really important question at the moment because how do we know if it’s real or Memorex more great questions can you explain the difference in the various races maybe it’s not such a good questions like the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, bird people, ant people, Orions along with some of the disinformation on the internet about them can some star beings on the planet now as human have had lifetimes with all these other races. I think the second question you’ve already answered do you want to, I know you’ve probably answered this several times, but who are the players that we know who are the different kinds of races that we’re talking about that are involved with our immediate situation?

SP: Right, two things first of all. There’s literally the alien spacecraft and the creatures whatever they are and we say that is this race, that is that race, but there have been these people incarnating in human bodies for a very long time on the planet earth. And many of the star children or indigo kids, that’s the terminology that the Americans use and I don’t have a problem with it, over the last twenty to twenty five years are incarnating from the fourth dimension, from in British English, the Sirius constellation and in American English. The Sirius constellation a large portion of the start kids are coming from the fourth dimension we do not have the time to give justice to this question because I would have to go through every different race and explain the differences and if somebody is very keen and wants to know then they can book a thirty minute consultation with me and I will tell them exactly who they are and if they’re really cheeky, and some people are really cheeky, and they hold up their pictures oh well this is by brother and this is my uncle then what I will do is so they will get three or four for the price of one.

JP: Wow, it’s not like its absorbent, either.

SP: I don’t - anybody who knows and listens knows that I’m very careful and I don’t knock other people. I don’t criticize other people because that’s not professional but I do know that many people charge a huge amount of money. There’s one person I’m not going to mention his name an American guy that charges $1000 for a consultation and I just, but the problem is you know Jay Pee that because I’m so cheap money wise some Americans say he can’t be any good because he’s so cheap and that’s how they’ve been mind controlled to believe. And I say no, actually I’m very cheap because I want everybody to be able to access me and to be honest people who don’t have any money I do it for nothing anyway and they’re a number of people who are down on their luck and they’re on handouts, state benefit - really good people and I don’t charge them I just do it for nothing.

So I think that information of this nature should be available to everyone because how can you fully know yourself, how can you come to terms with who or what you are if you don’t know your history? You know this is the problem we’re all kept in the dark in the sense that we’re told this is a history book, this is the history of the world whether it be America or Europe. But who talks about our own history? We go to an astrologer and get a star reading, we can go and get some past life regression but who tells us who you are and that’s what I do - I tell people who they are and then I tell them what their attributes are and why they have this particular habit or that habit and the object isn’t because I want to impress them with what I am, it’s because I want them to go away and think, ‘Ah now I understand’ and they do things that improve their soul and make them happier so I can’t give a full answer to that question it would just take too long.

JP: So maybe this is a subject for a webinar it sounds like a perfect subject for a webinar. Thank you okay so.

SP: Why not?

JP: Thank you so I see people with silver eyes up to eight lots now in two months. I can’t find anything on the internet for explanation. Anyone else had this? Simon? Come across anyone else with this?

SP: I haven’t come across them but I’m aware of them. And it’s to do with the pigmentation. There is an off world human group - it’s a shame that the questioner isn’t available to answer back questions because I would like to know the facial features. I would expect the facial features to be quite slender with high cheekbones, quite a pointy chin, thinnish hair and very, very thin light eyebrows. If that person would like to give you the email on that I’d be interested. Yes I’m aware of them. It’s the pigmentation. It’s on the other scale why alien men in black have no eyebrows and have no hair. It’s to do with the genetics that have been altered to make them just enough human.

JP: The other big meme of the moment - Bob Lash - what’s the story with this dude? I mean he’s got more military equipment than batman. He has an underwater SUV. Nobody has an underwater SUV. What’s the deal, Simon? You must know a bit about this guy?

SP: Well there are two things. You can either be a very successful business person, you’ve made the money yourself through particular companies and you have real interesting toys and you want to be a survivalist and so you do that and the other thing is that you work for in the 3D sense a particular organization and you are very helpful to them and they allow you to develop your interests and therefore you have access to technology that doesn’t appear to be alien but is still very advanced because you can’t buy it in the High Street.

So you know if you were to talk to Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin media, I’m sure Richard Branson has some very, very wonderful bits of equipment that you wouldn’t be able to obtain even if you were a senator or a congressman or a member of parliament. If I met a very wealthy businessman, a very, very wealthy businessman I would expect him to have a steel sliding door behind his back office which would go down into some form of bunker area where he and his family and his guest friends could hide out for a number of months and maybe a tunnel connecting somewhere else that is much more common than you would imagine. And for those people who can’t do that then they have bought shares in such underground bunkers so it’s on a sliding scale. You need to have connection with very powerful corporations. This is where the power is. Of course very powerful corporations and you have to be a key player in some role that they’ve got and you have to be up front enough to be videoed on youtube or making known that you have all these toys and you’re quite happy to show them off.

So I’m going to be fairly careful because a number of individuals are actually victims. A number of these people are actually victims and not the great happy powerful people they appear to be, they’re just being manipulated.

JP: And he was obviously very clued up. Now he said that he was an alien hybrid so do you think that will let me lay out something because you can’t say what it is there might be some danger in what you might say. But if, say, I was an Arcturian hybrid and I knew stuff or part of my soul that was coming in in order to hook into this body knew stuff like matrix algorithm programming or something like that, that I would be able to work for a firm and they would pay me and I would do my thing and they would pay me for the things that I do and I would be paid lots of money that I don’t really want to show off maybe I’ll dig a hole and pile up some weapons. And I don’t know, I’m just trying to put my mind in this person.

SP: The military has been doing it for years. What they have is almost a breeding program. They recruit people who have ESP. They’ve been doing it since the fifties, so they target people who are either genuine human type people or hybridized hybrids who end up working in the military using their special skills.

Well over the last thirty five to forty years the corporations have taken the place of government and so the corporations now employ exactly the same sort of people as do the military because they want those skills. What you’ve described to me, I’m having to be careful here what you’ve described to me, is over and above that. It may or may not surprise the listeners to know that from time to time exchange programs are run on planet earth so we, as a race, are presented with specimen A. And specimen A is tracked and followed and guarded and Specimen A then has Harvard or Yale college all mapped out and then they go and they’re already working in this corporation and it is part of the program of acceptance where that individual helps to answer some of the questions that the corporations have been stuck on for the last five or ten years.

And basically the hybrid is here on holiday so the hybrid needs down time and because the hybrid is in a semi-human body it wants one thing which is experiences because when you are a full alien you don’t have the same emotional need to experience. And when you come into this reality it’s about touch. It’s about looking at a rainbow and seeing how beautiful it is. It’s about looking at a stallion galloping across a field and looking at how beautiful it is. These things most alien creatures don’t understand so when you get a hybridized person working for the corporations they want the extreme - they want to be able to feel smell touch and live an exhilarating lifestyle because it’s new to them so that’s the best answer I have.

JP: So it’s like, ‘What can I do with this body? Can I throw it off a cliff?’ I’m in a wing suit - it’s about very extreme experiences because it’s a bit like driving somebody else’s car.

SP: There’s one more thing to add to that - if you are truly enlightened you know you cannot die so your physical body can die but what’s in you doesn’t die. And when you understand that you have no fear of death and so some of these beings will do things that most people would go, ‘Ooh that’s a bit dangerous isn’t it,’ but if you don’t fear death why does it bother you?

JP: That’s a very important question, isn’t it? Isn’t that one of the biggest lessons of all of us spiritual teachers throughout history that death is not the meaning that you should do things? Good questions here from Nicky. Simon has said the war for consciousness in the UK will be an energetic, emotional war. How will this be fought?

SP: Good Nicky. Hi, it was nice to see you on Saturday. I never wanted to push or advocate violent insurrection. It’s going to come but I’m not going to be the one that says, ‘now we do it.’ I just think that human consciousness will just be caked into a corner to the point where it won’t be pushed around any further. It’s rather like the Boston tea party when the American people were just not going to be pushed around by the British taxation system anymore and something just snaps.

But the energy war is a war that has been taking place for a very long time. I mean the war between Atlantis and Lemuria wasn’t just a physical war, it was like a cyber war. You know there is a very interesting app that you can get legally and it shows a map of the world and it’s in real time showing you where all the cyber attacks are coming from—the Viking—yes, and where it’s going to. And now that’s energy and so in the 3D world we are already attacking each other and I’m using that term loosely. Energetically we’re doing it for the profit and money. That’s the point and what I’m talking about is an energy war that is not about profit and money, it’s about breaking free, it’s about people deciding that they’ve had enough and they’re not going to play the game anymore. And I have used this analogy because it’s important to the people of Britain particularly so others will not know about it a man called Jimmy Saville who was one of the most evil predatory people alive who preyed on children.

The word pedophile is a very recent word but he was a very, very evil pedophile and he’s been doing it for 50 years now. He did it for 50 years because he was protected and covered up. Now why did that come out? It came out because human consciousness has evolved to such a point that it could no longer be hidden and the governments around the world now are really struggling because it’s harder and harder and harder for them to keep lies from the public. Human consciousness is evolving and there’s going to come appoint in each country where something is positioned in law which is just too much so the moment in America the law is on the statutes that every baby born in America must be immunized and actually they want to chip them and the law hasn’t been enacted until I think it’s next fall where no child in America will be allowed into a nursery or a playgroup unless they’ve been inoculated.

That’s very dangerous but the point I’m making is that these things are going to back parents or back people up against the wall and in the end people are going to say no I’m not doing it so the energy war will be created when governments overstep the mark. And in great Britain we saw it with a prime minister Margaret Thatcher who brought out a tax called the poll tax and the population of Britain said no and there were mass riots and of course the government had to back down and it cost the prime mister her job. So it happens precedent has been set but we’re talking about consciousness not one particular policy. We’re talking about people who are saying I’ve had enough of this we know it can be better so I’m not talking about guns or bombs in the street, I’m talking about people working as a mass.

I’d love 100,000 people just to sit down in the city of London and block all the traffic. You know the police force of great in Britain is 100,000 in the united states of America its around about a million so if you had about 100,000 people all sit down in central London the police force couldn’t do anything about it. What are they going to do bring out the army and shoot people? This is, in effect, where the energy war will come but if the government, whoever it is, has got any brains they’ll start to make some changes because we are on a collision course. Every major western country and some eastern countries are on a collision course with their own people and they are doing everything they can to trick them or control them or whether it is with energy waves or fluoride or goodness knows what ultimately it’s not working.

People are resisting so whenever I talk about an energy situation I’m talking about heat that builds up. When a spacecraft enters the atmosphere I’m talking about a human spacecraft enters the atmosphere it gets hot because there’s friction between it and the atmosphere and resistance builds. There is a friction and a heat building between humanity and the 1% of the world that leads and controls that humanity so that is the friction, that is what’s going to happen, I’m very confident. I’m sitting back and watching what will happen and I am ready to play my part, whatever that may be, when the time comes

JP: Remember I was there at the poll tax march and I was the man with the drum, a special drum an African talking drum and it was a very joyous conversation I had until the weather changed and then things started kicking in. I totally believe that they changed the weather. I sensed that the vibration changed that day because it was very joyous until we got about half way through Trafalgar square and then a very concerted effort and black horses started arriving and they drove the van through a very densely packed crowd. It was very aggressive and then people started throwing bottles.

SP: When we talk about black policemen of course we’re talking about their uniforms not their skin color - black combat jackets.

JP: Again the policemen nowadays wear black not blue and that’s deliberate. So the question is the energetic war is a kind of psychic war where your living room becomes Trafalgar square. Your living room has its atmosphere changed by TPTB in order to influence how your behavior is and what choices you’re going to make. Now it’s the question is all about vibration so how do we keep our vibration high enough to see what’s going on without being, how do we - I think you implied it earlier when you talked about intellectually confused by the information that was coming at you from all sides - are you getting where I’m going? How do people rise above that?

SP: They’ve got to connect with their selves. They have got to listen to themselves what we loosely call the ‘higher self.’ What I specifically refer to as the 10 strands of energy DNA that’s their higher self so that is where the truth is and they need to connect with other people. And that’s why I formed my connecting consciousness group not just in my country but in many other countries. I’d like to have representation in every country in the world because we get the truth to each other, we form a network, we pass the truth. We don’t fall for the tricks and the traps that the system plays and this is what we have to do.

We have to form groups around ourselves that are secure, cannot be infiltrated by agents or disinformation. We keep it sovereign and we only trust ultimately what we think is the right answer and that way it doesn’t matter what they do, what they shower on us, what rubbish or lies they pump at us it just doesn’t go in. So many, many spiritual and psychic people are no longer really reading the newspaper whether it’s online or on hard copy. They’re not watching the television - they are instinctively blocking out the system’s ability to infiltrate them and give them false ideas. And this is a realization and this is how people can begin to understand the truth.

And the internet is the answer and again you have to discern what’s there, but there is going to come a time when the elite will take the internet down and that’s why I want people to form those groups now and be as strong as you can and believe in yourself. And I always say to people look, ask for advice from people you trust but ultimately you must make the decision so that’s my philosophy.

JP: So this is how we, this is the way we evolve. We must be very careful not to get into groupthink which is, you know, just because somebody in the group says something that it’s true and everybody has to do their own filtering and feel free to say, ‘well no I don’t agree with that let’s see what Simon says.’ And it’s funny you get this whole Simon says thing anyway. The next question is we have a volunteer in Russia who is volunteering for Russian translations, but I think the most important question is how to meditate correctly. I want to speak to ET’s, to Creator, to higher me. I want to feel this connection as a support too.

SP: First of all if someone is offering to translate into Russian that’s fantastic. I have a number of people who say to me I want to meet ETs or I want to do this or I want to do that and I say you can’t do it all at once. You have to choose what is most important to you and if you want to meet or communicate with ETs why? What is it that you are seeking? What is it that you want? It is far better that someone communicates with themselves and builds up a full understanding of who they are and just through a divine process which is not tainted by anything that a government or a corporation or an agency has done.

So I would say that a form of meditation - now if you have a proportion of reptilian in you it is very hard to meditate. People with a sizeable reptilian soul or a sizeable reptilian energy find it very difficult to meditate and there are different ways of meditating. I had a conversation with one of my clients only on Friday and we talked about this and she said I just can’t meditate and I said, ‘that’s not surprising because of your percentage of reptilian.’ So what one does - an alternative way of meditation is to find a hobby and I don’t mean a hobby like stamp collecting or something that’s made by people - but find something that’s to do with the natural world.

So for instance you might want to photograph flowers and then find the name of them and form a catalog. I don’t mean pick the poor things and squash them in a book because you know it’s like these butterfly collectors. I just can’t understand why you would see a beautiful butterfly and then kill it and then stick it in a jar because I’ve got that one now. But wasn’t it happier when it was out there flying? Poor things only live for about two weeks anyway.

Back to the point - it’s not always meditation in the traditional sense of the word sitting cross-legged with your hands out isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. So you have to find another way to communicate with Source, with the Creational energy. So if you can connect with nature because that was created by the same thing that created you, then you can form a bond with that and a deep understanding so horses for courses as we say in Britain. In other words find what gives you peace and that serenity and allows you to ask the questions that only you can ask and only you can answer.

Again if people sort of have a chat with me then we can talk more about that but ultimately you can’t talk to ETs and find out about yourself and do this and do that because you are only an organic living creature on the outside and your soul can want to do it and that’s why this person has written in and asked that. But the physical capabilities of your body aren’t up to it. Your soul is energy and works at the speed of light and some more but your physical body can only work at the speed of the chemical instructions and electrical information that passes to the muscles so we can’t do all those things. And it is better to aim for one topic and to choose that topic. Say ‘why do I want to do it’? Is it because I think it would be cool or is it because it will advance me spiritually? So again the individual needs to ask that question and go forward.

JP: These are the important questions how do we get from this morass where we find ourselves to a positive outlook, a positive future? So to the next question so (talking about the dog that is visiting with Jay Pee) by the way the best thing for questions is if you can find a topic that Simon hasn’t talked about. It’s like jazz - what are the notes you haven’t heard - play those. There’s been a few questions about Daddy as you call him and one of them is involved in the whole Blue Avian situation, which is that there’s - are you aware of the big Gonzales went to meet the big Draco guy who said we’re going to kill everybody if you don’t let us all go and then just stormed out of the room followed by his insectoid cohorts?

SP: No I haven’t heard that story yet. That’s a new one for me.

JP: This is the latest from Corey Goode. So, Gonzales told Corey, then Corey told David Wilcock then David told us. So that’s how it gets here. This is one of the big memes. There’s this big Draco guy who’s handing around and dictating things to everybody and there’s a question that relates personally to - trying to zoom back to it. Is he also who we know as Anu who is Daddy, as far as we are mythologically concerned?

SP: Because I don’t know the nature of the story I’m not sure which Draconis this guy is referring to. There are more than one Draconis so it may not be the king, the high lord, it may be one of his sons or a representative of the family line. Just because he’s there speaking doesn’t mean it’s the king. I referred to this creature as daddy when I was little and I call him Dad now because I’ve had grown up and he seems quite happy with that. The boss man may or may not be Anu. The boss man could be one of either Enki or Enlil.

Anu, if anybody researches or understands properly, spent very little time on this planet because he had an empire to maintain and just like any true Machiavellian leader knew that if he was going to be got rid of it would be his sons who would do it. And so he gave his sons a project, several projects a trillion trillion trillion light years away from him so that they couldn’t amass an army or a political movement within the royal court and they would be stuck in a godforsaken place, a beautiful water world but a godforsaken place off the beaten path. And they would be so busy they would not be able to plot to overthrow him so we have to be careful.

Not necessarily thinking this is Anu but of one of the two sons, the legitimate sons and as a result of that and unless I had a proper description of the particular Draconis I wouldn’t be able to tell you. You know people say they all look the same well they do but there are some interesting distinctive features of the three leading members of that family. So Dad is appreciably taller than the two sons and they live for a very long time and they then re-clone their body so the soul is the same soul but will be in a cloned body so they’ll just go on for a very long time. This is the same creature that is in the Vatican. It is the same creature or his representative who goes to the Rothschilds. And there are a number of groups that he or his representative will visit maybe once or twice a year.

So that’s about all I can say really except that he is a very stern chap. He doesn’t have a sense of humor who has very piercing eyes and can see into most creatures with the power of his mind and knows what people are thinking before they even know it themselves. So he is a very strong adversary or protagonist because if you are trying to have a debate or hold any sort of talk to him he will know immediately when you are lying and that is why it’s very difficult for people like the Rothschilds because when they all sit around in their circle and then the representative arrives, they don’t try and play games they just make a report and then they shut up. And the same in the Vatican although the Vatican, actually some of the Jesuits in the Vatican, are attempting to put pressure on Dad because they want to try and engineer a more advantageous position for the Vatican in the next coming 5 or 10 years and so they are looking for ways to manipulate Dad.

So I can’t really say much more because I haven’t read that report but it does sound very interesting. The only thing I would say is there’s a bit of oddness here if you reported that the Draconis said ‘let me go’ I don’t quite understand

JP: No he said, ‘let all the powers that be and all the minions, let them escape or don’t punish them or there will be consequences.’

SP: Right so what you’re talking about is his work force or those who have supported him. That doesn’t make sense to me because he wouldn’t give a damn. I know Dad - he wouldn’t give a damn. What he would worry about are certain bloodline families where he has family members who, through marriage or through genetic connections and then he would just offer them an off world alternative. He wouldn’t be bothered about other people. He wouldn’t care a damn about them he just has no interest at all so that doesn’t ring true to me. This is a creature that would quite happily just consign a whole planet to destruction and death and without a blink of the littlest eye so that does not make sense to me. What I think makes more sense to me if he said this is a list of those members that I want protected and any deal I do with you means that this short list of people are protected - that makes a lot more sense.

JP: So that’s from knowing if they’re dealing with Daddy. And another question was, Daddy was supposed to be, you said that he threw Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden and you’ve also said that you were Adam in a past life. Would you like to expand on that a little bit?

SP: We only have 10 minutes left. But if I don’t answer it, there will be some people who would think I’m avoiding answering it. Yes I’ll address it. Yes, the story in the Bible isn’t too far from the truth in its general sense but my memory, and I do have a memory, is somewhat different. First of all the Bible talks about one man and one woman and I know for a fact that there were many, many males and females - it wasn’t just a man and a woman.

There was a whole tribe of people and we have the interesting concept of the apple and the snake and what I would ask people to try to understand is that Anu had two sons. One was very loyal to him and foresaw that he would become the next ruler and another son who was estranged from him and knew he wouldn’t be a ruler and so started to work against the plans and wishes of his father. I think they were from different mothers that’s what I seem to remember. One from, can’t remember I think one was from Orion and one was from Sirius or Sirus. But ultimately the one that took the guise of the snake, in other words the roman catholic church tells us that the snake tempted Eve, that actually was the guy that was the Draconis’ son who was the wonderful geneticist who altered genetics to allow Adam and Eve to make love - to procreate and make babies, altered them in a test tube so that - and also informing if he couldn’t talk to Adam because Adam wouldn’t believe him. The only person that Adam believed was Eve. Eve was the only person who had the heart and mind of Adam so only Eve could influence Adam.

So this creature knew that so therefore he had to give the information to Eve to give to Adam because Adam wouldn’t accept it from anyone else. And the information was that you have been created in a laboratory by this creature who you call your father. He isn’t really your father - he didn’t create you - I created you in a test tube and that meant that there was a show down when Adam, supported by Eve, said to the creature that I call Dad, or Daddy when I was little that you have lied to us and you’re not like us. And Daddy’s response was, ‘Who’s given you this information? How do you know this?’ And that is why that particular son was then also cast out and was portrayed as the snake because in the religious church line he was then the devil. He was the one that was working against the good God and hence humanity was thrown out because it had sussed the game it had understood that it was being tricked and duped.

And so isn’t that what we’re going through now? Isn’t humanity now on the verge of understanding it’s been tricked and duped? And you know it’s time for humans to grow up and make their own future so yes, it’s something I could probably run a workshop on and talk much more about so yes, elements in the Bible are true but they’ve been deliberately altered to push a particular religious line. So I hope that’s helpful.

JP: I think that’s a very, very refreshing look on what went on. So this begs the questions, so you would say you were one of the Adams? Would you say, how would you characterize the Eves and what has happened and is there part of a race thing going on here like Orions and Pleiadians or Pleiadians and Lyrans or something like that?

SP: You have to understand that bloodline is usually used with the reptilian connection. Eve will always have red hair and green eyes – always. And there is a soul fragment that can be found in many people who could claim to have some connection with Adam or Eve or whoever else it might be because that fragment, if activated in that individual, and I say activated in the sense that the person gets a memory of it that allows them to have a glimpse or an insight into a particular time.

You talk to people who were a factory worker in the Victorian times or they were Marie Antoinette or they were this wizard or this witch and they have genuine past life experiences. And you can have that or you can have a soul fragment from different individuals so if you have access to that then you have a link to it. The alien creatures refer to me as The Adam - they always said The Adam. I remember as a 12 year old boy walking in an alien spacecraft and seeing lots of little greys, sort of the little zeta reticula type creatures all lying on metal beds and the lights flashing on these metal beds. And there were just thousands of them just literally thousands of them and its staggering just to see them all. It’s like when there’s motor cars coming out of a factory and they store them in a field and there’s row upon row of motor cars and I remember walking along and I stopped to look at one of these creatures and you’d say they were sleeping. But I actually turned to the alien creature with me and what I said was they’re learning.

What I understood was these creatures were being programmed so they’d shut down because they had no soul in them - they were just robotic type creatures and they had been shut down and they were being reprogrammed for the next task or the next day ahead. And the alien creature I was with was so impressed that I’d said, ‘oh they’re learning’ rather than they are asleep and the alien creature with me said The Adam is as wise as an owl so they always referred to me as The Adam and there’s a reason for that. So I have to come to terms with some pretty strong memories and some pretty strong thoughts. It’s a fascinating subject. We could do a separate thing on it, really.

JP: Wow, that’s a whole movie series. It’s been a fantastic time. Would you like to tell people how to get hold of you?

SP: My web manager will be very unhappy if I push it because we are really just running on a shoestring because there’s really just me and her and a couple of part time volunteers. And people want to talk, they want to connect. We just do not have the capacity at the moment to open the door and let people in, we just can’t do it. So we are trying to get the website to a position where people can email us again, so just check back with the website and once we’ve got a few more volunteers and are more up and running. We are really just a group of volunteers running on a shoestring. We’re not a great big organization with teams of people or the rest of it and yet we connect so widely with people.

And I see some of these horrible products for sale and great huge sales teams hundreds of people producing this god awful product. And here we are trying to raise peoples’ consciousness and we all do it basically in the back shed basically so all I can say to people is to check in with the website and once it’s up and running, please drop us a line.

JP: Thanks very much, Simon good night everybody

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