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Jay Pee: Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Show on Wolf Spirit Radio. Simon actively encourages yon, at the moment, it's very humid but very overcast. So I’ve got the window open, so you might hear the occasional seagull, ‘cause I'm only a quarter of a mile away from the sea. So if you hear strange noises, that's what it is. Plus that and a cat keeps continually wanting to jump up on top of me. Looking for seagull probably...

Simon Parkes: Probably...

JP: So, yeah... we had the weirdest storm here the other day... When was it? Monday night?

SP: Thursday...

JP: Yeah Thursday night probably... hang on, where are we? Yeah, yeah. Thursday. The lightning was going across the sky rather than coming down to the earth. It was quite spectacular, quite spectacular.

SP: Well, I did see that. It was between here 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock, in the morning, and it was really, really exciting because we hadn't had a thunderstorm here for about 10 years. He, he... there will be children born who have never seen a thunderstorm locally. So...

JP: Wow.

SP: Something. Right Sir, I suppose we had better get on with it, hadn't we?

JP: Yes... I opened the LARGE book of “Questions for Simon”.... I might... Tell me if you’ve heard them before...have you heard this one before? Anyway, so let's start right at the top here. There’s some people who have posted like a whole essay as a question. I'm going to try and summarize some of these for them.


JP: Cause some of the points are good but it's very longwindedly put. So, the first one is a very interesting question: ‘ I don't understand how more highly evolved civilizations or other dimensional creator beings, whom it seems make up the rules for galactic civilizations, could reasonably or logically decide that one government on our planet (ie. the US Government) could accurately speak for the entire planet.’ So... and then they go on for so long... but it's talking about... ‘ there are many people on the planet who are much more aware than the majority and for whom the present paradigm is hellish and has been for long time. How can these E.T.'s and E.D.’s put everyone in the same category so indiscriminately? And how could they have continued to allow the forced entrapment of souls here for so long?’

SP: Two questions there …

JP: Two questions, but it's generally about, like, it's the old “Freewill” question, isn't it?

SP: Yeah, the first one is actually an interesting question I think. The reality is that those non benign forces recognize one particular government to speak for the planet because they control that government. So when I said that, you know, a particular E.T. race recognize the United States of America as the spokesperson for the planet, that is because that particular government contains an awful lot of people who support a particular agenda. And the more benign groups don't. And that's why you’ve got more benign groups working with Putin and a couple of other countries.

SP: To the second question, the reality is that it’s two fold; it's incredibly complex to take down the energy grid that surround the planet. And secondly, until more people become aware of this, there is this old debate. I think, we may, I touched on it I think last time, but basically when a sizable proportion of the people do not do anything about something then the argument is that they must tacitly accept it. So whilst the public in general are accepting X Y and Z, from a universal law, it's very difficult to come in and say “Well, don't worry about it, we'll do it for you, you don't have to do anything”, and that's just not the way it is. So it's a combination I think of being incredibly technically difficult generating devices that create this energy web, and not based on the planet, they are also out of phase between one dimension and another. And when you sometimes take down one thing it has a knockon effect on something else. So there's a technical side and there's also the freewill side, and basically: Are you really sure that the human race want to take this grid down? Where's the evidence of that? So as more and more people become aware that this is in fact a prison planet and begin to rebel against that and then the energy begins to shift and the balance begins to change. So there were two separate questions, good questions.

JP: OK so, there we go, I'm just reading large amounts of paragraphs... OK, do you want to ask your questions now Nicky? So Nicky, my girlfriend, has a question. Speak up: Wouldn't it be right to say that it's not actually a prison planet but we have been imprisoned by certain races?

SP: Hum...

JP: Do you get that?

SP: Yeah, yeah, absolutely... Yes, I used the term “Prison Planet” because when I do my talks I don't speak just to the converted, the whole point about me going public was to reach people who either knew nothing about the topic or have a very very slight knowledge or indeed were full of, you know, misconceptions and lies given them by the establishment. So, I am guilty of using terms such as “Prison Planet” and “Ascension”, simply because it is the strongest and hardest hitting way to get through to people when there is an opportunity to get them to go and do their own research; but yes you're absolutely technically correct, the planet is not a prison planet, it's a grouping of very, very advanced, technologically at least, being who have created an entrapment device.

JP: ... Who are these beings? Or is it a consortium? You know... what's the structure?

SP: Arconic, the Archons are at the top of the pyramid, and then the one group of Reptilians underneath them. And those two between them maintain that system.

JP : ... What part does Sirius B have in this? ...

SP: Well, these are not pure Reptilians, these are a form of, or they were a form of, hybridized Reptilians, but yes the answer is yes.

JP: The answer is “Yes”... But what was the question? Simon, what is the question?

SP: I didn't ask the question. I answered.

JP: Yes, no no no no, what was the answer...what was the question?

SP: The question was to me “Is it including Sirius B?” And I answered it.

JP: ...She's asking... She’s got lots of questions, heh... but.. Is it Sirius B who's embroiled in that imprisonment, who are trying to keep Earth as a prison planet and make us believe that it isn’t ... so to speak …. if it does have something to do with that? Do you get it?

SP: Yes, the answer is “Yes”. I’ll answer what I said earlier, the answer is “Yes”.

JP: OK, thank you very much. As a corollary because there is is a meme that is going around. That there are a bunch of et’s who are promoting a form of ascension, that moves you into a technological body, that it sends you away, but it doesn't actually give you….it’s actually a kind of bypass alleyway that takes you away from being fully conscious. Have you heard about this meme going around?

SP: Yes, it is actually true, true in the sense that it is a genuine offer that it is being made, it's purely and simply from the Arcons who have always wished to try to turn humanity into a robotic form, and it's been offered in the very early stages now, as a “cheap” alternative to ascension, you can have a virtual ascension. Obviously anybody with any spark of any humanity in them would say “No thank you”.

JP: Wow! And is this anything to do with being taken into crystal chambers and things like that in the hollow earth?” Or is this a whole different thing?...that’s the Sheldon Nidle thing, isn't it? It’s 8th dimensional isn’t it?

SP: This is different. The crystal generated energies have the ability to partially or totally transform living material and move it to another dimension. Depends where you have the other station; if it's totally artificial you do need another receiving station on the other dimension. So they’re totally different. The Arcons are offering a form of “Electronic Ascension”; the other we are talking about is more of a portal technology that allows you to travel to another dimension, to experience that, but with the ability to return. What the Archons are offering you is “no return”.

JP: Heh... so ‘one way ticket to a robot head’,yeh.

SP: Yes. Exactly.

JP: Is that Atlantean technology?

SP: The Atlanteans had it, I mean, the crystal technology alone in Lemuria was very adapt with the crystals. The Atlanteans were, and I don't mean it badly, ‘cause I know there are many people out there who can trace a linkage to Atlantis, they were very jealous and they guarded their crystal technology incredibly well. And in actual fact they were mainly females who held the secret to the crystal chambers and to the crystal themselves. So Yes definitely Atlantis.

JP: Excellent, excellent ! So let's go back to the document ‘cause this is away from the main list, and it's growing all the time! It's great! We'll never run out of questions Simon, really. OK, so: You mentioned, you Simon, “fragments of Christ consciousness” in a recent talk. The question is: By “fragments” were you speaking of early Christians followers of Jesus who are continuing to reincarnate in the present day? Because... “Fragment” is a word used by the Michael teachings to describe individual souls who are part of a Greater Group Soul. Is this what you mean as well? So he's saying “Early Christians or part of the Group Soul?” If so, what can you tell us about them and also their history and current status? Does that make sense?

SP: It does make sense, and that's not what I was talking about, but actually the questioner is accurate, what I was referring to was the Christ character himself. Now as the physical body of Christ contained a soul and elements of that soul where either replicated or hived off, and don't, please don’t think when I use the word hive I mean anything negative, and so those little fragments have attached to certain souls of people and you can have maybe 20 or 30 people who have the Christ consciousness within their soul. Now in terms of the followers that's a very interesting question because anybody who associates on an energetic level with somebody with a very high resonance begins to takes on, in their own auric field, that individual signature. It doesn't mean that they change, or their personality changes, but they begin to take on, like a sponge, if you put a sponge onto a drop of water it will absorb that. And so those individuals also may reincarnate in totality or elements of their soul may, as fragments, may actually be joined to souls which then incarnate. So technically on the planet you could have the same soul that was in a disciple (for want of a better word) that reincarnates in a male or female body on the planet now; but you could have a physical body containing a, what would normally be a High Human what I would refer to as a “Higher Human” soul, but would have a fragment of one of these people attached to them. So “Yes” it's a really good question Jay Pee. It's good.

JP: Alright... Does that reflect what Steiner says about Christ being reborn in the Etheric? The Second Coming, have an etheric reality rather than a physical reality, or does it happen in the etheric and then it manifests in the physical?

SP: It is like looking into a mirror because there is, call it etheric, call it energetic, an energy template that exists but in order to interact on a physical planet like Earth you can't just being in the energetic. You have to be in the physical. So you will actually find that these blueprints are protected and kept incredibly safe, because if you lose the blueprint you have got nothing to regenerate it from, unless you have a little piece of DNA or something, but we are just talking about a complete blueprint of a series of characters and frankly then, it’s possible that they can be physically incarnate on the Earth, but also can be from an energy standpoint. However when you're on a 3D planet the interaction tends to be in a physical 3D way.

JP : Good, good. So... she's asking about the ‘Arc of the Covenant’ containing those blueprints you were just talking about. Which is what everyone is looking for. Do you know if they found the “Arc of the Covenant”? The real one.

SP: The Knights Templars play a very, very important role and unfortunately they get a terrible press. Because most people don't really understand what their role is. The Knights Templars are a bit like the Boy Scouts really, they prepare, they prepare for the worst and of course we could say “If you prepare for the worst you bring the worst on you”. The Knights Templars spent hundreds of years, in this physical time, looking for and protecting sacred relics; and they do have under their charge a number of very very exotic technologies, which are hidden simply because humanity at the moment isn't ready to receive them. Now I don't mean the ordinary people because, you know, the people that listen to your show Jay Pee they are ready for this and they could have it tomorrow, but the people who are elite, the people in government, they’re not ready to receive this, because they would just want to make a weapon out of it, they would just want to corrupt it. So I'm not going to be too open on this topic because it's quite an important subject that has yet to playout, but the answer is the Knights Templars do have a number of exotic devices which are hidden from prying eyes.

JP: Thank you Simon. Thank you Simon. So, I’m now gonna close the questions from the floor. Heh. I'm just going to close the questions from the floor because... oh God... will you be quiet after this?.. Alright, last question: Is it possible that the Knight Templars have taking their charge or the idea of having it under their charge too rigidly? … That they seem they are in charge rather than being the protector of something.”

SP: OK. That is another very good question. And there was a phase of that, there certainly was a phase of that, and unfortunately as the world had one war after another and as human greed, in many cases with these elites, showed itself, I think a number of these Knights Templars just said “We are doing the right thing because look what it's like here. In recent years the Templars have split from the higher ranks of the Illuminati, and the Templars are a standalone organization now, which is a good thing, and just like any organization it has people who think that they are doing exactly the right thing and they don't want to debate it and then it has people that say …. well maybe we should have a debate about it. And I would much rather that Knights Templars had these objects than some of these elite governments because they would pass them straight across to offworld entities who then would have some secrets on humanity which is being hidden from them at the moment. So “Yes” you're correct, but it's probably a beneficial thing because they don't trust anybody and that means these things stay hidden.

JP: Well... that's good, that's good. So, now... OK... Thank you Nicky... Heh, alright. So meanwhile over on the other side of the planet, you have said (Simon), you have said that the Masters of the East, especially the Buddhists, have pure spiritual teachings. They've often said that is a waste of time to try and develop psychic powers that they only get in the way of true spirituality, that they will come naturally as one progresses spiritually, but not to put too much store into them. Do you think that kind of progress they were spouting can be gained by living simply, healthfully and close to nature? as the renounced Buddhists and Taoists have always recommended or are we to participate in world events rather than renouncing worldly life, in order that we may all assist in creating a better world? Or do we need to do both? And it is largely and simply up to the individual and our own predilections?

SP: You paraphrased me there I didn’t quite say that but the gist of it is accurate. We either engage in the physical world or we don't. Now I've said this and several people, you know, the days are gone really when you can climb up a mountain or go into a cave and live quietly and peacefully and see away your days because there’s always a tax collector knocking on the door saying: “Just a minute, you haven't paid a tax”. So we don't have the ability and the freedom that we had even 40-50 years ago. The questionnaire is asking, I believe, “What do we do? Do we sit it out and let it all roll past us or do we actually become involved?” You have to understand that people, like the monks, are not particularly Earth human anyway, and had been given sacred or secret teachings which allow them to develop mentally and spiritually in a way that generally we struggle to at the moment, because we don't have access to those teachings. And I suppose, just like the Knights Templars, the Buddhist protect their teachings. My point I suppose, is that we do need to become involved as long as we don't become corrupted by the energies of what we're involving in. You know many people, myself included, went into politics because we saw it as a way to change things. But many, many people begin to change, themselves, without realising and before it's too late or for the time is almost too late they’ll look back and they’ll realise they have been corrupted by the system. They did not change the system the system changed them. So I think that we do have to engage because it is wrong to sit it out and say “I'll let someone else do it”. You know, if we’re committed and we believe, then we want to bring some change. So we should be active and do so but as long as we are aware that the system will always seek to change and corrupt you. If you think about the Hippie movement, the Flower Power, that was a pure energetic movement and look how the system began to infiltrate and corrupt and change that. So if we're aware of that and we can guard against it then I think we should roll our sleeves up and get stuck in.

JP: … sorry, I just got a message from Pup who's passing on the questions she said: “You may want to clarify that you were joking with your significant other. I’ve got my girlfriend she's literally sitting on a cushion on the floor, those are the questions from the floor. Obviously I don't mean to stop all the question from the chat room, we welcome your questions, some of them are so on point it's lovely. OK, so next question is from Himalayas to South America: Can you tell us anything about the soul of Don Juan the Yaqui Indian in Carlos Castaneda, whose books have had a huge and ongoing influence on several generations. Americans especially during the 70’s, 80's and 90's. It seems to me that Don Juan’s impact was similar to that of an Avatar.

SP: I'm not convinced that it was an alien soul in his body …. and it's very possibly an enlightened soul. You see sometimes, very occasionally, when a person is born on the planet they have full recollection and sometimes they have partial recollection of their DNA. There are a numbers of people who claim to be reading the Akashic records and some of them do indeed, in my opinion, do so. But some I think are actually reading their DNA, and for people who are bit surprised by that, the DNA is a memory, the DNA is a massive memory bank; and for some people they are very fortunate to be able to access it on an energy basis and to bring back what appear to be memories coming from the Akashic records, but they're not. The difficulty with DNA memory is that you are accessing from what you have seen. So through what I don't know 1520 thousand years of existence on this planet, you are seeing it from that perspective, therefore you will be slightly stilted because you are seeing it from your perspective, whereas if you see from the Akashic records providing the Akashic Records have not been damaged or corrupted, you are seeing it from a much more independent standpoint. Now there are a number of people like Don Juan, who may not have been alien, but may have had access to spiritual teachings and knowledge within themselves. So rather than engaging through some form of tether or portal to bring down information from another dimension, some people are capable of following an incredibly spiritual life because it's all selfcontained within them. Although, yes, there are people who have these connections to another place where they can continually update their learning. So for me the jury is out with him, certainly he wasn't an ordinary person. I hope to post your questions live to him in the chat room at or call in on 01413564141.


The next two hours will be full of debate, interview guest and up-to-date news. Please join Simon and play an active role. Connecting Consciousness Show. You’re listening to Wolf Spirit Radio

SP: Hello Jay Pee

JP: Hello Simon, how you doing?

SP: I'm very well, thank you, and hello to all the listeners as well. And...well here in Britai that helps.

JP: Great … right ….. thank you. So... from South America and the Himalayas back to Mary Magdalene: You said that the Illuminati are very interested in Mary Magdalene, can you tell us why? If she is presently on Earth and anything about the origin of her soul.

SP: They are interested and they have been for a very long time. Anybody who has any connections with Senior Freemasons, anybody who's really really studied the topic to a great depth, would be drawn to this subject again and again and again. A number of individuals on the planet at a set time contain what scientists call biometric data or you could call it “Soul Data” which is the purest to that creation of humanity. And the thinking goes that if you can get that individual and if you can unlock or crack the code of the DNA and not to be confused with the genome but if you can crack that code than you will have access to what makes a human Human. And it would be the purest line, you won't be getting something that’s thousands of generations down, you now have the direct link to source. And this is actually a technology. Reptilians or certain groups of reptilians trade genes that's what they do. They trade genetics… they don't trade gold or silver, it is genetics that’s their thing so they are incredibly interested. And so far, for two hundred and fifty thousand years, they haven't got it and frankly they mustn’t be allowed to get it. So yes, there is an incredible interest. Is this person on the planet? Yes. And that's my answer.

JP: That's always good to know, isn't it? So, let me just.. (Simon said something).. I'm sorry?

SP: ...I thought for a moment that we'd been cut off. That's exactly where I was expecting them to pull the plug on us.

JP : Things started getting a bit wobbly there actually. So... sometimes it’s like WiFi so I just turn on my WiFi which increases my bandwidth a little bit. Sorry... sorry to the neighbours for that, but anyway. You said that there will be a moment when everyone on Earth will know the truth; will that be caused by a cosmic event? By disclosure? By the final failure of CERN or something else?

SP: Wow!

JP: Good question isn’t?

SP: Yeah... why is CERN being brought into it? Hum... right. What is going to happen is something huge, it's going to happen . Which will make any reasonable person on the planet question just about everything and what you will have is a huge understanding that they've been lied to. Now that in itself is monumental, I mean there are many many people Jay Pee who listen to our show and they say “ Well I woke up one morning and I realized the truth it’s no big deal ” but you see those people are already well on the way even if they didn't know it … for most people it is going to be a massive shock, and they will probably be out of commission for a good few days, not least because they’ll say “Well how the heck did I not see the truth?”, so the first element of change on a physical basis will be the complete breakdown of trust between what authority says and what the people on the planet believe. To answer the question directly it will be the second element when the people in power then have to own up, or as much as they can, and that is the point that people will then understand the truth. Putting 20,000 spaceships around the Earth wouldn't do any good. It has to come from within, it has to be the people themselves. CERN, is an interesting question, that's yet to play out. So I hope that helps.

JP : Huu! Another element of mystery there Simon.

SP: I will be able to talk more about CERN at the end of the year.

JP: ...Will there be an the end of the year.. yeh, I mean … some people say, you know, that CERN’s actually destroyed the universe several times and that we have just been shifted to the next available timeline.

SP: No. That is not the truth. I can categorically tell you that I wouldn't be sitting here debating this if that would be a possibility. Because that has to be dealt with if that was going to happen. That's not what CERN is about. Anyone who’s listened to my comments re CERN will have my opinion of what CERN is and I hope that they will take on board what I said because I was the first person to make it clear that CERN had not activated over that crucial period (2012) and explained why. To my knowledge nobody else was aware that CERN had failed to operate and I will be able to tell more about that at the end of the year.

JP: OK, well.. … we're all so concerned, but anyway! Question! Meanwhile, back in outer space you also said at one point, sometime ago you were subject to the Drako technology that recycles souls back on Earth with the memory erased. Do you think now that you will instead return to source? And if so when did that change for you and what caused it?

SP: No, I am a physical body like anybody else and the soul in my body got trapped and mind wiped to a large extend … not totally …. and reincarnated in this particular organism that I am at the moment, I can’t go until the job's done and I don't know when the job’s done, that's been made incredibly clear to me. Now where will I go? Will I have free choice? Depends if the energy net is still operational, then… urm ... probably off somewhere else. But if the energy net is not operational or I think I can get through one of the holes that is currently being made in this net than I'm not sure where my home is. Besides which... if I was attached to somebody on the planet quite closely, I wouldn't wanna go because if I had a physical attachment than I would want to see my time with them, but if .. at the end … when the body’s died … well than I will go somewhere but I honestly don't know where I am going to go I don’t know where home is at the moment.

JP: Oww .. the sense of ‘oww’ from everybody here. Bless … um so ..., yeah, it is a very poignant question... for all the crossbred, hybrids, outsiders, where is home and what does it is mean by home? And is that the idea of the New Earth, is this home for all the lost souls …or if you like it to call it lost souls …. but … people who have been disenfranchised from their own people for instance, you know, somebody who has a relationship with the enemy class for instance.. I was talking with this with my girlfriend’s parents this afternoon, my dad and my mom were not allowed to be together so they eloped. You know, they went to Gretna Green, which is a place in Scotland, and got married and then left for Canada so there is this sense of being like “Where is home?” And do you feel this is part of the Earth’s destiny? Is this is what Gaia wants?

SP: Right, OK. In actual fact when your …. did you say your Mother and Father eloped Jay Pee?

JP: Yeah! I didn't know it about it. My Grandmother told me years later.

SP: That’s what Grandmothers are there for isn't it?

JP: Yeah!

SP: I find that the most interesting part because what they did was they overcame the systems suggested controls and when somebody, of say a reptilian background, forms a friendship or a relationship with somebody, say there archenemy, technically, it would be a Pleiadian, and makes a go of it, what that does ... it that actually shows the planet, it show the multiverse, it shows those individual beings themselves, the fourth and fifth dimension, that it is possible for these individuals to live side by side successfully, and I think that is one of the tests of this planet. Because if we are just going to live on our past experiences than we will never heal wounds and we've got to actually get on and forgive and live together; and use the strength. You know if you are a person with a Pleiadian soul then you have certain values through your race memory and if you are Reptilian then you have the same. So it appears, on the front of it, to be diametrically opposed but if the person with the Reptilian soul makes a conscious choice in this lifetime, to be different, than it's not where you’ve come from that matters, it’s what your stated choice is. If people can actually join together and make friends, and work together, then they are making a wonderful statement and they are setting an example that hopefully will bring change right across the multiverse. Now the question was complex, do you think I answered it or there is an element that I missed Jay Pee?

JP: I think that's a good appraisal of that ‘cause there is a deeper question coming up a lot or … is.. there’s some great questions here I tell you. If I can find them … masses … 18 pages now this document I am building up… OK, so this is kinda connecting: How long proximately do you think it will take for those of us awakening to reclaim all our DNA strands so that we will not be affected by this memory shifting device, this memory wiping device?

SP: The problem is...

JP: Too long isn't it?

SP: Yes.

JP: ...What will it take is the question I think?

SP: The problem is that even with twelve strands of DNA this energy device will, if operating, will still substantially reduce the person’s memory but if you had twelve strands of DNA, we are getting very technical here, but I think we need this because it’s a question of if I don’t answer this spot on it will lead people the wrong way. If you have twelve strands of DNA and you pass through what some people refer to as the “Freeze Box” that's their technical term for the mind wipe, … er … um have twelve strands of DNA, that can't be removed but it can be fogged … made to forget, but when you reincarnate on the planet you, because you have twelve strands, you can open a channel to source and reboot.

It's very much like getting a memory stick, whacking it into your computer and the program on the memory stick restarting the computer. Although I'm not, in any shape or form, saying that a human is like a computer, I am merely showing that as a way to explain it. The other parts of the question is about drawing down and time. This is not a copout when I say that everyone is individual, that means that everyone will draw down their strands at different speeds and different rates. And you know, if we're not very careful, we get a competition going here. “How many strands of DNA have you got?”.... “Oo er, I’ve got eight” …. “Oo I’ve got nine” . And if we're not careful we are going to do what the old human game does which is trying to be better than the other person. The reality is that as long as we’ve all got what we need, when the shutters come down, that's all that matters. Time scale, I want to see people well on the way to reclaiming their DNA before 2017.

JP : OK, so... two years...or a year and a half, that's not long! …. really very accelerated sense … though, or rather there's a sense of acceleration through this period, like eighteen months from now will be like ten years of work in the 80's.

SP: That's a really good way of putting it because if you were to look at the energies it’s all …ramping up. It really is, but the thing is it can do that because those of us who are awake, or awakening our bodies and our energies, are also trying to keep pace and so we can take the push ….it’s like you putting a foot, as the Americans would say, on the gas pedal … and just keep pressing it down. You know we are just waiting for the physical body to catch up with the energy but we're capable of it now because we went through the 21 st of December, 2012 event. And that allows our bodies now to try and be a bit quicker. It's like when people hold minerals like Moldavite and other such minerals. Many people go through a sort of a heightened phase, for sometimes just minutes, sometimes hours, but what's happening there is that they've been drawn up and sped up; others have Moldavite and it doesn't have any effect because they have already reached that phase … so everyone’s different. Everyone will connect at their own speeding ... the important thing is that by the time we need it we have got as many people there as we can get.

JP: I see... so that might be why I just think “What is … this is a very pretty green glassy stone in my hand, but I have held some before, so I might have already gotten that kick.

SP: Hu... Right. … Moldavite doesn't affect everybody because it depends on your soul. If you think about how Moldavite was created. .. and I know you know …. I should think most of your listeners know, but it is a mixture of terrestrial and Earth material and as a result of that it's containing and bringing together two frequencies and two intentions, so it’s the intention of the human or the intention of something that is possibly not particularly Earth human and it’s that concept. And so if a person is already at that stage or their particular soul is so different from that … that it doesn't have that effect because that is not the way to activate them or not the way to speed them up, they’ll do something else. Then when many people hold it, it doesn't mean anything, but for others it does, Now when I held it I did have a change in consciousness for about twenty minutes and now when I hold it, it doesn't have any effect, because it did what it was meant to do, it took me to the next stage.

JP: Ah right, it takes you to the next stage when you're ready right?

SP: Absolutely.

JP : When the teacher is ready... no … when the student is ready ... the Master appears … so … I always get this things round the wrong way when I try to be profound ... so I try not to be profound …. I try to be humourous … heh... heh... Yey for Moldavite ... I just have to say a really really big thank you to Marjorie who’s passing the questions on from the chat room, otherwise known as “Pup” she breeds these gorgeous guinea pigs…, anyway. And she's passing these things through … and a couple of years ago she send me this gorgeous box …. she went to the Arizona Crystal Show and got me this .. box …of sparkling crystals that arrived in the post one day, so once again Thank You Margery...

SP: I thought you were going to say it was full of guinea pigs!

JP: Heh heh... guinea pigs clippings … no it was really beautiful … she went to this crystal show and she bought me all these lovely things, so...

SP: Very very kind.

JP: Very very kind. And sometimes you know, the listeners surprise me, as sometimes things arrive in the post and it's just … oh it’s delightful I just love receiving stuff … you know.

SP: You’ve done it now!

JP : I’ve done it now! Anyway, so meanwhile I've got masses of questions that …. before I go to scan them … and try to find questions that are less than three paragraphs…. OK, here we go, here is a really ...

SP: Maybe what we need to do is to say to people that if they try to keep their questions shorter, you know, they are more likely to be asked.

JP . That's right, that's right. So the question is: Do you use the services of the Djinn when you are doing private sessions with people who came to you for deprogramming and healing, and is that risky?

SP: No I don't. I don't use them. I command them to leave people's bodies. Somebody once said to me: Do you take a Djinn out of a person? Do you like take them back to your house? That was a Djinn! …. and I couldn't be cross because this person was asking a genuine question …. and you know, they just had this vision of a house absolutely like, you know … nightmare on Elm Street …. or something …. you know with all the Djinn floating around it. …. I said no that's not actually what happens. What happens is I’ll cast one of these creatures out and it will return to what is called the “Realm”, that is where they go. Back to the “Realm”, before they then leave the Realm and inflict some other poor person. Is it risky? Yes it’s incredibly risky. I have, since January, probably encountered nearly 20 people now who as children played with … a Ouija board, … and opened up a portal from the Realm … and then were “infested”. And I'm using that word “infested” …. as they have a demonic entity that has been with them for 3040 years. And so it is incredibly dangerous and incredibly difficult. And nobody nobody nobody should attempt to try and deal with this creature unless you are really able to do so. For example I will give you an interesting story about a Catholic priest. Very few in the church now will try to banish demons, they just won’t do it. A Catholic priest was called. and was asked to, you know, do a cleanse, and to get rid of something and it was only partially successful and the damn thing followed him back to his priest’s house, and he then had to get another priest to come and get the damn thing out of his house. And then he never did that again. So, it isn't that if you are a holy man you can do it. It’s not really to do with that. There are many things you need to be able to do and to understand and … by some strange turn of events … I am able to do that, I am in that position. And there are more than just a few, but very few, who will actually do it. Because it brings attention. And if you are continually removing these creatures from high end individuals … and I don't mean Prime Ministers and all that sort of nonsense. Individuals whose soul in their organic body is very important … and say an Elite organization has put that demonic entity into that individual … for the express purpose of controlling that person …. and then I come along and say “Oo we’ll have that thing out of you” that is an offence to that Elite organization because then they lose control of that individual. And when my car was rammed off the road, back in 2012, it was because I took a demon out of somebody associated with the Rothschilds; and although this was never officially mentioned, they were three members of a secret sect, a secret organization, who acting without instructions decided they would try and kill me. They were determined to take me out of operation; and of course it didn't work. It is never going to work, and I'm sure those three members was severely punished for what they did. So, it's not just a danger of trying to take these creatures out because they can turn on you and go into your body and afflict you … but it’s who put them in there in the first place …. and what is the deal going on behind the curtain. So one has to really understand that. That’s a long answer but it's a very complex question.

JP : Well yeah it's something that not many people speak about Simon. So you gonna be the ‘go to guy’ for the Djinn question ... the engineer of our world.

SP: The engineer! Oh Jay Pee!

JP: Oh no! Oh really!

SP: Did you not realised the joke there?

JP : I know it’s an old thing.

SP: I’ve never heard that joke before.

JP: No it's Indian ‘cause apparently when the Indians first saw the steam engine they used to go …. injinn injinn …. because there's a Djinn in there.

SP: Oh! of course because of the steam coming out from the top….the smoke ... smokeless fire…. indeed!. No I didn't know that.

JP: So, yes. to me a true engineer is somebody who can communicate with the Djinn.

SP: Right, let me tell you an interesting story. There is very little written about this subject because there's very few people on the planet who know about it, that’s the truth, and those that do they are generally in secret societies and therefore have sworn death not to talk about it. And those who have had a Djinn in them and had it removed really just want to … forget about the whole subject … don't want to talk about it. So there's an absolute dirth, a real vacuum of knowledge and information. There is a women who wrote a book called “The Smokeless Djinn” … no she didn’t … what was the book called … ‘something’ .. Djinn. Anyway, there is a woman author who wrote a book and it was one of the very few Djinn books available, someone lent it to me and I had a read of it. I think it would be quite useful for someone who didn't know a thing about the Djinn but obviously from my perspective I thought, well yes I can tell you a little bit more than that. And one of the reasons is … because it's still used by secret societies to control people. If you have a very very high end individual …. and you wish to control them ... and you have a number of weapons or tools at your disposal …. and one of them is to deal with a demonic entity … and that demonic entity enters that individual …. and therefore controls that person’s decision making to a certain extent … and their mood swings. And there’s more than one way to control a person. So there's … it's a very very ongoing method … used by a wide range of organizations … because it can't be seen generally. And you know if a certain person was to commit suicide, with one of these creatures in them, the creature doesn't die. The creature just returns to where it’s comes from. And it's a death that can occur without the authorities even beginning to understand what's been going on. So it's really poorly understood in the Western World … but incredibly well understood in the Eastern World … and I've said it before … with $200, £300 or whatever, in your pocket, you can go to a bizarre market in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and some parts of India, and you can pay a magician to attack your enemy with a demon. And I spend quite a lot of time helping people who have had that, I'm not … I have a loyalty to the people I talk to, … so I don't mention their names, but there was one particular case where the family got jealous of somebody and went and paid to have this done on their own family member (here), and who was subsequently attacked by one of these creatures. But in the Western World we just don't understand this.

JP: Interesting, interesting. Being sort of a child of an immigrant, I sort of mix with semi immigrant people, and they used to speak of the Djinn in their family and all that stuff. It's very interesting, and one of them killed themselves.

SP: Yeah ... well yes. There are more than one sort of demon, there are those who love mountains, there are those who love the sea, there are those who love the deserts and you know if you were to have one of these Djinn, and it was a mountain or a desert Djinn or something like that and you took a flight or a holiday to that sort of location then the thing would be exalting because it would be in their own environment. So one has to understand and have a deep knowledge of these creatures but you can never afford to... a lot of these magicians, human magicians or semihuman magicians who consort with the Djinn end up being taken over by them ….because they lose that barrier that you have to have between yourself and these creatures. Because ultimately these creatures have their own agenda and it's not a particularly nice one. So I would recommend to people read up on King Solomon and how King Solomon commanded the Djinn to build his temple, his palace. Good starting point.

JP: Well this is a very very very interesting point. Because you look at these ancient, well not ancient, pretty old cathedrals ….and things like that...and you think… how the hell …

SP: That's exactly the point.

JP: How the hell did they get those stone blocks up there and carve them so perfectly? Did they put them in place? did they make a blueprint? did they have blueprints? they didn’t have design plans, they did it all intuitively yet... it’s almost as if they turned the rock into cheese … and then they cut it with a knife …. and then it turned back to rock, what's the deal Simon?

SP: Well I was going to say that if anybody in the Western World goes and has a good look at a cathedral you will see what they call gargoyles and most of these are representations of Djinn. And certainly the ones with snub dog faces and wings. And some of the postures that these creatures are carved in….. many people who I have dealt with have drawn what they've seen…. and they are actually posing in the same sort of position. So the church's fully aware. Of course they are, because there was a period in time where they were the ‘go to guy’ to get rid of a possession, so they knew all about them ... um … but with one hand they were casting them out … and with the other ...some of these individuals were actively working with them. Your other question ….literally, there is a whole range of technologies to create an alter matter. Then we have a problem here because we technically are told that physical matter is shattered or broken and it can't be formed. Whereas I know for a fact that an alien spacecraft is built atom by atom. So you don't smelt or forge or mold when you build an alien spacecraft, you actually create it atom by atom. So if you have the technology then you can shape and form anything; and then you can reconstitute back into its third or fourth dimension, whichever dimension you're in. I mean …. I have quite a fun story where I could say that the great stones of Stonehenge were probably gently levitated across the ground, you know, and then I get the old guard, the antiquity and societies screaming and shouting at me “No no no thousands of men dragged these stones on ropes across rollers” and I say “Yeh go on then show me how it was done”. And I remember as a school boy, so we are back in the 60’s now, book's which purported to show how the great pyramid was built and then in the 70's they showed that was impossible and then they came up with another idea in the 80's that was not possible and then... and so it goes on and on and on. Once I spent a whole afternoon calculating how long it would take to lay one block in the pyramid and then I sent my figures off for analysis and indeed my figures were broadly confirmed. The main blocks, I think, in the pyramid are about two and half tons in weight and there are just over two million of them, anyway I calculated that they would have to put a block in place every 2 1/2 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year, for something like 20 years. It's just not possible, you couldn't do it now, but you know the ordinary person in the street, who’s not awake, accepts it. Even on holiday they just marvel at it and go and buy an ice cream. But the reality is, that it is not technically possible to lay 2,5, or 2 ton blocks every 2 minutes with men, no matter how many you’ve got; and the other problem that they never tell you about, is that Egypt only survived because the Nile flooded, and then when it receded they would plant into the flood area,which would grow the crops, because it was the only part there that would grow anything. So you needed your work force three to four months of the year to be tending the crops, otherwise you would all die. So where are all these workers coming from to build a pyramid 365 days a year? You could only build it for four, five, six month of the year because the rest of the time the workforce would be out planting the food and tending it, otherwise you would have mass starvation. So people in authority are very very... they don't give you the truth basically … they give you the truth that they want to give you …. and I'm afraid that it’s wearing very, very thin now. And the reality is, that as much as I love the Egyptian people, and I think they are really great people, there isn't any race on Earth that could have built the pyramids without a lot of help from somebody else.

JP: Help from somebody else! Now OK ….don't know if there's any other pyramid related questions …. the pyramids are one of my favourite subjects …. I have built pyramids over the years.

SP: Well Jay Pee, how about this one then. A Russian oligarch, which you will know ... a Russian oligarch built 6 pyramids in Russia some 15 or 16 years ago. Small scale models and some of them were in the Ukraine; and some experiments were undertaken by the Russian government because the Russian government, unlike the Western government, is far more open than we are led to believe. And they did some interesting experiments and they put some convicts, some prisoners, into this one third scale or whatever it was …. 1/12 scale … pyramid …. and they brought them there …. I don’t know if it was a twenty minute period …. then they took them out and brought them back again the next day for another 20 minutes. And then they checked the reoffending rates of these prisoners after they were released, and it was startling. The vast majority of the prisoners, who had been in the pyramid for a period of time did not reoffend. So there was absolute evidence that it had a beneficial effect. Now immediately anybody good would say that's fantastic, let’s knock all the prisons down and build pyramids, and if you are a good person that is what you would do. Unfortunately the justice system is worth billions, makes billions, and is part of the divisive system …. if you are not a good person then we are going to lock you up. It's not quite the same as, if you are not a good person we will put you in a pyramid And so the system perpetuates the criminal justice system when there are non-chemical ways of actually changing people’s energetic behaviour ….. so this is actually documented and people can go on line and have a look at that. Sorry to interrupt you Jay Pee but as you like pyramids I thought I would tell you about that.

JP: There you go … now. I have heard about that, but not only that, he puts blocks of stones …. I

think it was some form of granite ….. into these pyramids and then he placed these blocks of stone

in prisons as well, as a sort of side experiment. And it turns out that again the same effect took

place ….by being around things that have been in a pyramid …..somehow the energy rubs off and so the thought that I had …. when you were speaking was ‘why not get prisoners to build pyramids’.

SP: Right …. I think it's about the intention. It's a bit like prisoners sewing mail bags. Will that mail bag hold mail longer than a bag made by somebody who isn't in a depressed state? So I think that if you get people who are in a depressed state to build something the energy they put into it is not the right energy. So we’ll have to get people who have the right energy and then you would introduce these individual to it as an opportunity to reconnect them to source. So yeh … I think the concept is right Jay Pee …..I would just change it by doing that.

JP: I found that, you know, if you task yourself “I'm going to build a pyramid” and you have to do all the research, you know, ‘how do I get the angles and all those sort of things’ .... that it's a whole …. like an entire university education ... you have to do loads of research …. it's unbelievable … Researching materials, researching angles, you know, the geometry, the mathematics, the zee point, compressions of space and time that are produced by sacred geometry, you know, there's a whole load …. it's more than just a shape. So I found it a wonderful experience. So yeah … what do you think about people in general …. or having more pyramids….. or are there other forms other than pyramids. Is a pyramid like, you know, the Taurean age. What would be the Aquarian age form? Kind of thing.

SP: No, it has to be a pyramid because that's the angle that works with the ionization …. I would be terribly unpopular and I would say … let’s just mothball all the churches and then we'll build pyramids …. and then the people could go into the pyramids and have some quiet meditation. You don't need to swing any incense or dress up in very long robes or wear very funny pointy hats, you could just go quietly in your jeans and your shoes, and just sit there quietly, have ½ an hour of contemplation and come out again. And it should be free, They should be placed everywhere and people should have the right to go in anytime they want, But you know I'm not quite the same as the elite am I?

JP: Heh, I would ... you know … I'd be 100% with you. Listen, it's been over an hour, let's just play a little track ‘cause I need to take a little bathroom break … This is also a request from one of your group, from Nicky down in Devon, or I think it is down in Devon, and it’s a lovely track. This is the “Return to Innocence” by Enigma.



JP: So welcome back to Connecting Consciousness on Wolf Spirit Radio, a subscriber supported station… and donations, we take donations and subscriptions. Check out we’ve got massive massive massive amounts of Archives and interesting stuff. So welcome back to Connecting Consciousness and Simon. We have been talking about demons and Djinns ….and things …. I'd like to go back to the human side …. so here is a question. We have now caught up by the way with the questions that come from before the program …. so now these questions start since the program started. Heh, there is a continuously flow … and they’ll probably just continue to flow … and maybe that's the way it goes, you know. The question: Are special abilities like telekinesis, telepathy and and so on related to specific strands of DNA or is more like .. say 20% of three strands of DNA activated? That's an interesting question …. is it the amount thing …. is it specific strands have specific powers and gifts?

SP: Very good question. Before we do that ... it was a nice song that Nicky had chosen … and it was very interesting because I don't know the song at all … but it's almost like … North American Indigenous Indians … and some parts of it seemed to mean that to me … and of course … the Indigenous Indian has a strong connection ... do have a still strong connection … with the planet Earth. So that was a nice one you chose Nicky, Thank You. Back to the question … the DNA strands as they activate, are activating particular soul family lines, so if you are activating your Reptilian DNA, if that’s one of your soul lines and it's coming through strongly, then your aspects will develop towards that, and so on … for the next one. It’s not literally about 20% I can do this or 30% I can do that or “Huh goody I got my Pleiadian DNA! so I can go and swim with the dolphins!” What it actually means is that when ALL of those strands have come in, then you will be able to have your telepathy, your telekinesis etc. And that's why the elite are absolutely hell bent on preventing it. Because you couldn’t be put in prison as you would teleport yourself out. So it just can't be controlled. And the last thing the elite want is a human population that they can't control. So what we do notice, is that when people’s 10 th and 11 th strands of DNA become active, they suddenly become very very very psychic … and Uri Geller was not a trickster ... Uri Geller really could bend metal. That's why Mossad (the Israeli Secret Intelligence) got him and forced him to work for them. And he was probably on his 11th strand at the time. So when people can do strange things, which you know humans are not supposed to be able to, it’s because they're well on the way to bringing in their strands of DNA. It’s one thing to bring in the strands of DNA, it's another thing to be able to organize it, in such a way, within your body and your mind, that you are using it accurately. So basically I'm … you know … why the heck can't we … in a few years time have centres set up … where we can actually teach people how to get connected ... how to speed it up ... how to do that ... and obviously you know there isn’t an elite organization in the world that would ever give me the planning permission to ever open up such a centre. You know it would be raided by the police every 5 minutes, so we can't do anything like that at the moment, but I seriously do believe that in a few years time we’ll be far more open to pushing the boundaries and it won't just be about acupuncture or reiki; we can actually, really, you know, start talking about some other life changing things that we have to do. So I'm just waiting for the vast majority of the human race to catch up with, you know, the 25% of the population who are aware, and once we start to do that there should be no boundaries for us. We should just go on and do it.

JP: You know you've been talking sometimes …. you talk about ... I wish I had a community to do this sort of thing … and that’s a very similar thing to what I want, … and it would be involving small groups, small clusters of community … that had … like a spare house … You have might five families and there would be a spare house where one family, or a group of people, or a couple, could stay and go through the process. Each of the different people who lived there would be healers …. healing ... you know … you could have a couple or one heal one strand, you know, then each of the healers could concentrate on a specific strand, or aspect of healing. That would basically top everybody up.

SP: Absolutely, I mean there are similarities in some of the Chinese and Japanese cultures but not for healing. Somebody who was very spiritual would want to be a Samurai or a KungFu Master ... and then they would go to one of these teaching places and they would say to whoever was running it “ I want .. . such and such ... will you take me on?” Most of them won't but occasionally they would take them on. And they would go and spend time in one location and then they would go somewhere else to learn another aspect of it. The learning has always been seen as a journey and you achieve and obtain what you are meant to achieve and obtain, in one respect; and then when you have reached that point you go to somewhere else and a different person with a different skill bases who will take you on. So what you're saying Jay Pee is accurate because it is the only way where an individual will get the support and help. Because let's face it ... we’ve all of us … been programmed by television, radio, newspapers, and the education system and you have to cleanse yourself of that before you can rewrite the blank pages. So I think that, you know, that the model you have put forward …. you know …. you just hope … that it becomes a reality very soon.

JP: Excellent, excellent, I mean it's like um ... ‘cause as you’ve been talking about this. The zodiac, the 12 labours of Hercules, the 12 strands of DNA, the 12 tribes of Israel, the 10+2 aspects of it. This is all the metaphor isn't it?

SP: Of course it is, that's why when you look at the clock the numbers are from 1 to 12. That's why from January to December there are 12 months in the year. That's why, here in Great Britain, we have the Imperial system running alongside our metric system .. we have 12 inches in a foot. So, you know, America still run on that system … and it's there for everyone to see ... but most people actually don't understand why 12 was such an important number.

JP: And so we're talking about these 12 strands, the 12 astrological signs, the 12 notes of the chromatic scale, the 12 colours. So now we're mapping frequency. We can map character because each of the qualities of the astrological sign has a character associated with it. Can we also associate those with star race origin beings?

SP: Yes that's the whole point. Over a very long period of time, a wide range of different creatures associated themselves with what we would call Humanity, to the extent that they are part of the family. This is when people talk about ‘we're all connected’ or ‘we're all part of a big star family’ and often they leave it hanging there so the listener is often left wondering well what does that mean. What it means is that over a very long period of time the Human Race, in the wider sense, contains elements of this major 12 groupings who had genetically engaged with humanity over that period of time. And you know it's not politically correct to talk about shapeshifting because there's so much nonsense on the internet and you know it's almost a crime to even consider the possibility of shapeshifting. If you shapeshift, you shapeshift into a reptilian so you must be bad. It's nonsense, because if you have connections with the 12 strands of DNA you have the potential to shapeshift into any one of those twelve strands or rather the projection energetically of what those 12 strands represent, because you are harking back and connecting to a member of your distant family. You know when people talk about they have spirit guides or they have guardians, who do they think these people are? You know in many cases these are people from the 12 strands who are connected to that individual and wish to come and look after that person. And you know it's a mistake to think it is separate, there are these orbs, energy orbs, usually the size of a pingpong ball or a tennis ball or a grapefruit, that look like a big white puffball and some people think they see faces in them or shapes; those are their family who have projected their consciousness to connect with them … and it's because they have a link through the 12 strands. Really it is very misunderstood, and very few people talk about it in the way that I do, and that's not because I'm clever or special, it's just that I understand it because it has been explained to me, and it’s been explained to me by things that are not very human so their understanding of it is very matter of fact and is not all romanticized or confused or lost in the mists of time. So you know it's part of my mission, if you like, to say to people “Well this is what I understand it to mean and don't run away from it, embrace it because it is your heritage, then we can get back to actually what being a human really means” . You know, I mean, every time we use the mobile phone to connect with somebody we are not telepathically connecting,. You know if we took away mobile phones now and we ran schools or centres to teach people how to reconnect and be telepathic, you know, that would be wonderful but of course it wouldn't be what the elite want. So we are substituting real genuine psychic powers for electronic standins and this is part of the Archons’ plan to prevent humans from connecting with Humanity and replacing everything with a computer.

I mean I use a satellite navigational system in my car, I have dyslexia and probably couldn't find the third street down, or maybe that's an excuse, but the reality is that if you were to take a random sample of drivers now, and 30 years ago, and then say to each driver “Here’s a map go and find such and such a town” the people from 30 years ago would probably far out perform because they were used to using their head, whereas now we're so dependent on a machine to tell us “Turn left” that if we took that away we probably wouldn’t have the skills now to read a map. It’s not a joke. This is very very serious. Because Humanity is being forced by a very very evil agenda to break its connection with the planet, break its connection with God or Source, whatever you want to call it, and to rely more and more and more on machinery. It's not to say that a machine doesn't make our lives easier, I’m all for that, you know I have a dishwasher, absolutely, I have a washing machine but I just want people to be aware that there is an agenda going on here which even those people in the high ups in these corporations don't actually understand. But apart from that, you know, we need to maintain that being human is very special and, you know, I mean I’m speaking here and I've got 1/3 Reptilian in me, 1/3 Mantis/Mantid and only 1/3 human. But ... I understand that it's about the Human Race, it's all about the Human Race. And humans are good … but they could be absolutely brilliant … and that's what this is all about. It's about the chance for a race that was tricked and fooled, to actually step into its own power, take back the reins of control and finally be what it should always have been. And, you know, anybody good, regardless of whether they're Reptilian or whatever they might be, if you believe in the good you’ve got to support the Human Race, and you’ve got to speak out, or at least do something positive, whatever that might be. I mean I’ve got a 75 year old woman who said she can't do much but she’ll stick stamps on an envelope and post them out to people if that would help. You know. And as … um … in the Lord of the Ring when Barliman Butterbur says “I don't know what the likes of me can do against the shadow of the East” and Strider or Aragorn says“Not much but every little helps” and I think that’s the point this is the time when all Humans should actually club together and help each other out.

JP: And it's the 12 strands that seem to be the connecting principle of consciousness. I'm interpreting what you are saying as … you get all the 12 strands ... it's like you go round … like one of those games you’ve got to pick up a thing ... an adventure game where you pick up a piece and when you get all the pieces at the end of the game … that's when the 13th gene … the metagene … that brings all them together ... one ring to bind them all … I mean is that what this is all about Simon?

SP: Well I call the group that I'm in the process of forming ‘Connecting Consciousness’. Connecting Consciousness is, for me … the 12 strands …. It was very very important when Source created the human line that some things remain secret and beyond the understanding of, you know, most living things. That's what makes Source different. And with the human line … it is special, it is more special than the Reptilians, it’s more special than the Mantis/Mantids that's why there is such an interest in Humanity and the planet. You know that's what it’s all about. It's about the Human condition. It's about the 12 strands and what I describe as a ‘tumbler lock’ that keeps the information safe; and when the time is right that tumbler lock will undo and draw the twelve strands into a great bundle and because the 12 strands are energy, although separate,they will connect. You know you think about the fibre optic cable that the utility company runs, when you can have 2030 phone calls down that one fibre line but each has a different pulse rate of light so they never bump into each other, so therefore their communications are never mixed up. So imagine a strand of DNA that can do that, can be separate but can intertwine and connect, share it's memory or consciousness with the next strand. That is a wonderful piece of technology, absolutely beautiful and it's about time that Humans got it back again.

JP : Technology! DNA as technology implies that somebody’s invented it!

SP: It is technology because somebody did create it. It was created and it didn't just come about by chance or by Charles.Darwin’s theory of evolution. It was actually part of a plan worked out by something that had such a brain on it that it could actually work all this out and put it all together and it works perfectly. Now I have, actually on a couple of occasions, spoken about when you fly an alien spacecraft. The speed of which you are capable of flying it depends on your type of DNA and a human can fly this alien spacecraft faster than some other races. That's another reason why they want the Human DNA because literally it would give them faster travel and also time travel. There are time machines out there but when you operate one with DNA you have control over it that doesn't exist at the moment. So technology, not as wires and buttons and flashing lights, but technology in terms of something that was created and designed; and something that learns and can change and self-replicate. So yeah.

JP: Wow ok we're getting deeper here. But let me get back to the questions because there's some people who are in need … and so there's a ... so for instance there is.. : I am a psych nurse and come across demons and people all the time, I and other colleagues can see it in their eyes and in the whole atmosphere. I've gotten attacked many times, how can we help these patients?

SP: Well first of all it's wonderful that somebody who's been through the registered medical profession can actually send us a question that says“There is a demon behind this person” because you know normally that's just not the case, you would say they had a mental condition because they were dropped on their head as a baby, or basically you know, they had a fit when they was 15, or whatever nonsense. So well done for that person. What can you do to help them? ... I'm afraid there isn't much you can do. What …

JP: What …

SP: It’s quite emotional for me because I want to help these people and what has to happen is that the individual concerned has to know that they are afflicted. Because if a person doesn’t know that they’ve got a problem then I or anyone like me can’t help. Because it’s all about free will. When a person comes to me generally, Jay Pee, they say “I know something’s wrong”. And during our conversation, because I can never lead people, I can never say to them “Oh by the way you’ve got ‘this’... because that’s me telling them, they have to tell me that something is inside them. That’s generally what people say “I think something’s inside me”... BANG! at last! … well done, we’re there. Then I can take it on. So if somebody says “I think that I’m not right, there’s something, you know, doing this” then what has to happen is that that person would then have to either go to a church man or woman, or somebody like me, to have that creature removed. However, I can… I’m going to be putting something on the website because I have been inundated with calls for help regarding demonic possessions and I don’t like to keep people waiting, so I’m actually gonna put a page up to explain what people can do in the meantime before they get to speak to me. So I would just say “Check back with the website fairly soon we will be putting something up there.

JP .:Certainly sounds like there’s gonna be … like certain sections..., different topics ... that you specialize in .. we’ve got the Djins there ... now we have the demonic de-possessions. Can you … actually you shouldn’t speak about it should you? …’ Cause… you know, your methods are specific and maybe (what’s the word?) ... hacked. … So, we better not talk about it... is that a better strategy?

SP: There are basically two ways of getting rid of these creatures. One is the traditional way, which is you have a lot of mantras written on copper sheeting, metal sheeting, or parchment, and you spend many and many hours recanting. The problem is that you’ve got to recant this things exactly and accurately. And this is generally for calling forth these creatures but it can also be used for calling them back. And that is a very time consuming and difficult process. That’s why this people charge money for it. Hundreds of pounds.

Whereas I don’t use mantras or burning sage and things like that. I use another method. Which is… if a person has an interesting soul Jay Pee, if you have an interesting soul that’s been around for a long time, … many people have got souls that have been here for ages … you yourself have probably been around for a very long time ... and if you have in the past had associations in that field ... and the soul you have is senior enough ... as far as these creatures are concerned ... then you have the right to give them orders and they have to follow them. So one doesn’t need, you know, great long mantras and this that and the other, it’s just a complete clash of will. It’s a mind battle. I often describe it as a game of celestial chess, because these creatures do not want to leave, in most cases, a human body. They’ve been in that body 20 to 30 years, it’s their home. They don’t want to be out of it. So it’s a mind battle and happens…. energy … you know, I don’t have to ring any bells or light an incense stick. I just sit with the person and I just communicate with the creature telling it it’s time is up and it needs to go. But, you know, you can certainly do it other ways… That’s just the way I do it.

JP : Ok, so it’s a matter… I think I heard you talking about King Solomon and the Djinn and the connection of an iron ring. The Djinn respected the ring because it belong to Solomon. They kind of respected Solomon but they didn’t respect the other guys who were trying to use it. Um, let’s see if I remembered this correctly…

SP: Nearly.

JP: Haha nearly, do you want to fill the people in on the story as you can tell it better ...

SP: Well that’s very kind of you Jay Pee. I’m amazed how much you do remember because you have lots and lots of guests and, you know, you study lots and lots of topics and I think the fact that you remember anything that I say I think is amazing. Yes, the understanding is that iron is a magical metal… I’ll try to explain it in this way: North Italy is a very very important place. Venice is a very very important place … was an important place. And then we had some very interesting things because we had a man like Galileo coming along and we had Leonardo Da Vinci. And suddenly these people talked about pulleys and strings and wires and levers … and this was science. Whereas alchemy and many other things which had been seen as science were now relegated to the world of magic. And so the renaissance saw a division between science and magic.

Now these creatures that afflict people belong to the old world so there are certain things which are magic to them. Iron is a magic metal ... it will always be magic. But it’s very powerfully magic if it’s in the hands of somebody who knows how to command it. And you have to command a Djinn. This is the exact terminology ‘Solomon commanded the Djinn’. Solomon… you go on ebay. … uh … I shouldn’t advertise, if you go on the internet … you can buy or look at rings based in America, that say “Solomon’s ring”. And there are rings that purport to be replicas of King Solomon’s ring. But I haven’t seen one ring on any internet site that actually looks like King Solomon’s ring. And I know what it looked like and it has to be made of iron.

The problem is that a ring … as we understand it … is a disc that’s joined. Now that represents a vortex. So when you wear an iron ring on your finger and you do ? … I’m not gonna to tell you what ... but you do what you do ... and it is very threatening to these creatures. And if you have an iron ring that is a vortex it means that the creature can be trapped in the iron ring and spin round and round for eternity. Which means the creatures hate you. The creatures hated Solomon because they weren’t willingly doing what they were doing, they were doing it under duress. And the hatred built up and up and up. So I don’t use a solid iron ring … my ring has a break in it ... so the creature does not feel threatened with eternal trapping ... so therefore it’s not a ‘him’ or ‘me’ situation. I always offer a way out which is go back to the realm, you know, go back to where they’ve come from. And as a sort of a joke I talk about the Dracula films where, you know, the priest who got lots of problems in his own life, stands there very shakily with the cross or the crucifix and says to Dracula “Back you devil” and Dracula just laughs at him. And it’s about respect for the soul in the organic body because if the soul in the body is ‘such and such’ then when it is combined with an iron ring … these creatures won’t stand against it. But the alternative if you don’t have that history is to get lots and lots of mantras and, you know, that does work. Absolutely it works but it takes 20 times longer. So that’s a sort of answer. I answered it as best I could without giving too much away.

JP: Ok, so…it’s ... I mean ... actually it’s a kind of ranking…um or …..yeh, anyway … I think we get it. So let’s move towards er … oh dear, do we really want to cover ‘flat earth’? No… Hey … let’s just deal with it: “Is there truth in the claim that the Earth is actually flat with the sun revolving around it?”

SP: Hhh!

JP: Sorry…

SP: You just do it deliberately to me don’t you?

JP: No no no no, somebody spammed it in the chat room and … please have your word about the flat earth.

SP: Right. Ok. The reason that I’m sort of mildly frustrated is that this is doing the rounds again. A couple of people have talked very eloquently and given some very interesting points and the reason I get frustrated is because I’m not disagreeing with it. What I disagree with is on a technical line ... just a technical point ... and this is the point. To me the Earth is not flat but the whole of the universe, the multiverse, is created on a… like a disc on a computer ... your hard disk on your computer is flat ... it’s like an old vinyl record and we know that that hard drive on your disk ... when run through a monitor screen, ...can create 3D pictures of trees and houses and waterfalls and all the rest of it. And they look perfectly real. So if I was to walk from one end of the Earth to the other I would not fall off because it is not flat, ok? I will not fall off and I won’t just nip round the edge either it would be a gentle curving edge but it is being created by a flat holographic projector. So my understanding is that everything around us is a holographic projected universe. It is projected by a device that is flat but this flat device can produce 3D solid objects that are not flat. So my frustration mildly is not “This is a stupid question” it’s not. It’s very very very pointed and an intelligent question … it’s just that I don’t believe that the Earth is flat but I believe that what creates it, projects it, is from a flat holographic disk.

JP : Ok. Thank you. Hehe… “If the answer to the first part of this question is “Yes””… haha…

you dropped yourself in it! ... “What advantage would it be to convince people that the Earth is spherical and revolves around the sun?”

SP: Do you want to do a show on Christmas Day with me?

JP : I think we could do an April 1 st day or … hehe …. I’d love to.

SP: Let’s just move on.

JP : Yeah… ok. So, meanwhile let’s go this look like … there is a question from a lady from Austria and this is really, … this is a personal question ... so I think you should book … I think … How’s the booking thing going Simon?

SP: I won the argument with the remainder of the team and we are going to start booking again in small numbers. And so hopefully we will be, you know, back in business very soon.

JP: Good good, thank you Simon. Ok.

SP: If this is was a personal question then is it very personal or…?

JP: Well… let me read it: “When I was a child I always thought “Why are the other people so bad and where is God and where is Jesus? … then as a young woman I understood more and more but I always thought that I’m not from the Earth and in meditation it came as an answer that I’m Samaria from Triton Is this true or mind control? Now I’m 43 years old and I know anything from what you are always speaking, sorry for my English I hope you understand me. My question is “Why I always stop to come forward, I am not my body, not my country, alone with my mind in my home?”

SP: Right. That does sound to me very much like somebody who has non Earth human soul in them…. and it is surprisingly common. If it was mind control then what would be the purpose? If you worked for the military or you were a very senior diplomat or a politician or something like that then you would say that … yeah .. there is a potential that it would be mind control because it’s from some elements … from an agenda ... but if you … like most of us, … are an ordinary person … then why would anybody or the elite want to do that? So no, probably this person has got a non human soul. Their organic brain has connected with their soul and the memories are coming back and they are beginning to understand they are very different. So yeah, you are absolutely right Jay Pee, he or she, I think it was a female, would like to book … then yeah … I would have a chat with her.

JP : Excellent, thanks Simon. Ok, right now: “From the outside to the inside, can you please ask Simon to describe the experience of being inside a Mantis body, did he feel, think, perceive very differently? Do the Mantis have additional or heightened senses?”… I mean yeah! These are the really interesting questions: what is it like being inside a Mantis body?”

SP: Right. Wow! This is, did you say Janice or Janette?

JP: Janette

SP: … Ok, hello Janette, I hope you’re listening. The first time in five years anybody has ever asked me that question.

JP: Really?

SP: Yeah, nobody… their all too frightened to ask questions like that I think.

JP: Well we have extra Draconis here on Wolf Spirit.

SP: Yeah, my goodness me, I mean this is it. It’s the cream of the cream here. Right, I am going to start off by having a joke and saying a very unbending body. Right. When in such a body you don’t actually feel that you’re in the wrong body and I remember the very very first time, as a child so … somewhere between 5 or 7 years old ... I remember putting my hands up to my face and feeling my face and feeling ‘this is ridiculous’, you know, ‘this is not my face ... this just goes on and on and on. And there’s this part of me thinking ‘is it real? Is it a mask?’ I actually thought it was a mask and then realized it wasn’t because it had sense. You could touch it, you could feel and sense through it. And then subsequent times I became very used to it. I’ve been in that body in the fourth dimension but not been in in it in the third which means that I have had full access to the abilities of that physical body. And by utilizing the 1/3 Mantis soul I would then connect with 100% Mantis body. So first of all telepathy but more than that scanning I remember walking along and there’s a table a long table, some sort of celebration, and all the Mantis were sitting there. They don’t eat, they drink, so they have special things with their metal straws to get their sustenance through. And as I walked past ... because the Mantis have eyes that take up 1/3 of their head … and are big and wrap around … I was scanning these creatures but also looking into their rectus scelum (?) ... almost understanding their intentions … it’s like a penetrative radar. They have the ability to know what a person’s thinking, a bit like Reptilians actually, before that person almost know themselves. So from a psychic point of view it is just completely off the scale, they are absolutely incredibly psychic. Physically very difficult at moving … you actually have to lift your knees up when you walk … so think how we walk as a human … when you actually have to rotate ... lift your knees up quite high … because of the way the body structure is. I had a ... I wore clothes. I had a purple robe and I can just remember the feet protruding from the robe as I moved, and then the sleeves are very long and they cover your hands completely … so you have to lift your hands up ... so that the sleeves drop down ... and then you just get used to it, I got used to it ... it’s just ... you know ... you’re back in your other body ... if you like’s perfectly normal … and when you are interacting with Humans ... they ... some of them … identified that there was something different. A couple of times people have said to me when I have been in that body “You are different” and I’ve replied “Yes, you know, I’m part Human” and in one particular case this female was really shocked and said “You’re Human!” and obviously “I’m not” cause I’m standing there in a different body and I said no I’m part Human. So if you are in a Mantis body and you engage with Humans on a regular basis … and they are used to that particular race ... they would know that there was something different … because the soul in that body wasn’t 100% Mantis .. that there were other aspects to it ... um … It’s a bit like if you had a brother or a sister and one was blind and then you substituted one or the other brother or sister and said “That is your sister” although that person would be blind they would know that that wasn’t their true brother or sister because they would just know. So when you interact with people when you’re in one of these bodies many of them can actually tell that you’re slightly different. So fascinating question, I haven’t got any more time to talk about it because we mustn’t be unfair to other people but it’s a pleasure to be asked that question actually Jay Pee.

JP: Really, really, right. Ok. Perhaps in the future we will explore a little more about the Mantis civilization and culture ... presumably they do have it. You know, when you were talking about walking past a group of people who are drinking it was like: “Oi Simon come over here mate ... I don’t quite imagine that ... you know ... was it a little different … kind of atmosphere?

SP: I shan’t be inviting you there.

JP: Ha ha ha, ‘cause of course they would hear what I was thinking … well ... all these irreverent thoughts that would be terrible in front of people …. um

SP: It’s funny how I was chatting to one person once, and I was in my body, this body here , and this person said to me “You know what? I always wonder …. (line went dead) … because when I’m in the kitchen and I’ve got a sharp knife, as I’m chopping up … if they think I’m gonna attack them because I’ve got…” …Hello anybody there?

JP: Yeah, we got a little bit dropped there.

SP: But we’re still on air?

JP: Yeah we’re still on air. So do you want to go back to where you were talking about the knife.

SP: Yeah chatted to a person who said they often wondered if they were in the kitchen chopping vegetables with a great big sharp knife when an alien turned up, wasn’t there a chance they would be frightened of a person with a knife. And I said “No, because they read your thoughts and they know immediately such as, you know, you have a cordless screwdriver (well some of these cordless screwdrivers look like weapons). But the thing is it’s not what you’re holding, it’s what you thought intention is, so they read your thought intentions. So you could be holding a gun but if your thought intention is not to fire that gun they won’t have any concern at all. So yes they would read your mind straight away.

JP: And they would be able to feel the build up of emotion in you as well.

SP: I think they would be marvellously impressed with your range of humour and jokes Jay Pee.

JP: Heh. I hope that I would be … you know … sufficiently in a state of non shock to be able to go “Hey guys, how’s it going?”, you know, because I might be …..

SP: Of course you do.

JP: I might be like ruining my laundry ... Anyway! So let’s give a shout out to the Lyrans … Question: “If someone has a Lyran soul where they always that origin or could a soul be Lyran for a time and then become Reptilian for a time, etc?”

SP: No. Source, God, whatever you want, creates a soul. When it does so it is absolutely pure and it is given all the information it needs to decide where it wants to go. Sometime they don’t go to anywhere they stay there because they’ve not decided but in most cases a soul decides where their family is. So the very first body … whether it’s a physical body an energy body or whether it’s just floating around in a cloud of dust ... you know ... for the first time, that’s where it considers its beginning. And if you incarnate in a Lyran body then you are saying … “This is my family” … and that race will accept you. Now … you stay there one day ..., let’s just say one day ..., and you say “Oh I think I will go and experience what it is like to be in the fourth dimension” ... so you leave the sixth and you go to the fourth ... and you spend ten million years there. Well that doesn’t take away from the fact that your first choice was the sixth dimension with Lyra. But because you spent so much time in another place your soul begins to take on that body. So let’s just say for instance that that… person incarnates today… well 25 years ago … we have a 25 years old person in front of us who spent one day in a Lyran body and 10 million years in a Feline body ... a Lion body ... from Cirius or Orion… one of the planets there. When we look at that person then ... when I look at that person … what I immediately would say is … “Oh you’re Lyran” … because that was the place you chose as your family ... but I will then look at the energy signature of that person and say … “but you have these Lion or Feline or Ketkarie elements through you so you must have been on these planets”. So “Yes” you will always take after the first physical or nonphysical body that you incarnate into because that is your star family but you can be accepted by another family … and you begin to change or alter slightly to that family … however your soul will stay the same ... unless you agree ... or not … as the case maybe ... to have elements added on to your soul. Quite complicated but I hope that helps.

JP: At the end of the show so that’s a really great cliffhanger ... you know ... because that opens up so many questions … and… most of the questions that are in this list have still not been answered ... so we have got plenty of materials Simon … hey ... and they come in over the month too. So well ... thank you so much for answering the questions so gracefully, so … what’s the word ... so candidly …. and … this has been Connecting Consciousness … on Wolf Spirit Radio!

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