Report on the global playing field

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Report on the Global Playing Field

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interview, April 17, 2015

This interview discusses President Putin signing the BRICS agreement, why he disappeared for 10 days (meeting with off-world entities), and how close we came to World War III in the last month dating back from April 17, 2015. The situation occurred when EU and Russia had differing opinions over control of Ukraine. This resulted in a funded riot by the CIA for the purpose of America gaining fracking rights to gas under the Ukraine and a Zionist group claiming the Ukraine as part of their energetic homeland and wanting it to be removed from Putin’s control. Guerilla warfare erupted between Special Forces of the American military, Russian units, and rebels in Ukraine. Russia was set up to hack a VPN line running under Ukraine containing false information deliberately leaked through GCHQ about Russian cities being targeted by Britain’s submarine-based nuclear system; but Putin was smart enough to see through the ruse that would have most probably started World War III. When that didn’t work assassination attempts were made on both Putin and Obama by Zionist hit squads; again the plan was foiled. A discussion of the best indicator for following currency trends was suggested by watching the price of gold, the fluctuating dollar, and then putting two and two together. Jade Helm’s military exercises and range of goals were discussed, namely deciding which U.S. cities/states needed to be controlled and held. It was reported American police would fire on citizens but American soldiers wouldn’t, so conditioning soldiers to feel like soldiers instead of members of the community was part of the exercise, along with getting the American people used to seeing military on their streets which would possibly have a negative anesthetizing affect on humanity as a whole. There is speculation about a large foreign object, be it planet X or a large spacecraft that is having an effect on the gravitational pull of bodies in our solar system. Questions were raised about the Blue Avians, CERN, an Ice Age, connecting to our higher self with alien races piggybacking along, free energy devices, sinking of Japan to put America on the best timeline, radiation immunity, bloodlines, the fourth dimension, planned EMPs, the elite’s self-styled one-world government, assassinated bankers, ET battle in Texas, Marduk’s return or not, Aleister Crowley still alive or clone, and lastly the human race must be responsible for itself.

Kerry Cassidy: Hi everyone. I hope you can hear me. I’m just coming on here at this moment to let you know that we are waiting for Simon. We are hoping that he is able to get online. Apparently his computer was destroyed last night, and so we don’t know what is going to happen as far as that goes, but he had to go down and buy another computer. Apparently nobody or somebody out there doesn’t want him to broadcast today. So, but I am getting the word from someone who works with him that we should be able to get in touch with him shortly. So if everyone will just standby. I’m going to leave this on. You won’t see a picture other than I’m going to put a poster on here. Thanks everyone for standing by. Okay, thank you.

Simon Parkes: Hello Kerry, it is Simon here.

KC: Hi Simon, well glad to get you at least on a land line here. I’m very sorry to hear that you have had some problems. We are live, as you may know.

SP: Yes.

KC: And, sorry everyone that we won’t have a video, a picture, I’m going to check with the chat to make sure that they hear us so if, hold on one second here.

Okay, okay, yes, it looks like we are being heard so that’s just great. So, so sorry everyone again for the delay as well, but here we are. We do have Simon Parkes, and thanks Simon for going to the trouble. I’d love to hear what it is that has happened in the last, well few hours I’m assuming.

SP: Kerry, somebody really didn’t want this interview to go ahead I think. I’ve had, you know, various problems as we all do; but today literally, I had my computer fixed into my television screen. This time I am only getting a black screen and nothing from the computer at all. So I had to go and buy a laptop, try and set that up. It is just one problem after another. So literally I’m without a working Skype, so it has been hellish for the last five hours. So I’m really grateful that we are able to do this by phone and this is too much. It is not coincidence. It is just too much gone wrong here at every turn. So, you know, at least we are on the phone.

KC: Absolutely. Well, okay, this is just wild. I, you know, because you put out your newsletter, and in theory we are going to be talking about that. I assumed, I thought it was quite an excellent newsletter, very interesting information needless to say, but since it is already out there in writing, it is fascinating that they don’t want this kind of sort of venue to happen.

SP: Yes, I mean you can expect … we all get technical problems and you know, when one or two things go wrong, but this has just been an absolute avalanche of issues to literally hold us up. Because it is a major interview today I’m assuming, and I think it is the subject matter. I think because you are well known for a start and the subject matter particularly that is incredibly sensitive. We are talking about the Putin stuff. I know from other stuff, other things that have happened that some elite groups are very unhappy about this topic. So I’m sure that’s what has done it. But anyway, you know, we will battle on won’t we?

KC: Oh, absolutely and thank you for persevering. You know I do understand - some people feel that….it’s you know, they might have backed out at this point. They might have gotten the message. I’m sorry to say that.

SP: Well, I get the message but at the end of the day this just makes me cross. I don’t usually get cross, but I’m verging….. I’ve left the annoyed bracket and I’m now moving across to cross. So I want to get the message out; and if we can do it this way, then well done to you for organizing it.

KC: Okay, great, so let’s just cut to the chase here. First of all what I would like you to do in spite of everything (and we’ve got quite an audience here and it is building as we go) I do want to say that this will go onto YouTube afterward. We are recording this, and anyone out there who has a camera wants to shoot the, you know, take a picture of the screen, or focus it on the screen, (I shouldn’t use the word shoot.) You know... if you could record this as well, because this is the kind of thing we want to go viral whenever there is a push back of this kind for a live event.

Obviously there is a power in going live because in theory, once it’s out there, it’s out there and you can’t be taken back. So we want to put this out there and we want to make sure there is no interference on my end. I do want to say and I am apologizing for saying this, but I am calling you with my Skype phone. I’m hoping this is not costing me too much money. You are in the UK and I am in California. So if anyone cares to donate to Camelot to make this phone call possible, you know, it’s fingers crossed. I have no idea what the cost is….so that’s. . . It should be low; it should be low but that’s the way it goes.

So if you could give yourself a very brief introduction, and then we will sort of launch from there.

SP: Okay, very brief. I went public with my experiences of ETs some four, pushing five years ago now. I talked about my biological family and their connections with secret intelligence services in both America and Britain. I was initially attacked by the media. The usual.. trying to make me out as perhaps deranged, or crazy, or attention-seeking. That changed literally when I was invited by the British Ministry of Defense to tour a space radar station in Britain. I got a three-hour tour and that completely changed all of the attitudes toward me. [This] in the sense that people couldn’t understand why one arm of the elite were attacking me, yet another arm of the elite were saying well we’ll let him look around fence to installation. The media were, established media were phoning up saying, “Well you know, what he is saying must be true,” because if you were making it up they wouldn’t let you near it.

And then in 2012 after I had gone public with my story, I stood for an election as a Town Councillor, as a politician and was elected. Again, that was very difficult for certain people because I had told everybody, made it public and they still voted me in. So it was difficult so some arm of the established media attacked me still, but many others were quite supportive. That’s really the situation we’ve been in. I recently, with the help of some good people, I set my website up, and that has helped me get my story out. But it also meant that the attacks from certain negatives have increased, and today is no exception. So I had expected, and hoped, to use my tried and trusted technology here with Skype, but absolutely been attacked. I spent four to five hours just trying to make alternative arrangements, and haven’t been able to do that. So I’m really grateful to you Kerry for ringing in. I would say to people, if they’ve got a pound or two to spare or a dollar to spare, please to donate that toward you to help you to recuperate the costs of your phone call.

KC: Okay, thank you so much for that. You know, one time I did have an incident in South Africa where I was on my cell phone. At this time I’m on a land line with Skype so that’s where we are going. I can say at that time I made a mistake and went live over the radio using my cell phone and that cost me a pretty penny, as they say.

So, anyway, to move on. The global playing field is really what I called this and that was sort of a summarization in three words of what you had put onto your newsletter, which can be found on the front page of for those of you who found this by tweeting or whatever and never went to the page itself. And so if you want to read the newsletter, it is on the front page under Simon Parkes.

So I have interviewed Simon once before and I do recommend that interview as well as background to this interview. But we are going to cut to the chase here, so if you can summarize the brief bullet points if you will, and elaborate if there are things to elaborate on, and then we can kind of go deeper. What you said in your newsletter is sort of here and now information, and so on.

SP: I think that the reason for the attack on my communication equipment is simply because certain elites don’t want to talk about the Russian situation, and don’t want to talk about President Putin and what’s been going on. That’s probably the most hottest topic now on the planet, and that is saying something. I’m referring to politics within president’s offices or prime minister’s offices. It is the one subject. So I’m almost half expecting this phone call to be cut off. So I think that is the subject we will chat about. So for people who haven’t had a chance to look at the newsletter that I put out, I really spoke about what had pushed President Putin into finally signing the new money deal, the BRICS agreement. Why President Putin had disappeared for ten days, and how close to a Third World War we actually came in the last four weeks.

A whole host of things really Kerry, and some really, what many people would think are quite outlandish, but actually are deadly serious. So what do you want me to do? Do you want me to just quickly bullet point the main points of the newsletter regarding that and then you could ask any questions from the audience?

KC: Well, I think that that would be good but I also think that if you would like to elaborate as you go, just let your mind go freely and we will go with you and then we will circle back.

SP: Okay, well as I unravel the story I think people will understand why lots of very elite people wouldn’t want this interview to go out Kerry, because a lot of what I’m going to tell you even people in the truth organization haven’t actually heard and it is quite bizarre, and you would laugh at it except it is so deadly serious that you can’t afford to laugh at it.

Right, if we go back to the situation, the troubles that occurred between the European Union, Russia over the Ukraine, and the established media sold that as the people of the Ukraine were rising up against the oppression of Russia and wanted to go into the European Union. That is nonsense. It was a funded riot, for want of a better word, insurrection funded by the CIA. That’s the two things in purpose: the first is under the Ukraine there is a wealth of gas and America would like to frack the gas under the Ukraine. And secondly there is a strong Zionist group that considers part of Ukraine their energetic homeland for want of a better word. So they wanted that to be removed away from Putin’s control. This, many months ago, started what was a guerilla warfare between special forces of the American military, Russian units, and a number of rebels; so that went on for a long time.

It’s the last six weeks that have caused very serious and difficult ramifications. People may not know what a VPN line is. A VPN line is a special firm line, which contains encrypted information that runs under most countries. So it is not like a telephone line. It is a line that is secure. Secret organizations can actually send communications under the ground. Now there is one that runs under the Ukraine. Three–four weeks ago now normal traffic was diverted from that VPN line, and sensitive information was sent through from America and Britain, from the atomic energy commission from one of Britain’s major snooping stations, called GCHQ. They knew that Russia would be able to hack this VPN line, and the intention was they wanted Russia to leak this information. They were putting false information and the information stated that Britain’s nuclear deterrent, which is a submarine-based nuclear system had targeted themselves on Russia on Russian cities.

Now thank God, and I’m using that word absolutely seriously, thank God, Putin saw this for what it was. It was an absolute trick. He didn’t retaliate at all but understood it to be a trick. Within four days of that, a Zionist hit squad attempted to assassinate President Putin. That was foiled.

Another Zionist hit squad attempted to assassinate President Obama, and if people want to go Google, you will find that somewhere between seven or ten American lawmakers, Senators, have been arrested. The charges are not very clear but there is a link here. Both of those attempts were prevented and stopped.

Now when all of this occurred Putin was pushed over the edge, didn’t declare war, didn’t rise to the bait [and] took himself away.

He formally nationalized the main Russian bank because he wanted that to hold the Russian gold reserves. He didn’t want a private sector holding it. He then formally signed the BRICS agreement, and that’s with China, India, and you have got people like Switzerland to join. I think Hungary has joined and India of course in being quite a key planner because they have, they are building just like China.

And so he signed that and that was a red flag to the elite and the West. Because he was basically saying I’m not going to play your game. You want a battle, I will give you an economic battle. So you have a situation now where he can’t go back on the plan. He is going to you know, go for this new economy...this new money-backed system[using] gold. It is going to bring a very serious economic situation to the United States.

Now I had originally been told probably in the fall of this year, probably in September or October or possibly November which is traditionally a time when stocks take a bit of a hammering, but recently I have been told it might be as soon as July. As a backdrop to that and the end of last year, I’d predicted that Europe would take a financial collapse. In February of this year the International Monetary Fund which is an American-backed organization, put fifty billion Euros into the European banks in February; they did it again in March, and I guess they will do it again in April.

And they saved the situation in Europe, not so much because of these electronic zeros on the computer screen, but because they acted early enough. They started in February before the panic got in. So we are not going to get a financial collapse in the European zone this year. But there is a possibility of something happening to America unless they can do something; especially if organizations, companies, corporations start realizing that the don’t have gold-backed money and that to buy anything in from a country abroad that is gold-backed is going to have a problem.

Now in the alternative media nobody seems to want to use the term devaluation. They like the word reset. And to be honest, we need to be truthful with people. We are talking about a devaluation. The only way, once this gold system comes into place, that countries like Britain or America can cope is if they devalue their currency. Now Britain has devalued in the past. And what it does is that it doesn’t actually affect your buying power domestically, but if you are going to buy something that has come from another country, that can cost upwards of four or five times more.

Now in my country, in Great Britain, forty-five percent of all the gasoline is imported so we could be facing some shortages here. When I use that I just make the point that eighty percent of the world’s shoes are made in China, so you are going to have to import shoes. That’s going to have to come from one of these BRICS countries. So it is a massive political potential for some big serious changes. That is why there has been such a kickback from the elites. I already had an approach from agents from the Vatican just a few weeks ago, who clearly were unhappy about the subject of President Putin being discussed. So it’s a very, very, very serious and hot topic and just to finish off and I guess that’s why I couldn’t Skype you today Kerry.

KC: Okay, you know I will just tell you that I tried to alert people on my Facebook page. Something in Facebook is trying to prevent me from posting anything more about this event on Facebook right [at] this moment. So that’s very interesting... that wow...what controls they have. There you have it in real time. Okay, well this is, you know, very, very important information obviously. Some of the bits and pieces are known, you know, are out there, but lacing it all together in the way you have is painting a picture and that’s of course what they don’t want us to do. They don’t want us to add the dots so to speak.

So let me ask you, Putin looked very pale when he returned. I have a back channel source who said that he was meeting with certain off planet races that you know when you do that, and I don’t know if you feel this or have had this happen to you, but you know that can affect your health. It can be difficult, you know, whether you teleport or whatever it is, you know, you go into one of their craft or whatever you want to call it. Do you have any information on that?

SP: Yes, he most definitely did meet off planet humanoid benign entities. The change in his demeanor was more to do, to be honest with you, with the method implications. You know if you know that a hit squad has been sent to try and murder you and you manage to stop that. . . if you know that another country is playing a game of poker with you and certain disclosures of nuclear missiles pointed at your cities. You don’t need disruptive energies from off world aliens to make you feel a little bit dizzy or giddy. You’ve got quite enough from the human content, thank you very much. So it was the enormity of what was occurring and that he was the only one on the planet who was prepared to stand up to some of these very evil people. I think that this took its toll on him. And yes, when you meet some alien beings if you are not too swift and the energies can be a bit disruptive. It doesn’t mean they are bad. It’s just their frequency is different. The energies from a fourth or fifth dimensional creature if you are not accustomed to it, can make you a little bit shaky. So I suppose a combination of that would probably explain that Kerry.

KC: Absolutely, that makes sense. Okay so at this moment there are other things going on, on the planet in addition to this. I can say that I was looking at the news this morning. I know that the dollar has finally dropped and you know people have been saying it is going to drop. It hasn’t dropped a huge amount I don’t think, but there is a sign in the markets, as they say. so I don’t know if you have been aware of that or had you know, reports going on today.

SP: Yeah, I think people watch every day. Get one of those apps on your phone that gives you the gold price. There’s your answer, because before, the day before 911, United Airlines stocks changed dramatically. So the gold price is the best indicator of what’s around the corner. But yes, if you look at the dollar, then you are looking at what they call the money man. People are pulling out their worthless bank notes, and trying to buy something else that’s going to hold the value. So there’s your answer. Look at the way the dollar fluctuates; look at the price of gold and put two and two together.

KC: Okay. This is something of a side issue to the total picture here, but it is crucial from the point of view of many people in the U.S. We have some live military exercises going on, actually starting here in April. There are reports coming from all kinds of people around the states seeing you know, various military goings on; and then we have things escalating apparently. There is something going on... I think if I have it right, somewhere in Minnesota or something like that, recently, or you know very soon; and then also June, and then in July through September, everyone is talking about Jade Helm. You might have heard of it.

SP: Yes I have.

KC: Do you feel that this is any kind of activity related?

SP: Yes the National Security Council received a briefing from the National Security Agency sometime ago, which showed that with one million cops it would be very difficult without the military to maintain any sort of control over North America. The report from the National Security Agency to the Council actually bodes very interesting because it said, the report was, that soldiers wouldn’t fire on civilians, but the police would. The element here was that military families are dotted throughout North America and are always fund-raising for the military. There is a huge pride for the military, and if most units were asked to fire on civilians they wouldn’t do it.

But the police are by in large are so hated and so detached from the community that the police wouldn’t have a problem in shooting on local people, and [if it would be for the states where there is only a million cops. [the preceding comment ,in brackets, is hard to understand correctly].

So when they did role-playing games, they did all on computer, they looked to see which cities or which states they could hold and which they would lose, and they worked out which are the ones they wanted to hold, and I think there is a big operation going on in California at the moment. California is one of the states for alternative people, so is Texas. Texas is [has] very, very independent people. So these were two states that Jade Helm were looking at to see how they would do that.

The second thing is to try and make the soldiers feel more like soldiers and less like members of the community. The final element was to get the public used to seeing military on the streets. So there was a whole range of goals that they wanted to obtain with these exercises. They also know that this year and next year are crucial years for development of humanity for the level of human consciousness to arise. This is just another effort to flex the few remaining muscles they have. So that’s my take on it, Kerry.

KC: Okay, thank you for that. So moving on, can you look at the rest of what’s going on out there and also tell me where you are getting your information. Is it coming directly from your ET contacts, or is it a combination of information that you are gathering from various other places?

SP: I only go public with information when I get it from more, get the same info from more than one source. So when security said this or very well connected people tell me something and that matches with what I’m hearing from off world entities, then I will go public with it because one is backing the other up. Often I get one saying something and the other one either having their comment or having their knowledge or disagreeing. In that case I don’t go with it. So anything that I have just discussed with you has come from at least two different sources.

KC: Okay, okay, very good. Now I know that people are going to have their questions and I, we did talk about this in advance, and we want people to ask their questions. So I will go down through those questions, but before we do that, I want to go back to actually a couple of things you talked about in the interview with me.

SP: Okay.

KC: And those were things about your training, you know, in terms of your grandfather, and how that is maybe factoring in to your understanding of the global situation. ecause that was very sort of key magical training so to speak in my view. And then I would also like to go in the direction of Flight, wow, was it 317(17)? Okay, the number is escaping me but the flight that was shot down over Ukraine that you said was headed, was actually a Mossad operation that was headed to a Russian city; and any updates on that matter and then we will kind of move on from there.

SP: Okay. Right. When I was growing up as a young boy, I came under two earthly influences. One was my biological mother and who believed in magic but didn’t believe in Satanism. The other was my biological grandfather who believed in magic but did believe in Satanism and also was a member of the Illuminati, in its true sense, its true guise. Both tried to train me to their point of view. One was very rigid and all encompassing and very command and control and the other one was more compassionate. As a boy I think this represented itself when I had to choose of the alien races, which of these alien races I was going to associate with. I had the choice between the Reptilian group, the Draconis Reptilian group and a Mantid or a Mantis group. I chose the Mantis group. So I made a very, very big energetic decision that I wanted to be with a group that was more benevolent by in large to humanity than the Reptilian group. So that’s one it. In other words it dictated where I would go, how I would behave and who or what could interact with me. Had I chosen the Reptilian group, then I would have been a completely different kettle of fish as we say in Britain. So I guess that my grandfather must have been fairly disappointed that you know, that’s what free will and the choice is.

In terms of the Ukraine, the airplane that was shot down, you notice that the media just almost totally lost it and dropped it, because they didn’t get out of it what they wanted. There was a dirty bomb in the cargo hold of the airplane. That’s why when it was shot down, it wasn’t shot down by missiles. Because the fear was if an air to air missile exploded, it could actually activate the bomb. That’s why depleted uranium rounds were fired into the cockpit so the bomb wasn’t detonated.

Now it wasn’t the sort of bomb that when it hit the ground it would explode because these devices have a number of safety triggers, protocols and it is not like a shell that you put into a gun. It’s not like hit by a hammer which ignites it; it’s in electronic devices. But an air to air missile, the heat of an explosion of that would have actually activated it, but a crashing airplane would not. That’s why it was shot down with cannon fire.

The bodies that were found by the rebel groups, and the bodies were reported to be drained of blood and to be many days old. So we can perhaps begin to imagine where they have been. But no, there is no more information coming out because the plan failed. It was thwarted. It was thwarted because this group who are actively advising President Putin also warned him of the situation that was going to occur. So basically he was ready, waiting for that situation and was able to deal with it.

KC: Okay, now let me ask you this. What is your timing because I will go to the transition to take the questions from the audience now if you feel that, you know, I want to give them thirty minutes of questions if they have that many. If they don’t, then I will continue with my own, but what is your timing like?

SP: That’s a very American thing. When you ask me that, are you saying how much time have I got to stay on the phone?

KC: Yes.

SP: I don’t know, you guys threw us out at the Boston Tea Party and we operate closely in many ways but sometimes the language that both of us use is just completely alien to the other. Listen I’ll say here as long as need be. We’ve got two issues here: One is how much is it costing you, and secondly when someone doesn’t like what we say it cuts us off, so listen I’ll be guided by you, okay?

KC: Okay, excellent. Well, you know, fingers crossed. This is being recorded but again let me put this out there. If you have a camera you can point it at the screen and record this event and the sound of course, most importantly. O if you just have a recording device. I am recording this at my end with more than one device, but we want to make sure this doesn’t get lost somehow or interfered with … so …

SP: I would just say that that is really important. I did a few weeks back, I did a what I thought was a very useful talk, and presentation. Actually at a very spiritual center, which was rented premises from a Masonic Lodge. I think I did about four or five hours of presentation, and the organization told me that three of those hours disappeared. So literally on the electronic recording …..there was a done video. It was videoed, they just disappeared in the camera, so they were attacked electronically before they were even, before the chip, the VSD card was taken out of the camera. So it is probably wise to make several recordings because somebody doesn’t like what I talk about.

KC: Absolutely, there is no doubt about it. This kind of thing can happen and Camelot has had these things go on since our inception, which is now nine years into this project. So you know, as I say that is why I put the call out. Again, if you are able to do that, that’s great and we will not object to you posting it on, anywhere….. you own recording, in other words assuming it is, you know, complete and you don’t add anything, that’s totally great. So okay.

Well I am going to go into the chat now briefly and look at the questions. I do want to ask you if you have a perception about what people are saying is Planet X or anything related to incoming bodies, what may be coming in the near future, that sort of thing?

SP: Okay. Well the old guard, the elite, in several places on the planet are expecting the, I put it in my…. I put it very guarded in my use of the term, expecting the bank managers to come back. They are expecting the owner of the property, as it were, to return so they are, the elite are…. expecting at some point the Annunaki in the true sense of the word to come back. They would welcome them with open arms; whether these people when they returned would actually accept the elite in their position, that’s doubtful. But never the less it is predicted that their return is imminent.

I sometimes have a problem with planet X. I’m reasonably comfortable with a large foreign body entering the solar system in the next two years. It will not hit the earth. It is not going to hit here. There is a lot of panic going on about…. and that is not going to happen. But certainly I’m expecting some sort of foreign object to enter the solar system within the next two years Kerry.

KC: Okay, well, you know I have never heard anyone say that they thought that it would hit the earth. I, you know, am not sure who you are hearing from, but my audience hasn’t brought that up. But certainly, yeah, I have done a recent interview of you may know Andy Lloyd, you know, a fellow Brit. He studied this for ten years…. lives very close to GCHQ, which means he does have some contacts there; and is propelled to do so still to this day.

My latest interview with him is on my front page for those listening and who are interested. He is very conservative about what he thinks, you know, in terms of timing. But we are talking about something that is perturbing our solar system in some way, even…. regardless of the distance, and if it is moving one body or more than one body. I just interviewed Richard Alan Miller who is a black project scientist, a physicist, a very, very intelligent guy who says he has been given information that there is a body somewhere in the vicinity of Neptune. Which is interesting information. Other people are shooting objects that are seen next to the sun at this time, so there is a lot going on out there.

I’m also told by a back channel source that there is more than one body, that you know, these kinds of things go on. There is also this G2 sort of cloud, they are calling it, which is not in our solar system, but it’s somewhere near the galactic center, if I understand correctly. that’s been talked about by various people. I believe Paul LaViolette, the scientist, has also talked about that. So we have things that could perturb our solar system. Andy Lloyd makes a very good case for something called angularity, a scientific argument that says that there is something that affects our solar system that is not accounted for by any of the models or explanations for the way it operates, which is interesting.

SP: I think that some people are becoming confused.. because there are, what have entered the solar system, an absolutely colossal spacecraft, absolutely huge, bigger than people can imagine. And when they entered they were detected before they cloaked so the military, the earth military, did actually detect them.

There is confusion between what is a planet X, and what is one of these craft. So, from a scientific point of view, other planets can be affected by a mass if that mass is at the right distance and is big enough. Now some of these space craft are not big enough to affect a planet that is moving through space; but a large body, call it planet X, whatever you want, would. So I think what is showing up is that there is something out there is actually having an effect on the gravitational pull of other bodies in the solar system. But there are also others, huge objects which are not planetoid, but are a metal based.

So yes, I think it is a very exciting time.

KC: Okay, and I agree with you, according to my sources anyway. I have heard about these very large craft. Although you know the information comes in and out of the news and disappears very quickly, even you know, the so-called alternative news. So, you know, and when you say they cloaked, I think that is probably extremely accurate.

Okay, so we have a very interesting playing field going on. We rarely get sort of up-to-the-minute information. So your position sort of in the UK, the fact that you do have credibility lends itself to people listening to this, maybe even outside the alternative sector. That’s why you know, I sort of contacted you and wanted to go forward with this right away because I feel that it is so seldom that we get that, as I say, up-to-date information.

We might get it, you know, a couple years after the fact. Camelot sees a lot of information that goes public that has been known even to Camelot for years, and so this kind of gap. This is a time when people need to know in order to make plans for themselves, their families; understand on a spiritual level also what is going on out there and here. Would you agree?

SP: Yes I feel you are the same as me. It is not about spreading fear or spreading panic. It’s about actually saying, “Look, you know, if we have information which we believe is credible, then we are honor bound or duty bound to share that with like-minded people who then can do with it what they will.

I never signed up to the possibility of a global collapse, or you know an economic destruction. What I have said is there will be disruptions to power; disruptions to food supplies, but nobody will go hungry as such. And we are facing difficulties, but you know we have to go through these difficulties to come out on the other end. So in the short term it may be a little bit difficult but in the medium and longer term; then it is going to be a positive situation. I would just ask people not to go into this fearful or scared, but to actually go through it with a strong heart, and say, well I’m determined to come out on the other end, and my goodness me, I’m going to do that. So yeah, that’s what I think.

KC: Okay, excellent and as I have said I will take questions so I am going to look at these questions now. You know it is very compelling to be able to ask you on the spot these kinds of questions. All right, so someone is asking about the Moon, if it was deactivated or removed from Earth’s orbit, would that be positive or negative for the planet?

SP: It would be negative in the sense that it would have an effect upon the oceans. It would have effect upon human life because many people are connected to the cycles of the moon. What would be more advantageous would be to shut down any devices that are operating inside the moon, and to clear out any bases that would still be operational. So rather than get rid of that satellite, it would be much better to just remove it, de-militarize it, and then just have it as a clump of rock and nothing else.

KC: Okay, all right so let’s see someone is asking I guess about what is/are being called the Blue Avians. Actually, I think it is Cory Goode, someone who came out on the Avalon Forum originally, who has now got his own website and come out under his own name officially. I think it is him who is putting out information about a race of beings that are on the edge of the solar system or said to be incoming toward Earth at this time. Have you heard any of this?

SP: Yes, I would agree with it. I think it has given the negative beliefs quite a nasty shock. I think when this race was first rooted or detected I think it was considered to be of a negative alignment; but the creatures that you refer to as Blue Avians are rather more positive toward humanity than was first thought. So this is another headache for the negative forces on Earth.

KC: Okay now another question in the chat. [Stewart] Swerdlow said beings from the Kuiper Belt are sabotaging CERN; but also says the Kuiper’s are working with the Nazis, so does that make any sense?

SP: I have got a lot of time for Stewart of course because I shared a platform with him and we have spoken together in Britain a couple years back, and Stewart is a very genuine person. You know, he had the experience. He certainly was at Montauk, and like me, he has seen a number of quite exotic and unusual aliens.

Yeah, there is a number of benevolent forces now sufficiently concerned about CERN. A few have taken action against it. And your listeners may actually remember that I was one of the first, I wouldn’t say I was the first, but I was one of the first three years ago to really highlight the issues [of CERN]. I did a video presentation on it and reported that it didn’t work on the twenty-first of December 2012 when it was due to activate and have a negative effect on what people call the ascension process.

Now since then it had, to my knowledge, three malfunctions, one is absolutely wonderful, Americans were building one end of what we call a tube and Europeans were building the other end of the tube. They had calculated the difference between American inches and feet of core material and European centimeters and millimeters. So they thought they had worked out and when it came to the final bit, they found that somewhere [it] had gone wrong and it was completely out. When it was dropped into position it bent and snapped. There has also been melting and overheating of certain parts. So as I predicted three years ago, this device will not be allowed to operate. It is too harmful to humanity and it mustn’t be allowed to activate. And Stewart’s always maintained that there are alien races hopefully that are benevolent to humanity in the Kuiper Belt. What was the bit about, did you say Nazis or something?

KC: Yeah, they said something about the Kuipers, as they called them, I’m not sure what that means, but the Kuipers... maybe they are referring to the beings or something... (or he... the person who typed the question), and saying, some people were saying they were working with the Nazis I guess.

SP: Well if we mean the Nazis, we would mean the Fourth Reich, in the elite today.

KC: Yes.

SP: Or if we are talking about the autobahn group, that’s knowledge I can’t say whether that particular race are working with, but I can’t answer that.

KC: Okay, fair enough. Someone else is asking, I did a very, what I consider to be an important interview about a week ago, with Richard Alan Miller and Bob Dunn. Richard Alan Miller was really in something, I think to some degree, out of character, because he was right very carefully on message, so to speak, and he is usually. . . his mind is so fluid that he can go off in all kinds of directions with very little encouragement.

So in this case he was really stressing sort of the crucial time we are in, and he did mention that he felt that whatever changes were coming that there, he believes that there, or has been told and you know, you kind of have to weigh that yourself, but as a physicist, looking at the situation keeping that in mind, that there may be a coming Ice Age sometime around, if I got it correctly, maybe 2017 or later…. as a result of some of the other things that are going on. Do you have any information on that?

SP: Well, I did say that a large foreign body was entering the solar system and I also said it will not hit the Earth. In the past any planet that you might refer to as planet X did pass very, very close to the Earth and caused some of the polar caps to shift and melt. It is possible, but I haven’t seen that on this time line at the moment.

KC: Okay, yeah, I personally, on a personal level I do have dreams of the future quite often, dream visions is really what I call them and I haven’t seen any sign at least from my experience in any kind of ice age in the future.

Now are you, well actually thinking back, you are aware of an ascension pathway, and the notion of human ascension. You did say that the ET groups that you are working with have in a sense wanted to piggy back in a certain way that they changed the way they operate in regard to humans because they have now become aware that this would be a good thing for their race. So it is changing the way the behave and think about humans and deal with them as well. In light of that, there is to me, and what I am seeing is growing evidence that we are shifting, and that shifting involves a lot of things. Some of these things that might have been threats with a direct physical sort of reaction, you know, action–reaction here on planet Earth, the Earth herself is also shifting, so we are shifting, the Earth is shifting, and as a result what happens may not come out the way it has in the past, so do you have any thoughts on that?

SP: The earth never forgot its covenant with humanity many thousand years ago when humans were technologically ignorant but spiritually far more evolved and advanced than they are now, and many communities were able to communicate with the energy of earth, whether it was through stones, rocks, trees, the animals or with the earth directly, so … and in those days the planet loved the humans, and it saw them as not just something on its back, but it saw something it had given birth to. Now this day, we have got very few people who understand the Earth, or care about the Earth, who try to communicate with the Earth. But very, very fortunately for humanity, the Earth has not forgotten its covenant, so all humans have the potential if they so desire to reconnect with what they are really about.

You talked about the ascension process; I use the word. I’m as guilty as everybody else. I use the word because that is the word that is understood, but it couldn’t be more wrong. It is not an ascension process; it is a drawing down process. And over every decent living human creature, there are ten strands of energetically disarticulated DNA. Humans originally had twelve strands of DNA. Between two hundred and twenty thousand and two hundred and fifty thousand years ago, a Reptilian group removed the ten strands of DNA from the human race so that humans were intelligent enough to work and think but not intelligent enough to out think their captors, and so it has been. But the wonderful think about the human DNA is that it seeks to rejoin and we call this ten strands of DNA our higher self. So we are drawing our higher selves back into our bodies, and we are on the verge of doing that. That will be what is known as the ascension process.

Now when that happens, there will be the most cataclysmic release of human energy, human consciousness. Now if an alien race that is currently stuck in the fourth dimension would to seek to be raised up on that, they will only be able to raise up on it if they are of a light pattern. So if you still believe in murder and killing and oppression, you are not likely to be accepted by the planet and you are not likely to be able to piggyback along. But if you as an alien race decide that your culture is needed to be changed, and that you know, everyone is equal, then you have a much more hopeful chance of connecting. But there will be particularly one race that will try and get it, get on the cheap, and try and get ascension without having to change. But you know what? The universe doesn’t work like that so that group I think will be forever stuck in the lower fourth dimension.

KC: Okay, all right, now I’m looking in the chat. Again if you do have a question again put it in ALL CAPS and as I’m looking, if you will bear with me ...just to make sure I’m not missing anything. It’s easier for me to see it really quickly in all caps, just letting people know. Now, I’m not really seeing any exact questions right off hand.

Are you aware of Keshe? And are you aware of, well the push back on free energy… free energy scientists, activists, et cetera over the past maybe ten years or more. Even Tesla was interfered with in that way. But you know, are you aware of this sort of, I guess you might say the crucial kind of crisis that we are really coming into; which is sort of an energy war that has to do with oil, the free energy. Japan and Fukushima factors into this whole scenario as you may know and so on. Would you have something to say in that regard about what is going on there?

SP: I would. I would say within the next five years if all things get to plan, free energy devices will be available.

KC: Okay.

SP: Within the next five years. They are an absolute crucial element to the salvation of humankind. It’s part of the pattern; it’s part of the project. It’s part of the agreed plan to free humanity from corporations, from poverty, from disease and you know, it’s a relatively cheap thing to set up, and once it has been set up, then it will just carry on working as long as it is maintained. You can’t go and sell them on the street corners at the moment because you would be arrested; but once human consciousness makes a move, then I think there will be a opening for such devices.

There are many people actually who know how to make them, and they have been made for a very long time, but it is actually marketing them. It is actually advertising and actually getting them out there. That is the element at the moment that is being stopped. You mentioned Tesla. Tesla is an absolute genius; but Tesla was only reinventing what had already been discovered many, many hundreds of thousands of years before. And I always laugh when I read you know such and such person discovered gravity or this, that, and the other. No they were just rediscovering it, because we knew it and we forgot it.

And now we are slowly but surely crawling out of the quagmire, out of the mud, and we are beginning now to reevaluate who we are and where we come from. And that for many people Kerry, will be a very painful process, because for those who are listening to this show, I should think all of them are enlightened people or nearly so. They all just sort of nod their heads and say well, you know, we expected it, and you know that is the way it is. But for the vast majority, seventy-five percent of the population, it’s going to be an absolute shock, and they’re going to need support. They are going to need help and the whole world will turn upside down. So we will need devices like free energy because as the corporations begin to crumple or implode; they are going to need something alternative very quickly.

KC: Okay, and you are aware that they are being you know, that they have been attacked and killed over the years and etcetera, right?

SP: Yeah, well what, the first thing is if you can’t beat them, join them. I mean what they have attempted to do is buy the patent or get the person to work in their university or their organization. If they haven’t been able to do that, because the person has a very high ideal, then usually these people are reported to committed suicide or to have gone missing never to be found again. So it’s the old system of if you can’t control them, then you kill them.

KC: Yes. Okay, in terms of Japan and China and the world stage, there have been a number of attacks on Japan. There is quite a bit of concern about … Richard Alan Miller, in fact, is one such person who has studied the situation at Fukushima in depth and is highly concerned. He also, and many of my back channel sources, are saying that there will be another hit on Japan, and that will sink a good portion of the continent, of that small country. And that they have made arrangements for I think purchased islands in the Kamchatka region off the coast of Russia and even the Chinese are supposed to be making room for them somewhere in the middle of the country, although it is not certain that the Japanese will take them up on that. Do you know anything about that situation and the situation that has to do with the radiation?

SP: Right, well the initial hit on Japan was supposed to have sunk all of it. The illogic of that was to take all of the country down in one go and off world intervention prevented that. It is actually off world intervention that is acting like a bubble at the moment over that area, which is preventing it from really escalating to the point of view that it will be absolutely dire for humanity. So that is one thing, but the second attack has been planned and simply because they wanted the whole of the island to disappear. The reason they wanted the island to disappear is because when they looked, projected into the future, this is what the Orion Cube gave them when the Roswell spacecraft crashed. Two Roswell spacecraft crashed and they obtained what some people call the Orion’s Cube or the box and this allowed them in conjunction with other technologies to start to access time in a different way from perhaps the more traditional ways they’ve used that. And they foresee that the sinking of Japan puts America on the best time line. So that was what that was about. It wasn’t about punching anybody individually or although there are arguments between if the white dragons and the [black dragons?] or the red dragons societies, which do spread in to Japan. But the reality is that it is felt for the relief of the America that the best time line would be no more Japan.

In terms of the radiation I’m looking to the earth to begin to evolve some form of mutation or immunity of the creatures in that location to be able to survive that radiation. However we seriously need some off world intervention within the next two years before the poisoning is too great, so I would agree with whoever you just mentioned from a scientific point of view.

KC: Okay. Richard Alan Miller. 1:05:57

SP: Right, I would agree with what he said, yes.

KC: Okay. N ow I’m looking... someone wants to know what’s the best thing we should be doing right now to prepare ourselves for the coming world events. Also in terms of spiritual ascension or you know, bringing down a connection you know, a full connection with one’s higher self. I’ll paraphrase that.

SP: Right, well this is not about fear. This isn’t where you go and dig a bunker and you go and take your gun and hide down there. It is actually what we don’t want because then we are just bringing it on ourselves. What we can do is say look, the potential disruption would only last between four weeks and six weeks before there is what the alternative media refers to as a reset. I don’t think there is any harm in getting enough bottled water for four weeks or six weeks, enough tin food. You know the canisters for gas if you can cook on. If you have got a cat or a dog, get some cat food or dog food in. It is not about panic. It is just about being careful. That is the practical side.

Now in the energy side, yes, there is a heck of a lot people can do. They can start forming into psychic groups, spiritual groups, and they can then working in unison or organization. They can then look at areas of the planet or individuals on the planet, and then send healing to that part of the planet or those individuals. Or they can directly battle with anything if they are sufficiently strong and they are well guarded. They can energetically psychically battle with anything that is not so good, but I would caution great care with that. On my website I put a call out for anybody who is decent, loving, kind, but is a strong warrior to put their names forward so that I can bring together groups of people with psychic abilities. We can just do that and I have just been absolutely amazed. I have got over three hundred people have put themselves forward so I’ve got a big job incoming [1:08:26] to do that.. to see who we’ve got. But this is what we can do. We can look after ourselves; we can look after our families and our friends, but we shouldn’t just leave it there. We should look after people we don’t know because they are. . . I often when I talk to people Kerry, if I can just give this, I will give an analogy. I want you to imagine an apartment and in this apartment are two children, a brother and sister seven years old, and they have a mom and a dad, and one day mom and dad go to work and never come back. But midnight every night a black guardian, let’s just call him a black guardian, comes into the apartment and provides food and water so the children don’t die. Then he gives them religion, and he teaches them that they are sinners. They have no power. Only God is great and they need to get on their knees and give their power away and ask God for forgiveness. Then you give them history books. He gives them a completely false history. So when those two children leave the apartment and they grow up, they have no idea who they are, where they came from, what their history is. They believe that inherently they are not good. That they are sinners they can never be good and that only God is good and therefore they need to get on their knees and pray. They are without any skills. They are violent. They’re angry. They have tantrums. They stamp their feet. They lie and cheat and they are completely out of control.

That is the human race, but the problem is these people are this way because they have been lied to. They have been tricked and lied to. So when we meet people, yes we shake our heads and think oh goodness me you know, they just don’t get it, but that is because they have been conditioned in the matrix. So what I say to people is be patient. Don’t give up, and understand why these people are the way they are. They walk around like zombies. They are half asleep, but that doesn’t mean that we give up. So what I would say is... protect yourself; protect your family, but don’t give up on the rest of them.

KC: Okay, excellent. I’m going to be asking actually right now the chat … sometimes there is an interference and we go off line. I can’t tell from my end. So I just want to verify with everyone that they are hearing us and that the sound is good. Please understand that Simon Parke’s computer was attacked. If you’ve joined us later in the program, it was destroyed as I understand it. He had to buy another one.

SP: Yeah.

KC: And you had other issues as well in just a few hours before this live broadcast happened, which is why there is no video. Actually I’m here and I’m simply, you know, showing the poster most of the time, trying to remember to put on the video when I’m talking. but I don’t always remember to do that because I’m the only operator, so I have to think and do like ten things at once, so at any rate conducting the interview at the same time as worrying about whether or not you can see my face is kind of a strange combination. But. . . so if you don’t mind most of the time you will see the poster with his face, Simon’s face on it. So I appreciate if people will, I have been asking people while this is going on to tweet and Facebook it. So that it will get out there so that people who have joined us, you know, later that’s fine.

If you want to ask questions, put them in ALL CAPS in the chat. Simon is giving us quite a bit of time here. We are very grateful to have that time with him. Obviously they didn’t want this to happen here, this meeting, so thank you very much. This is a great opportunity for you if you are in the audience and you are live with us to ask the questions that may be burning questions that you had all along. Simon does have his contacts. It doesn’t mean that his answers are the end all and be all. I don’t think that he would even say that. But it certainly you know, he is a British Councillor; he is a public official in that capacity. He was voted into office in Britain. That gives him a certain degree of credibility, if nothing else, in terms of the mainstream perception of reality. On top of that, as you can see, he is a very well educated man. His background with regard to his family is crucial. So if you are not familiar with him or his background, then I encourage you to watch my prior interview with him on Then this will be going out viral and I am encouraging other people to record it so that we make sure that we do have a recording and that it does go out there. Okay, so that is just taking care of a bit of business really quickly there.

Some people are asking about the bloodline question. And you yourself would be of a certain bloodline. I know that you relate to these two ET groups, the Praying Mantis and the Reptilians or a certain group of Reptilians I would imagine, but as which there are several. But can you elaborate on your understanding of the sort of bloodlines and what is going on with that game?

SP: Okay. Within the Illuminati the understanding of bloodlines is twofold. One literally is the blood group, but the second one is the soul. If... we have to understand in the West that the human body isn’t that important. It is a carrier. It is a vehicle for who you really are. You soul reincarnates in bodies, depending on the case, but it can be many, many times. Although it will seek out bodies that are similar, in shape and looks, there will be differences.

However, a particular soul with a long heritage will seek to only incarnate in a bloodline body that can trace a direct link back to the time that that soul incarnated on the earth. So for instance, if you were around at the time of the Sumerian city-states, and you were part of the controlling group there, or let’s go forward in time to ancient Egypt; and you had a position of power or responsibility there and you reincarnated again now. Your body would be considered bloodline, because the soul would not incarnate in a body unless it had a direct linkage back to those times.

So the Illuminati look on people within their faction as bloodline because they can all trace their biological link back to a certain time in history or they can trace an energetic time in history. So if you are in the Vatican, and if you are a member of the Illuminati, you might be Renaissance bloodline. In other words, from the 15th and 16th century. This is the like the new money, the new group, the new Illuminati. But if you can trace a time back like back three, four, or five thousand, six thousand years ago, then you are considered old Illuminati. This is where you get the splits in power between different groups. [Those who represent] the old time or the old guard, the old fashioned, and then the new group with their nuances. So bloodline for these people is absolutely important. You can’t join the club unless you are bloodline, and there are tests that they do for that. I hope that helps Kerry.

KC: Absolutely I’m sure people will find that very interesting. Okay, let’s see Are there any countries due to conflicts or geographical location that are in danger of possible coming world events. I’s a rather general question but …

SP: I understand what they mean.

KC: Okay.

SP: And there are a lot of people I speak to who, have young children, are now fearful for their children and I can quite understand that. Many people on the East Coast of the mainland U.S. are concerned about part of the land being swallowed by the ocean. Some people in small volcanic islands are very concerned.

All I can say is that I can definitely say that the time line that we are currently on does not carry with it natural disasters. Fifteen or more now, twenty to twenty-five years ago the earth was on a time line that could potentially have seen much of mainland of the United States submerged. We are not on that time line. That doesn’t mean that devices can be used to sink, we talked about Japan. That is a person-made or a human-made disaster, but I’m not seeing cataclysms in the shape that you could have predicted twenty-five years ago.

KC: Okay, let’s see, what, how, let me ask you this. Do you have visions or dreams of the future or do you feel or do you, you know, get information about the future coming to you from your ET contacts. How does it happen for you that you might get information in that regard?

SP: I have only in my life, I have only ever had one UFO dream. No, I don’t get my information by dreams. Many people do. I don’t get it through the traditional understanding of the word channeling. To my knowledge only two people have ever detected a portal around me. Only two people have seen it. I have a portal that connects me.

It’s not that unusual. There are other people who have portals and it allows a two-way information that cannot be hacked. The problem with traditional channeling is that that can be hacked. You think you are channeling one particular group, whereas really another group has got in there and is passing [1:20:12]dust or disinformation down the root. But with the portal, it’s a secure network that links you to wherever you are connected to and the information I obtain in real time is through that.

That’s a much cheaper easier way for off world people to communicate. It is quite a risky business these days to actually appear either energetically or physically to talk to you but that still can happen, and I do get that from time to time. So no, in my case it’s not really through dreams.

KC: Okay, but in terms of the future when you look at the future, do you see a positive future for Earth and humanity? But also, do you also see a sort of, I don’t know for lack of a better word, a culling happening…. where some people are transitioning out of this sector leaving their bodies in essence through various... whether they be smaller cataclysms, tsunamis, etcetera. Do you see or, have you heard, or you know, gotten this information at all?

SP: Right. What is happening over the planet is that people are beginning to see through what we call the veil. They are getting snatches or glimpses of a fourth dimension. Again I give an example where I had that, where I literally go down, walk down my stairs, from one room to another. As I’m walking down I’m looking at the treads to the actual stairs and on one of them it appears to disappear and to be like a thousand foot drop. Now I know that there is a physical stair there. But when my brain is trying to make sense of what my eyes are seeing... when combined with what I’m energetically seeing, the two are not working together. Because one part of your body is designed to understand and communicate with a 3D reality. Another part of your body, when activated, is designed to communicate and activate with higher realms. So it is very, very confusing to people who are on that transitional phase. And when I walk down the stairs sometimes I end up jumping over the stairs, because although in reality, I know that it is going to be solid wood, it looks as if it is a thousand foot drop. When I look back it is just normal. Which is happening all over the place. People are for a split second leaving the third dimension and accessing another realm.

Now I want as many people as possible to have that opportunity, to take that opportunity to make it happen, so that they can evolve and connect with their energetic DNA. So they can move on and start to become what humans really were always supposed to be; but I do understand that it is a choice. And a large number of people will choose through fear not to do that. They won’t want to do it. They are quite happy being in their world, and they would wish to stay there.

However, we need to answer that the changes that are coming physically…. because there may be a feeling that people don’t want to stay in this world anymore as it is. They want to be part of the world that changes. So I don’t just see the new age argument which is people suddenly dynamically change and go in to this fifth dimension and you know of course we have the light and we will all grow wings and we are all fairies, whatever, fantastic. That is not going to happen. The reason it is not going to happen is that we have to experience each dimension. It’s like a ladder. You, there’s no, such thing as a ladder you don’t throw it up to level six and get another go. We’ve got to go through all of these dimensions to learn them.

And just from a scientific practical point of view, the distance, the difference between the third dimension and the fourth dimension is huge. There is less so between the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, etcetera, because we are talking about time and space. Our concept in the third dimension of time and space is totally erroneous. In the fourth dimension time and space is completely different.

So the leap of consciousness from the third to the fourth dimension, just trying to get your head around what is happening to time, that will be too much for many people. But once they’ve done that, then they will successfully be able... in the years to come... to go through the fifth and sixth dimension because they have broken through the big barrier.

The fourth dimension is the hardest dimension to get through... and finally.. that is why so many off world entities incarnate on the planet earth. Because if you imagine, you are a sixth dimensional creature and you have telepathy, telekinesis... you don’t have any problems because you have your own internet. You have a problem you just speak to Fred down the [1:25:32][next turn] and ask him what you do, so what they will do if they feel they are spiritually not developing, they will come to planet earth, lose the ability to have telepathy, lose the ability to move solid objects... where issues are right in your face. The only way you can overcome them is to go deep into your soul, and search in yourself and test in yourself, and then hopefully coming through. So that is why so many creatures come to planet earth to develop and change.

Many of them suddenly realize that they have a connection to humanity and that they want to help humans and they want to help the planet. So it is a very useful dimension, but the human race now on this planet is ready to leave that dimension. Too long been held down, too long being held as a slave, and it is time to wake up, it’s time to develop and it’s time to move on to the next dimension.

And finally, the fourth dimension is where some bad guys exist. So there has to be a reckoning The question is, can we try and have a diplomatic solution before that reckoning? At the moment that’s what is going on, on the planet, an attempt to have a diplomatic agreement before all hell breaks loose on the fourth dimension.

KC: Okay, what about you know solar flares and EMP and you know, in other words, man made situations. Have you heard about a planned, for example, EMP?

SP: Yes, but let’s talk about solar radiation. Solar radiation actually as a solar flare, is very important to the development of human DNA, energy DNA. Alien craft have been doing things with the sun to regulate the amount of energy it releases because it is directly related to the development of humans on the planet. In terms of human made devices the old Illuminati idea was to designate a dirty bomb if you couldn’t steal a nuke. There’s a group of Zionists who really would like to do that. But the latest view... and I think we talked about this Kerry when we met...drone aircraft now are suitably advanced that they can carry quite a bit of weight. The idea is to have EMP generating devices in drone aircraft, and then to use them to knock out crucial elements of the infrastructure of certain countries and to basically push the Earth into a dark age. That is one of their crazy plans. So that is very real.

KC: Okay. You know to circle back when we talked about what appears to be I guess a British initiative to deceive Putin into I guess making some kind of first strike that would then sort of escalate into World War III.

SP: Yes.

KC: Can you elaborate on that in the sense that what you think is the thinking or what you have been told is the thinking behind that move on the British side of things; and what support they have, whether it be from you know, the Mossad, Israel, United States. In other words, are they acting unilaterally? Are they working as a group of nations to have done this move? Because you know it’s very... you know... I mean gutsy or whatever you want to call it; but it is cataclysmic in its results. So I’m just curious what you have heard around that story.

SP: Okay. Well a knee jerk reason not to think about America or Britain, France, Canada, but just to think of One World Government. So it isn’t that Britain did this or America did that. It is the group of individuals who have self-styled themselves as the government of the world.

So all they do is use the resources of their assets in different countries. Just as America was absolutely determined that when it attacked Afghanistan and when it attacked Iraq, it wanted Great Britain side by side with it. In fact it is not widely known that when the British Prime Minister of the day, a man called Tony Blair, took a phone call from George Bush telling him that he was going to attack Iraq there was a huge argument between the president and the prime minister. Because the prime minister said, “911 was caused by people out of Afghanistan.” The president replied, “There’s not enough targets in Afghanistan,” so therefore I want to go there; and that country, not to use foul language, tried to kill my daddy. People will know that Iraqi agents attempted to kill George W. Bush Senior.

So the deal was that Britain would support America but only if the timetables changed. They had to attack Afghanistan first and then Iraq afterward, whereas America wanted it the other way. The price of British support was that it had to be in that way.

So Britain and America are always seen as the key players, America because it is still the world’s major power militarily; but Great Britain because it is the world’s greatest diplomatic power. So America has always wanted Britain to be by its side because it was a combination of diplomacy and military force. So it isn’t that Great Britain, it was just that there were five or six of the people who were part of this great family who were in the position in Britain to pull strings.

So it was a self-styled one-world government that operates in different countries and uses the country’s flag or banner or label when it suits them. So what was the objective? The objective was to utterly destroy a large portion of the population because these people have their underground bunkers all ready to disappear into.

KC: Okay. Now have you been told that... you know... with the death of all the bankers, (and certainly these were hits), but can you talk about what you may have been told in that regard? As well as what you know about the elites, who are not going into underground bunkers but in fact, are going off-planet?

SP: Right. Are you saying bunkers or bankers? I couldn’t quite hear that.

KC: Oh, bankers.

SP: Bankers, okay.

KC: You know the death of all bankers.

SP: Yeah, well most of them were assassinated because they could name names. They were on the [1:33:29][unintelligible] of their conscious. Their consciousness was getting too strong for them and they were going to perhaps start talking. It was considered that they were a liability. Some of them have actually been hit by what you call the white hats.People tend to think of the white hats again as all sweetness and light and that’s not always the way it is.

So a number of these bankers have been taken out by both sides. In terms of the good guys taking them out, it is because they would have looked at time lines and seen that some of these people were destined to rise to very high positions, and you know to try and entrench the status quo. But most of these people have been taken out by their own side who are fearful that they are preparing to name names and explain what is going on.

But these people who are (let’s be under no doubt), these are middlemen. These aren’t the top highest rank. The system hasn’t collapsed you see. The elite are still there. They are still controlling them. I always try to say to people, “Look if you’re hearing everyday, you know, that this person has been arrested and this person has been [1:34:48][unintelligible] etcetera, etcetera. But you have to understand that these are people who have been thrown to the wolves as it were.” They are being offered up so that the people who really make up the top echelon believe that they can survive because they have thrown these other people out.

Now lastly, off world, that’s very interesting. I would just say to people, “Where do they think all the gold is going?” Because a lot of the gold is being taken off planet. I have never seen such a historical thing; but in recent times vast amounts of it have been taken off planet. There are some people who believe they can make a better life for themselves and their families in another world.

I’m not talking about jolly old Richard Branson you know running missile trips around the moon, and you can pay huge amounts of money to have a tourist holiday on the Moon. I’m talking about proper bases where you can actually have a decent life. So yes, there will be some people who will decide that it is better to be off planet because they don’t want to face the music. And you know there will be a time when these people will be called to account. So yes, let’s just see how it develops.

KC: Okay, what about the... and let me just second the gold being taken off planet. I have gotten that from many of my back channel sources. So I have to second that. In terms of, there was an incident, I guess rather recently in Texas where somebody was reporting that there was a laser battle with perhaps ETs and people that were military at that base. Did you hear about that incident and do you know anything about it?

SP: The thing is that this is not an isolated case. This has been happening consistently for the last four years ,before 2012 actually, as we are running up to that. This is the unseen war that is being fought. This is why you know, hopefully that the truth does come out that people will just be taking shots that the booms they hear underground and the strange reports of contractors pouring tons and tons of concrete into holes. It is an ongoing battle.

Different groups are being given ultimatums. They are either agreeing to withdraw or they are staying put and then a battle occurs. There was a very interesting situation much closer to home for me in London. There was a truther organization that will have some knowledge that they are an underground station, a tube station, not train station, in London and [smoke from trains were seen to be coming through]. This is another underground facility that has been dealt a blow.

So the one in Texas, I don’t believe they were laser rifles. I think they were more like plasma weapons that was used from the descriptions that I have been given. Although there are laser rifles used, but it is usually the color of the beam that comes out. Based on the descriptions of the color of the beam being fired by these weapons, I wouldn’t think they were laser rifles. I think they were more of a plasma type weapon, but I suppose that is just my [advice ?] 1:38:35

So yes. The situation in Texas was a situation where a group of hostiles had been given an ultimatum. They didn’t agree to the ultimatum and therefore there was a confrontation, and that is often what happens. You know, I don’t want the listeners to think that these bases are blown to pieces and these people, or creatures are willfully killed. They are given ultimatums and they are told that at a certain time the situation will occur. Sometimes they withdraw and other times they don’t withdraw and that is just the way it is.

KC: All right. Let’s see. The changing of the financial system and in essence the day of the switch, it seems to be escalating. Obviously the bank of China and all of these things going on as well as the latest things that went on with Putin etcetera that we started this interview talking about. Can you talk about what exactly in terms of an exact…. do you have any exact date? Do you have any information of a group of dates or whatever, which has to do with the dollar and you know the drop of the dollar etcetera? And is there something you can talk about in terms of, or elaborate on in terms of what you know and China’s role?

SP: Right. American short: the dates are largely dictated by what the controlling group in the U.S., Israel can do. Putin and China and the group have always been reactive. Any potential we can only [discuss] will only be caused by a gold bearing currency dictating terms. In other words if two neighbors, one neighbor in one house has a gold backed currency and one neighbor in another house does not, but if the neighbor with the gold is happy to accept the other neighbor’s values, then there is no distress at all. But if the gold backed neighbor decides that I don’t want five of your dollars anymore or whatever, I want twenty, that is when the distress will occur. The dates cannot be predicted until that decision is made.

Now those decisions haven’t been made to my knowledge. All that has been made is that this will go ahead. Something like thirty-five countries are the target that China and Russia have set to getting thirty-five signatures to the new BRICS agreement; and then when they have got thirty-five signatures firmed up, then they will then proceed to what you call the first date, which will be the inaugural launching of the currency. So any potential corrupt states cannot get recalculated because energetically that decision to declare the inaugural date of the gold currency has not been made.

China does not have the same drive that Russia has. Russia has been treated terribly by America and so Russia is looking to extract revenge. Now don’t underestimate that. China doesn’t wish to extract revenge. China wishes to extract profit. So China would be the soft argument here. So Russia might say I don’t want to do this or I don’t want to deal with this, and China would say yes, but you know we can make a good group of money here; we could really do this. So they are having their different ideologies in relation to what they want out of the situation. Russia wants independence and it wants to see America reduced in capacity to command a big say in the world. China, what we say, doesn’t give a sausage. All China wants is to be as profitable and to make as much money and to own as many other elements in other countries as it can. So China wishes to become a banker and the powerhouse of the world. Russia wants to be the organizational, the country that basically takes the position of America. So we can’t predict yet because certain things haven’t yet happened.

KC: All right. What about the reevaluation of currencies, because there is a lot of curiosity about that. Then and there are people who have invested I guess greatly in what is called the Iraqi Dinar. I did an interview with Kameran Fally recently, who worked with the Illuminati bankers and is a very interesting man. I don’t know if you saw that interview or know of him.

SP: I haven’t, no. I haven’t unfortunately.

KC: Okay, he is a Muslim but he is also very adept with software and has worked as … he is an Iraqi Kurd and so on, so very interesting man. Also a religious scholar as it happens. He is releasing information that he believes... and he has been tracking you know … this sort of return of the planet … and thinks that something is going to happen in June of 2016 surrounding the Olympics and the return of this planet. You could comment on that, but I’m also curious whether or not, in terms of the currencies again, the Iraqi Dinar, anything you know about that sort of thing.

SP: Well there was a plan afoot to some of the gold that was taken off world, to use that as a sort of a counterbalance to what Russia and China and the others are doing; and to create a sort of city-state, sort of an Illuminati paradise, a millionaires paradise. [ Unintelligible 1:45:25] that you militarily controlled had all the resources in the old traditional style, such as oil, water and that you could then make a fiefdom out of it. There were to my knowledge a number of countries that were looked at.

The problem why that is not going to work is that the combined power of China, India, and Russia, it means that nothing else is going to work. It can’t work because China and India have been buying up, and Russia have been buying up as much gold as they can on the market to (a) to finance their own currency and (b) to deprive other nations from trying to build theirs up. They have been paying over the odds for it, so there’s that point.

In terms of a devaluation, it wouldn’t surprise me if the powers that be cannot prevent a collapse, and let’s face it they will do everything they can to prevent an economic collapse. But if they can’t prevent it, then I think one dollar would be worth probably ten cents, so a huge reduction. This would be for the first four to six weeks, and then you have got what people are calling a reset, a property devaluation whereby perhaps the dollar would be worth half. So yes, I don’t hold with the potentiality of other countries being used as fiefdoms, and I think that is possibly what this person is referring to.

KC: Okay, well you mean in terms of the Iraqi Dinar. I mean Kameran Fally did talk about a very interesting dynamic that goes on with regard to Iraq trying to get credibility literally in, I guess you may call it, the banking system. So that it could have a currency that’s backed by something and that there is a you know, there is a push back from the Illuminati side that won’t allow them to actually get that kind of credibility. Do you know anything about that yourself? Have you heard about this?

SP: Yeah, I mean there have been a number of countries over the last five years that their names have been in the frame. Their name has come up potentially. You are looking at places that have got portals. You are looking at places where certain resources can be brought in. You are looking at an area that has a special history to it, and there are a number of those on the planet, where there were plans for both sides to look at that, but everything has changed. Because when President Putin signed into law his agreement to the BRICS, there isn’t really anything that anybody negative now can do.

That’s why they tried to force a Third World War, because they have totally run out of options. They can’t play their games anymore. They are so bereft of any diplomatic opportunities. That’s why they are forcing or are attempting to force a military option. That should just be the biggest sign to anybody just how bankrupt and empty of any plans these people are. So they are just evil people. They just want to destroy as many ordinary people as they can; so that they can survive in whatever world they think they are going to live in. You know the reality of that is not going to be allowed to happen. And so a lot of things that these people are reporting are genuine but they are based on conversations that were had three, four, five years ago when such an opportunity had merit. It doesn’t have merit anymore because the game has changed very quickly, and the rules and regulations have changed.

KC: Okay, now there was information in certain sectors that there was already a return of certain Annunaki, specifically Marduk. There was sort of back channel information during the Elenin flyover, so to speak, that he may have been dropped off at that time. Do you know anything about the return of Marduk, and can you talk about that?

SP: Yeah, I can talk about it. To my knowledge ,no that hasn’t happened. There is a very large department within the Vatican that is constantly observing and just checking for this very return. In fact I think I mentioned it in passing earlier on in our interviews.

KC: Yes.

SP: And what I call the bank manager is supposed to return. They will be the first to know. And I can tell you honestly that they have had no information that that entity has returned. They are still waiting for them and to their knowledge that person or that creature hasn’t yet returned. So my best answer is well the Vatican is still waiting so I think the rest of us are as well.

KC: Okay. Someone is asking about the flat earth. What do you think about that?

SP: Right. If we are talking about a holographic hard drive, a creation within a multiverse; each verse within the multiverse has its own reality for beings to play out and experiencing. If that is what the person is referring to, then yes I fully accept that.

KC: Okay, yeah and let me say, you know, it’s kind of an interesting sort of disconnect there, because it has to do with how you visualize material reality, so to speak.

SP: Yes.

KC: And I also think that … I have always sort of thought it was very funny, you know. I don’t literally believe in a flat earth certainly. But I can say that the notion of a planet; it’s a net... you know. It’s a form that captures, you know, other forms so, or is used you know, sort of as a platform if you will, so if it …

SP: Well I will just say that many things that we use in our daily lives or have been reinvented or invented have an absolute mirror effect in the wider creation. If you think of your computer as a hard drive that sits in it, it’s a flat disk, but it creates the most amazing things that appear to be real worlds. You can actually do amazing things with graphics and we are talking about energy, light and sound frequencies.

So I’m quite open to the idea of each universe making up the multiverse. Each one having its own hard disk, if I can call it that; each dimension of ladder, that rung of a ladder that I talked about earlier, and then those creatures experience within that universe. Then they move up to the next challenge or the next learning curve. So all of these are opportunities for sentient creatures to develop and learn... or not, and to hopefully to attain something at the end of it. So if we are talking about flat earth in that respect, then I am actually very happy to go along with that.

KC: Okay, let’s see one, you know there are cities or at least a major city from what I understand in Kazakhstan, I think is how you say it. It has appeared, I believe it has appeared actually, at least it has been depicted in various movies. I find it fascinating. I did hear about it, and I wonder if you know anything about it.

SP: Are you referring to Kazakhstan?

KC Yes.

SP: Yes, a little bit about it. I understand that the periphery is guarded by... not regular soldiers, but by units paid for by a corporation who take orders not from traditional government, but from very elite beings. It’s one of the very sensitive topics that is being discussed at the moment Kerry, so if you don’t mind I will just actually, it is one of the very few times where I’ll refuse to answer one of the questions. Simply because at the moment it’s … I’m not sure either way how it is going to go. So I’m sorry to do that. I really don’t like to do that.

KC: That’s okay. If I have my attention on it, I know it is a hot topic, and I …

SP: It is; it is. But at the moment, it’s up in the air at the moment for grabs, let’s put it like that.

KC: Okay. Okay, I’m just skimming this to see if, okay CERN and changing time lines. You are saying that it is being interfered with, but would you say that that device was working or being used to try to change the time line? So that it would go to the one in which the New World Order was sort of in charge, in a bigger way than they already are.

SP: Yeah. The CERN device was built for a number of purposes. Like many things on that level of technology it can be used for good or for ill. But of course there is money in [ill, and some people 1:56:00] don’t seem to want to do anything good with these things. As a weapon it has a capability (and you will find this, or your listeners may find this interesting) it has the capability of firing the most incredible energy beam; which could strike a very large object like a planet or something like that coming toward the earth, and potentially disintegrate it or deflect it. That’s one possibility of it.

The other possibility is literally something that could be used to attack other countries. But the main use of that time line, which was three or four years ago, was to change the pattern of energies that were going to occur on the twenty-first of December, 2012 ...with actually two days on either side of that…. or they made a peak on the twenty-first; where those energies were at such a level that it significantly and irrevocably changed the pattern of human development. And CERN was built with a specific point at that time to interfere with that and to prevent that happening.

Another possibility for it and they saw it ...was to maintain the stability of a very important portal. Call it a wormhole, call it whatever you want. But if you can imagine a coal mine that is very old and you have a tunnel under it, and you... in the traditional 3D sense get wooden props…. and you build struts and you prop up your tunnel. From time to time a bit of the tunnel collapses and you have to rush back with more wood and prop it up.

Well we are talking energies here with these portals and what you do is you... it’s a bit like a tube from a vacuum cleaner. They wanted to force energy up this corridor to basically fill it full of energy, push the sides out to reestablish this corridor because it’s collapsing. It is a major corridor that links planet Earth, or one part of the Earth, with a very negative area.

By 2017 this will collapse. It will dissipate and there will be no more toing and froing through this particular portal. So the device then was also designed to push energy up this and to reestablish this portal so that the negatives could.. if they wanted, get new supplies. It was for these joint reasons that four years ago, I brought it to the attention of anyone who would listen to me and warned about it. And since then there have been a number of unexplained failings of the device. The machine has failed to operate on a number of occasions, and sometimes crucially so. Which has been for the benefit of mankind.

KC: Very interesting. Okay. Some people have told me that Aleister Crowley is still alive on the planet at this time. I am aware of a technique that the Nazis have for reverse aging. Do you know anything about that? Have you heard anything about that?

SP: I have. I’m not sure whether it is that or it’s a clone containing his soul. That is the only thing I’m not clear on. Whether it was the real physical body or whether it was an element that was reconstituted. But yes there are certain people like that; that their souls are considered so important and the bloodline is considered so important that they are not…. it is not considered right that they should reincarnate in a child’s body and then redevelop. It is considered that they need to be in the set body, the set same body and they are held back for a certain reckoning or a certain time. But a person like Crowley is a very adept magician and will stop at nothing and has no loyalty except to certain things. And [he] would be a very useful tool for any individual who could maintain him. So yeah, just another, as far as I’m concerned, another hollow egg that needs to be crushed.

KC: Okay. Some of those other people are also telling me that it’s possible that he has actually changed sides, so to speak, that he is not actually following the dark path anymore. It appears that you do not have that opinion. Have you, has anyone, you know, thrown that …

SP: I actually have been told, but I was told it along the lines of... that certain people like him had the ability to see into the future, and foresaw the future... and realized that the side that they were on didn’t have a future. So they better go and join the other side while they still could.

KC: Absolutely.

SP: Now my view is, could I actually believe that as a truth, but my very outspoken crushing of eggs a little while ago, was simply because if somebody joins another side because they think that is the winning side, that’s not good enough. Somebody has got to change sides because they fundamentally believe that what they did before was wrong; that the organization or agency they worked for was wrong. Therefore they want to make a complete different change. They want to join this particular group, whatever it might be, because they believe that is the right way. Now that is when you do take people on board. But if someone comes to you and says, well you know what, I think I would rather be on your side. That’s what we call a Trojan Horse, where that person then in five, ten years time might attempt to take over the organization.

KC: Sure. Absolutely. So it needs to be organic, which actually speaks to whether or not indeed it is a clone. Maybe something else is going on there, very interesting. Okay , let’s see... I was told by Kameran Fally who has quite a bit of interesting information. One of the things he was talking about was the wound on the head, that it was supposed to be a big deal to the Illuminati. Specifically that there are certain parties that have to have this and are displaying it Obama’s case purposely, obviously. Prince William, I think it is, the other person. Hillary’s wound to the head was supposed to be orchestrated so that she could qualify in this sort of small club, which may, if I understand it, related to the coming of the antichrist as some people frame it.

SP: Interestingly enough, often we get glimpses either in the movies or in literature, and in many cases individuals who come forward with their works are not aware of what they are doing. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are fed information by secret organizations and they don’t disseminate that to whatever meeting they can. But when J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter, she created a character who had a lightening flash on his forehead. Anybody who understands the Bible with the Mark of the Beast will then begin to put two and two together in terms of certain non-earth entities or partial earth entities having certain marks on their heads. So I would say there is a lot of credence to that, yes.

KC: Okay. I’m just looking down this list here, and I know we kept you for quite a while. We don’t really need to go on much longer. I’m looking for good questions in the chat that haven’t been covered already. Some people do ask questions that more or less have been covered so I’m going to sort of skim past those. Let me see, well this is interesting. In terms of intervention from the ET races, there is a balance that goes on here, and with what we think of as the free will sector... and whether you are a positively oriented group or you’re negatively oriented. The fact that my understanding is that the positively oriented group really is not at liberty to simply intervene unilaterally, that there has to be a whole process of where they are able to intervene in this sector. Do you want to talk about that?

SP: Yeah, I can make, perhaps put an angle on it that many people haven’t understood. Everybody understands the original Star Trek film where they had the first rule where in the technologically advanced Star Trek people couldn’t change the history or intervene on the planet; it’s the prime directive.

But here’s the bit. There is an argument that when a planet population is enslaved, and has bad things done to it, in a way, as hard as it is to understand, that planet population has brought that on themselves. How can ninety-nine percent of the world’s population allow one percent to rule them. Well they must do it because they let them do it. They have somehow given them permission to do that.

Now you know if you stopped and asked everyone, they would say, “Well I never gave them permission,” but the reality is that you didn’t stop them. We didn’t stop them. So we didn’t stop them so we must have tacitly let them go ahead and do it. And this is the reason that an alien race who quite clearly have seen proof are very mindful that if they come down and do something over and above the normal run of balancing the books, that they are perhaps taking away the responsibility from the human race.

The human race, whether it’s Hollywood or whether it’s in the workplace or the sports ground…. always wants somebody else to come and do the work … always wants someone else to come in and save the day. If it’s not the 7th Calvary, it’s somebody else. And the reality is that the human race is the 7th Calvary. The human race has to take responsibility for itself and can and must make those changes. And that’s what off world entities are willing the human race to do, to get on and to do it.

Because otherwise, it could be argued that these benevolent races are actually against the wishes of humankind. If ninety-nine percent of the world’s population allow one percent to rule the planet, how can an off world organization come down and say to the ninety-nine, “Well we are going to throw these people off.” That is a very, very deep and complex argument, which these creatures understand very clearly. That is actually one of the major reasons why there isn’t a massive intervention in front of everybody’s eyes, that’s why it’s all been covertly.

KC: Great, okay thank you. Alright, well all right at this moment I think you know that we have been going long enough. I find that people are able to, even for the purposes of putting this on YouTube, (which I will be doing as soon as possible) so you know, they don’t have attention spans as long as I would like. You know, the stats, call it what you will, tell us that.

So, I do want to draw this to a close now. I want to thank you so much for joining us, for braving the situation that you were faced with. You know, and I’m glad that whatever forces out that have been with us. The “Force” has been with us, so to speak, if you want to call it that... to allow this to proceed. People have been able to listen and hear what you have to say, so it’s been great sort of meeting here that we have been able to have with all of the people who are listening in this live environment. Anything else you want to say, any closing remarks?

SP: I just welcome people to come and look at my website. It is You know it is not a great big fancy website. It is just something that says about what I’m about and what I can do and try to put people in touch with people and it would just be great for anybody who is awake and aware to come by and have a look at that.

I really want people to connect. I think there is strength in numbers so if you network with people. You know, there is a possibility that sometime in the future the World Wide Web will be taken down, so it would be nice if people can make friendships now and we can survive any difficulty. And I will just say to people, look you know, whatever is going to play out in the two, two-and-a-half years ahead of us it has to be….. because what is on the other side is worth obtaining. So whatever difficulties we are going to go through in short-term, in the medium and long-term, they are worth it, not just for ourselves, but for our children. So I have to say, “Keep the faith and be strong.”

KC: All right, well thank you very much and thank you again for taking the time. Thank you everyone for listening, and have a great day. Remember that you all signed up to come and be here and be part of this amazing drama. So live it fully and completely. And so thank you, again.

SP: Okay, bye-bye.

KC: All right, bye-bye.

Transcribed by GSC May 12, 2017

Proofread by by Carolyn Hess March 12, 2019

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