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March 8, 2015

In 1971 when Simon was around 12 years old he was taken on a craft by what are called mantids in Britain and mantis in America. In that formative experience he had to choose whether to associate with reptilian-like creatures or mantid-type creatures. He chose the mantis and his life completely changed. Simon's soul is one-third draconis reptilian, one-third hollow earth human and one-third mantid. The mantis side is the thinking, logical, collector and recorder side. He connects with the human side when he wants to see a beautiful rainbow. If he needs energy he connects with the reptilian part. He doesn't have alternate personalities, rather he has one soul equally divided into three parts. His energy signature, higher self, is predominantly reptilian but his controlling element is predominantly mantis. He says his human third and the mantis third gang up against the reptilian third and out-vote it on most occasions. The higher self is where the 10 strands of etheric DNA reside. The energy of that, when combined with the energy of the soul, dictate a person's character and their physical attributes. Once a person understands who they are and can connect their organic brain with their soul, then they can really develop into something special. All humans have the capability to be special, regardless of what their soul is, they just need to believe in themselves and to connect. Simon's soul, not his physical body, was here very early in the development of humanity. Humans have been around for a very long time but the physical bodies most of us have now on the planet are constructs from a time when a reptilian race acted to reduce the capability of the humans who were here then. This is why we only have two physical strands of DNA. The reptilians are incredibly proud and cannot face the fact that they may have made an error, but they were sufficiently impressed to put part of a ruling soul into a human body so that his feelings, emotions, and decisions could feed back to them and they could see if changing course was possible. The human race is on the verge of changing and any good intentioned creatures can use the huge release of energy when human consciousness expands to pull themselves out of the blockage they are now in. The mantids have long understood that and wish to change. The reptilians are hedging their bets. If races can evolve successfully on the earth that will emanate out through the multiverse. What plays out on planet earth actually plays out across the whole universe. Human consciousness itself has expanded and developed and is one and the same with the earth because our frequencies are linked. We are inseparable from the planet earth. There was a time many thousands of years ago when humans were far more spiritual. They loved the earth and the animals on the earth and calculated the stars and did not pollute and communed with the earth and the earth has never forgotten that. So we do have a covenant with the earth, something that the reptiles don't have but the mantids do. So we have one of the star cards up our sleeve, the fact that we and the earth are associated, which means that we draw strength from the earth and hopefully when we make the change we can start to put something back into the earth. Simon's understanding of the creation of humanity on earth is that 500 milion years ago during the Cambrian period a spacecraft containing very humanoid looking creatures crashed here. They were from the 12th dimension and this 12th dimension equates to 12 strands of DNA, not 12 different races of people who visited humans and tinkered with the genetics. When the reptilians arrived what they were interested in were the twelve strands of DNA because the twelve strands of DNA still existed with these creatures, but they had gone down a spiritual path and not a technological path. Therefore they did not associate the reptilians with danger or evil, because they didn't know that. So the reptilians basically tricked them, removed 10 strands of DNA. But the universal law says you cannot disempower somebody by taking the strands away and then trashing them so they stuck them in an energy overlay. So when we talk about our higher selves what we are actually talking about is our auric field with the ten energy strands of DNA. Ever since that time, the human body has been attempting to reconnect with the strands and this is the metagene – the reptiles never got the metagene, they never got the code and they must frankly never be allowed to get it. DNA is the secret. Hollow earth humans didn't originate in the hollow earth. They were originally from another star system, that came to this planet, integrated with the indigenous population but were always separate. When the fall of man started to occur 220-230,000 years ago they were moved out by the mantid race as a sort of library, reserve stock or seed bank in case humanity became so corrupted or destroyed that it was not viable any more. There wasn't time to come back and repopulate the earth. It was considered quite useful to maintain a small but very vibrant group, and that is really where Simon's one-third human soul comes from comes from. Removing the 10 strands of DNA, meant that you could not be telepathic, you could not have a connection with the earth in the same way, you could not move objects around, you could not heal somebody who had cancer – so that is the fall of man – the loss of abilities which were natural to us. Simon thinks maybe we didn't realise just how lucky we were, how gifted we were. Maybe it became impossible to work through problems. If you are in a higher dimension then problems do not weigh on you in the same way because you have the capabilities to overcome those problems. That is why so many higher frequency entities incarnate into human bodies in the 3rd dimension because a problem really is a problem here. We have to really work hard at overcoming our problems. That is why so many individuals who have karma from many lifetimes choose to incarnate here to try and get it all sewn up and overcome it. Simon doesn't believe in coincidence or chance, He does believe in God and thinks the human race had to go through this process to come out the other end, to be really strong. What happened was that we were tricked. Many of the people who run the world are playing by rules that we never expected them to play by, because when you are coming from a position of decency, you naturally expect everyone else to play by those rules but that has not been the case. We have been unfairly hoodwinked, unfairly tricked and this is why we sank deeper down, because we were having to contend with people who did not play by the same rules we did. That is why it is taking us longer to climb out of the pit. The advancement that has occurred over the last few years is spiritual and that is where the real advancement is going to come, not from technology, but in spiritual ways.

Jay Pee: Welcome to Ever Beyond on Wolf Spirit Radio. Today my very special guest is Simon Parkes, a UK local councillor, that's a local politician and a driving instructor, with a normal sounding life, and then there was an announcement of a very curious heritage, which we will discuss as well, it is all part of the story. How are you Simon?

Simon Parkes: no sound

JP: where did it all start for you Simon?

SP: no sound … aware that the world around me was not quite the world that everyone else saw it as, and as I grew older, privately to myself, I tried to work out what was going on, why was I having these interactions and others were not and I also learnt that I had to be quiet in general company to start talking about these things did not go down very well. So it was perhaps only in the last ten or fifteen years that I am able to put all the pieces together as best as I could and come up with some sort of answer. Now your second question: I think it all really started for me officially in terms of my trajectory of understanding, in 1971, so I would just have been around 12 years old, when I had an experience where I was taken on a craft by what we call in Britain, Mantids, what the Americans call a Mantis and that was a very formative experience for me because I had to make a choice. A choice as to who did I want to associate with: would it be reptilian-like creatures or mantid-type creatures and I chose to associate with mantis creatures and from that moment onwards my experiences were, not solely with the mantis, but very much so. So I think 1971 would be the moment that my life completely changed.

JP: so at that time, when people who are interested in aliens and things off this world, it was always relegated to complete fantasy, because they had the big lock down, the truth embargo. You are just a little older than me. I had my nose firmly glued to the front of the TV set during all and any science fiction, Dr Who, Star Trek, Joe 90, I've been revisiting: that is something else, now that I know about MK Ultra and Montauk. All of these shows, they showed aliens and sometimes they were blobs, sometimes they were life Jim, but not as we know it, all of those, but actually it was only from Babylon 5 that we actually started to see the insectoids in sci-fi. They had a mantid who was a sort of wheeler dealer black market dealer, he was down in the alien department in Babylon 5, but they were not portrayed so much. But when I think of the universe, if I think of the planet, and I think well, here on this planet there exist these little creatures. There's one that is an inch long, there is one that is about three inches long and we call them different names but they are the same creature, you call it a grasshopper or a locust but essentially it is the same creature, just in a different scale and I just presumed that scale exists all throughout the universe: like, if there are six inch humans, there are six foot mantids, things like that. Does that pan out? Is that a true assessment of the way things are in the galaxy?

SP: I think that earth humans are quite happy to see bug eyed monsters and the more bug eyed a monster is the more happy they are. The more human a creature looks, or the more it resembles something on earth, the more uncomfortable earth humans are with that, because it is too close to home, too close for comfort, too close to call. So I think that, as say a TV shows developed, as directors of TV shows and movies became more and more close to the CIA and the National Security Agency, as they were given more and more heads up on what would be a good story, so we saw the type of creatures developing from the 1960s and 70s into things that are very human now. You talked about Joe 90 and some of the other fantastic British programmes that were produced in the 60s and 70s and yes, it was actually for many, many kids, both girls and boys in Britain, and indeed around the world, it was staple viewing. Slightly different for me because there were some programmes that I was required to watch. For instance, things like Stingray, some of your audience might be familiar with that, but with Stingray, I had to sit and watch that. My mother would sit with me and we watched that. It was about a 30 minute programme and I was not allowed to speak or eat or leave the room while that was on. There were certain programmes like that which I had to watch and there was one series of programmes called UFO, which I think was in 1969. I was shipped off to my grandparents who had a colour television in 1969 in Britain, not many people had colour TVs back then but my grandfather had a colour television and I was shipped off there weekly where I had to sit and watch that. Also the Avengers. There were messages you see in these programmes, where directors of science fiction, whether it was for children or not, it didn't matter, who were being given information to help them with their story, but were being asked to put out certain things. Think of Captain Scarlet for instance. So I think what has happened is that humanity over the last 30-40 years has been steered, in some ways positively and in some ways negatively, towards accepting a new sort of alien. So back in the 60s and 70s it was bug eyed monsters, in actual fact in 1959 or 60, I think it was Quatermass and the Pit, where I saw mantis type creatures then, but you are right, they very rarely appeared until more recently.

JP: You cited many, many shows there. Gerry Anderson, famous for Thunderbirds, but as you said, Stingray, Joe 90, UFO, Fireball XL5 and they all had what we now call disclosure in them. So this is really interesting because you were instructed (your mother was part of the secret services). So she was following orders? Place him in front of the TV and don't let him move... and she would follow the orders. When you watched these shows, what was going through your mind? Were there several streams? For instance do you have implants that give them a telepathic connection in through your eyes and ears?

SP: no I have a portal that links me 24/7, so I don't have electronic or etheric implants, I have a portal.

JP: a portal? Could you explain that?

SP: yes, it's a: how can I explain it in 3D terms: it's an open connection that runs a two way channel between the third dimension and in this case the fourth dimension which allows me to have communications at all times which cannot be hacked or intercepted and allows assistance to be brought to me if I need it. And we'll just very quickly talk about the instructions: yes, what would happen is I would sit and watch a programme: I was not allowed to eat, I was not allowed to talk, there was no talking, I had to sit and watch it, but at the end of the programme there would be a five minute question and answer session with my mother where I could clarify anything that I had seen and I did not understand and she would answer. So for instance in Stingray one of the character puppets is called Marina and she does not speak and the world accepts her as a mermaid. So she is this mermaid character and I asked my mother, why doesn't Marina speak? And what I was told was, well, Marina is a cross between a human and a reptilian. So we are being told this was a mermaid but what my mother said basically, she didn't use the word genetic engineering, or gene splicing, but what she said was, well Marina is a cross between a human and a reptilian and hasn't yet learnt to speak. So I was being more guided than instructed and it was what I made of it. So it was a very interesting upbringing, I must admit.

JP: it sounds anything but boring. I had to fight to watch Star Trek. Now I realise there is encoding in the content. I don't know what it is, but it tells you. Every show has a tiny piece of the puzzle, I have always found. There was that Dr Who a few years ago when they were tunnelling deep down and they found themselves in a chamber. They dug the deepest mine that humans have ever dug and they burst into a massive reptilian dormitory and they are very unhappy with the humans. There was some other reptilian-like thing going on. You have said publicly that you are a hybridised hollow earth human and reptilian. Now is that a Draco reptilian? And your mantid side: are these the Kuyper belt mantids? Are they the same ones and where do they originate from?

SP: hopefully your listeners will not find it too crazy. The Kuyper belt, that does not play any part in it. There are some people who are talking about spaceships hiding in the Kuyper belt: I have no knowledge of that. Yes, I am one third draconis reptilian, one third hollow earth human: this is my soul we are talking about, not my physical body, and then one third mantid. My energy signature: that is the higher self: is predominantly reptilian. So when you look at a living creature you would look at the soul of the person, that is the real person, but also what we call the higher self, where the 10 strands of etheric DNA reside and the energy of that, when combined with the energy of the soul will make up that person, will dictate that person's character, their physical attributes. So my energy is predominantly reptilian but my controlling element is predominantly mantis.

JP: controlling element? How would you characterise that as personality?

SP: no one third mantis, one third human, one third reptilian. Basically what happens is the human third and the mantis third gang up against the reptilian third and out vote it on most occasions. The mantis side is the thinking, the logical side, the collector, the recorder. The human side is when I want to see a beautiful rainbow, then I will connect with that human part. If I need energy or something like that I will connect with the reptilian part, so it is about not so much character but accessing those elements that contain that energy that make you as a person. Once a person understands who they are, what they are, what their soul is, then they can connect their organic brain with their soul, then they can really develop and be something special, because all humans have the capability to be special, regardless of what their soul is, they just need to believe in themselves and they just need to connect.

JP: so would you say that you are unique on this planet or are there others who have combinations of different soul groups in the same body?

SP: I have met one other person with three parts. I have met five or six people with two parts to the soul. Most people would have the one soul, that is the norm, the standard because then you have to ask, why do you not have one soul? Is that source, God, that has dictated that or has some higher technological intervention come along and grafted something onto the soul? So in most cases people would have one soul but I am not unique by any means, no.

JP: so if somebody did a reading on you and they read your soul, would they be reading the mantid, the reptilian or the human?

SP: well, hopefully they would read all three.

JP: and in terms of who I am speaking to now, you answer as one, or do you have different characters that come out for different questions?

SP: no because that would be someone who has had mind control and they would have alternate personalities. I don't have alternate personalities. What I have is one soul which is equally divided into three parts. If I am debating in council chamber then the mantid part will very much be the one to the fore because that is the one that has got to play politics and argue and be logical. If I am with a club going out and looking for fossils then that might be another aspect. So it is not in the sense of three separate parts that play different tunes, if you like. It's one theme but within that theme there are flavours, that is probably the best way to describe it.

JP: ok, I do this system you may be aware of, it's called the seven rays. It's a way of characterising the different frequencies of soul note and things like that. It's very interesting to read you..... are you familiar with the term “monad”?

SP: no.

JP: all right, well, the highest higher self, the source is on the first ray, the major soul aspect ray is ray five, which is quite interesting: that's a very cataloguing, historiany kind of energy and then you have a ray three personality, which enables you to talk to anybody, very communicative. It's interesting to look for the other rays which would show up I believe if we are talking the same language, as sub rays in your soul. I use dowsing to find these, so as I listen to you, I'll fill you in later. So we have a question from Walt Silver, he is asking, what is your life purpose, having this DNA mix at this time? I think you touched on that a bit just then when you were talking about the councils.

SP: that's a really good question and it's funny you know, you must draw some very knowledgeable audience because I find generally with radio shows it is towards the end that the very good questions come in and then we run out of time so I think it is very auspicious that we have started with what is a very important question. We are pivotal in the development of earth humans at the moment, this is the end game. And I don't mean end game from a negative point of view, I mean in terms of a new beginning. Anybody who is alive on the planet now is really blessed because this is a fantastic time. I know it is going to be difficult but it is a fantastic time to be here to see this through and to see the great changes that we need to come through for the benefit of every good person on the planet. I am just playing my small part as many people are across the globe who are doing everything they can to wake up humanity, get the message out there, be supportive, be helpful. My soul, not my physical body, was here very early on in the development of humanity and it is absolutely appropriate that my soul is here as the circle is joined up. So the beginning, and the end, for the new beginning. If that makes any sense.

JP: that does. So, you were here at the beginning, and one thing that you have mentioned before, I think it was you that mentioned it, but it was about where the mantids are at: they look after the planet itself, not the human race, but the planet itself, is that right? And what would be the point of entry? When you say you were here at the beginning.

SP: I think originally that the mantids were here for the planet because this is a beautiful water world. There are very, very few water worlds in any of the verses within the multi verse but over time the mantids realised that the human race was something a little bit special and so their allegiance moved to include the planet, unlike the reptilians, who have never moved really much from their position. In terms of the beginning, humans have been around for a very, very long time but the physical bodies that we all have on the planet now, most of us have on the planet now are constructs from a period of time when predominantly a reptilian race acted to reduce the capability of the human creatures that were here then. This is why we only have two physical strands of DNA, and my soul inhabited a body of the first viable human and that is why the reptile that comes to visit me occasionally insists that I call it “daddy” - when I was a kid, it was daddy, now I just call him dad, and the mantid that visits me, I now refer to as mum. So they look on me as the first child that was created in this cycle so I am here now, in this period of time, because the earth is coming round, it is moving, the human race is developing and the human race must evolve. So I was in at the beginning and I will be here for the next phase.

JP: wow. Sharp noise. I hope you are not triggered by loud noises, because my mixing desk has done it twice tonight.

SP- well, interestingly enough, I met a doctor who had worked at Pine Gap in Australia, and her job was to counsel all the guys who were having nervous breakdowns in the military base and she said something very interesting to me. She said in my professional estimation you have been programmed so that you can never be programmed. And when I look back on my life I think that is exactly what has happened, so I was put into a programme that would mean that nobody could ever programme me and this was a safeguard that I have been given. So no, noises, trigger words, the number of people who either intentionally or unintentionally attempt to trigger me with their stupid little Illuminati trigger words, and I always speak to them and I say ooh, there's another little trigger word there. No, fortunately I am very lucky like that.

JP: how do the reptilians and the mantids get on with the “jokey” human?

SP: do you mean the human generally? Or are you referring to me?

JP: you.

SP: I don't joke. I only joke when I am talking to people because the mantids and reptilians don't appreciate humour so there is no point in having humour. They don't use it, they don't understand it, they've gone beyond that. I think they have lost something. In fact the mantis realise that they've gone down that road too far and that is why they are seeking to regain some of their compassion. When I am communicating with them I don't use my mouth: it is all telepathic, so as soon as you do that your whole style of communication changes. So I can communicate in pictures and in colour. I very rarely use words: sometimes when I have to use a name I'll form it in my head but it is generally through pictures and colour so it is much faster and you don't have humour because you are too busy passing information at very fast speed between yourself and someone else and you don't really have time for humour because it doesn't play any important part which is a shame I suppose because humour in the human sense: it's nice to be able to laugh. So no, I have two different styles of communication: one when I am verbalising with people on the planet and one when I am being telepathic.

JP: does that mean that sometimes it is a bit of an effort to speak? Because if you could just idly think something and just toss the thought over, that is a lot easier than opening your mouth, breathing in, and doing all that stuff, isn't it?

SP: the difference is in the quality of the communication. When dealing with advanced races, they are not really interested in what you did today, like, did you go to the dollar store and buy this: that is of no interest whatsoever. But when talking to a person they might be quite interested in what you bought at the dollar store, so it's about the quality of it, it's about the whole social aspect of it. I just learnt to develop because I had had these creatures around me from a very, very early age, I learnt to live in two worlds, literally to be in two places, and so to be appropriate in each individual world with the type of creatures that I met, and I just grew up with it.

JP: first of all you said something about “full circle” or you came in at this cycle, and is that because you contain a kind of blue print, like after multiple photocopies, it does not look very much like the original blue print. Is that to reinforce the pattern of human consciousness in a body or something like that? What is the purpose of you incarnating at this time?

SP - I contain one third of a reptilian soul but it's not just any reptilian soul. It's a reptile that makes decisions and these creatures are incredibly proud and they cannot face the fact that they may have made an error or that they are doing things that are wrong but they were sufficiently impressed to put, not just in me, but to put part of a ruling soul into a human body and let that play out, so that my feelings, emotions, decisions could then feed back to them and they could then see if changing course was possible, I know that's really difficult to explain here. For instance, if you believe that you have the god given right to rule a people but in the back of your head you think, this isn't possibly right, is there an alternative here? And you think, well I can't go onto the planet as the king, because it is not going to work, but what I'll do is, I'll put an element of my soul into an appropriate body down there on earth and then let's watch that play out and interact and it will have some influence on me and the whole key here is that the human race is on the verge of changing and any good intentioned creatures, and I mean it, GOOD intentioned creatures, have the ability, there is going to be the most huge release of energy when human consciousness expands and creatures that are stuck in the fourth dimension, who are connected to the earth, who have become good intentioned, can use that energy to try and pull themselves out of the blockage that they are in. now the mantids, or mantis have long understood that and wish to change. The reptilians are hedging their bets. So part of what is going on here with me is a process of working out just how viable it would be and whether the reptilians can actually change or whether they are just incapable of change. So that is one element of what I am about.

JP: so there is a lot at stake, particularly for the reptilians because this is one of these evolve or die things isn't it?

SP: yes, but it is not just about the earth because it's that old adage of you throw a rock into a pool and the ripples go throughout and IF races can evolve successfully on the earth then that will emanate out through the multi verse and will have beneficial effects to other planets, because this is not the only planet that is going through this cycle. All planets go through this cycle, it is just our turn now. If we can have a positive output then that will emanate out and will assist across the universe. So what plays out on planet earth actually plays out across the whole universe.

JP: and therefore, what plays out in our individual lives plays out in the universe as well?

SP: yes.

JP: a question from Walt. He builds organite devices, metronic devices, does shamanism: he comes across mantids and reptilians and others in his journeys. Is the mantid evolution affected by the evolution of human consciousness? And I think that is exactly what you just said, isn't it? Well, the human consciousness is being affected by the planetary consciousness, is that the right order of things? Is it like the planet is evolving and we are just piggy backing on it? And then our consciousness ripples out because that is what we do: I'm just guessing here.

SP: no, you're not, you're doing much more than just guessing. You are in essence correct but the element that you have just not picked up on is that the human form is striving to get back to what being human is really about. I mean really human, with twelve strands of DNA. Unfortunately the new age uses the word ascension. Now I use that sometimes because that is unfortunately what the audience understand, but we are not actually ascending. What we are doing is drawing down the ten strands of DNA that were taken from the human body and through the metagene we are wrapping those up and then through a special code lock we are undoing that code lock so that we are full circle, we are coming back to what we originally were. So it's about regaining the DNA, which will then give us the consciousness link with the dimensions and the universe: so we should be telepathic, we should be able to do all the other things, but the earth is changing and it is one and the same thing. There is no such thing as coincidence. The earth is changing at this time and its energies, from the centre of the galaxy if you want, have activated the human consciousness but it could only activate the human consciousness when the earth humans themselves decided that it was time for them to move on. I have spoken about this critical mass of two or three million people which we needed prior to 21st December 2012 because if we had not got the critical mass the earth could have quite happily said, look, you know what you guys, you have been along for the ride on my back for a very long time. Unfortunately you haven't stepped up to the plate, not enough of you have shown the commitment so I am just going to ditch you. Well, that did not happen because enough people connected and made that spiritual jump and as result of that, it has proven that far more people can also make it through. So human consciousness itself has actually expanded and developed and it is one and the same with the earth because our frequencies are linked. We are inseparable from the planet earth. There was a time, many, many thousands of years ago when humans were far more spiritual. Yes, they did not have motor cars and they did not have computers and they lived in mud huts but my goodness me, didn't they love the earth and loved the animals on the earth and calculated the stars and did not pollute and communed with the earth and the earth has never forgotten that. So we do have a covenant with the earth, something that the reptiles don't have actually, but the mantids do. So we have one of the star cards up our sleeve, the fact that we and the earth are associated which means that we draw strength from the earth and hopefully we can start, when we make the change, we can start to put something back into the earth. Sorry that was a bit long.

JP: no, that's fine, you're going into a bit about why we are all here now, who are we here with. Another question from Walt: how many species are represented in the complete human DNA code? When you say a twelve strand body, does that mean a body that was inhabited by a mantid soul, it would look more mantid? Is it that sort of thing, is it like Dr Who's chameleon circuit? What does twelve strands mean? Does that mean it is a really tightly grouped DNA molecule?

SP: I am talking about twelve dimensions, not necessarily twelve different alien or humanoid races. The reptilians would like people to think they created humanity full stop and they have always wished earth humans to look on them as their gods. That is not the case, the mantis are very clear on that. I don't know if your audience is familiar but my understanding of the creation of humanity on this planet was about five hundred million years ago, which in geological terms would be called the Cambrian period. There was a crashed spacecraft which contained very humanoid looking creatures who were from the twelfth dimension and it is this twelfth dimension which equates to twelve strands of DNA. And people should be in no doubt, that is why on a clock face it runs from one to twelve, that is why months of the year run to twelve and in Britain until very recently we had what we call the Imperial measurements with our inches from one to twelve, so the number twelve has always been very important. And so I am not talking about twelve different races of people that came to visit humans and tinkered about with the genetics, therefore we have twelve strands, I am talking about twelve dimensions and each DNA strands equals to a dimension and that is why, when you fly an alien spacecraft, you cannot fly an alien spacecraft as you do in Star Trek, because if you think about Star Trek, they sit at the consul and they press buttons. Well, I can honestly tell you that if you are travelling at three to four times the speed of light and you wish to turn left at Neptune, you can't press seven or eight buttons because by the time you press the third button you are about a trillion, billion miles past Neptune. You fly spacecraft with the DNA. The DNA is the only thing that travels faster than light. So the DNA is a secret that the earth military understand. That is why there was such a rush to do cloning here twenty five, thirty years ago. DNA is the secret. All this change that human consciousness needs is about connecting with our DNA.

JP: you are saying they are hyper dimensional, they go up in octaves: my understanding of dimensions is frequency and it is just octaves, like we see light in one frequency and we just keep going up, there are still rainbows in higher octaves, we just cannot see them. I want to know, will I be able to see infra red and ultra violet?

SP- the answer is yes, absolutely.

JP: my audience is pretty up to speed with most things like the reptilians, the Khazarians, who is behind it all, the Jesuits, the Vatican etc. we understand it is not governments, it is corporations, we understand the way the world is and you and I chatted before the show about what is happening in the world. I saw today that HSMC, aka Barlcays Bank aka the evil ones have pulled out of gold in London, which is a really important thing. Like they have pulled the plug out.

SP: yes, back end of last year, fall/autumn of last year I was predicting a very large economic crash, but not in America. Every pundit was talking about America crashing and I was the only one saying, no it is going to be Europe. And to a certain extent, I have been vindicated because three or four weeks ago the International Monetary Fund put 50 billion Euros into European banks and have promised to put a further 50 billion in every month. This of course is not real money, this is just noughts on a computer screen, but they obviously saw what I had seen, that a European collapse was imminent. My best information is that they may just have saved the day from their perspective. If we are going to see an economic collapse in Europe it will be around September, October, November of this year, but if the IMF continue to put in 50 billion every month and the three key money men that matter in Europe: one is in Frankfurt, one is in Bonn and the other one is in London, if at least two of them continue to believe that these fake zeros will mean they can make a profit, then there will be no collapse. Now separate to this there is the game being played about pulling the plug on gold. The world is going to divide into two camps- those that have gold and those that do not have gold, and America and Britain do not have gold. Switzerland got most of its gold back, not all of it, but most of it. The Chinese have a fair bit, the Germans have a little bit, but by pulling its trust in gold in Britain what they are actually saying is, we know that Britain does not actually have any gold, therefore we wish to disassociate ourselves. So it is the beginning of the move which I predicted about a year and a half ago where we will see two camps, those with gold and those without gold.

JP: and of course those who obey the golden rule, which is: those who have the gold make the rules. What happens next Simon because this is supposed to be a transition into something good. This does not sound at all good, it sounds like we will all be plunged into some kind of poverty.

SP: well, you know if you are making a pizza you may start off with a big lump of cheese and then you have to grate the cheese. During the grating process it is very painful and it does not look good, but when the cheese is nicely put on the pizza it looks really good. So we have to go through a process of difficulty to come out the other end and that is basically what will happen. We will have some problems but the end result is good.

JP: not many of us are bible bashers but we have half an eye on the book of Revelation: war and rumour of war, yes we have had that, poverty, starvation, but the main thing is what they call Tribulation. It does feel like we are being grated. Here is a question from Wolf Baby. From where do the hollow earth humans originate?

SP: really good question. They didn't originate in the hollow earth. They were originally from another star system, that came to this planet, integrated with the indigenous population but were always separate. When the fall of man started to occur they were moved out by the mantid race as a sort of library or reserve stock in case humanity became so corrupted or destroyed that it was not viable any more. There wasn't time to come back and re populate the earth. It was like a seed bank basically, it was considered quite useful to maintain, a very small but very vibrant group, and that is really where it comes from.

JP: and this is where your one third human soul comes from?

SP: correct.

JP: how does the soul hook into the body? Why do some people leave it and come back? The greys are supposed to be able to transplant souls: why are we stuck and some people are not?

SP: several questions. In most cases the soul will choose: if a physical body dies the soul has to leave that body. If there is a viable body nearby it will automatically go to that body, but only if it is a viable body. Here is where the manipulation occurs. Either from source itself, or from technologically advanced off worlders, a body can be genetically altered so that it is more pleasing to a soul. For instance, a Pleiadean soul incarnated into a body that was heavily reptilian in its energies, they would not get on, the body would attempt to reject the soul, the physical body would become sick. So in most cases the energy overlay of a body matches or is at least reasonably compatible with the soul. So a soul will either through source choose to incarnate in a body or it will be directed by technological means. I can't remember what the other questions were.

JP- what is the hook? Not every soul can hook into any body?

SP: I don't understand what you mean by the word hook. A soul has to have a physical body. Even a twelfth frequency creature who has a light body, they still have some form of body, because a soul needs to have a framework around it. So a soul will look for a body that is appropriate for it. If you have the choice, it will be drawn to a body that most closely matches the body that it is used to being in and has the same frequency resonation as the soul, so that could be your hook, I suppose.

JP: ok, it's a frequency match. Another question: from Starlight 4127: could you ask Simon about reptilian spirit guides because I was told I had a reptilian-like spirit guide when Walt did a soul journey for me. Is this good or bad?

SP: it's not what you are, it is what you choose to be. There is too much BS on the internet around “reptilian is bad, Pleiadean is good” - no, it doesn't work like that. There are good reptilians, to use a very banal, plain human term. You can certainly have reptilian spirit guides which are good, and not so good and the way to judge it is, how supportive are they towards you? Is the advice they are giving you beneficial to you? So judge by the actions of your spirit guide. If they are loving towards you and they are giving you what seems like good advice, then they are there for a good reason. If they are always attempting to make you feel unhappy or questioning yourself in a negative way, then maybe they are not so good. There are certainly reptilians out there who take an interest in individual humans and wish to assist them.

JP: is it that one day WE will become somebody's spirit guide?

SP: no, unless you choose to be. Remember that a spirit guide is actually a living soul that is able to send its consciousness from one frequency into another. If you have a DNA link or a past life link with somebody and you saw something go wrong and you don't wish that person to make that same mistake or you swear allegiance to that person that you will protect them or you will care for them, then you will be able to send you consciousness through time and space to attempt to nudge them towards a more positive outcome.

JP: that's cool. More questions: one more from Wolf Baby 127 and she is asking: where did that craft originate from the 12th dimension in terms of races and star system. What does 12th dimension mean to us in terms of our galaxy? Can we picture 12th dimension? Can we picture dimensions?

SP: ok, I don't think that the Akashic records have the answer. We are talking 500 million years ago, we are talking about a group of very humanoid creatures who were 12th dimension. The craft developed a fault: every alien spacecraft that I have ever come across has a nuclear reactor as a power plant in some shape or another, although it is a different sort of nuclear reactor to the ones we have on earth. The craft crash landed, it had somewhere between four thousand and six thousand living creatures aboard. The craft had to change from being a 12th dimension form into a third dimension form because it was on the earth. This took two days. Now that was equal to about six thousand years in our time. When the doors opened after what had been two days for the occupants, but about five or six thousand years for those living outside, of the whatever thousands that came out only three to four hundred survived the shock. I have never been diving but I have talked to people who have dived really deep and then come up too quickly and they get what they call the Bends, when they get bubbles in their blood, well it was sort of like that, but many, many times worse. So we had maybe three or four hundred of these creatures who had been in the 12th dimension and were forced down into the third dimension and their technology just dissipated and they became incredibly spiritual but they ended up de-evolving, de-evolving into ape-like creatures, although with intelligence and verbal communication. When the reptilians arrived what they were interested in were the twelve strands of DNA because the twelve strands of DNA still existed with these creatures, but they had gone down a spiritual path and not a technological path therefore they did not associate the reptilians with danger or evil, because they didn't know that. So the reptilians basically tricked them, removed ten strands of DNA but the universal law says you cannot disempower somebody by taking the strands away and then trashing them so they stuck them in an energy overlay. So when we talk about our higher selves what we are actually talking about is our auric field with the ten energy strands of DNA and ever since that time, the human body has been attempting to reconnect with the strands and this is the metagene: the reptiles never got the metagene, they never got the code and they must frankly never be allowed to get it. So that is a sort of potted history.

JP: wow. Have you heard of Alex Collier?

SP: yes I have.

JP: he referred to a group called the Pertal? Is this the same group that you are talking about?

SP: it is an offshoot but yes, they are related. Very reptilian.

JP: and I have also heard a story, from the Project Camelot website, that it was a woman who remembered that scene: she was one of the inhabitants of the spaceship. She was from the east, and she was recounting almost that verbatim story that you were talking about.

SP: I'll have to go and find that, I would be very interested in that.

JP: when the reptilians got here: would you call this time the fall?

SP: yes.

JP: right, and this is 500 million years ago?

SP: no. 500 million years ago is when the 12th frequency humans first landed on earth. The fall would have been probably around 220-230,000 years ago.

JP: right, so this is a completely different thing. What is the real story behind the fall? We see a dumbed down story with apples and snakes: you are speaking from a standpoint of being able to remember from your own point of view, or from being able to read the Akashic records? Which is almost the same?

SP: no I am remembering personally. Literally the fall of man as the church would refer to it, (although they put a completely different spin on it because of their religion,) was the removing of the ten strands of DNA, meaning that you could not be telepathic, you could not have a connection with the earth in the same way, you could not move objects around, you could not heal somebody who had cancer: so that is the fall of man: the loss of abilities which were natural to us, simple as that. But religion, the church, has changed that, they say, you have upset God, you've sinned, so here we go with the wonderful word of “sin” - that is a different take on it.

JP: so you are saying we really have been victimised and that sin is not our fault, it is something that we were thrown into and not something that we should blame ourselves for, is that right? Or is there some other higher responsibility, that these 12th dimensional people didn't fall here by accident?

SP: yes, I think you have answered your own question. I think the important part here is maybe we had to go through this to actually understand what we had. I moved to my location some twenty years ago and I now live by the sea and for me it is a very beautiful place and I really value it but someone who was born here perhaps doesn't necessarily value it in the same way because they've had it every day of their lives. So maybe in some way, if you have twelve strands of DNA and you had the capability to do almost anything, maybe you didn't realise just how lucky you were, how gifted you were. Maybe it became impossible to work through problems. If you are in a higher dimension then problems do not weigh on you in the same way because you have the capabilities to overcome those problems. That is why so many higher frequency entities incarnate into human bodies in the third dimension because a problem really is a problem here, we don't have telepathy, we can't heal and everything is physical, so we have to really work hard at overcoming our problems so that is why so many individuals who have karma from many lifetimes choose to incarnate here to try and get it all sewn up and overcome it. So I don't believe in coincidence, I don't believe in chance, I do believe in God and I think that the human race had to go through this process to come out the other end, to be really strong.

JP: if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger?

SP: yes, but I don't want people to think we say, come on stick a knife in us, slap us round the face, that's what we want. What happened was that we were tricked: let's get that straight. Many of the people who run the world are playing by rules that we never expected them to play by, because when you are coming from a position of decency, you naturally expect everyone else to play by those rules, well that has not been the case. We have been unfairly hoodwinked, unfairly tricked and this is why we sank deeper down, because we were having to contend with people who did not play by the same rules we did. That is why it is taking us longer to climb out of the pit.

JP: that is the problem isn't it? It's a pit, the walls are slippery and we are trying to get up the sides...another question from Wolf Baby: is Simon familiar with the idea that mantids originated as a more bee-like species from Venus with a hive mind that was more connected to love and at some point got infiltrated by greys and Pleiadeans and hijacked to Mars?

SP: no, I am not aware of that. The mantid specie is older than the grey: I am talking about the original grey specie, the mantid is definitely older, it is one of the oldest and most learned species that you can get in the fourth dimension. No, I am not familiar with that story at all. Sounds very interesting.

JP: regarding what you said before about ascension: I say “initiation” which is kind of connection and it concerns how through harmlessness your chakras clear out and you become connected and you lose the difference between your lower and higher self. I feel this is something that has been coming on slowly for many years. It's like they teach you one thing, and once you've got that they teach you another thing, and it's piece by piece. The ascension process seems to be similar, or the initiation process, which is the developing of a continuity of consciousness between the different states of being: like when you are awake and when you are dreaming, when you are thinking and when you are feeling: does this agree with your understanding?

SP: you use different words to me but what you are saying, it is exactly the same outcome, that is exactly right. There is a difference between somebody who has done the spiritual research and someone that has not, and if you unfortunately get hooked into the wrong sort of sites on the internet then you can have a very different idea of ascension, than somebody who has been more fortunate to be able to find sites that are more accurate. So we have a wide range of the population who have different understandings of what ascension actually means and it has become labelled as the New Age. I don't have a problem with the New Age because I think in essence it is teaching the right things. Unfortunately just as in the flower power movement the elites have deliberately infiltrated to sow seeds of discord and to lead people on the wrong path. It is a minefield out there to actually find who sounds right to you and what information sounds right to you and ultimately we say to people, just trust your higher self. Just ask yourself, does what you are reading sound true to you? And judge people by their actions because it is so easy to come out with all these wonderful words. These people that talk about spiritualism and loving thy neighbour and doing good things, and then they get into a $350,000 motor car and they live in mansions and yet they say to people, you should live like this. So their actions don't follow through their words, so always check, if you find an individual, if you find a website, check it through to see if sounds right to you. It's so important that people don't get taken off -we are nearly there now and every person is a fantastic, wonderful creation and I want everyone to make it through, I want everyone to have that opportunity to choose whether they want to step through or not, whatever the case may be. And I really get rather annoyed when people who are liars or deceivers attempt to split the consciousness of humanity. (Simon stops to let the cat in.)

JP: you have a very interesting story about the cat, do you remember that one? One that Mum taught you about the cat and the snake?

SP: well, I assume it was mum because the creature that appeared to me was in disguise, but I think it was. Yes, it was part of a learning visit to explain that there was a fair bit of reptilian in me and there was a fair bit of reptilian around me and then conveyed a message from the reptilians for me, which related to my domestic cats, and that lesson was then given and then the lesson went on to other things, but yes I was shown the similarities. It's funny you know, when you talk to people and everybody accepts without question generally: why does a mammal, because a domestic cat is a mammal, why does it have an eye like a snake? You ask people and it is as if they have never even thought about it -why would a domestic mammal have an eye like a snake? And when you ask the veterinary surgeon their automatic response is, oh well it helps them to hunt in the dark. Well, no cats don't hunt in the dark, they are crepuscular, which means they hunt at dawn and dusk. An owl hunts at night, in total darkness, but it uses its ears to hunt because it hears the mice moving and if you look at an owl's eyes, they are like ours. So for me it's very clear evidence that genetic manipulation has occurred and not just in humans but in a number of other animals which makes perfect sense because if you were going to operate on a human wouldn't you like to practice on some of the lesser life forms first, to get it right, and that is exactly what happened, they experimented on other creatures and once they had worked out what they wanted they then went and started moving the test tubes about to change humans.

JP: was that done with the use of sound to manipulate the DNA?

SP: yes, because when you are building a spacecraft you use a combination of laser beams and sounds to build a spacecraft molecule by molecule and if we think about the Old Testament when they walked round the walls of Jericho and used trumpets to bring the walls down and how many of us have had the privilege of watching a wonderful singer shatter a glass with her voice? And so each strand of DNA has its own frequency and if you can activate that frequency you can use it like a magnet and you can actually lift it, move it and change it. Change it without actually changing the encoded information on it, but then you can change that vibration to alter that encoding and to join them together, so when manipulating molecules that will make a physical substance like a spacecraft they will use sound and laser beams to build it but when altering DNA they will use devices that are focussed through sound, which is just another form of energy. The reptilians are probably the most eminent geneticists anywhere in the universe, they are absolutely phenomenal so whatever we may think of them somebody who is reasonable would have to accept the fact that these creatures are absolutely gifted at genetics. They are not very good at creating: they can't do what humans do. Humans, and you did it when you wanted to make a jingle and not break copyright, so you used thought, and with your thought you created reality out of thought. Reptilians are absolutely useless at doing that: what they do is they steal ideas of other people, they replicate what is already there because they are not very good at creating from thought. Humans can do that so yes, I think that is probably the best way I can answer that.

JP: thank you. Not only that, but I use a piece of software to create the music, and I love the way you said that, because it is called Reason: exactly like thought, logic, reason. It's a wonderful programme and it allows me to use 432 to tune the whole thing automatically. Another question: Andy NKO: at what point does Simon feel that disclosure will be forced upon the governments, if it will be?

SP: it will be forced and they have already had an ultimatum. The ultimatum is “you disclose because then you as a government can control that disclosure and you can manage the situation from it, but if you don't disclose, we will do that, and you have lost control over the management of how that information is released and how your populations will respond to that.” Twice that has been put back because some of the earth governments have pleaded that they did not have enough time. There is no more time now, no more dispensation, so we have got about eighteen months before they really have to make a decision.

JP: ok, my own question here, and this is to do with everybody's favourite aliens, Mork and Spock, Robin Williams, both with a “K”. Is that part of a deliberate plan, to kill off the fictional version in order to bring in the real version, the real extra terrestrials and the real secret space programme?

SP: I read it as more to do with getting away from blobs and bug eyed monsters and trying to get fixed in people's heads that aliens could look very human. I've always been quite clear that there are very real aliens amongst us now and have been for many, many years, and put a hat on them, put a suit on them, and they can get by. Not all of them, but some of them can get by. And so I think what Hollywood was under instruction, as part of a slow disclosure programme was to educate humanity that most aliens actually don't look bug eyed with twenty arms and goodness knows what, they actually look quite human. So it was an adult attempt to get people to buy into a character, that's what Babylon 5 and the rest of it is about, like a soap opera so you can actually get to understand and get to feel part of these different alien cultures and understand what they are and who they are. Even if they are fictitious you buy into it and that was the whole point of it, to get people ready to accept the fact that these alien creatures do look like us. When Orson Welles did his War of the Worlds radio show just before the second world war, he was under instructions to do so, and that was as a test to find out how the public would respond, not to an alien invasion as such but to the realisation that aliens were real and amongst us. It did not go too well because the other arm of the elite manipulated the press and the press lied and said there had been mass panic. There was panic in some places, there definitely was, but some arms of the press actually played that out of all proportion and so into folk history went this thing that all of America absolutely shut down. And so some elements of the military have consistently used this to say, well we can't tell the people because the people are not ready for it. Now what is interesting is that last week, or the week before John Podesta, one of Obama's closest aides, resigned. He was actually an aide to President Clinton as well and in his resignation speech Podesta said that one of his greatest sadnesses was that he did not get the alien disclosure out. He has actually tweeted #thetruthisoutthere. Now why would a top aide to a president, as part of his goodbye speech actually say, I was a bit sorry that we did not get all the truth out about disclosure? People are trying to let ordinary people know that there is something very big on the horizon and that they cannot sit on this for much longer. So I am hopeful in the next eighteen months to two years, we have a real chance of disclosure coming out.

JP: so that brings me to the concept, which is what I think has been part of the dark side agenda in the constant denial and truth embargo: when the truth comes out, it comes out as a shock and that traumatises humanity, and there has been a constant battle between the light side and the dark side. The light side are making movies like Star Trek, where we are friendly with aliens and the dark side are making Independence Day and disaster movies. So it is really hard to pick through the predictive programming. We've been very fortunate to have Stewart Swerdlow, who was part of the Montauk project. He educated us about what predictive programming does, etc. another question, from Nancy: does Simon believe in a creator consciousness existing referred to as mother earth or Gaia?

SP: yes, before I answer that, I have shared a stage with Stewart Swerdlow and I got to meet him a couple of years back, a very genuine man, everything that he says is true, certainly in relation to Montauk and some of the aliens he has seen. We spent a couple of hours talking and it was very clear to me that what he was coming out with you do not find in books, you don't find on the internet, you only know it if you associate with that particular alien race, or the human elite. Stewart and I got on very well because when you meet someone who is genuine in all ways, it is very obvious. In terms of the question now, yes the earth has a fantastic consciousness, I do believe in that, this is a feminine side actually. The aliens actually don't call God, God: they refer to God as the Undying Creator and I suppose I take comfort from the fact that these superbly advanced alien technologies are no closer to understanding God than we are and I think that is the way it is meant to be although they accept it full stop in the sense that they are not trying to understand it because they have reached a level of understanding where they know that they will never understand it. So yes, they refer to God as the Undying Creator, the one major source that can create life and has a consciousness and a will and that every planet has that consciousness and everything that lives, also to a certain extent, has an energy consciousness as well. Today many people look down on primitive peoples and they are very rude about these people but these so called primitive peoples actually understood, knew about the earth and the life on the earth much better than most people do today. So they were only primitive in the sense that they did not have motor cars and they did not have computers, but certainly spiritually they were advanced.

JP: that does seem to be the rule of thumb, and here I am surrounded by computers! Another question from Andy NKO: what proportion of the earth's population have non-human souls? That is an interesting question because I want to talk about soul rays in a minute.

SP: does your questioner mean earth human? If the questioner means earth human souls as opposed to human, because remember if you are from the fourth dimension and you are a Pleiadean, you are human, but you are not an earth human. But I think the question means earth human. The reptilians have a very big say in the make up of the human population, as can be gathered from what I was saying earlier. I would say 75% of the planet are made up of earth human souls: the rest are anything that is not indigenous to the planet earth.

JP: so about 25% alien? How long do you have to be here to be an earth human?

SP: when the soul chooses to incarnate in a human body out of choice, not because it has no other choice. In other words, when the body that it is in dies the soul actively seeks a similar make up of body. The problem is that with many earth humans who have not awakened they are, for want of a better word, sleep walking, and over a period of time the soul begins to lose connection. Not with source because it can never lose that, but it begins to lose connection with the human body it is in, it's not communicating, and therefore it becomes, for want of a better word, dumbed down, it begins to accept what the organic body is telling it, whereas if you have come from another universe, or another dimension or another place, you are continually fighting against injustice, you are continually challenging and saying, this isn't right, you shouldn't be doing this, or I don't understand this, these people are crazy. So many people say, I don't fit in here and that is because the soul is not earth bound, and it is saying: this is all mad. Whereas those people who have a nine to five job, good luck to them, and they are very happy with it, they believe everything they are told and they don't question and that is their world, and they will come in and put the TV on they will believe everything they see and they will think yes, absolutely, well that is an earth human soul. That does not mean that that person cannot change but that person has got to want to change, has got to actually say, hang on a minute, something is wrong here. So it is harder for them. It is much easier if you have come from the Pleiades because you are already 50% there by wanting to question, and you just instinctively know that things are not right, but if you have incarnated and incarnated and incarnated to such an extent on the planet that this is all you have ever known then it is a real hard job to get these people to wake up and that is where the battle is going to lie in the next two years.

JP: right, let's just stick with the soul thing. I measured two sub rays in your soul ray and one of them is ray one, which I presume is your king daddy. And then you have a ray two which would be your earth human, so perhaps your ray five is mantid. Do they have a very concrete consciousness, the mantids?

SP: can you define what you mean by concrete consciousness?

JP: not very abstract. Yes, you are correct.

JP: right so that would be more of a fifth ray. And you say they like to collect things?

SP: they certainly do.

JP: right, so again that is a ray five thing. Everybody knows Dave, who I started the station with, he died last year. He had a ray five personality and he would collect everything. Any video that anybody would post, he would upload to the Wolf Spirit Radio site and anything that anybody spoke about on the show was available to everyone, and I have a streak of that myself. Another question: what planets have earth humans visited by means of back engineered alien technology and do you know anything about what this back engineered technology is made of? You were saying you build it molecule by molecule with an ion beam?

SP: I didn't use the word ion. Yes well humans have visited other planets and have done for a very long time. There has been an embargo around the earth which has just recently been lifted and up until then only authorised missions could be let out. We don't want to stray too much because we would go into the fake moon landings etc. certainly since the late fifties humans have had the capability of leaving the earth and visiting elsewhere. This has been via two things: one is gifts of technology and then separately to that, back engineering technology. The gifts of technology that humans have been given have been not particularly helpful. Humans have gained more from back engineering craft. The Roswell crash, that is two spacecraft that crashed and not one, that was certainly back engineered to make many things. At the moment the Americans are holding first generation triangle craft. They are a bit old fashioned now but they have first generation which they would use if they ever went down the false flag alien invasion route. It would be the first generation black triangles they would pull out for the cameras. So yes, humans are fantastic, brilliant creatures, they can really create, the problem is they have outstripped their spirituality: they have technology now which is about fifty to fifty five years ahead of what the public on the street think they have and the result of that has meant that they can begin to look on themselves perhaps a little bit arrogantly and some of these people in the military really do, or government, think of themselves in a very arrogant way because they have such technology now that has completely outstripped their ability to control it. So yes since the late fifties we have certainly been capable of visiting other planets.

JP: yes, are we up to TR-7s yet?

SP: I am not sure what the number is on the triangle craft, but they are certainly grey/human/reptilian lineage.

JP: alright, so here is another question from Nancy. Does Simon believe there is a sentient consciousness in all life, including animal, mineral and plant?

SP: that's interesting. I touched on this earlier, where I was saying that life on a planet had consciousness, so trees do, rocks do, but it's how we measure that consciousness. For instance it was fifteen years ago that an American research team actually worked out that a particular tree in South Africa or was it South America? And when it was threatened, could send out some form of vibration which could be picked up by another tree, maybe ten, fifteen miles away through the root system. Now, forgive me, but to me that is a form of consciousness because that is a form of communication or warning system. So yes, I genuinely believe that most things have some form of consciousness although as you go down the life scale, that form of consciousness changes, so I agree with her.

JP: also, we project our consciousness into something: for instance a lovingly played violin or guitar takes on the consciousness of the players, so a sensitive musician will pick up the guitar and it will play itself. I have experienced that personally many times. People talk to crystals. If the universe is alive, then everything is alive and everything is like a cell of something and it is all about scale as well. If you zoom right out things look different.

SP: Dr Imoto, the Japanese chap who showed ice crystals reacting: there is your evidence, full stop.

JP: another question: are our human souls being prevented from returning to our true source energy when we die: do you want to talk about the light?

SP: yes, all souls generally wish to return to source, if they can't go to source then they will go to what they consider to be home, that is a natural thing for everybody. This is a prison planet in the true sense of the word. There is an energy grid, and in my conferences I have shown some of these Elite patches worn by black ops, US military and on many of them you see the emblem of the earth surrounded by a black grid like a fisherman's net. That is nothing to do with the natural energy that goes through the earth, this is to do with an energy overlay which means that any soul attempting to leave the earth to go and rejoin its source is captured, stunned, given amnesia and in return just goes back into another body. Now the reason for that is that if they did not do that: imagine somebody, I won't say Einstein, who perhaps was not as clever as many people think, but if we could think of a really clever or spiritual person and they lived to about eighty, and they died and then they came back, let us say, and they remembered everything they did in the past life. Well, they would not have to start off at the same experiment. They would say, ok, well, I'll pick up from where I left off. Well, within three incarnations, this human race would have evolved fantastically and so the people who don't want that to happen ensure that each time we incarnate we don't remember what happened. However, it is not foolproof, and that is why sometimes we find three, four, five year old children who somehow magically can play a beautiful Mozart concerto on a piano with no music, and what is happening there is that that soul in that child is remembering from a past life when it played music, or you have a young kid who is a chess master at the age of five. Well that is just not possible on a 3D planet. What is happening is the soul is remembering, and just as many people have past life snippets or bits of memory that play out, some people are very fortunate and they have connection to a whole load of memory or some form of DNA coding. So we have evidence that it does not always work, that people can get past life memories back, they can connect with who or what they have been, but generally speaking most people don't and so therefore it is another form of enslavement, so people are not developing. The negative forces wish to keep the status quo. Yes, you can have a brand new iphone, it can do this, it can do that, but the game does not change. People think they are advancing but they haven't been, technologically. The advancing that is occurring over the last few years is a spiritual advancement and that is where the real advancement is going to come, not from technology, but in spiritual ways, and I have always passionately believed that.

JP: well that is a good thing to passionately believe in, isn't it Simon? Ok, more questions, one from Wolf Baby: what is the purpose of the pyramid shaped mountains on earth that are found on every continent? We are looking at Mount Kylash, looks very square, also my own personal favourite is Avebury/Silbury Hill. I remember standing there in Wiltshire looking at it and thought, damn me, that looks like a flat side, that looks like what would happen to a pyramid that was about twenty thousand years old that was covered in grass. What do you think?

SP: again the answer lies within the 3D world. Back in the late fifties and early sixties the Gillette company who produced a safety razor, and you can't get them for love nor money now, but they produced a little metal pyramid which folded, it had hinges, and after you had shaved you placed your razor blade in a north/south orientation and closed this pyramid up and left it overnight and in the morning it was sharp and that is not a joke, it actually ionised: the ions were focussed through the three sides of the pyramid and actually affected the edge of the razor blade and of course what happened in the company was the shareholders suddenly realised that people were not buying as many razor blades and because these razor blades were becoming self sharpening, so they soon stopped that. So the pyramid shape has always been understood as being important, there was an oligarch in Russia, a very wealthy chap who built six or seven small scale pyramids in Russian and an experiment was undertaken: only the Russians could do this: convicts from prison were actually brought out on a regular basis to spend time in one of these pyramids and they actually found that it was a very beneficial effect, the amount of re offending went right down. So through all of human history the pyramid shape has had great significance both through technology and through spiritualism. If you have not got the technology to build something in stone then you build it in earth but the real key here is a physical pyramid, or a physical-like pyramid has a true pyramid in energy sitting over the top of it and in many places on the planet you will find what looks like a rough pyramid shape but there are only very few humans who can actually see the energy pyramid that just sits on the top and this is very much like what has got to happen with humans, we have to draw down into us our strands of DNA. And so these energy pyramid shapes which sit over the physical pyramid have to come down inside the physical and become one. So there is a lot of change that has got to take place.

JP: wow Simon that is great information there. So you are talking about the fact that every pyramid is an etheric pyramid and in 3D it is an embodiment of something that exists on other dimensions and that is why: because it anchors all the way through, is that correct?

SP: that is correct. Some have been destroyed though, some have been taken down and destroyed or moth balled but the vast majority are still there, yes.

JP: another question, from Andy: why do we dream and when we sleep what is happening with our souls? I lucid dream often, can I turn this into an astral projection. How to become more connected, so many questions.

SP: dreaming is a really important aspect of being human and it is simply because we are disconnected from our higher self. When we dream we are connecting through our higher self to another level of consciousness, to another dimension and we are recharging. That is why if you go without sleep: the doctors tell you if you go without sleep it is a medical condition, I do not buy that: if you go without sleep you begin to hallucinate and that is because you are not able to play back or connect with source. Because a human without the twelve strands of DNA connected cannot connect with source in its waking life: that is a very important point. A 12th dimensional creature can connect with source in the day, in its waking state, it is connected all the time. Now yes, humans are connected all the time to source but they are not able to communicate. Now when you go to sleep you are able to open to source and connect: give and receive and that sort of reboots you for the next day. That is why humans are in the sleep pattern, but when, fingers crossed, everything goes to plan, we would not actually need to sleep very much because we would not need to do what we have to do at the moment. Sleeping is a product, because we have been robbed of our DNA.

JP: that is so interesting. Another question: what does Simon think he will go and do after this incarnation?

SP: I have actually thought about that. I think what will happen is that I will have a well deserved holiday, then I will get bored, and then someone will come along and say, look there's this planet, wherever, that needs a bit of help, are you up for it. And I will probably be bored and get involved with it. I cannot leave this planet until the cycle has completed. Half of me loves this place and half of me wants to be away. And I have had conversations with off world creatures where I have said, I am heartily sick of it because there is pollution, pain, filth, murder, rape, lies, greed, and this just does not happen on many other planets, there is no other planet like this. However those people who know they came here to do a job, and I always say to people, don't chuck it in, don't walk away because then those that are left have to carry your work load, and the more people that say, I have had enough of this: then what happens then? That work has got to be picked up, so everybody is here for a reason whatever it is, you have got to stick at it, see it through, because we all agreed to come here, and then once the job is done then let's have a damn good party.

JP: another question: is Gobekli Tepi the site of the garden of Eden?

SP: I can't tell you, I don't know the name of it, I suppose if I went there I could be fairly certain. All I know is that it is what we would call, in the Biblical sense, Mesopotamia. It's near the main river, but I just don't know.

JP: question from Shake up NWO: what do you know about orgone technology?

SP- not a huge amount: it's not something that I've needed to be brought up to speed about. There is so much to this world: I tend to be brought up to speed with things when: there may be something that's been researched for thirty years and then suddenly some scientist somewhere finds an application for it, ostensibly for good, and then some very nasty person comes along and says, I tell you what, we can use this for a military purpose, and THEN I will have one of my regular visits and someone will say to me: you need to be aware of this. So that has not come up on my radar screen.

JP: Simon Parkes, I do hope you have enjoyed it enough to come back, thank you so much.

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