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Interview January 25, 2015


Alan James: Let's bring our guest on because I'm sure we have a lot to talk about. Our guest is a chap called Simon Parkes. Simon was born into a privileged Illuminati bloodline, contacted at an early age by multiple entities, skilled in the power of magic, but Simon holds public office in Whitby, North Yorkshire. He turned down his induction into the power pyramid and instead uses his privileged insight to talk about reality, multi dimensional beings and the plans of the Illuminati. Good evening Simon, how are you?

Simon Parkes: Good evening to both of you, I am very well thank you.

AJ: Good, was that a good introduction?

SP: So good I don't need to add to it.

AJ: Brilliant. Okay Simon, thanks a lot for coming on. You were on the show January two years ago and you gave us an awful lot of information about what was going on and what was happening. You said 2015 was going to be a pivotal year, especially for the CERN Hadron collider, which seems to be in the news all of sudden and they are talking about these things called strangelets, I'm not too sure of the technology, but some people are very concerned about it. Is it a case that they are playing around with something that they don't know what they are dealing with? Do you want to expand on this?

SP: No, I'll just talk about television licenses to start with. It's very interesting that on the mainland, the BBC, which is supposed to be funded purely by the license payer, receives money from Europe and private companies, so actually if you go online there are a number of letters you can copy which say that you do not wish to pay your license fee, simply because the BBC is no longer supported primarily by tax payers money, it receives money from Europe. So I understand a number of people have won court cases. It's probably different for you over on your island, but on this island there have been some successes. I have given in and now have a web site. For years I said I wouldn't do one because I felt that it would be taken down all the time, but I have succumbed so if anybody wants to go to, they will find my web site, it's being constructed at the moment, there are a few pages up but there's an opportunity there for people to write me a message and read what we have to say. I've come into the modern era with my own web site. Let's talk about the Hadron collider. You are right, two years ago I was trying to warn people, I didn't know what was happening, and I did say that 2015 was a pivotal year for the Hadron, and absolutely, you have said it, it's all in the news again. We are looking at the back end of 2015. Let's go back a little bit.

When the Hadron collider failed to operate on the 21st of December 2012, which was the ascension period, there was a terrible disaster in Japan and the Japanese agreed to build a linear collider, and that is actually being built at the moment, and I guess as long as the Japanese carry on building the linear collider, the rest of Japan won't sink into the water, so that was the blackmail and they succumbed to it. They are building a linear collider. However, the time frame for the build period is beyond the date that they need -they need this to be the end of 2015, so they've gone back to the original collider and they've extended it, or they are in the process of extending it and ramping up the power. At the end of the day, the same thing will happen. In 2012 it stopped working and it will stop working at the end of this year. So yes, Hadron collider very much in the news.

AJ: So when you say it stopped working, is it being sabotaged, or is there somebody trying to shut it down so it doesn't work?

SP: Yeah, they are both the same thing, aren't they? I don't want you to imagine somebody dressing up in a black cat suit and then sneaking in and planting a bomb, because you couldn't get into that place. But certainly it didn't work when it was supposed to. What alerted me to it, back just before December 2012, was their insistence that all the scientists could not go home for Christmas, and many of those scientists, both men and women, had loved ones at home, children who wanted their parents to be there for Christmas and the scientists, most of them, were held back and told, you can't go home for Christmas. Now, that's very unusual, so why would somebody want to operate a device over that period of time. When you look at the charts you can actually see that it was designed to peak on the 21st of December 2012, which was the ascension day. So it became quite important that that device didn't operate on that time scale because it was negative for humanity and lo and behold, it didn't work, it broke down. It was half a day to detect the fault, half a day to remove the failed relay and another half a day to order it and another half a day to put it in place so by the time they had it up and running, it was too late, past the 22nd actually the 22nd of December, so they just sent everybody home, so those kids got their parents home for Christmas, which I think is rather nice. So the Hadron collider, not very good for humanity, not just a weapon, not just something to find out about how the universe was created but much more about keeping a portal open. There's a large portal that's collapsing, it's in the process of actually falling in on itself, what they want to do is thrust a load of energy up it to push it open like you would in a traditional coal mine. You would go in with your wooden boards and you would shore up the sides. Well, they are doing that energetically, with energy, that's their object, to keep this channel open, so that negative entities, negative forces can come back onto the planet, reinforcements, basically. That ain't going to happen.

AJ: Okay, so you are pretty sure that that's not going to happen?

SP: I'm absolutely certain it won't happen.

AJ: Okay, and do you want to go into more detail as to who is behind this portal and what this portal is?

SP: I don't often talk about the Archons, the reason I don't talk about them much is because they are at the very top of the tree, they are the puppet masters, even higher than the bad guys, the reptilians. The Archons actually manipulate a lot of the reptilians and manipulate a lot of stuff but this portal is really designed to enable the Archons to bring in energy and to replenish their situation on planet Earth and it was ultimately no benefit to humanity at all. It's a terrible thing that tax payers money, black projects money was being used to build the damn thing. I said to people at the time, we live on a planet which is 3D, which is all about profit and money so who would sink huge amounts of money into a device when there is nothing coming out of it? It just doesn't happen. People who invest money only invest money because they want something out of it, which is usually more money. So here was a device where countries were being leant on to provide money from their black budgets, never see the money again, purely and simply for a cabal to use the device for its own ends. It's an incredibly negative machine. Just to give you something else along those lines, because I'm not going to talk about the sabotage side, but if your listeners want to google "Bluff Dale" in America, last September they finally finished the great building in Bluff Dale to house some super computers. It was actually signed off by President Obama as an executive order, which gave the National Security Agency of America the ability to store, not just observe but store every e mail, text, Skype message, telephone call, just about everything and store it totally. This is a big facility in America called Bluff Dale. In September of last year they had what they call a "ribbon cutting ceremony" and, I don't know if it's the governor of the state, but all the rich and the powerful were invited and the ribbon was put there, and they were supposed to cut the ribbon with a pair of scissors, as you do, and announce this facility open. Well, you know, I was aware of that, and I thought, that's not a very good thing, because I don't believe that a government should be storing everybody's information, especially not even with permission, and two hours before the ribbon cutting ceremony, the whole facility was completely blanked out. It had what the Americans call a power outage, and your listeners can google this, it's out there, because they had to cancel all the dignitaries that were turning up. And this is the best way to send messages to the cabal, that no matter how secure they are, how powerful they are, their most top secret facilities can be disabled by a lack of electricity basically. Their own generators didn't kick in and provide the power. So just as the CERN collider was taken out, so Bluff Dale was taken out.

AJ: Are you talking about the white hats being involved?

SP: No, the white hats wouldn't know anything about that.

AJ: Okay. So who do you think is doing it?

SP: I'm not going to answer that.

AJ: Okay. Fine. But it's a positive anyway.

SP: Oh absolutely. Because how can it be positive for somebody to have a Skype conversation and that Skype conversation to be recorded without their permission and stored? The American government's attitude is, well, if you haven't done anything wrong, you shouldn't object, but my reply to that is, let's say somebody goes on a demonstration one day and they don't like that and they can then go back through all your e mails, all your skype conversations and all they are looking for is just one thing out of place with which to take action against you. So, it's not about, oh well, I'm innocent, therefore I don't mind people recording information, the question is, why the heck are you recording information from people who are innocent anyway? So it's just totally awful, what they did, I can't name the company because if I name the company you know that I'll have trouble, but a very, very well known organisation in the internet side, chartered two huge ships, just absolutely chock full of circuitry and computers, like a cloud, to store all the information until Bluff Dale was up and running. And they took these ships out into international waters, so no country could claim them and no country could take action and they just sat these ships out there and they just collected all the e mails, all the phone calls on these huge ships, I think there were probably six in the end but there were four that were officially announced, and then when Bluff Dale was organised, those ships then were able to transfer that information across. That's how underhand they are, they are actually putting ships out on international waters so that nobody can take any action against them, just to store everyone's information. All I'm saying is that I think people need to be aware that in some ways things have become more open and we are more aware of what is going on, but in other ways, they have become incredibly devious and incredibly clever, hiding things behind smokescreens, but nevertheless, the Bluff Dale facility suffered an incredible power outage which cancelled the ribbon cutting ceremony. Now that's a big message to the highest of the high, that no matter how safe, how secure they are, their facilities can be taken out. So I think that's the message that they got and I think they heard it loud and clear.

AJ: Okay, well, sticking to that theme, this thing called "the event" - have you heard about this?

SP: Yeah, there's stuff that the new age have put out regarding the event and then there's the more scientific part of the event. Which angle of it are you coming from?

AJ: The logical research side, not the new age side. I'm not interested in the new age side, and I'm more interested in facts and figures.

SP: I hear what you are saying but it is important because much of the new age has been infiltrated obviously. It is useful to keep an eye on it because you can see where they wish to lead the public, they wish to lead opinion. There are many, many genuine people in the new age as well, I just want to say that. The talk of an event has had many connotations. One of them is from the false flag perspective, an event of an alien type invasion, but the other event that they are also talking about is an event where the earth moves, allegedly, from this dimension into the fifth dimension, which is a very new age business. So I wasn't sure which of those two you were referring to.

AJ: Well I've heard both of them. Obviously we've heard about project blue beam with the fake alien invasion and we are obviously in contact with Dr Carol Rosin as well and she has said what Werner von Braun said about that. That would be their last card, and to me, logically from a psychological point of view, it makes sense to me because if they want to unite people globally, it's like I've said it before on the show, there is infighting with families, but when something from outside the family threatens the family, they get together as a unit and get rid of that force that is trying to attack the family. So the same thing applies. It's Independence Day basically where we stop saying that we are Irish and English and French and German, and we are humans and it's the aliens that are going to come down, and we need your taxes to build these machines to fight these nasty aliens. I've said it before on the show, psychologically it's a great method because people are getting very weary of wars, and they don't want fighting and wars any more and the cabal are saying, well how else can we get money off these people, if they don't want war? Okay, we'll have this holographic technology and fake alien invasion. And then the new age side is, yes, we are in a 3D world and we're going to be moving over to 4D and 5D and we've heard that side as well. I'm really interested in what you really think is going to happen yourself.

SP: Ronald Reagan, of course, when he addressed the United Nations many years ago, he used exactly that argument, something along the lines of "I often wonder what would happen if we were threatened by forces from outside, whether we would all put aside our differences and join together." That is very much a cabbalistic and illuminati plan, so Ronald Reagan as President was banging on with that. You are absolutely right about blue beam because before the Bay of Pigs kicked off with Cuba, Kennedy was just in office, so we are talking 60-61, so JFK was just the President. There was a plan and in fact the actual ship with the holographic technology was steaming on its way to Cuba, they were going to project Mary Magdalene, literally as a holographic image because Cuba then, as now, was a very Catholic country and this holographic image of Mary was going to tell people to rise up and throw out Fidel Castro and it was called back at the last minute when they got cold feet. So they have had this technology for a heck of a long time. Now in terms of the false flag - it's been "will it be, won't it be" at the highest level, because once they play that and Carol Rosin, who I have got massive amounts of time for, is absolutely right because Werner von Braun was privy to some of the most top secret information. But once the cabal play that card there is no going back and that is why several times they have gone to the brink and they have teetered back from the brink for fear that if it didn't work, that's it, they've got nowhere to go. It won't just be if they go down that road, it won't just be a holographic display, they will be using what you talked about earlier, the TRB3, which is the triangle craft. There exists what we would call first generation back engineered triangle craft now, which the cabal have, so those would be wheeled out. They are not holographs, they are very real but they are old in a sense, they are the first generation back engineered, from grey technology. Also a number of what we would call the traditional Hollywood greys, which don't have a soul in, these are robotic greys, which are kept in tanks and some of them would be brought out and there would be, just as you have all this staged terrorism, you would have a staged firefight somewhere in America with the chosen camera crews in the right places. That is their plan but they haven't gone ahead with it because if it backfired they are in trouble and this isn't just about money. It's about power, so they can stage a false flag alien invasion, the whole object is to say - "Right, we've defeated an alien invasion, however we have discovered that there are a number of aliens that look just like us, we can't tell the difference, so what we are going to do is set up mass inoculation centres everywhere, whether it's a shopping mall, your local post office, and we are going to inject you with these implants, so that when you go shopping we are going to have soldiers with scanners and they will scan your body and they will detect the implant and they will know you are a real human, so that's okay, you can carry on and do your shopping. But if you are an alien you won't have the implant and therefore we can arrest you. That's the whole object of it - the whole object is to get the majority of humanity implanted in a very obvious way. So it isn't about money, it's about control. If we go back 25 years, the whole object was to remove 75% of the population, partly because they wanted the earth to themselves, cos many Illuminati people actually really love nature, they just don't like all the other humans around them sharing it with them. And the other half is that once you've amassed a certain amount of wealth you don't really need any more taxes. But when technology really took off and they found that they had the ability to control people through implants or through electro-magnetic weapons, they suddenly thought, well maybe we don't need to kill off so many people because we can control them. So that's what I think has confused researchers because they think, why hasn't it happened and we get all these warnings and nothing happens. It's simply because this cabal sit round the table and they almost give the green light to a particular project and at the last minute they get cold feet or something happens and they call it back. So it isn't about people calling wolf, it's about people actually being very well aware that something is happening and because they discuss it and because they put it out on the alternative media, the cabal says, oh my God it's got out, it's leaked out, I'm going to have to back track on it. So many, many occasions when something was destined to happen and researchers found out about it and they made a fuss, it actually saved the day. So yes, a false flag is less likely now, from an alien invasion but it's still possible.

AJ: Yeah well, as I said earlier, that kind of confirms what I said. Any secret society throughout history, or information like that that's exposed, the secret society have mastered and when that information gets out into the alternative media and people get to know about the truth of it, as you say, they pull back because their plans are blown and we have to keep doing that. So where does Planet X tie into this?

SP: Right. I suppose we could call it Nibiru. The problem with this is that there's an incredible amount of deliberate misinformation that's been put out on You Tube, on the net. There's a lot of well meaning stuff from the new age as well and there are a lot of people who have read about three pages of something and then they create their own web site and they put more nonsense out. There undoubtedly is a planet that has a travelling period, I think it's 26,500 years, that swings around but, I know a lot of people are not going to like this, there is no Planet X, likely to turn up in the next 20 years.

AJ: Right, okay. So, Nibiru?

SP: To me that's the same thing. How many times do we look on the Internet and they are saying, I saw Nibiru, or the planet is just out there, or there's a great fleet of ships just out there, and nothing happens. There's no fleet of ships that's going to invade us like that. There's no Planet X just waiting to bump into us, it's a lot of people who are getting false information and are genuinely passing it on, that's the point. The design is, to put fear into people because if you think there's a planet on a collision course with you that's going to hit you, and you are going to be wiped out, then you are very susceptible to suggestion. And one of the suggestions would be, tell you what, let's ship off all humanity to another planet, where you'll be perfectly safe. That's basically the human race being sold into slavery and I have always consistently said, if the space ships land, do not get in them. Do not get in them. So the object of Planet X, which is genuine and does exist, has been turned into a weapon of fear, to make people think that if it was to strike the earth it would kill everybody therefore we had better be susceptible to other plans.

AJ: When Chris Thomas was on our show, and we are hoping to get Chris back on sometime, he's not available at the moment, he said the exact same thing as you. He said, if a ship lands and says, come on board, we are going to take you off the planet because the planet is going to hit, he said "I wouldn't be going on any ship because you might end up being food for somebody."

SP: Yes, I agree with him entirely.

AJ: We are going very, very deep into the rabbit hole and for some people this is just incomprehensible because they haven't gone down the rabbit hole that far. We've heard about Dulce and the experiments and Phil Schneider and the amount of levels in the Dulce base in New Mexico and the experiments they have been doing over there, and the whole ET thing in the DUMBS, and the amount of DUMB bases they have in America alone, but they are all over globally. Now, we've seen the footage from Jessie Ventura in the Ozarks where he is actually driving in the mountain and he's driving around inside. Why do you think they are building all these DUMBS, why do you think they are stocking them up, why is there a seed bank in Norway? Do you think there is something going on that they are not telling us?

SP: There's loads of things going on with the elite they don't want the ordinary people to know. Ever since the Americans defeated Nazi Germany, the Americans discovered the Nazis had been building underground bases. In July 1944 the Nazi production increased for the first time. No matter how much they were being bombed, for a three month period, the Nazis were producing more than they've ever done before and then when they were really taking a pounding they moved to one of the underground bases and maintained production to a certain extent. So the Americans suddenly realised the value of underground bases and took that idea back and from 1945 onwards they have been tunnelling and digging and doing whatever they want to. Now in the early stages it was purely military. In the later stages it became for the cabal. So the cabal would have underground bases built as retreats - so not just as a command place or a storage place, but as a retreat to go to. So you have a group of the Illuminati, the very top group who still hold dear to wiping out three quarters of the world population and then sneaking off underground and living a life of Riley underground, if that is possible, I really don't know. The seed bank is very much part of an Illuminati plan, so that if the world was subject to some terrible disaster, they can come out and create another garden of Eden. It's not to be seen separately, but to be seen running consecutively with the plan to take all vitamins out of the foods that we would buy from a supermarket. The Illuminati cabal, the Satanic group, have been setting up a number of factories all over the world that are providing vitamins and if you are part of the elite families you can buy vitamins, so that when and if that time comes, they can supplement the food that they eat with a vitamin supplement that will keep them alive. The EU has had considerable talk about whether they want to ban vitamins, if you want to go into a high street health food shop and buy vitamins, that is possibly on the cards for being got rid of. Because one of the ways to weaken the human race is to hit it where it hurts and that is take away the nutritional value of food. It's all part of this same absolutely crazy mind set, which is "we want the Earth but just for us, just for the Elite people, the very wealthy" - totally deranged, frankly. But for that small group of people, who love the Earth, they love the sea, the rivers, the trees, they just don't want to share it with anybody else, except people like them. So that's why you've got your Norway seed bank, that is why they have these plans to take all the vitamins out of food, that is why there is inoculations of children and the flu vaccines and goodness knows what else. It's all part of an overall picture, to weaken humanity to a certain extent so that it is susceptible to whatever they want to do. I am aware of the big underground bases, a number of the ones that are being built at the moment are not for alien/human research, it's purely and simply as a refuge, if the crazies get their way and bring Armageddon down. It's really for, not the top elite, but just under the top elite, somewhere for them to go.

AJ: Right, so if the button is pressed on the nukes, that would be a good excuse for them to go to their underground shelters?

SP: Yes, it's got to be a dirty bomb, it won't be a nuke. One of the false plans they've got at the moment is using a drone. There are two plans - America is a huge country and when you try to get electricity from one part of the state to the other part, you are talking thousands of miles that you need to push this electricity, so you need these sub-stations. Now, in Ireland and England when we think of sub-stations we think of something quite small with a fence round it, but in America we are talking massive, to boost that amount of electricity, so much so that if you successfully sabotaged one of these sub stations in America it would take two years to re-build it, that is the complexity. So one of the plans that the crazies have is to have a drone and mount on the drone an electro-magnetic weapon which would send out an EMP pulse, which would then knock out one of those sub-stations and it's been calculated you only have to knock out two to three of the major sub-stations and you would place America into - well, not an ice age, but you would have many, many cities without electricity for up to two years. So that is one plan they have. What that would do is destroy the economic base, the stock exchange would just collapse, that's one way. The second way is a nuclear device, a small, suitcase type bomb but a dirty bomb. The problem they have is if you put bacteria or viruses around a bomb, often they are absolutely destroyed with the heat of the explosion, so they were looking at ways in which they could survive. The things would go into spores and somehow survive. So that's another plan they've got. So they sit and dream up these plans, which are not just dreams, they actually sit round tables and they have experts in. And I mean real experts, to brief them on the possibility, how it could be delivered, how it could be done. So yes, they have these plans but they haven't yet gone ahead and done it, for two reasons. The first reason is that if you do it and you fail, the game is over, because everybody knows what you are up to and there will be a witch hunt. The second point is that benevolent forces from off the planet are also now heavily involved in trying to prevent this. As part of that, and part of the human consciousness which has developed since the 21st of December 2012, a number of people in high ranking positions are saying, you know what, I can't play this game any more. My conscience has got the better of me, I want out. And so there is now a very big split in most of these organisations, where you have people who care about humanity, care about the children, care about the world and they want no part of it. And just before I finish, when the September 11th attacks took place, you will remember that part of the Pentagon was hit? A bomb went off, it wasn't hit by an aeroplane, a bomb was planted in there and a missile was fired, but nevertheless it was a section of the Pentagon that was hit was the US Navy and the Navy has always had a very different standpoint to either the US air force or the army and the navy has been separate ever since the '50s and has a much more positive humanity bent or leaning, so the explosion at the Pentagon, which took out some of the navy's facilities and their offices was a warning to them. So they have been infighting for a number of years and there is evidence of that, but it has become incredibly so, and if you think over a year ago now, Obama sacked something like ten generals because they refused to carry out the orders. Over the last seven years there have been three attempts to illegally detonate a nuclear bomb in America. One of them was in a suitcase, the other two were in aeroplanes. They were all thwarted. And that is why these generals have been sacked, because they refused to do it and two or three years ago, the prime minister of Israel ordered his senior chief of staff to launch an attack against Iran and for the first time in history a certain officer refused point blank an order from what is an elected, democratic government. And the prime minister was told no, because that will start world war three. So there are people in very high places who are now refusing to carry out these orders and as a result of that are being retired or sacked. You said earlier you are positive about the future - so am I. I think that the strength of the human will is much stronger than people give credit for and I'm really proud of these men and women who refuse to undertake any of these instructions that will, in effect, kill people.

AJ: But is there a case that it's just putting off the inevitable, because if he is sacking these people, he'll probably go: Will you do it now, will you do it now, will you do it yet? Okay, we'll promote you, because you are going to do it.

SP: Yeah, absolutely right and that is when other people have to step in and prevent these things from happening. There was one instance where allegedly a nuclear bomb fell out of an aeroplane, I mean literally, apparently, fell out of an aeroplane. It struck somewhere in America and when they recovered it they found that nearly all its safety devices bar one had all been turned off and just one last safety device, the very last safety device had prevented the bomb from going off. You have to say to yourself, who turned all those other safety devices off and why did that one safety device remain on? When there isn't a person left, because they've all been removed from that chain of command, something else steps in to prevent the terrible cataclysm that some of these crazies want.

AJ: Okay, and the benevolent off-world races, can you tell us who they are how much they can get involved?

SP: Well, for a very long time they would not get involved in a physical sense because they believe in free will.

AJ: Prime directive, I suppose?

SP: Yes, yes we can talk about Star Trek, that's a really good point to make. It's about free will and it's literally saying that we don't have the right to interfere, however, it got to the point where, how can a race of people, in this case, humanity, how can humanity make a choice if it doesn't have the full facts, if it's been lied to? And so this argument, over a very long time, won through. You need to level the playing field, you need to make it equal so that humans have the chance to see the truth and make a decision on that. What has been going on for the last five years in quite strong terms, but probably four years really accelerated, where negative forces have been taking quite a kicking, so a number of benevolent organisations, benevolent forces joined together as one, pooled their resources, because individually they couldn't overturn the system, but jointly, as a group, they had a real chance to make things happen. You mentioned the DUMBS, the underground military bases, a number of them have been destroyed, not all of them but a number of them. Some of them under the water have been destroyed as well. It's predominantly bases where the grey aliens were based, some of them where the reptilians were based. You asked about the benevolent aliens - well, there are a heck of a lot of them but most of them don't wish to be involved. The ones that DO get involved are those that have a long association with humankind on the planet Earth, and they share genetics with us. There are twelve, thirteen races that could actually call us family. And so they cannot walk away. We have got the names back in the frame, like the Pleiadians, the Andromedans, those are the main players, there's the Setians as well. They are the ones who are actually at the cutting edge of delivering physical assistance, however there are a number of intelligences well beyond the fifth dimension, we are talking very high that don't have a physical body, who are also using their specialist knowledge, which is beyond anything the reptiles or the Pleiadians would have because if you are from the seventh and eight dimension, you are only there because you have evolved enough to reach those levels, therefore your thinking intellect and your technology should be such that it would be like magic to most people. They have been involved as well. The problem is that where do humans choose to be enslaved and when are they being hoodwinked? In other words, if humanity chooses to be lied to, chooses to accept the status quo and not question, not push back against the system, then you could argue that they need to be left alone. And that was the argument that was always held, and then recently, and it is recent in terms of how humans look at time, the argument was, no that's not the case, because the humans are a very young race, very, very immature, and don't really have all the facts at their fingertips and what we need to do is to be able to balance the game. So that is what has been going on, right from battles in space, battles under the Earth, battles in government, battles in big corporations, the downfall of some of the banks, truth coming out to a certain extent, about Jimmy Savile and paedophilia. Basically, the curtain is being lifted and ordinary men and women throughout the globe but mainly in the western world, because that's mainly where the power is, are seeing that the people they have elected to run and govern them are corrupt, and this split between the people and the government is important because it will allow the people to begin to seek the truth. I'm waffling on a bit here, but basically people are seeking the truth and they are no longer believing what the elite are telling them, and this is an absolutely fundamental cornerstone for the freedom of humanity, because if people start to search themselves, ask themselves what they think is the truth and do independent research, then that has got to be a good thing.

AJ: Yes, well I've said this before on the show - we are using bow and arrows against machine guns who are guarding the cabal, and it's not the case that we want to get a canon, it's just that we want to have a machine gun as well, so the fight is fair. From a benevolent point of view or whatever way you see it, at least if we are given the technology or given the ability to have the same kind of equipment then the fight is fair. But if you are getting beaten up by six people and there is only one of you, well then, it's wrong, and the odds are wrong and again, the whole thing that the ETs believe, it's all about free will. Well if you really think about it, we don't actually have free will, because there are certain things that we cannot do, and if we do try and do it, you get arrested or beaten up or locked in jail.

SP: Yes, and that is why they became involved, because it's very easy to hide behind the acknowledgement of "oh well, they've got free will". I agree with you that we don't and the reality was that they didn't want to get involved in it. This planet is not on a superhighway. This planet is right tucked on the very edge of a very godforsaken, boring part of space that no one is really interested in. However, that has changed. Did you say you had some questions from some of your listeners?

AJ: Yes, we are going to the questions now, we have another thirty minutes, so we are going to quick-fire the questions over to you and there's probably some more come in from the chatroom as well, we'll try and get through them. I know it's going to be very difficult to get a one line answer but you will do your best. We try and please everybody as much as we can in the time that we have and everybody has questions cos they know you are a great guest, great information. Steve, over to you.

Steve: Yes, we do have a lot of questions Simon as you know, we have a plethora of questions that have come in so I'm just going to get stuck into them. These are the ones we got today. The first one says " I do respect and admire Mr Parkes, my questions for him are: Who really is behind President Putin, what is his most hidden agenda, what trump cards he is having to play and why is he continuing to push into Ukraine?

SP: Right, let's see if we can do this quickly. The Nordic race is behind President Putin, his trump card is literally the fact that the technologies that he has been given, whilst not equalling that of America is so close that America doesn't have an edge over Russia any more. Why are they pushing into Ukraine? Because the Americans used the European Union to attempt to steal part of Russia away because the huge mineral reserves in the Ukraine, with the European Union facing a total meltdown, economic collapse, the CIA orchestrated demonstrations to get people to rebel against Putin so that Ukraine would join the European Union so they could just rob it of its wealth, and where it backfired was the Black Sea port of Sevastopol, that's where the Russians have their Black Sea fleet. Interestingly enough, it's also where dolphins are psychically trained, but that is another story. So basically Putin is actually a good guy, if the newspapers in Britain tell you Putin is a bad guy, just take the opposite. Whatever the newspapers tell you, just look at the opposite.

Steven George: Yes, that's what a lot of people generally do anyway, they dismiss what is in the newspaper or they read it in reverse! But I don't know too much about Putin, only what you hear being floated around, I don't know how to take the chap personally. Wasn't he the one who introduced something last year, saying homosexual people were the work of the devil and there were loads of riots and violence against people of that persuasion?

SP: Yes, I separate a person's bigotry - I don't share that at all - but I can separate a person's personal bigotry with the ruling of the country and the question that I was just asked was what was going on with Ukraine? So whatever the individual Putin may be, he is running a campaign against the Americans, that is what I am judging him on, the very fact that he has chucked out the Rothschilds, Russia now does not have a Rothschild bank, Putin has de-coupled the dollar from oil, so in other words now Russia now buys oil in Roubles, Russia has joined a pact with India and China and that is a big player, China is a big, big player. These three now are buying oil and gas and doing deals and cutting America out so from that perspective I think Putin is a good guy. I don't judge his personal things, certainly if you came and visited me and started talking like that, I would just throw him out, but I am judging him from his actions with America.

SG: That's perfectly fine, that was just a question I had myself in relation to that chap. We'll continue on with the questions. What is the origin of genuine Earth humans' souls, who are they, some say it is some ninth dimensional souls collective?

SP: That is new to me, no. You can't get a soul from a ninth frequency that is created. All souls are created by Source. You can use the word God if you like. I prefer the word Source. So when a soul comes to this planet and enters a human creature and wants to reincarnate in human creature after human creature after human creature, that can be called an Earth human soul. So all souls are created at Source.

SG: Okay, I didn't really understand the question, when it was talking about a ninth dimensional - I'm only up to the fifth dimension at the moment! We've discussed this and that is as far as I've got, the fifth, and now we are talking about the ninth? I've a long way to go. We'll continue - where humanity is heading Simon - to fourth or fifth dimension?

SP: Well, the new age would like you all to believe that you are going straight to the fifth dimension but that is not going to happen. We will, if we are successful, go to the fourth dimension and then if we pass the tests there, to the fifth and so on. There is not "Get out of jail free" card. It's like a ladder, you have to get your foot on the first rung, successfully get on that, and move on upwards.

So fourth, fifth and upwards.

AJ: And when we get to the fourth dimension, Simon, how will we know? We've kicked this one around before, and we don't know. Will it be just an instantaneous thing where you are in the fourth dimension, or will there be a process, is it when we die, how will we know?

SP: We'll know because there will be an awful lot of reptilians about. This is where the reptilians reside, in the fourth frequency, the fourth dimension, and when you start seeing them on the streets, then you know that you've made it.

AJ: Okay, like the scene in the film They Love, the chap with the sunglasses on, when we start seeing that sort of thing then we know?

SP: Absolutely.

AJ: But are you saying reptilians as in positive, or negative?

SP: Negative.

AJ: Right, so that's a bad thing?

SP: No, it's a good thing because there are not very many of them and if you can a couple of billion humans into the fourth dimension then they will be kicked out.

SG: So they live there already and when we go over there we're going to kick them out? That's like us being the gung-ho Americans, isn't it?

SP: It's called "pay back".

AJ: Question number four is - Is the disruption period on years 2015-2016 on schedule and how will it display practically?

SP: 2015-2017, the end of 2016, the beginning of 2017, you mentioned earlier about the huge amount of money, billions, that the IMF (some of it is real money, but the majority of it just doesn't exist, it's just electronic money that means nothing) but they are already aware that - you said about June, I put it towards August, between August and October, there is scheduled to be a massive collapse. You thought the crash in 2008 was bad, it ain't nothing compared to what is potentially going to happen. What is happening is, all this fake money is absolutely being comped and will be comped into the system in an attempt to prevent this total collapse. So it is on schedule in the sense that a number of elements want this huge collapse to occur and other elements don't, so that is what you are seeing. You are seeing the super elite pulling their money out left, right and centre, people losing their jobs, the banks going down, but then the people whose jobs depend on money and banks, desperately pumping money in. So you've got two arms of the same organisation, one totally opposed to the other. So is it on track? Some of the plans are on track for the bad guys but most of their plans have slipped. In fact, it's looking much better for decency than it was two years ago.

AJ: Is this the idea of the global reset we hear about or Nesara?

SP: Yes, correct.

AJ: So the white hats want this collapse to happen because then they can bring in the global reset?

SP: No. Because the collapse that is looking possible, will cause so much hardship. I couldn't justify putting people through pain and suffering because of some great idea, you can't do that, it's not right. What the white hats want is a smooth transition from one system to another system, so that it is managed, you manage the situation. What the bad guys want is a complete, over the cliff fall that you can't manage and destroys everything. What the white hats want is a managed reset.

AJ: Like you shut down on the Friday and come back on Monday and it's sorted?

SP: Absolutely.

AJ: This is what we have heard. They are given a window of about two weeks and they say, just have enough cash and food in for about two weeks, while this transition takes place.

SP: What I have said to people is, cos I don't want fear, cos that's negative, but you can go to the supermarket on a Monday and there'll be no bottled water. You go to the supermarket on the Tuesday, there'll be loads of bottled water, but no bread. And that is the sort of situation that I am foreseeing, it's not that you'll go to the supermarket and there's no food, but there will be shortages in certain areas. If you were to store up four night's worth of bottled water, four night's worth of tinned food, that's probably quite wise.

SG: We have spoken about that time and time again, and if nothing happens, well, you've got a stockpile of food, but if it does happen you are going to be well prepared. This is another question - Dr Karla Turner, after extensive research into the abduction phenomenon came to the conclusion that the abductors are liars and not to be trusted. They give the abductee a scenario that he or she can relate to, that can fulfil a need or a void in their life, they can appear as Jesus, Buddha, family members or even a famous person. Is it possible that Simon's experiences are being used to give him a false version of reality and have him unwittingly spread misinformation?

SP: What a fantastic question. That is a really good question. And if I wasn't genuine, I would be huffing and puffing and blustering and saying "how can somebody call me into question?" I think that's a fantastic question. I'm going to do my best to answer it. First of all, if that were the case, the information I would be giving wouldn't be the information it is, it would be about "do what society tells you, submit to authority", that would be the sort of stuff I would be coming out with. Now Dr Karla Turner, God bless her, she died of cancer, she did some tremendous research, she was also an experiencer herself and she had a number of run-ins with Greys and Reptilians. She had a lot of trauma and I think she is right. I think in many cases, genuine contactees, abductees, experiencers, have some incredibly negative experiences and what happens in many cases is a screen memory is given to that person. Dr Karla Turner gave an example of somebody who was abducted, a woman, and she felt that she had all these hybrids around her and she was reading a story to them. But every time she was returned back home she couldn't understand why she was covered in sweat, she was shaking, she couldn't sleep, she had marks on her body, scoop marks or burn marks, needle marks and it didn't seem to go with the experience. The experience she had was one of loving, a really nice experience, and yet her body told a completely different story. So she went and had some regression and she found that she was being sexually abused, so much so that she was a straight woman, and she became gay. Because what had been done to her was so horrific that she couldn't ever go down that road again. Now I am very fortunate, I've never had any marks on my body, no scoop marks or injection marks or anything like that and when I have my experiences and I come back, I am not sweating, I'm not fearful and so the experiences that I've had have been genuine because I'm not troubled at all. But it is a fantastic question and I've answered it as best as I can.

AJ: That's brilliant and funny that you should say that about Dr Turner because Credo Mutwa said the same thing, that due to his experiences he became bi-sexual, I believe.

SP: This is really fascinating, because generally negative aliens don't work with black people. They generally work with the white race or mixed race and it's because black people generally are more resilient to the mind control. But the Zulu tribe, and Credo Mutwa was a member of the Zulu tribe, the Zulu king I think, it was the reptilians for a reason that I don't fully understand, trained the Zulu people in warfare. The Zulus were absolutely fantastic soldiers and anybody who has seen the film, Zulu with Michael Caine, it's reasonably accurate, but it showed just how brave the Zulus were. The Reptilians are very much into ritual and ceremony and the Zulus have what is called the "washing of the spears" ceremony. After they have gone and had a fight, they will wade out three feet into the water and wash their spears ceremoniously in the water. Credo Mutwa is totally genuine because his people interacted with the Reptilian species and there were positives and negative but he has a tremendous insight. I am sorry to interrupt you but I felt that was important.

AJ: I recommend our listeners go and check him out, if you've never heard of Credo Mutwa go and see the video, David Icke interviewed him and it's two or three hours, very good interview about his experiences with ETs. Do we have another question?

SG: We have more questions than we have time, but we'll try and get through them as quick as we can. Another question Simon, I have watched lots of Simon's interviews and he has fascinating information. Where does he get this information from and can it be confirmed by other sources, or is the information just Simon's opinions, which of course, he is entitled to have?

SP: I don't have opinions because opinions are pointless. The information I give comes either from fourth dimensional entities or, if people care to look back and see what my family was like, from security services. MI5, MI6 and some American services and indeed, some of the elite organisations, like the Knight's Templar. From a series of human sources and from off world sources.

SG: Okay, moving on to the web site questions through the chat rooms. Eddie is wondering what is the nature of the Earth's soul?

SP: Yes, all things have a life, live in some sense. The Earth has arteries, underground rivers, the Earth has energy frequencies that channel through. Anyone who dowses with the two sticks is hooking into that. The ancient peoples and Ireland is full of some fantastic ancient structures, would build their stone hills on top of these nodes of energy. On the mainland for instance, Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, Avebury, - now can one planet communicate with another? Yes, it can. I remember fifteen years ago when the research showed that some plants could communicate with each other through vibrations from their root systems, maybe up to two miles away with another plant, and that has been proven. Yes, the Earth has a consciousness, it has its own bio-life system and it does communicate with other planets in the solar system.

SG: Yes, part two of that question was, can the Earth connect with us? We have seen a documentary on grounding or earthing and from what we've seen in that, that once you take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the earth, you do have an experience, you are connected then?

SP: Yes, because when shamans connect, they connect with the earth.

Steve: Okay, we'll move on. This one is from Lee from People's Internet Radio - this is going back a while, when we were talking about that Hadron Collider. Lee's question was - will those magnetic constrictors blow again when the Hadron collider is pumping up the volume and should we duck?

SP: I didn't mention the words magnetic constrictors. So how would he know that?

Steve: I don't know. Maybe he has some inside knowledge?

SP: Maybe.

SG: So, no answer?

SP: No. Because I am interested in the question.

SG: Lee, if you can maybe pop something else in the chat room, give us some more information? We'll move on. Wally is asking -can you ask Simon his view on pure wi-fi. We need to look at the potential in this as it will control internet traffic as your wi-fi hub is on its way out? He goes on to say that it's something to do with light emitting diodes.

SP: Yes, very basically, certain cabalist forces have been looking at how you can communicate with a mass range of population, you need a carrier wave that every nation agrees to carry with and then you can start sending information across it. So pure wi-fi, the wi-fi itself is not a problem, the problem is people wishing to piggy back negative information or harmful information on top of that, it's a bit like subliminal messaging.

SG: Right. Mick is wondering, does Simon believe that the Paris false flag was an attempt to divert attention away from the Royal family?

SP: Two birds with one stone. It certainly was timed to take the world's press away from some of the allegations that have been made, but it's much more than that. A number of countries, including Britain, are trying to distance themselves from America now, at the highest level and a number of countries have had some terror attacks. These are directly threats to the governments of those sovereign countries, to say "don't you dare jump ship".

SG: There's a lot of talk going round at the moment about certain countries leaving the Euro and the Euro zone. I wonder.

AJ: It's looking good tonight when so far, I've seen the figures and the left is actually ahead. That could be the catalyst for the rest of the countries to do the same thing.

SP: Yes, it's projected at the moment that the centre right party has probably got between 25 and 28% of the vote and the left party may score between 32 and 39% of the vote, which would mean, for the first time in Greek history for goodness knows how long, one government, without having to go into a coalition, could actually form and the question is whether Greece would then come out of the Euro zone. So you are absolutely right, it's a very exciting situation.

AJ: And I think if they do, it's going to be a catalyst for all the other countries to do the same thing. Because we are coming up to an election shortly and we are pushing, and the amount of people over here in Ireland waking up is phenomenal. There's a lot going on, we won't go into it because we have other questions, but there's a lot of people waking up, which is a good sign anyway. Steve.

SG: Okay. This one came in from Andy. He is wondering, could you ask Simon, when he is talking about the beings from the seventh dimension, are these the Archons, if so, this would not be good.

SP: I didn't mention the seventh dimension. The Archons don't exist in the same way that we would understand. The Archons use artificial intelligence, very quickly, many years ago Marconi, the big computer defence contractor, lost something like 20 scientists in two years, who all apparently committed suicide. They were all working on artificial intelligence. America woke up to the fact that something off the planet was experimenting with artificial intelligence and was controlling systems with it. So the Archons don't live in the seventh dimension, they operate with an artificial intelligence, like a chess computer, and they are incredibly negative.

SG: Okay, that clears that one up. Another one from Nebula, please ask Simon, do higher dimensional beings that is, beings above the third dimension, actually live on our physical earth and can they see us while we can't see them and how many dimensions are there? So a multi-part question there.

SP: Right. The negatives mainly reside in the fourth dimension, or the fourth frequency. They have the technology to come through into our reality, the third dimension, as they come through into the third dimension, they appear to be, depending on what has been used, they could be described as ghost-like, they could be like neon lights, or they could be just black shadows, black shadow outlines. As they come further into our reality they are actually real, very physical, touch you and see you. Yes, absolutely. Can they see you without you seeing them? Yes, they can. People talk about seeing orbs in their houses or when they go out and that is consciousness, not necessarily from the third, it could be from any of the higher dimensions. When somebody projects their mind, projects their consciousness into 3D, our reality is very heavy, so when someone projects their consciousness into 3D, it's forced into a sphere, like an orange or a grapefruit, that sort of shape because we are so much heavier than the environment they are in. So when you see orbs, that is consciousness, it could be good or bad. Usually it's good and these orbs are observing people. There are upwards of twelve dimensions that are regularly accessed, there is a thirteenth that has been created. There are sub-dimensions. We haven't got the time but there are a twelfth and a thirteenth forming, main frequencies, but there are sub-frequencies within those.

SG: So you are saying, if they do try to come through into the third dimension they are represented as orbs, so they wouldn't be represented as a fully fledged human being size or shape?

SP: No, that is somebody sending their consciousness. If I want to spy on you, or I want to keep an eye on you, for good or bad purposes, if I am in the fifth or sixth frequencies, I can project my mind. A bit like astral travel, I can send my mind to my target and appear three feet away from them. To that human, I will be an orb and will be a ball floating in the air, but in reality I am seeing and hearing and watching them. If you talk about the Roswell crash in 1947, these were very real physical creatures that had totally come into the third dimension, I won't say there are flesh and blood, but they were certainly flesh and something. Depending on how much into the frequency you travel- if you come in 100% you will be totally physical.

SG: Okay. This is going to be the last question. We could do this all night. This is from White Star. White Star says, can you ask Simon about the US destroyer Captain Cook? If he knows, can he explain how the Captain Cook became a sitting duck?

SP: I have no knowledge on that one.

AJ: Okay. And neither do I. I have about five or six hundred questions more to ask, but we won't be able to do it, but I think we're going to have to do a part three Simon.

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