Round Table Discussion with Alfred Webre, Simon Parkes and Captain Randy Cramer

with Alfred Lambremont Webre & US Marine Corp Special Operations Capt Randy Cramer



Round Table with Alfred Webre, Simon Parkes and Captain Randy Cramer

January 12th 2015


Alfred Webre: Welcome back, I'm Alfred Lambremont Webre, and today we have I think an extraordinary round table with two extraordinary guests. Both of them are high government servants I would say. With us today is UK councillor Simon Parkes who can best describe his background, and also US Marine Captain Randy Cramer, Special Section I must add.

Randy Cramer: It’s always important to add the Special Section, otherwise we're not making the right distinction there, thank you!

AW: Exactly! So welcome gentlemen.

RC: Thank you for having me again Alfred. It's great to be back.

AW: Yes, thank you for joining us in what we conceived of as a special round table, and the round table aspect is to provide an opportunity for a conversation amongst yourselves, because you are extraordinary earth human beings, in that you have personally experienced reptilian and mantid extra-terrestrial beings, either face to face and/or inter dimensionally or both. These experiences occurred at least in a strategic military or intelligence context. I would say that you're both very considerate officers of state, either formal or informal. By that I mean that Simon, and please correct me if I am wrong, you are an elected public official, a town councillor. In North America, as you stated, we would call that a city councillor. You've also been given tours of secret military bases in the UK, which implies that the UK government is confident enough of you, to give you some insight into their activities. And Randy, you are active in public, under authorisation of article 21 of special Marine Corps regulations, which under certain circumstances, where either 50%...

RC: I'll just quickly interject here, that's specifically under the United States Marine Corps Special Section, Special Code of Conduct.

AW: Exactly. Which makes it official, and you have been authorised by your chain of command to go public, because there has been a finding, an official finding that one of these two conditions obtain, or both, that either 50% of the constitutional guarantees in the US constitution are not, in fact in place, because of actions of an extra-terrestrial origin or of an extra-terrestrial civilisation, or second, that, and please correct me if I am wrong, 75% of the normal functioning government operations of the United States are somehow compromised. Is that the sense of it?

RC: You're pretty close there. It's either a 50% or greater reduction or compromise in personnel of the known apparatus of government or a 75% reduction in overall effectiveness; so essentially we see the gears grinding to a halt. You know, a greater than a 75% rate is considered to be a hostile and aggressive act that's trying to bring us to a slow down or a shutdown, which is not a good thing at all and therefore can be seen as a hostile act. It crosses a condition line where you can say “Before that someone else should have done their job, but if they didn't, by the time we get to that 75% mark then these other clauses go into effect so that officers can take action in their best moral conscience”, and so forth.

AW: Does that 75% stipulate that that condition pertains to an extra-terrestrial cause or can it be to a terrestrial cause?

RC: It's presumed at this point that regardless of whether it's a terrestrial or extra-terrestrial cause in its origins that because of all the players that are involved, it's presumed to be a hostile action from someone outside of us, threatening us. Whether it's external or internal becomes irrelevant. It's clearly someone who's threatening the apparatus and the functionality of state at that point, which is sedition and treason and threatens the entire apparatus and the safety of everyone.

AW: Ok, just to be clear, so I just wanted to establish Simon and Randy, that you're really here both as state actors. Simon, would you agree with that?

SP: That’s quite a loaded question Alfred.

AW: I know, that’s my job.

SP: I think I share something with Randy, in that in many ways the establishment doesn't quite know where to sit us. Some arms of the establishment would clearly like to use us for its own purposes while other arms of the establishment just want the truth to come out. Both Randy and I have been given either formal or informal protection. In my case, I have been given very obvious support and so, in a way, yes, is the answer Alfred, the establishment is backing us to a certain degree, but perhaps only part of the establishment is backing us.

AW: Yes, now having gotten that out of the way, just so that our viewers understand the full context of our round table, shall we go to the first part of it. Shall we introduce, conversationally to the viewers both of your experiences with mantids. For example, starting with you Simon, could you describe in three or four minutes your experiences, and Randy, if you could come in and compare with Simon as in a round table seminar, your experiences. What similarities and differences can you come up with?

SP: Ok, it'll be interesting for Randy because he's been in combat with certain different races and I don't know if our current listeners will remember the interview I did with you Alfred, but I talked about the 1971 soul agreement I made with a mantid, (mantis as the North Americans say). Part of that agreement was that my soul could be taken from my body and placed into a mantis body, and I would then go out and do certain things. So it will be quite interesting for Randy because, when we interact I will have two viewpoints: the first viewpoint as somebody who lives on this planet now, and the other, as somebody who has inhabited a mantid soul.

So my experience with the mantis really comes from the time when I was asked to choose between associating with the Draconis reptilians or the mantis, and I chose to be more involved with the mantis and not the Draconis. Although the Draconis retreated from my life, they never completely left it. So from a very small child I have had experiences with both, but more so with the mantis creatures. Also I have had experiences with shadow creatures, the feline specie, crystalline creatures, but very rarely with the greys. I do not get on with the greys at all; some of them are corrupt humans. I have absolutely no time for the robotic greys because they have no soul. I don't see many of them. I'm more associated with the mantis than any other being but I am very familiar with the Draconis reptilian and these visits, associations are ongoing.

I've probably got a minute left now Alfred. When I first went public, the established media attacked me, as you would expect, and then something very odd happened. In Britain we have what we call the Ministry of Defence, which is the government ministry that is in charge of all the decisions taken at a military level. They invited me to go on a tour of a secret space radar base, which actually isn't British, but American. It's run by the National Security Agency, but because it's based in Britain, the British are in charge of the front door, for want of a better word. I had a four hour tour around that space base. This was a complete game changer! My mother actually worked for MI5, but was really working for the NSA. My grandfather worked for MI6, but was really working for the CIA. I went public about all my alien contacts, why was I being given a four hour tour around a very top secret base, and why at the end of the tour was I presented with a little medallion. I was the only non-military person among fifteen people on the tour, and at the end of it I was presented with a small, American coin of which only five hundred were made in the world. These coins were to be given to generals, admirals, presidents, prime ministers and there I am, just a humble city councillor, and I am given a presentation. When I go round and do my lectures, of course I carry it with me and show people. So it comes back to your question that, yes the establishment is involved in it. So I hope in a nutshell I have tried to give a picture there Alfred.

AW: Yes, Randy, could you just respond and talk about your interactions with mantids over the next three or four minutes?

RC: Sure, primarily my first interaction was essentially an intelligence briefing and virtual training experiences, so my first interaction was more like a virtual three dimensional video game experience. It was quite terrifying because we were just sort of assaulted by swarms and swarms of insects, over and over again, which was kind of freaky! I just don't like swarms of bugs or stinging insects; they freak me out. I'm still the kind of guy who, if I see a bee struggling on the side walk, I'll go, oh come here little bee, let me help you out. I mean I don't hate insects in any way, shape or form, but they still give me the creeps and the willies because of that combat trauma experience.

So my first experience was that they are the enemy, they are the bees; they are what you have to be concerned about. My first physical interactions with them were combat oriented, and were really messy. I don't know any other nice way, without trying to be graphic about it; it was a very messy, unclean experience, both physically and emotionally. Tactically, strategically, it was also a very messy experience. We were trying to engage in combat with an organised insect hive mind; I'll just have to say that. They're incredibly organised and it's really difficult to tactically approach an opponent like that without having to really think outside the box. They defy nine out of ten reasons that form the basis of your fighting strategy. You think when you do A, your opponent is going to do B. You're presuming that based on a million interactions and psychological processes, and not on insect hive mind, which thinks completely different. So it really changes the game. However I will say that my first peaceful experience with them was on my own impetus really. We had regular patrols, which was part of our daily routine…

AW: These are on Mars?

RC: Yes, these were on the surface of Mars. My first interactions must have been between 1987 and 1995. I remember my first personal encounter was probably about 1990/1991. We were on a patrol and we were coming across this territory in a line. We could see the mantids out in front of their hive, engaging in some sort of activity, which looked like they were laying lines of things out into the daylight, or into the sun for some reason. As we were watching and doing our patrol, I found myself really thinking hard about everything that I could remember from junior high biology class about insects, and I said, I'm willing to bet that if I put down my gun and I walk over there, not threatening them, that they won’t attack me. And essentially the squad said, sure, go ahead. We don't think you're correct necessarily about that but, yeah, you want to go get ripped apart, sure. We'll jump in and grab your head and take you back to get you rebuilt again like always, but we don't necessarily think that's a good idea. And I said, well, you know what, I think it is. I don't think I’ll be attacked approaching as a single entity, but if I'm wrong, I will come back running, screaming I was wrong, I was wrong.

But that didn’t happen. I put down my weapons and I approached. The closer I got, I could notice that they were watching me. One of the, I call them intelligent drones, who was about five and a half feet tall, a combination of something between a mantid person and an ant person, approached and communicated psionically, pretty clearly. We had a very brief conversation, which ran something like: Hi, I'm from up there and we live over there, and I'm from up there and we live over here. Essentially we started a passive dialogue after which, I went back to my work. A commanding officer called me in and said: did you really walk up to the front of the hive and just wave and say hi? And I said Yes, I did, I just walked up and waved and said hi. And he just shook his head and said: wow, that is brass buttons my friend, that is really brass buttons.

I know that the diplomatic corps was engaging in diplomatic conversations with the insects, or with the mantids, even though we were continuing to engage with them militarily sometimes. Military engagement didn't seem to stop the diplomatic process. They really seemed to be very independent, mechanically of one another. As a result of a temporary peace agreement, we conducted an exchange programme on a daily basis, involving a couple of squads of soldiers with some officers from the diplomatic corps. We'd get up in the morning at the barracks and head over to the hive and spend the day with the mantids and their corps. The diplomatic officers did their negotiations and we just assisted, standing around and engaging in communication.

We found it a very interesting process. I was completely astonished at their incredible intellect; their real understanding of bio chemistry and genetic engineering, and other scientific efforts that they're focussed on. They're really, really good at such! At first we thought that they were giant, smart insects, but no, they are really smart, genius evolved scientists. They can really do some amazing things! My understanding is that they didn't build much of anything; they engineered and designed things, and then would make an insect or a bug that would build them. And then that insect would be recycled back into a system that's recycling organic matter all the time. The queen hive mind managed the system, which is a collective of souls experiencing hive consciousness. I could go on; it was very fascinating but it was also a little weird.

I had to go to medical and get some prescriptions for anti-anxiety medication, when I was doing this duty because I would get so nervous and so anxiety ridden. I was used to being surrounded by all these insects only when I was in defensive combat. This was a serious state of anxiety to deal with; however, cool they were with it! I just had to get an anxiety drug prescription so that I could calm down for a while in their presence. I was just too freaked out, being on a giant bug’s hill.

AW: Thank you for that remarkable summary! Now having gotten this out, Simon, having heard and seen Randy's experience and introduction to mantids, to us, mere earth dwellers, I was wondering, would you like to ask Randy some questions or first make some observations? As you say, you are a person of dual or integrated human/mantid essence. Please feel free to engage.

SP: I have two statements, and one question. The first statement is that it's a patriarchal society, not a matriarchal society so it's a male that runs a hive. And secondly, Randy is absolutely right, whatever combat or battle goes on, the diplomacy carries on without any issue whatsoever. That's the domino game that takes place. It's the game of life, and that's just the way it is. The question I have for Randy is, were you at that time employed by the US military or were you employed by a multi-corporation, by the company?

RC: This is a very good question, and my understanding, the only way I know how to explain that, is to say that the Mars Defence Force (MDF) is a private military contractor, which is contracted by the Mars Colony Corporation (MCC). So the MCC is a financial, organisational arm and the MDF is not directly owned or commanded by the MCC. They are contracted, and along with some other military contractors, make up the Earth Defence Force (EDF), including the naval command and other military space agencies. The MDF is managed as a private military organisation, which means it's infused with a lot of corporate management. You still have a hierarchy of soldiers and officers who are contracted right out of these other direct military programmes in order to run that private military organisation because the MCC has definitely learned from the mistake of letting private industry/individuals actually get their hands in the military part: that's a very, very bad thing to let happen.

You always want to have the military folks running the military programmes whenever you can, but that still means that the corporate people get their fingers in everything as far as what tools are being approved or used, or policies are being approved or used. But I will say that the military commanders have a certain amount of ability to put their foot down and say No, this is garbage. And I can tell you, a number of times when my commanding officer at forward station zebra ...several issues, really just said, no this is stupid, we are not doing it this way anymore. This is harming the effectiveness of my soldiers. This is harming our day to day morale. This is harming our ability to function. This is harming our ability to perform in the field, and so I will not be doing it that way. We will be doing it this way or else, and essentially the MCC had to capitulate to the military command when the military command said, “Absolutely not, we will not be doing it that way.” It's a back and forth power struggle.

SP: I have two questions. Would it be right to say that at a point Dick Cheney was probably in charge of that particular arm and would it also be correct to say that at the time that you were on Mars, the humans had the technology to bring you back to life, had you been physically dead?

RC: I would say, to the first part that Dickie Cheney was almost assuredly involved somewhere in these areas, exactly what level he would have been in the MDF or the EDF, I couldn't say specifically, but I would almost be certain that his thumb prints and his finger prints would be all over it somewhere. Secondly, yes, I would also say that we definitely had the technology to bring soldiers back to life. You know, I've had my arms and legs and my body blown apart so many times and rebuilt and put back together, and as long as there's some electrical activity they can connect your cord to they can still bring you back ...bring your soul back into your body. When that connection is completely gone, you become all the way dead as we used to say.

SP: That's brilliant, thanks ever so much!

AW: Wow, please continue, this is a remarkable disclosure roundtable.

SP: What we're seeing here are things that people don't read on the internet. What you haven't read in a book, and I think, you only really know this if you are really there, or whether you had really close connection with it. The sort of questions I am asking Randy, couldn't be answered if he just read it on the internet or in a book; he would have had to have experienced it. And I would only ask the questions because I am aware of such content. What makes it so lovely, is that there are three very genuine people on this round table at the moment.

AW: Excellent! Randy, would you like to make a statement about what Simon has said, and ask him questions?

RC: Ok, I guess I'm curious, I mean why wouldn’t you be curious about Dick Cheney's involvement, because he's: I like to call him “Dark” Cheney -- such a figure who's always trying to be behind and control so much of everything. There's not a single indication that he's up to anything other than: you know, bad feelings all around and the dark side of the force moves through him with great strength. I just don't know how else to describe him. So I am curious as to why you would ask that question specifically.

I think that my question would have to centre on hive consciousness. We had a limited experience with the hive. We really only experienced one hive, but there were multiple hives that were run by multiple collective consciousnesses. My question concerning hive consciousness is from the top down, how connected is that from hive to hive, queen to queen, or does that change, does it have more of a division, like people or individual persons have a division even though they are collective? This is a very interesting subject to me, because I don't have experience with multiple hives to be able to judge that, I have to ask that question. If you could answer that, I'd be dying to know.

SP: Ok, there are no queens; it's a patriarchal society. The pyramid shape is good: that works. There is one ...and his title in English would simply be “The Great One”. That is what you were referring to as the queen, although he is male.

RC: I can totally understand my confusion because the grand progenitor, the grand engineer and the grand maker of everything, was always purveyed as the queen so thanks for clarifying that. I'll try to make sure I clarify that in the future.

SP: In different locations on different planets, different universes, there will be what you're describing as a “stand alone” unit, which would be one hive. I’ll put one hive here (holds up one fist on the right side), and the other hive here (holds up fist on left side). The hive consciousness that you are asking about comes from the centre. It wouldn't come from one hive who would then pass it to another hive, which is perhaps how we would do it in earth/human terms. One conscious command centre would communicate with all others simultaneously. So that if one arm is cut out, all the separate hives have the same information at the same time. Now there is communication from one hive to another but that isn't important. That's just status updating of what's happening. What we are talking about is not a chain of command which goes from on hive to another. So that's how hive consciousness works. So you could take out one hive and all the others would be stand alones, but still have the same information. I don't know if that helps in any way.

RC: Oh, that completely answers my question, yes, thank you very much that helps a lot.

AW: Would anyone like to pose a follow on question?

SP: Yes, I don't have any knowledge of being on Mars yet I seem to have a very clear understanding of bits and pieces. Randy would it be correct to say that certain parts of Mars were quadrated or divided off between different groupings, so that a geographical area would belong to one particular race and another geographical area would belong to another race, because I'm aware that diplomatically, in order to allow one group into another group's territory there was a very complicated protocol. Does that make sense?

RC: Yes, and my understanding is that Mars is in no way a cohesive, unified, one planetary governmental species situation at all. There are definitely multiple species and folks involved, both native and non-native alike. There are natives who maybe went away and are now coming back. My understanding is there are at least a half dozen or so different genetically distinct species that possess and compete for a certain amount of territory. I want to emphasis again, when people want to talk about competition for territory, they often assume that there's a fight for global dominance on Mars by these species. Nothing could be further from the truth because a long time ago it was simply determined that that was not going to be militarily or financially practical at all. The different species settled for maintaining their own territories, trying to keep anybody else from taking too much or pushing in from any other direction into their own territory. The notion of any one of those species dominating all of the rest and being able to own that planet is simply a joke. It's just a joke. The idea that it could happen is just ridiculous. My understanding is that some species are friendlier and on better terms than others, and some are obviously more hostile. I can only speak really clearly about what happened near the northern polar regions where I was, involving our stations, and the northern raptor and reptile tribes along with the mantid species.

SP: Are the raptors the ones that are associated with the US Navy? Is it the Air Force or the Navy that have connections with them?

RC: The navy definitely does. I don't think I'd be authorised to comment on that because I don't know enough about it and if I would be saying something that would harm anything in a secure way, I wouldn't know that necessarily either. So it would be best not to say anything specifically except that the navy, the naval space command and the US Marine Corps Special Section I know still have diplomats constantly communicating with the raptors, yes.

SP: That's my understanding, that's brilliant. Randy, there's a couple of films which I'm sure you've seen, and I think will mean a lot to you. One obviously is Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the other one is Ender's Game. Have you seen Ender's Game?

RC: I did. I saw it not too long ago, and it was really mind blowing. I had friends who had seen it who told me you really want to see this movie. It's about the training programme, and I was like, ok, we'll see how good it is. I was quite shocked and quite stunned to see just how clear they were being without being too clear.

SP: What about the mantis type creature at the end of the film?

RC: Yes, I thought that was absolutely fascinating.

SP: In actual fact, Ender's Game is stock filming for the Marine Corps; it's actually on their list of approved films to watch when they're in their training.

RC: I'm not surprised at all, in fact so many times I was hearing lines being quoted from these officers that I swear I had heard as bullet points rattled off to me by my chain of command. I have a hard time NOT believing that they had somebody write the script for that; it really seemed not JUST that somebody said, hey I got a really good idea for you. I think someone came with a ready script and said why don’t you make that movie. Yeah, but it was great, fantastic, and I think anyone who wants to understand the sort of mentality expressed in these programmes, and how they’re being directed by that mentality in order to develop specific skills, I think it's a great example.

SP: I think it's very important because it actually shows children being trained, which is what you were saying. Anybody who understands military discipline knows, and Adolph Hitler understood it entirely, when he trained the Hitler youth, that if you get children at a young age, you can create a very, very effective fighting force. So that is exactly what the military, or the Mars corporations who own or part own some of these military programmes, have been doing for a while.

So it's really nice for me to actually meet Randy and to chat with him because we are seeing things from, yes the same perspective, but also a slightly different perspective. We are not antagonists; that's very important to make clear because, had I been a greatly more reptilian type being than I am, I would probably be having a real problem with Randy right now Alfred, but that is not the case.

AW: Why do you say that? If you were a reptilian being, what is there about Randy and what he is doing and saying that would bring about problems?

SP: Well, Randy has more than average reptilian in him anyway; he knows that is the case and Randy is absolutely correct that parts of Mars, as other planets are, are segmented off, that is your own operational field is defined. The reptilian grouping finds it very hard to play within the rules and will attempt both physically and non-physically to expand their influence, and so what Randy represents is, basically, if you go too far, you are going to have conflict on an ongoing basis. And so you are constantly reminded with somebody like Randy on a planet's surface that the humans, yes, they are there by agreement, but they also have their own agenda. The mantids are incredibly spiritual in some ways and incredibly ancient and learned, and they've got so much going on that they're not that worried. But the reptiles are very much into expansion of territory, dominating species, controlling people, and so therefore what Randy represents is probably a little bit difficult for some of the reptiles. Randy can tell you more than I can about that.

AW: Randy, you mentioned there were six major species on Mars?

RC: At least, that I'm aware of.

AW: I assume that three of those are reptile, mantid and human, is that correct?

RC: We have terrestrial humans, from earth, we also have Martian humans: I mean who are from Mars, sort of hominids that are from Mars, and then there's: Andrew Basiago has described them as sort of small almost grey or Zeta type being, I'm not sure what to call them. He came up with some names, some Latin variation names which is fine, but I'm not sure how they're defined in the manual because to me they fit a description of a drone being. In the list of various drone beings, it's not always about what species they are because they're drone beings. They're like biological robots. They can be essentially operated, or intel operated, or programmed as a proxy by a number of other species, who don't want to engage in the biological environment because they know they're vulnerable to fungi and so forth. They don't want to wear the bio suits, or the gravity or pressure is too different for them to survive in, so they'll use a biological drone as a tele operate in that area. My understanding is that they may not even be their own biological species; they're just biological robots. Who they're being operated by, or tele operated by I can't say. So I wouldn't define them as an actual species; I would define them more as a biological drone or a biological robot.

And so I would say that at least those species confronted a Draconian infiltration, which drew them together into a group effort, they all got together, ganged up on the Draconians when they thought they were going to come in and play divide and conquer. And I only imagine from what I know that there's got to be another couple of hangers on somewhere in that map, even though I'm not privy to the entire map of the entire globe of Mars. I'd say from my intelligence sources that we've got about half a dozen or seven or eight species which have territory which puts them in a position of having to be negotiated with.

If you're talking about global affairs, we're talking about Martian global affairs or things that would affect everybody, I mean even if they're all fighting each other there has to be some sort of loose diplomatic organisation… around what's acceptable and what's not acceptable for everyone because that always is going to come down to it: even if you've got people fighting, you've still got people with interests, who can say: no, it's really going to cost us too much if we do that, we need to work together on this, even if we're fighting them over here, we cooperate on this, this saves everybody time, money and energy.

That's always been the case historically, where just because your military are stomping on someone, doesn't mean you're not having a conversation with them about how to minimise certain negative impacts, because of the war that they're having, because of some other environmental factor, so I think the fact that we've got a messy situation geopolitically shouldn't surprise us. I think we have very messy situations geopolitically on earth. I think we should expect messy geopolitical situations on Mars, and just about every other planet in the galaxy because why wouldn't there be?

Why would we presume that everyone's got some kind of orderly, functionally global system where their planet is just all fine and orderly and is one, where everybody gets along and agrees that the law should always be the same? I don't see why that should be the case at all. Even when you're talking about collective consciousness and hive consciousness, my experience individually, was that an individual mantid could still have an opinion that was separate from the hive. The individual mantid would still go with the hive logic, the hive notion and survival of the hive, but you know they could still have an individual opinion. I don't know how else to describe that except that, you know, one mantid soul consciousness might prefer that flavour to that flavour or that colour to that colour in the same way that you or I might.

They might be able to have that kind of an opinion because it doesn't impact the overall health or the well-being of the hive so it's not dictated by higher consciousness. Again, Simon probably knows more about this than I do. This is just my impression of them. But that, in and of itself to me just seems like part of the individual expression. You have these individual life forms getting together into groups. They have many differences of opinion, and they disagree a lot. They don't agree on how to do things, and what the best way is to do things. So I think that we should anticipate that inter galactic geopolitical affairs are going to be much more complicated and messy than our own geopolitical affairs, because they involve more parties.

AW: Holding that issue for a moment, Simon, do you have any comments on what Randy has just said about mantids?

SP: Yes, differences of opinion occur because there is still free will, providing that free will doesn't endanger the race. There is a high council within the mantis race, which runs on a traffic light system: red, yellow and green. This is comparable to the weapons, that some of the humans have, such as, I don't know, laser rifles, but we're talking energy hand weapons that some of the human troops carry. The high council has a telepathic vote counted telepathically, and not by raising your hand.

Yes, there is free will to make decisions, but those decisions must always be for the benefit of the race. For example, a mantid on earth, in its true form, interacts with a human child, let's say in North America at 2.30 in the morning. That mantid then wishes to bring that child either to a space craft or to an underground base or to another dimension. The mantid will either take that child, physically in its body or will take its energetic signature. Now when they arrive at their destination, let us suppose that another mantid then interacts with that child, and a new connection is made between that child and that mantid, which seems beneficial. The first mantid will say “Shall I withdraw and therefore allow you to carry on?” So there is free will providing it doesn't violate the number one rule, which is the survival of the collective.

AW: This may seem strange, but we are prompted by that conversation of reptilians, mantids and humans, and the different territorials. Could we transfer that same conversation to earth and start up a conversation here on earth. Is there a similar struggle for territory between humans, mantids and others?

SP: No. Randy will come in with his bit. The only struggle we've had has been some of the taking out of the DUMBS: the deep underground bases. That’s the major struggle we've seen on the planet. The division of earth was decided a very long time ago: in other words, who was in charge and how. The difficulty we've had, from a good perspective is that those elite governments now so totally control a number of countries with their corporations and politicians that it isn't actually the aliens that are the problem anymore, it's the humans. In their very, very strong positions they are just totally greedy and totally out for themselves; so from my perspective, you don't have turf war, as we say in Britain. You have countries who are seeking to push their ideology onto others. So there's that going on, but it's more to do with humans and demonic entities than it is to do with aliens who are actually now not playing the key role they might have done twenty years ago.

AW: Do you have any comment on that Randy?

RC: Certainly. Terrestrial earth geopolitics is very complicated but I'll try .. Simon is correct. In my understanding there are no territorial conflicts in which we are concerned about mantid or insect species competing for territory on earth. The ET’s that I understand are here, are here based on treaties that everyone's approved and are not here to do harmful or negative things. Of all the ET species that we have, over the last 70 years, made treaties with and let them come and hang out, that's not necessarily the case. Some of those, we've learned are bad relationships, and you've had to break off with them, and in some cases kick them out of the neighbourhood.

It's very complicated because you have factions within factions who have different agendas going in opposite directions. Do we move towards a golden or a total fascist civilisation? People don’t understand that there is a tug of war going on here. It's a tug of war between a golden civilisation and fascism, which may collapse into barbarism. The tug of war is happening because of all these different interests. We really have the choice of trying to understand those forces and recoup our golden civilisation, where we shore up the things of civilisation that are crumbling and falling apart. We eliminate poverty and we eliminate the reason for people to be using large amounts of bombs and chemical weapons on each other. We make law enforcement officers accountable for killing people over misdemeanours or for just leaning against a toy.

There are things that have to be made accountable and fixable in order to move in that direction. I would have to be with Simon, namely that first of all we had the ET’s leading the ruling class twenty years ago, and now we have to deal with these proxies of human beings who are operating with non-human, multi-dimensional beings, puppeteering in this corporate model, which is a draconian model. I want to point out that the corporate banking model is a Draconian model, the Alpha Draconian model is all about corporate banking. It's all about usury and making imaginary money to hold people in debt and creating hierarchical corporations to subvert law and order and so forth. Ever since they created and infiltrated the East India Trading Company, the first corporation, we have been unable to reel in their business power.

And I don't think that there shouldn't be business power. There should be some business power, but that's not the same thing as corporate power, and that's not the same thing as saying three month planning is our bottom line. We shouldn’t have a short term greedy model, which I'm highly against. We should make business plans over a hundred years, not three months. So what we're mostly seeing right now are some really dark psionic beings using very negative dark psionic energy to manipulate and bend reality and behaviour in a certain way. I would say we have a paedophile problem because dark, psionic magic users have been sending those frequencies into society over and over and over again until people start mimicking and puppeteering that behaviour. if we eliminate those sources of psionic infiltration into that thinking, that behaviour would come to an end; it would stop.

AW: Very interesting. Do you have comments to that perspective Simon?

SP: I just absolutely agree entirely with Randy. It's getting very boring this, isn't it Alfred?

RC: We're just agreeing with each other all the time.

AW: These are collective perspectives that our round table comes to, that's why it's round.

SP: Like King Arthur. Yes, the whole of this prison planet is Draconis Reptilian; created in terms of its systems and its structures. Those humans, who are so desperate to climb the ladder to be something, are embraced and are part of it; sometimes it's willing and sometimes it's not willing. In most cases they are mind controlled, blood line families. It's a very, very interesting and horrific control network and control system, but from a dispassionate point of view, I have to say it's very effective. Randy will know that many people have suicide programmes placed in them so that if they begin to break the programming or they turn against their masters, they will be dead within a fortnight. As far as the authorities are concerned they just committed suicide. So looking at one aspect, it appears to be sewn up; however, Randy's right, there's something very important going on, and slowly, but surely the off worlders, or the bad guys on the planet, are losing control, not just of the populace, but they're losing control in many cases, within their own organisation.

There are a large number of people who are saying, you know what, I don't want this anymore. I can't live with myself; I can't live with this, and I want out. As you go higher up the chain of command, (this is not necessarily in the corporations, but I do believe it's in the pure military) these people believe themselves to be custodians of the peace of the planet; that's how they see themselves, as custodians of the peace of the planet. When you are aware that it isn't a war with Russia that's going to cause you serious problems, it is the potential war with races from other worlds. When you know that, everything else becomes much less important, and so you begin to realise that you have had enough, that humanity has been lied to. This is such a big story and surely the human race can move on and develop; it's time to grow up. So you have a number of people in very high office, military office, and a few politicians who have come together quite secretively forming their own groups within groups within groups. They’re trying to move it across and you might get a major, or a colonel in a military unit who will somewhat change the orders that he's been given. That's what's occurring and that's where I think we need to place our faith.

RC: I think that's a very good assessment and my experience in just talking mostly in conversations off the record with various officers in a number of branches in the military, I find this consensus to be very true. Over the last couple of decades the warrior caste of the USA take the usurpation of the constitution as a serious violation of our own national security apparatus and it makes us very vulnerable internally, externally. This usurpation manifests in the divide and conquer attitude, where we pretend that we're mad at the Russians, or we’re mad at the Chinese, or we’ll make up a war in the Middle East. When I call them the warrior caste, I mean it with the deepest respect, because these are men and women, who are officers now, and whose parents, grandparents and great grandparents were officers. Their great grandparents served in the civil war, and their great great grandparents served in the Spanish/American war. They are people whose families go back for generations and have done nothing, but serve this country militarily. We may have nine generations of West Point graduates here.

We create terrorism every time we take our boot and stomp somebody in the head and say do it our way. Every time you do that, it makes people mad and then they want to come and fight you and hurt you later. When a four year old loses his mother or his uncle, that child is going to hate you forever and is going to die hating you because you did something that left an impression when they were four years old. So when they are eighteen, they are going to be happy to do everything they can to kill you and harm themselves or die in the process. And that’s because when they were four, they knew that the jack boot of the thug of some foreign national stomped their mom or their dad or their uncle in the head. That kind of aggression does not gain peace or submission!

The notion of winning the hearts and minds of people is a Marine Corps concept, and it really comes from an old fashioned wisdom: you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. That's not rocket science and the Marine Corps understood a long time ago when you go into an area and you're dealing with two different groups of people fighting over almost always, a bunch of poor farmers who only own a couple of cows and goats, you offer the poor farmers a truckload of food and blankets and rations. You don’t want to look as bad as the people you are trying to fight. You say to the poor farmer, we want you to suffer a little less and show you we're the good guys. The more you can demonstrate through your actions that you actually care about the people on the ground, the more they're going to recognise that wow, here is a person who’s actually very morally upstanding. He is better than this guy who's telling me that I need to rise up because he comes along and gives us blankets and food and medicine. Wow, maybe I should really help this guy because he just helped me and my family out and made sure that my little sister, who we thought was going to die, is now alive because some doctor gave her a shot.

The original idea of being able to help people in order for them to go, oh, you're the good guys, is a Marine Corps concept. So the moment that we stop: being a good guy like that, giving them blankets, giving them health care, giving them rations, and start kicking their door down, start giving them a boot to the head, and stop speaking their language, and start pointing a rifle around the room, we create bad policy, just bad policy. So the officers and military personnel I am speaking about above are becoming tired of seeing the good name of the military used badly. They are the people who understand that the military is something that can be used to help a situation that has become chaotic, broken down, and is causing suffering. When you can come in and use a little force and a wedge to create some space and some peace for people and possibly eliminate harmful individuals in an area, you use the military for its intended purpose as I said above. But when we pervert that, and when we distort that, it makes people really angry.

When the enhanced interrogations in the army field manual were signed into law, the Marine Corps was given the opportunity to change its interrogation section of its manual as well, in order to use these enhanced interrogation techniques. I want to point out the Marine Corps declined those enhanced interrogation techniques. The Marine Corps said no, no, no, we don't need those enhanced interrogation techniques in our manual, because our interrogation techniques works well. We sit down with someone and learn what their name is, who their family is, and what village or town they’re from. We find out what their needs are, and how they suffer, and we say, you know what, I can help you, your family and your situation. I can help your people be safe, but you've got to give me some information. That's how the Marine Corps interrogation manual essentially works: we figure out how to gain rapport with someone by discovering their needs and their understanding. We help them achieve something, and then they are happy to help us and provide us with accurate information.

So the dedicated men and women, the officers, the cadre and the overall warrior caste of the USA have absolutely had enough. I wouldn't be here if my entire chain of command had not had enough and said ok, under these guidelines, you get to talk about these issues because we've had enough. So in some way I get to be the spokesperson for a whole bunch of other military officers who are not allowed to speak, or given permission to speak. I try to honourably speak for them and you're right: they've had enough and they’re creating a lot of change. They are saying NO to the people who have said let's drive it into the ground and then rebuild it in some sort of better image, which is a bad idea. I am convinced more and more as the days go by that such change will continue to go on. We’ll see more action where the black hats are losing and the good guys are winning because those very serious people in the officer cadre who have sworn their lives and their family's, father’s, and their grandfather’s lives to protecting our constitutional safeguards, will not let them fall and will not let their heritage die in vain; it's not going to happen. I know people who simply refuse to let every soldier who died in world war one, world war two and Vietnam, die in vain by just letting this roll over our entire system because of a fascist military industrial complex. That would go against the reason for fighting half the wars of the twentieth century. There, rant over.

AW: Thank you. Now shifting to a question of a change in consciousness, which both of you have talked about. Simon has discussed the date of 2017 as being a rough working date; we're now at the beginning of 2015. We have some input coming both from extra-terrestrial sources and also from other places stating that perhaps there'll be a shift of consciousness here on the planet. Does this relate to our conversation that we've been having, both about Mars, the Earth and even different species?

SP: Well, this shift has been going on for quite some time Alfred. It's been building. It started very, very quietly and very hidden and has been rolled out across the planet. 2017 is the point that is the be all and end all; it's the make or break point. We have two years, or eighteen months of a very rough ride between now and then, and which, depending on how it goes, will dictate how rough that ride will be. Randy, I'm sure will be able to comment, but a number of events that would have ended this earth, have been prevented: whether that be a nuclear bomb that was accidentally dropped from an aeroplane, or a nuclear bomb in a suitcase or a carry case that didn't go off, or a nuclear missile taken from a Russian submarine trapped on the bottom of the ocean bed and smuggled out, or whether Mossad never actually got round to do what it needed to do to end .. They've had countless opportunities to bring about the new world order, and it hasn't happened. I would agree with Randy.

I think a number of people are seeing that it's not going to happen in the way that it's been promised. A number of very, very powerful blood line families feel betrayed because they were promised a new world order in which they would be the ruling elite, and it hasn't been delivered. This is primarily what's causing the fracture amongst those ruling elite, who are basically staring down the end of a gun because at 2017 they really will have to face an issue. Randy mentioned all the psionic interference that's been sent or beamed against people, whether it's paedophilia or whether it's mind control in another form. Consciousness is rising to the point that humans are becoming resistant, or many humans are becoming resistant to the new world order. We're even seeing the established media, the mouth piece of the elite, beginning to start to ask questions.

So the cracks are appearing, and I see this as an ongoing process of ascension. I am using the word ascension because that's what I think people understand. It's an awareness and an awakening so that if you watch a magician do a trick and you ask that magician to do the same trick ten times, a point comes where you understand how the magician is doing the trick. You don't take your eye off the ball, or the cups, whatever the cards show. If you watch hard enough, you begin to see through it. That's what's happening and is a problem for the magicians. Randy did touch on this.

Some alien creatures don't have the ability to create; they have the ability just to replicate and copy. So many of these people, once they've run out of their ideas, once they've run out of their magic bag, don’t have any other tricks to put forward. Humanity is seeing through it and these people are in a flight of panic. It is a very interesting, an exciting time, but it's also a very dangerous time. That's my view.

AW: Thank you. Randy, would you like to comment on what Simon just shared?

RC: Sure. 2017 is coming soon. I would say if you look at the last century, at the larger chessboard, we've definitely been moving toward the endgame. Certainly, we're at the point between now and 2017, that, all I can say is yes, we're getting closer to the endgame. I don't like to speculate what exactly that means. I'm a military tactician, and we're in the middle of a war and a conflict. I don't like to make too many predictions about how things are going to go or come out, because we're still in the middle of conflict, but I think that we are seeing huge divisions at the upper levels. Some of these global controllers are not having a good time with the global wealthy family elite folks starting to have serious disagreements.

My understanding of this is, at first the very top of the elite said no, we've got this great plan, and we'll get the whole world and everything for you. But as it evolved, it became, “screw you guys, we're going to keep our little tiny hovel on Mars, where we’ll have our superior genetic Nazi gene pool”, and the rest of you are screwed. When the rest of the wealthy families realised that they were not actually being included in that plan, they started to rebel and have personal reservations. Watch the Rockefellers divest their oil money, no? Oh my God, that was so amazing, and I was just like, oh you guys are done for now, because the Rockefellers took their oil money out. Say good bye to oil. Now the navy has released that they have a process to make fuel for their ships and their planes from seawater. So they will start using this and stop purchasing oil and petroleum for their ships and their planes. There are some movements to show that the people who are like “Oil, oil, oil” are no longer in favour, and that people in serious positions of authority and power are essentially giving the finger to oil production and just saying no. We're not doing it anymore! We're taking our money out, and putting our technology elsewhere, screw you guys!

So the Koch brothers can dig shale oil and frack shale all they want, but if the Rockefellers and the navy pull their money out of oil that's the beginning of the death knell, and the beginning of the end of oil use. What if the navy, one of the largest consumers of petroleum products in the world, says we're not going to use it anymore? Germany has this salt water battery powered car that they've just released. The car is, of course, some luxury model that you have to be rich to buy, but the technology could be put into a Ford Focus; it’s the same kind of technology. We could still crack hydrogen right out of salt water like Stan Meier who build a water powered dune buggy in the late 1970s. Daniel Dingle who is a Philippine inventor, has made a device as well; he basically fixes toasters. He invented a similar system, which, I think, he put into a 90 something Honda Accord. It cracks salt water, and sends the hydrogen in a little tube right into the internal combustion engine. Because it's hydrogen, it takes just a tiny little amount to make the pistons run, and then kicks out water, which eventually will rust a steel engine. But ceramic engine parts will deal with that sort of thing.

So all of this stuff is coming out, and we will no longer need to be dependant, or be beholden to fossil fuels. We are actually seeing for the first time, that these big players, the big financial families, the big military contractors, the navy and finally some car manufacturers are saying: no, we're turning in the other direction. That's the beginning of the end for oil. So oil can struggle all it wants for the next few years, saying, “We’re going to oil it all” but they're losing. It's a losing battle and they won't win. So I think we are going to see these rapid changes; people will shift sides as I already talked about before, because people realise that they got sold out. Now they will switch their position and go with another plan. Everyone's realises that they are doomed by this one tiny little group of neo Nazi idiots who have really sunk themselves because they thought that they could fool everyone. It's like Simon says, the magician has to do the magic trick over and over and over again. After a while people realise that's a f'd up trick! They’re trying to trap us in here while they keep turning up the gas, and we're all going to die! All the while the magic trick distracts us, and we realise if we continue letting this person do this to us, they will run the world into ruin! So we’d better find someone else to put at the wheel of the car, or they're going to drive it off the cliff.

AW: Thank you. Now going back to Simon's point, which was very interesting: how is ascension going to work? Simon said we're going through an ascension, which can be taken many different ways. I think it's an increase of consciousness or expansion of consciousness or frequency. Simon can comment on that in just a moment. As part of this, getting back to Earth and Mars, do you think that Earth and Mars are simultaneously going through ascension?” Do you think a mutual expansion of consciousness inside a universal expansion and escalation of conscious frequencies is occurring? We'll start with you first Simon because you made that observation.

SP: Yes, all the planets within the solar system are heating up and are changing. Any living creature that has a free will, will actually be undergoing some form of change. The thing is the human race is a prison race; therefore its changes need to be the greatest of all. This is the problem, it's like an overheating. Some people will get it and some people won't.

In regards to the ruling elite, looking at the Freemasons, the Knight's Templars are splitting from the other groups of the Freemasons. The Knight's Templars are preparing underground bases simply because, as Randy said, when they looked at their ticket to get off the planet, it was fake. Most people left in positions of power are preparing for the worst because they realize that they don’t have the real ticket. They know the mind-set of the top tier and want to have a fall-back position themselves. So they build these private underground bases under military establishments on earth, which you can buy now for so many million dollars. That's what's going on. The second tier elite find that they have more bunkers than they need; so they are selling them to make money.

On the ascension side of it, Randy has used on four different occasions the word “Nazi”, and that's absolutely correct because when Germany lost the second world war, it actually won the peace. America was so impressed with the level, not just of physical technology, but with the level of mental technology it discovered. America realised that it could not afford to let any other country in the world have such technology. So the Nazi ideology, not just through individuals, but through corporate views actually pervaded the American ruling elite. For example, the Germans were developing their Fritz remote controlled bomb, the first camera operated glide bomb ever in the world. This was 1936, and three or four German companies were making the bomb; all the staff were compartmentalised into groups, so that no one group had the overall picture, and the groups could not talk to each group. The Americans actually took that lock, stock and barrel and just replicated it right across the board.

When the Americans found all the underground bases that the Germans had built, they replicated them. So Randy is absolutely right that it's not just an ideology, but it's a way of life, it's a pattern for the American ruling elite. Now, Alfred you know, but Randy may not know that when my mother worked for British Intelligence, the NSA, her job was to type out documents from German scientists from Paperclip. She didn't translate them; they were translated for her Randy, but she typed them out. These documents were written by a group of German scientists who were looking at exotic technologies. The Germans really had a very, very powerful effect on the command and control structure in America. American corporations emulated German organizational methods and that’s how American corporations basically usurped political control.

Mars is important because some of the races on Mars can trace a link to what I would call Ayrian qualities; so the native Martian humans have a very close connection with what we could loosely call a Nazi type ideology, which doesn't mean they're bad. It's just means that there is a connection there through history.

AW: So how would this connect with the “ascension” or expansion of consciousness? Is it occurring on Mars? Are similar energy consciousness processes occurring on Mars as they are occurring here?

SP: Hundreds of thousands of years ago, many millions of years ago, it was well known that the human race would at some point ascend, and I'm using the word. Now, when an entire specie advances, it creates the most enormous amount of energy. Other creatures, who are trapped in a pit and can no longer escape from that because they've lost the ability to be spiritual, could get on the back of that and ascend with them. But because of the way the universe is, and the way source, or God, (or however you want to look at it), there are certain rules that everybody has to play by. One of those is that you cannot ascend on the back of another race unless you have moved towards a good position, or you've moved far enough across. So beings like the mantids, who are actually trapped just as much as the humans are in their own position, would like to advance. The Draconis are undecided because they are so stuck in their world of ceremony and ritual. Some Draconis state, “I am God and I will kill and eat who I want” but others are saying “We're finished; we've had it, and we're in a cul de sac.” “Now here is a way to see if we can work with humans and see if we can get out of this mess.”

So the ascension process is well known and has been divined or predicted for a very long time, much longer than the Mayan calendar, and much longer before that. Every race on every planet in the whole multi verse goes through this process Alfred. Every sentient living creature will advance. How else do you get to the fourth frequency, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth? If you survive, and you change, you move up the ladder because you develop. So basically that ascension is something that a number of species actually want to happen. The people who don't want it to happen are a large group of Draconis reptilians who want to keep the status quo, and their subservient groups who run some elements of the planet. Now they're the ones who want to maintain the situation but the majority now want to advance. Finally there are other alien entities from higher frequencies above the fourth dimension, who are now throwing out the rule book and are interfering to try and bring a level playing field. So they're not coming in to win the war for the human race, because that's not allowed, but they are balancing it out to make it easier for the good guys to get to the top. I am really interested in Randy's take on that.

RC: Yeah, that's ok but there's another five things I would like to get through before that. There's the rule where people aren't allowed to just come in and fix it, as you said. They're not allowed to just come in and solve it, but they are absolutely allowed to make it more “fair”. So anything they do to balance the scale is considered, by any of the inter galactic judiciary bodies to be, “well, ok, that's alright”. They just go ok, they didn't tip the scale out of balance; they just tried to make it fairer, and anything that anybody does to do that, is considered allowed.

So there is a technical space where what we wish we could do may conflict with what we're allowed to do. So how do we find a place where we can do something that's effective, and helps the scale move, but doesn't violate our laws and sanctions? We could get in a position where someone could say, “Hey, you violated that one too many times, get back to the perimeter of the solar system until you can prove that you can behave yourself.” No one wants to get kicked out of the environment just because they stepped over a line. Most of the time everyone really observes the rules and boundaries because they want to be able to do the most effective thing they can. So they have to play by whatever rules or whatever treaties have been established for them to go by.

As far as ascension of consciousness and the connection between Earth and Mars, everyone that I have talked to is very much of like mind and say that the consciousness of Earth and Mars are sisters. They are very intimately connected because of the inter species moving back and forth over many hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of years. So I don't think that it's a coincidence at all that Earth and Mars are experiencing collective ascension or harmonic rising. In fact I would say that an amplification of that connection extends beyond to the rest of the solar system, making it even more possible that other planets and beings can all go through this ascension process. Simon is also correct in saying that other species realise that this is an opportunity for them to surf the wave and get some elevation from something. They've been pushed down even in some cases further than we have, and their ability to really try and spiritually develop themselves is even harder. So they are looking for any methodology which might help elevate them as well. But there are rules, you can't just do that, because you also have to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. You have to be able to come in and say that you agree in doing this elevating consciousness thing. They are going to help us elevate, but we must do something for ourselves to elevate; we don't just jump on the surf board and ride the wave! We have to, consciously and with intent and action, shift what we are doing to transform to that other consciousness. In some cases we're talking about factions of extra-terrestrials who really believe that they have to be different. They have to be better, and express a higher level of consciousness in order to try and jump onto that wave with everyone else to help their own species. Other factions within that species just like on earth, may think, no they don’t want that, and will try to fight it all the time.

I want to add to the Draconian question that they have a problem: the number of actual Draconian reptiles in their entire gene pool and in their entire consciousness pool is shrinking and shrinking. It's a finite number that keeps getting smaller and smaller, because my understanding at this point, is they are afraid to breed with each other. They are so dangerous and so hostile that if they attempt to get together and breed to make another pure Ceeacar (royal white) Draconian, who are the large Draconian species, not the little ones, but the big ones, that they might just kill each other in the process. They are so long lived, and they continue to cheat and cheat in order to add years to their lives. They're on a finite course to a dead end: either they can stretch this out as long as they can, or they can change course.

Some Draconians have simply been on this course too long to change so they're not going to change their course. They are going to keep trying to consume and consume and extend their lives; however, there are those who say they’ve had enough of this. I'm not happy with this. Some Draconian members say this is not working, and they are not happy with this. They haven't created anything that's good. They haven't created anything that’s long lasting, or made the world or the universe a better place. All they've done is be selfish, selfish and crap wherever they go. Some are kind of ashamed of that, so there is a division between the members of that group. They're facing a finite extinction that they're eventually going to get to if they don't either learn to breed again, or learn to raise their own consciousness. Essentially they are genetically engineering all their middle managers, all their lawyer caste. All of that will fall apart the instant that their upper caste dies off; all of that will just completely disintegrate.

AW: Do you have any comment on that Simon?

SP: No, I would add that they have known this; that's the problem. They've known this from the beginning, but as Randy said, they just hoped it would go away.

AW: Right, now talking of Earth and Mars, there's some research, and you gentlemen can confirm perhaps more than I, that suggests prior to 9500BC or some such date of the solar system, some catastrophe occurred that ended the openly interplanetary society between Earth and Mars. You can see ruins of the predecessors of the ruling Egyptian Pharaohs, and ruins of all sorts of Egyptian art on the surface of Mars. We've seen, through the efforts of Andy Basiago, who's headed up the Mars anomaly research society, photos from a curator ship of the NASA rover, showing sarcophagi that have the carved statue of what looks like an Egyptian king. He has the conical head dress, like the Nefertiti conical head dress, to hide the “cone head” effect.

Some people say there was a solar system catastrophe that led to the ecological effects on the current surface of Mars, and that led to the destruction of our maritime civilisation on earth. This catastrophe ended the openly inter planetary society of earth and mars, which sort of started up again around 1900 with the Martians signalling Tesla and one thing led to another, JP Morgan …

Skull and Bones, created by the Illuminati (1776) at my alma mater Yale, was the second chapter of the Bavarian Illuminati. The Illuminati’s mission was to re-establish the colonies on Mars. Dick Cheney was a year ahead of me at Yale, and flunked out his sophomore year, but he got into the non-Yale skull and bones. So this all comes from the Bavarian Illuminati, which is re-establishing the old pre-solar system catastrophe Earth/Mars inter planetary society, which you've experienced as a Mars soldier in the Earth/Mars defence force and the Mars Colony Corporation. It's a bunch of Yale secret societies. I was in an above ground called... which skull and bones infiltrated, and they shut me down on my night. I have always felt sort of insider/whistle blower on that realm. So that’s why I am blowing the whistle on Dick Cheney tonight, you follow me? That's my little contribution to this circle.

Ok, So my question is this,: the Illuminati’s plan is to exploit Mars, exploit Earth and have an “uber” prison planet on both, an elite theme park on both. They plan to transfer their elite, depopulate the useless eaters on earth, bring over the elite meet, greet and become surface dwellers on earth. It seems that that's not occurring because we've shifted over to a positive time line with unity consciousness coming in through the inter dimensional portal of our universe as of December 21st 2012, according to our scholars like Dr Carl Johan Kalman in the Mayan calendar So that's very good news!

What I heard you saying, both of you gentlemen, was that the good news is that both Earth and Mars are being liberated, and at some point, we will have a public unification of the colonies of Earth and Mars. On earth now we have kind of a public society, but the earthling colonisation of mars has been hidden from the public because it's being run by the Dick Cheney mechanism and the skull and bones, and Illuminati machine. That is being shredded by the positive time line and unity consciousness because duality consciousness, which is “I win, you lose,” kind of plus/minus, is being phased out! The inevitable result seems to be, after 9500 years or more, a peaceful reintegration of an Earth/Mars interplanetary society of a positive sort, and liberation of humans from their prison planet. We will learn to live in a multi species, multi-cultural society, vis a vis Mars, that is Mars being a multi species society. How's that for a vision, are you being floored for comments: Simon?

RC: It will be that way, if I have anything to say about it, that's all I have to say.

AW: Great: Simon?

SP: Well, we know of Sirus A and Sirus B and the star systems, and it's predominantly from these star systems that what I would refer to as “higher humans” colonised Mars a very long time ago. It was these higher humans that then interacted on earth, and that's the connection with the human line. These creatures are the creatures that brought the Sphinx, the technology for the great pyramid and that is why you see very similar structures on Mars, where certain aspects are being celebrated. That goes back much, much longer than many people understand.

RC: At least hundreds of thousands of years is my understanding.

SP: Yes, I agree with that. I think the future is exciting. Mars was decimated by a nuclear type explosion and in fact even today if you had basic Boy Scout equipment, you would detect the radiation spikes in some parts of Mars, and that's why some parts of Mars are off limits and Randy will know that. Mars does have some very interesting minerals, and some very interesting metals, which do take the attention of certain species. The other thing is that Mars is a very handy base for skipping across to the moon. It's a very interesting detecting point for craft coming into the locality of the earth. So Mars has a strategic value, not just an economic value, and Randy will know that.

The moon also has such value, but then the moon's creation is somewhat different from Mars. If we go back to the days of the bible, the bible says that Adam and Eve left Eden; I've got no problem with that except of course I know there wasn't just Adam and Eve, there were many hundreds of human type creatures. What the bible doesn't tell you is that Adam and Eve split these humans into two groups and they both left the Garden of Eden. That's exactly why there's a base on Mars and a base on the moon. They're called Adam and Eve because it is representing the fact that the human exodus left the Garden of Eden in two waves. So that is why you have the Adam and Eve bases on Mars and the moon. So we are linked, and it was very interesting that Randy physically joined his two fingers together to show how inexorably linked Mars and earth are, and he used the term “the sister planets,” and that actually is a term used by people in the know.

The sad thing is that the red sister is reasonably well destroyed, and has had most of its atmosphere ripped off it, but not entirely. What I would say is, we mustn't allow that to happen to this sister. I would much prefer to have a happy, decent life for myself and my children on this planet than have to go into an artificially maintained biosphere on a planet that, yes is connected to us, but isn't my planet of choice. It shows the mind set of some people who are prepared to live a life on a very difficult planet, a very difficult environment; just to escape a world which they feel is beyond their control to maintain because the system now has become greater than the individuals. And that is the time line that we're on, a positive time line. About fifteen to twenty years ago the time line changed and the bad guys have not been able to bring that back. They've come close on two occasions to drag this line back but they haven't and now it's too late so this is the line they're on, this is where we go.

AW: Thank you. Can I ask you one question: from an historical perspective, could you share with us what the origin and circumstances were, of the nuclear explosion that did such damage to Mars?

SP: May I ask why you are asking that question Alfred, please?

AW: Number one, as an exopolitical historian I have a profound interest. Number two, from a cautionary standpoint for earth.

SP: Right. I'm not going to go into huge detail. It was a suicide mission to take out a particular base. It was a mission from which the inhabitants of the weapon knew they would never return. It was very effective; it was over effective because it ripped off the atmosphere, and a lot of the water that was on Mars ended up on earth. A lot of the life organisms were put on earth, and that's why we've got stuff from Mars on our planet, and it damn near destroyed this planet as well. That wasn't the intention. So it was a military operation to take out a base which was too successful.

AW: And approximately what was the date of that?

SP: Do you mind if I don't tell you that?

AW: No, that's fine. Can you give any details as to the nature of the military operation--that is, who against who?

SP: Yes, I don't think that's a problem. If anybody has ever watched any of my presentations, I know I upset people when I talk about Pleiadeans being quite warlike. If you listen to YouTube videos, everybody wants to be a Pleiadean because they're the good guys. Nobody wants to be a reptilian by the way, and what I would say is that the Pleiadeans give as good as they get. They are actually incredibly warlike. It doesn't mean they're not good people, but they are very warlike and this was a Pleiadean suicide mission to take out their arch enemies, who had a base and it was rather too effective.

AW: I see. And there were no interplanetary judicial authorities that took umbrage with that?

SP: All right Alfred.

AW: I mean, I'm a lawyer and a judge,

SP: Actually I'll go along with what Randy said earlier. Sometimes somebody tips the balance in one way. How do you bring that balance back? You have two ways to bring the balance back. You either do it diplomatically or you do it militarily. If you cannot bring it back diplomatically, then a military solution is found. A diplomat failed, the military went in; that's what happened. So in actual fact the universe agreed with that action because everything else had been tried and failed. This was the last point: to create a physical happening because you know what, the universe knows if you let something or someone get away with something, they’ll just keep on pushing and pushing and pushing. So that's what happened.

AW: Now, I'll just push with a couple of questions. Was that event part of what one would call the Lucifer Rebellion?

SP: No.

AW: Ok, so this was just plain turf war against…

SP: This was between a higher human group and a reptilian group who really don't like each other.

AW: I see. And it was just the base because there were other humans on that planet?

SP: Right, well if you find human beings with Pleiadean souls, and there are plenty of them on the planet. If they are in connection with themselves, they are absolutely full of karma. That's why many Pleiadeans are chewed up inside because in order to carry out that mission, on behalf of that whole race, they did kill a large number of non-combatants. The Pleiadean race has a massive amount of karma because of that one incident, and that's why Pleiadeans in large numbers have been incarnating on planet earth to attempt to undo that karma, although for most people they don't remember why they are doing it.

AW: Right, and it's not only a large number of people but also a Gaia, a living planetary organism that was destroyed; it was ecocide.

SP- Yes, So these are all violations I assume of galactic and universal norms that exist and are enforced variously by galactic governments.

SP: Yes, but Randy knows that in order to save the millions, you sometimes have to kill the thousands and that was the decision taken. You see Alfred, you're looking at it from a lawyer’s perspective. Randy will look at it from a military perspective, and so it's very interesting, your two takes on it.

AW: Well, no I'm looking at it from a Mars perspective. I think Mars took a beating and look at poor Mars. It was killed.

SP: Well, let's see what Randy has to say because I would be interested.

RC-- Well, it wasn't killed. It was beaten to within an inch of its life, and left in the gutter to die, but it didn't die, it survived. It caused a huge amount of reflection amongst the indigenous folks who live there: maybe we made this happen because we just couldn't stop fighting. So there was a huge change in perception and attitude of the raptors to: let’s take care of Mars. They really have no concern about trying to fix the rest of the galaxy, or trying to get into anyone else's business. They have no interest in conquest. I mean I have to agree with Simon that the reptilian brain tends to want to be broiled in conquest, and the Draconians certainly have this very reptilian brain. I would also argue that it is very possible for raptors and reptiles to evolve and to get to a point where they can go: you know, maybe that's not the best way to do things. I know of three reptile species that I can think of right off the top of my head who all share an evolved attitude about aggression because they had to learn from some extremes way back in their history: if you keep doing that it's just going to leave you in a very bad, awkward place. So the native raptors now on Mars tend to have one way of doing things: to keep fighting amongst themselves as a way of trying to cleanse and purify themselves.

Believe it or not, they see that continuing to fight amongst each other is a way of purging and cleansing this thing from themselves. One of the things that they do is to refuse to use advanced technology when they fight each other except when they're absolutely forced to so. When I talk about being confronted by phalanxes of reptiles carrying savage weapons, people say, “Why didn't they have plasma guns on them”, and I say because they don't believe in them, it's not really their way of doing things. They don't think that they are bettering themselves by engaging in combat in a dishonourable way, and they feel that it's better to go into battle and die with honour than to stab somebody in the back and win. So part of what they feel like they're going through karmically, is this cleansing process, which is very violent and very aggressive, and is very much fighting amongst themselves. It is similar to bashing during the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteen hundreds. You know large groups of people coming together and beating each other with blunt objects in order to work out issues. That's kind of where they feel like they're at.

Now with the northern tribes, they also have an attitude of fighting through honour and honour through fighting, but they also have a much evolved attitude about their consciousness. Their relationship with their planet is very connected to the consciousness of their planet. Basically they feel that their entire goal right now, is to keep connecting with the consciousness of their planet, and heal it, to terraform the planet back. They want to restore vegetation and water across the surface of the planet, and heal the planet. Then they can feel like they did their job: we broke it, we have to fix it. So it doesn't matter how long it takes: ten thousand years, twenty thousand years, fifty thousand years, it doesn't matter. They're going to take off all their massed equipment, and put their computers down, and they’ll get their shovels, hoes and fix it.

So it's a very honourable attitude, but I wouldn't necessarily say that means you should just walk up to any one of them and go: hey, have a hug. Chances are you're going to get eaten. Raptors and reptiles are just not fuzzy, you don't just walk up to them and say hi. Really to be honest if you want to greet a group of reptiles, you have to come into the group, and have to stand there and do this sort of Maori thing: I stand in my space and then spit on the ground and challenge one of them. Then one of them comes, and you have this wrestling match and if you can fair, then they'll consider yourself worthy to then say hi to. But if you can't fight and prove yourself worthy, you're a snack.

SP: Very interesting what Randy's saying there. I'm aware that there is a group that do not use energy weapons. Would you refer to this group as the “Scimitar” group Randy? The group that use curved swords?

RC: Yes. They were mainly, the tribes that we dealt with and faced in combat. I personally got to experience and communicate with them. Yes that would be them.

SP: Yes, well thank you, that's great.

RC: I would just add to all of that, I think changing consciousness is part of what they're going through for their own reasons because of what happened to them. They have some very different attitudes about how to work through that, but they would very much like to see earthlings and terrestrial Martians get back together. They would like to communicate and be friendly again.

When our squad was captured, they blood tested everyone. When they came to me, and they found I was more like them than everyone else, they wanted to understand that. The conversation went thus: if you're that much like us, then that means you're a cousin, and if you're a cousin, that means we can't hate you. That means you're our family so we have to understand if you're really our cousin or not. Then we have to treat you like family, and in order to do that we're going to try and teach you the family ways. If you can understand the family ways, then you must be family, and we'll treat you like family. So at that point the discussion changed from: we have to fight with these humans because they are invaders to, we have to help the small children humans who don't understand who they are. We have to help them grow up and understand themselves, so…

SP: Randy, it's amazing, we've nearly come to the end of the show and we've finally got something out of you in the sense that, when we first started within a few minutes, I said to Randy, “You have a lot of reptilian in you”, to which Randy agreed. Now it's interesting that Randy is actually sharing with us that when he was checked over, there was something there which showed… I mean, I am detecting, I detected that straight away Randy, it was very obvious to me that you had a connection there. It's just really nice that you've now come out and said, yes, I do, on that level. And it may well have not just saved your life Randy, but more than that, it elevated you into a position where communication was then opened between that group and your commanding officers. So Randy can be a go-between with the Raptors and his civilization, and he can do this because he has come under their protection. So I think that's quite pivotal Randy.

RC: I think that's absolutely true and my experience of that was when they said, “We think you're like us; so we need to figure this out”. “We'll keep you alive, but we're killing everyone else in your squad”. “I said, no, no, no, if you kill everyone else in my squad, you’ll have to kill me too, that's not ok; either we all live or we all die!” When they were putting the sword to my throat they said, you really mean that, and I said yes, we either all live or we all die. Then they finally said ok that proves you're more like us than we thought you were, because you're willing to die for your team members.

SP: That's really important. I'm going to say that when I was a young child, there was an initiation process that one has to go through with a reptilian group. You are given a sword, not a curved sword, a straight sword, and then you have to throw it in the air so it spins. So you stand underneath it and it spins, and as it drops (it's for humans who are on a programme) most children will run from the sword naturally, and then they're out of the programme, they’ve failed. What you have to do is catch it by the hilt. So what I'm saying is, the sword, the blade plays an incredibly important part in some of these groups. That's why we've got the Sword in the Stone story, and the summations from ancient Rome who had the dragon standard and the sword. That culture is absolutely interwoven in many human lines, and it was just interesting to hear about the sword being held to his throat because again that is a ritual ceremony to test his strength. They want to see if he would back off and sell his friends for his own life. That is the culture that we deal with. I've been public with this Randy, but one third of my soul is mantis, one third of my soul is hollow earth human and the other third is reptilian, Draconis reptilian. So I fully understand exactly what was going on there, and if you weren't a brave man, they would have killed you. Well, they would have actually chopped your head off, but you were a brave man and they honoured that. They recognised that. Sorry Alfred, I beg your pardon, but I thought that was important.

RC: No thank you, I don't talk about it very often. It's one of those areas that if I'm really pressed on, I will talk about it, but it's kind of personal, and so it's still a little awkward to try and talk about. I don't expect people to understand it in any way, shape or form, and it was such a deeply personal experience that I don't normally talk about it. I am happy to share with you guys the experience; it was absolutely life changing in every way that's conceivably possible. The message really seemed to be that I was being tested mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, all of these ethical moral tests and guidelines. After a certain amount of time, they determined that I passed those tests, and that's when I got cut down off the pole that I was hanging from by my toes, up like this (stretches out) for how many days, I can't remember. It's a stress position; it wasn't torture. I wasn't like being poked with hot pokers; it was a stress position. You know, the sun ceremony is a stress position. You put hooks in yourself and you hang out in front of a hot sun as a way of getting your mind/body experience to go through a change. This kind of a stress position was designed not to torture me like: do what we say, but more like, we want to get at the real answer. The only way we know we're going to get at the real answer is, if we crank up your stress level to a point where you can't lie.

So there was a certain point where there was no way I would or could or had any interest in trying to deceive or to say anything to save my own skin. I knew that the only thing, the only way I was going to get out of this alive was, to tell the absolute truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That was either going to get me through this or it wasn't, and I was going to end up dead so I knew that intuitively. I just knew that I had to keep staying honest, but I'll be honest that part of what's happening with the cortisol, testosterone, and the endorphin levels and all the other things that are happening from that stress position and sleep deprivation, does have a way of opening your mind and causing you to get more and more into your pure self.

So perhaps they were really masterful and knew how to do get me into my pure self, and they weren’t just trying to crack me open like a nut. It was definitely an experience where they were trying to peel me away to understand whether or not I was really worthy for them to even have a conversation with them. They might have even said: is he even worthy for us to try and teach? They would have had to come to that conclusion before they would spend any time with me, and I feel incredibly honoured that they decided that I was worthy. I spent almost five and a half, six months in their community. I lived among them and with them and it was a really blessed experience. I got to learn a lot from it; part of which was something I didn't even know at that time. We were related; we were physically and biologically related. Until that point, it was news to me. When they were saying, well you're like us. What is up with that? We want to understand; they were asking me “Why are you like us?” and I was like “I don't know, why are you asking me? I have no idea why I'm like you”. But they were very curious to understand the answer to that question and really wanted to know: am I a long lost cousin come back or what?

SP: Another question they may well have asked you Randy, is why are you here?

RC: Oh that was definitely asked. All I could really answer to that was I am sworn to do my duty as a soldier. I go where they tell me to go, and I do what they tell me to do.

SP: But it's beyond that: it's: why is a creature like you here now, at this time? That's what they're asking because they know you're related and they're trying to look at the greater picture that's occurred: what has happened to bring you into their world, and that's what's thrown them into that. Now the other thing that's really interesting Alfred is that many of these creatures could just have gone into Randy's head, mentally and just got the answer, just like that, but that's not the way they do it, because it's not free will. If you go into someone's head and you take the answer out that hasn't been given to you freely, it’s not honourable. So the physical aspect of the work that they did on him was in order to, from their own heraldic, military standpoint, make it honourable with Randy expressing his free will. Because Randy could still have said, you know what; screw you, which I'm sure you did, at the early stages. Because the answer they got was through the process that they got, it meant that they were entirely happy with the whole situation. Once they accepted that then Randy had a ticket; he could go backwards and forwards within reason. So Randy and I do have some very common interests actually, although through different routes. We have actually understood each other quite well I think.

AW: This is extraordinary. These two hours have gone by in a flash. Could you each take a minute with any final observations for the audience, for each other, and for our round table?

RC: I think that we've definitely reached a point where the people are ready to hear the truth, regardless of whether the so called elected leaders that we have now are willing to admit to it. Simon came out and talked publicly about his experiences with extra-terrestrials before he ran for office, and he was legally elected by his constituency. I think that's a huge step in the right direction!

So we have tons of people in our elective system who are still extra-terrestrials? “What do you mean, extra-terrestrials?” But at the same time we clearly have a vein of so many of them who are pushing to try and get people to talk that the side doors are flying open in every direction! Things are flying out the side windows in every direction! I don't think we can really say anymore that there is a concerted effort to keep secrecy. I don't think that's the case. I don't think we can say there's a small faction any more that has got this grip that is trying to keep secrecy and everyone else is trying to pry it out of their hands with a crow bar. I think that, based on many of the conversations that we've had today and other things that we've all talked about, we are seeing disclosure happen, we're closer to that than we were five years ago, ten years ago. We're just going to get closer until we get to a point where we break the glass ceiling. There is a point where secrecy ends; there is a point where the official “Extra terrestrials: what?” ends.

Now, when will that moment be? Who is going to be the person who has the press conference? What event will occur where we're here on one side and here at disclosure on the other side? It's an inevitable point that we're going to reach pretty darn soon. It may well be 2017. Or will it be a little before, or a little after; that is also very possible. Do I think it's going to be beyond 2023 or 2024? No I don’t think so. I can't say yes, disclosure will happen before that, but I will say that I will be most astonished, and amazed (and I'll eat my hat), if we got to 2023, and we hadn't had some kind of actual disclosure admission by some official apparatus of western state or government. So I think we're in an amazing process and we're making amazing progress as we go through step by step. I want to applaud Simon for being able to speak truthfully and get elected to work for the people, and do what he can. I have a friend, who I won't name, who's in British government. This friend is a very hard worker and is doing a really great job. His folks live very near you Simon. He said, oh yes Simon, my folks live near there, he's a good guy. People locally like you and think you're a good guy, I've heard that.

SP: Oh, that's really intrigued me. I shan't go into your mind Randy and find out who it is because that would be an invasion of free will. I only use it to protect myself, Randy; I never go out to do anything naughty with it.

I think, looking at the state of American politics that it is natural that a Republican president will now be elected. The question is, will it be the Bush? This will be a very strong indication of the power struggle that's taking place. If it is Jeb Bush, he's the guy that would most hold up our procedure at the moment. The money is on that man at the moment from the elites; however, it will be very interesting because I am expecting a new hat to be thrown into the ring before the next presidential election. I'm not saying that person will win but what that person may do is cause such a swing of votes that the almost soon-to-be elected next president, might not be the person they expect so that will have a very powerful effect on disclosure. If Jeb Bush is elected, disclosure will be held back for two to three years. Finally there are outside influences that have basically told the American administration that unless they manage disclosure it will be forced upon them. In that case they will have no control over how they manage disclosure. That is the problem. Now, what's happened in the past is that the side making that threat has given ground and said, ok you can have another six months; you can have another year. That's now finished, and they've got a deadline, which is another real problem for them. We are going to get disclosure and it will have to be through official channels, and it can't come soon enough Alfred we all agree. It can't come soon enough!

AW: Well, thank you both. This is a round table that has left me and all of us watching with a sense of hope. I just want to thank you both for having taken time out today. I know that it's very late in the UK to participate with us. I hope that in the future, when the occasion merits, we'll be able to reconvene the round table once more to pass on its wisdom, and to bring us fresh insight! Would that be ok?

SP, RC: Yes, absolutely.

AW: Well thank you very much! All power to you gentlemen!

SP: Thank you it's been wonderful to speak with you both; it's not been confrontational. It could have been, but if we all believe in the greater good, then that's what we are.

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