Labour Councillor Simon Parkes On Being Brought Up By Aliens

with Franky Ma of Neon Nettle



Labour Councillor Simon Parkes On Being Brought Up by Aliens

Interview by Franky Ma of Neon Nettle, October 2, 2014

A deeper look at Simon's life on this planet. His earliest photographic memory from about 3 months old is of looking straight into the eyes of a green Mantid standing beside his crib. Simon also recalls snippets of many past-life memories, including a life in the Garden of Eden. Simon's clear recollection is that his soul inhabited the very first human body on Earth that worked after a Reptilian genetic alteration experiment. In keeping with teachings from the Bible, Simon gained the knowledge that an alien race is not your creator and can't take credit for your creation. For thousands of years Simon suffered from being expelled from the Garden after telling the legal creator of humanity that he was not their true father. That Reptilian being was 8 to 9 feet tall, totally white-skinned, with red eyes and vestigial wings like spikes that could not be used to fly but were flapped as a ritualistic sign during sacrifices or ceremonies. The race has five digits on each hand and foot and is six to seven times more muscular strength than the average male. Psychically they know what a human is thinking before the human can think it. Simon says they are not as spiritually advanced as humans. They do not have compassion, or the capacity to empathize with the earth or appreciate its natural beauty. Earth is not their home planet. They are very cold and logical. They look at everything according to its function – what is its benefit to me and how can I utilize it? As great geneticists they look at species and ponder how they could be enhanced. The reptilian agenda for earth is to keep the status quo and not have any change. As an only child, Simon had a very close relationship with his mother and a fantastic childhood. After he told her about an ET experience he had in 1971 she gave him paper, crayons and pens and told him to draw it all down and she would show it to her friends. He attributes his deep family ties with the government, MI5, MI6, and Illuminati to bloodline. His alien interactions have always kept him on the radar of the British Security Service. His mother was killed when Simon was around 18. She wanted to quit her job with MI5 because she felt the government was lying to the people and her handlers could not allow someone with all she knew to run free. Simon's grandfather was a British Consul who was a spy for MI6 and turned down an offer of knighthood from the Illuminati. The Illuminati approached Simon to join, since he comes from a magical background and they are interested in bloodline and the soul. If the bloodline is there the Illuminati will take that person under their wing, make them financially strong or offer them deals. Simon knows that you don't get something for nothing and, like his grandfather, politely refused lest the price be too high. Asked if he would like to meet David Icke, Simon said he would because David Icke is genuine and his research corresponds with about 95% of what Simon has seen with his own eyes, touched with his hands, and has had communicated to him mind. Simon says our consciousness, our soul, has a vital link to our physical body that is a marriage. It is perfectly acceptable to physically enjoy yourself on this planet providing that physical enjoyment does not derail you from what must be a spiritual advancement. Simon calls himself an experiencer, not an abductee or contactee, since he has a very clear memory of making an agreement with the extra-dimensional entities who travel here through portals. Simon describes a Mantid spacecraft that is totally uncluttered, without dust, furniture, carpets, or wallpaper. Though there are no lights in the ceiling it is evenly lighted, deliberately beautiful, silver and without sharp angles. The chairs appear to have grown out of the craft, are part of the craft. The neural net and DNA of any creature who has the right to command in a spacecraft or facility will be encoded into the sentient computer. The creature connects with the computer, which directly connects with the different elements of the facility. To make a sharp turn in a spacecraft the creature just thinks and the craft turns. Only DNA can travel faster than the speed of light. Simon is grateful to know the truth that humanity is not the only living creature in the multiverse. He is mildly annoyed that the governments know the truth and are deliberately withholding the truth from the people. Simon's purpose for going public has been to tell people to open their eyes and look behind the curtain because they are being lied to on the grandest scale. His hoped object is to spark each person to start their individual journey toward enlightenment. Sometimes people who come into contact with Simon begin to change, develop, learn, get memories back and start to realize that their place in this world is very important and that they have a role to play. The human race alone will make their choice. At the moment what is being done for humans is a leveling of the playing field. Simon has always fought for humans, saying a young race can't be expected to make decisions when they don't have the full information in their hands. In December of 2012 a critical mass of humans was reached and humanity is on an unstoppable move toward the next step. The question remains, how much pain will there be in these next few steps? And that is purely and simply down to the consciousness of humanity. Humanity is now fixed on a timeline that is beneficial and the Shadow Government would like to eliminate half to three-quarters of the human population because it can no longer change the timeline.

FM: Where would you say your story begins? Simon Parkes: It’ll begin before this life time. If people can understand that your life on the planet isn't your first or only time, in my case I've been here before, reincarnated, something that Western religions or Western society finds very hard to understand. But religions of the East have had a handle on it for many thousands of years. So my story would start before this lifetime. FM: And how far do you remember back? SP: Well in this lifetime, I actually have a sort of photographic memory which is quite handy; probably my earliest memory would be about the age of three months, something like that, sort of three-month-old baby. Prior to that I have snippets, and that's really all it is – snippets of past lives which go back quite a while. FM: So what was your earliest memory, in this lifetime, of being three months old? SP: Ok, being in a cot (what the Americans would call a crib). I can remember bars to the right hand side, it was a wooden thing, painted bright colours. And I could move my head side to side, but I couldn't move my head up and down. But I can just remember these very strange legs, looking through the cot bars from the right hand side and these very strange legs... But because I couldn't lift my head or I couldn't lift my body because I was too little, then I couldn't see any more than that, so just these odd legs. They looked odd because I'd never seen them before. And then the next thing I know these very strange hands were reaching into the cot to pick me up, and again, they were very odd because they were green; they weren't the sort of pink skin colour. Although I probably couldn't count as a three month old baby, I could know that there was one digit missing – this hand had four digits and not five... and lifted me up and I remember my head fell backwards because I didn't have the strength to hold my head up and all I can remember at that point is the ceiling, all I could see was the ceiling, lifted up and then being tilted forward and at that point my head rolled forward and my chin hit my chest because again I had no control of my body – you know, three month old baby. And then I was looking straight into the eyes of what researchers call a mantid, or a mantis, and I looked straight into its eyes. It, I suppose I would say, telepathically communicated with me and then the feeling that I can best describe is falling down a well backwards. So if you imagine you're stood on the edge of a well and then you jolt yourself so you fall backwards down the well - that was the falling sensation I felt. Then I just passed into blackness and I don't really remember anything else. FM: That's fascinating. What are your earliest memories of earlier lives? SP: A combination really, a combination of memories which have regained myself and then information that's been passed to me from others. Certainly what researchers would refer to as Sumeria, Babylonia, Syrian Empire, very much connected with that period of time, go right back to what the Bible would call the Garden of Eden... So I can, in my mind, trace back with great gaps in between, times through history as that would go back as far as that. FM: And what are your memories of the Garden of Eden? SP: Very clear, very clear. Surprisingly I know a lot of researchers might find this quite difficult, but there are elements in the Bible which are quite true, quite accurate, in the sense of the overall structure and overall framework they portray at that time. It's broadly correct to my recollection, though the inferences or expressions placed on that are for religious purposes or controlling purposes. So, I certainly have very, very clear recollection of a physically and mentally superior race who had made certain areas of Mesopotamia and other parts of the world very habitable, very lush and very supportive of life. There were very small geographical pockets and within that they were based, they had their centres, and it was difficult to move outside of that because it was very arid land. That's a reasonably clear recollection of that period. FM: But what's your clearest memory of those times? Is there one that stands out? SP: Yes, it has to be exactly what the Bible portrayed – the understanding of knowledge and the perception that an alien race are actually not your creators, they can't take credit for your creation, that was a complete fallacy; the understanding of sovereign self and the ability to decide to take yourself off and carve a future for yourself without the great protectors that have been taken as your gods. So my clearest memory will literally be what the Bible refers to as the exodus out of the Garden of Eden. The difference I would make is that in the Bible, there's just one male and one female – my memory is that's absolute nonsense, there were many hundreds of humans at that time working for these creatures and so it wasn't an expulsion of one male and one female, it was an expulsion all of those that were at that particular site. FM: From a first-person point of view, within that, that's almost like an intellectual memory...? SP: Well it is a first-person point of view but I'm very detached when I recount it, simply because we're talking about the soul that inhabited that particular body, now inhabits this body. It's a very real happening, but there's a huge amount of time that separates today from that time. And when you're talking to people... I'm not particularly an emotional person in the sense that I'm not a hot-head so I don't get excited or burst into tears, I'm quite logical and I put things across just the way they are. FM: But you say you remember the Exodus, but do you remember specifically where you were in the Garden of Eden? The reactions from the beings around you? SP: Of course, I remember saying to him: "You are not my father". And because being the law that he was the creator of humanity and he was there for the father, his reaction was: "Who has told you this?" No, his exact words were: "Who has given you this insight?" or "Who has given you this knowledge?" And then he said: "I wish that I had never created you". And that was the point he could've exterminated the experiment – but he didn't. He didn't choose to exterminate, he said: "You leave. Take you and all those with you, leave now. Go". That's what happened. FM: He said that to you specifically? SP: Yeah. What I've been told, and it's hard to verify of course, but the soul in my body inhabited the very first human soul on Earth not the first human soul before alteration – we're talking about the first physical body that became viable after reptilian genetic alteration. There were a number of human bodies that were created, which died and weren't viable, my soul inhabited the first physically body that worked, for want of a better word, so therefore in their eyes I was the first. And that is why to this day they follow me through all my generations, all my family line, because to them I am a child – the child that they created. There's obviously a female... and he... well it's called a bloodline and I'm just very fortunate that I have some elements of the memory from the time. FM: Ok... and what did he look like? SP: What he's always looked like. It's difficult for height... I would say between eight foot and nine foot; white, totally white-skinned; red eyes; has wings but he can't fly with them, they're vestigial wings, they're like spikes used for and ritual, so during ritualistic sacrifices or ceremonial times he can flap them and the flapping of the wings is a ritualistic sign to tell other people in the ceremony what to do or when to do something. This'll surprise people... five digits, not four. Five digits on each hand and five digits on the feet; very, very physically muscular – probably six to seven times the physical strength of the average male; intellectually I can't say... but psychically they know what a human is thinking before a human can think it themselves. And what I mean by that is, imagine you are in your room and you were going to reach across and pick up a coffee cup; so what your brain says is, “Oh, I'm going to reach across and pick up that coffee cup.” Just before, just at that moment your hand goes to reach the coffee cup, the creature or the creatures would already know what you are thinking. So where that is a problem; for those people that want to engage in combat, is that if you were going to draw a weapon on the creature, the creature would know before you'd even pulled it out of your holster. So, very psychic and very physically strong. However, what I will just finish on is that they're not as spiritually advanced as humans. FM: When you say spiritually advanced, what do you mean in layman's terms for that? SP: Humans have the ability to have compassion; humans have the ability to look at sunrise in the morning and think how beautiful it is or a rainbow, or to look at an owl or a rabbit and see the beauty of that creature. Whereas this particular race look at everything in functionality, you know, what is its function? What is its benefit to me? How can I utilise it? They are great geneticists, so when they look at specie or a race they will say: "What can I do to this to enhance it? What can I do to chance or develop it?" They don't have that empathy with the Earth – remember these creatures never came from the Earth, it's not their home planet. They're not connected to the Earth, they don't have that linkage. So they are quite cold, and are very logical creatures, a bit like a chess computer. FM: And do you remember how you felt when you said to him: "You are not my father?” SP: I was angry, so that was ok. What was devastating was [when he said,] "Leave here" because that was all I had ever known – that was safety, it was comfort. I had other creatures like me around me, it was warm, everything was provided for me and I wanted for nothing. I knew you were forbidden to go outside because it was harsh and dangerous. To be rejected by all that you'd known is a crushing blow and I cannot in human words begin to describe the terrible schism that caused. And frankly that schism has lasted thousands of years and I've only recently just made that up. This is the first manifestation in this lifetime where that has been healed and that karma has been put right. For all the other thousands of years, that has been an open wound. FM: Did you feel guilty? SP: No, but the female did. I didn't feel guilty because I felt that it had to be done, but the female was guilty. In fact what she said to me is, and I quote: "What have I done?" FM: And who gave you the knowledge that ‘he' was your father? SP: Well another reptile, a family member of the Lord, one of his samples. The creature that was running the Earth, he had two sons. One of the sons spoke to the human female who then came to me and told me what she had been told, and the exact words to me were: "Open your eyes and learn what I have learnt". FM: Now we want to know what your childhood was like aside from the alien interaction. SP: I was an only child. My father left the family when, I suppose, I was about one year old. My mother never remarried. She never had another boyfriend and she made it quite clear to me that her job was to bring me up – That's all she was there to do. So, we had an incredibly close relationship and she treated me like an adult, not like a child. I actually loved being a single child, I mean I didn't have any brothers or sisters, so I was an only child and it was excellent because of the relationship I had with my mother; she was more like a... well this is going to sound awful, but she was more like a servant to me than a mother and I had a really fantastic childhood. In older life I look back and think: ‘I wonder what it would've been like to have a brother or a sister?' And at the time I thought it was great, I enjoyed it. FM: And did you ever confide to your mother about your experiences? SP: I think I always had what I think many people would always refer to as an ‘invisible friend', but the big time was when I had an experience I had in 1971. I was just leaving one school for another school and I believe I had been away for two days, but I'd probably in Earth-time only been away from about ten minutes. And I recounted to her part of what had happened, and her reaction was ‘I want you to draw everything down', and gave me loads of paper, crayons and pens and she said to me: ‘Draw it all down and I will show it to my friends'. So she was absolutely OK. We didn't have long discussions – I don't want people to think that we had this long tête-à-tête; it was a subject that we didn't mention and it was understood by the time that I was that age it was a subject we didn't talk about. But when the subject might come up, she was incredible supportive. FM: You have deep family ties with the government, MI5, MI6 and the Illuminati... Can you just quickly give us the history behind this? SP: Bloodline – that's simply it. From the Illuminati's point of view it's bloodline. From the Secret Services' point of view; my mother worked for MI5; my grandfather worked for MI6 although when he worked for them they weren't called MI6, they changed the name during his time of office there. And because of my alien interactions I have always been on the radar of BSS, the British Security Service which is called MI5; and the SIS, the Secret Intelligence Service which is colloquially called MI6. These two organisations have a handle on me, although I do want to make clear that when my mother worked for MI5 she was really working for the National Security Agency of America (NSA) but because she was a British subject, she was managed by Britain but ultimately all the work she was doing was being shared with America. FM: And you've said that your mother was killed? SP: Yes, 1979. Over the years what she was reading in these documents made her a very bitter and sour woman, ultimately because she felt the government was lying to the people. And she'd had a number of arguments with her ‘handlers', for want of a better word, and they made it very clear that she was part of this system now – she wasn't separate, she was part of the controlling system. So, what she going to attack herself? Well she turned to drink, she became an alcohol. FM: And how old were you when she became an alcoholic? SP: I was probably about 12 or 13 and it got to the point when I was about 17 or 18 where she went to her Handlers and said "do you know what I've had enough of this I'm not going to do it anymore and you know you promised me my old job back" which they did, they promised her that she could go back to her day job at any time. She had an office job and although she had been away for a number of years they just arranged for her to go back and I remember her desk was still there, her typewriter was still there. They had just literally mothballed her office where she worked in a patent office. FM: And how do you know this, did she tell you? SP: I saw it. She worked only half a mile away from me so often they would go over to the office, if we were going shopping or we were going to the cinema or a film you know I would go to her office and meet her outside. You know we'd get the bus and go down into Brighton to the Duke of Yorks which was the cinema then and watch a film. They had just literally mothballed her office for a number of years. So she went in and she Did. They gave her her job back but within two weeks she was dead. And I've always said that I understand why they did it. They had someone with a huge amount of information in her head and they could not allow this person to be running free. That does not mean that I agree with what they did. Of course I don't but I understand from their operational side why they did it. And literally as you can imagine as I think I was 17 or 18 at the time I can't remember exactly, it was around about maybe 18 years of age no father, no brother and sister just on my own in a rented flat, but because there were certain people who looked after me, I got an interview with Andrew Bowden who was a Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptown to ensure that the flat changed into my name so he got a Member of Parliament to organise all that and then I decided that I was too upset, it was all too much, I was going to leave Brighton go 50 miles North and go and find a job in London, which I did. And two days or a day before I was due to leave an envelope was pushed through my letterbox and in it was £2000 in banknotes and a little note in a typewriter that said "don't look back Dick Whittington" which is a play on Dick Whittington goes to London to start a new life. So they gave what I call my blood money, they gave me £2000 and that was a lot of money in 1979. They gave me £2000 to get a good start in London. FM: And what about MI6 who your grandfather worked for? SP: Well they are more interesting because they are a little bit more shadowy. People don't really understand. MI6 are from an office based, generally the British Ambassador must always be above all politics and all espionages but everybody else underneath him except the Assistant Ambassador can be, for want of a better word, spies. So my grandfather was a British Consul which allowed him to travel the world on a diplomatic passport accept only 3 countries wouldn't let Britain in at the time and he would do trade missions. He met Joseph Stalin, he met JFK. He went round the world, he wasn't what we call a field man, he wasn't a field operator, he wasn't a James Bond. He was the guy who sat in an arm chair and said you know what we need to do this and if it was to meet say the Shah of Iran, which he met then he would go and meet the Shah of Iran. So he was the guy who sat in one of the London clubs in the smoking room doing the deals, take the reports stuff like that so he was much more in the background. FM: And what about your connections to the Illuminati? SP: They're interesting. I come from a magical background, which means sometimes people are a little bit disconcerted when they're around me. If they're psychic, they'll see stuff which for some people, fortunately not many, but for some people it freaks them out. But that's just the way it is, there's phenomena that occur around me, but that's my bloodline and that's the way it's been for thousands of years. The Illuminati are interested in bloodline; they're interested in the soul. They've made one approach to get me to join. I didn't like the deal so I didn't go for it. FM: What didn't you like about the deal? SP: Well... you know, you don't get something for nothing. When somebody makes you offer they usually want something in return... and maybe the price was too high. So I very politely and very kindly refused that particular offer. And then recently another arm of the Illuminati; about a week ago or two weeks ago when I was Marlborough if I remember how long ago that was, I get confused with times on this planet; but recently another arm of the Illuminati made an approach and opened a dialogue with me – and that's the way it is, that's the way it needs to be. These are the people who want to have a discussion, they want to talk about things that a vast majority of people can't get their head around. Although that's what I'm trying to do, trying to engage with a wider community, to make them aware of just what is taking place behind the curtain. FM: I mean, most people probably wouldn't understand why you would decline an invitation from the Illuminati... SP: Hmm. That's the problem isn't it. As a planet we're so involved with money, that's what we're told is right, so we chase money above all things. And thankfully I'm not on my own. There's a number of us who don't think that money is the be all and end all, there are other issues which are, frankly, more important. I'm talking about spiritual issues, and therefore I won't compromise humanity, in any shape or form, for a deal. That's just not the way it's going to be. FM: And did they mention healthcare or pension? David Icke believes there is a reptilian race thats runs the planet from another dimension. SP: Healthcare or pension? Oh god, no, you're talking millions! Don't bother about a pension or healthcare, talk about ultimate power – that's what the Illuminati offer! You could take someone who empties wheelie bins; but if the bloodline is there, they'll take that person under their wing and they will make that person, emotionally then may not be strong but they'll make them financially strong or they'll do them deals. My grandfather, he came from a family of five or six. It was a very poor family; his father was a piano tuner. But the bloodline was there – my grandfather was a reptilian, absolutely. So the bloodline was there and they took a man who was born in 1895, from a family of five or six, his dad was a piano tuner... but he ended up as British consort, awarded the OBE, the MBE, the CBE, the senior mason and he was offered a knighthood to make him Sir James Marsland. But he turned down the knighthood for exactly the same reasons that I turned down the Illuminati's offer and he said to me: "If I had accepted the knighthood and it would've been a companion knight, then I would have been beholden to them, and they asked me to do things that I them wouldn't be able to refute". So that's why he turned down the knighthood. If you're a man or a woman of principle, you will look at what you're offered and you will attempt to do a deal. And if the deal doesn't look good for you, if you're weak-willed and not committed to the human race, then you'll accept it because you want power and money and glory. But if you actually care about the creatures on this planet and you understand that life is just transient, then you say ‘No, you know what? I'm not going to go down that road. Come back and give me a better deal'. FM: So, you've spoken about the reptilians. What do actually think their agenda is? SP: Which branch of the reptilians do you refer to? Ok, well first let's talk about the Draconis which are the ones that I have a relationship with. There are obviously more than one group in the reptiles.In a few words: The reptilian agenda is to keep the status quo and not have any change. FM: And what's your stance on David Icke? SP: I've never met him but I've met people who have met him. FM: Did you ever want to meet him? SP: Yeah, I think I would like to meet him because I think he's a very genuine man who's come at this knowledge through a very interesting route, unlike me who's had it in my face, he's had a different sort of awakening. He's done lots of research, he's a researcher. I'm not a researcher; everything I tell people about is what I've seen with my eyes, what's been communicated to my mind; what I've touched with my hands; but I don't research. David is a researcher, and I've only ever seen YouTube stuff. But I would go along with about 95 per cent of what he says. FM: Have you ever dropped him an email or tried to get in touch with him? SP: No. If it's meant to be it's meant to be. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. FM: And what five per cent of what David has said do you not agree with? SP: That was an arbitrary thing. I think there are a couple of... it's not about facts or this or that happened, because he's given factually from Lady Diana through to reptilians – I agree with that entirely. It's more to do with how he has reacted to external pressures; I would have reacted slightly differently. I'm not, for one minute, saying I'm better. I'm just saying that maybe in hindsight if he was to look back now he may think he could have acted a bit differently. So it's about how creatures... beg your pardon, how people faced with difficult situations can sometimes be negative forces to alter or change or turn an individual from the very straight path that they set out for in life. And sometimes, if people look back over their shoulder they suddenly realise they've been deviating for quite some time. So as I said with David Icke, I go along with 95 per cent. I mean, that's pretty good going! You shouldn't ask me what the five per cent were; I mean, 95 per cent agreement with somebody... that's not bad is it? FM: No, that's not bad at all. But when you say ‘reacting negatively' towards external circumstances... SP: No, I'm not going to go there on that one because if I were to have this conversation, I'd have it with David. He's not here to put his point across, it's not about defending yourself, he's not here to have that conversation. And I respect the man enough to... if I wanted to have that conversation any further I would have it with him. 'm not being rude... that's just the way it is. FM: OK... Well do you agree with his stance on the way that we are kind of an everlasting consciousness and that we're just coming through this experience? Like a human experience. SP: Maybe this is 95 per cent. I think that my understanding from how I feel and what I've seen is that our consciousness, our soul, is inexplicably linked to our physical body. It is a marriage, not just of convenience, it is vital – one cannot work without the other. So, if you say a spiritual journey, but it's also a physical journey through experience; and each individual on this planet, he or she has to make a decision or decisions as to what route they will take. It's perfectly acceptable to physically enjoy yourself on this planet, providing that physical enjoyment doesn't derail you from what must be a spiritual advancement. Does that make any sense? FM: It does. David, for example, believes that we're just passing through this reality and we're continuing onwards. So we shouldn't be afraid of what's happening now... SP: See this is the thing; that David is talking from a higher level and for many people, that is just going to go over their head. I learnt to bring it down a little bit so it's a bit easier to understand. I would say that we would not devalue our time on this planet, but that this is not the be all and end all. Once we have secured the position we need to be, there'll be another rung of the ladder which we then need to experience; and then another rung of the ladder until we find a natural point through which we can't go on any further. He's absolutely right, but I would just use different language. FM: And you've said that you don't consider your experiences as abduction, what would you classify them as? SP: Yes, certainly not abduction, because I have made an agreement. I have a very clear memory of an agreement with them. They didn't take me against my will at all. I'm not an Alex Collier, therefore I'm not a contactee - I sit in the middle. The word I use is an ‘experience', I experience external stimuli. FM: And we often talk about aliens or extraterrestrials... do you have a preferred term for the beings you've encountered? SP: Yes, the ones that I've encounter are not extraterrestrial. They're extra-dimensional entities. These are creatures that can only get here through portals. A true ET... There's a guy called Charles Hall who has a job as a weatherman at Area 51 and he talks about the “tall whites” those are ETs. There are genuine ETs; it takes them somewhere between 18 and 20 years to get here. So they get here in real-time; but the creatures that I'm referring to, the extra-dimensional entities... you could snap your figures and they're here because they travel through portals. FM: What are your experiences of visiting the extraterrestrial spaceship? SP: Which one? I'm just trying to access my memory bank to decide which one is appropriate for you and the readers... It's got to be a mantid spacecraft because that's where I have two associations and that's with reptilian mantids...The whole craft is totally uncluttered, you don't see furniture. No carpets and certainly no wallpaper. There's no lights in the ceiling; it's just literally... and I use the word deliberately, beautiful, silver and there's... I wouldn't say there's no corners, you do see some corners, but I would say there's 99.9 per cent there's no sharp angles. And there are chairs, but they appear as if they've been grown out of the craft, they are part of the craft. It's not like you go to, I don't know, a famous furniture shop and buy what you want and plonk it down. These things appear to have morphed out of the craft. There's no dust. The lighting seems to be equal in every part of the room. Everything is very factual, very organised. Nothing was untidy. The control panels don't look anything like what we see even on, say, Star Trek, they don't look anything like that. The control panels that these creatures use were not just physical touch, but they're linked to their neural net; in other words any creature who has the right to command either in a spacecraft or a facility, that creature's neural net and DNA will be encoded into the facility's computer. Every craft, every facility, has a sentient computer. Call it AI – but it's much more than that. So the creature connects with the computer and the computer then directly connects with the different elements of the facility. For instance, if you were in a spacecraft and you want to do a very sharp turn, you don't actually press a button or a long sequence of buttons – you just think. And that is picked up by the interface computer and the craft then turns. It works by DNA because only DNA can travel faster than the speed of light. It's quite complicated; and that's why when Roswell's spaceship crashed in 1947, the pilot of the craft, their head... well fibre-optic wires were actually connected into the brain because you have to make neural connections because you've got to think at that speed. You can't pilot a craft, anything like at the speed of light, and think ‘Oh I'll just press this button now' – because you're dead, you'll probably hit an asteroid.So, you have to be able to link straight into the neural net so that you can plan and think. It's quite interesting, it's quite exciting. FM: Why do you think they chose you – obviously it's because of the bloodline I'm assuming is what you would say? SP: They didn't choose me. It's just the way it is and I've always made it clear I'm not important. I'm just an ordinary person on this planet going about everyday stuff. There are doctors and nurses who do a much better job than I do and school teachers, there's the guy that empties the wheelie bin, they probably do far more good on a day to day basis than I do. I never asked these creatures to come to me. You are right it is a blood line thing and all sides know about me and I rather think they know quite a lot about me and they knew a lot about me many years ago. So if you were one of these naturalists like Richard Attenborough or David Attenborough, you might have put a tracking device on a wolf and then when the wolf has cubs you put the tracking device on one of those cubs and then it grows up and then it has a mate and it has cubs and after about a 100 years if you were to run that programme, you would have followed that family line of wolves right through and that's exactly what is going on. It's not just me there are many, many, like me who are followed through on the blood line and interacted with and so it is purely because I can trace a history back to what they consider to be the start of humanity. FM: Would you say that these encounters have had a positive influence on your life? Are you grateful for them? SP: That is an interesting question. I will tell you what I am grateful for to know the truth. I am incredibly grateful to know that what I was taught in school and what we hear on the television and on the radio and what we hear on the street is just nonsense. So I am really pleased to know that humanity is not the only living creature in the multiverse and that there are a whole wide range of creatures. What makes me mildly annoyed is that our Government and many Governments know the truth and are deliberately withholding the truth from the people so I feel that a curtain has been lifted up for me from that element. On the other element, I'm on my own spiritual journey, working through my own stuff, for want of a better word and you know that is part and parcel of my course through my own personal history. FM: In going public with your experiences, what do you hope to achieve? SP: Oh it's been achieved already. The whole object of it was to come to the people and say, open your eyes, look behind the curtain because you are being lied to on the most grandest scale that you would ever conceive and this is the reality of what's going on and the object was that people, I hoped, would go and do their own research, do it for themselves and then maybe start their own personal journey of enlightenment however that may be. It doesn't matter. Everyone's different; everyone's valued as an individual. They would all start their own individual course and then they would make their own decision. So I saw myself as a spark to set others off on their own course. FM: How have those around you, family and friends etc reacted? SP: Everything has been fine, and I know that the controlled media are completely dumfounded by this. For years and years the established media have pushed out a line and then they rather have a problem with me. I think the turning point from the General Media's point of view was in the early days they attempted to show me as you know somebody who was making it all up and then the carpet got pulled under their feet when I was invited to the secret radar base. That was the turning point when the military invited me for a 3 hour tour of one of the most secure military bases in Great Britain was called RAF Fylingdales and the established media just couldn't handle it because here was a guy who said due you know what my grandfather worked for MI6, my mother worked for MI5, I see aliens etc, etc, and yet he gets a three hour tour of one of the post sensitive bases and overnight the media's attitude changed incredibly, so much so that when Pope Francis declared on his inaugural speech as the new Pope that he would baptise aliens, who did the BBC phone at half past six in the morning for the first comment, was me? So that's what happened. It was the best thing in the world because suddenly the media, I mean off the record, not off the guy's name, he was quite high up in the BBC. He had a conversation with me and he said "I don't know what's going on and I was told to make a fool of you and now you are hobnobbing". It was with the military and he said "Something's not right here. " I said ‘Well done, wake up to the real world' and a lot of these people suddenly felt cheated by their own side so they're going through their own personal journey and that's what I mean - people who come into contact with me sometimes their lives are never the same again and they change, they develop, they learn, they get memories back. They start to realise that their place in this world is very important and that they have a role to play and it's about empowering people getting people to stand on their own two feet and to go and do something positive. FM: Do you understand why others are sceptical? SP: Of course those people have never seen a UFO, there are people whose grandmother never was a gypsy and read the tea leaves and nobody saw a ghost. If you come from a family that was a very 3D matrix, you know buy the latest pink teddy bear for my girl because she's a girl so she needs pink and my boy needs a blue teddy bear and we follow these strong rules and regulations. If you are trapped in that system, yes it's a hell of a shock and then sometimes these people go out and they have an experience whatever it might be and then they are faced with having to decide which is the real reality and if you've never had to face that then often you don't want to face it. You're quite happy in the world you are, you are quite safe. You know you have your daily grind, Monday to Friday you flog yourself to death, you get a few pennies and then the greedy banking system spends all the rest of the time taking that money off you and you are trapped in a cycle. You don't have any time for yourself, to connect with yourself, to spiritually develop and I know those people won't understand because they haven't broken out. That's not to say in six months or a year's time that they won't do that. So yeah of course people are going to be sceptical but that does not matter. If I speak to 100 people and 10 people say ‘Do you know what? We are going to do our own research now, that's 10 people that I've reached with the truth and that'll do me fine. FM: Have you ever actually discussed this with someone that has had similar experiences? SP: Yes of course. Under my part-time roles, I get people come from all over the world to consult with me. These are people who have got the money to jump on a plane and fly here. People who have had demonic possession, djinn possession or others; people who have been tortured by satanic cults or some arm of the Illuminati; and have multiple personalities, I work with them to absorb those personalities to remove the demonic possessions they have. If they can't afford to come and see me, then I do it by Skype. But it takes a lot longer and I still would need to see them at some point. FM: So what's the going rate for demonic possession? How much do you charge? SP: See, here you go again. You're putting everything down to money aren't you? But that's OK, that's the world we live in. And this is my answer: I put right somebody who was sent to me by the Rothschild family, OK? Because they didn't have anybody else who could put this person right. So to somebody like that, there would be a very big charge because they can afford to pay it. FM: But if someone didn't have any money thentially? SP: Exactly right. Because the point is that have money, they are subsidising those that don't. I call it an ethical process. FM: And do you think a lot of people keep quiet about extraterrestrial encounters through fear of ridicule? SP: Of course, you know the answer to that. They're terrified. They think that if they come out and say that they'll be made a laughing stock. They'll lose their friends and that the whole life they lead on this planet will be totally different. You know, very few humans are capable of making that move and that's why it's got to be done on a global scale, so that people have the comfort of understanding that it's not only an individual case but it'll be a corporate case. FM: Why do you think people fear the concept of extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional life? SP: They don't, let's get that straight. They don't. What they fear is ridicule from the system because from the day they went to kindergarten they had a set educational route which taught them that they were the most intelligent thing, not just on the planet, but in the universe – that God gave life to them and there is nobody else. And through jokes, humour and the system but particularly because media do not give any credence to alien creatures, they are conditioned in a passive way to not be open to potentiality of another living creature. So the reality is that they don't want to come out and say stuff or investigate it because they fear being made a fool of. FM: And the last question is: What do you think the implications are for the future of the human race? SP: It's down to the human race. They alone will make the choice. What has been done for them at the moment is a levelling of the playing field. Still at the moment it's not an even playing field. I have always fought for humans by saying: ‘You cannot expect a young race to make decisions when they don't have the full information to their hand'. And therefore, what's happening at the moment is the playing field is being levelled and there will come a point in the next two years where humanity will be adjudged, rightly or wrongly, adjudged to have gained sufficient knowledge to make a decision as to what it wants to do. And on the 21stready for a consciousness leap. That's why on 21stAge stuff about ascension in that sense of the word but I'll use it because that's what most people understand; there was a fundamental shift. Most people were disappointed because they expected fireworks or the Earth to move, or lightning to come down. They always want physical things, humans... think back to Moses: ‘God! Send me a sign!'. Well you know what, we're not talking about signs and the physical, we're talking about energetic signs. Fortunately there was a critical mass reached, humanity is on an unstoppable move towards the next step. The question is, how much pain will there be in these next few steps? And that is purely and simply down to the consciousness of humanity. December 2012; a critical mass of humans, which was two million plus. FM: But whether it's a lot of pain or a little pain... We're definitely going to get there? SP: Um... I honestly can’t give you that because there is more than one timeline. Both the negative force and the positive force have been fighting to put Earth on different timelines. At the moment Earth is on a broadly beneficial timeline to humanity. There have been several attempts to hijack and push us onto another route. Now that’s not possible now, so we’re fixed on a route which is beneficial to humanity and that’s why there are elements of what is called a “Shadow Government” who would like eliminate half of the human population or three quarters of the human population because they can no longer change the timeline. So their view is: “OK, if we can’t change the timeline, we’ll make ourselves masters of what we’ve got.” But this is an ongoing battle. Transcribed by Neon Nettle

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