The Measure of a Man

with Kerry Lynn Cassidy on Project Camelot



The Measure of a Man

Kerry Cassidy Interview at Bases Conference 2014, Avebury, UK August 8 (Part 1), August 9 (Part 2)

Insightful look at Simon Parkes and his relationships with ET/alien races and the larger picture of what’s going on here on Planet Earth. We cover ascension and how that factors in to the game being played by the Praying Mantis or Mantid race and Reptilian races and humans in power. Also discussed is the relationship of Exopolitics to earth politics and a planned EMP attack on the United States to be attempted by those in power sometime before 2016. Simon covers the role that “Majick” plays in the upper echelons of power both on the ET and human sides as well as more pragmatic subjects such as the downing of Flight MH 17, apparently a "dirty bomb" containing biowarfare aimed at a Russian city. The role of the Mossad and the true ET race behind the scenes in Israel.

Kerry Cassidy: So hi, I’m Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and I’m here with Simon Parkes.

Simon Parkes: Hello.

KC: Hi, and this is a great opportunity because we were here at the Bases Conference, and here we are at Avebury, which is an amazing setting and we just wanted to take the opportunity to talk to Simon a bit. I know that everything is … you kind of put everything out there but there was a feeling when I listened to you today, which was an excellent presentation …

SP: Thank you.

KC: … that there is a lot more that hasn’t gone out yet. And your knowledge, I know it sounds strange, but it was very comforting to me, because I rarely hear anyone address the whole “black magic” side of things and how it interfaces with this reality, like the ET question. Most people don’t bring those two worlds together and I do, and I have been aware of it for a very long time and I’m sure it’s because of your ET contacts that you are aware of this side of things.

But I am interested because, you know, you are dealing with a Reptilian race that I have to say, because of your approach, that you are a positive individual and that they must be positive beings, you know what I mean, service to others versus service to self.

SP: Sure.

KC: And so you have an Illuminati bloodline so how did you manage to go against the grain the way that you have? Is it simply because of your awareness that was gradually awakened over time, or do you think you had that leaning even as a small child?

SP: When you say go “against the grain,” do you mean my own perhaps inbuilt views or do you mean the grain of those who are higher than me?

KC: Well higher than you. I’m not sure, but what I refer to as the Illuminati bloodline that you are a part of.

SP: Because I have free will, simply that.

KC: Yes.

SP: I have free will and I will choose the course of direction I take, and they may not officially interfere with that.

KC: Okay.

SP: So even if that goes against their wishes, they just have to live with it.

KC: Right. Well what I meant by my question was, how did you, as a small child, develop the inner resolve to go in that direction? In other words, a lot of times a child will grow up, will be influenced by parents, grandparents or whatever to go down a certain path, to have certain attitudes.

SP: Yes.

KC: On some level you had to be rebellious.

SP: [laughs] No, it’s because my soul is not very human, therefore it would be wrong to look at me as a child, a five- or six-year-old child and try to equate that with what a normal earth-human child would have. So when you have a very old soul in a very young body, the soul has the knowledge and therefore it was already decided and my course of direction was already set, but as a five-year-old child I couldn’t actually articulate that.

KC: Right.

SP: Because my brain hadn’t yet developed to be able to cope with all the emotions and all the logic, and when I became old enough then the two worked together and it’s connecting your soul with your mind. Once the two connect. . . that’s why it was very important that my body accepted my soul, because in many cases the body won’t accept the soul if it’s not an earth-human type. And so a lot of work was going into ensuring that I’m very compatible within myself. So it wasn’t a battle; it wasn’t a big decision; it was always the way it was going to be, but I had to physically reach a point that could work to be in step with my soul.

KC: Okay, and approximately when do you think that happened?

SP: It would have been after 1971, which is the interaction I had over two days, so just before my thirteenth birthday.

KC: In terms of your inner self, because your world could not have mirrored what you were seeing and what you were learning, right? Was there any conflict in that way, with living life in the external world or was it because, it sounded like maybe your mother for one thing, might have been understanding on some level, so maybe there was not much conflict in the external world. I mean, I don’t know, I don’t know what your childhood was like, but did you encounter, did you say things and did other kids make fun of you and,

SP: No.

KC: You know this kind of thing.

SP: No because I grew up in what you would call an espionage family with my mother working for MI5. Most of the people who would come to the house would be men or women, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy years of age.

KC: Right.

SP: So therefore I naturally made friends with these people. The only children my own age were five girls who lived next door in two families but most of the comments I would have would be with adults, and therefore I would hold a conversation at their level, but I would always talk about world politics or economics. That would interest me. I wouldn’t talk about the alien agenda if they were friends of the family because you learn very quickly, I learned very quickly, not to discuss that with anybody outside of an approved group, so what people call handlers, people who were feeding information to my mother for her job.

KC: Yes.

SP: And we would discuss or they have a conversation in front of me and that was perfectly acceptable to be part of that. I wouldn’t discuss any of the subjects with anybody who wasn’t part of the inner circle, part of the family. It’s just you wouldn’t do it.

KC: Okay, but so you were having these interactions.

SP: Yes.

KC: One assumes that these handler people were not having them.

SP: No that wasn’t their job. Their job was simply to work with my mother. My mother’s job was to type up documents that were in German related to crashed UFOs that had come down all over the globe.

KC: Oh, really.

SP: My mother worked for what was called the British Secret Service, the BSS, but MI5, but she was really working for the NSA, but because she was a British subject, of course she had to be managed by British Intelligence. So they weren’t relating to me; they were relating to the work they were doing with her.

KC: Right.

SP: But what many researchers found incredible was that the discussions they would have with her would be held in front of me. So as a five-, six-, seven-year-old child they would hold all these in depth conversations with me and I was never asked to leave the room, so I learned that certain things could be spoken of at certain times and with certain people.

KC: Okay.

SP: If they weren’t people who were recognized or approved, then I wouldn’t discuss anything with them.

KC: Okay, when you say recognized or approved, by your mother or by someone else?

SP: By people coming to the house. So if they came to the house and they were interacted with by my mother, then they were approved.

KC: I see.

SP: If they didn’t come to the house or they came to the house and they were not clearly of a bloodline or they weren’t of an intelligence background, then they weren’t really to be bothered with.

KC: I see.

SP: So that is how you would work it. And as a child, you learn it, I learned it, very quickly. You could tell from somebody’s body language. It doesn’t matter what background they are. You know when someone is bloodline. You know the type of interactions they have from the way they hold their body, the way they speak. Someone from the bloodline will be incredibly confident, not arrogant, just confident, very self-assured and you know when you are in the room with somebody who is a sensitive or psychic or has other powers, you know immediately. You can just tell immediately whether the person is or isn’t.

KC: Okay, so as a young boy you would see them in this light.

SP: Yes.

KC: Okay, you mentioned your mother; what about your father?

SP: My father left the family when I was about one year old so I never saw him again. My mother never had another boyfriend and she didn’t remarry.

KC: Oh.

SP: She said her job was just to bring me up. That was her role.

KC: And were you an only child?

SP: Yes.

KC: So that’s an interesting type relationship. So you must have been quote close with your mother.

SP: Very close, yes.

KC: So that was somewhat sheltering I imagine.

SP: Protective.

KC: Yes. The men in your family. . . was it your grandfather. Was he a high-degree mason was it?

SP: Yes, he was, high-degree mason, a British diplomat, awarded many medals.

KC: So did you have a relationship with him?

SP: Yes. I would be sent to him for instructions, probably every six weeks.

KC: Oh, really.

SP: So he only lived twelve miles away and so I would get on the train and go see him and stay a day or two days and come back.

KC: So when you were young were you considered something of a, for lack of another word, “idiot savant,” or in other words did you have abilities that became apparent obviously to your mother such that she treated you in a certain way.

SP: No I have dyslexia. I mean it’s very interesting. We are listening to Mary Rodwell when she was talking about something which I can immediately identify with. People like me are altered, so that an ordinary education system can’t reprogram me.

KC: Right.

SP: So the way I would interact through a standard education system won’t work. I was seen by the established education and they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t very good at math and why I wasn’t very good at English, yet I was a prefect; I was in the school play, and was very well liked. But it was made very clear to me that it was a protection so I couldn’t fall foul of programs that are hidden inside a university education or inside any other format.

KC: Okay, and did you go to university?

SP: No I didn’t. I wanted to go and get a job, so I went and got a job straight away.

KC: I see. So how did you go down this line of politics in relation to your background. In other words, you said at one point that you were selected to go into a position of power. That was an opportunity for you that you knew you were going to have. Is it because of that, or in other words, how did you get steered? I know you are a Councillor and I don’t know much about what that means in Britain but I’m gathering it’s political.

SP: Yes it is. I’m elected by the people.

KC: Right. So how did you get steered that way? Did you want to go do that?

SP: Yes. I decided this country wasn’t run by the bomb and the bullet. It was run by what they call democracy, and therefore you have to go into politics and be elected to make change.

KC: Okay.

SP: So I decided that and when I spoke to my grandfather, the political party that I had chosen, he wasn’t supportive of it, and it’s a bit like your Republicans and your Democrats.

KC: Yes.

SP: So he said to me, well okay if you are going to support that lot, I suppose I had better make you some introductions, so he introduced me to some senior politicians.

KC: So do you know people like Tony Blair?

SP: Yes.

KC: I don’t know, Churchill, did he die before you. . . did your grandfather know Churchill?

SP: My grandfather met Churchill. My grandfather used to tell me very funny stories about Churchill. He had a parrot which used to fly around the office and was a very bad parrot.

KC: I had a parrot when I was a kid. They do that.

SP: Okay. So he knew Churchill. My grandfather said that Winston Churchill was a fantastic Prime Minister during the war but a dreadful Prime Minister in peacetime, and he thought he was a complete waste of space but absolutely brilliant for the war. So my grandfather would give me a critique of all the different Prime Ministers that he had met since Churchill.

KC: I see, yes. So in your trajectory though, to bring it back to your ET connection because again you were told you could have some kind of position of power.

SP: Yes.

KC: How was that conveyed to you?

SP: At the conference today I did my talk and I actually showed one of my drawings, which I portrayed where I have what I called the bargain.

KC: Yes, but how?

SP: Which you know better than I was referred to as an agreement so it was an agreement I understood. I understood the energies behind that agreement, and so I accepted it and so it developed, so you may start off with one inch, but you get off with eight inches, nine inches. So what I’m saying to you, is providing you want more, it is given to you providing you can maintain and hold. Many people can’t maintain and hold and so they collapse.

KC: Right.

SP: So they get corrupted or they have a nervous breakdown.

KC: Right.

SP: As long as you can still maintain you can advance.

KC: Okay. So would you assign your advancement in a sense in politics, in life, to your association with these beings?

SP: That’s really an interesting question. I think that would be fair. I would like to say through my own abilities.

KC: Yes.

SP: I think I really would. I would like to say that because I helped people. You only get elected if people believe in you.

KC: Yes.

SP: However I think what let’s call it the aliens have done is balance the playing field. In other words, people who might have tried to topple me, because of my stance, are not in a position to do so, so let’s say that what they have done is equal the playing field, and then it’s just down to me.

KC: Okay, so in equaling the playing field, you know because this is very interesting. I’m looking at the playing field worldwide and I’m looking at a battle going on here on planet Earth and off the Earth.

SP: Yes.

KC: And I’m seeing that there are beings out there, groups of beings who will do things to sort of facilitate things for us.

SP: Yes.

KC: People like us. I’m putting us in the same box so to speak. I have had interaction with various beings myself, including a flying Chacar.

SP: Okay, I’m aware of those, yes.

KC: And what I have noticed is that sometimes you just might say, “Oh, it’s lucky,” or you are protected or you know there might be ways of referring to this, but I think that there is some kind of, as you say, leveling out or balancing out so that the negative side can’t quite get its hooks or whatever you want to call it, in to you or that whatever. I will give you an example and I would like to hear something from your own life along these lines.

SP: Okay.

KC: And I was hoping we would have time for this. We have a panel to be a part of. I don’t want to disappoint the people.

SP: I understand.

KC: But myself and my ex-partner in Camelot were going up a very winding road in the Swiss Alps in an old car that was like an old Audi station wagon, but a very dependable kind of thing.

SP: Sure.

KC: And it was checked out with the mechanics before we left et cetera, et cetera. We got to the top and we just entered this little parking lot and we are going less than two mph, and one of the wheels of the car just snapped off and fell.

SP: Okay.

KC: Okay. We investigated; it was sliced off. Obviously I think they were hoping that it would happen on the way up in which case we might have gone off a cliff, in theory. So that’s what I’m saying, leveling the playing field. That would be a moment when you would go, “well this is an incredible stroke of luck,” or you could say you were protected or whatever you want to say about that. Now in your own life you must have experienced some kind of close …

SP: Yeah, I tried to cover it a little bit on the conference by saying the attacks I have suffered haven’t been officially sanctioned. They have been spiritual groups, maybe groups of three or four who are not acting under their own instructions, so perhaps it’s very high-level Free Masonry. I had an incident where my car was rammed off the road.

KC: Right.

SP: At about 60 mph, and the young woman with me was actually an employee of a very high-ranking family, and I mentioned her today in the talk. The Rothschilds now employ her. She was in the car with me when we were rammed, and we both remember the vehicle that rammed us appearing to be pushed 100 yards. It was almost as if it were on ice deflected off us. That was very interesting. So, the attacks that I have are not sanctioned at an official level. They are small groups of people who are very annoyed because sometimes I will go in and do things that they personally feel they are losing out on.

KC: Okay, but you don’t feel obviously that the people who are in charge will interfere with you?

SP: No, they can’t. They are not permitted to; it’s as simple as that. If you look at someone like Alex Collier, and I mentioned that in the talk.

KC: Yes.

SP: Alex interacts with creatures at a higher dimension than I do, and they don’t believe in interfering.

KC: Yes.

SP: So when something bad happens to Alex, they believe it has to be left alone.

KC: Right.

SP: The creatures are [18:25][?intrack?]. We have been interfering in human politics for thousands of years and so it is very easy for them just to come in and get involved. So if something bad was planned to happen to me, then there would be a huge interaction and those people who were attempting to do something would pay a very heavy price.

KC: So how do you, you know, I’m not sure rationalize is the right word, but how do you balance this understanding in your own mind? Do you feel, is it sort of your personal philosophy, that interference is okay on this level? Or has it been explained to you, in other words you are saying higher level beings on a certain level will not interfere, and we call that maybe service to others, those groups.

SP: Yes.

KC: And humans are not even service to others at this point; we are service to self or, are sort of moving into service to others.

SP: Okay.

KC: The beings that you are sort of working with are interfering, but how in your mind is that okay? I mean do you feel that’s okay, and obviously you feel safe and protected because of it but does that also make it okay

SP: That’s a very good question. First of all from a bloodline. If a person, for argument’s sake, has many thousands of years of a bloodline, then you are associated with a group or a family and they (have) a set way of doing things. Again we will talk about Mary’s talk. She mentioned an ascension, where certain beings want to ascend and they can get on the back of a human ascension. The situation at the moment is very much like a big capital ship that is sinking and the captain of the ship has got one foot in the big ship that is sinking and one foot in the lifeboat. He is wondering should he go down with the ship or should be go on to the lifeboat?

KC: Right.

SP: So things are changing. The groups that I am interacting with are taking part in a number of experiments that are taking place on the Earth at the moment, and I don’t mean physical experiments to see if the human race can actually live with some of these groups that have oppressed them for thousands of years, and if these groups are capable of saying we no longer see ourselves as the gods of these people, if they can survive and be together, they have a future together, and when the human race actually advances itself, there’s a good chance it will take some of these other groups with them.

KC: Right.

SP: And that is the experiment that is being played out at the moment at that level, so that’s why I’m going with it because ultimately it could benefit the whole range of people and groups and races.

KC: Okay, so have the Mantis beings and the Reptilian beings that you are aligned with, would you say they are more service to self or positively oriented as a result of this experiment as you call it? In other words, they see, they want an ascension path for themselves.

SP: Yes.

KC: Therefore they are doing some positive things, having changed, maybe changed their ways.

SP: The Reptilians have got to change their ritual and their culture if they wish to actually advance. That is a problem for them. No, they are service to self.

KC: Right.

SP: That’s their culture.

KC: Right.

SP: But they have to understand in order to advance that has to change and it has to genuinely change. They can’t just say a few nice words and hope that will help them. They have to actually physically change, and if they can’t then it won’t happen and they will be stuck in the fourth dimension for another ten million years or something like that. The Mantids are very keen to evolve, and they are looking quite interesting.

KC: Now when you say these things, do you, for example, get information from … you know I get information from people who work in black projects who have a background for many, many years working in the secret space program as we call it. Do you have interactions with these kinds of people? Are they giving you information on a more general playing field from the human side?

SP: Yes, but they would never even, they are so careful that when information is passed to me it is not done in any way that it can be picked up. You wouldn’t even know who they were and what they were because there is a war going on within their own organization.

KC: Yes.

SP: Many, many splits, some are sick and tired at what’s happened and they want it finished and over with and the truth out, and there are others who are so deep into it, and others who just don’t know any other way to do it and believe that they will be top dog. And so because of that, people who wish to be decent, have been incredibly circumspect and very careful. My mother, when she would pass information, she would literally be walking through the park, and somebody would just walk past her and drop his umbrella.

KC: Yes.

SP: And she would pick the umbrella up and there would be a note in it.

KC: Right.

SP: That’s how information is exchanged and they call it secret.

KC: Yes. Now I assume you were trained in things like remote viewing, et cetera.

SP: I was not trained by humans, no.

KC: Not by humans, okay. But you were trained by your ET contacts.

SP: Yes, oh yes.

KC: So you have a good sense of telepathy, maybe of precog.

SP: You are a sensitive.

KC: Yes, yes. Of course you would know this.

SP: Yes.

KC: Yes, but in looking at the environment around you this ability can really help you, can it now. I mean you must be using it constantly, right?

SP: I have to be very careful. At home I have a rule. I’m not allowed to do it playing games, card games, anything like that. My children say, “can you turn it off daddy? Don’t use it.”

When dealing with high-ranking humans, it’s absolutely invaluable because I need to know if I’m being lied to.

KC: Right.

SP: Dealing with aliens I need to know that.

KC: Yes.

SP: I need to know quite what their take is on that. So yes, that is why I was given it, to protect myself and to get to the truth very quickly.

KC: In dealing with ETs, aliens, visitors, some of whom consider this Earth their home, because I recently interviewed a person named Captain Mark Richards, who is in prison in Vacaville, and he has been there for thirty years, framed on murder, but he is innocent, and I did my second interview with him and he talks to the Raptors.

SP: Okay.

KC: Okay, and other species as well. He grew up in the space program. His father was known as the Dutchman, and he is very well known in British secret society.

SP: The Flying Dutchman.

KC: Maybe.

SP: Yeah.

KC: And he was quite a hero and so was his son actually, the one who is in prison but they are afraid he was I guess turn on them and talk.

SP: Okay.

KC: He has a substantial number of enemies. He has talked to me and he is actually writing reports now, because I guess he is frustrated because he has been stuck in prison all these years.

SP: Yes, I sure.

KC: And he wants to change the playing field, so to speak.

SP: Yeah.

KC: He could go off planet and leave in a minute, but he wants to stay here; he wants to work on this situation, but I think he also has a great deal of love for his wife and his family, so he wants to stay here with them.

SP: Okay.

KC: But in your experience are you dealing with a lot of ETs. Are you going to meetings, for example, that we are told happens between various races here on the planet? Are you able to talk about that?

SP: I don’t necessarily go in this body.

KC: Uh huh, but you do go?

SP: Yes.

KC: So in taking part in a meeting such as that, would you say things are going well or are they like negotiations in the Middle East where, you know, one day it is on and the next day it is off?

SP: You can’t do that with aliens. You can’t break an agreement. Once you make an agreement you keep to it or you have trouble. The difficulty is humans having the understanding to deliver what is required. In other words, if a particular group of humans wishes to murder half of the planet, they can’t go along with that.

KC: Right.

SP: So one has to contact those people in the military who are not prepared to be pushed around like that, and they have to have the strength and knowledge to be able to take that action. Sometimes you need to shore that up because it is the humans who have to be their own 7th Cavalry. You know, humans are always looking for someone to come and assist them and help them. Where is the 7th Cavalry?

KC: Right.

SP: The human race is the 7th Cavalry. So as I said, it is about leveling the playing field, and then the human race has to then deliver the change itself. In terms of meetings, it is literally about saying how far a group can go.

KC: To …

SP: As a course of action.

KC: Oh, to affect change or to do something here on the planet.

SP: Yes.

KC: That will then interfere with the timeline.

SP: You have to understand that the President Putin is now interacting with a different form of aliens than Obama is interacting with. The Chinese are also split.

KC: Yes.

SP: And Iran is now becoming split as well.

KC: Right.

SP: So it is not as clear-cut as it was ten years ago. Different groups believe they are top dog because they are being advised by their own groups, so it’s not straight forward and some of those groupings are just running for their own goal. They are not part of a wider federation or a wider group, so I’m quite supportive of Putin at the moment.

KC: Okay. I have been told that the Russians, though, are mainly working with a group of Reptilians. This is what I have been told.

SP: They were. They were.

KC: Uh huh. You think they are now working …

SP: They are now working with a much more humanoid group at the moment. That’s why Russia doesn’t buy oil in dollars anymore.

KC: I’ve heard for example that the Chinese are very closely aligned with the Zetas, and have been for many, many years, and then I have a whistleblower who told me that they have gotten in contact with a completely different race, that’s like a new race and is not liked by most of the other races because of their …

SP: Not part of the club.

KC: Yeah.

SP: That’s correct; that’s absolutely right.

KC: Yeah.

SP: Do we need to make a move around here?

KC: Okay, yes, we probably should. Okay well this has been fascinating and I want to thank you very much for doing this …

SP: My pleasure.

KC: … and meeting with me and making all this possible.

SP: That’s good. That’s fine, we may be able to do some more of this tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.

KC: That would be great. All right, thank you.

SP: Okay.

[29:30][END OF SECTION 1]

Fylingdales, GCHQ[Government Communications Headquarters], Menwith Hill

KC: Hi, this is Kerry Cassidy from Camelot and we are doing a second segment with Simon Parkes here today. We were in a very interesting environment yesterday in Avebury. Today we are here in a back room at the complex where we are doing the Bases Conference, and we have both been, I’m about to speak later today, and he spoke yesterday, and I must say I believe a video of what you said yesterday will be available probably on the Bases Conference site as time goes on, and I’m sure Miles Johnston will make that available for people. And I just have to say, I know I have already told you this, but I think it was excellent. A certain angle that you took on things that was quite comprehensive but at the same time was very specific in certain areas, and I thought were key areas that people need to hear and need to be put together, because you don’t often get someone talking about the ET reality, also political reality on Earth, as well as the idea of what is going on with Satan and the Illuminati, and putting all of that package together is not an easy task, I think, especially for people relatively new to the subject. But even long-term people in this area, they simply never touch on what is really motivating me is the Illuminati to do what they do, and the Reptilians to be the way they are, therefore also motivating the Illuminati who have their bloodline and so on, and so I think that is really important.

SP: Thank you. It is a difficult subject to bring up and if you go into it in too great a detail you turn people off.

KC: Yes.

SP: If you don’t do it in enough detail people are left with too many questions.

KC: Yes.

SP: It is rather like the guy who is walking the tight rope across the Niagara Falls. You have to walk a tight rope and you have to look at your audience and decide whether they can take anymore or whether they can’t, and it was a quite switched-on audience last night, so you could push it a little bit further than usual, but thank you for saying that.

KC: Yes, Well it is definitely a skill and obviously you are a public speaker having gotten to a position as a Councillor, correct, so that’s an incredible asset to have in a situation such as this where you have got somebody who is, you know, you need combination really and I’m glad that we have this, you know, package in a sort of disclosure witness if you will, because this is disclosure. This is an ongoing disclosure. I don’t know and this is actually a good question for you. Have you been given the okay from a certain group, because you talked about that schism going on behind the powers that be, so to speak, where one side is just fed up and really wants a change and doesn’t want to be under the rule of the Reptilian faction, and are they sort of backing you in this detail?

SP: Nobody has literally put their cards on the table. That would be too dangerous.

KC: Okay.

SP: So there have been indications given not to mention the birthday card. I have made reference to that before. That was a tacit approval you know to be able to do what we are doing. To be invited to the radar bases is another tacit approval.

KC: Oh yes.

SP: And the protections that I am afforded. That’s obviously an approval. But nobody has actually sat and said, “go for it, we support you 100 percent,” because they just haven’t got the authority to do that.

KC: Now actually that’s an interesting angle because I was fascinated by the radar base thing that you talked about and I wondered if that is Menwith Hill? Are you able to say?

SP: No there are three very, very secure bases in Britain. One is GCHQ(Government Communications Headquarters); that is equal to your NSA Office. And the other one is Menwith Hill, which is a listening post, but this one is a space radar base, which is Fylingdales and it is run by the Americans, but it is based in Britain.

KC: Okay, so the name of it is actually Fylingdales. I thought that that was perhaps, I don’t know.

SP: And that is the name of the village, and they have just taken the name of the village and added it to the base.

KC: And whereabouts in Britain is that?

SP: It is about twelve miles from where I live in North Yorkshire, England.

KC: In the North? Oh interesting, okay.

SP: So it’s looking across to Germany basically. It is across the North Sea.

KC: Really, okay, that’s interesting as well. Well all right, you know the triangular structure that you said it was constructed back in 1950s.

SP: No it was actually built in 1963. But the first facility was an analog radar.

KC: Okay.

SP: It was consisting of three balls, and they were called golf balls for general (reference), because that’s what they looked like. And then when they moved from analogue to digital, this was the pyramid that took place. This was a three phased array, so it’s three phases of a digital radar, which dial into space and covers about three-quarters of the Earth literally. Officially right now it goes up at least six to twelve thousand miles; unofficially it is about twenty-six thousand miles.

KC: Now you know that Menwith Hill would have a similar structure it seems. However, they seem to have these golf ball, whatever you call it, shapes instead, which is kind of interesting. Is there something, maybe you can’t answer this, I don’t even know if you have a scientific background or whatever, but is there something that these round golf ball shapes cover that the other one doesn’t?

SP: Well they are different [35:50][rods]. Menwith Hill is for listening; it’s covert; it listens; it picks up signals in an active way. The actual panels that make up the golf balls can be triangular panels that will fit together. It is about focusing electronic energy, whether it is a radio signal or a sub-phase signal, so it allows it to be focused into receivers that are inside. So you are absolutely right. That’s circular shape and it doesn’t allow frequencies to bounce off the surface. They should be absorbed through the surface.

KC: So it’s not sending.

SP: No, no, Menwith Hill is purely receiving. It’s spying on all radar frequencies from all over the world.

KC: Right. I have to say I had a secret witness disclose information to me about Menwith Hill. And one of the things that he told us was that there is a portal, a time travel jump gate, maybe you might call it, there. So they are doing a lot more than just listening.

SP: Yes the base literally does that; it listens to whatever is going on.

KC: Right.

SP: But what you would do if you were military you would set up one of your bases on a piece of land that you don’t want anyone else to access.

KC: Right.

SP: That’s the point of it. So if you have a stargate or a portal you need to buy the land so that no one can have access to it. You stick a military base on it which means you can have twelve foot fence around it and that is actually why it is there to protect in a covert way but it does do a realistic job; it really does.

KC: Right.

SP: It signals; it is SIGNET. It works very closely with the Americans.

KC: Yes.

SP: But it also acting as the first form of defense to keep people out. So yes, I absolutely agree with you.

KC: Okay, now do you have a political position in regard to the idea I have heard you reference that is very interesting to me. You are referencing the American role a lot. And I am very aware that GCHQ, for example, is basically hand in hand with the NSA, and that’s I believe in the public domain. I think you can actually research articles that have been written basically saying, you know, I mean really talking about their business relationship, which is substantial. But I have gotten back channel information about that as well. But what interests me is that, you know, because we see the city of London and we have gotten witnesses who have taken part in meetings there that are definitely meetings of the Illuminati, the groups may be flown in from anywhere, really in the world.

SP: Sure.

KC: And there will be Americans there no doubt. But the English are very much involved. And I’m sure, as I said I just interviewed Mark Richards, and he said that there are actually four countries that are working in the Secret Space Program and running it so to speak. He did say the United States was taking the lead. He said the United States and Russia, as a matter of fact, and then he said Britain and France are close seconds and I think somehow Germany factors in there. Now this, again because your slant is to say the Americans, the Americans, and I just want to balance it out a bit and ask you is it a political sort of statement on your part? Are you sort of, I don’t know, on the bridge sense saying why are these Americans in here meddling in our affairs, or are you totally understanding the relationship and feeling, because there have actually been television series in Britain that I have watched that I think are quite fun because they poke fun at the American-British relationship behind the scenes in the covert world.

SP: You are making me smile. No, it is a fact that America has the final say.

KC: Okay.

SP: That’s the point. That whatever arrangements, whichever countries, which whoever is around the table, the chairman will always be an American. And therefore the Americans will have the final say, not necessarily because they are paying for it all, but because there is an arrangement and agreement that the Americans will have the final [decision]. [40:11]

KC: Now why is that?

SP: Because going back to Operation Paperclip when all the Nazi scientists were, well not all of them but most of them, and the Americans put themselves in a tremendously bad (situation) and got all the other major countries together to sign an agreement that America would act on their behalf. And when alien intervention officially occurred, it was with the American government so all of the other Earth governments in the ’50s and ’60s had to bow to the Americans because they had been chosen as the government to represent the world. So on the physical aspect you had America controlling technology through German scientists, freezing out other countries from that so they kept their position, and then from the ET perspective, the ET then dealt with America so it a fait accompli. It was clearly America’s right as seen by other countries to lead, and what America did is do things like tie the price of oil to the dollar and many other things. You mentioned Britain; the British don’t have any say really on the military side, but they do because of the Queen and because of the money. So because of that ET is seen as politic to consult the British. If you have some questions that have an effect across borders, you would always consult the Illuminati element of Britain because you want their agreement. It’s very much like, you don’t actually need it, but it’s part of the ceremony to get the stamp of approval from the Royal side of Britain because then you are keeping you family together. Many, many times in these meetings eyebrows go up and, “oh my God, we’ve got to consult the British.” We had better speak to the British. Don’t do this without getting the okay from the British. That’s often the way it is. But it doesn’t mean that the people on the table don’t actually get on. They have a very close working relationship. But the attitude always is that the Americans call the shots. And recently we are seeing that being challenged, and that’s what’s making it very, very uneasy.

KC: Okay, now there is, speaking of this challenge, there is some, well let’s say there is a remote viewer that I worked with, and I do some remote viewing myself, but this is an expert remote viewer, and I worked with him behind the scenes looking at Sandy Hook, and what went on behind the scenes at Sandy Hook, and what the symbolism was, and every time there is a false flag, there is substantial symbolism that is Illuminati, satanic, and so on.

And you know, Jordan Maxwell, for example, is an expert in this area and I interviewed him and he has actually become a good friend, and so going down that rabbit hole and basically what we see is that Sandy Hook had ripples going out into the banking world. And there is another false flag, which I think is the Boston one, that also had folded in there which was some kind of challenge on the banking level that was said that it was possible that that was actually a hit on American soil by the British, by an element of the Brits or the Illuminati, basically saying we are here and you can’t screw with us. I was going to use a different word, but that kind of thing. Do you know anything about that sort of thing?

SP: Yes, that’s part of the game. It’s not a game but that’s the way it seems.

KC: Yes.

SP: When the Pentagon was supposedly hit and the part of the Pentagon that was taken out belonged to the Navy, and at that time the Navy had been pushing to expand its control of alien technology in the space program. The Navy right back to the ’50s always had a key role within the armed forces in America and didn’t want to let go and expected to expand their control, so that was a warning from one arm of America to the other arm. And the Brits will attempt to do something, but only if they feel they are on very strong ground. So if there is a ground swell of opinion within the organization, and there is one or two people holding them back, you can’t take those people out. So what you do is you use a, you call them a false flag, you use a situation which hits the buttons from a false flag perspective but within that we have a saying in Britain which is, “to kill two birds with one stone.” But within that it is an attack upon a particular element; it’s a warning. It’s not … just as a warning. These games go on all the time.

KC: Yes.

SP: And it’s part of the game because I’ll do it to you on Tuesday; you’ll do it to me on Thursday.

KC: Right.

SP: But you never underestimate the mark.

KC: Right.

SP: And finally in Magic you have to tell people what you are going to do otherwise it doesn’t take effect in the root, and you have to do it in a way that most people don’t understand it and I think what happened in Boston was in one of the Homer Simpson cartoons. One of the cartoons talked about an explosion and he went and joked about it and that was before it occurred.

KC: Yes.

SP: So the friends in the filming industry will drop these very timely notes but most people don’t pick them up.

KC: Exactly. Now one thing along this line actually I came from the film industry. I don’t know if you know my background.

SP: No I was never told.

KC: Yes I spent nineteen years working in Hollywood at the top level working as an executive assistant, and then I worked my way up to doing development and basically trying to push the glass ceiling and put projects together and became an independent producer and so on, although I never got my sci-fi movies off the ground, and so this is how I ended up as a documentary filmmaker revealing the truth in Camelot. It is kind of a funny trajectory but at any rate what happens with that is a seeding, as we call it in Hollywood, of information and then will set the scenes, so to speak, for the Illuminati as you say to carry out the magical act, and I reference it this way as well. And people have to be notified, you know, to cast this spell or whatever you want to call it. It is interesting though. It happens years in advance sometimes and you may be aware of that as well, right. So that movies now are being seeded with information, and even for the last few years, that are telling us some of their plans or perspective agendas so to speak playing out in certain ways, even troubleshooting those agendas in a sort of movie scenario, and then actually doing them.

SP: Yes.

KC: So they are covering their bases.

SP: Yes it is no different from a pilot who wants to fly a big jumbo aircraft, he or she will go on a simulator, so you use films of the simulator.

KC: Yes.

SP: And you see what the feedback is and you will have magical groups or sessions who will look at that and focus groups, they are very, very in root to see if it’s bedded into the future and then there’s another part which will scan the future to see if that took effect, if it did, did it have the effect that was required and the effect that is required is to always put America on the best timeline. That is the whole point of it, to keep America on the most useful timeline for America, and within that we mean the group that runs America.

KC: Okay and do you want to talk a little bit about the group? When we reference it we say the Bush Cabal, but do you have any more specifics than that. Because there is something of a factionalization going on here in America and certainly I can tell you we are aware of it in the armed services, the various services. As you say the Navy, there is a very specific part of the Navy from what I understand are the good guys so to speak. There’s another part of the Navy that may not be on board in quite that way. And when I say the good guys I’m talking about working at least on behalf of humanity, and not wanting to eliminate two-thirds of the population on the planet etcetera. So they are not on board with that kind of agenda. But there are, and I’ve been told there are different for the Army is working with one group of ETs, the Navy with another, the Air Force another, you know and so on and so forth. Are you aware of this?

SP: Yes, they are all ET groups from a political perspective, but the individual military arms align themselves with ET groups that would do work in that specific technology range. So if you are a Navy man, you are looking at how you camouflage your ships to make them invisible from radar. There is a recent craft called [49:46][Zomoklaus], and we are talking about the Illuminati jokes and Magic. The Captain of that is James T. Kirk, and that’s deliberate. So they are a landing group that will help them develop technology which allows them to be almost camouflaged, very useful for high-sited ships and so that’s what the navy would be into. [50:06]

We have had a lot of other stealth technology and there are other forms of powering an aircraft now which are developed here, so different alien groups, it isn’t that they specialize, they are prepared to offer a particular technology so what you can find is certain military groups will do that. But within the army, there isn’t just one alien group. You will have several special departments within the army with their own group and sometimes they will bring advisors in who will come in and share a meeting, for want of a better word between the two or three groups that may be arguing so it’s really dynamic. It’s a lot like like the United Nations in that sense of the word. I think even many researchers, not you because you are incredibly knowledgeable, but there are many researchers who don’t realize just how complex this is. And frankly they would be pretty … even they would be scared because they believe, many researchers believe they have a handle on it.

KC: Yes.

SP: They think they have got it encapsulated in a bubble. It’s not good at all.

KC: Right. Okay, now I have a couple people, at least one person who gave me questions for you. You know people are coming up to me. They are aware that I’m interviewing you so they are the ones here, and they are quite excited about it for what it is worth, and one of the people wanted to know this question. And I thought it was quite an interesting question. He wanted to know what is the relationship of the Mantids to the Atlanteans and the Lemurians.

SP: Okay, well we need to bring in hollow earth immediately to understand that. It is not widely understood that the Mantids actually have a very, very strong connection to the Earth planet, very strong connection, and have interfered is probably not the right word, but have been around during previous civilizations, not so much even in technology but trying to steer in terms of spirituality, trying to attempt to stop humanity making mistakes it made before, but in such a way that it is not actually treating humanity as cattle that is being pushed through lots of gates, attempting to give free will. And what the Mantids have done is establish safe havens in the Earth for groups who are semi-dominant, which at some point will come around and take part, so the Mantids have been given the right by other groups to hold this role, and I have often referred to it in a soccer game as the referee. That is the role the Mantids play, is a referee, and because of their long association which is not questioned by any group with the humankind and planet Earth, they have the right to be involved; they have the right to make decisions, which by the way many groups don’t like, but they are going to have to be able to abide by. And many of those decisions the Mantids make are beneficial to humankind, and sometimes go against the bigger agenda that some other alien groups have. So I don’t really want to talk about the Ukraine situation here in this building, but for instance the Mantids would have been incredibly unhappy had the Ukraine situation gone any other way. So the situation could probably be the best outcome under the terms.

KC: Okay, well but this doesn’t quite answer the question I asked, but I do kind of want to pursue this line of questioning anyway because you brought it up, and it is a very interesting situation obviously. And, I have some information also to ask you about, but the Ukraine is at war now and it is not clear really what the outcome is, and some people would say, well they are certainly trying to use that as a jumpstart for a World War III. So what outcome in the Ukraine are you saying that is preferable that is actually happening now?

SP: Because the airplane that crashed in the Ukraine was destined to crash somewhere else.

KC: Okay, that’s a very loaded statement. You are saying, well because you know there are all kinds of stuff on the Internet of course, and this information is yes, a plane crashed. Now where was it headed for? Are you able to say?

SP: I think we know that that is was headed for Kuala Lumpur and the object was it was never going to leave Kuala Lumpur, and it was much better for it to have a nasty situation where it did than Kuala Lumpur. That was the official destination. The plane was diverted in real time to head for one of the proper Russian cities to make a crash landing. [55:23]

KC: Really.

SP: And then when that was discovered it was brought down before it entered what is proper Russian territory.

KC: So that means, it sounds as though the Russians would have shot it down.

SP: They absolutely did.

KC: Okay, in other words under Putin’s direction.

SP: Absolutely, absolutely.

KC: If it was headed for Kuala Lumpur why shouldn’t it have arrived?

SP: That was what its destination was originally for that so it was changed.

KC: Right. But why, okay so it was just redirected, but why was it redirected toward that Russian city? I mean did it have something to do with who was on board? Was it a last minute decision?

SP: It was a last minute decision set in terms that they didn’t want to let anybody else know what they were doing, so the longer you leave a decision, the less chance the other side has to react to it. The pilots of the plane didn’t actually know; they were just told to redirect, and I don’t use the word “dirty bomb” but along those lines. So in the same way as you guys had to put up with 9/11; the Mossad had a very big role to play with that. The Mossad had a very big role to play in this one.

KC: Right.

SP: And the contents of the cargo bay would have gone all over this Russian City.

KC: Okay, well then so it was still the purpose, in other words, you are saying it sort of had a veiled purpose, but ultimately they tried to drum it up anyway into a useful, in other words, the Mossad and the press being used as a birddog in the sense as maybe it always is. You know, in other words this plane still caused some havoc in this way and they are moving it into this idea that there is an escalation, right? And Putin is being blamed, you know, but not for the reasons you are saying, which is interesting. You know, in other words, a defensive move, right?

SP: Sure.

KC: And there has also been a lot of discussion about flight 370, and the relationship between the flights and the dead bodies that were supposedly on there and so on and so forth. Because if this plane was going to Kuala Lumpur, it was flight 370 it would sound like, but used for a different purpose.

SP: Many people of the first Malaysian flight of missing people are very clear of the group of nineteen or twenty Chinese scientists who were there. That is fairly well known.

KC: Yes.

SP: Working for an American company, and working on stealth technology and with the change and with the demise the patent then goes to Jacob Rothschild. That’s well known or should be. What isn’t well known is that there was also another group of scientists. They put all the groups of scientists together who were genetic scientists, biological weapon scientists. They were also on the plane.

KC: Right.

SP: Now I don’t know if you have seen any of the somewhat submerged reports from the rebel commanders on the ground, that a number of the bodies that they found were tortured.

KC: Okay, yes.

SP: And I think it is probably well known somewhere on the Internet that a number of the bodies were long dead.

KC: Yes.

SP: Long dead. What is less known is that blood supplies were also being kept and they were containing a very nasty virus.

KC: I see.

SP: And the Mossad had a bomb. I said I wouldn’t talk about it, but you know I will tell you now. The Mossad had a bomb in the hold.

KC: Yes.

SP: And the object was to detonate that to spread the contents far and wide. That is why it wasn’t taken out by the Mossad. Because the last thing you want is an airplane exploding at 20,000 feet and pushing all its bits all over the place. It was brought down by cannon fire, because cannon fire aimed at the cockpit of the air craft would disable the pilots so the aircraft just goes into an immediate tailspin and crashed on the ground. It did not explode in the air therefore you contain within a much smaller distance the contamination, and that is why International Observers weren’t allowed anywhere near the airplane.

KC: I see.

SP: So that they could be contained and the bodies that they wanted to get rid of could be gotten rid of and the real genuine people who would be dead just at that moment, they were obviously given them back to their loved ones. So a cleanup operation took place. [1:00:01]

KC: Well there is an airplane expert who also did go on the Internet, assuming his information is correct, saying that there were also bullet holes coming from within the airplane going outward from the hole, on the front part of plane.

SP: I’m not familiar with that Kerry. I’m familiar with the type of aircraft that shot down that aircraft and had two sorts of cannon rounds.

KC: I see.

SP: I don’t think the Americans use it. The Russians have a depleted uranium round, which is then followed by a high explosive round followed by a depleted uranium round so it fires boom, boom, boom, boom--depleted uranium, high explosive, depleted uranium, high explosive and those were fired into the cockpit. And that’s the equivalent as a friend of mine once described it as like a hand grenade going off. So immediately it incapacitates the pilot and copilot and radio and navigating immediately. They would be dead within in just seconds, two seconds.

KC: Right.

SP: So it was designed to take out the command and control of the airplane. I’m not aware of any small arms fire because all aircraft now have very strong doors. I would find it very hard to imagine a handgun being able to penetrate the door, the seals, the pilot’s cabin from the passengers. The whole object is to make these doors bullet resistant. And people were saying that there was a possibility of a fire fight inside the cockpit and that would mean you would place an agent on board and that seems to be a very unlikely thing to happen, because if you are firing in a pressurized cabin at 30,000 feet, how on earth are you going to take control of the airplane?

KC: Right.

SP: And no, I am knowledgeable of the cannon rounds that were fired from one angle and a then second angle.

KC: Right.

SP: The airplane was being escorted by two Ukrainian fighters. The Russians launched ground to air missiles not at the airplane, but to chase off the fighters. The fighters broke and peeled away as the ground to air missiles went at them and that allowed the Russian aircraft to intercept the airplane without fear of engaging the Ukrainian fighters, and then the cannons were fired.

KC: Was the Russian aircraft stealth?

SP: No it didn’t need to be.

KC: Because I heard a report, I heard about the fighters. I don’t think I heard about the other aircraft.

SP: No because if you hear about that, then you have as a member of the public, then you are putting out information that would implicate the Russian government, and the Americans are not going to do that. The Americans are not going to implicate the Russians in any shape or form because they are all operating on some level together anyway.

KC: Right.

SP: And so the last thing they would do is that, because then the Americans would have to ratchet up the situation and they don’t want to do that.

KC: Okay well then describe, since we are on the subject, the relationship with the Mossad, because the Mossad, we are talking about Israel wanting, you know, a war I guess.

SP: No, we are not talking about Mossad wanting a war. We are talking about an elite group of people who are Jewish [witness reputable to all] so its not that.

KC: Okay, well fair enough then.

SP: We’ve got to be very careful.

KC: Yeah, no problem.

SP: I’m actually a Jew myself and we have to ensure something to us Reptiles, and I say well which Reptiles are you talking about?

KC: Right.

SP: You know let’s be specific here. We are talking about an elite group of people who have always been used by groups of Americans to undertake incredibly difficult and ominous jobs that nobody else on the planet wants to take.

KC: Right.

SP: The reason this group of Israelis have this protection is because they have for a very long time had very close connections with an off world group. And you protect them and advise them. And that is known by America and America does not have access to this same group and that is why America treats the Israeli nation with great respect. And that’s why the Israelis can almost get away with anything because nobody wants to push it to the nth degree.

KC: And this group, you know I’ve heard other interviews that you have done and you don’t seem to refer to this group as the Annunaki, which it seems that they would be and I don’t know. You know that’s just a label and I know …

SP: I am going to go with that. I’m quite happy to go with that.

KC: You’re happy to go with that. Okay.

SP: I’m happy to go with that label.

KC: Because it seems to me you know I mean just for lack, you know, that’s sort of the popular name that they go by. Now I don’t know the …

SP: We are looking at that and you Americans will know the Ancient Aliens TV series. We did get it in this country but it didn’t make a hit here it did with you guys. But we are looking at a group from contractions of Sumeria, from Babylon. That is the group and through the Mesopotamian bloodlines. My human father was Iranian. He was actually an Iranian Persian Jew.

KC: Interesting combination.

SP: Yeah. He can trace his bloodline right back to Sumerian times. See this is the group that most certainly won’t let go of the Israeli nation because they see them as the chosen race, and that is exactly where it comes from.

KC: Yes, okay. Well and they are depicted on the reliefs on temples et cetera. We are talking about in Sumeria, also in Iran, there is some gorgeous art that has been made depicting these beings who are humanoid.

SP: Yes my grandfather was actually invited to [1:05:34]East Row as a British diplomat to go to Persepolis in Persia and was given a tour with all the British diplomats around Persepolis, and I lost them now, but he gave me some lovely photos, very poor quality, but before they released from [queens] they cleaned all the stores out of some of the winged beings.

KC: Extraordinary.

SP: Yes and he did say to me, I think he went in ’56, 1956, and he said to me what a magical place, what a powerful place, the center of a great nation, and revered to this day. You know he said to me actually if there is ever a war in the area, then it will never be bombed.

KC: Yeah, well I mean I saw an exhibit at the Louvre, actually, extraordinary, you know just stunning, and I took some photographs of some so I can maybe put one on here so people can see what we are talking about. One of the people who is asking the questions is asking it because of the disclosure witness that we have behind the scenes that we published a report from. I guess the person had read the witnesses report and wanted to follow this line of inquiry that this had been put in the report that talked about the Atlanteans still being around at this time and the Lemurians, and that there is, again to go back to the Mantids, what is the relationship.

I think, you know, it is a very general question because to my way of thinking, you know, the Atlanteans … we are the Atlanteans from my point of view and many of us have reincarnated from there and that is part of the drama we are going through here on planet Earth. We are reliving from a different viewpoint a lot of the things that went down during those days, but aside from that Atlantis was just like now, we have so many different races, different groups, so what kind of relationship do you see a relationship to the Atlanteans just a huge population. But does that make any sense because I know there is also an elitist group here on the planet that relates to themselves as “The Atlanteans.” I think they mean the ruling class of the Atlanteans.

SP: Right, and it’s like we are walking through a fog. The group that’s running the world now is not Lemurians or Atlanteans, not at all. They are the ones who see themselves as beyond being involved. They see themselves as incredibly educated, very knowledgeable, the holders of magic, the holders of power, the holders of the keys. And they are interacted with on the fringes by the very nuts-and-bolts 3D-type people who are running the world. Civilization is never totally destroyed. They are preserved in some method in some way.

You are referring to souls who reincarnate, yes indeed, and we talk about the hollow earth. I have never agreed to a hollow planet but I have agreed to caverns and areas where cities exist in the third dimension and in the fourth dimension, held within the planet. Those people either come from cities from that past; you have an expertise and the knowledge which is not acceptable now but will be if the earth changes its values, the human race changes its values; these people will come out of hiding and then can be part of the regeneration process to take place. So the Mantids have preserved a line and protected groups right through history ready for a time when they may or may not be available. So yes, I absolutely agree with that. And if anything, hopefully people have learned that greed, avarice, the desire to have weapons, the desire to have power destroys great civilizations.

KC: Uh hum.

SP: That is what destroyed Atlantis, because their love was outstripped by their demand for knowledge, which then became demand for power and became corrupting. So if they learned anything from that they can go forward and create another wonderful civilization, but not fall into the traps they made before, and they are afraid that the human race maybe does need a referee. It needs somebody to say, not tell it what to do, but say here is the advice. If you choose that advice that’s fine, but if you don’t, then use advice, so I found the question you asked to be very general and I have a problem with general questions.

KC: Yes.

SP: When it’s a general question you have to find out how to answer that, but I try to be more specific in that general question so I hope that whoever ask that and would find that that was perhaps a good answer for them.

KC: All right. Yes that’s a bit better. You know it’s all in how you frame the question. I think that there was sort of, it’s a bit sort of simplistic question because of the complexity, but it is interesting. All right, let me see if I can remember; there was one other question that I was asked. It’s about, gosh, I don’t think that I can remember quite the name of it. Maybe it will come to me.

SP: Well you just try some of it maybe I’ll know the right thing.

KC: Okay, Bob Fabian Society, Fabian Society it has either got a V or a B, Fabian Society. The person wants to know, I guess, are you a member of it; are you aware of it?

SP: I’m not a member of it. It has always been the intellectual arm of what the media would like to call a left thinking think tank, and some very great craftsmen, like the guy called Morris1 who between 1897 and 1900 created the Arts Noveau Movement and created Arts and Crafts. He was a member of that. You have some very interesting writers, and it tends to be the intellectuals who belong to that. And they have been used by the major political party, the Labour Party to bounce ideas on the intellectual level and the relationship between the Labour Party and the Fabian Society as it is actually correctly called is not always good because one side has pure thought and the other side is well have can we make that possibly work in the 3D world. Now I’m not a part of it; I haven’t been invited. If I were invited I would join.

KC: Okay, well I think this person also went on to say that I think there was a particular individual that came out of that party or maybe created it that—or society—what he was known for was taking very small steps to gain power. Are you familiar with that concept?

SP: Yes.

KC: I mean in relation to that society you know as being a philosophy of theirs or something?

SP: Well the Illuminati through eternity through time.

KC: They certainly do.

SP: Because if you do it in too big a steps you get called out.

KC: Well I think to just go further down that questioning line there. I think that they were intimating that perhaps that was your technique. Because they were saying that you are, well you are a Councillor right, and it seems that in theory you are being groomed for something or you are grooming yourself for something, however you want to term it, and that you are going rather slowly toward that goal, you know, correct me if I’m wrong, and that maybe this is sort of your method.

SP: Well see I’m being judged by something that is on a very 3D level.

KC: Yes.

SP: What they are doing is looking at the 3D activity and trying to understand that from a purely earthbound human perspective. What he doesn’t understand is the energetic stuff that is going on in the background, and that’s really good because I don’t want people to know what is going on in the background. That’s not the point of it. And what will happen will happen on the 3D level, and people have to become used to an idea before they can be moved to the next idea. When the become used to that you then move them on to the next idea. That’s perfectly fine. But there are other elements to what I do, which are on an energetic level which cannot be measured by the system that most people know.

KC: Well let me say though that I mean I can see that it would seem that you are sort of an experiment that you know, on planet Earth, that the idea of having a person on a political trajectory in like what the mainstream more or less, who has the ET, you know, the acknowledged publicly known ET connection background with these two races. Well at least one of them, the Reptilians have a bad reputation out there. In other words having you come forward, having you demonstrate trustworthiness in the public eye, so to speak and then going to the next step. In other words, because at this point we have Obama in office who does have links with ancient Egypt as you may know and seems to also have links with an ET sort of. . . this is from my perspective, perhaps, maybe not obviously the mainstream, but it is very easy for people who are in this sector to look at Obama and see that he is being used by certain groups of ETs to do what he is doing, and that he is not just reporting to humans, but that also has an ET quotient, and in your case you would be sort of like the next step from an Obama-type individual where all that is still covert, you know what I mean, but in your case some of this knowledge is going to be out in the public, because as you say, you have been voted into office. They know your background and so that’s you know in a sense that’s another form of disclosure, is moving a person through the ranks visibly so to speak. [1:16:30]

SP: Well you know what I think the best thing is if it’s an indictment as to how wonderful humanity can be because you can make a choice and to make a choice not out of fear.

KC: Right.

SP: But a choice out of inclusion. In other words they voted for me on a four level background laws and twenty years ago that would not have happened; ten years ago it wouldn’t have happened, because of fear, lack of knowledge, lack of understanding would have kept people from putting their vote next to my name. And that has happened from the first point of view that I would say that that entry shows how far the human race has developed, and shows the possibility of them becoming more open to accepting the work in an understanding with off-worlders. Again though the question is very related to 3D and we have to get away from it to some extent. We are not just dealing with a 3D earthbound situation. You use the word experiment and you are correct in the word experiment but you are incorrect in your terminology because you looked at it as a 3D experiment.

KC: Not necessarily, but okay.

SP: Okay, all right, there are a number of experiments taking place allowing the Earth as a [1:17:39][crimate] in the nonphysical sense to see if the Reptilian culture can live side by side with human culture. Can the Reptilians give up their idea that they are the gods. Can they give up the idea that they have the right to eat whoever they want? Can they come to the point where they could work with humanity? And can the human race, I don’t meant earthbound humans, I mean all of the human races, you know pure humans. . . can they actually accept a living situation with these creatures.

KC: Right.

SP: But if they can, then when humanity evolves, it will take other races with it to the next level.

KC: Sure.

SP: And if that can occur, then the effect, you used the word earlier today, about ripple effect. Ripple effect throughout the multiverses would be so beneficial that it would actually be a healing source for just about everything. So we have a number of experiments taking place in different places on the planet and my, I’ve always said this Kerry, I’m not important at all. I’m really not important. There is nothing important about me at all, okay. I’ve always made that clear.

KC: Uh hum.

SP: And what I am is a person who has experienced these creatures and has just been honest and has just gone out there and said to people, “you know what this is the truth.” You either buy into it or you don’t and if you don’t, maybe in five years time you will.

KC: Uh hum.

SP: So we will be around then and we will talk about it. So if people can vote for me because they think that I am a good guy, can help them sort out their problems, and the fact that I have interacted with aliens isn’t a problem for them then humanity is advancing. That’s what I want to see; I want to see humanity advancing, not standing still, not going backwards.

KC: Okay, fair enough. Okay I appreciate your taking the time here and I don’t want to keep you too long, but you know there are other avenues we can go down, so in terms of the races that are out there and you know when I mention the Raptors, that Mark Richards is dealing with, and he says that they have a relationship with Air Force that is pretty strong, as well as the Navy to some degree. [1:20:04]

And so what happens is, well I guess I have been told that there are two races of Reptilians, actually here on Earth that want to take over the planet, that kind of consider themselves the rulers of the planet, not just one. So there are perhaps different racial lines and I’m not sure what the distinction is between the two so that is one part of the question. But also that the Mantids and the Reptilians are working together, and I don’t know if the Mantids are working with both groups of the Reptilians or just one of them and that they are the enemies is how it is put I think with the Raptors, and that the Raptors are aligning themselves with humans because they have seen their future and what Mark Richards says has seen that in aligning themselves with humans they have a positive future for their race, and which sounds very similar to what you are saying in regard to the Mantids and possibility other Reptilians as well. So that being the case, how does it play out for you as I have described it? Would you describe it the same way or would you coming from a Mantid perspective, how do you view the Raptors, for example?

SP: Let’s go back to answer the question. There was so much in that question. Of all the questions you have asked me this is the one with the most facets that can come from it. If anybody wants to take over the Earth they would have done it. However, there is some magic, which says that you have to let the indigenous population give you the Earth. You can’t just go take it; you have to be given it. So the Raptors are working to ensure that humanity gives it to them as a present, therefore it is theirs to keep. The Air Force likes the Raptors because they have a personal relationship with them.

KC: Uh hum.

SP: Let’s go back a little bit more. The Earth is a prison planet for want of a better word. It is a prison planet, and the vast majority of Reptilian groups here want to keep the status quo and they have worked tirelessly to maintain the status quo. That is what it is about.

The next question which could confuse people is are the Mantids and Reptilians working together? Yes they are, and they have an [1:22:31][open war code] but within that they each have their own agenda. And the way I liken this is if you mention that some oil was found in the sea and the Americans provided the boat for it and then the Germans provided the up takes and the British the crew, so all countries joined together to exploit this natural resource, so they all agreed, but when they actually got to the resource, they disagreed. So what happened a very, very, very long time ago was that a number of alien groups sat around the table, for want of a better word, and agreed a policy toward humanity. But as things moved on, and this 2012 approach came through then it became clearer some of those groups decided that they didn’t want to be part of this anymore, and they would follow their own agenda. However, when you make an agreement, you make an agreement, and so you have to find ways within that agreement to change the outcomes, and so that is what is occurring at the moment.

So you have a group of Reptilians who are very well known to many people in America who wish to keep the status quo. You have groups like Raptors. There are many other groups who are advising small elements of individual influential people and their goal is to get them to somehow give them the Earth on a plate, because they are not strong enough to take it by themselves. And then you have other groups who want to see humanity free, but the whole variety here is that the DNA in humans is changing on an energetic level. It cannot stop. It’s presence cannot be stopped without damaging mutation from these peoples’ point of view. How could humans evolve and yet still be in prison? How can that occur? That is what the game is about. And if it can’t well then there are some mad people out there who say, “well if we can’t have the planet we will just destroy it.”

KC: Right.

SP: That is the ballgame that is being played. When people talk about a war they don’t understand that it is such a physical war. There is an energetic war; there is a war of planning and counter-planning and plotting.

KC: Yes.

SP: And second guessing that takes place 24/7. And I talked about [that] in the presentation I did about CERN and the hadron collider. You saw that one?

KC: No I don’t think so. I heard you speak of it here in bits and pieces.

SP: Well that was the particle accelerator that was built by on the borders between France and Switzerland. And it was designed to operate on the 21st of December. And that wouldn’t have been a very good thing and at the time I was watching a prime project on Project Camelot and saying to people that I was very concerned about this. And somebody found a clip on YouTube that said that someone was talking exactly as you are, and the guy could trace the lineage back to the main kings, who was going around South America placing some very sacred objects in all the hidden pyramids in the jungle, because he said that if the CERN device operates, it will prevent humans from ascending, that was his terminology.

KC: Yes, I actually wrote an article about that and featured it on my website.

SP: I haven’t seen that.

[1:25:41]KC: Yeah, well it was back in those days when that was going on, yes.

SP: It sounds really interesting. Well I didn’t know this guy, but he is what you guys would call a backstop, so if the device operated successfully, he was the fallback man. And it was very clear to me that this machine wasn’t particularly beneficial to humanity, and so it didn’t work. On the 21st of December I used my displays, my lectures had a screenshot from the computer showing that it had actually shut down and didn’t operate over the crucial period.

KC: Well, the WingMakers material did allude to this. They called it Blank Slate Technology, and I have also heard you mention that but I will say it here. It’s that you have also said it is not over. They are still using CERN and they are still working at it.

SP: No, it’s shut down now.

KC: Okay. You say it has moved to Japan.

SP: No it is still there but they have buildings on the one.

KC: Okay, right.

SP: They have to have optimal money before the beginning of 2016.

KC: Okay.

SP: Plus the linear collider is in excess of ten billion dollars. And Japan was told if they didn’t build it they would have another earthquake and go into the water, so they have no choice but to build it. The linear collider also is their last chance to open a gate to receive any supplies or reinforcements or to escape. I would be very interested to see what happens there.

And I have also mentioned Bluffdale, [Utah] and the Data Gathering Center. You may be aware that they had a ribbon cutting ceremony on the 29th of September. Last year just before the ribbon cutting ceremony, there was a big power outage and they had to cancel everybody and all their loyal Americans who were going to stand there and clap while they cut the ribbon were said to be quietly told, sorry we can’t cut the ribbon. This is the best way to send messages to those who have power, to take out a massive facility, nobody died, nobody got hurt, no damage was done, but just nonoperational for a number of hours. And that’s the message to say if you want your radar shut down, if you want your missiles, your whole defense to be taken out. Nobody is going to die but that can happen.

KC: Uh huh.

SP: You know if you are very careful you make decisions, so these are just the things that occur and this is what I mean by not looking at things that I do or do in a 3D way; there is a war going on, and unlike in Ukraine it is not a war; there is no war going on in Ukraine; it is a group of rebels fighting a political battle that’s all it is. To the people who have died and have been killed it is a war; that is a tragedy on every human who dies, it is a tragedy, but from the planet’s perspective on the political perspective, neither the Americans nor Russians consider that a war.

KC: Okay, well fair enough. Although you know when I’m talking and when we are talking here as humans, we’re also using terminology so that the people listening to this will understand. So please understand that when I ask you a question, I’m thinking on many levels.

SP: I fully understand that but I want the audience to realize that the “powers that be” do not consider it a war.

KC: Yes, and that’s valuable. I mean this you know, understanding one’s adversary is really a very important part of, you know.

SP: Yes.

KC: So, for what it is worth. Okay. Well thank you. It is very interesting this relationship we’ve got going on here on the planet. Now you did reference the Chinese, and you did also, I want to talk about that, but there was something you said last night on the panel, and you referenced an event that was coming, or something that was coming, and you said that the Illuminati were right now sending, I think the way you termed it was you know, vitamins and such things to bloodlines that are and I got kind of like kind of maybe in the Eastern Bloc that you know poor or more poverty stricken areas to sort of prepare these people and get them prepared for a coming event or a coming downturn or whatever. I’m not sure. You sort of referenced something, and what I’m asking you basically what were you referencing and when?

SP: Up to now I can’t give details until I do the research, and the Eastern Bloc because land is cheap. Labor is cheap; people can be bribed in the Eastern Bloc. Things can be done; questions don’t get asked that’s why these things can built in the Eastern Bloc. It is a very, very useful place for a multimillionaire or billionaire to operate, and if you are part of the European Union, it gives you access without question to land without borders.


KC: Yes.

SP: So there are a number of old Eastern Bloc countries which are now part of the European Union where factories are being set up to just [produce] and supply vitamin enriched food, which will be sold, and to other people it might be free, but to bloodline families and there’s a lot of them, or supporters, or employees of the Illuminati.

KC: Right.

SP: So if there is a situation where good-quality food is very hard to get hold of these families and groups will have access to a source of nutrition that will allow them to maintain their own personal existence. That is being set up and the young woman who was with me in the car when we were crashed into is now working on that project.

KC: Okay, but the event that you are referencing or whatever it is, do you want to go down that road?

SP: Up to an extent because we talked about CERN and we talked about [1:31:42][??]. The year 2016 is an important one because it marks the cutoff point at which certain groups on Earth can see through portals. It is the last chance to renegotiate or reestablish a link. After that point it will be very difficult for them to do so. And so any event that has to occur, from their perspective will have to occur before that. And I will be quite open with you because what the heck is the point of me talking to you if I am not going to give you warning. You know the Americans have devised an electromagnetic pulse device, which can be piloted from a drone, and I would suggest that New York could be taken out with an electromagnetic pulse. When you have something like thirty huge generators in America. We don’t have that in this country because it is such a small country but in America and you have to force the electric juice thousands of miles through the great network system, and you have thirty huge devices to do that. The repair time is between one year and two years to replace these things and my information is they need to take out three. That’s all, three simultaneously, and you will plunge North America into an ice age electronically, but it isn’t electronic now. That’s how you would do that. So that’s a very serious plan. I know people keep talking about they are going to wipe out seventy percent of the population and we’re going to do this and we’re going to do that. Technology has moved on to such an extent that is not actually necessary to do that anymore. You can control people through many other ways. You don’t have to put them up on a guillotine and take their heads off. And I believe those were all true. I believe people sat around a table twenty years ago and said this is what we are going to do, but enough technology has advanced that we can put RFID chips into people and we can control their bank accounts; we can actually control the way they think. Why do we need to kill them? We can use them as robots for us.

KC: Yes.

SP: So the thinking has changed at that level. However, there is this mad, and I am using the word, this mad group that wants it decimated with a dirty nuclear bomb the size of a suitcase perhaps smaller, small enough to fit inside a briefcase. That is a very serious plan and we have had two attempts to detonate a nuclear bomb in America the last 10–15 years, which both were thwarted by good loyal Americans, mostly men but some women. They aren’t prepared to kill thousands of people because somebody has got some power play that’s going on. And this is where the problem falls for these elitists. Most of these Americans are good humans and won’t go along with it. So we are looking at a potential for a dirty bomb to be exploded in a North American city as the final attempt, but before that I would expect an electromagnetic pulse to try and take down the economic base, and the point of that is Britain, London is the financial house or the clearing house. They would never do it to London because the Queen lives there. But you can do it to America, so that is the game that is afoot at the moment.

KC: Okay, well our witness Arthur Neumann is his real name, but Henry Deacon at the time came out, really almost seven years ago now talking about this, an EMP. And that it would be flown in a plane and that it would be America doing it to itself in essence.

SP: A plane now would be a drone.

KC: Yeah but back in those days or at least his reference, I don’t think even drones were talked about back there, although I’m sure he knew that part of it too because of his background. Yes, so what you are saying is something that we were aware of at Camelot and that we did put out there through him and his testimony. I think back in those days people didn’t pay close attention to that. It’s interesting that time has moved on now and this is talked about even by politicians. They are actually feeding the information out so that they can say I told you so.

SP: Hopefully we can change the timeline.

KC: Okay, yes, well that’s the better side of it.

SP: Yes, because by saying it then the answer is well okay the game has been called off; we can’t do that anymore.

KC: Right. Well this is absolutely why we reveal testimony, why we reveal all the things we reveal.

SP: Sure.

KC: We are trying to expose them, expose them to the light of day so to speak, and that is what this is all about, and I assume this is what you are doing as well.

SP: Sure.

KC: All right well I think that we could spend many hours here and I hope that this has been of interest to you so that we perhaps do this at another time. I have a radio show on Revolution. It’s a weekly radio show, and I also do live stream, so with the time difference when I’m in America we could possibly do some more Q&A, and I think that this will generate quite a bit of interest out there and we’ll see what comes of it.

SP: Whatever you want to do is fine.

KC: All right. Thank you very much and thank you for your service.

Transcribed by GSC March 27, 2017

Proofread by Carolyn Hess February 21, 2019

1 If this is William Morris he died in 1896.

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