Lecture: My Life as an Alien Abductee and The Intelligence Services

with Miles Johnston

   Video Playback


The Bases Conference

8 August 2014

Simon speaks of his birth family's background in intelligence and magic as well as his ET family ties to a Mantid and a Draco Reptilian. After he went public with this information in 2011 he was elected as a Labour councillor despite threats and warnings. Simon characterizes most of the establishment media as brainwashed and too wedded to their salaries to take risks. He describes inter-dimensional entities called Jinn and also shadow beings. He uses his abilities to counter demonic possession in humans and help relieve some of the damage caused by satanic trauma. When asked why the elite allow him to get this information across, Simon says in part it is because he receives help from the faction of elites who have had enough and are working to bring it all out. He gets supportive tip-offs about any negative happenings from police and people in security services. Also Simon's fourth-dimensional contacts would exact a very high price if anything serious were to happen to Simon.

Miles Johnston: He‘s gonna to give details about the secret services and a lot of, he told me, well it came to him with his mantis and different-looking alien beings. He will give us an update and I think, this is gonna be interesting, because UFOs are part of my life, and one day you might get to hear it. Okay, Simon, over to you. I think we‘ve got most of the people back in, and I give you the five-minute warning, okay?

Simon Parkes: Okay, thank you, thank you. Right, sound okay, yeah? Good job! Well first of all I'm delighted to be invited, thank you Miles. I'm also very, very keen to meet someone, that I have a great deal of respect for, and that's Mary Rodwell, and some of the other speakers. So you know, I'm going to be really looking forward to listening to their talks. I am only on for an hour. Those of you who have been to my other conferences and talks know that I can go on for three or four hours, so I thought I would give you something a little bit different. The blurb that has just been read out is courtesy of Miles. I'm going actually to talk about something that is very much sort of human, and it's about what happens when somebody goes public. What I experienced, how the media treated me, how my political party treated me, what actually occurs when somebody says the sort of things that I've said. And that's part one. In the second part I'm going to talk about Jinn and the shadow beings. These are entities that don't really come out very much, so we're going to talk about that. And then finally just a little bit about change. This is about change, this conference. It's about how humanity is, and needs to develop and change, and perhaps we'll have a little talk on that, and then, if we are working well, we'll have five minutes, if there are any questions I'll be delighted to take them.

Okey-doke, let's see if the human technology is working. Okay, so ‚The established media and going public‘. I went public in 2011, and we're going to perhaps talk about how that impacted. Then we're talk about ‘Magicians, Shadows and Jinn’, simply because I don't really like the word ‘dark evil’ or ‘dark magic’, it's a word that's used and understood. But if you've got Shadows and Jinn, then you are talking about Illuminati, you are talking about satanic practices and you are talking about some very, very gifted masters of magical. And then ‘All change!’, it's just literally the DNA change that is occurring and needs to occur to humanity to make the shift or the change, whatever you want to call it.

Okay, ‘The Established Media and Going Public’

So it's worth reminding ourselves actually what I said, so I'm very quickly do that. What I said was that my mother worked for MI5, which is the British security services, the BSS, although she was really working for the National Security Agency of America, the NSA, but because she was a British subject she had to be handled by the internal security services. My grandfather worked for what became MI6, that's called the SIS, the Secret Intelligence Services, and he was really working for the CIA. My grandfather had what we would call - and you might be aware of that - an Illuminati background. I have seen UFOs, I have seen the occupants of these UFOs, and I've got pretty close to them, and my soul is not very human. So that's what I went public with. Let's see what happened. Okay, I was interviewed by AMMACH, and that was in the days when Miles and Joanne were doing that. That sort of led to local, national, world newspapers, local and national radio and the BBC and the TV. The very first interview I had was from what's called the Johnson press, which is an Illuminati Freemason controlled paper, and I got a phone call the day before, warning me that this paper was going to try and do an interview, and really try and make me look out to be a nut. And it was very interesting, because when I got the call, the guy said to me “Are you standing by everything you have said on the AMMACH videos?” And that was my chance to say “No actually it wasn't true, leave me alone.” But I didn't, I said yes, I'm standing by everything I've said. And I think that that caused some problems. I am an elected Labour councillor for the town I live in. I am very proud to say to you, that I was elected after I went public. That is very important, because nobody in the establishment could turn round and say “You have lied to the people.” The people knew exactly who they were getting, what they were getting. They still voted for me and that is a real problem for the establishment. And it does cause jokes. I'm not in my suit today. I am deliberately doing that because I did a PROBE conference recently and people said “He must have been sacked, he is not in his suit.” And Miles on two occasions phoned me up, said “There's rumours going round the network, that you have been, kicked out.” No, I'm not kicked out – I shall be standing for re-election and the party has actually come to me and asked me to take higher office. So this is the problem for the establishment: they can't understand how somebody can come out with what I've said, yet still hold political office, still make the decisions and the judgements, and can be just like everybody else. So that's a real problem for them.

Okay, in 1971 I had, what I would call perhaps my most important experience. Researchers refer to an agreement you might make with an alien being as a soul agreement. At the age of 12 years old I didn't use the word soul agreement – to me it was the bargain. It was the bargain. In 1971 I had an experience, where I believe I was away from this world for two days, but in reality was probably away for five or six minutes. And if you've seen any of the other videos I've done, well, I'm not gonna bore you with that. But this I've used this, because up until 1971, the Saturday of this experience, I collected stamps, like many boys. I collected matchbox tops – my mother's contacts were all over the world, as you can imagine, and my grandfather had been a British diplomat. Not only was he working for MI6, he was a British consul, he'd been awarded the OBE, the MBE, the CBE, and he was offered a knighthood, but he turned the knighthood down. So these people gone all over the world and I used to say “Bring back a matchbox.” And I would cut the matchbox top off and stick it on a book. I had a good collection. And I collected coins. The day after my experience I stopped collecting stamps, I stopped collecting matchbox tops, dabbled a bit in coins, and suddenly started collecting fossils and stone age implements. There was a massive change. We don't really have a lot of time to talk about why that was. This agreement, for those of you who are not familiar with this: “Would you like to be like us? To have knowledge and understanding, to see the future and know the past, to have power and ...” - the word is missing is ‘authority’. And I was so excited, that instead of communicating mind to mind, which is how you must communicate with creatures from the fourth dimension, I just blurted out “Yes” because I was so excited. So this was what researchers call a soul agreement, to me it was just a bargain. And then his hand came off my shoulder and he said “Then come with me.” So this was a life changing point for me, and it gave me a lot of strength for the future things to come. The creature who I am familiar with referred to itself as “I'm your mother.” And I think when the press got hold of it, they said “Councillor's mother is a mindful green alien”. It's not my biological mother. Often when mantid or mantis or manta interact with children, they need to gain that child's trust and respect, and the female in the human families is generally the nurturing. So it would always present itself to a child as a grandmother, an auntie or a mother, that's actually quite common. Nine times out of ten the human child rejects the alien and says, well you're not my mother, well you're not my grandmother, you're just a great big green bug. For whatever reason, I accepted this creature as my mother. So that's interesting I think, and as a young, young child I didn't call my human mother “Mother”. I called her “Daddy”, because why would I call her mother when I've already got a mother? And then you realise, when you grow up in human society, that's not acceptable, it causes a lot of problems. So you learn to play the game, you learn to adapt to the culture that you're in, and work with that culture. So I was presented with a creature from the fourth dimension, which is known as a mantid in England, which was my mother, and then I was presented with a creature from the fourth dimension, which we would call a Draconis Reptilian, and this creature presented itself as my dad, my father. Clearly it wasn't my father in the biological sense. I was very, very fortunate to work with the guy from America, who was almost like a forensic artist, David Chase. This is my own drawing and he, over many weeks, by email, helped me to create this. When you're a small child - those are residual wings, they're too big... When you're a child, that's what, I'm sure, took my eye and attention. So they're probably too big. I also think now, that I probably got David to make his waist a bit too fat, but the rest of the proportions I'm very pleased with. So a white scaled creature, red eyes, an albino, part of a royal line, a king, and this is the creature that, as I say, I would refer to as dad, or daddy when I was a little boy.

So, Home Life. I'm married and the thing for my wife was all the bloody reporters on the door all the time, that was the hard thing for her. So she just disappeared upstairs while I dealt with that. And the political side you might be interested. I know the establishment cannot believe it: I haven't had one phone call from my party telling me to stop. And the fact of the matter is, that when you go up to the top of all the major political parties, they know what the truth is. And recently just had what we call a selection meeting. Every four years, when you are in politics, you have to resubmit yourself, and that is their chance for, whether you are Conservative, or a Liberal or what have you, for the party to say “You know what, no thank you.” And I did my selection meeting last week and I got an email saying “You're through, thank you very much indeed.” So somebody somewhere is doing something and we'll come onto that a little bit later.

Okay, I have had attempts to warn me off, or shut me up, or kill me. Those of you who have followed my cases know that in 2012 there was unfortunately what the police referred to as a “car incident”, where I was rammed at 60mph, but we'll talk a bit more about that later. I have a low level harassment, which many people, who are researchers, get. For instance a prominent local mason will park his car about one inch in front of mine and one behind, so I can't move my car for two or three days. Or I get notes stuck under my windscreen wipers which says “Secret information”, and when you open it, there is a drawing of a penis. So, yeah… This is what they do, this is low level stuff. And the FMF, which is a faction of the Masons, so it's a Masonic group, I wanted to get this clear to everybody – you know what, most Masons do a fantastic job. I know many of them, they give up their time for the community, they don't get paid for it. In the town I live in, there is what we call a Boxing Day Dip, where people come and dress in costumes. It's all for charity, and they run into the sea and raise money for charity. Without the work of the Masons that wouldn't happen. So when on the internet you read about the Masons, let's be realistic – we are talking about the top 2-3%, because all the other guys just don't know what's going on – the top 2-3%. And about four weeks ago I had another car incident, a very half hearted attempt to do me some harm. It didn't come to anything. What was interesting, was that when I gave the details to the police – the registration of the car, the make of car, the model – they phoned me back and said the car was on false plates. Because that registration is not coming back to that car and if we go round to the house, the officer said to me “You know what, we'll probably find a dear old lady, who hasn't a clue what is going on. So we can't take it any further.” I'm sure, like many of you, who are involved in our industry, you get your phones and your emails hacked and you get intercepts, and when I was actually within AMMACH, unfortunately the number of attacks that were being directed against AMMACH grew to such an extent – I had to withdraw myself. That's why I pulled out from AMMACH, simply because the number of attacks, that were coming against me personally, got to the point where it was too much.

Has anybody not seen the birthday card? Have you all seen it? You have seen it. Have you actually seen it physically? Do you wanna have a look? Can I just start this off, I'm gonna leave the cameras, someone's gonna get really cross with me. Can I start it here? And I pass it along, and then, if it goes all the round, and I tell you what – there's someone at the bottom here, he's gonna collect the bits that I'm gonna hand down, so if you could all hand it up down the bottom here, I'll be really grateful. So what you're looking at there, is my birthday card. Very briefly, I went to a shop called Card Factory – Whitby is a small town, there are only 12,000 people and when a new shop opens, everybody goes there. And I went there, and there is this card on a rack, and I thought, “That's odd, cause that is me.” And I didn't give permission for that, and I don't have any memory of that at all. So I took the cards, and to cut a very long story short, I spoke to the chief executive of Card Factory, who gave me the contacts, where he had bought the picture from, and that was Paperchase. I got through that, a photo library. The photo library are based in Seattle in America and interestingly enough, 75% of all birthday cards or greeting cards, that you buy in Britain, the copyright is held in Seattle. And they refused to do anything for me, simply just saying “Look, English law does not cover you here, so we're not gonna do anything.” And I learnt from the managing director that they had produced six of these cards, that are going around. And of the six cards they produced, the only store they sent them to was my store. So I guess that whatever was sitting next to me has been airbrushed out, and a big fat teddy bear has been put in there, okay? So who is this? This is what we call MI5. This is MI5, who have taxpayers money to play games, theatre. It's not actually a warning, it's just saying “You know what, you are on the right track. We know what you are up to, here you go.” They could have put that through the letterbox, they could have put it on the door, but you know, they did a great big theatrical game. That's what they do. So the car has been identified as a Phantom Four Rolls Royce. I have no memory of being in that car. That' not a clone, that is me, but when I made that agreement – I know this is quite hard for many people who are perhaps anew to our subject – but they have the ability to take your soul out of your body and you can do an exchange. I know that sounds really crazy, but they can do an exchange, so your soul goes into another body, their soul goes into your body. And you know what, if you wanted to go round and have lots of high level meetings in my body – that's the way to do it, because no one is going to bat an eyelid for that. So that's what that is. And I would be in there, so I would have plenty of memories of being in one of their bodies and going out and doing stuff. So if I remember that side of it, they will remember that side of it. That's like a real sort of student exchange, isn't it?

Okay, supportive actions – the birthday card is supportive – I get lots of tip offs. I get people from the security services letting me know anything negative that might be happening. The Huffington Post did a very, very positive story on me, and then a little while later somebody leant on them and they wanted to do a very negative story. And this particular journalist was pretty vicious, and somebody from the NSA (because he was American) saw him off, so I do get help. There is direct intervention – the police are incredibly supportive and you know what, I have often said, when I tell people – that's is not for today – but when my I tell people my stories, they say “Well, which police force do you have?” So I am very, very fortunate about that. I just think, that when you put my national insurance number on the screen, something must come up.

So we enter about the game changer. You will perhaps have seen the Fylingdales – it's worth going over, because it really changed the game. Up to this point the newspapers, the media were attempting to cause a lot of difficulty with me. So let's talk about the history. Since 1963 the Americans have had a radar base only sort of 12 miles from where I live. And you've seen the famous golf balls, an analogue radar display, and it was replaced a few years ago with a phased array pyramid. This is the only one in the world. It's a three facing array, which looks around three quarters of the globe. It's actually called the Space Radar. Okay, we've got a lovely, lovely study of it here, it is a really beautiful picture and you get some of the size, of the scale of it, and what have you. Really beautiful. It's not British, it is called RAF Fylingdales, because it is on an RAF base, but it is run by the Americans. And this is a picture, that you are not supposed to see, to give you an idea of what it is really like (barbed wire/security). So I actually got a tour of one of the most secret bases, not just in Britain, but in the world. And I think that it was this, that changed the media, because you know what, let's remind ourselves: my mother worked for MI5, my grandfather worked for MI6, I see aliens, etc etc etc, and then he's been invited to have a three hour tour around one of the most secret bases in Britain. So really very, without giving too many names, but let's talk about that. At that time my daughter had a civilian post in a structure, that was run by the British army, and she'd been, I think, to two of the Queen's garden parties, and at one garden party she was approached by somebody who said “I know what you and your dad are looking for. I can get you into any base in Britain.” And she told me and I said “Well you know, I get this all the time, ignore it.” Well, it did happen and you know, the way the story goes, we turned up on the gate and you know, the MOD police, who do the guarding with machine guns, and a just very polite man said “Identification”, and my daughter passed her identification and I went to hand in my identification. He just raised his hand up and said “That won't be necessary, Sir.” So they were obviously ready for me. We went in and you have a power point presentation, and it explains actually, what the centre does. So here we've got an official slide – this isn't made up, this is one of the slides that they will show you, if you get to the base. And this is a reduced... They call this The Fence, any supposed ballistic missile that enters The Fence is detected. However, really this covered almost three quarters of the earth's globe, but they don't want to show you just how much of it they can cover. They say officially the radar goes up between six and twelve thousand miles. In actual fact it goes up to about twenty-six thousand miles. Now your concept of a radar would be like most people's concept of a radar – a white light moving on a screen and a bullet showing up. That is not what this does – this takes pictures, this takes photographs electronically. Electromagnetic energy and when you go into the control room, there is a picture of the International Space Station, and it is so beautiful that it looks like it has been taken with a good quality digital camera. It's been taken by this at something like three or four thousand miles distance. So it's about taking pictures of things out there. When Ronald Reagan was forced to react to that very famous video of an energy beam weapon being fired from Pine Gap in Australia, in fact there were two fires, two shots, but the main one, that most people see, is the Pine Gap one and then the UFO doing a sharp turn away. And Reagan was so pressured, that he came out with “Well, we're conducting star wars practices”, that is actually what he said. So here is a demonstration (picture shown) when this went live, lot of CND people came and started to protest against the star wars aspect of this facility. So I got to the gate, and the presentation was this, we were shown this (picture shown), which is a missile, and we were told “We see these”, and then we were told “We see these” (picture of satellite), and then just for my benefit, because nobody else who had been there, has ever said this happened, we get this (picture of UFO) – “We don't see these!” Now interestingly, of all the pictures of the UFOs, he could have shown me, he showed me the sports model from Area 51 that Bob Lazar worked on. Of all the UFOs, he could have gone for a caricature or a cartoon, he actually went to that, which I think is very telling. And then he said, “Ha, ha, ha, we sometimes see these.” (picture of Starship Enterprise). And what he is saying to me, amongst a group of twelve other military people, is “For God's sake, please don't ask any questions about UFOs, don't embarrass us.” That was specially for me, because two other people, who have done the tour, confirmed to me, they had never got that element of it.

So then look at some pictures. These are not pictures that I have taken – I wasn't allowed to – these are official pictures, they're staged, but it will give you an idea. Just before you walk in, all the screens change, so the real information they are watching disappears and you just get some bland picture of the earth coming up. But it will give you an idea of what it looks like. And you know, you're disappointed, because you think “Where are all the computers? Where are all the big screens?” You know that looks just like an office. But that's what modern technology can do for you. Let's look at the main screen – you'll only ever see one picture of the front and that's it. This is the crucial part. The screens at the front are the screens that pass the information to them. What you are not seeing is to the right of this picture is a complete glass panel, where the Americans sit behind a key code door. And when a contact of any sort comes up, these guys, who are RAF personnel, stand up and walk away from their seats. The Americans open the door, come in and take charge of the facility, and then when it's finished the Americans then go back and the door is shut. Because the NSA runs this facility. I saw the Americans sitting there talking – couldn't hear them because it is sound proof glass. And the literature you get talks very much about how is it a shared, partnership with the Americans etc etc etc, but when you talk to the staff, they make it absolutely clear – they are the technicians, they operate the equipment, they don't make the decisions. I'm gonna just pop this around...

We did through AMMACH a Channel 4 interview, which became known as the ‚Infamous Channel 4 interview‘. And I got interviewed by a company called ‚Off the Fence‘, who spent an hour and a half interviewing me about my mother and my grandfather's work in MI5 and MI6. And then we did 45 minutes on a public road with this station as a back drop. I got a phone call from this base saying “We're not happy about this. We don't really want you to do it” and I said “Too bad, I am gonna do it.” “Okay, which television company?” “Channel 4.” I then had a call from Channel 4, saying they were cutting all of the interview about MI5, all of the interview about MI6 and any pictures or relevance to the radar base. And they'd been told by the Ministry of Defence, that if they didn't do that, they wouldn't be allowed to operate. So the show that went out, really didn't give you half of what we had talked about. And there is an incident in that, where we were followed by an Audi. And of course, I'm afraid television is so rubbish these days, that you think that was all planned. But it wasn't all planned, we were genuinely followed and chased by an Audi vehicle. I was in my 4x4 with a 3 litre engine and I outran it. And the two camera guys – there was a man and a woman – were absolutely terrified, absolute worried.

Now what am I do is show you this – this is an envelope, my contract from ‘Off the Fence’ and if you understand anything about the Illuminati, you know that it has to be in plain sight. They have to warn you about what they're going to do. And because I've come from an interesting background, I knew that when I opened it, I had to completely open it. You wouldn't think of doing this, guys, but you have to open it like this (opens it out fully). And I put it round, because why would there be a very interesting drawing on the inside of the envelope? So I'm going to just pass that round and you can have a look. Let me do the same thing, let me start here and go along. This is a message, and if you understand what it means, then you know what they mean. So I knew what I was going to get from those people.

50 years – 1963, 2013. I went in 2013, it was 50 years of the radar base. I had been invited on that special celebration. And I'm not in the photograph here, this is a publicity shot. The real key people are right at the back, their faces pixilated out. I had this wonderful tour and at the end of it, three hours, there are some of these military guys who run scout groups, all very laudable, very good, and so they were given free flags and pennants, and you know the stuff you can raise money at jamboree. And the guy who is standing next to his trophies, because they won cricket and inter services football, and he said, you know, [indecipherable] “Now look at these and these are good aren't they?” And he showed me four – well he showed us, but he was standing opposite me – he showed me four commemorative coins, which looked like medals. And I said to him “Oh, they are nice, aren't they?” And he said “Oh yes!” He said “They are very nice.” He said “I can't give them to you I'm afraid, because we've only a limited number of 500. The Americans have authorised them.” This is exactly what he said: “The Americans have authorised them, and we had to pay for them. So we do try and get a donation to make the money back.” He said “I can't give it to you.” He said “We give them to generals, because we've been here 50 years, prime ministers, presidents, people like that.” And there were two guys next to me, who were obviously getting their pennants and their flags. And I said to him “You know, well, couldn't you present it to me?” And the two guys standing, observed that, burst out laughing, you know, “Mad, you know, what a stupid man, you know.” And the laughing soon stopped, when the guy said “I don't see why not”. And so he presented me, I mean I… You know, I make sure I get this back. This is a limited number, there are only 500 in the world made. It is a criminal offence for me to sell it. I can only pass it to my next akin. And I think it‘s number 48, no back, it's 86. It‘s 86 out of 500 and he had to write my name. He said “The Americans insist, that I take everyone's name against one of these, that we present.” So he presented it to me, and the two guys next to me were waiting for their presentation, and the guy just closed the box up and said we have to go now. So I'm going to pass this round, you can have a look at it. On one side it has got the logo of the RAF, on the other side it's got the radar base. Okay, so pass that around. Okay. So that was the memento, what happened afterwards: the Channel 4, which we have talked about, and then Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. I don't know if you ever saw that, that was very interesting. Originally they wanted to interview me with a psychologist. And they said to me “We've been told, that we're not to interview you with a psychologist, that you have to be interviewed on your own.” I thought that was very nice, went along. And I actually refused the first time. I generally, you know, don't want to interact unless I feel there is a reasonable level playing field. And I was asked to do two drawings, one of mum and one of dad, which I did. And the producer came back to me and said “We're gonna have to pull this one up”, which is the reptile. They weren't allowed to put the reptile one up, but they were allowed to put the other one up, that's very interesting. So there's me being interviewed by Phillip Schofield. I will tell you that Phillip Schofield is an incredibly enlightened man, hugely intelligent and he said stuff to me. He said “I can only say this to you off camera.” He understands about souls, reincarnation, he has studied cultures of the far east, an incredibly decent man. Actually he's tried now to get me back twice more – genuinely I had other… It's always like: can you do it in three days time? And no, I can't, because I have got other appointments, and I don't just drop things. But he is very, very keen. So not everybody in the media is brainwashed, but most of them are wedded to their big, fat salaries and are not prepared to stick their head above the parapet.

So there is a zoom in on Mum, which we were allowed to do. I then got an invitation to join a branch of the Illuminati. I've actually brought that with me, I'm not going put it round to you tonight, but if during the lunch break or something, if you wanna have a look at that, you can. And I actually said “Why is a secret organisation using an application form? It seems to break it.” And they said “Because in your case, we think, all the i's need to be dotted and all the t's need to be crossed, so that we know what we are getting and you know what you are getting.” So if I reach you the document, it shows how you progress through the magic training on three different lines. And I come from a magical family. I'm none-satanic, well my grandfather was satanic, my mother wasn't. I come from a magical background, we'll talk more about that. So I had the application form, which I was supposed to destroy if I wasn‘t going to join. I didn't join and I am very happy for you to share it. Have a look at it, but it doesn't leave my sight.

And from those heady days of AMMACH, when the Sunday Sport wanted to do a destroying piece on me, to quite recently the Wall Street Journal. Yes, the Wall Street Journal interviewed me for forty five minutes on aliens, that's the change. This is the change in the media that's occurred now. And when the new pope stood up and said “I am prepared to baptise aliens”, which he did, at half past six in the morning, I was actually in Glastonbury in my bath in the hotel ready to do a talk, and BBC Radio 4 phoned me up and said “The pope has just made this announcement. You are the first person we've come to, to ask for your opinion on that.” So remember – and I used this picture and other things – that aliens don't exist officially, but you know what, the pope will baptise them. Interesting...

Okay, and also I decided to use my abilities to counter Jinn possession in humans – you might wanna call that demonic possession – and to make good, in part, damage caused by satanic trauma, what used to be called multiple personalities, dissociative disorder now. So people come from all over the world to consult with me. If they can't afford to travel, then I will do it on Skype. It's taking me much longer, because to use the electro magnetic waves on Skype to carry takes much longer, and we'll talk a little bit about when the Rothchilds sent somebody to me. We'll get to that.

Part 2 – Magicians, shadows and Jinn (shows picture). Okay, this is a lady who has a quite strong view on Jinn, and in her view ALL ETs are Jinn. I don't go down that road. Thunderbirds – remember Thunderbirds, made by Gerry Anderson? The Andersons made another program called UFO, and the headquarters for this defence organisation was called S.H.A.D.O. And I've always said that people, who make films and TVs are in the know, they have a certain knowledge. So let's talk about some of these shadow beings. These are not my drawings, these are drawings that other people have done. He became infamously known as the Hat Man. So you're looking at one child's drawing on the left, and then someone here said “Well, I'm 36 now, but you know what, when I was 10 years old, that's what he looked like.” Another drawing coming up now, here we go, and this is really good because the person who has drawn this has shown herself in what she calls a “freezing cloud”, so she's been immobilised. And on the right hand side an artist's impression of the Hat Man. Now let's look about this. Ah, too sensitive… Some shadows appear to be solid in outline, others appear to exude smoke. This is a key, it really is a key. The one on the right is exuding smoke, I think that's a Jinn. The one on the left, which is drawn appears to be solid with no smoke, and I think that's a shadow being. Here's an artist's impression, very much a reptilian looking creature, but with the red eyes. It's good to see the red eyes actually, that's someone‘s knows their stuff.

(shows a photograph) The problem with photographs is people say “Well, you know what, they can be faked.” So you know what, it isn't faked, but even if it was faked, this is exactly what you would be looking at. I'm gonna try and use this laser pointer. Where is it? At the side of the laptop… Ah okay, thank you, Miles. You're like a prompt off stage. Where are we? We're gonna move off the cameras, gonna make crosses now. Can you see that? Can you see that? Let's have a zoom in and that's exactly what a shadow being would look like in daylight. That's cool, that's really cool, good shot. An old photograph, but this one would look, I would say was a Jinn, because you've got the smoke coming off it. Can you see? It's like swirling up from it as it moves across. That's much more Jinn like. Okay, next one coming up. About the swirls – many people say they can form into animals, like a tiger. And here this coalescing through the tail to form a creature. Alright, let's look at my picture, my drawing now, and you can clearly see the smoke coming off. In fact, as a five, six year old, I called him my smoke man. It wasn't a shadow being, so that's a Jinn, it's got to be a Jinn, smoke is coming off him. The hands up is a form of greeting, but it's actually a DNA lock. What I haven't shown here was an electrical charge, that goes from one of the creature's hands to the other. It then throws it to me and I catch it, and that means that we are bonded, we have a DNA lock, nobody else can hack in, no one else can access me and I won't go access in any other creature. So it's just like putting a padlock on your motorbike. Let's have another look. This is beautiful. I didn't even know this, this is someone's just done a drawing from another person's representation, and that is a Jinn in my look. If someone says it's a shadow being, I respect their opinion. I'm not going to argue with anybody, I respect everybody's opinion, but to me, because the smoke is coming off that, I don't believe that to be a shadow. I don't believe the shadows are men in black, there are people that say shadows are men in black – no they are not. I've seen men in black, two sorts of men in black. They are actually The Enforcement. That is their title, Enforcement. And there's the human, who are very psychic, very gifted, and then there's the alien, which are incredibly psychic and gifted. So to me that wouldn't be shadow being or Jinn, that would be either a human or an alien. Okay, when is a shadow person not a shadow person? When it's a Jinn. Let's talk about Jinn. There are some lovely pictures of the internet drawings, which help, I think, to explain. In the far east the Koran talks about Jinn being smokeless fire, which is a problem, because I have just shown you drawings of Jinn with smoke. But here we go, smokeless fire. So how is it portrayed? Remember: the people of the Koran have a lot more knowledge than the western world. We assign Jinn to fairies, goblins and the thing in the modern media, whereas you know, I have spoken to Muslim men and they have a very clear idea. So this is one from an Egyptian television show and it clearly shows the holy man on his carpet praying and the Jinn trying to tempt him. They get that every day, but we know the Jinn as something like this – as Aladdin and the Jinn coming out of the lamp, hence the word genie, you all know that. You go to the theatre (picture), and this is good because here's the smoke. The genie always appears in a puff of smoke, which is exactly what I think we are looking for in the Jinn. So there we go, that‘s from modern theatre. And then let's have some interesting things, here's one – artist's representation, here's the smoke again. Another artist's representation coming up now, this is really good. Okay, that came up along? You can see these two eyes, a nose, and I'd say the head dominates, but to the side of it there's the hand and the arm, with the elbow sticking out, so everything else is changing proportion. We have another one coming up. Okay, please all remember: this is done on modern technology, using computer graphics, based on what eye witnesses have actually said they've seen. I don't know that they would have seen that coming out of a lamp. I think the lamp is artistic licence, that's what you would expect to see. But nevertheless, the drawing is good there. So that's quite good. I will actually show you a real photograph now, taken by the Warminster UFO group. I interpret it as a Jinn, they would interpret it possibly as a fifth dimensional or sixth dimensional being. There, that's a real one, I can promise you that. To me that is a Jinn, but you know...

Okay, Jinn through history. When they are working with a human, they don't want to scare that human, so they will present themselves in a range of forms. Cherubim, that's one of the ways, and as a child I have had Jinn around me all my life. There is one person, that I know, in this audience today, who has skyped with me regularly, and they have seen Jinn around me. Unfortunately some people, it scares them. I am aware of one person who saw a being with red eyes. I never saw her again, it terrified her. Yes, some Jinn are difficult, but some aren't. So the trouble with perception is that if you go into one view and that is not always the case.

I leave you a satanic and magic case one, this is a real case that I dealt with. An individual was spelled, and that's the terminology that you would use by – let's use the word – ‘dark magician’, who was from the Illuminati, and his job was to get at her children. And he referred to her, as you would do in a case like that, as Tink – Tinkerbell. Because if you saw Peter Pan, then Tinkerbell is a Jinn, she won't know that. But that's what Tinkerbell is, flying around. And so in the Illuminati the dark magician, the satanics, he would refer to a woman who is Jinn possessed as Tink, that would be your pet name for her – Tinkerbell, okay? So there's Tinkerbell, I had to get rid of Tinkerbell. She didn', this particular person didn't have multiple personalities, but she did have a Jinn possession, which we had to deal with. So yes, there's Tinkerbell. Walt Disney, it's a big set up, absolutely massive, you all know that from your research.

Case B, okay. First you will be seeing this. And the drawing you're about to look at was made by a person who now works for the Rothschilds. And initially I thought this person had come to me for help from herself. It is now obvious that the Rothschilds had sent this person to me. Those of you who are researchers, I'm obviously going to bore you, so please just bear with it. For those who are not, this might be interesting. If you are an ordinary person in terms of your status in society, and somebody says, you could be useful to us – it might be your blood line, it might not be. So they will say, you've got some children, we'll buy them off you. So in this particular case that I dealt with, this man was offered $1,000,000 to buy his two children, which he sold. So he sold his two children for $1,000,000. The two children were tortured, and sadly they over-tortured the boy, so that he was not capable of running the business. Because what they do is, they produce children with incredibly high IQs, so they can go and work for the Rothschilds or Rockefellers in their business. Because the Rothschilds and Rockefellers can't run the world on their own you know, they need people to help them. So what happened is, it always passes through the male line. So because they'd done too much to the boy, they then needed the female to run the business. [indecipherable] but they hurt her, so they needed her to be put right. Now before anybody says anything – why did I help somebody who was gonna do that? Firstly, I didn't know that she was from Rockefellers, and secondly, I don't care, where somebody's from. If you are a child and you're abused, then you have the right, if you want to get better, you have the right to be made better, if that's possible. So I don't put labels on it, if a person comes to me for help, I don't make a judgement, I just help. It's up to them what they do. So I give you an example – again researchers, I'm sorry, you all know about this: so you're put in a cage, a metal cage, you're wheeled up off the floor and the cage is electrocuted and this begins to split your personalities, because you put the pain into a personality. Dr Green, as he was in America, but before that Dr Mengele, would have a puppet show, and then as the child was tortured he would get the child to create a personality for one of the puppets and put the pain into that, okay? Also this particular young woman had been put in a cage and then the girl with her had been murdered. Often what they'll do is, they will murder a wolf, take the skin of the wolf, place it over a child. So this particular woman had a Jinn possession, she was visited by two reptilian entities, and she had six different personalities. One was a gay male – most of these females will be bisexual, that's fairly standard practice. It took me six months to remove the Jinn possession, to – it can never be 100%, but by and large – reabsorb the personalities back into the core, so that you have one personality with different flavours. When she came to me her IQ was 134, because people like that are always checked all the time. So she was 134 and she went for a driving test, and in the country – she wasn't a British – the country she went to, you had to have an IQ test before you could learn to drive, and she was 182 when she had finished. So she now, I know she now works for the Rothschilds. Had I known, I would have made them pay plenty, okay? But I was told the reason they didn't, cause they thought if I knew that she had come from the Rothschilds, I wouldn't have helped her, which I would have done. I think that people that can afford to pay, should pay me, so that the people who can't afford to pay, I can then give them the services free – that's how I work it.

This is a real photograph, I don't care what anybody says to me, this is a real photograph of a Jinn, which is taking a cross between a cherubim and your gargoyle that you will see on cathedrals all over England and other countries. I think that is a really good picture. Have a close look at that.

Okay, I've got another picture here, which is from a guy called Tony Z, who I know, and I'm sure people will say “Well that is a model” or “That‘s some weird looking fish”. I know the story behind this. Look at the faces of the people around. You've got an adult holding it and a child at the fence. Look at their faces. That's not someone who's caught a lovely trophy and is proudly showing you – this isn't the one that got away, so have a closer look at that. Remember that the Jinn are part of a reptile race, they are genetically linked to the reptiles. In my estimation, Jinn are interdimensional entities. They used to live in our dimension, and when human consciousness grew and grew and grew, the power of human consciousness and love pushed these creatures out, but not into the fourth dimension. They reside between the third and the fourth, and that's why a skilled magician can bring them forth from the inter-dimension to the third dimension. We're going to talk about that now. How much time have we got left, please? We've got (...not understood) You see, this is what always happens, this is what always happens. What do you want to do? Do you want me to carry on and not have any questions? Or would you like to stop now and have questions? What would you like to do? Carry on! So carry on, okay. Carry on asking questions with Sid Jones.

To command a Jinn. This is the correct terminology: To command a Jinn. On the right hand side you‘re going to see a… (Shows a picture of a ring) This is King Solomon's ring, that you can buy in any shop. I'm sorry, that is not what King Solomon's ring looked like, but this is the vision that people have of King Solomon's ring. King Solomon's ring was a solid iron band, had to be forged by a man, not naked, but had to be naked from the top up, and had to use tools of iron and had to work with the heat. So it's a very strong ritual process. (Shows picture of the Return of the King by Tolkien) The Return of the King. This is from the book, you got lots of pictures like that. Look at the front cover, look at that, just get that in your head, get it in your head. Let's look at this [50:03 Syrian??]. Just get back, hold a minute. So there we go, let's look at that. If you can't see the imagery, well you need to do a bit more research. I can tell you now, that in any true Illuminati household the Lord of the Rings is a must, and my grandfather bought me a very nice copy of the Lord of the Rings when I was 21. And it will always sit on any household that is part of the Illuminati. It is the bible.

King Solomon. Let's talk about King Solomon, because if you know your history, he commanded Jinn, had them build his palace and on the left hand side you've got – every representation of King Solomon's temple looks like that, that‘s not accurate, but I like this one, because you've got the two pillars. These are the pillars either side of a portal. You know if you have your two pillars set, you create a portal in the middle and that's how the Jinn come through, it's how the military use it, it's how many people use it. Let's talk about the Hobbit. We just looked at Lord of the Rings, let's look at the Hobbit. The front cover of the DVD – oh look, a portal! And what I want you to do is just have a look at this. Do you remember I showed you the two pillars? There's one, there's two, it's coded information. If you can see it, there it is. You've got two pillars and he is leaving this world, he is leaving our world and on the other one, he is entering the new world. Okay, this is coded information. Let's just have a look what Solomon's temple really looked like. This is probably a little bit too tall, but that is really what it looked like.

We are running out of time, I think I'm gonna stop. Listen, it's been really lovely to talk to you. I am going to hang around for a little bit, so if at lunchtime you want to have a chat, and I don't care whether this is your first day or whether you've got 40 years experience and you can knock me into a cocked hat, I am really happy to talk to you. So thank you ever so much, it's been a pleasure.

Simon, you've got two, three minutes. If you wanna take some questions...

SP: We've got two or three minutes. You see the power of suggestion. Okay, I will take questions. The gentleman there...

Q: When will you book come out?

SP: That's a really good question. I approached three publishers, all of the publishers said they would do my book, providing I took out all the stuff about MI5 and MI6. So I said I was not prepared to do that. I am in contact with a publisher, who does a lot of David Icke's stuff, but he's not actually based in Britain. I'd really do need to get some books out, you're right, it's a priority. Any more questions? The gentleman there… Who‘s put the hand up there?

Q: (not heard)

SP: Right, well at Fylingdales there is literally a hot phone to the United States Air Force Vandenburg and they pick the phone up, the first thing they've got to do is decide whether the machine is working correctly, if it's actually correct. If it is a correct contact, then they have to decide by the photograph, whether it's an alien race that the American government are dealing with, or it's an alien race they are not dealing with. If it is an alien race they are not dealing with, they will fire at it, so they will use the energy beam weapon at Pine Gap or somewhere else to attempt to engage it.

Q: (not heard)

SP: There is a case in Britain where... You have to understand that the aliens I am aware of can read your mind, and if you watch that clip you will see, that before that beam hits that craft, it's already gone. So the only way, in the early days, to try and down a craft with an energy beam weapon was if it was so close to the earth, that the aliens had no time, once they had read your mind that you were going to fire this weapon, to react. And there is one case in Britain, where that was the case. It's a mobile weapons site that was taken round. So what the humans did, was automate all these high energy beam weapon stations, so that the aliens couldn't read the human mind, because it was all totally automated. So if you fire maybe a hundred times, you might hit one. So if it was above your house, they would not engage it because they don't want that down. A couple more questions? The gentleman over there …

Q: Why, do you think, you are being allowed to get this information across, by the elite? I mean, others have been stopped. Do you think because the time is changing they now want more information out there?

SP: That's a very good question, I think what you have got at the moment is a very real split between the powers that be. You've got one half that is just heartily sick of things like 9/11, the Ukraine situation, and want out, and they have just had enough of it and they are doing everything they can to try and get the information out. You have got the old guard who are gonna go down fighting. In this instance, if you took Alex Collier, if you are familiar with Alex Collier. Alex Collier meets beings of a higher dimension than me. The problem is, that when you go above the fourth dimension, these aliens do not interact like this with humankind, because they are like the Federation/StarTreks thing of “We don't interfere”. So when Alex was getting shafted, as he did, they didn't interfere. There's a very interesting case in the 1980s of a jogger, a young woman who talked to her friends about the aliens who loved her, she went jogging in Central Park in America, a mugger came out, she didn't carry the ten dollars muggers money, she said the aliens are going to protect me, she got knifed and she got killed because she was interacting, like Alex, with beings from such a high level that they really believe in free will. Happily or unhappily, depending on how you look at it, I interact with creatures from the fourth dimension who for thousands of years have interfered in human relations, so there is a force slightly higher than the highest government on this planet. And I have been told that there are two lists. One lists of all the genuine abductees, contactees, I call myself an experiencer, that's held and the governments of the world (which is America) has that list, it is never up to date but they have that list. But there is a second list, much smaller, where the governments have been told, this person does not belong to you, you have no jurisdiction over this individual, you sign this individual over to us. So partly yes, the help I am getting is because certain elements in the services have had enough. But if anything very serious was to happen to me, people would pay a very high price.

I suppose we have pushed it to the limit, haven't we? What does that mean, does that mean “Yes“?

MJ: Okay Simon, you have another couple of minutes.

SP: What you're seeing, I'm just gonna tell you, this is actually democracy working – you're seeing the power of your thoughts and your energies making it happen. Do you know what, if anybody sat down on this – talk about Trafalgar Square and just thought, we've had enough of X, or enough of Y, it would happen anyway. Okay, okay, come on.

Q: (not heard, supposed to be about the envelope shown earlier)

SP: It's a robot. Yes. Right. Well that means to me it is an AI intelligence, an artificial intelligence. It means that the people, who were responsible for doing the interview, were not in their right mind. So those of you, who are researchers, perhaps will understand what AI means. Okay, next question… Anymore I can't see, cause the light's too… Guy there

Q: When you first experienced other beings, did you tell your friends and how did they react?

SP: The only person I really told, was my biological mother, and if you go back to the 1971 experience, she said to me “Draw it all down, I'll show it to my friends.” And so she showed it to her friends and… You know, we don't have the time, to gonna me allow it, but the handler, the guy who used to pass the secret information to my mother – he was very interested and he talked to me. But I knew not to discuss it outside, because it just wasn't what you would talk about. But my mother was quite cool with it.

Q: Was it classed as an imaginary friend?

SP: No, I had one of those, that's a separate one, that was a creature that was about this tall (~ 3 feet) didn't have – interesting enough – the wrap around eyes that we have by Hollywood, it had small round eyes, so I would now know that as one of the original race of greys, and its head had a huge bulge at the back, and these creatures would come and put geometric patterns would appear to be in the sky, in my bedroom but I suppose they put them in my head, they were downloading information, so that was my imaginary friend.

MJ: Okay, Simon

SP: That's it, there you go.

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