Interview: Control systems on Earth

with Alan Park ( #49)



Control Systems on Earth

Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park, 6 March 2014

We discussed all manner of control systems installed around our planet. Simon also breaks down several types of alien or interdimensional intentions and attitudes based on knowledge they have imparted to him. While much of the elite would love to have Simon disappear, his constituents like him enough to return him to office. Simon knows what he is saying is jarring to many, which is why he wants to reveal a version of events that might strengthen other people who have similar experiences. Perhaps if given the chance, more politicians will want to level with us on who really pulls their strings

Alan Park – First of all let's get to know you – you have a day job, tell us about that?

Simon Parkes – yes, I teach people to drive cars, a driving instructor.

AP – so that's your day job. Are you or were you a politician of some sort?

SP – I still am. That's my other day job. I'm an elected Labour party politician in the town that I live in, Whitby. We are twinned with Ontario.

AP – what I found interesting about you is that you are a contactee – you've been contacted and had deep knowledge of aliens/inter dimensional beings – what are we talking about here?

SP – I prefer the word experiencer. I think if you were to look at somebody like Alex Collier, I would say he is your archetypal contactee. I am certainly not an abductee because I can remember making an agreement with this group of aliens back in 1971 when I was just short of my 12th birthday. So I never considered it abduction. Contactee, to my understanding, is when somebody comes and collects you and they take you away and you have a nice little chat. I fall inbetween the two so I refer to that as experiencer. Your second question, some of them are ET, extra terrestrial, in other words they are living bodied creatures that travel here, maybe it takes them twenty, thirty years to get here, but most of the creatures that I experience are from the fourth dimension, so the correct term would be extra dimensional entities.

AP- and these are beings that you first encountered when you were 12 years old?

SP – no the actual experience in 1971 which I just referred to, was when I made an agreement with them but my earliest experience would be as a very small child.

AP- wow, so this has been a part of your entire life? Was it frightening as a four year old kid?

SP- -no because you know no different. The only thing that was scary for me was a particular being that researchers refer to as a shadow being or a shadow person. That was the only one that frightened me but as I have never been hurt by these creatures I have no reason to fear them.

AP- Frightened because it was the first time seeing something like this, but you're so young it was ok for you?

SP- yes the first time that I saw a shadow creature that did scare me yes.

AP- did you get to a point in your life as a youngster, maybe 6,7,8,9 years old or early teens, where you started to compare your experience with your friends, who I'm guessing had not had the extensive contact that you had?

SP- It started a lot earlier than that, the main creature that came to collect me referred to itself as my mother so I called it mother. Now when I first learned to talk, I guess I must have been around a year and a half or two years old, I was very confused because my biological mother said that she's my mother, yet this other creature said that it was my mother. And so I'm told by family that for six months I didn't call my biological mother “mother” because how could she be my mother, because this other creature was my mother. The very, very first word I ever said was “daddy.” I would call my human mother “daddy” for six months, then I realised that you can't do this, it's too confusing, it's too upsetting and you have to learn to play the human game. So I leaned well before the age of six or seven what was appropriate and what wasn't to say in ordinary company.

AP- how does this knowledge, this life that you have that I'm pretty sure I can say most of us don't have these experiences over the course of our lifetimes, I know I don't. How does that affect you in your political job? And your other job and dealing with other people?

SP – in terms of my job, no it doesn't affect me at all because I've learnt for 54 years to live in two worlds basically so when I'm doing my politics then I'm relating to the political situations for those who have elected me, if I'm doing my paid job, in terms of normal nine to five work, I deal with that. It's about other people's perceptions and other people's way of dealing with me. Now somebody who knows me just talks to me normally but the media, or somebody who hasn't met me, they have this perception, this idea of who or what I might be like and when they actually come to meet me they are completely shocked because the stereotypical image that mainstream media pump out just doesn't work. So it's quite difficult for many people who expect to see a very odd person, when they find a member of the establishment talking to them.

AP – right, I understand that there's a media manipulation. That's why this show started, I got tired of not having the right questions being asked. I don't always ask the right questions, but I am trying to, I'm not obscuring knowledge and I just feel like things have been painted over consistently over the years. A little research of mine into your life and what you're doing is that the word Illuminati comes up, and we're on Conspiracy Queries, with Alan Park, so we've touched on this subject many times. You have a detailed knowledge of it and I'm wondering is that connected to your experiences with the inter dimensional beings, shadow beings and these other entities, or is it a separate issue?

SP – no you're correct, the reptilian group and what we call the Jinn, although the Dead Sea Scrolls refer to them as the Velon, are very, very connected with the dark masters, the dark, black magicians of the Illuminati. I grew up in an Illuminati family – not one of the key blood lines like Rocefeller or Rothschild but nevertheless one of the lower issue groups within the Illuminati. It was a magical non Satanic family, so my knowledge is gained not from research, but from personal experience.

AP - and when you say magical, help me out a little bit, spread out that definition a little more for me.

SP- well, even though we have the internet, most people don't really understand how the Illuminati work or how they are structured – AP -or if they are even there? - right, so, when you are a bloodline family you are put into a group, so if you are going to come from a military background you would join the Knight's Templar group or one of the Knight's groups. If you are destined for a Satanic group then you will join on e of the Satanic groups but there are two magical groups that I'm aware of within the Illuminati that are not directly practising Satanism and so my family has come from a magical line within the Illuminati.

AP – wow, and what did they do, your father and your mother, what were they doing?

SP – my father disappeared when I was about three months old so I never met my father and my biological mother never re married. She brought me up on her own. My biological mother worked for the British security services which are known as MI5 and my grandfather, that's her dad, worked for the British security services which are called MI6, so it was not a military family but it was an espionage/security based type of family.

AP- wow, and then you gradually maintained awareness and interest in that Illuminati side of things as you grew?

SP- well, when you are a child in an Illuminati family you are brought up in a certain way. Depending on the desired outcome families will decide what their children are going to be, or how they will be structured but because of the very heavy alien connection that I have had, it was very clear that most of the directing was coming from the alien side, not the human side. So I didn't end up as a banker or a lawyer, it wasn't the Illuminati that most people understand. There is a whole range of families who come under the Illuminati banner that are not to the archetypal pattern that most people think. So the family that I came from was a British security family, intelligence network family and I was the only child from my mother.

AP – hmm, now you also talked about something regarding the movement of these beings, the aliens, you said that moving through time is not a speed issue, it's more of a portal issue -SP- yes, is that still the case? Are the portals permanent, are they in flux, are they always there, are we in danger of having too many, or losing some that we need?

SP – well, the portals are fixed, generally so they remain on the earth or just above the earth. There are some portals which collapse but generally if a portal is here, working, it's been here for many millions of years. I think you'd find that we don't know where all the portals are and some will open and close at different times.

AP- who do you figure has the best map for those portals – is it military, spiritual?

SP – it would be Illuminati knowledge. That is one of the sacred bits of knowledge that would be maintained by the Illuminati.

AP- and they travel the connecting tube between?

SP – that's a good way to put it Alan, yes.

AP- this is a small percentage though, these types of people that represent the planet, but you figure they're mostly the ones that are in charge of things on a political level?

SP – I would say in north America there are probably two million men, women and children who are affiliated to the Illuminati families?

AP – are a lot of those in Denver? The whole airport thing...

SP – every state in America is divided into quadrants or sections and it's run on a military basis, although it's done as an administrative process and the best place to hide facilities would be under an airport or a hospital and you'll find that often that's the case.

AP – so if we're milling around in our lives, not paying attention to the directives and the tasks completed and the things conjured from an entire section of society that most people not only don't know that they are there but wouldn't believe that they were there if they heard about it. Are those of us who are not in those cliques, are we in any kind of danger. Is the tightening of political controls and the invading of countries without asking Congress and the breakdown of rule of law, while they still claim that there is one – are we going into entropy here and are these other beings here to help us, watch us and do nothing or intervene somehow? Because I thing we're spinning out of control Simon, we're in such a mess that part of me says – if there's a hyper dimensional being, whoever, that can fix Fukashima and other horrible things that we do and perpetuating the constant use of chemicals and poisoning ourselves, when we can just as easily grow it out of other plants – what can we do to show the people that don't know or believe that we are being whipped around? We have the numbers on our side if we can get it together.

SP – there are several questions there. The first answer is the fact that most earth humans are totally unaware is exactly the situation that the elite want. As long as the majority of humanity is unaware how it's been manipulated then the status quo will remain. To your second question, humanity is the seventh cavalry. It's no good people looking up for a saviour to come and get them, the humans must work together, work as a group and basically say, no more, we're not going to do this, we're not going to get pushed around, and I say when I do my talks up and down the country, look, if you all stopped going to buy gas on a Tuesday you would have the companies coming to the table to talk to you but you are not exercising your powers, you are just being led by the nose. So I think what we're seeing is larger numbers of people now becoming awake, questioning, not believing the rubbish they're being given and it's becoming harder and harder for the elite to maintain this facade. So actually it's positive but we are running out of time.

AP – Simon, what is it like to be collected? Is it a momentary brief thing that someone in the room wouldn't even see? Is it several hours long? What goes on and how does it feel and what takes place?

SP – well, first of all, an entity has to arrive, every time they arrive by a craft they are opening themselves up to detection, and not just detection from the earth military but detection from other factions. You did ask a question before the break and I didn't really answer it but we'll perhaps weave that one in. You talked about the aliens but it's a common misconception to think that all aliens have the same agenda. They don't. They are just like humans on earth. You'll have one country with one agenda, one group with another agenda so when I'm talking about these aliens I'm obviously talking about the group that I'm familiar with. There are plenty of groups out there that don't come and contact me. So the groups that I would mostly see are what the Americans refer to as the Mantis, in England we call them Mantid, and Draconis Reptilians. So those are the two main groups that I am familiar with although there's another group, colloquially called the Lion people or the Cat people but their real name is Kilroti, that's the name of the family. So to finish off your question, what will happen is usually a portal will open, literally in your room, usually in the same place and they will literally just step right through from their reality, the fourth dimension straight into this third dimension world. If there are other people in the room, and there often are they will put them into a freeze frame, basically go into slow motion. I might spend five minutes with them, I might spend two hours with them, but they are able to manipulate time. Sometimes there'll be what people call missing time. They have the technology to put you back to the moment they arrived. I've had people in the room with me when this happened who haven't been able to recall the creature but felt “What the hell's gone on here, we've been here an hour, two hours, what have I been doing?” Some people have actually been taken when I've been taken and experience what I've experienced and for them it's awful because they've never had that happen before and if they're adults and they're so fixed in a 3D world, to experience something that they've been taught doesn't exist, for many people that's a shocking experience. So it depends, most of the times that I get visited are during the day, not at night and that is quite surprising for most researchers.

AP – and are your visits continuing to go on?

SP – it's continuing, they've said to me, “You will never be alone”. I think I'm probably getting visited roughly once every six weeks now, so it's really calmed down. At the peak of it, it would have been two times a week.

AP- and they come to your home, like whenever you're alone in the middle of the day?

SP – no they don't wait for me to be alone. They'll arrive if people are in the same room they'll just turn up. If they have a schedule, it's a bit like project management. If you are planning to be with somebody, they plan precisely and if there are people in the room they don't just say, oh well there's people there, we won't do it, they'll just come into the room. One time I was physically taken while driving a motor car and my passenger was also taken as well and she experienced it. Poor woman, she was terribly sweating, absolutely shocked but for me it's fairly normal. But that was the first time I had ever been taken from a motor car, that was really quite something.

AP – so who was driving?

SP – I was driving, yes.

AP – and then you just weren't there any more, you weren't in the car, I mean, what happened to the car?

SP – we were literally floated out of the vehicle and upwards and I have no idea how that car was controlled, but it was, and then the next thing after we'd had the experience, we were put back in the motor car and I can remember a lorry flashing its headlights at me and I remember thinking oh what's that about? Maybe he thinks I've got my headlights on full power, and flashed him back to show that I didn't and the passenger next to me said, What's just happened? What's just happened? And we were pulling in to where we were staying and she said, we can't be back, it takes half an hour to get here and we've only been on the road ten minutes. So we pulled up and then we both remembered what had happened and she ran into the house, absolutely terrified, but this is what happens, they won't just wait for me to be alone and there are many people who have experienced these creatures when I've been in the room.

AP – I think it was Project Avalon where I heard you discussing something which I found fascinating because of the movie that I am about to mention. And by the way, just before we get into movies, when we were talking about portals earlier, have you seen Monsters Inc?

SP – that's the new one isn't it?

AP – no there are two of them and there was one that came out farly recently to much acclaim, I guess, I haven't seen it. The original one, that was all portals, I mean that whole movie will scare people and their fear will power everything and then, they showed how they were able to go inter dimensionally back and forth, and I thought, there's a lot of heavy information in this film even though it's supposed to be some kid's romp cartoon thing, there was a lot of stuff going on there that you speak of and I wonder sometimes how much of those kinds of ideas make their way into a fun frolicking family film like that, when really they're talking about inter dimensionality and portals and those types of things.

SP – well Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the original Star Trek, he had a UFO experience when he was on a domestic flight and then he actually hooked up with contactees and some of the descriptions of the aliens that he then created for the Star Trek films he got directly from people like myself who would have seen these creatures. If you take someone like James Cameron, who directed the Terminator films and Avatar, these people actually meet with mainly the CIA, not the NSA, it's usually the CIA guys, and they say hey, I've got a good one for you, here's a good idea, or we'd like you to push this idea out please. So Hollywood and the secret intelligence services work very closely together.

AP – yes, I've heard if they don't like your script for whatever reason, the narrative or whathaveyou, they won't let you use the aircraft carrier and all that heavy equipment.

SP – you're right, Stanley Kubrick who made, in 1963, How I Learned to Love the Bomb, he actually wrote to the NSA and SAC, Strategic Air Command, asking to film on a bomber and they refused and they insisted that before the film went public they had the first viewing of it and they were so impressed with him that they offered him a job so you're absolutely right they will vet scripts to ensure that nothing is going out that would compromise their future security.

AP – yes, I've seen that, I was speaking with someone a couple of weeks ago on the show and we were talking about how in the credits at the end of the film, if you see “Special thanks to the US Military etc” then you know you've been force fed some kind of propaganda, even if it's a love story. Simon, you are fifty something years old, and you've been doing this for fifty years, you've been connected with these inter dimensional people who collect you, that's a long time, and sometimes people have one fascinating experience like that in their lives and this is happening for you on a regular basis, have you discovered what it is in you or about you that has you singled out for this collection and contact with these other worldly beings?

SP – yes, all people who are of interest to alien creatures, generally through blood line, which is something that humans would understand, but it's not just about blood lines, it's about the soul. In the western world we've really forgotten the fact that inside your physical body is your energetic true self. In the eastern religions they fully understand the difference between the physical body and the energetic soul and it's very clear that when your physical body dies your soul is, for want of a better word, recycled, that is, put into another body. So they can follow that, and you will reincarnate however many times and they will follow that, just as a scientist will tranquillise a bear or a fox and when that animal has cubs the scientist will then put tags on them and will trace those families through twenty or thirty years. Well, some of these aliens can live up to a thousand years, so if, you know one human lifetime of seventy, eighty, ninety years is nothing to them, so they will follow many generations of humans going right back to Sumerian times and come through from Sumerian times and Mesopotamia to the Egyptian times, those aliens are still alive now, through cloning processes that were around at the time of the Pharaohs.

AP- the ones that are still alive now from a thousand years ago have been cloned?

SP – yes, because they can clone their bodies, if they choose to.

AP – so they can perpetually clone? So there might be someone out there who is seven, eight thousand years old who's cloned themselves seven or eight times?

SP – yes, there is a limit to the cloning. After a long period of cloning some of the genetic material is incorrectly coded.

AP – like putting something in a photocopier over and over again?

SP- absolutely. Yes Alan, I think that's a really good way of saying it.

AP – I think I met some people like that who have that make up, I see them all the time. Now Simon, the media made a big deal out of this – (and every time that happens I suspect it's a smoke and mirror show) – and I'm referring to the CERN Hadron Collider, you've spoken much about this. I just would love you to encapsulate what that was, or is, or what they were doing there officially and what really happened there and why they are doing that?

SP – the Hadron Collider officially was looking for dark matter or the Higgs Boson particle, it was sold as a device that could help us to understand where the Big Bang came from. The first thing that anybody who researches this would really begin to question is that we live in a world of money. Business men and women do not invest in something unless there's a big financial return, that is the way the corporate world I. Now this device has no companies owning it. Countries have paid for it, in other words what's happened is America has gone round to all its friends and ordered them to raid their black budgets to pay for this device. It's on the border of France and Switzerland, it is a two fold device – it's a weapon but it's also used to experiment with the possibility of bending time. On the 21st December 2012, contrary to a lot of people, there was a change, an energetic change, which lifted humanity out of the gutter and the CERN device was placed there to operate to try to prevent humanity altering, to raise the frequency. The earth was going to be in the centre of the galaxy, it was going to be bathed by very strong energetic waves for a period of three days and interestingly enough the CERN device was scheduled to operate exactly over this period. Now the CERN device has got many, many scientists there and who on earth would want to be working over the Christmas period, but that's what it was scheduled to do. And it was very important that the device did not operate because if it had operated it could have adversely affected the future time line that humans are currently on.

AP – let me stop you there. What is it doing when it is operating – just going around with incredibly powerful centrifugal force the like of which we've never seen -what kind of energy or power or benefit are they getting from this thing? It's a circular installation as I understand?

SP – yes, it's a circular collider. They're not getting any benefit out of it at all. The object of it was to jam the frequency that was bathing the earth over that critical period, to send out a frequency wave that would jam or change the time line that earth was on, and it failed, it actually broke down, and was broken down over the critical three day period. Interestingly enough, while I was on Avalon a while ago, this is Bill Ryan's site of ex project Camelot fame – got a lot of time for Bill actually, he's a great guy and it was brought to my attention that another chap in South America was also warning about the collider and he'd been going around south America to all the hidden temples and pyramids that are hidden in the jungle placing religious devices which he hoped would save humanity, and he didn't know it and I didn't know it but we were both working together and he was the back stop, so if the collider had operated then his fallback position would have been required. As it happened, he wasn't required because the device failed to operate.

AP – what's happening with it now, is it just sitting there, what are the plans? That was 2012 but we're into 2014 now, what's going on over there?

SP – once it failed, their opportunity to bring about the change that they want – they are very pushed for time, they must do it by 2015/2016 so they need a more powerful collider because the one that they have now is not powerful enough so they have been able to force the Japanese to build one on one of the islands just off the mainland of Japan.

AP – to balance it on the volcanic ridge where they already had a nuclear disaster?

SP – yes, but it may be a linear collider. The big argument at the moment is that the Americans want the Japanese to pay for all of it, which would probably be around $4bn and the Japanese are trying to get out of paying for all of it, so that's where we stand at the moment.

AP- and they're a little busy right now as well, the Japanese, with the other disaster.

SP – these are linked. The Americans think it's an extremely good idea because if the Japanese build it and pay $4bn for a device that the Americans will use, why would the Japanese get another disaster?

AP – oh the implication is that America metes out those disasters and if you want to play ball with us then no more earthquakes for you.

SP – you've got it in one.

AP- I hope you're wrong because there's so much trouble right now with the oil pipelines, installing them, there's people for them and against them, it's a constant nightmare and the people that are against it are concerned about the environment, now I'm sure that if the news breaks into the mainstream that they're going to enlarge the Hadron collider and fold it into the topography of Japan while they're still digging out of this nuclear nightmare I think a lot of people are going to say, no way, forget it. I don't think it's a good idea even if the Americans do.

SP – well I agree with you that it's not a good idea and I can assure you that it will never work.

AP- yes the one embedded in rock didn't work, I don't see how this one is going to work. Well it sure is an amazing thing to be able to convince the populous that you need to spend billions of dollars to do this. They're doing that right now with the Olympics but there's more of an immediate payoff for people, even those that don't follow sports that much but to stick a circular thing in the ground that doesn't do anything and sign on for billions of dollars – do you ever use your political position to try and convince people? Do you ever have a town hall meeting and say, look, this is what's going on.

SP- let's talk about how we do alter things. In September of last year the NSA opened their new super security centre in America, which was designed to hold super computers that would hold every e mail, every telephone conversation, every piece of Twitter, any piece of information and store it forever. This operation was code named Bumble Hive and in September they had a ribbon cutting ceremony, they had some very high powered generals come down, the media were there and they cut the ribbon. The place is in Bluffdale. At the moment they turned up to cut the ribbon all the power went off for the whole centre and they were out for about seven hours. That is the sort of message that gets right to the very top. That is the way things are influenced, not sitting in a town hall, talking.

AP – Simon, what's your take on the entire Edward Snowden revealing top secrets affair?

SP – what you have to be clear on is that the aliens advising the American government are not the same aliens that are advising the Russian government and because of that the Russians are distancing themselves very dramatically from the Americans and that is why the Americans are spying on the Russians as much as they can. Ed Snowden got it about right. He decided that he felt uncomfortable holding in the knowledge and that humanity needed to know that the Americans were on a game changer in terms of being able to listen in on everything that anybody was saying and he wanted to alert people to what was going on. He gambled that the Russians would support him because he had knowledge of the aliens that were supporting the Americans and by and large the Russians actually did help him out.

AP- there are conflicting points of view on his legitimacy -

SP – well they tried to do a mind job on him. What they'll always do is, if they can't discredit somebody publicly they attempt to get an agent into close proximity with that person. Not to kill them, because that would backfire because that person is very high profile but what they will attempt to do is to affect their mind in some way. They did it with a number of people and they had some success with him.

AP- well I hope he lives, I don't know what the full story is with him but I hope they don't get to him. I find it hard to believe that they can't though, you know? I think if you have done what he claims to have done and what they purport that he has done I find it very difficult to believe that the United States somehow didn't know he was getting away and using his passport and flying to Hong Kong – he's an NSA guy, they weren't even watching the store basically, their own employee, and I just find it a little strange that it was so easy for him to get away. We all know that if we really want someone out of the picture we can do that, we can it violently or we can do it by character assassination but it's never a problem to send a hit team anywhere to get something done.

SP – yes, the thing is, you see, when you are a spy – like Mossad, who are probably the best in the world at liquidating people, then that is what you do, but when somebody has got thousands and thousands of gigabytes of information which they've stored in a very safe location and it makes no matter whether you are killed or not, somebody else will publish that information, what you want to do as a security agency is to find out exactly what information you've got and try and do a deal, and so during that period when he was held up in an airport and all the rest of it what the NSA were trying to do was to say we'll do like a plea bargain. You give us this information and we'll go easy on you. So that was the battle, but because the Russian security service was involved and was taking Snowden's side it wasn't a simple straight case of “the system” against an individual, it was the system against an individual backed up by another system. And that's what complicated it for the Americans.

AP – hmm that is complicated. Well we just have a few minutes left and I would like to ask you – you've hypothesised that, and we've all realised that there are seemingly an increasing amount of oil spills around the world, I mean it's happening all over the place, we're having train derailments in Canada, dropping the temperature, the Polar Vortex, it's unbelievable, so I don't know what's happening there, but it's more than I ever remember it and you say that one reason at least for the increasing amount of oil spills around the world is the deliberate killing off of the dolphins. Now, why is that, how do you know that if it's true, who is it benefiting to kill off a dolphin?

SP – in America it is illegal to touch or swim with a dolphin unless it's in an aquatic federal or state approved centre. It's the only rule they have like that and you'd have to ask the question, why doesn't the American government, through the federal states, why don't they want you being with a dolphin? Because they know that dolphins are not what biological history tells us. Many, many millions of years ago when a race of aliens came to this planet there was only one evolved lifeform that was capable of sustaining their souls and that was the dolphins. Earlier I talked about the difference between the physical body and the essence or the soul of a person and of course when you live in this world with bills to pay and cars to run, we don't really think about spiritual stuff very much, so we're very physical. If we can't see it, and we can't touch it, we don't really believe in it and this is God. We can't see God, we can't touch God, but hey, that's religion so that's ok, we can believe in that. And that's odd anyway – the fact of the matter is most people don't see beyond the physical body of a person so if somebody is called John, they'll just know John as the body and they don't acutally appreciate that inside the living human being there is the essence and when that person dies – I don't know if you have ever seen a dead person – but their face changes dramatically and in the Bible it says that the Holy Ghost leaves the body. So the Bible is actually trying to tell people that every human has a spirit. Now that is actually more important than the body. So aliens have the technology to place that spirit inside certain living creatures and the dolphins are one of them. And one of the best ways to kill off dolphins is to make it look like an accident so if you look where their breeding grounds are and if you look where they follow the fish from one ocean to another, you can drop your oil and you can try and kill them, and that's exactly what they've done over the last twenty five to thirty years.

AP – are they endangered?

SP – no they're not on the endangered list. Often when, and it's always America by and large, when America does something it is invariably as a warning shot. It's generally to make a statement that the general public don't understand. It's to a higher level, if you lay off, we are going to do this, or do that, just like the terrible disaster at the nuclear plant in Japan was a statement to the Japanese government. If you don't do what we want, this is what will happen to you. And it's what America has done, and Great Britain did it beforehand in its own way when Britain owned half the world. We have a saying in Britain, which is “If you don't do what we want, we'll send a gun boat”.

AP – are we going to get out of the woods on this Fukashima disaster?

SP- yes, the Fukashima one, the danger for us is the radiation that has entered the water. If you can get hold of satellite pictures you'll find a huge amount of radiation. In fact on the coast of America they are facing it. A lot of the fish are arriving dead, lots of people on that coast of America are not eating fish, it has had a big impact.

AP – but you say it's going to turn around for us somehow?

SP- unless it's a huge quantity of radiation, it's not as bad as people make out. In fact radiation is necessary for evolution of humans to a certain extent. We haven't got time to go into that.

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AP – if somebody from Mars came to earth and they dropped them in say Greenland and they spent a week there when they went back to Mars they'd say, well what are the people on earth like? And they would say, they've all got these big coats they wear, and they would explain Greenland and they would go ok, cool. But they don't realise there's Africa, there's south America and everything else, that's what you are saying, that people make a misconception with aliens, that it's just one thing, but you're talking about many different races and timelines and they're all interconnected or at least aware of each other.

SP – they are very aware. The best way I can describe it Alan, and I try and give it as an example when I give my talks is to say, if you think that on earth if you have a project, you go round to all the different companies that can supply you with the equipment to accomplish that project. So you might go to Germany, you might go to France, you might go to Britain, and you'll get all the specialists to help you to deliver that project. Well, they are exactly the same. They'll go for those races that can deliver certain technologies to allow them to do it, so they actually sign up themselves to undertake different projects and some of those projects are negative to humanity, some don't have negative or positive and others are good so it's really about which race a person is being contacted by because that will dictate a) how they are being dealt with and b) what their agenda is.

AP – one other thing I didn't get to ask you that I wanted to – a lot of people want to be the centre of attention, i'm a stand up comic so I know what that's all about, how do you take someone who wants to have something happen to them. I know there are people who with every fibre of their being would love to be taken up into a flying saucer and be whisked around. Some people just want that excitement and they have a void in their own personal spirituality or comfort zone with their own body and they just want something exciting to happen but yet those inter dimensional beings are selecting people like you, somebody else and i'm sure they are aware that different people want to be contacted but what is it about you , that they come back to you all the time? You seem like a level headed rational person and completely the opposite of the stereotypical UFO contactee nut bar representation?

SP -well, again the problem is that if we are judging something that is not human with our human values then we can't possibly arrive at a logical explanation. Many people do come to me and say exactly what you have said – I want to be contacted by aliens – and I say to them, no you don't, you're not prepared for it, you're not ready for it. I was contacted from a very early age so I got used to it. You know what, if you were a child at three months old and were put on an aeroplane and you flew from Montreal to Vancouver and every week you did that, by the time you were aged five you could fly to JFK and you'd be fine because you knew no different. But if someone is in their thirties, forties, fifties and they have an alien experience it will completely freak them out because they have no structure with which to hang it on and yes, they will say I've seen videos and I've read books and I'm ready for it,- no they are not. It will completely and utterly change their life for the worse.

AP – I think if you are calling it into yourself you are definitely not ready for it.

SP – yes, these creatures select because the people they select are important to them, and I've made it really clear, there is nothing special about me. I am just an ordinary person but obviously I am important to them but within the human structure I am just an ordinary person going about his life and that's just the way it is.

AP – thank you very much for sharing your time with us.

Transcribed by NHA April 13, 2016

Proofread by EL June 9, 2017

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