The Hidden World of the Illuminati

with Johnny Guzman


2013-01-29 quantum leap tv

Quantum Leap TV: The Hidden World of the Illuminati

Interview January 29, 2013


Johnny Guzman: Hello Simon, welcome to the programme. Thanks for being here with us tonight.

Simon Parkes: Hello, it's lovely to be with you and lovely to speak with your listeners.

JG: Let's begin with - you are a city councilman, you are a politician, briefly tell us a little bit about that. Do you find that strange, that you are a politician and you are talking about these things? How is it that they haven't kicked you out or put you on a blacklist? Tell us a little bit about that.

SP: Yes. There are not many of us who have positions of office that will talk openly. The reason that I am speaking openly is because I have had personal experiences because my family came from a military intelligence background and I have been a politician for a number of years and I do my job very well, returned at office, so there is no argument for trying to get rid of me. March of last year, there was an attempt made on my life, my car was rammed off the road, I had a passenger with me, but we were okay, so politically it is quite difficult for the powers that be, because here I am, holding office and being prepared to speak about the truth. So yes, you are right, it does cause them some aggravation but my electorate, the people I represent, are very much behind me and support me 100%.

JG: Yes, that was my next question, because usually a good percentage of the people don't really care about this stuff. They are focussed on the soccer games and sports, and if a politician begins to talk about these things they either don't care or categorise you as being nuts. But you were also telling me that your grandfather was also involved as a Freemason, Illuminati, tell us a little bit about that Simon.

SP: Yes, my grandfather was an incredibly interesting man, dead now, he was a high ranking British diplomat, he was based at the British Embassy in India and he was a British consul. He was also quite a senior Mason. He worked for British intelligence, the foreign arm which is known as MI6, highly decorated with British medals, not for military but for services to Her Majesty the Queen, given the Order of the British Empire, Commander of the British Empire and they offered him a knighthood to make him "Sir" James Marsland, but he fell out with the prime minister of the day and refused to accept that and so as a present to him they asked him to represent the United Kingdom at the United Nations so he was Britain's guy who went to the UN to talk about the trade between different countries. So my grandfather was very much involved in intelligence. Now my mother, his daughter, she worked for another arm of British intelligence, the domestic arm, which is called MI5 and her job was to type out documents that related to crashed UFOs and she did that from 1971 until 1979, so I grew up as a school boy during that period of time in what was a very interesting environment.

JG: So Simon, while you are growing up are you seeing any strange things within your family or was pretty much everything kept a secret and you just knew that your dad worked for the government? Did you see any strange things, any experiences during the time that you were a teenage boy, growing up?

SP: First of all, I come from a single parent family. My mother never married again, she never had any boyfriends and you either get very close with your parent or you do not. And I was close in the sense that we had no secrets. When I talk to researchers - I am not a researcher - I experience these things, I don't have the time to research it, which is a shame, but when I speak to researchers and tell them that I was in the room while my mother talked with her security handler, they say that is very unusual that that should happen. The only time I was every asked to leave the room was when she had to sign the Official Secrets Act, to say that she was going to accept the conditions that the government put her under, but every other time I was present and I overheard a huge range of conversations between her and these different guys from the military who would come and go. Mother worked at home. In terms of experiences, I have experienced all my life, the beings that I normally see, the beings that come to collect me, in America researchers call them "mantis". In Britain we call them "mantid". The other major entities that I am very familiar with are the Draconis reptilians. I don't see many of the little greys, which is perhaps unusual and also the species that come from Orion or from Sirius which are called the feline or the lion species. So it is mainly the mantis, the Draconis reptilians, (because there are many sorts of reptilian) and the feline species. So yes, it has been ongoing ever since I can remember.

JG: Let's back track a little bit - you say that you are being contacted, you have experiences, are you talking about while you are awake, or while you are in a state of dream, or astral or sleep? What do you mean?

SP: No, very much awake. I am one of the very unusual people that don't have my experiences in a dream. It happens during the day. I have been taken while I have been in a car with a passenger, my passenger has been taken as well. This particular passenger was an eye witness to that and she experienced what I experienced. I am married, the beings will come into the house, they will appear in the house while my wife is there. It's a very ongoing and a very complex relationship and I don't think it is any coincidence that I come from a family that was heavily involved in British security, and I just want to make this point for your listeners - when my mother was told that she was going to work for British intelligence, what she was actually told was that British intelligence were handling her but she was actually working for the National Security Agency, the NSA of America. So the NSA were actually behind it, they organised it but because my mother lived in Britain, MI5, the British security service, did all the day to day stuff.

JG: So the NSA was behind this? Not the British government?

SP: Absolutely. There was the National Secur8ty Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office, but it was the NSA that did all the ground work, yes.

JG: So Simon, obviously we are going to have a group of people who say, well, you know, he's another one that is talking about being in contact with these beings....How can we show proof? This is just your words. You say what you are experiencing....How can anyone confirm that?

SP: I fully understand that and you know what, if somebody is not prepared to do research on me and see all the interviews on British television, the Huffington Post, all the bits and pieces that I have done as a politician, then they must have their head in the sand. But I am not stupid enough to expect people to believe me. I'm coming out with my story for two reasons. The first one is to say to people, your government lies to you, your government knows an awful lot more and is not telling you the truth, and the other reason that I decided to go public with this was because I thought there are an awful lot of people out there who have experiences but have nobody to turn to. When I first decided that I was going to go public, although I live in Britain, I approached the MUFON network which covers both north and south America and I was one of the very, very few non- American people to be accepted by MUFON. The reason that happened was that I sent them some drawings of the entities that I have seen and the director of MUFON, within seven minutes of me emailing from Britain to America, said right, you are on board. So MUFON had no doubt that there was something that interested them, the very fact that I am a politician and have not been removed from office, because in Britain, (I don't know what it is like in other countries), but if you are insane, or nuts, then you cannot be a politician, you are removed from office, but here I am, doing an interview with you, and I have done lots of interviews and I am not removed from office because the powers that be really do not know how to deal with me because of my background. I come from a very, very strong intelligence led background and there is a lot in my head which could cause them some aggravation. So if people choose not to believe me that is fine, I w ill tell my story because it is my truth.

JG: Okay, we hear the word Illuminati, and we think "bad" but the word "illuminati" in Spanish is "illuminado", you've got the light on. Tell us a little bit about that, there are two groups of these Illuminati, the dark guys and the light workers, we call them, tell us a little bit about that Simon.

SP: Okay, well, when you go on the internet and You tube it, Illuminati this and Illuminati that and unfortunately a lot of people who mean well do not really understand - how could they? They have not been privy to the secret workings of these organisations, they could not know. There are in fact, three groups of Illuminati. There are the ones I refer to as the dark wizards, who are very high in masonic members, who have Satanic rituals and rites and these are the bad guys. And there is the opposite. My grandfather was one of the light Illuminati, or white Illuminati, who tend to work for the good of mankind and in the middle there is a whole range of these very, very intelligent, powerful people who just do their own research and they don't get drawn into one side or the other. But when you see on You tube the word "Illuminati", what people are usually referring to are the bad guys.

JG: So we are talking about these dark wizards? Do you have any experiences or have you seen any of these rituals that these dark wizards do, or the Satanic rituals? Have you seen any of this?

SP: Yes. Your listeners would have to understand that if you become a very powerful man, generally a man, a woman can become a witch, but if you are a very powerful man in terms of the amount of money you have and you have invested in a wide range of organisations, you wield incredible power and so you are invited to join one of these organisations and you will find that you form a brotherhood that has masonic link and in order to bind that brotherhood together, you will be required to undertake some very disturbing rituals, the object of which is to make you so wedded to the organisation that you could never, ever leave that organisation or turn your back on them. So it's not just ceremonies it's actually a form of religion, some of these people at the very top have some incredible dark magic powers and can use them very effectively. So it's a very well kept secret but due to the internet and a lot of researchers, more and more is coming out about this group.

JG: Simon, who can you say for sure, or are you allowed to say? Can you name any names? Tony Blair perhaps or one of those guys, George Bush?

SP: You've already named two - certainly here in England Her Majesty the Queen, although she is a woman, would certainly be a person who would give instructions to such a group. you have the Bushes, you have even Hillary Clinton at the moment. Do not for one minute think that a president of the United States gets to that position because of his ability. The Americans had one president that I am aware of, who was a man of high integrity, and he was murdered by his own people and I refer to JFK of course. Every other president is there because it was designed that he would be there because he would toe the line and he would follow through with the agenda. So anybody who has a position of immense power must be a member of that group because they could not afford to have such a powerful person outside of their control.

JG: Are they also involved with these draconian reptilians? We hear the word reptilians as wells and we think of lizards, snakes, reptiles that are evil. Are we talking about that kind of draconian reptilians?

SP: Yes, if you look on You tube, unfortunately the drawings that you see don't match what I am used to. I am working with a forensic artist at the moment to render some art work and my next presentation in England, next UFO conference, will be in March, I am hoping to have some of his artwork to put up on the viewing screen so that people can have a much clearer idea of what these beings look like. To go back to your question - the humans who have these positions of power look up to the draconian reptilians as their gods. They receive their instructions from these beings and have done for thousands of years. You go back to ancient Egypt, you go back to the Sumerian times and the times before that. What is happening at the moment is that these dark wizards are attempting to set up their own power base, they are turning their back on their gods, simply because what is called the New World Order has not been delivered to them as quickly as they expected it and as a result of that, these people have got their backs up against the wall, they are under terrible pressure and they are fighting amongst themselves, so unfortunately for humanity, the next two to three years are going to be rather difficult but the long term prospect is quite good.

JG: The Bushes and the Queen of England, they answer to these reptilians but now they want to do their own thing, and because of that there is chaos or conflict amongst them?

SP: Right. At that senior level, such as the Bushes, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, no - that level retains a healthy respect for what we would call "off-worlders". The problem arises in middle management, as you come down from that top grouping, this handful of people who dictate which way the major economies of the world will go, as you come down through the command structure, you have a number of people who might be controllers of a state in America or in Britain they might be in control of a city of two or three million, those people now are wanting to set themselves up with their own power base and not take instructions from on high and this is the problem that we are getting, because these people now are becoming rogue and you might find that a large amount of money is withdrawn from a corporation, which wasn't authorised, or you might find something else has happened. What you have got is individuals who are looking to protect themselves if there is an economic collapse round the corner, a lot of people in the know are trying to withdraw their money veyr quickly and exchange it for something that will be negotiable in the future. So there is an awful lot going on at the moment throughout the western world.

JG: Tell us a little bit about the difference between these groups that you have come in contact with, the mantids and the draconian reptilians Simon?

SP: Both groups refer to themselves as coming from the fourth frequency - you would know that as the fourth dimension. They are very clear that that is the area that they live in. I use the word ET or extra terrestrial quite simply because that is the terminology that everybody is familiar with. If I were to be absolutely accurate, they are not extra terrestrial, they are extra dimensional. They don't spend thousands of years travelling in space ships to get here. They are able to access a portal - what Albert Einstein and others referred to as a wormhole, we will just call it a portal for tonight's talk. So they can access a portal and they can come into our reality, either in a space ship or just physically themselves. A mantis is called that because they have a very strong resemblance to a praying mantis. They are a very ancient race, I would say they are benevolent to humans. They have their own agenda but they are not out to kill anybody, they have their own plan, whereas you have got the draconis reptilians who have been interfering in humanity's workings for thousands of years, do unfortunately kill people, have no compunction in taking action that would enable them to control us a little bit better. So you have two very powerful groups who have been involved in humanity's manipulation for a very long time. There are other groups but those other groups tend to not become involved in the manipulation of humanity simply because they think it is the wrong thing to do.

JG: Simon, why have they chosen you? Why are they being in contact with you?

SP: Right Johnnie, first of all there is nothing special about me, I am just like anybody else. However, I am of great interest to them. Don't think I am the only person they are contacting. There are literally thousands of people on this planet that are being contacted, the great majority of them do not come forward and do not wish to discuss it because they just wouldn't be able to handle all the media attention that comes their way. Those people that are brave enough to come forward and tell their story, that's great. In my case, it's genetics and they have made it very clear that my body is a body that interests them, they are creating a hybrid race, they have been attempting to create a hybrid race for a very long time and there are a number of people on the earth whose genetics are suitable to exist in the third dimension, which is where we are now, well in actual fact we are probably 3.4, or 3.5 now, but would also be able to exist in a higher dimension, so that when the time comes and these hybrids can come to earth they have a greater chance of survivability. So that is primarily the reason.

JG: But why so much interest in this little, tiny planet of ours? We are pretty much in the boon docks of the universe. There are so many planets and so much life outside our planet earth - I still don't understand why so much fighting over this tiny planet?

SP: You are right, as a planet we are tucked away in a forlorn cul-de- sac, dead end, however, the entities that come to collect me refer to t his planet as a water world, and there are very few vibrant water worlds like the earth. There is such a diverse amount of life on this planet. The other thing is that we revolve around our sun every year which means that our life on this planet has a very short life expectancy, through radiation from the sun our bodies are broken down and degenerate very quickly. That means we evolve very quickly, we adapt to change very quickly and we are fascinating to study. Back a hundred plus years ago they (humans) were doing some tests on moths and they found that when the industrial revolution came all these moths changed their pigmentation to black because of all the smoke coming out of the chimneys, they were burning coal. Within thirty or forty years these moths started to change to black and the white moths just died out. As a planet with a diverse range we are fascinating to observe and that is what they are doing, they are observing us.

JG: So when they take you what do they do with you? Are you afraid? Are they using you, aren't you afraid, or what is it that they do with you Simon?

SP: No, I am not afraid, I am very privileged. When I was about eleven and a half years old, I am very privileged to remember that I made an agreement with them. Researchers refer to this as a soul contract, most people don't ever remember their contract. I had a verbal contract, nothing written, it's an agreement that you make and I agreed to let them come and collect me. I'll tell you the terms of the contract. I was taken onto a space ship, I was hysterical, I was not even twelve years old and I was very upset, and the being comes up to me, puts his two hands on my shoulders and makes me an offer. They don't speak with their mouths, all messages are sent straight to your brain, and the message was, would you like to be like us, to have knowledge and understanding, to see the future and know the past, to have power and authority? That was the deal they offered, and I was so excited about knowing about the past and having a chance to see the future that I said, yes! That is what I want to do and then his hand just came off my shoulder, took my hand and he said, then come with me. And I think I spent two days there. I know that because I had to sleep, I had to have a bed, I had to go to sleep, so I knew I was there for more than just one day. Because I can remember making an agreement, I know that it was with my consent. These beings have never hurt me, not once. Yes, I have been on an operating table and been prodded about but I have agreed to that. That is something that I had to do. The final part of your question was what do they do? Generally speaking, I'm taken off the earth but not for long periods of time and I am shown around a space ship or I am asked to interact with a machine. Sometimes they want to do things to my body, they say that I am not sick, but that I will become sick and then they do something. We have conversations, it is done through mind to mind. It's not your usual story of somebody being visited at night and then they go rigid, they can't move and they are taken and dumped back. It's never been like that for me and because it is more positive then I feel that I am able to talk about it. That is the way it is but had it been the other way, as so many people have a very bad experience I probably wouldn't want to talk to you about it because I would be too traumatised. Since I went public I have a lot of people contacting me, asking for advice, wanting to tell me their story and most of them have very, very harsh stories to tell. So I am just very fortunate.

JG: Why is their story harsh and yours is not?

SP: I asked on one occasion. There was one person that really tugged at my heart strings because she said to me that what was happening was that she was being taken at night and she remembers being put on an operating table and they wouldn't talk to her or communicate with her and they would just return her. She said the worst part was not the fear but the very fact they didn't communicate to her. When I had an opportunity to ask this question of these beings I said, why are you doing that? And they don't have emotions have humans do, they have feelings but not emotions and they were quite shocked and they said, well, she shouldn't remember. We don't communicate what we are doing with these people because basically they are not supposed to remember. Why would we talk to them when they are not going to remember? So what was happening in that particular woman's instance was that her conditioning was breaking down and she was getting recollections and memories back. If they intend you to remember stuff, it's much more of a two-way process. I don't consider myself a contactee, somebody like Alex Collier. He is the archetypal contactee. I don't mix with beings from a much higher frequency. I think Alex was meeting people from the sixth or seventh dimension who are very benevolent to humanity. The beings that I am in contact with are ambivalent to humanity but I have a much more two way conversation with them.

JG: So what is the promise that they are making to you, for you to be in touch with them and let them study you? What is the end result for you?

SP: What's in it for me?

JG: Yes, or what is the end result for you? What do you get out of it? It sounds like they are using you and they are sucking up your energy? Correct me if I am wrong. What benefit does this give you? Are they giving you knowledge, do you know what is going to happen in the next couple of years? Are you seeing things that the average person cannot see?

SP: That is a very human thing. I mean, what's in it for you? That is how we are on this planet. We are money mad, we are possession mad, there must be something in it for you, that is the paradigm that we need to move away from you know Johnnie. But it's a fair question and I won't run away from it. What I get out of it is the fantastic knowledge that I am privileged to actually meet and communicate with something that we are taught in schools does not exist. That in itself is just wonderful for me. Sometimes I am at home and I am quite domesticated, my wife's out at a meeting and I will vacuum the house and I'm thinking, what on earth am I doing, hoovering this floor, when yesterday I was in a space ship, and I am forever comparing my life on this mundane planet with its pathetic rules and regulations and its crazy addiction to money with the world that is up there, where money doesn't exist and the values are different. In terms of what I get out of it, yes, I have the opportunity to put questions to them, regarding the future of the earth and they are fairly okay with answering me. Sometimes the answers are not as full as I would like but they have never turned round to me yet and said, we are not discussing that. I have always had answers. So yes, I have a little bit of knowledge regarding the future of this earth but whether that is a reward for being a good boy and playing the game, I don't know. but I come back to the point that I have never been hurt. They ask my permission before they do something. That is almost unheard of in the contactee/abductee world, but they will speak to me and say, can we do this? Do you object? Even humans are not as nice to you, are they?

JG: So if you say no you do not want to go with them, they leave you alone?

SP: Yeah, perhaps a good example would be fairly recently I was taken to what appears to be an underground base. The walls are very rough hewn rock and I have to stand up against some sort of metal armature. These are not human, they are doctors, aliens have professions just as humans do and I am not happy with the position I am in and I'm moving and the alien in charge says, you have to keep very still because we are going to use this device which fires a beam and if you move about you could injure yourself. And he says to me, are you going to follow the direction of your doctors? Because the doctors are getting quite stressed and saying you must not move around. And if I had said no, that would have been the end of it. They would have said right, we can't do this procedure. It's a very unusual relationship.

JG: But Simon, give me an example of the knowledge that they are sharing with you. You are doing this, I understand what you are saying, yes, it was my question before, what is in it for you, but...

SP: I understand your question and I will give you an answer. There is a device on the Swiss/French border called the Hadron Collider. Sometimes called the CERN device. Officially it cost $2 billion to build - the reality is it cost $4 billion to build. It is not owned by a private company. It's ultimately owned by the American government who leant on all the major western countries to raid their black budgets to pay for this device. The lie was put out that it was to find the Boson particle, or dark matter. And in this world, talking about money, nobody provides $4 billion for no return but in effect there is no return for this. So no private consortium was involved. It is military and I had a number of conversations starting from September of last year regarding the true use of this device and it became apparent to myself and some others that this device had to be taken out, for want of a better word, so that it couldn't operate. You will have heard all about December 21st 2012, the ascension day, and there has been a lot of nonsense written about it, but it is no surprise that the Hadron collider was scheduled to activate on the 17th December and run right through until the 22nd of December. I have shared this on a couple of other web sites - I had been sent a screen shot of a computer screen from the facility which showed that it failed to operate between the 17th and the 22nd of December. This device, CERN, was only built for one purpose, which was to maintain a portal between this world and another. Now that has failed and if your listeners go online and do a bit of research, you will see that they are absolutely panicking and they want to build another one with a circumference of fifty miles. Fifty miles, which will cost somewhere in the region of $10 billion and they want this built by 2015 because that is their last opportunity because come 2016, no more portals can be opened. The earth will have moved so far from galactic centre that they will not be able to open any portals. So that is one piece of information and you heard it here first folks. You think of Project Camelot as Cassidy and Bill Ryan, I am actually on Bill Ryan's Project Avalon, he has very kindly let me come onto his web site and post my remarks there. Before Christmas I was telling people, this is ??? So yes, there is some very useful information that comes through to me.

JG: So they are building this portal to go where, or to do what? To go ...

SP: A portal already existed, that was the point. The portal already existed. Some of your listeners may be familiar with the term Annunaki. I refer to them simply as the Anu, because that is what they refer to themselves as. This portal had existed since Sumerian times and allows these beings to bring forward reinforcements or replacements. With the portal closed, as it is now, they are effectively isolated on earth and they are desperate to open another portal, that is why they need to build another machine.

JG: These are Annunaki that you are talking about, the Sumerian Enki, Enlil, and these guys?

SP: Yes, that is correct.

JG: And you are saying that by 2016, if they don't hurry up and build another CERN, - what is going to happen? They stay here? What happens? Everything is known?

SP: What will happen is that there will be a false flag alien invasion, followed by an attempt to set up a single government, a one world government. If they can get the one world government up, they want to RFID chip every human being in the western world. A lot of whistle blowers have said that the dark illuminati plan is to wipe out the human population by 2 or 3 billion and that WAS the plan twenty years ago. Technology has moved on now, you don't need to wipe out 2 or 3 billion people, if you can stick a chip, an RFID chip in them, because if they don't do what you want, you just turn the chip off. So the plan to control humanity is to have everybody chipped. That is what they are looking for.

JG: Okay Simon, we have a few more minutes left. What is it that we should be doing, is it understand the system a little bit more, what is your suggestion, what is your advice for people to do?

SP: I understand your question but it is down to particularly the American military. The question is whether the American military will follow the orders they are going to be given. Will the American military shoot on the their own people, will the American people resist what is going to happen? Once the high powered weapons are taken off them, this is all part of a plan, once those high powered weapons come out of the citizens' hands, then we might begin to see some very overt action. What your listeners and every decent man and woman can do is form little associations, little clubs, they can talk to each other, they can try and offer support and help and they have got to be able to resist the lies that are going to be force fed down people's throats. Because if this incident occurs you will find that the internet will be turned off, mobile phones will be switched off, the only news you are going to get will be through official government channels. And if people, even in isolated areas can make contact with other people, form a support network, then at least you will have your friends to fall back on.

JG: This is if they don't get their way by 2016?

SP: I think we are going to see this before 2016. If they haven't got it by 2015 they are in real trouble, real trouble. 2016, that is it. Period. They can't do anything so any aces out of the pack, they have got to play between now and 2015.

JG: So in the meantime Simon, isn't there anybody that could come and help us out, or is it the same old story? We have to look within ourselves, to wake up and smell the coffee and see what is going on, no outside intervention as we hear from the New Age, that the ascended masters are going to come down etc? It's up to us?

SP: Yes, people always want the seventh cavalry to come charging in, they want someone else to do the dirty work, someone else to take responsibility and the problem is that humanity has been lied to for so long that it has fallen asleep and when I have discussed with these aliens that come to collect me, and I have argued for humanity and I have said, how can people make a choice when they don't have the full truth? There is not a level playing field, the scales are not balanced. And what has been happening over the last eighteen months is the scales are being slowly balanced. That does not mean that all the hard work is going to be d one for you guys. What is going to happen is the scales have got to be balanced and then the human population has got to decide where it is going, what is it going to do? Is it going to carry on living this life of nonsense or is it going to take a very bold step? Let me put it to you this way - why is a nurse in the hospital, who saves a child's life paid less money than a man in a bank who makes millions of pounds for his bank manager and their shareholders? Why does western society value money more than life and until humanity can get to grapple with these really fundamental issue it has not got much hope.

JG: Yes, and I would add to that, they reward stupidity. These silly programmes on television, singers and so forth. That seems to be the in thing, let's reward you for being stupid. Anyway, that's all the time we have Simon, thank you very much for sharing this hour with us. Good luck to you.

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