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Project Avalon Questions & Answers January 15, 2018

This is a short question and answer interview with Simon Parkes and members of Project Avalon. Subjects discussed were the crashed Malaysian plane, conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, CERN, genetic manipulation, how to protect oneself from microwave technology, avoiding fluoride water, use of a worldwide digital network not to fry us but CONTROL us, transhumanism and Simon’s psychic abilities.

Question: What can you tell us about the latest missing Malaysian plane?

Simon Parkes: Well I did have quite a debate on Avalon and a number of people seem to be quite fixated with following the media’s news. There was a number of pictures showing what a chain gun or a twenty mm or thirty mm cannon shell from an American gun will do, and I tried to explain to somebody, well you can’t equate an American system with a Russian system, so the pictures of crashed wreckage, you can’t go and look at that and look at the damage on that and then try and equate it with an American weapons system. The plane that crashed was deliberately brought down by the Russians for the right reasons. Now that is a horrible thing for somebody who has loved ones on that airplane because how can anything be for the right reason, but many people will say that a hundred had to die so that a million could be saved. And that is often the way that people justify, I’m not saying it is right, but that’s how they justify making decisions. And that was the thinking behind that particular brought, brought down of that plane.

Q: What can you tell us about the current situations in the Ukraine and Gaza?

SP: Well the Ukraine is not a war. If you have lost family or people have been killed, then it is a war, but from a global situation the Ukraine is not a war. The Ukraine is a power play between NATO, America, Europe and Russia simply for leverage on the Soviet Union. There is no war going on there, not in the true sense of the word. The Gaza situation is probably one of the first times actually in recent history that the Israelis have not had the support that they have enjoyed in the past, and that is actually quite important because it is beginning to force them into having a peace deal, although it may be very small. I find it quite difficult because I’m Jewish myself and there is a big difference between Israel, the Jews, and Zionism, because if you actually were to go on to the streets of Israel, Jerusalem, you would actually find that most Jews don’t want a war. Most Jews actually want to live with the people next door in some form of peace and harmony. But the Zionist group, the group that pay for and organize Mossad, they don’t want that at all, So I always get very cross with people when they label Israel. It is not actually a country or a people; it’s just like in America. It’s a small group of people who have got it by the scruff of the neck. And the situation in Gaza from the world perspective is the first time that Israelis have had secret messages from the Americans saying you have gone too far, and so I can’t talk about humanity, the humanitarian situation. That is not appropriate for here, but from our prospective, this is the first time the Israelis have had a check to their expansion policies so that’s actually good.

Q: How things are going with the Draco’s new CERN project?

SP: They’ve got a real hard job to get it built by the backend of 2015 or at the earliest the beginning of 2016. They have a real hard job to do that, but it doesn’t matter because the Japanese are paying for it all. There is no cost to the Americans at all. They have had problems with the tunneling. Some of the geology of the area is not as good as they thought it would be, but they are doing very well. They are doing very well so we will see how they go with it.

Q: Would it be accurate to say that the random nature of natural genetic mutations presumed by scientific and medical communities is known by your associates to be inaccurate?

SP: Oh, I wonder what my associates might be? By all certainty, natural genetic you know mutation does occur. That is part and parcel and if you are exposed to a very high level of radiation whether that’s solar radiation, then there will be some form of mutation, but whether that will be for good or for bad, that depends on the amount of radiation and the individual concerned. We talked about Darwin earlier. I think the best way perhaps to start the answer here is that if you look at how fashionable it is to breed dogs, to a lesser extent cats, and it is very interesting to get photographs that are a hundred years old, and see within one hundred years how people have bred dogs to look completely differently. Now under natural selection, shall we use that word, a wolf is a wolf, a wolf is a wolf as it was five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve thousand years ago. But humans, using genetic ideas, can change an animal within a hundred years. So what I’m saying is when artificially, some intelligence moves in and manipulates a creature within one hundred years on this planet, a dog can be nothing like what he was a hundred years before that. But left alone they don’t change. So a wolf has stayed a wolf a thousand years, but you’ve got the German Shepard and all the range from it, which came not from natural, but because an intelligence, which is man, came in and altered it. And within an incredibly short period of time, you have something which is very different, and that’s what I mean by why Darwin’s theory just doesn’t work, because a creature once it reaches the epitome of its point will stay at that point. SP wolf survives; it’s great. It’s got what it needs. Why should it change? So it stays for thousands of years and only evolves very slowly. You get someone comes in, tinkers around, and within an incredibly short period of time you get change. That’s what happens with the human race, and you don’t alter things with radiation. You do it literally by gene splicing and that’s what they have done. They have cloned animals here; humans have done it. It’s exactly the same so when you say my associates, anybody who is in the know, knows it’s the biggest joke. Darwin is the biggest joke; it is part of the programming of humans so that when they go to school, and they go to university and college, they are programmed that you can’t control yourself. It is all natural for survival of the fittest. You haven’t got the ability to create something of yourself or change yourself, and it’s all dog eat dog. And it is just another lie that people are fed.

Q: Was ET influence, perhaps of species you are acquainted with, a part of the conception of the Yahweh religions that lead to the rise of Christianity?

SP: You know I always try to be very careful because I don’t want to upset people who are deeply religious, you know, Moses going up and getting the Ten Commandments and stuff like that. If I want to, if I was negative and I wanted to control a primitive species, I would need to set myself up as a god. I would need to do very much like the Wizard of Oz so I would be behind the curtain projecting my voice, sounding like to be huge when really I’m not that big at all. And the same entity did a bit of a tour and then went to the Aztecs and the Mayans, and they have a very, very similar culture. Any culture that has sacrifice as part of its core belief will have come from a Reptilian background. So in the Aztecs they have what is called the Obsidian Knife. It’s a knife so long carved out of a piece of volcanic glass, obsidian, which is plunged into the chest of those who were lucky enough to make it to the top of the altar and be stabbed to death. In the Babylonian, Sumerian, and Egyptian sacrifice, think about when the pyramids were built or the temples were built, all of the Pharaohs, soldiers, staff, women, horses, animals got all placed and then the doors were opened and the sand was just poured on them and they suffocated to death. Sacrifice. Any human culture that has sacrifice has had interaction with Reptilians. The other thing that I would just point out very briefly is that it is not just the white races that have this. There are a couple of black races that I am aware of and the Zulus who were an interesting experiment because the Reptilians find it very hard to dominate black people. The mindset of a black person is very hard to control. White people are very easy. I don’t understand why that is, but that is a fact, and that’s why most abductees, contactees are white; that’s the reason for it. But the Zulu race was an experiment in kind and had some very interesting rituals of the Washing of the Spears. This is a very interesting ritual; it comes right back from Reptilian times. Often the Zulu warriors had gone in for fight had to wash their spears in the river, wash the blood away from them. That’s why they were such phenomenal fighters. So there are a number of races throughout the planet that have had different sorts of interaction, depending on what the project was. So with the Zulus it was to make a warlike race, to make them the race of superiority on the African continent, and it nearly worked.

Q: Would the African Bushman—and perhaps even the Australian Aborigine—be similar to you in having a Soul that is part Mantid, part Human, and perhaps a third part from another race as well?

SP: No, I would expect those people to be fully earth human. However I would expect them to have connections with a DNA memory, which allows them to have great knowledge of medicine, great knowledge of being able to open up communications to creatures in other dimensions. So I would expect them to be fully earth human but with access to soul memory which then gives them those psychic abilities.

Q: Jumping to more mundane matters, there is a sort of uncommon thread of information involving the Ashkenazi Zionists having some kind of nuclear blackmail stranglehold on the major national powers. Have you found this to be any more than a rumor?

SP: Yeah, simply because it was the French that gave nuclear technology to the Israelis, and France and Israel were very, very thick as thieves between 1950 and 1960, and it was the French that gave nuclear power to them. When a country can’t be fully controlled, and has a nuclear bomb, then it can always make threats. If you don’t do what we want then we will, you know, do this, that and the other. However, it isn’t about that. That-that, Israel would ever use that as a threat; it doesn’t need to. If Israel wants something, it will just go and get it. It doesn’t need to get permission from anyone because it sees itself as the chosen race, so it doesn’t have the strangle hold. That’s not. . . people are misunderstanding what they are seeing. What the questioner is really asking is why does Israel get away with everything? Why is Israel getting away with stuff which other countries couldn’t? That’s a better question, and the better answer would be because the Israelis are in connection with an off-world group, and have been for a very long time, who advises them and is slightly different from the alien group that advises the Americans. Because Israel never broke a covenant that it had with these aliens a long, long time ago, they receive very, very special protection, and they are also a subset within the Illuminati. So in other words the Zionism is at the very top of the pyramid, if I can use that term, the very, very top so they are the government. They don’t need to blackmail anybody because they tell people what they are going to do. If you think about the twin towers, which we are not here to talk about, but the Zionist group had a lot of contact with what was going on.

Q: Can you give us your impression of what happened to MH370 and its passengers?

SP: Well, I did go into this in quite some detail. I mean the important thing I think I will talk about is that everybody who has researched the subject knows that the first airplane, I think it was in March, the Malaysian aircraft that went down had a group of scientists who were working on black stealth technology, and everybody knows that who is in the field. These were Chinese guys who were actually contracted to an American corporation to build stealth technology, and it is also reasonably well known in circles that the patent was held by that group, and when they died, or were lost, that patent fell to the other major shareholder, which was Jacob Rothschild. So Jacob Rothschild now has the patent to this stealth technology, but you see that was not the reason why the plane was brought down. That’s an icing on the cake. When you are the bad guy and you are going to do something, and I’m talking about 911. When you are going to do something you want as many gains out of a big situation as you can, so what they did was they stuffed this plane full of as many important people as they could. You just say to people you are going on a conference. You get their corporation to tell them - you three are on a conference; this is a freebie. We are going to pay you; it’s going to be lovely, off you go. There were another group of scientists who haven’t been reported and these are biogenetic scientists, and this is what they were after. Now I don’t know if you are aware, but the rebel commanders are Ukraine found signs of torture on some of the bodies that were found. These are the genetic scientists that don’t appear in any of the media, the mass media, so these aren’t the Chinese scientists who were on the stealth technology; these are the bioscientists who were being tortured because they were being pressured because the work they were doing was very close to fruition, and there were just a number of elements that were required. So you have to understand that the first airplane was brought down because they wanted these scientists, and the other thing that was really, really heartbreaking for people I know that is. . . they couldn’t understand why their phones were ringing, you know, and there were all these stories of how they had gone into a time portal, it’s like the Bermuda Triangle and you know two days later their phones were ringing. Unfortunately there is a very, very mundane reason for that. When you are traveling and if you have a modern 3G or 4G telephone and you are traveling the world, every time you pass a main base station it communicates with your phone, so that when people were ringing, they weren’t ringing the phone, it was the last base station they went through, so it wasn’t the phone that was ringing, it was just the base station that was activating that voicemail for them, and the other key I would say is that America was totally absent in its communication for days when that plane went down. They just kept right out of it, and of all the countries in the world who would know where that plane was, it would be the Americans, because the Americans were fully behind it with - call it a Zionist grouping - because they wanted information from these scientists and they didn’t want anyone else to have those scientists. So you know there is a lot to it that even people who are researching haven’t actually dug out.

Q: Do you think it’s just the tourmaline in these devices which makes them effective, or do the casings of the Infinity Pro have some way of enhancing the effect?

SP: The casing has to be of material that didn’t react with human skin because they didn’t have any issues of people being allergic, so the material is the way it is. The tourmaline is actually held in the sections of the wristband on the actual top, there’s a top there. It also has some radioactive material in it, hence the radioactive sign on there, but people don’t actually understand that. You need radiation to actually act with that. Depending on the sort of person you are or the creature you are, you can withstand certain levels of radiation. What radiation does—no doctor would agree with me by the way—what radiation does is it takes or changes your cell structure, and if you are attacked by a high energy beam weapon, you can actually almost put your cell structure out of phase with that weapon. So such a mineral, or such an element, does more than just deflect or defuse, because the weapon is aimed at your skin and your body, and you know when you put a dinner into a microwave - it’s actually cooking up the material. So what you need to do is you need to protect the physical material, so you have to do something to the physical material so when it is attacked, that way it doesn’t cook up or heat up. I mean I don’t want to end up in any trouble here, but you know somebody gave me something from a nuclear reactor not so long ago. I have a piece from a nuclear reactor which I really shouldn’t have been given, but that was very useful. There are a number people that, I don’t say they could survive on eating spent rods of uranium, but you know it is quite a useful material to have about you. So, no, and the final part would be if you are into magic, you can literally use magic to imbue an item which would have then certain elements or powers with that. So I would imagine that you would look at a range of something that reflects, deflects, or defuses, that interacts with the physical biological being that it is attached to, and you know basically you can just alter or change, so yeah it’s what you do.

Q: I have recently found a source for a homeopathic remedy that is supposed to help protect from electromagnetic frequencies and microwaves, called Aurum Metallicum, which I am planning to try soon. I’m also wondering if monoatomic gold, colloidal gold or silver might also be helpful in providing this kind of protection?

SP: It certainly will reflect back some of those waves, absolutely. The question is whether it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. If it can be absorbed into the body, then it will give some protection, so I would say that’s good, but I would warn that people mustn’t exceed whatever is the rightly recommended amount, because I can imagine people thinking “oh, I must have lots of this, lots of this”. Don’t overdo it but yeah I can see the benefits in that.

Q: Do you know of any good sources for scalar and such devices since there are probably many phony products out there and, if there would be any harmful side effects?

SP: I would counsel people instead of... this is a present; this is a present to me. I didn’t go out and seek it. It was given to me and I accepted it as a present. I think people should go out and look for good quality water. Make sure that... they are now fluoridating water in bottles. I went to my local supermarket, I won’t say what the name is, and you know fortunately they still have to tell you, so they are adding fluoride to water, and that’s another plan they want to do, fluoride all the drinking water. So I say to people don’t worry about devices. Find quality food, quality drinking water and if you have got enough a patch of land, pull out your rosebushes and start growing crops. Start looking after yourself because there is going to be a period of disruption in either 2015 or 2016 and if you’ve got ten pounds of spuds and you’re covered under your stairs, which can last three months, that will be much better than any device to deflect a scalar wave.

Q: Do you know if any of the plug-in type EMF products work, and could they be applied on a planetary scale?

SP: There are some very, very gifted inventors, just ordinary guys and women who have an electronics background and could quite easily build a device that could throw a shield, maybe three-foot, four-foot around, so it is perfectly conceivable that there are devices that are electrically powered that can disrupt those points. What I would try and make clear is that people don’t understand, the point about microwaves, digital, and phones isn’t because, y’know, it’s going to kill the population. That’s not why we were given, you know, mobile phones. It was because the network of all these communication with wi-fi or whatever it is, that is where they are encoding signals and sending it. So, you know, it’s not we will all die of cancer because we are baked in a microwave. That was never the intention; the intention is this is a network that covers the globe which you can send encoded messages that will slowly but surely brainwash people, so that’s what it’s all about. That’s why in Britain we were forced to go from analog to digital in a very short period of time because you cannot use an analog wave to carry the depth of information to mind control people. It needed to be hidden in the digital way. You know yourself if you experience how an analog wave is compared to a digital wave. So it’s not about frying people; it’s about controlling them.

Q: I was wondering what you know about covert transhumanism?

SP: Yes, my take on transhumanism is perhaps somewhat different from other people. There are a number of, in Britain in particular, a number of very well established, old established organizations that are centrally funded that have been working hand in hand with America and comes largely from the Nazi experiences, Nazi technology to create and change. Sometimes you know when you give a scientist a brief, he or she will go off on five or six different tangents and sometimes you end up with a tangent that wasn’t actually what you gave in the brief form, but that’s the one that’s interesting. And it does interest me because it comes back to the Greys, because some of the Greys are robotic and were originally very human, and were let’s say bred out of them. That’s probably a very harsh word, but it is a negative agenda. It’s an agenda that has been hijacked and there is plenty of money being pumped into it. So it’s something that. . . there’s a lot of pain associated with their experiments that has reached them to the point that they are at now.

Q: Are you yourself connected to a technological/transhuman network done by ETs and/or terrestrial forces?

SP: No. I have psychic ability, which means I can have communications and give communications psychically but only to those who are also psychically aware. I remember one interesting case where I had been attacked psychically by mistake, by American military. I know it was American because you know it was an American guy, and when he realized he had been attacking the wrong person it was very interesting because he said... he didn’t say “what punishment should I undergo”. He said almost like “what sacrifice should I undergo” because it is very Reptilian, so when someone does something wrong in order to even the books, they then have to atone for that error, and then you have to tell them what that punishment will be. So in terms of that psychic ability [I] can communicate with a range of creatures, but you don’t have to be locked into the net. There are some children now being born to around about the twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen age range. Perhaps some of them now are twenty, twenty-one, who naturally have that, and you don’t have to be plugged into a net. What some people do is they connect with the Earth’s own consciousness, so that the planet has its own consciousness, and if you are a child of the Earth, then you can connect and use it to piggyback. You actually use the Earth as a carrier wave for want of a better word, and then you can psychically transmit or it boosts your energy depending on where you are. That’s why people will go to a stone circle or a very hallowed place where there is a node of energy or a portal so they can be boosted. That’s why people use crystals. It isn’t a new age joke. Crystals really do enhance and activate a person’s psyche depending if it’s the right crystal and it’s pure enough. So, no, I am a standalone individual who has the ability to do what everybody should do if they would only wake up to it.

Q: Have you ever spoken with the US government (Via an agent or AI) telepathically?

SP: Artificial, did you say artificial intelligence? No. I don’t know if the questioner actually... I don’t know if my understanding of his or her rendition of artificial intelligence is the same so probably just leave that. Yes, but it is not a well understood root, so in other words it isn’t like every Monday morning I’ll speak to the White House anything in nonsense like that. So it may be an absolute necessity and generally speaking they won’t simply because it’s a two-way thing. If you open a communication you can check back the channel. I mean I remote viewed certain places on Earth that are military sensitive and it didn’t go down very well. So the agreement is that we’ll leave you alone if you leave us alone in terms of doing that sort of stuff.

Special thanks to Simon Parkes for taking time to participate in this Q&SP session in response to Avalon members’ questions.

Transcribed by GSC June 8, 2017

Proofread by JC January 13, 2019

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