Questions from the Hosts and Audience, January 20th, 2013

with Alan James & Steven George from Open Your Mind Radio (oymradio.com)

Alan James and Steven George are hosts on Irish independent radio, they refer to ‘TNS’ meaning Tir Na Saor, which is an independent radio station in Ireland. Simon appears only after many minutes have elapsed here. He is asked about his family background, so discusses detail of his mother and grandfather. Topics discussed include: December 21st, 2012; Rhesus negative, Rhesus positive; the soul; agenda to develop human-alien hybrids; Michael Shrimpton on a dark side of PM Ted Heath; how Jimmy Savile was protected, his role in the monarchy and UK establishment; function of the large hadron collider; Queen purchasing vast overseas real estate; folk encouraged to question more; military encouraged to refuse to take orders; Hillary’s saga in Iran; President Carter; David Icke; Project Camelot, Bill Ryan, Avalon, projectavalon.net; timelines of Earth’s evolution and switching time tracks; Nikola Tesla founded radio communication; entities can impute false imagery to mind; riot control - ultrafrequency sound and kettling; black goo in Antarctica and The Falkland Isles; Neil Sanders – https://neilsandersmindcontrol.com; real free will; the Fourth Frequency, Draconis, mantids, mantis, programmed lifeforms; Project Blue Beam and corresponding chemtrailing; Wernher von Braun and Dr Carol Rosen; healthcare bill, microchipping a population, RFID, Near Field Communications; star seed folk; Simon’s political career; Miles Johnston; closing or destruction of deep underground military bases; closing or destruction of the global subterranean rail network; strategic plan, why the work must commence by laying a solid foundation; Keith Allen’s video, ‘Unlawful Killing’ on Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed; Party politics is dying; Ben Gilroy leads Direct Democracy Ireland.



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