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White House’s Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate Blocked...

14 Jan 2022 – Simon Parkes Blog

US Supreme Court has blocked Biden from imposing mandatory vaccination on employees of private companies.

Its ruling stated that he had exceeded his authority!!!!

A Further Sliding Situation...

13 Jan 2022 – Simon Parkes Blog

The Putin delegation walked out of the NATO meeting this week.

As the British Newspaper The Daily Express says;

"War is much more likely now"

Simon & Kim Kindersley Hugold January 2022

13 Jan 2022 – Simon Parkes Blog

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Prince Andrew To Face Trial...

12 Jan 2022 – Simon Parkes Blog

Now that Prince Andrew is to face a court case where he is accused of sex assault on a minor, insiders are saying he will be forced to pay 3 million in damages.

This is why he is thinking of selling his Swiss ski chalet as the British crown h...

Mel K, Charlie Ward & Simon Parks Geopolitical Situation Update, God Wins! 1-10-22

11 Jan 2022

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State Of The Union Speech Moved To March.

10 Jan 2022 – Simon Parkes Blog

The State of the Union speech which is normally given on or around 20th Jan is I am told being moved to March.

Upwards Of 30 US States On Alert...

9 Jan 2022 – Simon Parkes Blog

Upwards of 30 US states have either activated their National Guard or told commanders to move to a prepared footing.

State Of The Union Speech...

8 Jan 2022 – Simon Parkes Blog

On the 20th January, Biden is scheduled to make State of the Union speech.

If there is no serious white hat activity, either in QFS or military by then, it is as I have said;

"something seriously has gone wrong".

I can't believe...

NHS Doctor Tells Health Secretary He Won't Get Jabbed

8 Jan 2022 – Simon Parkes Blog

5th January 2022 Update Current News

5 Jan 2022

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