Simon Answers Questions from the Yelm Community

28 Jun 2015

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Experiencer of Aliens

27 Jun 2015

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: ET Involvement on Earth, Sunday, June 14, 2015

14 Jun 2015

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Aldebaran, Nazi Bell, Eldridge, Philadelphia Experiments. Nazi Scientists and how they progressed into NASA, and how Galactic Tyranny can be prevented.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

7 Jun 2015

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The relationship between ETs and the intelligence services

2 Jun 2015

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The Hobbit, DNA, & Humanity’s Choice

28 May 2015

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All of dimensions up to the 12th are maintained within the 12 DNA strands. That’s why we have access to Consciousness and Source when we obtain those strands. The Bible refers to humanity’s loss of the 12 strands of DNA as “the fall of man” but ...

: Aliens, Alien Contracts, Portals, Morgellan’s, Depopulation

9 May 2015

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Simon’s soul had to be composed of three parts because while on Earth he had to be able to connect not just to the human realm but to the 4th dimension. An off-world group cannot come here and maintain a natural two-way communication. Human consciousn...

Espionage, Operation Paperclip, and a Conscience Unfold Destiny, Part 2

28 Apr 2015

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Simon Parkes and Alexandra Meadors review how growing up in a home filled with espionage lead to an extraordinary exposure to some of the most significant conspiracies in the world such as Operation Paperclip. Simon discusses so many out of the box topi...

The Alien Perspective

25 Apr 2015

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Etheric Implants and Shields Against Mind Control

25 Apr 2015

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Simon confirms that there has been a change in mind control technology, including compartmentalizing minds, hypnosis, trigger words and beaming scalar waves to implants using a targeted individual’s own DNA as an antenna. However, with the high-end fa...

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