Report on the global playing field

17 Apr 2015

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This interview discusses President Putin signing the BRICS agreement, why he disappeared for 10 days (meeting with offworld entities), and how close we came to World War III in the last month dating back from April 17, 2015. The situation occurred when ...

Simon discusses his earth biological family, mother and father. Government disclosure of the off world situation is discussed. Also who are the off planet groups here, off planet groups are discussed in two different places. Alien encounters and their purpose. Simon’s mother’s job and her exposure to top secret information. Some characteristics of experiencing the 4th dimension. Lastly, we live in a system that is built on hierarchy not equality.

11 Apr 2015

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Highlights: From the 3rd Reich to the 4th Reich to the Shift

21 Mar 2015

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America adopted Nazi ideology, and the 4th Reich is now in America. Importance of bloodlines to the Illuminati. How souls are assigned to new bodies. Hybrids were created to help rule the planet. The leading families work for a 4th dimensional enti...

Full Interview: From the 3rd Reich to the 4th Reich to the Shift

21 Mar 2015

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Hadron Collider, Alex Collier, Putin, Hitler, the Fourth Reich, reptilians, mantids, "experiencers vs. abductees", military and black ops, super soldiers.

Answers From the Universe

12 Mar 2015

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Simon did a presentation a while back about the Jinn because there was a vacuum about the subject as well as a big misconception. He got feedback from Muslims who contacted him to talk about the Koran and the Jinn side of it. Being a demon and doing som...

Mantid, Reptilian, Hybrid

8 Mar 2015

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In 1971 when Simon was around 12 years old he was taken on a craft by what are called mantids in Britain and mantis in America. In that formative experience he had to choose whether to associate with reptilian-like creatures or mantid-type creatures. He...

Lecture: Russia and the Greater Alien Agenda

21 Feb 2015

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Part 2 of 3: Simon dies as a result of an accident in 1969 and his body and soul are restored by Mantid doctors. Local police have no record of Simon, he is off limits to people who create and manage this sort of information. Only people acting withou...


25 Jan 2015

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CERN Hadron Collider, TV Licence Fee, BBC, Linear Collider Being Built, Collider did Not Work, Designed To Open A Portal Gateway, benevolent ET’s, Scientists Could Not Go Home At Christmas 2012, Ascension Date - Dec 2012, Archons, Puppet Masters, Bluf...

Round Table Discussion with Alfred Webre, Simon Parkes and Captain Randy Cramer

12 Jan 2015

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Roundtable: Pleiadian nuke destroyed Mars ecology. Cheney ran Mars colony corp. assassination, CIA, depopulation, Dick Cheney, Extraterrestrial, George HW Bush, George W Bush, journalism, Mantids, Mars Colony,, Randy Cramer, Reptilian...


1 Jan 2015

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Simon was raised by mantid beings and has a very unique perspective on what is unfolding on our planet in 2015. Find out how Simon Parkes became a Labour Councillor in the U.K. We will also discuss the role the mantid play in humanity as well as how the...

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